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  2. Aha so like a large tube over everything. Wonder if there is a steel conduit that is flexible.
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  4. Oh, I guess the solid steel stuff is fine.. but it will be much easier to encapsulate the rubber section if you also do the steel section in one large tube.
  5. Bill, I thought you were going to Gingerman for the race last week! Sorry, could not resist!!!
  6. Bring her and your strawberry shortcake. 😋 We'll all sing Happy Birthday to her.
  7. Bummer. Sorry to hear that. If you or your son are still interested in driving but don’t want the hassle of running a team, pm me your number and we can keep in touch..always a pleasure racing with you guys!
  8. 21 entries seems pretty lonely for a 24 hour race. I guess on the bright side, contact should be relatively low
  9. Where is that in the rules? It's 100% stock if that matters
  10. 60 car sellout at Gingerman, Michigan same weekend. Sorry.
  11. Was using a standard Dot 4, bled at the end of each day - no issues. Probably bleed less than an ounce per wheel unless we see discoloration or have another concern. Have now switched to this: https://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS/555/28073/10002/-1 Per a friend who is the buyer for this category at Jegs, CAM2 manufactures it. Great price and a bit better wet boiling point than the Wilwood 570.
  12. Generally, fuel spills are unintentional and often not even a result of negligence. It's common knowledge that the float balls in some fuel cell discriminator valves sometimes stick because the material is somewhat soft (so that, you know, it can float). This causes the valve to not work properly. Subsequently, fuel can "burp" out of the filler neck. Likewise, the modified vents on some cars with stock tanks will result in burping as the tank and neck fill. So yeah, let's penalize teams for this. Don't be ridiculous.
  13. If so, make sure you don't replace that easily cut stock rubber filler tube with an aftermarket filler tube like this: You'll have to put in a metal bulkhead to protect it even though it's much thicker and tougher than the OEM rubber filler hose. 'Cause OEM fuel related stuff that meets the absolute minimum standard and may not even do that much because of accountants that manage to substitute materials on the assembly line to save a few pennies per car is soooo much safer than fuel cells and related parts that were designed to survive in an actual racing environment.
  14. Where's the fuel cell? Looks like stock stuff to me ...
  15. Not quite. You need to encapsulate all of it. Even the steel stuff. Need a 2nd barrier.
  16. Hi, Our 2006 Miata currently has the filler tube in the driver compartment, half of it is steel and half of it is rubber. I need to replace/encapsulate the rubber section right? Any suggestions on how to do it? Here are some pics "ALL FUEL CELLS AND FUEL COMPONENTS MUST BE ENCLOSED IN A METAL CANISTER / ENCLOSURE. All fuel cells and fuel components (fill tubes, vent lines, etc)shall be separated from the driver compartment by a metal bulkhead. All lines and fittings that pass through the cabin of the vehicle must be metal or must be encased in continuous steel conduit or aluminum tube. The metal canister that makes up the fuel cell does not count as a bulkhead"
  17. We're attempting both, does that count? @IPF Racing we'll be doing some chicken and some brisket for friday. Also bringing some beer
  18. Penalties? If there were penalties for spilling fuel it wouldn't happen. Have some sort of plate that you can set on top of the spill to see how big it is. If you can still see fuel around the edge of the plate then a penalty will be imposed. If not, then you get told not to do it again. The size of this 'plate' can be determined by the BOD but I'd say 1ft square or a circle with a 1ft diameter.
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  20. To build on one of the problems some others have mentioned, I do think a worst-case situation is a fully experienced sprint racer (who has no endurance experience) renting a seat. Sprint racers are used to a very high level of awareness from their fellow drivers. Many sprint racers see less than 4 passes in a race. When passing is that infrequent, it is extremely unusual for the car being passed to be surprised by the pass. In fact, when you watch YouTube of a typical SCCA sprint race, the car being passed often does substantial reactionary driving (aka blocking) in response to ththe car behind him. So you take a driver from that environment and put him in a race with large speed differentials and a healthy scoop of newbies. That driver assumes EVERY car he catches is aware of his presence (wrong) and assumes any driving off of the traditional line is either “letting him by” or “blocking”. Of course in many cases, it is neither. It is someone trying to find their way, and fully unaware that a pass is pending. The result often ends up being kind of like the situation where the squirrel is trying to “outsmart” the car coming down the road towards him.....
  21. For Lemons I’d love a Triumph Spitfire with a 289 or 302 and 5 speed. I think is a combo that you could conceivably put together within their rules too.
  22. If there’s just one reason I want to run a Lemons event, it’s the ridiculous swaps. I think they are awesome!
  23. Nothing stopping you from racing there this year https://racelucky.ca/official-race-dates/
  24. That says "should", not "must".
  25. I boil it down a bit. If you think the pass is risky.... either don't do it, or make sure the other driver is aware... years of racing lemons helped to make me understand the variability of these drivers AND cars...
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