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    My big gripe is the free parts. If an engine doesn't fit, it shouldn't get free parts to make it fit, especially parts that increase power output and I think you agree on that. The 240SX can not be made competitive in today's field of cars without an engine swap. An engine swap that benifits from a free oil pan and free intake manifold. Those parts should be points, and the base VPI of the car should be lowered accordingly (like the MR2) to give it at least a chance at being competitive without the swap. I don't even race one anymore, and the value still annoys me. And the E30 value isn't about the number of points it went down, it's how they did it that chaps my ass. It was a backroom deal, done in secret, and snuck in to the rules for the benifit of just a few teams. I actually don't disagree with M50 E30s competing at 500 points, but how we got there is scuzzy and I don't like it.
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    I will say after having 3 conversations with Jay at RA - in the tech line, in impound twice, I cannot agree with this enough. There were almost literally about a dozen things Jay commented on with regards to my car, none of which were in the rules. To be clear (and I told Jay this) - very few of them I disagreed with, practically speaking, but they need to be in the rule book!
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    Here are some answers to questions I was asked via PM: I am very concerned about the direction of our organization. I honestly want the Chump put back in. Speed is $... and speed creep is very real. The club claims rules stability however when many new cars point values are adjusted down that claim rings false. Z33, Honda S2000, Boxster, several BMW’s have all had massive point drops since 2016. * Members wanted a checks and balance in the organization for tech issues and so the TAC was created in 2018. This came from a member’s idea that the board put in place. The TAC went through the VPI list and made suggestions on where they thought values on cars should be based on multiple factors (power to weight, fuel, suspension, etc). I believe the VPI restructure in 2018 has made big improvements to closer races in this series. VPIs continue to be looked at on an annual basis with adjustments being made. I have a few cars in my garage at the moment… … if I were to build something new it would have to start out as a much newer and costly car… I have my eye on the NC miata or the BRZ… these don’t feel like Chump cars. These are fast cars… this is supposed to be an entry level race series with a massive volume of track time. You have people coming straight off the street into to race with us. I think that is a good thing… however I don’t think it is safe to have them on track in or against some of the cars in our field (I am not talking about the EC cars). * The BRZ and NC Miata are just newer cars we added to the VPI list. Each year some new cars will be added because members want to race newer cars. The BRZ is a 205 to 210 hp car with a 13.2 gallon fuel cell. The NC Miata is a 158 hp car with a 13.2 gallon fuel cell as well. Let’s look at the SC300 that is 225 hp with a 20.6 gallon fuel cell. Now weight plays a factor in all of these, but I think these are all good comparisons for cars. The NC Miata is engine is being used in a lot of NB Miatas which is helping their speed in races. You still have to factor in the fuel economy and reliability factors. It just depends on what the definition of fast is (speed in a straight line or handling in a corner). I will welcome these new builds and see how the do against our current steed of cars. Some cars should be moved to EC as they have been extensively reworked, such as certain MR2s and Miatas – I don’t understand why certain models should be moved directly to EC. This is not something I am in favor of. Aero should have more points associated with it. There are teams that are claiming huge $ wind tunnel testing and again huge lap time improvement for very few points. This MUST be corrected. * I have a wing on my car right now that I have done zero wind tunnel testing with and I have only done testing at the track. I spent probably $750 on track days in the past two years figuring out what angle and height the wing should be at. I like the option of having aero being a part of a package because the team owner gets to pick if they want handling, speed or reliability to build their car in our series. I cannot control if some teams are using wind tunnel time. Active Aero should be made illegal. There are several teams playing around with wings that adjust for more or less aero as the car moves around the track. This is a total Pandora’s box. * I remember a very cool wing that I saw in 2013 at Road America on a Miata with a Camaro front end. They used wiper motors to initiate an active aero wing. That is garage engineering and I think that’s pretty cool. I don’t know people messing with active aero. Sounds like a good petition idea if you think it will happen. Classifying cars on the VPI table so they can be used in the Swap calculator must stop also. If a car isn’t raced it shouldn’t be on the VPI table. Honda CRV, odyssey, silvirado… these cars aren’t here for them to be raced. They are helping unicorn’s. * We did discuss this in the TAC discussions this past year and making a list for using cars for swap items only and cars for VPI purposes. I am not sure if this will be talked more in the future. I think it is good to have teams with great ingenuity to use an engine from a mini van or a truck and throw it in their racecar. The swap calculator will still stop high hp cars in the series or a high power to weight due to how it is setup. Honestly I also feel more points need to be assessed to