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    If the procedure was "just add in points as they are found in impound", then there would be an incentive to claim nothing. If your VPI is 400, and you have 6 items added which add 25 points each. Then you claim none, and hope that at most 4 of them are found. There needs to be (and there is) a heavy penalty for having unclaimed items on your car.
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    I've been racing in ChampCar for a just little while. I think the number one key to success I could share from my experience would be, "Always give yourself an out." When committing 110% to something, regardless of fault, be ready to accept the consequences.
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    2018 was a bad year for my team. Wreck at Daytona ended our veteran neon from 2010. Month later my trailer was broken into pretty much cleaning it out. I was glad to get on track again before 2018 closed out with the doom cruiser. Set a 2.37 and I ran into some minor teething issues. Was able to finish both days. Everyone got plenty of seat time and gave me a small to do list for Road America. Better brakes for sure and more heat shielding for the alternator. And figure what broke inside my fuel cell only allowing 1/2 to be used. Had a blast at Sebring. See you at the next one!
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    Success... we finally did it, we finished a whole event. It tool 4 races and 3 motors but finally the Corvette took the checkered flag. It was a long weekend with only 2 of us racing an pitting but we did it. Now back to work to fix the newly discovered issues like fuel system (we were only using 10gal of our 20gal tank) and repair some damaged wheels.
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    Eh, I can see how he'd be perturbed the way he says it went down. "Hey, a lot of teams are grumbling that you have an unclaimed locking diff in the car. Care to talk about it?" is a lot different than being approached with "How's that locking diff?" Especially post race, with everything else going on, and the emotions from the finish.
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    I'm happy you have corrected yourself. Just in case you still have any doubt. Team Jacky Ickx never filled a protest in its 10 years of running this kind of racing! Team Jacky Ickx is not planning to file a protest any time soon. We trust Champcar. After the long "deliberation", and I found out your car was legal, I personally went to talk to Dana telling my team was fine with Champcar's call, adding we don't want to win like this! A little later, Clark from my team went to talk to some members of your team loading your car, congratulating you on the win, telling you we were fine with the "call"! Please don't start rumors about my team which could damage a good reputation we take pride in!
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    This race is looking a little more likely. Went from this last weekend: To this this afternoon: Certainly not perfect, but back together. A lot of loose ends remain, no mechanical prep yet given the frame and body work the last week or so. Unless we run into something unknown mechanically from the Barber wreck, we should be racing.
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    It is the overtaking cars responsibility to make a clean pass. Point-bys do expire and it is not the job of the car being overtaken to give up the racing line.
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    The Mazda and Cobra did amazing. Our mazda isn't suited to short races and we knew going in it would be a challenge for a class win. On Saturday the car got a damaged oil cooler that soaked the whole car and actually got into the clutch. So the last stint the clutch was started to slip. Our team did a crack job after dinner, we changed the clutch in the 626 in 1hr 17mins. Sunday went well and the car ran strong but only 4th in class. The Cobra did amazing as well, we had a goal and it we hit it out of the park. Its been over a year of planning, teamwork, and lots and lots of testing. Its truly rewarding to bring home some hardware. We have a lot to fix on both cars for Road Atlanta and its going to be a quick turnaround time, hopefully we can try and make a race of it. They were tough races and big thanks to Jay and Ray from tech, i think they went above and beyond this race.
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    You win, everyone is convinced, I personally stayed away from the teardown to not make it look like I was witch hunting! Champcar does not take peoples parts, you passed inspection with flying colors, no sour grapes from the only car actually could have moved into the top 3. We had a blast, the best cars won, we are pleased to have been right there to pop some wheels and beers with the best of em. Congrats
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    I do not know if this was done. We were in the back of impound on stands, the BMW was up front. I had just gotten out of the car so i sat on the wall most of the time. I got up when i saw the burnouts, i wanted to know if I got to go next. 😀🤣
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    As team captain of the car that would have benefited the most from a DQ (4th pl) I mentioned this during impound, but being a little late to the happenings, and not being in the loop of what was going on moment by moment, that comment was lost to the wind. Yes there was talk looking for a protester, but thought it unnecessary, like Philippe, decided to not break our "No protest" team rule. Someone would have to be pretty damn blatant for it to ever happen. A observation was made Something was done about it Everyone was proven honest Kudos to the protested team for race prep and execution that was good enough to arise suspicion. Thank You for the burnout and tear down. Aside from minor discomfort, what exactly is the problem?
