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  2. The bridge is the next part that needs investment, before working bathrooms. I know a few structural engineers who would have heart palpitations if they were in the same county as that thing.
  3. I agree that’s usually the case but I have seen some cases where a car’s 70% is faster than another car’s 100%. I just think it’s hard for a flagger to read the situation and give people a black flag. Especially when pace is given as a percentage of race pace.. Mostly agree with @XelderX on that procedure for FCY. One thing I don’t love is people who try to catch the field typically are going at or near race pace and the EV might be right on the other side of a blind corner/hill.
  4. https://www.freshwatersystems.com/products/apcd17006sh-valved-in-line-hose-barb-coupling-body-with-shroud-3-8-id-barb
  5. It’s not that guy, it’s the one that refuses to catch up to the car in front of him.
  6. I do group coaching (basically driver's meetings) for pure novices a lot. It's easy to explain what certain flags mean, but harder to codify what you should actually do because every situation is different. With regards to actions taken during a yellow flag outside the obvious no passing, etc....here is exactly what I say: For yellow flags, first check your mirrors (to make sure what you are about to do won't cause issue with cars in your vicinity), find what they are warning you about, decide an action, DON'T MAKE IT WORSE. The moment you make it more complicated than that you lose them, especially if you start talking about percentage of a pace. Now with my events we don't go FCY, but the same simplicity works. No passing, look out for/drive appropriately near EV, drive so that you catch the field quickly, DON'T MAKE WHATEVER THE ISSUE IS WORSE. That immediately sets the expectation and it answers the what-ifs they are already formulating that will confuse everyone should they start asking.
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  8. I think this is why there is such a hard time creating a hard n’ fast rule for this. At what speed does the car get black flagged? If I’m in a bone stock Pinto running 10-15s slower than the leader on a green lap, the leader is going to be pissed even if they are going 100%. If you can propose a rule that is fair to the entire field (not just the pointy end) then I think this could actually move forward.
  9. The McMaster part number for the cool shirt dry break sockets is 5923K31
  10. How long did you say the cables are for the broadcast????
  11. Everyone participating in our event must be a member of ChampCar, it's part of our insurance requirements. If you're on pit lane, you are participating and must be listed in your registration as either a driver or crew member. With the Covid restrictions, no one will be allowed in unless they are registered as participants.
  12. Per Car. Adam was supposed to update that info on the HOD site. Probably hasn't gotten to it yet.
  13. 2 cars is a race. and 11 is still a good race weekend
  14. That is a horrible attitude to have. A lot of work has been put in place to have this event happen. Remember this is the first champcar event since it was rebranded from chumpcar and when Wendy and Sal left the series with the split. If the powers that be see this kind of attitude then they will just shut the whole thing down if they feel like it. The truth is they don’t need us, we need them. I am already pretty pissed with a lot of the existing champ cars choosing to run mosport with LD. As they are kind of hypocritical. These are same people that complained about events on long weekends than do the opposite. Also complained about bracket racing than go bracket racing. I can keep going. But I will leave it for another day.
  15. Anyome have a good source for coolshirt connectors? I can't find our extension hoses anywhere and coolshirt prices are beyond stupid. ($140 for a hose with connectors)
  16. That's just it, there is no rule that says you can't. There was one previously that specifically talked about repurposed material. It was removed from the rules, so now, it's a free for all. Wanna take all those brackets and door skins and melt them down to make a turbolater? Go for it.
  17. Can you point me to that rule? Per the tech desk, there is a method of enforcement here, but as best I can tell there is no rule.
  18. This was a major discussion a few years ago in the TAC. From what I recall the TAC was in favor of fixed value items being the fixed values regardless of where the material came from. Repurposed materials could still be used for 0 points for items not on the fixed value list. This was sent to the BOD who in the end decided on the rule that is in place today.
  19. Going by what happened at Nelson Ledges, they need to identify themselves as crew if ever asked. My wife showed up at the gate and when asked her “role” she forgot that she was providing essential assistance this time and defaulted to “spectator”, the person at the gate said “try again”. Haha.
  20. the open question is what happens when you use repurposed materials AND materials charged by the square foot. - does fixed value points win? - does the new material points + repurposed material win? (if less points than fixed value for same item)? - what if I can make a fixed value part from a lower materials cost? I'm not sure this has ever been clarified.
  21. Well there was no limit on the number of people in the pits. In order to be in the pit, people needed to be crew which is pretty easy to do.
  22. Pit Passes: Only drivers and essential crew are allowed on pitlane. You must show your pit/driver band to get on pitlane. Guest Pass: No Guests are allowed on the DIS property. Only drivers and essential crew. I guess wives and girlfriends are counted as essential crew.
  23. As long as you're documenting where your repurposed material is coming from then free game to use it for 0 points. That is my understanding of the rules at this point.
  24. Yep. Document it. Show the entire process and you sure can!
  25. Really looking foreword to getting back to RA. Last time I was there was a bit "disappointing".
  26. Its not frequent, I've run in VR before for 12 hours without a hitch. If you've got 3 monitors stick with it.
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