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  2. I'm curious to know what happened to the RBR Crx on Sunday. Anyone have info?
  3. I'm having a ton of remorse for passing on this event, but I'll be there next year. Glad everyone had fun.
  4. It's good to see the results separated on Speedhive. Now it's just a matter of making the live timing a little easier to follow. Champcar should add the class before the team name so we can all see who's running where.
  5. Hi Tommy - I was on vacation the last 2 weeks but the shop is always open Had a great trip with the wife to Canada on the Moto
  6. Does what better? Dividing the field into similarly performing cars? (This is what most people expect classes to be) Giving awards to the most deserving teams? (Can certainly argue this is more important)
  7. Good to finally meet you, wasnt hard to spot you!
  8. Wow. I went from thinking I didn't have a seat on Wednesday, to having one of the best weekends of my life. I'm not sure anyone travelled further than I did from Brisbane, Australia to be there, so I'm beyond grateful to Chattahoochee Motorsports for taking me on very last minute. I don't feel like we got the results the car was capable of, but I'm very proud of setting the team's fastest lap in my very first ever car race. I'm sure I'll see plenty of you again, some at VIR 24, and for the rest make sure you tune in to my coverage of the ChampCar Sim Series. 😊
  9. Today
  10. After just running at Road Atlanta with a 'horsepower vs weight' series, I think champcar does it better.
  11. It starts at 150pts... Maybe adjustable coil overs and braces everywhere. Otherwise it's hard to reach 430
  12. I would sort of agree to that, in particular with NA6 miatas. I think very cost effective place for those cars to go after a SM life. Given the cost of buying a e30 from another team to race on the classified ads, It is less of a "deal" and I think most teams run them for the performance vs points. Sort of like the SC300 in that regard, you don't take on that burden unless you love them, know them well, or want to win that bad. The point was a suggestion that like most politics, if you join the majority the rules are going to be in your favor\interest. If you run a car that isn't one of those, it will generally be harder to get parity politically. Something to think of when picking a platform, and for guys who landed here with an odd car EC gives them a way to avoid buying a new car or having to lobby hard to Mr2\CRX\Swapped E30 their values.
  13. Outsiders think it goes A, B, C, D, in order of "best" to "worst."
  14. First off, many thanks to the ChampCar staff and IMS, it was a fantastic weekend all around! I have to commend the sportsmanship during the last 2 hours on Sunday. We (A327) were in a good battle for first in class, and while working our way through traffic, everyone was very courteous to point us by and not hold us up. In particular, the A63 miata was very helpful. Additionally, the C462 car was fantastic. The driver could've blown by me on the front straight with ease, but he/she held off for almost 40 minutes, presumably to avoid holding me up in the infield. Finally, with only a lap or so left and no traffic issues, he/she let it rip down the straight. Hopefully you saw the huge thumbs up as you went by. I owe you a beer or six. It was hard to find everyone in the pits after the race, so I wanted to post here and thank everyone for how they drove near the end.
  15. I had contact on Sunday running P2 overall, it was 100% my fault, looking at the video replay I went into T1 side by side with a Cayman, attempting to out brake him, the E36 in front of us had been on the front straight at similar speed to us, but we closed rapidly on him in the braking zone and I just ran out of room, brake pedal, and talent to give him any room at the apex. In my judgement the E36 over braked for the corner and I didn't leave any allowance for that. Totally my fault. Luckily both of us were able to continue and he had no body work damage. I talked to the team immediately after the stint. Regarding PUY on Saturday, i saw about 20 cars pass on the front stretch under yellow when the S/F flagger took down the double yellow and displayed a furled green (or black) to signify one to go under yellow. Something none of us were briefed on and something I have never seen in road racing (it's an Indy thing according to and Indy 500 driver i talked to about it). The yellow lights on the fence were also turned off at this point. It caused a lot of confusion.