motor swaps. I don’t think any car that gets a swap should be on the pointy end of the speed curve. They should be swapping in reliability and have a slower power to weight curve, however the reverse is true. Swapped cars are lightning fast. I also HATE the political games associated with the swap math… e30 weight is a great example of political tom foolery. * How should we handle swaps in our series then? How would you formulize a good swap calculator for us to use that is better than the one we are currently using? We had a couple of petitions last year and they just were too confusing and didn’t make sense in how they were presented. If you have a better idea other than ban all swaps then we would like to hear it. We changed the weight for 2020 to a SPV which was suggested by a member in the 2019 petitions. We are listening to the members and implementing their suggestions on how to make the club better. Would like to hear your idea for a new swap calculator. When completing a swap you still have to take into consideration the reliability of the engine you’re swapping in, plus the transmission, plus any reliability items (coolers or accusumps) and how much fuel the new motor will take versus your current capacity. Are you going to do anything about the speed creep? * I do plan on submitting a petition for the 2021 rules about tires and changing them during a race, but have not finished writing my petition. Actually I’ll be writing three to see which ones, if any, the membership and the board like to help with the tire budget. Some of the speed creep you are seeing is just teams dialing in their cars more or existing teams starting new builds and implementing items that they have leared over the last 10 years. I think that there was a lot of speed creep or keeping up with the joneses when 2x shocks, free springs, free ecus, etc came out. Can’t reel that back in once it is out there. My goal is to not allow any more free parts in the series. Also from a personal standpoint when we first showed up at Rd America in 2012 we ran a 3:23 with our Subaru. Last fall we ran a 2:53 with our BMW and could probably get down to a 2:52 – 2:51. There is some speed creep there, but also there is the fact there are better drivers and developed drivers in this series now as well. We should not be penalizing teams for having fast drivers at certain tracks.
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    I agree. That's why I said it was available if you want to. I didn't say anything rude or with intended snarkiness. I was merely pointing out it is different and people can do that if they choose. I am not implying your words were rude or snarky either. The comment made above just rubbed me the wrong way. #greenfont on... like a bumpdraft gone wrong... #greenfont off.
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    Don't worry, this setup has more wins than any other.
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    Much of the talk had been about rules because that is what has most everyone's feathers ruffled. But what you point out is equally important. As you have read I have been involved ion Motorsports for a long time and every item you mention I have had to do at one time or another. "accounting, sales, marketing, legal, finance, leadership, communications, management, TIME, etc" All of these titles are as important to one another to be successful. On the IndyCar side I had to oversee 30 employees, 4 race cars, 2 drivers, 2 transporters, 1 hospitality coach and keep it all under a $8 million budget. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1993-05-23-9305230478-story.html With the help of three others we put on a Midget Race at the Joliet Memorial Stadium. A place that had a rich history in the 60's. Almost 5,000 attended. www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2009-09-23-0909210313-story.html I built up a Hot Rod shop with 23,000 square feet, 15 employees and over 45 open work at any one time. We did north of a million dollars in sales & service. https://bangshift.com/general-news/event-coverage/massive-shop-tour-gallery-the-hot-rod-barn-morris-illinois-muscle-car-restorations-drag-builds-killer-shop/ I currently have a small fab shop & work by myself. https://www.facebook.com/Bernies-Rods-Customs-162944147238002/ As for the ChampCar Team the Blue Shells we have 2 Ford Focus SVT's, that I have built, a MR2 & we are currently building a second MR2. I do all the set up & prep work on the Silver #38 Focus. So as you can see all of the items you mention I have had to use at one time or another. Sometimes all of them at once. I do believe that preparation and communication usually end up with success no matter the project. Bernie Myers
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    The main point of contention for me was that the E30 did not go down in points; instead, the Powers That Be tried to sneak in a rule lawyer trick that has essentially defeated the swap calculator's purpose. The final nail in the coffin of the swap calculator came this year, when any accountability of the "fudge factor" manipulation of the swap calculator was removed by this addition/"clarification": “weight” refers to the ChampCar Swap Performance Value of that make and model, as determined by ChampCar. So it is whatever Champcar says it is. No more backlash from backroom deals, no more concerns with Toyotas that use weights that are either borrowed from another model or just plain fictitious, no attempts at making the swap calculator relevant to actual power to weight ratios that are seen on the track despite having taken the time and effort to investigate those numbers. Perhaps the phone numbers of those who voted for this travesty should be listed so the people who have complaints about swapped cars can call them directly.