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    I thought there was a blurb in the rules about Champcar reserving the right to question/look at stuff if they so choose? Of course you wouldn't want to see this abused, but I am not even sure why another team needed to be solicited to protest the diff? (found the blurb before posting) 5.4.5. During the impound period, the Event Director or Tech Chief may engage in any inspection they so choose, including but not limited to the partial or full disassembly of any assembly, system or component for legality edit: I am looking at the 2019 rules, too lazy to see if the wording was the same for 2018 double edit: it's no fun to get called out even if your car is right, but it is good to see tech paying attention to cars that podium
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    Why would the overall point value of the car matter? The situation @enginerd pointed out applies either way. The reason it was bull cookies is that the team in question openly went to chump before it was brought up by a competitor or protested and admitted they forgot to update the sheet. Instead of leniency, the book was thrown at them. Just be prepared and keep those tech sheets accurate and it won't be an issue.
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    Crank Yankers Racing came down from the north with misfit driver lineup. Only one of us drove the track before so the goals were a Top 10 on Saturday and a podium on Sunday. Saturday we didn't use the caution at the hour mark in and we tried to go 2 hours. The car sputtered across the start/finish line and it took us a while to get in to the pits. Our gamble didn't pay off. Our 2nd driver cooked it a little too hot in the short section before the back straight away and met the tire wall. We had to fix the splitter. Ended the day in 10th place. Goal 1 accomplished. Sunday we start 10 places back from DFL. With the red flag we were able to go 2 hours and I brought us up to 9th place. Had a lot of fun driving the first stint with the Jacky car and Ed's Infinity. The next two pit stops we caught cautions and we were sitting in podium contention. Then the component that connects the shfiter rod from the transmission broke off. We were done for the race. Also I did file a protest on the winning BMW car. After discussion with Tech they were questioning the diff but couldn't do anything without a protest. We did get the impound teams together and let them know what was going on and what was questioned. They all believe that if they have a LSD diff and it was not claimed they should be DQ'd. No one wanted to file the protest so since I am a team captain for our car at the race I filed one. I inspected the diff and I was fine with what I found and asked tech their comments on it. They were fine with it. Congrats to them as they won with a legal car. I am a Board Member and part of the TAC. We are a self policing series. Feel free to comment. We had an awesome time at Sebring. @Burningham were great pit mates. @Philippe also let me store my trailer on his property before the event, so thanks for that as well! Event ran flawlessly by the Champ staff. Thanks to the volunteers as well. See you all at Road Atlanta.
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    Dude. A point by means go ahead. It can even mean lift a second to let the faster car by. If you give me a point by and I don't catch you until the corner, I expect you to leave the door open. Why shut the door after the point by? This is one of those times where being right still leaves two crumpled cars. Endurance race, not sprint race. How much time would the miata have lost if they lifted on the straight or left room in turn 1? Probably less than 50 minutes....
