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  2. Another thing to check is if the chemical you are using matches the nozzles in your system. Afff and Novec will not properly work with halon nozzles.
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  4. Snorman

    Daytona 2020

    Yes it could... VIR is downright comfy in August compared to Florida in July.
  5. I don't see any sign of purple in that glitter????? Sucks just the same and adds to your work load but you'll get'er done!
  6. Doc

    Daytona 2020

    You way overestimate my influence. I mean, would YOU listen to me?
  7. The DOD will neither confirm or deny the existence of this vessel. It is NOT listed on the Naval Registrar.
  8. Looking for a driver to do 1-2 stints in our E36. If you are already there with another team and would like to try one stint with us let me know! It will help give us a break! lol Text/call sevenoneseven300zeroone6three Thanks!
  9. We fixed our wiper arm so it wouldn't keep popping off. Drilled and tapped for bolt through the joint.
  10. So here’s the deal. My company, Money Shift Racing, is planning on attending 6 races this year in a trackside support role. We are looking for feedback on items we should have on the trailer in case you guys need something in a pinch. We are planning on stocking things like various grades of Schaeffer’s Synthetic Lubricants, nomex Socks, speed bleeders, harnesses, and what not. What we need from the teams is to know what grades of oil are you using and if there ever was a time you got to the track and realized you forgot something. We we will be attending the following races: NCM Indy Gingerman (also Racing) Nelson Ledges Pitt Race Sebring Also, if there are parts you need and would want delivered to any of these races just let us know! Thanks Kevyn Kistner
  11. want that car 😰 One of the best e30 ever That car is the reason We have that obsession with the e30s now LOL
  12. It could not be any hotter than the VIR 24 is in August. Rain would be my only concern...
  13. Several times I saw a yellow just before exiting the infield at NASCAR 1 but then track fence lights were green so everyone took off only to see a disabled car on the backstretch. I felt like that local yellow should have been observed until the bus stop flag station could be seen but the overwhelming consensus was to get going on the banking. What's the rule there??
  14. I want a Teksid block 4.6 from a '96-'99 Cobra. Cast in Italy, the strongest blocks for the 4.6's other than the iron '03-'04 Cobras.
  15. Hey "Team Infiniti"....Thanks for the Rule Book heads up on fuel, etc, etc, now I understand the + 2 gallons. We are going to take a pass on Charlotte, have a lot of enduro work to do the car now, not sure when we will be back? Got a to of up grades to do!!!! Tks, Ron....
  16. What does everyone shoot for on AFR? We had been in the 12.3-12.7 range all of last year. We leaned it up some for this season. Shooting for 13.0 -13.5. Just curious what everyone else is doing.
  17. Thanks for the input everyone, we tested today and after a base timing adjustment we are fast enough to run as is. Our AFRs are 12.3 to 12.5 which I think is conservative but I'd hate to mess with it since the car is competitive as is. Not sure how given the cam timing and new port and polish, but I'll consider myself lucky!
  18. From working the Rolex a couple times the only thing that has been come up with is an observation station at the end of the paved apron at the opening in the wall in NASCAR 1 and another observation station on the inside at NASCAR 2 at another opening. As for the speed difference on the banking it always has been slow cars in the low line (unless passing and then right back down to the low side) and the faster cars go to the top.
  19. Do it do it do it I have a good running DOHC 4.6 for sale
  20. I think I remember Bill Strong telling me he ran an automatic in the fuel cell area. Could be wrong though. Someone in Champ does.
  21. Nice! I want to build a 7500 rpm 4.6 DOHC powered Fox-body!
  22. Yesterday
  23. I agree, it's the Wild West during a local yellow between 6 and 7, there is little to no regard for the caution flag. We're in a Miata so any momentum we lose is huge and it's painful to be stuck behind the cars that do decide to obey the yellow, especially when they are a novice and slow to a crawl due to confusion; then inevitably someone flies by you at 100 mph faster because they ignored the caution all together. Unfortunately, I don't see where they could place another flag marshall in that area, so I doubt much will change.
  24. I'm good with it if they go to an "actual" power number for the calculator vs. a pos "stock" published hp number for the incoming motor. Should really be about the power going in vs. the cost of the motor. That $5k S2 motor might make the same power as a $250 GM v6, and in the end they have the same amount of output power. I would rather see an exclusion list of non swapable motors, like the ls whatevers, the K20 honda etc.
  25. For sale- 2- JDM D15B 3 Stage VTEC engines (130HP) (1 new from JDM Engine Depot, 1 out of totaled race car) 1- 5spd from a '95 Civic EX w/ MFactory helical LSD (doesn't grind at all and does not have any issue) 1- JDM 5spd trans from D15B Hasport mounts for D15B/D16Z6 into Gen1 CR-X Hasport cable clutch car to hydro trans '96 EX rear mount 4-2-1 header Z6 intake manifold D15B intake manifold Custom made shift linkage Custom race harness downgraded to OBD1 OBD2 harness Custom Hasport L/ side axle Used R/ axle 2- New spare L/ axles 1- New spare R/ axle P28 ECU Very rare P2J ECU 3 or 4 alternators 2 spare distributor caps Spare timing covers Spare used oil pump Spare coils Enough spare engine and trans seals to rebuild couple times New spare T-belt New spare CV-boot New set of rear wheel cylinders 2 new front wheel bearings Custom made cold air intake (K&N composite kit) 2 '95 Civic radiators (one with fan mounted) New unopened clutch cable 3 or 4 clutches 3 or 4 flywheels Drilled, and tapped valve cover with ports for catch can Spare valve cover D16Z6 good long block, needs rebuild (Gold valve cover) Prefer to sell everything together- $2000 OBO (The MFactory diff alone is $700)
  26. I’m watching the in-car video of the #226 KSR car (I was in the #223), and they were black flagged because the 2 Finger Camaro passed them under caution, then gave the spot back coming out of six. It’s quite easy to tell who the offending party was, because everybody is either just on the yellow line, or on the apron, except for the Camaro going full blast up at the wall, and a SC300 and V-8 Camaro sound nothing alike. And on a similar subject, we need another flag stand between six and seven, ESPECIALLY with the wide discrepancy in speeds between some cars (say an M3 and a VW bug).
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