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  2. lol...of the members who voted ~85% voted against the tire petitions. Just like ~80% voted against the two fuel petitions (eliminated +2 for cells and additional vents), so the BOD went ahead and made a huge change to the fuel capacity rule.
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  4. It already is a rule in the supps. Would putting it in the rulebook instead of the supps suddenly change enforcement or manpower or compliance?
  5. I agree with the streamlining and making it optional to answer individual items. I also wish we could get better participation and maybe that will help if easier and simpler. I also think there are certain major items, like tires, that we must have that participation before making a change. If we propose a tire rule of some sort it should be required that every team captain must vote on it when they register for a race. It will take some time (months) to gather the input but needs to happen. The change is too important to not gather that level of input because the series makes a major move when something like that is changed. The BOD can decide which ones those are and it should be infrequent. For the most part the membership elects a board to make decisions for the club and should have some level of faith in their ability to manage the majority of issues facing the club. If not, then throw the bums out.
  6. what ecu / tuning are you all using for the NC. definitely seems like a lot less options than usual
  7. I PM'ed the OP of the thread with some information, but since we both were having the same issues I wanted to share what we did to fix ours. We wound up getting the advanced motorsports drop pan https://www.advanced-autosports.com/products/spec-miata-floor-drop - it was a pain to put in after the cage was installed, but can be done. We decided to do it ourselves after being quoted some outrageous prices on fab work for this. It took 8+ hours for 3 of us to get it cut and tacked in (none of us are professional fabricators). We were able to do it without removing/touching any parts of the cage. The pan drop does a few things - adds 1.25" additional clearance baseline, provides a completely flat seat mounting surface, and allows you to shift the seat much closer to the center of the car where the highest part of your cage is. You can see from just the back of the seat where the belt goes through how much space we gained. Also note the tallest driver (6 ft) is now ~1" inside the main hoop. We don't have the seat permanently mounted yet, but we can get even more clearance by adding more lean. For any other newbies that find this thread in the future - do the pan drop before the cage. If you don't do a pan drop, do not run a hard top and run a much larger main hoop. Use an aluminum seat, mount it on the floor. If I bought another seat, I'd buy a kirkey containment seat. Mount seat closest to center of car, and mount it and the drop pan before doing cage. If you screwed up like we did and put your cage in first, you can fix it, just it's a huge pain to do so. After dropping the pan, adding a new harness bar is going to be required as it is no longer in the correct position. After our adventure, I think every Miata needs the pan drop - it's going to give everyone more space from the bars and gives you way more freedom for positioning the seat. I wouldn't build a Miata without one. Feel free to PM me if you get in this situation and I can provide more details, pics etc.
  8. I think the low percentage of member responses has to do with how the response system worked this year. Most members don't have have an opinion on all petitions, and none are an expert on all. By forcing full completion to allow form submittal, you require people to vote on things they may not want to. You also increase the time it takes to get through the process. If I don't have a firm understanding of an issue, I don't want to vote on it. This year, I scanned the petitions and would have preferred only to vote on a dozen or so. The rest I'd have left blank. Instead I had to waste time slowly scrolling and clicking. We need to streamline this process, make it fast and easy, and more people will take the time to vote. Especially if we institute a rule that forces the BOD to vote with the members if we vote above a certain percentage. And yes, all voting and minutes should be public.
  9. It could be that the car's yaw in that corner is impacting airflow through the radiator. I could easily see outlets stop working or inlets reduce feed based on extreme yaw angles. This is just a theory though. We've been battling aero yaw issues a bit with our splitter.
  10. Maybe we are at different races and most members think we should do something about it. Having worked pit lane at multiple races I have seen it and continue to see it. It is not giving up a free body to at all. How does it take up so much resources. As a person who has worked pit lane, give me a radar gun, please please do. We all have headsets on. Done! Most volunteers are bored most of the day. It would give me a reprieve from saying, visors down 1,000 times. If you think I can not hold a radar gun and hit a button every so often and still say visors down then you have zero faith in our volunteers. The process in detail. Person in pit lane, pulls up radar gun, this is an easy item to use, hits button, radar gun reads 31, pin lane guy then reaches hand to headset, pushes button on side, says car XXX was going 31 on pit lane, Jimmy is on the same channel and expects that person in black flag in like 5 minutes. He writes down number. Race control calls black flag station on car XXX. You do that at a race or two and I bet most speeding violations stop. Personalty, the issue I see is all this happened the day I was at VIR. The only issue is the team had the stern talking to at pit out, which equated to nothing. They got to pit out early so it gave them time to get yelled out each time. So did they, nope, next pit stop same thing, did that stop them, nope, next pit stop same thing. The members want it, it is in place, we should do it.