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    I had to get the father in law something different this year for Xmas. I have a buddy who runs a custom gun shop (steel city arsenal) so we had a little fun with his laser engraver @MoparBoyy @Snorman @Snake
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    What an end to a very successful 2018 racing year. After running with the Inactiv Mazda 626 a couple of times this year I was asked to join Crowd Control Racing and drive their Mustang Cobra. This event was my first time driving that car. What a car it is. This year I have driven a FWD I4 Mazda 626, a FWD V6 Mitsubishi 3000GT, a RWD I6 BMW E36 and now a RWD V8 Mustang Cobra. Driving this car was so much more intense an activity than the others. The sheer brutality of it in comparison to those others was a shock to the senses. With Saturday's race going caution free in my stint it was certainly a trial by fire, but I was able to continue our car's march at the front and brought the car back into the pit with the overall lead. Hopping over those bumps in the first and last corners with a solid axle was a new experience. From there the team worked fuel strategy to perfection and we took home the overall win. So happy to help the Crowd Control guys get their first overall win. It's been five years since my previous one and it is great to do so again with a great group of guys. Sundays race was an uphill battle starting a lap down on the field making it an all out sprint for us which isn't good for fuel economy. After a night of letting my brain catch up to speed of the car I was able to improve my performance to what I feel was more respectable to my teammates. I was handed a car that was in 4th place at the stop and I brought it back in at 4th place. From there we kept up the pace and brought the car home in 3rd place overall on the same lap as 1st and 2nd. Heck of a debut weekend with the team. Looking forward to what we can accomplish as a team in 2019 as we get better with the car and understanding what it needs to be successful at various tracks and situations. Massive thank you to @MoparBoyy @Snake @Snorman for the opportunity to drive such a fun car and be on such a fun team. Cheers!
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    Wait... the new official way to check for locked/LS diff is to get the team to do a burnout??!! Much respect. This Ray/Jay guy is "A OK" in my books! 😂
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    Hey guys, owner of the 346 here. So this is a real interesting situation. We were approached by Jay with Champ after the event saying “how’s that locking diff?”. At face value that’s insane. 1- we have the stick diff and 2- we didn’t claim any different diff in our log book. It’s really uncomfortable to be called a cheater essentially before any inspection. We heard that the protest really came from Champ (Jay) and he was asking people to protest. This comment obviously bears that out. That’s shitty. But whatever. Short story is we love tear down compliance certification. People bitch about the e46 but the power to weight compared to an e30 is laughable. We are 175hp at 2600lbs when an e30 is 200/1700. Again, whatever. As far as stacked shims, that’s an uneducated comment. We had and were verified as having a factory stock open differential. Stacking shims are a function of a limited slip mechanism. No one would hear our car rev with inside wheel spin on track and claim “on track performance” suggested a diff. That’s intellectually and factually dishonest. I’ll be glad to post video from VIR and Sebring highlighting the insane wheels spin and throttle pedaling required to manage the wheel spin. That would be fun and maybe even necessary for the less savvy reader but we removed the differential and it’s cover for tech- it’s right there.
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    @E. Tyler Pedersen I’m glad you protested. I’m equally glad the team was agreeable about it. And I’m thrilled that they were legal. The sum of all of it is that we now have increased confidence in the protest process and people will be more likely to think twice as a result. And we have avoided endless forum chatter about the winning car being cheated up. Congrats to the DamSon team on the win!
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    Happy New Year, This is my first forum post and I can be long winded so... Roy, glad you are alright. That has never happened to me, but I do know others it has happened to and it is not to be taken lightly. Jimmy, thanks for your post. You are correct, It is you and I that should explain the facts and thought processes, and here are mine regarding the T1 incident. I started our car DFL (68th) due to being chosen for pole on Saturday. I (somewhat) patiently worked my way thru the field until the red flag. After the restart, I continued to gain positions as the field spread out. Looking back at my full stint video, at 1.04:24, I vigorously (my style) point Roy by after the exit of T16 and he drives by me and leaves me like I was in an 80's ITC Rabbit. 