  16. What an awesome event - first of all a huge thanks to the Champcar staff for this event. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway staff was also amazing, I'd say the only other experience we've had at a track that was as friendly/organized/genuinely happy to see racers would be VIR. Beer exchange went well and it was great to put some faces with some of the regular forum peeps, nice to meet you @FlorahDorah @wvumtnbkr @E. Tyler Pedersen @MBulls @jakks @mcoppola @Cam Benty A huge shout out to @Team Infiniti crew: Ed, Mike, and Luis for being extremely inviting and letting Mike and I come play and partake in this event. The car is super quick, the automatic definitely takes some getting used to, I was able to adjust and adapt reasonably quick to get my lap times comparable to theirs, so that was good. Track was very fun & fairly challenging to drive for being "a roval". I really hope we have the go-pro footage (or can get the link of the raw CCL feed from Sunday), man there was some INTENSE battling that should make for some great highlight reel material. I was in some pretty aggressive battles, but I'd call them fair. I felt there was give and take. In traffic I was not super courteous with point by's as it was kind of every man for himself, once we'd get some separation I'd try to let super fast cars past me fairly painlessly. The only contact I had all weekend was at the gas station not minding the clearance between Ed's trailer & truck bumper 😳 Ed said he'd save it for me and I can fix it at Sebring.... Day 1 had a couple of small mechanical issues that allowed us just to focus on learning the track with a more laid back approach. I was in approx 11 to 12, so good bad or ugly, if y'all have some video post it up. I remember having some good battling with @Doc 's Brew Crew Machine! Day 2, I kicked off the first stint from 8-10 with a full as-planned 1:55 stint. Local yellows made it an interesting dynamic as you were only racing half of the track sometimes. Very intense racing, lots of thick gaggles of cars to get through. I managed to start in 80-something and get to the top 20 by our first pit stop. Unfortunately there was some contact in the 2nd stint, but Ed & crew have a never-say-die attitude and were able to patch it back together in about an hour. With such a stout field, obviously we had zero shot at anything but still wheeled the hell out of it the rest of the day. Ed went last and said he was going to burn it down - he literally almost did 🤣🤣🤣 he came to pit in at the checkers and something caught fire in the passenger side of the engine compartment (large chunk of tire? Plastic?), big thanks to the One Piece At a Time guys for being Johnny on the spot with an extinguisher! I have a Facebook live post I will share the link, I happened to catch it. It was funny - as soon as I was in the car, I was in "race mode", at that point Indy was just another track. I did make it a conscious effort to take the last lap in my stint to just absorb the view, the vibe, and the history of where we were actually racing. Good times. Looking forward to seeing all of the pics and vids - should be some good stuff. I'll contribute what I can when we make it home.
  17. You're kinda right and it's sad because it's not that good of a course. It should be noted that can only take 60 cars and last year we didn't sell out.
  18. It has carbs and the stock motor. Ummm Aero? Springs/shocks? I am a renter.
  19. So working as a pit marshal and having a radio for almost the entire weekend, what would everyone that drove say they felt led to all of the contact and PUY? I know on Sunday I had teams telling me that certain corner workers were not holding the flags out far enough and even that one station the worker set the flag down and was on her cell phone looking away from the race? Saturday we were hearing PUY calls from before noon that we were still making drivers serve at 4pm trying to catch up on them all. I'm assuming the high car count had something to do with it, but on Sunday after the 12:00hr it seemed like people forgot how to drive for about 50 minutes or so when there were only about 50-60 cars on track. Also, thank you to everyone for being very courteous towards us as we were asking you to remember visors, gloves, putting a jack stand under the car when you are working on it, etc. With the heat I was expecting some less than happy responses and was pleasantly surprised! One last thing too, if you are in a hurry and carrying a full fuel container, do not run with it!!! During the first cycle on Saturday I watched an individual do this and he went down hard and emptied most of a full hunsaker on himself, the car, and the pit wall! Take your time, 5 seconds extra to walk vs. running the risk of a fire breaking out or hurting yourself in a fall isn't worth it!
  20. One thing about the cars you mention, outside of the Sc300, there are just a lot of them out there available to race and they have a lot of aftermarket support and a proven record. They also tend to be much more cost effective to race. As an entry level series I am not surprised that the overwhelming number of cars come in those models. This series isn't lemons where the majority of the people attending are there for the party and trying to come up with crazy themed cars, here the majority is trying to race and compete for a win in cars that will run upfront. I think the lack of rules focused on keeping the level of speed and performance parts in check has led to the perceived lack of diversity at races more than anything, as those before mentioned makes have a lot more available to them.
  21. Not the best weekend for the John Allen Special. About 1.5hrs into the race we installed a view-port into the side of the block for better visibility of our crankshaft. Upon inspection we noticed parts had become detached from it. Also, big apologies to at least two, if not three, cars that I just plain hit in turn 12 during the first hour Saturday. I never caught the car numbers or details so that I'd be able to walk down and apologize in person, but it wasn't from lack of trying. Corner stations never called me in for contact and had no record I'd even touched anyone. I KNOW that I did.
  22. We spent the weekend at Road Atlanta with WRL and came home with a little more hardware.
  23. We heard some teams running the Chillout System had issues. Anyone care to share their experience - bad or good?
  24. It will be interesting to see how they do after reducing the hp by 200... wait a sec, did they blast the time slips with the Coyote 435 hp? No? Good thing that emergency was averted by increasing the winless TBird by 100 50 points. Weird, they didn't even beat Ludicrous Speed at Road America either, good thing the MR2 hasn't increased, for sure no justification for that. I wonder what their points would be with just a competitive 435 hp TBird that they have to run with the top cars at Indy and Road America... only 19,472 points. Really good thing that emergency was averted.
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