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  2. No, the current plan is to open Tech and Registration in the South Paddock, then switch when we move to the North. Dana
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  4. After 9 years and 14+ event weekends in real life, I am now seven months into iRacing. I had a fair bit of experience with Gran Turismo and Forza games. I have in the past used Forza 6 to get reps in at Watkins Glen before I went there and yes it helps a ton to start 80% dialed in. iRacing has taken it to another level. It really helps you understand how your skills compare to others. Granted there are some unique elements to sim racing vs real racing, but it is a great tool. I'm at a huge experience disadvantage to a lot of the guys in the ChampCar iRacing league but each r
  5. Thanks! What is your take on the splitters with the raised center section? I've seen plenty of prototype cars using them over the years, and I saw a picture of a miata running in the series with one recently. I always thought the prototypes were using it to divert air to under car tunnels, so not sure if the juice would be worth the squeeze to develop something like that for our little series.
  6. Looks like in supps. that we can't get into the north paddock until 5pm Friday? Is that accurate? Will we have to line up on the access road again?
  7. I've heard great things about sim racing and would like to improve my ChampCar skills. Thanks again for your help!
  8. I started in sim racing before taking the plunge and buying a car to go real racing. Sim racing has helped me immensely in so many ways. Some things don't translate completely, but overall I think sim racing is a great investment for any racer. Reach out to me if you need help getting started.
  9. Yep, we'll have extra class stickers and sponsor stacks in Tech. Dana
  10. Thank you very much. I would like to practice tracks that I want to race. So far most of the ChampCar teams I've looked into either don't do practice sessions or there are none offered. Jumping into an unknown car on an unknown track under possibly night or rainy conditions is not how I want to race. I figure if I could at least get to run a track (even if it is eRacing) would be a big help. At this time I don't have the eRacing equipment and don't want to invest if it does not help me improve my track lap times. eRacing sounds like fun, but I would like to at least get my feet wet before I tr
  11. Very useful tool. As you already know with the Neons, post race you check and reuse the tires but replace the hubs and bearings (front).
  12. So right or wrong with how it's been (ab?)used, the question for 2021 remains: Are the "singled out" one model Techdesk rulings staying or being thrown out when these rules (finally) become "final" ? Are they being reevaluated one at a time or only as protested, like post race challenges?
  13. @tneker You'll be happy with that press. You may have seen mine when you were here. It works great for bearings, hubs, gearboxes, etc. With some rudimentary dies, or purchase of a small press-brake attachment like Eastwood sells - you'll be able to do some metal forming with it too. The 20 ton air/hydraulic jack is a nice addition, too.
  14. We just got our Reflective New Build Package from RVA, but it included only one class (B) decal and no sponsor decals. Will these be available at tech? Thanks. The number panels and rear class / number decal were included.
  15. Mustered up the courage to buy a 20 ton Harbor Freight shop press, no more driving an hour and half round trip to work to mess with bearings and bushings.
  16. Well, not a bad point. Brakes started getting free quite awhile back and were “sold” to the leaders as safety items. “We have a big heavy car it’s just not safe when we go flat out to the 2 marker and try to stop, you don’t want us to hurt anyone do you?” Ok fine you can spend 2x stock on brakes. Enter captain creative ... “so if I add up every component on all four corners and multiply by 2 I can spend a lot ob the fronts and leave the rears alone?” Sure why not. No one ever thought to say “maybe try hitting the brakes at the 5”. Aero, yea it should be more points a
  17. Except the 2 biggest clutch/flywheel manufacturers in NA racing. Tilton and Quartermaster.
  18. Hey guys, (or gals), how does one correctly petition for a VPI change? Does that go through Tech desk? I want to send a properly formatted request through the proper channels.
  19. In going to the SFI site, I found that most major flywheel manufacturers have SFI approval. I am assuming this is good enough - i.e. how is tech going to ascertain if a flywheel is SFI or not? Regardless, as previously mentioned, all this fuss over a buried component as well as small multi disc clutches being perceived as "non-entry level" while aftermarket brakes, flares and huge aero are not an issue???
  20. Everything 100% BRAND NEW $485 shipped in USA Will Ship Worldwide for $$$$ Text 484-709-6851 Email timmwest126@icloud.com BOTH WORK PERFECTLY!!!!!!!
  21. $625 Choice shipped in USA Will Ship Worldwide for $$$$ Text 484-709-6851 Email timmwest126@icloud.com BOTH WORK PERFECTLY!!!!!!!
  22. No, it's a $35 swap meet special. Think he said it was from a Top dragster, 23 lbs and 15" length with about a 2" chord so definitely not your wing! Big and clunky but it seems to work - for now. And of course it's the right size to look like a lawnmower handle. Not sure if this picture helps to see the wing better: I'm thinking of extending the splitter another inch or so and lowering it as well (the mounts are adjustable), looks like there's still a little room. I had to tape the front edge of the hood down, when I added the splitter it pushed a bunch more air ov
  23. You can solo test. Cars similar to your E46 would be up to interpretation but I think the ND Global Mazda Miata would be close, it's 185ish HP and RWD. There is also a GT4 BMW available but that is quite a bit faster than CC spec. Why are you not interested in racing with others? I encourage you to join myself, @mostmint and the rest of the CCiS regulars this week at Barber.
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  25. So, can anyone point me in the right direction? I've looked for this information on the other postings, but none of these answered these questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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