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  2. I run a rotary so I had enough problem getting solid pieces of mile steel tubing to live and changed over to all stainless from header to tip. On the other hand I have worked quite a bit with flex joint manufacturers on multistage turbo systems, which is at least as tough of an application as rotaries. The bellows is made out of many layers of thin material, by varying the thickness, number of layers, and especially the material the manufacturers can support most any temperature and pressure…for a cost. The main difference between a flex joint that fits between turbos in a multistage system and a regular exhaust system one is the material used for the bellows, they can keep upping the material to higher and higher grades of unobtainium as the temps and pressures go up. Unfortunately it is hard to know any of this information at the consumer level. One of the things you can check out is some of the design features. The best designs don’t have braided steel on the inside, they have floating solid pieces which act as a heat shield for the bellows and smooth out the flow. The other thing that you can do is pay attention to the instillation and how the loads go through the flex joint. On multistage turbos we were allowing for stackup and thermal growth between rigid mounted turbos, mounted to the exhaust system you have all that plus engine movement. The flex joints work very well flexing axially getting longer or shorter, they also do well in bending. They are still OK with offset, but will fail very quickly with any twisting load. When you are laying out your system do everything possible to eliminate any torque loads that can get into the flex joint either from movement or thermal growth.
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  4. Sebring would be better. Big hotel. Onsite fuel. Onsite food. Much closer offsite fuel, much closer offsite food, drink, etc.. Much larger selection of offsite (and less expensive) lodging. MUCH, MUCH better pits (power, lighting, garages for each), much better paddock. And anywhere from October through March would be a window for great racing weather. So VIR is pretty decent, but it's not "the best" unless it's simply comparing to Nelson Ledges. And let's not even compare track lighting at night. S.
  5. Like this. This one happens to be from Vibrant.
  6. NASCAR is officially dead

    I thought the race was fairly entertaining for the first half (all I got to watch). Glen Wood is a neighbor to a lady at church and I asked if they were gone to the race track, but alas, 92 is just pushing it a bit for them. First speedweeks he has missed in 71 years...
  7. VIR is the best for a 24hr event.
  8. ChampCar Sim League Schedule

    Because some of the iRacing drivers will be travelling to VIR for the actual race was the reasoning behind it. Prolly wasn't that big a deal to change it since it was not a Championship round, but I did it anyway.... I might have overreacted....that's been known to happen.
  9. Typing on my phone so a short summary of day 2. Went to start the car to move it to the hot pit lane for the race and it will not start. Do the quick swap for a new distributor as the TFI likely failed. Car now runs and we rush to make the start. An hour in and we lose third gear again on the freshly installed trans. 30 minutes later the trans has completely failed and we are done. Looks like we have something going on that we need to figure out, something is not happy. We did get the class win on Saturday but it was an otherwise disappointing weekend.
  10. Agreed. But what would be charged points wise? The nearest thing to the TKO is the 3650 from the New Edge, 99 to 01 Cobras and Mach 1. And a bell housing will be needed. Or the 6060 Tremec 6 speed in the terminator but a bell housing will be needed also. The 3550 in the 95 cobra R will not fly with the witch hunting crowd. Anything outside the T5 will be steep points wise because of bell housing needs. If a TKO is legal I will order a unit tomorrow.
  11. Unless you get stuck behind the barn. Two years in a row. And it rains. And all the water runs downhill and creates a pond in 1 of the 3 pit stalls where you happen to be pitted. And there is no power there. And the power in the paddock is limited to those spaces close to RV hookups. But yeah, VIR is pretty awesome. We got a full upper esses suite again this year along with an additional lower suite for some of our drivers. Looking forward to the 24 hour race in August. S.
  12. ChampCar Sim League Schedule

    Why is Mar 1 a practice round for Daytona and not VIR?
  13. I did one of the autopsies on Ron's T5s; they shredded the gear teeth, not the synchros so there may have been some torque reversals/shock loads involved. And it doesn't really matter if a T5 will survive in other cars, it apparently doesn't survive in theirs. Breaking parts so far from home costs track time so a TKO500 might be considered economically reasonable.
  14. Track amenities for a 24 hour race?