😉 I continue to gain positions, but as we all know, the closer to the front you get, the harder it is to pass. I settle in with a C class BMW that seems to have the same pace as I do. He is better on the straights, I am better in the corners. I occasionally get close enough to attempt a pass but one of my rules is to bring the car back so the next driver can have some fun. Checking my mirrors exiting T13 I notice what I think is the #414 Parts Badger Miata behind me. As I exit T16 I can see it is indeed the #414. I watch the gap as we enter T17 and calculate that, because of the previous pass that car made on me earlier in the stint, he would motor by me down the front straight. Exiting T17 I decided to give a point by (again, vigorously, my style) out the window as I wanted him to go by on the left. When he (Jimmy) didn’t go by like I expected, I moved left to set up for a possible pass on the BMW into T1. I could see that I was not close enough to make a safe pass, so I moved back right to set up for a better turn-in angle. At this point I was focused on the brake zone and turn in of one of the fastest corners on the track and presumed the #414 would simply follow. That is where Jimmy made his decision to try his pass and I turned in and got back to throttle. The result of those two final decisions has already been discussed. Jimmy came to me after I cooled off, we spoke, shook hands and it was done. Those are MY facts and mindset of what transpired between the #414 Parts Badger Miata and the #412 Level One Racing Miata in T1 at Sebring. I would like to apologize to the Parts Badger team for coming to your pit and getting loud, venting my frustration. That is the first time in 25 years of racing I have done that and it was inappropriate. Again, my apologies. I also feel compelled to mention a few other, possibly non-pertinent items (facts?) These comments are not directed at anyone, but simply stated for potential food for thought. I started the Level One Miata dead last on the field and at the time of the T1 incident I had moved into 7th position. When I point you by on the straight, that is where I expect you to pass me. If I point you by in a brake zone, into a corner, I will give you room so we can co-exist. Pointing you by on a straight does not mean out-brake me 1000’ later into a corner. I have always treated a point by like a passing flag. It is for information only and not a must. I give it like that and I take it like that. In slow, out fast. Be smooth, look ahead. An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance. If you can’t be good, look good. It’s always better to be lucky than good. Great expectations bring great disappointments. Thanks to the Champ Car staff for again providing this old man an opportunity to live the dream of endurance racing that I fell in love with the moment I attended my first 12 Hours of Sebring in 1979. 2019 will be my 40th consecutive year of attendance. Peace and Love, Marc Dana
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    What a novel idea, I wish everyone did that. For us, as @Huggy mentioned we got taken out by an EC car and nobody came to talk to us. I waited thinking they were working on their car, but looked back a few minutes later and everyone was gone from that crippled car. After an hour or so, I went to the pit stall and was told the team principle was not there so I left word for someone to come talk to us. Still waiting. Not the way that is supposed to be handled. Aaaaannnnyyyway, back to the race. Saturday we spent the morning climbing slowly up a very fast field. Fastest I have ever seen in CC. We made a call to pull our first stop early with @Hurljohn getting out and Chris getting in, toward the end of Chris' stint the car was up to 5th overall with three EC cars in front so we are looking good. Then tried to stretch the fuel one lap too long to keep our window in reach and locked up the in-tank pump. Then the main pump air locked. Took forever to get it resolved and back on track. Just a bad call to stretch it on my part, but had done the same in similar situations in the past and got by with it. At that point, we decided to just lay down a few laps each since I hadn't driven yet and bring it in to get ready for Sunday. Sunday we start further back and have trouble making any headway in that field. About an hour or so in a car slid into us at 17 and nailed our right rear, broke the wheel and knocked the toe out. Swapped a new wheel, adjusted the toe by eyeing it, sent John back out. Did our fuel and driver swap, Chris in the car, laying down good laps but still buried in the field, then the incident at 7 with the EC car blowing the braking zone and crashing into that same brand new never run before right rear tire/wheel. Hard hit, took out the shock, upper control arm, cv axle, and the wheel. Had everything but the shock, never thought I would need a spare shock. An exact replay of our 944 getting taken out by a rental driver at turn 7 back in 2014 (edit: it was 2013 not 2014). Just bone headed blowing the braking zone taking the inside line and slamming the car turning in. At least the guy back in 2014 came to talk to us. Blew a supposed three year old trailer tire an hour into heading home this morning so had to change that on the side of the road. Decided it was too far away to chance the rest of the trip with no spare so had to deal with that for a few hours before continuing the trip, just icing on the poop sandwich of a weekend. But, we all had a good time hanging out and visiting all weekend so it's not all lost. Good job Dana, Ray, Jay, Al, Jimmie and the rest of the gang I am forgetting at the moment. Good job by the broadcast crew, caught a bit of that between working on the car, etc. On to the next race.
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    At some point, offers expire, as said a minute ago, Sensible.
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    I've seen point-bys cause more problems than they solve. Stop giving point-bys... just drive sensibly.