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  2. Yes, it does help, and thanks for the info. It's for a friend/customer of mine up here, he has an LS powered early 944 track car that he wanted to put the bigger tank into. He was thinking about doing a cell later but asked me how much work the bigger tank would be to put in now. He's going to do the cell later. The internet said basically what you said, but I prefer first hand information from people I feel I can trust. Again, thanks. Now back to those fuel rules...
  3. Mender I think you can do anything you set your mind to (except get the fuel rules changed 😬). The early car has a welded cross brace in the rear below the tank from side to side. The late car has a removable brace. The bigger tank only works with the removable brace. You would need to change the transmission mount(s) to the later car and there are 2 additional aluminum fastening plates that you would need to add along with the body mounting points(for the plates and cross brace). I would put a cell in it before I’d swap tanks. Hope this helps.
  4. Troy, you have a suspicious and devious mind. It would be fun to build a car with you.
  5. That's a real tough break. You guys were leading or holding a top 3 for a huge part of the race. @Snake and I were watching on Race Hero and Livecast during that battle for P1.
  6. The race at Charlotte for Running Bulls was a very good run but we can't help but feel we came up short on this one. We started the race after the random order in P20 with Mike Merrill driving. A good opening stint working through the field and with about 7-8 caution laps we made the 2-hour mark we wanted to shoot for and pitted in P3, Our guest driver Ed Royal was in next and drove a good consistent and clean stint also able to make the 2 hours. During this stint through consistent laps and a couple cars into the pits, we took over P1. Andrew Sides in after the pitstop in P3 and moved the car back to P1. Michael Bulls driving stint #4 taking over and drove cleanly to keep us in P1 through the 8-hour mark of the race. At this point, a few teams had solved some issues and began to show some speed but if we could hold our times and be trouble-free, we could earn a good finish. Ed drove stint #5 and this time we couldn't make the 2 hours, and when we checked wear to change a right side front tire, we found a bigger issue. A brake caliper bolt had backed out and the caliper was grinding on the wheel, the team jumped to it and fixed it on pit lane quickly but a 15 minute stop closed up the field as Michael Bulls went back in for stint 6. Michael finished the next stint driving well and brought the car into the pit in P2. We still had a good margin to work with to stay in the top 3 at this point. Next in Mike Merrill as night was falling and then after some 25 minutes into the stint the car started to smoke badly and limped back into the pit while in P2. The team jumped in and found a bad and somewhat baffling problem, a hole in the casing of the transmission and the smoke was due to the fluid leak. We fabricated a fix to try to get back out using high temp epoxy putty. It seemed to work, we put fluid in and Mike Merrill did a couple test laps and it was holding so he would run to about the 11-hour mark and Andrew would finish. At this point we were in 4th position and just trying to save a top 5 spot but 1 lap into Andrew's final stint the fix must have given way and we didn't have time for an additional fix again to save the position and retired the car. It was a very frustrating rollercoaster day to run so well and then have such a problem, but this is endurance racing, and these are the battles. We ended in P8 but the team sees more of what slipped through our grasp on this one. Still a great weekend with the team, our second race with Ed Royal and our first with a great crewmen Casha Daniels who really helped us out and especially during the problem times jumping right in to help fix the car. But as always, smiles and a beverage for a hard day at the track!
  7. I get criticized heavily for relying on forum hearsay so I asked about something that I have very specific and extensive knowledge about: Fieros. Being a rule that doesn't specifically apply to Fieros however allowed this discussion to encompass other applications and yes, answered a question that is currently pertinent without me having to ask it. Glad to see that people can read between the lines.
  8. Oh....and I was mistaken. We hit the wall in NASCAR Turn 1...not Roval Turn 1. Driver did think the front of the car felt a little weird a lap or two before, but couldn't tell if it was just tires getting hot or not.
  9. Cool. I was wondering what he was getting at without actually bringing it up and being straight forward about it.
  10. I spoke briefly to the tech guy at Charlotte....sorry I don't know his name. He said the rear end swap that Riley did was charged 50 points.
  11. Because a week apart. Daytona: Lost, one ratty but serviceable BMX bike Found, very wet race shoes, describe em, will be @ PBIR next.
  12. Riley car I believe. I get the abstract approach. Makes for interesting breaks from reality.
  13. Nope, I'm not loosing sleep over it, was waiting to clean out the truck and ask the team to claim, or not to claim a set of unidentified racing shoes. Lets start a lost and found thread.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Did someone end up with an extra bicycle after the race at Daytona. I had a bicycle for Ed with Infiniti and after the race was over Sunday, the bicycle was no where to be found. If you have Ed's bicycle please let me or @Team Infiniti know. He left it with me after Snow Atlanta and i have guarded that thing since February and I would hate to think someone "took" it by someway over than accidentally. I was in garage stall 55, and I know the bicycle was there on Saturday. I actually though Ed had claimed it on Saturday but apparently he did not.
  16. The front suspension is different between older and '88 Fieros so a full platform swap isn't a bolt in affair. The tech desk has confirmed though that a rear cradle swap on Fieros for zero points is fine.
  17. PBIR prep on car #2, fresh engine from parts car, no exhaust, no rad, new timing belt, tune up, first fire in years... was starting to get worried for a second.
  18. You all realize Mender is not asking for a Fiero, but trying to make a point on something he saw or something someone told him. What are you getting at Mender. On the Fiero, 87-88 save vpi and same value. Can you not just count it as an 88 then? Is that allowed? As far as I know, the 88 Feiro is superior in every aspect than the older one so just claim it as an 88 and be done with it. It is a Fiero, no one will worry about it, it has far to small a tank for anyone to be concerned with it.
  19. Sorry to hear that. We've been whacked a few times and so far no structural damage, just some suspension pieces.
  20. I got to chat briefly on Friday night with the younger guy from New Jersey that drove the Altima at Daytona and the BBY Boxster at Charlotte. Nice guy, but I didn't get to talk to him again on Saturday.
  21. We hit the concrete at Turn 1. Our front LCA mounts are definitely bent. The upper mounts don't look square side to side so there is something going on there. We have to pull the entire rear cradle out anyway to figure out some weird transmission noises that appeared once we got the car home. All the non-essential front metal structure in front of the tires is deranged. It's going to be a long month.
  22. Not shopping for such a glorious unit, but a price would be nice.
  23. After hitting the safer barriers there last year, I suggest looking much deeper for damage, check your subframe carefully, check the rear as well (if it slapped)
  24. We partially tore the front of the car apart today just to inspect the crash damage from Charlotte. Sourcing parts at the moment and getting ready to thrash on it to be ready for VIR.
  25. 2006 Kauffman wedge. 53 ft All new wiring New brakes and bearings New 15 ply tires Additional d rings I bought it last rear refurbished it and have run it 4000 miles on a couple long trips Needs nothing. Ready to go Comes with 5 ft aluminum ramps Email Tom Panzarella @ Daskoupe@gmail.com Keywords: Kauffman Trailer 3 car trailer Race Trailer Trailer
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