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    CK Motorsports had some issues Saturday (brakes) and Sunday (half shaft)...but the mirror issues were not expected. Missed the grid start on Sunday but the team still managed to get us out before the green (awesome job!!). I can watch the 2nd video now and laugh about it. Mirror Issue #1 Mirror Issue #2 (self inflicted)
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    I VOTE FOR THIS!!!!!! that makes Daytona, Indy and COTA 50-hours of racing! The American 50! the American 49 just sounds wrong.
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    without announcement, discussion, or vote....absolutely. I'm suggesting that everything be adjusted the same way instead of multiple rulesets.
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    I agree 100% with this, but I was outvoted. The fudge factor sort of does the same thing, but does leave the door open for unicorns should they be found. I would like a common swap valuation table. I might write another petition on it.
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    The rule that was introduced last year and approved needs to go asap. I will write another petition this year to give you guys the chance to correct the mistake and keep all makes and models on the same rule set.
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    Yah the 944 shenanigans is a whole other thing that just bottles my mind.
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    MY name is Doc Waldrop and I am running for re-election to your Board of Directors for another 3- year term. I have been involved with motorsports in one form or another for most of my life, most recently in the ChampCar Endurance Series. Brew Krewe Racing participated in our first race back in the Summer of 2014. The enthusiasm of all the racers, families, and friends was contagious. It still is. I was one of the original “new” board members and it seemed like every day was a crisis of one sort or another, but we have grown into a solid cohesive group with a firm plan on where we are going. When you think about our membership at large it is an amazing group with a very diverse idea of who we are. My primary duty as Secretary in the BoD is to keep the official records of the club and monitor it’s progress. I can report that we are doing quite well in this regard with membership numbers and car counts growing. Our visibility continues to grow with the motorsports community, and I would like to see these efforts continue. That is not to say there are not serious challenges facing us. Our presence in the Midwest and West is not where we want to see it. It will take time, but to truly be a national series we must continue to promote these races and this market. As my race car has progressed over these few years, I have seen the effects of speed creep first hand. It’s not pretty, but there is much we can do to slow its growth. Read: NO FREE PARTS. In some respects that genie has escaped the bottle, but we must continue to slow its growth as much as possible. I understand why we must have swapped cars, but it sure does create a mess sometimes. We can continue to tweak the rules, but I think most of what we need to do is clarify them. My background is in sales and marketing, so I have to rely on the TAC and my fellow BoD members to help me navigate these intricacies. There is also concern about big money coming into the series. People have figured out how to make money at this racing game. There’s a real shocker. Hmmmm….somebody figured out how to make their passion their business. Seems like the American Dream to me. How do you legislate that; to keep the Mom and Pops viable? I don’t have the answer to that one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not something to consider as we move forward. I would like to see a comprehensive demographic study done on our group. I don’t have any doubt that it would show the significant financial clout we have when we roll into town. With that clout comes leverage with out sponsors. Is this something we want? Of course it is, IF it keeps the costs of racing down. I would urge you all to patronize our sponsors as your first choice when making purchasing decisions. Needless to say, there are a lot more things to discuss and I welcome your questions and concerns. I was really encouraged to see a strong turnout for our ChampCar booth a Petit LeMans. There is a lot of interest in what we have to offer: A way to go affordable racing for the average person at the most iconic tracks in the country. With your support I hope to continue as your Board of Director member.
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    Loaded up the new car, packed 3/4 of my garage into my trailer and headed to Atlanta Motorsports Park for our first test. New car, new team, new track, and its supposed to rain. Can't wait to get on track.
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    That's 35 pts... if claiming trans and driveshaft swap. If it's taking stuff off and welding the center diff, that's free....
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    Thanks! Second time, and very under-prepared. The Belle isle part is awesome. Did the injectors myself. With the MS3 you can command a single injector to open, so we just pull the rail and injectors off the intake, point one into a measuring cup, command open for a few minutes, measure level, then on to the next one.
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    Better yet, if they don't like the answer, then write a petition next year.
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    Last time I was there (4 years or so ago) they had a bar, too.
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    Road Atlanta kind of fuel usage.
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    Wow, I feel dumb-ish now, but I have been looking for these for years and never found one.... I think I know what I'm saving for now
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    Our 78 malibu didn't have power steering either. I don't like stuff that can fail. If you depower the system the right way it is almost no different at speed than power steering. Taking the belt off only makes it like almost impossible.
