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  3. Hey Troy, I'm gonna do my best to answer a few of your questions and give some advice here. Almost all of your questions relate to iRacing generally, and not specific rules or operations of the ChampCar iRacing Series. Dan Sosulski has a video series he's doing right now which is an introduction to iRacing and it may give you some tips to improve. When you're in the car, the 'Tab' key cycles through the different timing options. Often you'll have the 'delta bar' enabled in Practice and Qualifying, but not in the race. You can enable it in the race if you want. I find the 2 most useful deltas are 'session best lap' and 'last lap'. Other options like 'all time best' might frustrate you as you try to keep up with a pace that's not possible in the current weather and track state. You'll know that F1, F2, F3 keys etc give you different 'black boxes' with information, of course the F3 black box with the relative information is usually most useful in a race, you can briefly look at the F1 box and it will tell you how much time remains in a session. During a race, it will tell you how much time is left on the race clock. Sounds like you know to have 'Fast Repair' checked in the F4 box of the pit options. I've looked at the replay and I'm not sure what happened with your repairs. What I did see that you used the tow truck after your spin. Even if you have a fast repair, towing the car back to pitlane in a race session will almost always be slower than driving back to pits unless you've blown the engine. The other thing to consider of course, driving a damaged car around the circuit may be difficult to control and keep safely out of the way of other racers. If you've raised your iRacing Safety Rating high enough to be eligible for the championship rounds, you're already aware of incident points and that you want to avoid them. You'll also know that a qualifying lap with an incident isn't counted. Almost all of the time, bump drafting gives both drivers a 'contact (0x)' or worse, which would invalidate their qualifying laps. Some drivers might choose to leave the pitlane together in hopes of picking up a draft though. Down the back stretch at Road Atlanta this is probably more noticeable and effective than Sonoma and VIR South, the next 2 races on the calendar. Trying to 'pick up a tow' in qualifying only really matters once you've already registered a lap time equal to the best you can do unassisted. If you're unsure, I'd say your best option in qualifying is trying to find some empty track you so can focus on your best, smoothest, cleanest lap, without having to worrying too much about other drivers around. In iRacing, different cars have different pitstop fueling settings, these replicate the kind of crew and refuelling rigs which would be used with that kind of racecar. How specific you can be with your fuel request is covered by this, and as such for the NC Mazda MX-5 it's only possible to select in increments of 1 gallon. Can you imagine a ChampCar driver radioing the team and asking for 5 and 3/4 gallons? 😋 So in conclusion, I hope my little thoughts here make sense and help you be more comfortable and competitive next round. You were scored as completing the race, so you're one round closer to your name going in the hat to win a very valuable free ChampCar entry. Hope to see you for the race at Sonoma on Feb 12! (Check back soon here on the forum for details of the practice sessions in the weeks ahead) David Haines
  4. In iRacing terms a 'cool track' is still around 20C ~ 70F, much grippier than a hot and greasy 110F+ track.
  5. This one is the one I would get. It's been recommended by some build shows as the best. Glad to hear another recommendation here. The video's makes it look so fast and easy, Has to save $$ in the long run. I have seen one a lot like this on ebay for a better price but have no idea how good it is in real life. I have had trouble with the AN stuff A brand new Busch car I built didn't leak in the shop or testing but did in the race at a track that used a lot of brakes. Then we broke the retainer nut trying to get it to stop leaking. Resulted in a DNF because we didn't have parts to build a new line at the track.
  6. I submitted a flywheel request with no car model and I think after talking with board and tac they settled on the 10pt response. Your "not allowed" ruling was premature. P.s. I just got it clarified to also read lightweight steel is also 10pts. No car model need be involved.
  7. Not really. I and probably a few more people out there understand his frustration. I've stopped counting points for the Civic, we're going to show up at a Champcar race someday and run what we brung. I think we'll do okay, but if I really wanted to win, I'd build a belly-button car that gets the lovin' from the rules and call up some ringer buddies.
  8. You are making this so much harder then it needs to be
  9. IMO (aside) This is how you get a huge rulebook. You put in some rules and then some people say "well what if I want this slightly different part, shouldn't this be less points?" And next thing you know, there's 4 different "fixed" values for exhaust pieces that aren't stock and it varies with make / model!!! Come on guys (tech @National Tech @Ray Franck), this rulebook should apply equally to all cars, there is no forking way an e46 team should get free non-OE manifolds.
  10. Yeah whatever, I'm only here because we have one race credit to use up from a race we had to cancel. I am tired of my points having to readjust every couple of months because BMW or Miata needs or doesn't need a part to be free or points. We will probably be EC as I don't think I have the patience to read through the entire techdesk that is growing by the day to find the points for the items not in the rules in the effort to have a "stable" rule set. I submitted the aluminum flywheel question out of curiosity, shocked it was not allowed for the Mustang, jaw dropped when Miata gets it for free, now 10 points, I think steel is free but I wonder if cast iron or billet steel comes into play. Crazy that an SFI flywheel would not be allowed when SFI is the word of the day for fire suppression. Aluminum flywheels have been in the series for what, 10 years and over the course of a week or two it gets three different values depending on what car it is for.
