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  2. You could make the 'unique intake manifold' argument with just about any engine - they're typically designed specifically for that engine (at least during my lifetime)
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  4. The VTEC head swap: only VTEC cams and intake will bolt to the head, and someone a while back decided that if parts were unique to the application, they were included. Pretty sure it was another of those fudge factor rules that were put in to help certain teams or makes but inadvertently helped Hondas. Can't have that.
  5. Well, it's not a loophole, it's a very clear and accepted definition and it's been in the rules (and still is for 2020) that a transaxle is a single component for at least 6 years. Having a transaxle instead of two separate components means that you don't have the ability to change one independently like the past and present rules allow RWD cars to do, plus a transaxle usually means the handicap of FWD to go with it. It's a reasonable rule and has always been clear as to what it includes, so "new interpretation" is needed or warranted. For those who would cite an MR2 as a car that has a transaaxle and isn't a FWD therefore gaining an advantage, get in line; there are other complaints about MR2s that are years ahead of yours. I think it's important that everyone follows what the rules actually say, including the people teching. If they want to tech it a different way in accordance to their personal intepretation, they should submit a petition first and get the rule changed so everyone knows what's expected. No use having a rule book if you have to go to the track each time you race to find out whether you're legal or not.
  6. The cams and valvetrain...yeah. However, from what I've gathered, there is a very strong likelihood that teams were mixing and matching cams from one engine to another. So the cam in that swapped head might not have been from that head originally.
  7. Hey now, don't go bringing logic into this conversation!! There's no place for that here. I find it slightly ridiculous that anyone ever thought a head swap would come with manifolds. Those are ancillaries that bolt to the head, they most certainly are not in any sense part of the head. The cams, valves and all associated assembly parts that came stock with that head, I can buy.
  8. To be fair, I can't understand how people would interpret 100 points for a head to include 50 pts. for cams, 50 pts. for intake, 50 pts. for TB and 25 pts for a header. I mean, why would anybody NOT do a head swap if they got 175 points in "free" parts? The good old days, I guess. And people thought it was perfectly acceptable for us to get charged 48 points for a fiberglass cowl hood that replaced our OEM fiberglass composite hood...😂
  9. Yes - You most certainly can, I believe you will have to pay an entrance fee. As an aside, I feel slightly ludicrous towing 15(probably more) hours to go back where I just moved from, but October at Road America is a magical time and place. @red0, how can I get you to bring some nice warm Glogg??
  10. Are spectators allowed? My wife and I are not members but would like to come watch. Craig
  11. 3500 gm v6. The ecotec question came up from grm and I knew some people had issues with them. I was curious, that's all. There already is an ecotec powered 2nd gen rx7 racing champcar @cmi11er.
  12. Understood to be awful? The early VQs have lots of issues. Nothing you can't work through though but they love to consume oil, lose oil pressure and spin bearings.
  13. Fuel cell bulkhead finally nearing completion. Getting ready to pull engine/trans to fix oil leak on the back of the engine (not sure if its pan gasket or RMS). Prepping cowl/windshield area and engine bay for a quick coat of paint. Progress this weekend will determine if we want to sign up for Barber or wait for the 2020 season. In other news....CCES is killing me with VPIs. @Bill StrongNow the Turbo (VG30ET) model is BACK down to 425pts? What happened to 100pts above the NA car? I literally changed my entire build because I lost those 25pts with the last VPI change. 😤
  14. I would assume it was tech. IIRC Ray told me a year or two ago that he felt I was taking advantage of a loophole and he would be working to close that loophole. I understand the thought behind it, I was getting a better transmission and a better diff, but only paying the cost for one or the other when compared to cars with separate transmission and differential. The head swap rule was also an interpretation change. I had been running a swapped head (100 points) with all the parts that go with it (valves, cams, intake mani, exhaust mani). The interpretation change made the intake and the exhaust manifolds additional costs on top of the head swap, so I went back to the stock head.
  15. Who came up with that interpretation? • Transmission / Transaxle swap: 25pts for any transmission / transaxle from a vehicle on the VPI list, includes adapters "A transaxle is a single mechanical device which combines the functions of an automobile's transmission, axle, and differential into one integrated assembly. It can be produced in both manual and automatic versions."
  16. I suggested that if they want to allow the E30 to get a certain engine swap and still only be at 500 points, that they lower the VPI to 443 points instead of opening a new can of worms with the "max model weight" pile of fudge. A specific change that achieves their goal as opposed to a global change that introduces yet another round of "escape from reality". So much more honest and effective to post a 7 point reduction to allow that engine swap rather than try to sneak a fudge factor in the back door, which then of course holds it open for other cars to follow suit. "Unintended consequences".
  17. Just curious who asked for 70+ cars to be lowered in 2015 then another 70+ cars in 2017?
  18. How many teams are affected? I know of 5 for sure, I am sure there were more. Worth throwing away? If they are going to cater to two MR2 teams why shelve 5+ TBirds? Why aren't more MR2's being built, probably because everybody expects their value to change, one year it even did for a few moments. The sacred fuel rule seems like it was bent, folded, mutilated for a few cars. E30 (all years use large tank), Miata (1.6 & 1.8 both used large tank), Honda allowed to balloon. Fox chassis came with fuel tanks ranging from 15.4 to 22 yet the Fox chassis Mustang gets restricted from everything but 15.4. Yes the E30 became one of the targets when they were assigned the convertible fudge. Same rule for the Fox Mustang? No way, the Fox Mustang has to use the lightest coupe fudge not the convertible fudge. Not sure but I would guess the early years of ChumpCar had maybe 10% of the field be Fox cars, now it is getting rare to see even one car. Did they all get scrapped? No, see Utah 2019. Fuel friendly Lucky Dog had six Fox chassis cars in May 2019 for 19% of the field, two months later ChampCar is there and not one of them show up. 2015 major VPI adjustment 70+ cars are lowered, Fox Mustang gets raised by 50 points till I convince a board member it should at least stay the same and not be double dipped. Two years later 70+ cars lowered again and winless Fox chassis TBird raised by 100 50 points for a double dipping, any other winless cars raised? How many SC300's are being raced? Not a lot but they seem to grab a healthy number of podium spots, why not raise those? Never mind, all rhetorical questions.
  19. I guess pointing out to both you and Mike via emails years ago that the MR2 is allowed to use different rules than everybody else isn't the same as asking that it be increased. Apparently.
  20. Last year was just fantastic with all the food, drinks & meeting new teams. Sign up guys & ladies bring something to the party.
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