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    **OP Update** I work for a large scale wholesale auction here in Dallas. '14 F-350 Lariet with 70k rolled through today, and the price was very right. Never been a Ford guy, but it all just fell in line.
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    I bought a 99 dodge ram cummins with about 160K miles on it for very cheap from down south. Got the transmission upgraded with fancy parts (which is totally reasonable on these things, tons of aftermarket support) and now I have an indestructible tow rig that can pull a house down (4.10 gears) and still gets 11-13 MPG pulling a 28' enclosed steel trailer fully loaded. Cheap to maintain and easy to work on; oil changes and fuel filters for the most part. At some point I'd like something newer and nicer, but this workhorse gets the job done! It's moved me from WI to AZ, back to WI, to MD, and done multiple 1000+ mile tows to races, never missed a beat.
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    That's a funny way to spell oil cooler.....
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    You don't want to use outliers if you want statistical accuracy. I'd use the mean value, that way it does make you work a bit but doesn't penalize innovators. The more data points the better, obviously. BUT, if we're going to start comprehensively weighing cars, that should make it into the rule book as a requirement, because as of now it seems like trickery. The MR2 thing continues to be a sh*tshow, talking of outliers. This is a large problem that needs to be fixed. Either that or I'm building one
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    So which weight should be used? The lightest? Let's penalize the hardest working teams. The heaviest? Let's open the barn door for those more innovative teams. I would argue it's not broken now, and the plethora of different makes/models on the various podiums seems to back that up.
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    For a lot of reasons: -For a bang for your buck, the 3 series bimmers are about as good as it gets. -For toyota fanatics, the MR2 is a beast with a super underated V6 -For people that have massive budgets, they want to race Porches -For someone who wants to race a small FWD car, the Hondas are better -For someone who wants a good little sportscar, the Miata is great Etc. Etc.
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    The 204 they put down is in line with what other cars are doing at the wheels compared to same car factory numbers at the crank. The dyno procedure or lack there of needs work if it ever is to be anything other than “data collection”. “Only one pull because my car will overheat” is not a valid excuse nor is not going to very close to redline.
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    Daylight Savings Time dorks unite !!!
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    Just making fun of how many times he said Eastern Standard time. November 1st will still be Eastern Daylight time.
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    ....and we are up to 23...do I hear 25? 25 cars?
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    We run our fuel pump on a toggle switch on the dash so we can see pressure all the time and easier for testing everything. If you run it off the MS it will only run to fill system and then stop until it see crank cycle and with low voltage may not be coming on during crank. As said about run a hot wire to the pump and get it to full pressure with your return line to tank or cell there is no harm in it running at full pressure all the time when power is applied.
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    Teams have been affected by the change to the VPI & Fixed Point Value List and have dropped out. I think that we need to bite the bullet now and not years from now and correct some values. Can't let this linger. You say we will lose 10-20% of current teams if ChampCar changes back or they lose sponsors. What if the VPI & FPVL is adjusted to make the teams competitive again how many would return? 10%? 20%. In another series I've had people say "If you don't change this rule I'm putting my car on the trailer & going home". I usually help them load their car. And after other teams see that the playing field is back to being fair they come back. Even the ones that left in a huff. ChumpCar's business model was Affordable Amateur Endurance Racing. If we don't embrace this we become just like the other series.
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    I agree. Lemons and Chump came about because the cost to be competitive became too great in the various series running at that time. We're headed in the same direction. It's better to fix it now, before a lot of low budget teams move elsewhere.
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    @FlorahDorah, I sold this one with a B16 engine swap for $2500 a couple years ago
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    No worries. That was probably just one lap by their pro driver who is Randy Pobst's coach and mentor and not indicative of a lap time by an actual human being in that car. Besides, raising a VPI based on one result at one race and actually hitting the podium would just be silly, wouldn't it? That is probably the only podium that car will ever see and it was likely a very weak field cause who shows up at Road America?
