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  2. I have been encouraged to run for the board and said that I would if nominated. I co-drive the Hounddogs BMW, and with Autobody Specialists RX-7. Former owner of a Nissan race truck, and yes, I am working on a Fiero. After 40+ years in SCCA, I had had enough of the lack of responsiveness to members. The club I joined left me. I see Champcar at a point where it could start down a similar path and want to see it survive and thrive as a "cost-effective" racing series. My posts in the forum should outline my concerns for this series, but in general: 1) Don't screw up what is goo
  3. area code of his number looks like Orlando area, let me know I can bring it to Road America.
  4. tech does not actually care what the rule book says. they only care their opinion with the car in front of them. they will change that opinion of rules depending on which car they are are looking at.
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  6. Did you take a lap for them? Or had points to spare so you took them? I still have not found a team that was at 500 points and said, yes, I will take 10 points for fender flares. What I see is teams that are at 500 points and repurposed materials or bend the heck out of their stock fenders.
  7. I think you should switch back to the Altima, just saying.
  8. BUT THERE IS STILL AN 8 POINT LIMIT!!! LIMIT!!!! Limit- is defined below. At no point does the BCCR say you can add more cage attachment points, for extra declared points. Or maybe we need a court ruling on the definition of "is"
  9. 3.2.17. In order to prevent massively expensive roll-cages that start to look and act like a tube-frame chassis, ChampCar has defined the “maximum, value-free” roll-cage. The “maximum, value-free” roll-cage includes all pads, points, tubes and triangulations necessary to maintain an extremely high degree of safety, while keeping costs in- check and competition well-balanced. Teams MAY exceed the design and application of the “maximum, value-free” roll-cage; however, additional value will be assessed by the Tech Inspector, based on the perceived performance enhancement of the roll
  10. This is what I brought to Jay's attention minutes into impound, that and that it went further forward than the "front axle". I was told that the BCCR shows that this is part of the maximum "free roll cage", and that they would be assessed points by the material rules for additional material.
  11. Nobody cares. And once again, you tromp into a thread, acting like some anonymous expert (who now hob-knobbed with John Greenwood, and probably partied with John DeLorean and maybe dated Bo Derek), and in reality, you don't have a clue. It's not a Greenwood kit. Nobody said it was a Greenwood kit except you. The one-piece front end, cove vents, doors and rear 1-piece exactly match the old Eckler's "Turbo" widebody kit. Those molds were eventually sold, and another manufacturer continued them, also calling them a "Turbo" kit.
  12. So......2 bars maximum in front of the firewall.....does not say that more will be added points... or assessed by tech....it says maximum...am i wrong in this interpretation/literal reading of the rule that any lay man tech inspector should be able to interpret?
  13. Ok, I see the 8000 lumens limit. Studying the specs I see two units of measure. Measured and Raw outputs. How is the 8000 calculated?
  14. That's a logical response from tech.
  15. That is legal. Actually got a tech ruling in the knowledge base on the Diode Dynamic lights since we have gotten grief for the 12" bar, which has a separator and can look like two lights. They agreed that the 12" is one unit and all that really matters is lumens
  16. Careful with all those lights. Only allowed 4
  17. You know what happens when you assume, right? Haha!
  18. What beam selection works best? Driving,flood or combo?
  19. Does anyone have a fueling suit/helmet for sale (not needed this weekend) 5'10 & medium helmet Thanks! L
  20. Dad and I tent camped a few years back at pit in. It was real windy but we didnt have any problems.
  21. And now everyone can see why they never wanted to publish the log books.
  22. Do you run a combination of one long center bar and 2 smaller for apex lighting?
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