    Bar at the track that is open at 24 hours a 1 minute after the race starts
  15. Youtube and Twitch Team channel list

    Thanks guys. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUpbnw3ZfrzxYoyVQsKwTow Subscribed to all.
  16. 3D part printing question

  17. Let's see -- paved paddock , electric in paddock , electric in pits , clean bathrooms , showers , good concession stand , 5 star restaurant , spa , kart track , shooting range , I think the pool will be open , and a really good pizza place right up the road , oh a fantastic track to race on .. but where can you find such a place ? Answer VIR !!!
  18. Can you say Jericho!!!!!!! Or rebuild the T5 with G force stuff. No the T5 is usable for what we do. I know Ronnie will give the trans a proper autopsy. I do know they used 5th gear at Road America. That usually kills the T5. Remember teams have run and won with the T5. Including Ronnie’s team. Teams have run that trans for 3 and 4 seasons with no issues. Opening the track up for the V8 cars cost quite a bit more than the modified version of this race. If there were more entries earlier it could happen.
  19. Get one of the flex joints designed for turbo applications. Double the price, but it has overlapping metal plates on the interior, not wire web stuff.
  20. flexible exhaust joints; yes/no, what type?

    We run a flex joint a little longer. And we make sure it is sitting straight and is not holding weight. We also just use the bellows style on the inside and not the webbing.
  21. NASCAR is officially dead

    And I watched the 60th running of the Daytona 500. Good race, interesting finish.
  22. 3D part printing question

    Oh wow! That is awesome. I’ll eat my words. Very win!
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  24. 3D part printing question

    Bluetooth LE. Only 2 connectors using the horn wires for the quick disconnect: ground and 12v. This is the alpha unit and is PLA so I'm not sure if I trust it in a hot car. Testing will start on an OSW and see if I can get the screens, buttons, and communication just working. If I can get the computer to talk to it and the displays arnt terribly slow I'll start phase 2. Phase 2 is the base unit for in the car. It will be a raspberry pi and possibly an Arduino. It will send telemetry back to the wheel, and also be the brains controlling all the relays (DC-DC SSR). I like the idea of haltechs smartwire but I can't justify shelling out the $ for it and all the attachments. Plus I like DIY stuff. I can't emulate the ability to switch relay circuits inside the smartwire if one goes out, but will have 3way switches to over ride the pi at any time. Sort of like the shark. if the techie parts fails have a reliable backup. I'm betting in the SSRs to me pretty bomb proof. Now I might need a tester sometime after July if I get thru phase 2. Work has me in where I can't race or work on a car till late 2019 (for those wondering why a wheel and not work on the rest of the car). But phase 2 feels like a long way off. Got some wiring done and the back printed (500g of material and 10hrs). The back will have a security switch to turn the unit on and off and a 2.1mm power jack for charging the unit outside the car. The encoders got scrapped for now. Hoping to get it wire and powered on this week or next weekend.
  25. sonofamitch, I'd like to talk to you more about running a Camaro at Daytona.  Can u call me?  830-237-5216, thanks Matt

  26. NA Miata and G-Loc brake compound

    That's our plan. We only got one race out of them but they are what came on the car. Figured I'd ask though, maybe someone else has already tested it and the R14 compound lasts longer.
  27. NA Miata and G-Loc brake compound

    Go with what you know, 3/4 races is awesome!
  28. Any Miata teams out there running G-Loc brake pads? Our car came with R8 compound G-loc pads up front that seem to work well and presumably lasted 3 to 4 races. I was planning to just replace them with same compound but I found out the R14 compound is for endurance racing. Anyone have any experience with this compound?
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