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  2. Anyone know how good the Verizon or AT&T cell service is at Nelson Ledges? I usually try to live stream from our car and watch the live feed in the pits.
  3. What part of Florida do you live, I usually run at Sebring, Daytona and Palm Beach and always looking for fast drivers. Have been racing for 30 years and still haven't found anyone fast.
  4. I live close to Watkins Glen looking for some time in a car at the glen for the june 26-28 event. Test, or either races. I have plenty of track time and am able to assist in any crew needs also. You can reach my at richdarebel@gmail.com
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  6. yes the LTD we have raced with them a few times...Didn't I here the Blitz car got balled up???
  7. Send to all teams ITS ALMOST RACE TIME!! Greetings ChampCar Family, First and foremost, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your patience. We have been in the process of gathering/waiting for all important information that we needed to disburse to you in order for us to have a safe and fun race next weekend at Circuit of The Americas. PLEASE READ THROUGH EVERY PAGE OF THE SUPPLEMENTAL RULES CAREFULLY. SUPPLEMENTAL RULES found HERE There is extra information containing COVID-19 guidlines from COTA and ChampCar, along with the 3 WAIVERS you need in order to gain access onto COTA's property. Additional waivers for printing are HERE. Anyone who plans on bringing children please contact me HERE for an additional COTA minor waiver. PLEASE FILL OUT THE THREE REQUIRED WAIVER FORMS BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE GATE EVERY Driver/Crew/Volunteer is responsible for bringing the correct waivers to the gate at time of arrival to get a wristband for gate access. We kindly ask for teams/vehicles arriving to be prepared in order to avoid frustrations at the gate. (Remember, after this break, EVERYONE is very eager) PIT/GARAGE ASSIGNMENTS If you have not done so already, TEAM CAPTAINS ONLY, reach out to me HERE to reserve a garage, they are included with your racing fee. We have had some changes with garages from COTA which means you will not see them listed in this email. Im currently still working on them and will send out pit assignments/ final garages next week when everything is concrete. NEW DRIVERS MEETING PLATFORM Our awesome ChampCar Media man Paulie is helping me record a virtual drivers meeting to comply with COTA's gathering rule. We are planning on sending it out in advance through email and other platforms early next week. This will allow us plenty of time to answer any questions or concerns. The morning of the race it will be again replayed and I will answer some of the top questions I get with the first email send out. Keep in mind, if new questions arise, Bill has already put my phone number all over the internet and told all of you to text me, so I guess, I digress. In all seriousness, we want you to be safe and comfortable racing with us, my phone number is 812-431-7716 Feel free to call or text leading up to the race or you can email me HERE. Remember, during the race I will be stationed in the control room and I please ask for texts only unless it is an emergency. We want to make next weekend as headache free as possible for everyone and we are doing everything we can to get you back out there racing. Thank you for sticking with us, we look forward to seeing everyone soon! The ChampCar Staff
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  9. No cords are needed. It works off a USB Mini. This is a good deal!
  10. Can't see your picture. What cords are needed and where are they available?
  11. Bill Thanks for the update. I will miss the woops and jumps. If you can drive on the old track everything else must be easier and faster. My lines were dictated on were I was not scraping. See you there.
  12. It looks good, but is it fast? We’ll see this weekend. I am stuck in T town waiting for tires to be mounted on the rv but still should be there fairly early. I will text when I get in town.
  13. oh yeah seen that car. LS powered I think.
  14. Absolutely, just saying that I trust the corner worker instead of my driver until I can review the video.
  15. No one is allowed in race control. If you have issues during the races, you will contact a pitlane marshall with your concerns. If they are busy, or not available, TEXT 812.431.7716Be certain to include your team name, car number, pit lane stall with your question. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Be aware that race control can be a very busy place at times.
  16. Thats not always the case. We got passed once under yellow and they called us in. We had video to back it up. Even though we still served the black flag we were able to start the discussion and get it resolved quicker than otherwise would have been able to. Nobody is perfect including station workers and officials. Thats why you have the avenue for dialog. Or at least you should if you care anything about fair play.
  17. There's been a recent upswing in reported Covid-related deaths. Investigations into the cause have shown a common trend: Wife: Did I get fat during the quarantine? Husband: You were never really skinny.
  18. Also, on the subject of black flags... it seems that PUY are so infrequently called in compared to the actual rate of PUY (obviously depends on the track), that when a PUY call is made, it’s legit. I now trust the officials over my drivers before looking at film.
  19. “Yes sir (or ma’am)” is the only acceptable response for a driver when in black flag station. I think you can convey that with a head nod and a thumbs up.
  20. Have you ever been in black flag and argued your point as to why you shoved the guy off the track? and then the official said, oh... ok... on your way then! ?
  21. "Drivers will still need to report to Black Flag at pit in for on-track driving infractions. A ChampCar staff member will write out the infraction and place it on your windshield for you to read." Really?! Will the drivers be provided pen/paper to voice our reply/opinion and ask for clarification? Should that be held up to the inside of the windshield for official review, or passed through the window net? Maybe we could text it in? Also, should we wear our N95 mask inside or outside of the bellaclava?
  22. This sheet will be in your packet Download the PDF to tape to your dash cota-track-limits.pdf
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