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    For those who haven't been keeping up, Champcar has decided to remove any relationship between real world race weight and the number that is used to determine the point value of an engine swap. Key points of the 2020 rules "revision" are bolded. 4.5. ENGINE SWAP 4.5.1. Go to Swap Vehicle Performance Index Calculator at https://champcar.org/mainweb/register/vpi-swap.php. Enter your car’s race weight and stock horsepower from the ChampCar database. If the information is not yet available in our system for your car, email tech and we’ll add it. Enter your new engine’s HP. The formula will output the swap points to add to your VPI. 4.5.2. The webpage provides an automated calculator. The raw swap formula is: IF[16 - (weight / (HP + hpAdd) ) > 0 ] THEN [ 0.032 * (16 - (weight / (HP + hpAdd))) ^6] + 50 ELSE + 50 “weight” refers to the ChampCar Swap Performance Value of that make and model, as determined by ChampCar. “HP” is the stock horsepower of the original engine. “hpAdd” is the amount of extra horsepower being added to the car, not the HP of the new engine. All of the above variables must be taken from ChampCar’s database. So, there is no longer any obligation to reference automobile catalog for "weight" because it is what Champcar decides it is. It certainly has never been "race weight" despite what 4.5.1 says, and now Champcar has taken complete control of designating whatever power to weight ratio they want a particular engine swap to be. No more complaints about the convertible weights (BMW), a naturally aspirated car using the heavier turbo model weight (MR2) or anyone trying to get parity for other cars by citing those examples. Nothing new really, just another step along the shadowed path of Champ's choosing.
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    With the wing in clean air it handles so much better!
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    Haha! Not sure if that was a typo or not. I always say " that's mind bottling". Just to see people reactions...
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    This sort of conversation is very reassuring from current and prospective board members! Huggy for BoD! I appreciate that our board gets involved at this level of detail.
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    I would guess we could pull 25-30 cars to this, if it was scheduled for a date the didn't have a big race 2 weeks before or after it.....What would it take to break even or make a bit of money for the series to run it? Also, just run the comp course for two days, no need to do the Donneybrooke(IMHO), from an ease of use standpoint. We love BIR, staying at the Condos and hanging out with everyone is a blast, the comp course is a lot of fun, only downside is the bird sized mosquitoes that come out as soon as the sun starts to set! We could commit two cars... maybe get another 23 to commit and we could get the staff to arrange something??
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    Looked like he got the outside rumble strip while full throttle and it just upset the car too much. Left a nasty mess on track. Glad he's ok because I knew it had to be nasty to spread everything like that.
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    Oh I get the lemons thing is nothing like other forms of motorsport, nor do I believe many lemoneers participate in LD, I am merely looking at some of the comments about a distasteful rule as a culture barometer. I paraphrase what I hear when reading the postings out loud "rules, we don't like being told no" "mandatory stickers stink" etc.
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    And big thanks again to my Junkyard sponsor for spare Infiniti parts, the Swine Flew Infiniti has no exterior lights...Scored headlights, hood and fuel pump from a fresh kill, will go back for more later.
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    I wouldn't even be mad if an original tri power setup came to a race. Would be lots of drool and fingerprints to clean up....
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    This is why I suggested a rules interpretation document post race at every event the CEO or TAC would sign off on and then get published to the membership. So the question is if someone shows up with a fixed point item not on the list like today what do you do in tech? Send them to EC and not let them race or assess a value on the spot and let them race?
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    ChampCar is many things. The first two are: It is driven by hundreds of passionate members that love to go Endurance Racing on a budget. It is also a "Club" and must remain true to it's meaning. 1. The people that have put the flagtronics in place know much more about the device than we do. That is part of the problem. Had everyone been more informed about this then maybe the implementation of it would of went smoother & unchallenged. Back in CART an official had Toyota develop a better way to isolate the engines "Pop off Valve". It was brought to the Detroit race for all the teams to use. Cosworth and Chevrolet knew nothing up this & didn't want to use it untested. I can see their point. Trust was lost with CART over this & to me was the beginning of the end. 2. Some safety decisions need to move swiftly to be implemented into the rules so it might possibly save someone from getting hurt. The dash bar is one that's needs to be done & ChampCar has given everyone time to add this to the cars or build it into a new chassis. For safety items who's to say we have to wait till the end of the year petition/review process a vote should be able to come up any time of the year. But 99% of rule changes don't need to be rushed through and should have the input of the Board of Directors , ChampCar Tech and ChampCar members. Getting back to the "Club" part, ChampCar needs to have it's members involved. Conversion and a different point of view generally adds to a topic. There will be a few things coming up that will need to be looked before ChampCar starts to move away from it's roots. And I think all the members should have interaction with what the future brings. Thanks for the questions there will be more topics that I will add as time goes on.
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