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  2. I would gladly pay that to ride that rollercoaster all day. Best track eva!
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  4. We were right behind the incident and have our in car video. Just glad nobody was injured that i'm aware of. Scary crash. We live stream all our races and would appreciate a follow. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa1fk7g25mL7RjfyWiBVqNQ Thanks. Anyway, here is the video...
  5. Can do a variety of things technically but willing to do anything at bowling green and other weekends. Please contact 6146488407 ASAP
  6. Not for public consumption. Keyboard warriors don't make for good commentators.



  7. you want a challenge? Figure out how much this weighs and then tell me if it's on the VPI list lol Cause it sounds cool as heck..
  8. Virginia, can confirm. A couple years ago Champcar was surprised when we asked to use their printer before driving the racecar home from a race.
  9. Thanks for the reminder @Bill Strong. Look forward to seeing you this weekend.
  10. I duno... lbs Ford 4.2 V6 488 (161) flexplate and front dress, no A/C compressor. Shipping wt w/skidFord 3.8L V6 376 (231) 1998 Mustang, dressed (dry) Ford 289/302 V8 460 (168) (late 5.0s are a bit lighter)Ford 221-302W 460 (48)Ford Indy 255 pushrod 360 (120) all aluminum, 1963Ford Indy 255 DOHC 400 (120) 1964, later known as Foyt Coyote V8Ford 5.0 V8 450 (109)Ford 5.0 V8 411 (171) 89 Mustang 5.0 GT (dry) inc: manifold, carb(?)
  11. The parachute is great advise, I wish more teams would run these. Our 318 isn't fast enough to keep the chute deployed, but it would certainly help with the faster teams.
  12. That is a good formula Fitsbain, and a very good point about food. Thank you for the insight!
  13. Good race for our Miata. We know we had the speed to finish higher had it not been for an unexpected wheel hub change around hour 3 that cost us precious minutes in the pits. Everything went well after that and we were able to claw our way back up.
  14. Had one of the Flagtronics in our car for the VIR race. Easy install. Worked great. None of our drivers looked to it for flagging, instead keeping their eyes up to flagstations. It did excel in the role of pit timer, and the current hardware is a great deal for all the features it can enable the series with going forward.
  15. High Plains is a great track but test days there suck too. $120/person. For a 24 hour event it was 720$ for the team which was crazy. But did allow me to run the Elise out there when the Miata was on track, and another not-to-be-named teammate flogged a rental Camry which was pretty funny. it had no tires or brakes left when we were done.
  16. Our splitter is about 4" off the ground as well, but we need the airflow for a large rear undertray/diffuser. For you guys I recommend a parachute. It'll keep the back end from coming around.
  17. Agreed @Burningham, it’s a small change that’s designed to make it absolutely clear. I saw the rap sheet for the penalties last weekend, it was long and quickly applied without exception, including to our team - we saw our position drop just a few laps after the infraction. The big difference for me between the 2 series is not so much the rule change but the enforcement, without it it’s just words on paper. This should be the focus for Champcar IMO.
  18. I was not blaming CCES. This is just my place to reach the group of people who are actually going to this race to see if I was the only one caught off guard. And judging by rogers post it was the right decision. Together we are strong.
  19. Please make certain to read the 2021 BCCR. We had a handful of people at VIR that thought their cars were up to date because the had all of the 2017 stuff done to the car. I may be exaggerating a wee bit. But not by much. https://champcar.org/web/rules.php Cars need DASH BARS added to the cage. Not the OE bar that supports the dash, but a real 1.5" x .095" minimum dash bar welded between your cages A-pillar bars. Teams have been warned for the past 1.5 years that the bar would be required on January 1, 2021. And if your reply as to why you don't have a dash bar is because your da
  20. DiscoveryParts, a ChampCar Partner, will be bringing their “Mobile Technology Center” (aka big support trailer) to the RVA Graphics & Wraps Daytona Beach 14 Hour race. If there is anything special you would like us to bring, please let us know before Monday April 5 noon EST as the trailer leaves early Tuesday. We already have a very full will-call box and thank you for the support of our company. Thanks once again and we look forward to seeing everyone at warm, sunny Sebring. Our #1 category for ChampCar Track Day Members: https://www.discoveryparts.com/15__auto-rac
  21. Thanks now bring your snow tires and you will be good.
  22. Ahem. Y'all can thank me. I sent a note to the organizer and they looked back at past track days and reconsidered the extra driver fee. No extra $150!!!!!. I'll take tips at the track. Or beer. Edit: Actually you can thank Bridget Beck at the track who did the reconsidering. Maybe beer goes that way instead. But I did ask and got an email reply stating such.
  23. Guys we don't control the test day. That is track specific. We get no revenue as an org from that and therefore can't tell you what you will get or not get.
  24. Yes, the SSL certificate issue will be resolved in "2 buisiness days" from when we updated the site (Saturday evening). The pricing for the ChampCar Flagtronics package (FT200 Unit, Harness, and GPS) is $150. Anything more expensive than that is simply a miscommunication between us and our web development guy. I'll get right on resolving this.
  25. You guys have a SSL certificate issue on the package building page it would seem. Can you explain the difference in the $150 unit and the $250 unit?
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