  11. Driver seats available for ROAD AMERICA October 23rd and 24th. Must have some wheel to wheel racing experience and references. Looking for someone who is polite, and not reckless. The cars is a competitive, Reliable, FAST, safe, easy to drive and is set up for drivers of most sizes. You will be responsible for driving as well as helping during pit/fueling stops. If interested PM me or eMail me at Info@gorillasticker.com info@GorillaSticker.com -Joe
  12. Saturday results. https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1919421 Sunday results.
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  14. Pit lane speeding is one of the least of our worries as an organization. Those that are egregiously speeding are spoken to. We don't need to give up resources on it. Most races do not have enough volunteers much less staff to give up a body for it.
  15. you may not be supporting the transmission the best way possible...............
  16. I understand what your saying, but this seems to lead to inconsistent enforcement. If things are spelled out a bit more, it gives the event director something to back up their penalty decision and should make their life easier.
  17. I do not think staffing it would be that hard, but after working multiple events most have volunteer on pit lane. One can have the radar gun and report in. Easy enough. I have also worked pit out and know it can be the hardest job there is. We have two options then. Black flag them after they go out and make them come back in and talk to Jimmy. Then Jackie has no worries. Easy and done. Flagtronics can catch people all day long in pit lane speeding and that can really help. I think the main thing here is there needs to be accountability. I know for a fact a team was speeding, 10+ over, at VIR 3 times on speed gun, was called in and when they went to pit out they just went. That is the issue that needs to be addressed. I think that is the issue. Pit speed limit is 20mph at all events, but what if you just do not feel like going that fast and do what you want?
  18. How do member votes impact the BOD votes? It looks like they don’t. Maybe you’re right, maybe 500 in favor of a change would actually pass the board.
  19. You don’t need to make a rule for every little thing. Set a pit lane speed limit in the event supps. Everyone knows what a speed limit is. Let the event director dole out punishments as they see fit.
  20. I have NEVER found a car that was easier to put them in separately. I HATE bench pressing the trans in while aligning the input shaft. It's always a giant pain in the balls. He'll, it's usually easier for me to pull the engine and trans to change a clutch. However, with my swap, I made sure it was easy.
  21. Yeah all the pit lane procedures will change with Flagtronics. Seems like it would be easy to program the system to just add a minute if it detected speeding in the pit lane. It would infuriate anyone caught, but how could you argue.
  22. Troy, As a member that has volunteered a lot and Jackie works pit out, we don’t have the staff to sit and radar each car going down pit road. A long pit road would probably require 2 staff and 2 guns. Those who look like they are speeding or caught with the gun when it’s used have a stern talking to at pit road which is of in itself a penalty, at least enough to take back what they gained. We see a lot less speeding on pit road since Dana went to 20mph at every race. With Flagtronics coming about there may be more enforcement, but we don’t need a set in stone penalty.
  23. Not what we see it a few things jump out at me. MikeC voting no on everything, hmm. 37 to 13 members want to get rid of fender flare rule. 3 BOD members said yes and 3 said no. I wonder why these board members disagreed with other board members and also disagreed with what members wanted as a majority. Maybe Tiffany, Bruce and Tiffany and can explain why? The results for tires seemed high that members do not want any tire rules, or at least the ones put forth. I was expecting members to want some tire rules. That went against my gut feeling that most members would want some tire rules, maybe not then. I wonder if this is really do the sample size or a real representation of the vast majority of members? 37 to 9 - 1 minute penalty for speeding the pits. Why did the board decide to do not a penalty for speeding in the pits? When working the pit lane at VIR N I saw a team speed in the pits a good 2 or 3 times, on radar gun, and nothing came from it at all. If they are not going to do anything then why even have a pit speed lane rule then? Petition 68 surprised me as 35 to 9 to leave jugs on the ground. OK, if it is strong like that then shouldn't we make a it rule? I am not in favor of it personally, but if most want it then shouldn't we do it? Superseded Porsche parts- 44 to 3 but got voted overall as a no. huh, I wonder what happened there. My two big takeaways is I wish we could get more participation in the processes from more members. Having around 50 members comment and vote on these out of thousands is really terrible. 2nd is it is really great to see what members want, what the board voted and how it came out. Now we need to have meeting minutes/notes come out here also. Per the bylaws, which is legally how the board and organization are supposed to be run, then we have to meeting minutes and make them public. The entire purpose of the secretary is to take those notes and get them published. I am not sure why these have never been published or maybe they were not done, either way, we have to fix this going forward as it is in the bylaws.
  24. Looks like there are several petitions that were heavily voted in favor of from the membership yet voted down by the BoD.
  25. I put mine in with the trans already on the engine. I wonder if it is easier with or without.
  26. it's not pretty. and for some reason i had a glitch in the matrix after #84. and again. it's not pretty. i am on the road. no member identifiable info is included just yes/no/needs further review 2022 BCCR Petition Form Member Voting (Responses)- totals.pdf
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