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    Price doesn't matter, shifters are free. I designed one about twenty years ago and started building a prototype, I'm curious about the innards.
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  4. Thank you I appreciate the help
  5. That would be $3-5,000 split amongst your team members, however many you have and how frugal you are. It is one entry fee for the team. For car picks see this thread: https://forum.champcar.org/topic/17787-top-car-picks-for-2018/
  6. Thanks for the reply! Just confirming when you said 3-5000 for a race weekend. Does each driver pay the entry fee to the race? Or is it just the 1 entry fee for the team. I figured safety equipment startup cost would run a good amount of money. What do you recommend for a car. I’m looking for a car currently and want something that will be competitive
  7. bbaker480

    1983/4 Mazda RX7 with a 13B S4 swap....

    I'm planning on putting together a suitable update soon, but it might have to wait until after Nelson Ledges.
  8. Sweet! Car looked very stable and somewhat easy to drive. I get to see it in person tomorrow morning... Looking forward to it.
  9. Welcome, best to read the rules then read them again. Depends on your definition of a little/a lot: wheels, brakes, shocks, struts, springs, coilovers, design your own 3 link, complete drivetrain swaps, aero (wing, splitter, diffuser). All or nothing could be on a car depending on how many points it starts with, most do some, some do most of the mods. Typical cost would be around $3-5,000 depending on camping/hotel, tow distance, eat out/restaurant, etc. Also depends on what you race, a heavy V8 car will consume more fuel than a light 4 cylinder. Plan on a set of tires and brakes going 20-30 hours. Good car - depending on what you want to race and how competitive you want to be. Safety equipment - cage $2-3,000, seat $600-1,000, harness $2-300, HANS/helmet/gloves/firesuit/sock/shoes $800-a bunch. HANS can be shared amongst your team. Ball park numbers.
  10. Damn you got me @Evilwheel True to what you said, your (lack of, LOL) computer savvy didn't even link my name here the correct way - you have to put an @ first and then type the user's name. Then that person gets a message that their name was mentioned in a post. I didn't get that message. So, your link didn't work. But.... I saw there was a new post with your name on it in this topic "CLick and See", and I thought "Nah, just hit "mark site read" (upper right at top of page) and don't even open it, (like I've sometimes done.) But I couldn't resist, I opened it, and was shocked to see my name there - you got me.... LOL
  11. I have an opportunity to acquire a used sequential shifter for my new build for a fantastic price. I do not see anything in the rule preventing the use of a sequential unit. Any thoughts before I buy the shifter? The shifter is for a 3650 no worries. No crash box needed.
  12. Great lap! The front end grip is impressive! Who was driving?
  13. I decided to get back into road racing after a 5 year break from the sport. I grew up racing 125 shifter karts. When I started looking up local shifter kart series in Wisconsin where I live there are no real series anymore. That’s when I found ChampCar endurance racing. This really seems like a realistic way to road race cars. I do have some questions I hope you all can answer. From what I understand the car must remain stock besides safety equipment and if your car is under 500 points you can do small upgrades that will count towards your points. Is this correct? Or are people doing a lot of modifications to be competitive. Second question is what does a typical race weekend cost? I know that’s broad but I’m just curious what entry fees cost for a whole team to enter and how many sets of tires people go through and what type of tires. I know depending on if the car breaks and bringing spares will factor the cost. 3rd, what is a good competitive car to get? I am currently looking for a car to build. I am not opposed to buying a prebuilt car but have not seen anything in my area. And how much does the safety equipment for the car cost someone? I’ll do all my own work besides the cage because I don’t trust myself to weld that correctly. Thank you in advance. All information is appreciated
  14. Justin9

    Roll cage

    Means he will help do the work if you let him drive...
  15. Spent way to long trying to free a stuck bolt with a caged nut that was spinning when it shouldn't, just so I could drop the cross member to get at steering rack. Sacrificed a cheap combination wrench by cutting it to fit in the bracket pocket only to have the 12 pt cheap wrench round off the nut. In the end, dremel with a cut off wheel won the day and an hour job took probably four. The good news is that is the very last set of bolts that haven't been busted loose so maybe the pb blaster and torches can go on the back shelf now.
  16. Jer

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    Still four spots left. Man, teams don't know what they're missing! Sign up!!!
  17. Jer

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    Came out for a work trade show and brought our booth stuff...behind the race car. Now it's all at the track, waiting. I got a walk in and a few laps in the truck on the track with Fred. Man I'm geeked.
  18. Crank Yankers Racing

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    Dropped his trailer off. He will be back next weekend
  19. wvumtnbkr

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    You're in town already?
  20. I built my fuel lines for the rear of the car, now if I could get the engine back from the machine shop I could put it in and finish the front... but now I'm out of work time, as next weekend I'm heading to Alaska for a week on a cruise... so I clean up my shop and put up all my tools... that took like an hour... only missing a deep well 7/16 socket.
  21. Jab31169

    Newby Question

    We drill holes in our wheels for weight reduction
  22. Wyatt

    Newby Question

    We were running 15x10 inch wheels if I remember correctly. Lots-o-grip!
  23. Jer

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    Just drove the truck on the track and did a track walk. It’s going to be amazing to be back on this track!!!!
  24. Yesterday
  25. Intake, carb headers. Not that many points. 😎 The 5.7 Vortec could easily be well over 400. Mileage matters though.
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