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  2. Indeed, don't give up. This was also at Barber last year: And this was 3 weeks later at Sebring:
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  4. I'm right by ikea in charlotte so I'm probably the most centralized to the city lol but Mooresville and Denver aren't far.
  5. yuuuuppp under 500 now... Did they ever build/rebuild?
  6. Oh I love the 190e. Think it's a good starting point. But finding manual around va was not easy when I was looking. At the brake parts via 2x are pie in the sky high. Are you guys running a 16v?
  7. Would like to meet some fellow champs in the area sometime. Drew and I met back in 2015 at VIR -S by chance (not sure he remembers). My wife actually randomly met the wife of a team out of concord area with a Fiero a month or so ago. We will likely go to Road Atlanta for the test day, but skip the race. We're close to being ready for track testing (doing alignment this week), but not going to be prepared to race by Feb. Definitely planning on CMS in April.
  8. Good point. Radically different cars....little slice of everything.
  9. Could be a 5 car group.... We have 2.4 swapped neon (not mine) LT1 swapped lexus sc400 Merc 230 SLK My 2.4 "short" neon in progress
  10. Hey eh, We’ve decided to give Champ racing a try. We’re a father son team located about 1.5hrs west of Ottawa Ontario in a small town called Petawawa. We’ve bought a 2007 Cobalt SS with a 2.4L that is already partially prepped. We’ll be running Mosport and Calabogie next year for sure, and may add on another race or two. My dad and I have raced a variety of vehicles over the years. He started oval racing 30+ years ago. Street stocks, CASCAR late models, Pro late models then Legends. I oval raced snowmobiles on ice for years, then also got into Legends. We got into road racing when Calabogie opened up near our home. We’ve road raced a late model, turbo Legends car, and most recently a Formula Renault. But we want to do more competitive wheel to wheel racing and travel to some new tracks.
  11. If our Miata makes it to the end... we’ll probably be mid pack..
  12. If our miata makes it to the end ... it's over for you betches.
  13. Awesome except for 3/4 tracks we're doing aren't covered lol. Maybe they're not popular enough/could be to new (gingerman, pitt, ncm)
  14. Try this google map of tracks that lists what simulators use it https://drive.google.com/open?id=1txY6IraoADjXJUdTFqPi4o5JTmY&usp=sharing
  15. So many of us in Charlotte why aren't we all working together lol
  16. This car is so close to being up and running it's not even funny lol it's just that last little bit we need to finish it for next year.
  17. starts at 150... with everything being almost free, one could run a car like this with a 400hp+ engine and dominate.
  18. Nice to see another queen city team. We're located up in the Mt Holly/Denver/Mooresville area.
  19. You, SVOFANATIC and I need to get together sometime and talk cars. Racing this weekend but after that you guys should come see our fleet on one of our "work nights"
  20. If you and SVOFANATIC want advise with the car or would like to run in other cars i am part of a 3 team "group" that all have the cars kept and repaired in Mooresville. Should be a 4 car operation in 2020.
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