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  2. A bunch of 150 point cars throwing down. Note the camber these things need. (A glance through the rules shows they are essentially old school 1967-72 Trans Am) Some old 911's in there is well just like original Trans Am. Announcer comment about the Porshhhh's; "He might want a turbo on there..."
  3. We need to open up the fuel cell and inspect the bladder and reroute or enclose the fuel lines as they run through the cockpit. Whichever is easier/cheaper. The car came with some sort of Chevy truck hood that matches the roof contours pretty good, so a roof is in its future for sure. Yup. Sure does. Bone stock as far as we know w/ a tune. Its gutted pretty far so it still should be able to keep up. We're pretty excited about it. We weren't looking for another car but it kinda fell into our laps from some friends. Hoping to hit a track day, then debut it in December at VIR. We s
  4. That car is awesome! Does it still have the VG30e?
  5. Looks like a great find, minus stickers. I hope It runs well. New safety gear definitely a must. Roof of Some sort unless you are a fan of arm restraints. What’s up with the fuel system? To big? Or just in poor condition?
  6. What isnt fun is starting your first build with a tech article in mind, someone bastardizes that rule after you start, you inquire on your build to tech and the tech article vanishes. extra 40 point hit at minimum. Yikes
  7. Be fair to our ability to complain as a group, 3 of those 4 have been at the center of a pretty large questions over parity in the series. Nature of motorsports, you either find, lobby or fall into an advantage and then it gets taken away. If that cycle ever ended it would get very boring (in particular for those of us who make a living off the cycle).
  8. that's ok, I'll stick with the 200hp (giggle) 350 and use the bigger tank.
  9. Added a 10 gauge wire off a 50 amp inline fuse off of my main cut off post feeding a 40 amp relay to feed the pump and a 10 gauge ground wire from the pump, runs in the garage like it should, and pump now has 12.7 volts, and is drawing about an amp more current, cleaning up the wiring now and will take it out for a quick spin to make sure it's fixed! Sure runs better all ready! Then I get to fix some transmission leaks, probably carrier bearings....... But it is progress! Road test confirmed it's fixed! Running 10 to 15 mph faster on my short test run. Nice to go on to other things now.
  10. We added another Nissan to our fleet yesterday. Too good of a deal to pass up. 1988 300ZX. We plan to update it in the coming months, new belts, seat, fuel system, window net, maybe a roof and windshield. But for now, just remove all the dang stickers and get it ready for a track day or 2.
  11. Last week
  12. I meant peer support. Like when we all jump on a specific topic and whine about it until we get what we want. Like free lexan for example.
  13. Yes, but you cannot use the 24 gallon stock fuel tank of the late cars. 68-70 were 20 gallon, and if a manual would have to change to a Muncie versus the Borg Warner. Little if any performance difference but someone would raise hell because Vette. Platform swap requires parts effecting performance to change. Body doesn't matter. That's the point of the platform swap rule; You don't need to find a specific car to make a particular model. All 82 and earlier Vettes are 300 points. *I thought all C3's prior to '78 were 18 gallon. Not so. Learned something new.
  14. Bigger wire and check voltage drop across the relay contacts, likely to much draw for wire size/length or low voltage to the relay contacts to begin with. Be sure to check ground as well.
  15. I am about an hour and a half from the Richmond airport. Would like to take a look at the car and trailer. Please email me at hammerdown@hotmail.com to set up a time. Thanks
  16. What "support" are they looking for when evaluating VPI values?
  17. so can you use the 435hp motor and just claim the 82 as a 68?
  18. I'm guessing that's the camera angle because there is no way Bill would ever try to bend the rules.
  19. It was a black car. $250 in EBay wrap and it’s now blue.
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