  11. Minimum of 2 points as per the Ram's horn precedent if the rules are to be fair, should be 10 for the performance increase. You don't think it's worth 10 points, use the stock manifolds. Enough freebies.
  12. Sorry, same thing as regrinding only the intake or exhaust lobes of a single cam and calling it stock. Change the stock lift and/or duration specs = 50 points. Enough freebies.
  13. Sent a PM as well! whoops, seeing that is is from exactly a year ago. Sorry!
  14. Is this the tip of the iceberg? Ecotec miata, GM ram horns, and E46/E36 are known (now). Are there others?
  15. I understood the question, somedays we need some humor on this forum. I would fully agree with your above statement.
  16. I meant for the e46 BMW situation running the stock engine and replacing those manifolds with e36 manifolds. My reading of the preceding posts left me thinking that this had nothing to do with swapped engines.. these manifolds came on the car from the factory, so they certainly fit.
  17. Nate that's easy, they don't fit my car. On a more serious note is it the precat with the honey comb, it could be easily removed as I have done it on a couple 91 Lotus Elans and it breaths better and can be retuned.
  18. You know, I probably don't have a problem if a twin-cam engine is running 2 stock and OE cams. I'm not talking about re-ground cams, cams from different model/generation, etc.. Stock cams to that engine, if a stock and OE intake cam is substituted for the exhaust cam, IMO that's free.
  19. In case you didnt read the FIA guidelines i just posted which clearly you didnt. The illustrated shoulder harness mounting is REQUIRED for 2023. Its not longer written as a recommendation. And I'm not telling anyone to do anything. I'm stating whats in articles from a regulating safety agency. Yeah i'm sure everyone here would feel safer in a car thats built for a budget endurance series compared to an FIA regulated series... You know since both have the same budgets, and testing equipment, and resources.
  20. Can someone help me to understand the situation by completing the following sentence? "These manifolds can't be used on my race car because _______ ." (and if the answer is "they contain catalytic converters", then you had better elaborate and explain why catalytic converters can't be installed on a race car and yet seem to be peachy as far as BMW AG is concerned)
  21. Proof that Charlotte Iserbyt was right in her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Intelligence, common sense and practical experience will be a distant memory. Free will and innovation will some day be limited to the very few who can escape the globalist programmers of human behaviors. I am on her list of Patriotic Americans who still have free will. I have been a Pyrotect dealer since 1998, a safety product developer, safety consultant, fabricator and crew chief in SCCA Pro Racing, and all 3 top series of Nascar although my cup car experience was in the old Winston West series. I have raced full time for nearly 20 years and part time for another 20. All I care about is that I NEVER have to watch anyone from any/your car loaded into an ambulance because they listened to incomplete or bad advice. The first man I watched die was in 1986. I also watched Tom Blackaller that was taken out of a car I built that set a new track record at Sears Point (Sports 2000) be taken away in an ambulance to never be seen again. It was a heart attack but those 2 instances is why I care about driver safety so much. And then my own injury because I installed my belts according to Jaz's instructions instead of my own common sense. If Tom was wearing a NASA suit invented by Bob Booth as a result of his own heart attack in a race car who made a better suit that put less stress on the heart, he might not have died that day. Only a smug donkey-hole would be so disrespectful to someone that has spent the last 30 years of their life learning everything I could so I could help drivers not go through what I have had to witness and experience. I went to Bell Motorsports in Oakland in 1996 for the first time and met Bob Booth. That is where I also met Ken Miles Jr. after Bob offered me a job. Ken swore by Bob's innovations and it was after his telling me about his father's death that I decided to dedicate myself to helping others by learning all I could about driver safety. Bob was in poor health and guys like me and Larry were who could make sure his knowledge didn't die with him. You claim to have an engineering background but are incapable of making a decision without a consensus. Book smart is not street smart. Therefor, you should stay as far away from building a race car as you can because if you can't listen to someone trying to stop you from seriously hurting or killing yourself, you can't be trusted with the safety of those around you. There are lot of good car builders in this series and I recommend you drive for one of them because I am confident you are not capable of putting a safe car on the track. I can live with myself because if even 1 builder or driver reads this and learned something that will help keep them safer. I've done my job. But I can only help those capable of being helped, You sir, are not! Take your own advice, don't listen to me because you won't get right what I tell you anyway...
  22. Finally our mighty 1.6 miata is getting a 1.8. Also nearly done designing splitter V2. Getting excited for NCM!
  23. I'll be driving with another local Daytona team - the Precision Transmission Camaro, team owner Keary Morris even talked a guest driver into joining in the shenanigans! Should be a good time!
  24. One ran at Charlotte and a few races in the SE.
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