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  2. I don't know how badly you want to start your own team but me and a couple other people have been building a car that is almost ready. (by the rulebook) As it goes we've had a fair few people drop out (IE just stop responding to their good friends) and we're actively trying to get a few more people on board. We're in the Charlotte area as well.
  3. Weather did not hold Today: Drove it to work without functioning wiper, got monsoon-ed on the last 3 miles Located spare manifold down pipe Ignored car, decided to confirm cracked tow truck flexplate. Truck: On lift (Utility box loaded, not easy) Y pipe off Starter off Torque convertor disconnected Cracks found Hopefully Tomorrow: Replace flywheel.
  4. No, no spectators. Jus like ChampCar - friends and family of the racers were the only spectators. im jus asking what sponsors are doing for us racers? - entry fees are going up. How much more would they increase without sponsors? - allow Champ races at some world class tracks. That great if you can haul to those tracks. But in my case, I live 30min from CoTA but Champ doesn’t race there because of cost. Would we not be racing Daytona, Watkins Glen, etc. if we didn’t have TireRack onboard? not bashing sponsors here - at all. Heck, I was a TireRack Customer before they were onboard with Champ. And I like the idea that sponsors can help all of those, not jus the winners. something like: TireRack have a twice per year 25% off sale for all ChampCar racers? 4 tires for the price of 3. i don’t know what margins are for TireRack, but if they can make money on this, use tire reviews from racers on their site, have tech spots on the ChampCar YouTube channel, etc. benefit all racers, but use in return the publicity, reviews, and tech info to sell more tires to non-racers. maybe this works better with specific tire brands: Dunlop vs Nitto vs Falken vs...
  5. I was right behind you as you went into and thru 10. You left a trail of fire on the track (like back to the future at 88 mph). Looked like the gas was running onto the RR tire and then catching fire. Did you have a hard time getting out of the car? I know it seems longer than it was but I stopped and radioed my crew while I was waiting and hoping you climbed out. Was happy to see you were ok. My camera was full and dead so I don’t have video of it.
  6. That jeep was at the wrl race at barber. They dug him out of the turn 5 gravel trap at least 5 times. Was fun to watch thou, would put down a sweet set of 11`s off any tight corner. Super nice guy as well.
  7. Damn right it needs updated. I know for a fact at least 1 ofnthe board members busted his ass to get new sponsers on board that are 3x more invested.
  8. I assume they have my e mail. I get all the champ spam.
  9. If $400 wheels is where chump/champ is headed, count me out now.
  10. You are correct, I find the style 68 (17x8.5) for $224.99 at autorimshop, so $400 wheels do seem to fit the 2X rule. I do think that price is well beyond the spirit of chump however. Those wheels are more durable yes, but they're also expensive since they're substantially lighter than other (more affordable) offerings.
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  12. If the Jeep Cherokee is really an SC400 with a Jeep body, do they make a swap calculator for swapping bodies? My BMW is kind of an E46 with an E30 body, so.....?
  13. except they didn't win. EC ya know. Just another thing with a big motor. I would imagine they had fun.
  14. We were of course sorry to see this happen to anyone. I'm glad your driver was safe. Doc, I'll check our video to confirm but I recall coming up on an E30 that looked like it had just been completely topped off and was venting overflow fuel from directly behind the right rear. However, this was earlier in the day - my co-driver was in the car during the unfortunate red flag incident. I would definitely investigate. It's an expensive lesson to teach, I know, but I hope details will be pursued so that we all might be safer from what you learn. - I checked my video. It was the white #387 E30 venting out of the right rear on left-handers. The blue Honda and I got to him on the approach turns to the front straight. Dumping a fair amount, especially that far into a lap if it was the out lap. Hope this helps someone...
  15. In the 2017 Financial report income from sponsors totaled $33,800, or between 1-2% of all income, so yes they *slightly* reduce your entry fees. Of course that doesn't count anything they give to the members directly or other intangibles like business relationships/connections etc. that have significant value. P.S. @Bill Strong seems like the BOD page is overdue for some updates? https://champcar.org/mainweb/board-of-directors/
  16. The sponsers allow us to race awesome tracks at low costs. I do wish they could throw the racers a bit of a bone once in awhile, but a lot of them do offer discounts. When the turnout sucks, they help carry the load.
  17. I sent out the Final Information email the other day. Get my your team information and I'll forward it to you. Dana
  18. The bandwidth at NCM is non existent so a broadcast from there was simply not worth the expense. You think YOU were sad to see Doc's car on fire...LOL We suspect the overflow line to the overflow tank in the RR wheel well became disattached after a spin over the rumble strips on T10. Big puddle of burnt plastic there and the tank is now missing from that location. I said "missing". Not true as we know right where is is and It ain't supposed to be in T10.
  19. Mazda is offering contingency. I think @Bill Strong was part of that!?!?
  20. I was kinda sad to not see any broadcast or streams going on during this event. Was even sadder to see Doc's car on fire!! Have we determine the cause of the fire? Looks like a great time had by all. E30 domination for sure.
  21. Slow corners at RA are: 3, 5, 6, 8, Bend, 12, 14. Maybe they just seem slow because of the 3 long straights. Because the car is fast.
  22. I agree. However, we now have more series "sponsors" that we are required to have on the car, which I have no issue with, except the races have only gotten more expensive and I have no clue what they are doing for us. i understand that the club needs to be a money making business and these sponsors help that cause, I just dont see any trickle down...
  23. Entered, so 14 now. Just three of us so it will be a bit of a thin team. Except me of course.
  24. Did you have a lot of spectators at these motorcycle races? Also, because this is an amateur series, I’m against sponsor $$$ prizes to the teams. Sponsors should benefit the club as a whole, whether that is through random prize drawings (tire rack tires), or through discounts to all members, or though lower entry fees by funding the club itself.
  25. OEM replacements are nearly the same price. Wheels are a safety item and cheap wheels smash cars and people. The oem purchase data is easily obtained online. Please research before insinuating someone is not operating within the rules.
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