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Technical Advisory Committee Contact Information

E. Tyler Pedersen

The ChampCar Endurance Series Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was formed in August 2018. This committee was formed to help to advise the National Tech Director, CEO of ChampCar Endurance Series and the Board of Directors on technical items within the organization.  You can work with TAC to submit petitions on an annual basis for rule changes.  Please feel free to reach out to any of the members listed below for any clarification or if you see a need for a rule change. 


E. Tyler Pedersen (Board of Director for ChampCar Endurance Series

Email: tyler.pedersen@champcar.org


Andrew Johnson 

Email: andrew.johnson@trutest.com


Rodger Coan

Email: rodgerhome@yahoo.com


Matthew Cawood

Email: matt.cawood6@gmail.com


Ben Schaut

Email: ben.schaut@schautspeed.com


Evan Horner

Email: hornerevan@gmail.com


Drew Nabb

Email: drewnabb@yahoo.com


Mike Coppola

Email: mjc59393@gmail.com

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