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  2. I've stated this before it's time to take the hit and adjust the VPI & put all the verbal tech rules in the rule book in black & white ie engine swap headers. (In my opinion all headers should be points if it didn't come on the car.)
  3. Ours had power steering. Yours drove so much better, I got a de-powered rack the weekend after Nelson. Better feel with out it. My car felt numb in comparison.
  4. We dont need hypotheticals to solve current issues we are experiencing now. Fix the current issues that were created behind closed doors unannounced. I dont see why this series resists so hard to fix or admit to issues its created for itself. Put everyone back on the same rule set and go from there.
  5. We're out in Morris.........So we're familiar on how Cook County keeps electing the crooked democrats!
  6. Vote 6 times?....... I'm from Chicago, my great uncle that died 17 years ago voted 6 times.
  7. I think we won Sunday during the first Road America event for Chumpcar in 2011 on 13s. I think they were 165/75-13 or something around that size. It has been so long, I can hardly remember.
  8. Has “I seen” been mentioned yet? “I seen” instead of “I saw” is rampant in Illinois. I lived 24 years and never heard it until I moved to Illinois. Now I hear it on a weekly basis.
  9. Is everyone done Voting? Do I need to pollute these pages with more political poo & propaganda? Are there any more questions for the four of us running for the BoD? Did you vote at least 6 times?
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  11. I couldn't reply to the tech post for BMW E30 Rear Camber Adjustment Kits so I will message you here.


    My main beef is that for the 0 points one cannot use a 'special bolt' for adjusting the alignment. Well rule 4.7.5. does allow fasteners or anything used to attach stuff to be FREE. It doesn't matter if it is 'special', 'better', 'different' or otherwise. And the primary purpose of that bolt is to attach the control arm to the suspension. I may be beating a dead horse here, but I think this should be looked at again and re-clarified. Thanks for you time.


    4.7.5. Hardware, fasteners, and materials used to attach things to other things (nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, duct tape, bailing wire, zip ties, JB Weld, etc.) are open.

  12. Yes, but caster is like free camber only when you want it, not when you dont.
  13. My buddy had some on his 350z in champcar, still a pretty heavy car, and experienced some pretty quick wear. He was not impressed.
  14. Thanks for the Kind words mike! E92 wang kits listed here. https://9livesracing.com/products/big-wang-kit-for-bmw-e90-e92-e93-2004-2013
  15. You can also go to Home Depot and get skinny flloor vents for about $5
  16. Our extra camber comes from re-drilling holes. and a hammer.
  17. Our cell was already sunken into the floor so we built a box over the top of the frame to enclose the cell plate/hoses/pumps/surge. I'll post pics of ours when its finished (hopefully sometime this/next week).
  18. I'll being doing a custom suit also for next season.
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  20. You'll see me at the Sebring event next month with my new Pyrotect carbon helmet and new FIA and Hans 6 point belts. I'll probably replace my fire suit with a custom one next year. Quality products at great price. And a great history in racing.
  21. Now get any bag of running FWD crap, and join Mike and I @ knights of destruction. I need to see you in a ski race 🎿 Dirt Gladiator?
  22. Ive always loved my Pyrotect pro airflow helmet and shoes. Both are very comfortable. I've had 2 of those helmets and will probably buy another one when the 2010SA expires. All helmets fit people different, I see no need to change something I'm comfortable with.
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