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    We likely brought this on. Our filler hose burst and allowed fuel to spill. My brother was badly burned and very lucky to survive. With a better barrier, I believe the fire would have been contained, at least long enough to get him out of the car with minor to no injuries. Mender, I have a lot of respect for you and think you have great insight into most issues. In my opinion though, this wasn't a "concerned citizen committee" making stuff up to coddle a generation (my words on the coddling comment, not yours). It was a real life issue/accident that played out on track at a ChampCar event. So I'm happy to be the source of inconvenience to every team in ChampCar if it reduces the risk of another family going through the hell we did over the last year. I'd give my left arm to give him 10, even 5 more seconds to get out. Drivers, fuel and fire are the three most dangerous things in our sport. In my opinion, its best to keep the three separate whenever possible.
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    We've taken the position that the owner is responsible for who he lets on the track. I'm toeing the Company line here and backing Mike.
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    What about when the system causes a wreck because it disagrees with the flaggers and the driver doesn’t know what to do. mandating another $150 device for every team to buy is bull cookies, plain and simple. When I get back home I will be calling Chisek and James and voicing my displeasure for sure.
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    @vtjballeng You have my support, and my sympathy. It is really tough to develop a great product that has to overcome a lot of technical and operational challenges when you have to fend off all of the tomatoes being thrown at you. Public Relations is a real challenge when the people you are trying to serve are the ones that seem most interested in seeing you fail. I hope you push through this tough chapter and get this thing across the finish line. I remember my first reaction to the internet. “Holy crap this is slow!! Why would I wait two minutes to download a catalog page when I have the catalog right here in my office?” I remember my first use of a HANS. “I can’t turn my head with this damn thing on!” Anyone looking at the state of flagging objectively knows that it is a mess. It is archaic. It is ripe for a technology overhaul. You are taking it in the right direction. Please persevere.
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    i was just kidding. I know how much these stupid cars cost and have made my peace with it!
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    No, you are asking a specific car to attend that many races, not teams, not individuals. You are asking specific cars to do that. I go to a bunch more races than I take my car to. This backs me into a corner of only doing races with my car OR doing races in my friends cars and having no way to qualify for the championship. You can't talk about a series champion like it's a person. Or even a team. It is a car. That is the way the rules are written. Same car. Must have 2 people from one of the races attended. Which the people part of it is un enforceable. Therefore, it's the car. RE - Edit: gracious? That's an Interesting word. Seems a bit like you are giving pity and allowing us to be part of your series. Just letting you know how that came across to me.
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    For what it is worth.... I tried the prototype system at VIR and actually liked it. Very useful when going back to green from full course yellow\code 35. I always punched it when the flagging system gave me the green (we were laps down, decided within a reason of safety to really test what would happen\what corner workers would do). Never got a black flag. Maybe the workers are pulling the flag in when the radio says green anyway, and they don't report in cars that jump after they hear "green". The pit road feature worked well, and since everyone I help out seems to have radio problems the ability to send a black flag\pit now output to the driver was a handy feature. Some of the lighting and what I would call "user options" i was less excited about, but I think the issues I had at night were because I mounted the device where the light sensor was blocked (so it wouldn't dim at night). Being able to give a full course yellow to the whole field through mandated radio transmission is not a new thing to the racing world. ARCA circle track racing has mandated this for so long their first systems are old enough to legally drive on track in our series.... https://www.hotrod.com/articles/ctrp-0309-driver-warning-systems/ Being forced to buy it, i see how that would bother people. I would have bought the system either way, but I agree it seems soon. Maybe to make the economics of manning the base station requires "buy in" (emotional or monetary) from the whole series?
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    I agree that water on the pit lane is fine. Unless we plan to outlaw rain too.
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    Sorry for calling fire.... it was something i wanted answered because i heard it from a few sources and couldnt find the number that it actually made. I thought I was pretty clear that I heard this number and was skeptical about it. Thank you for clarifying! I too would have expected a much lower laptime if it make another 90 hp over what the dyno stated.
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    Will it blink 12:00 when the power goes out? #oldmanjoke
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    Then make it 2 weekends. Boom. Done. And if a team only shows up 1 weekend, qualifies, shows up to the championship and wins.... well, great job!
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    While you are doing lights throw a reverse light on and I will send it harder next time
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    It was pretty cool, that our "neighborhood gang" (which we need to come up with a name for 😊 ) performed pretty well at Gingerman. Zac from @IPF Racing, Dylan from @Wittenauer Racing, Ben @NigelStu from Bavarian Mustache Werks, and I all live within about 15 miles of each other. @Hi_Im_Will of GWR is pretty close by too. Just think of the synergies if we all decided to run the same platform!! Good news for me is that Ben has been house shopping, and soon will be moving just 2 miles down the road from me!!! That ought to make collaborating together even easier! As @E. Tyler Pedersen said, "who am I going to have build my next cage?" Maybe both of us.... 😋
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    Yep nothing better than the multi generational teams. We’ve had a wonderful time.
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    Take care of yourself. I have been through a dozen of those monsters. Lost a home and a rental. Be diligent. Best set of luck and watch your six.
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    @red0 has figured out the saying for me to go as fast as possible now
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    Thanks Bill , let me add as long as they do not exceed stock dimensions . We also do not charge for sun roof or T top coverings , same applies stock dimensions .
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    I've never seen a shirt or system that didn't have quick-disconnects. All of the various coolsuit boxes use them on their lines. Heck, I even built a pit coolbox and bought the same quick-disconnects from McMaster Carr. So not sure what's being said here. It would be insane to even consider requiring teams to enclose coolsuit tubes in steel shielding. What's next...we have to enclose the lines for drink bottles? And yeah...when you're running a coolsuit, it's usually hot. So any water spilled in the pit box dries pretty quickly. I get not dumping a 19 quart box in the pit box, but a quart or two of water isn't going to hurt anything. We run 3 boxes for 2 cars and load them up behind the pit wall before stops so works well.
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    I guess as long as we can get notification about new rules (I guess posting 2020 rules early qualifies for this..) and have these conversations and feedback before the rule is already written (or finalized), i'm cool with whatever!
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    As stated above the process we have currently I am in favor of. There are times where rules for safety come up for the year which is past the Annual Board Meeting date along with tabled petitions that need further discussed or researched. What is our greatest problem? I like to understand what our members feel like we are lacking so we can make this a better organization.
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    I'm excited! Can't wait to drive this track and a great excuse to skip christmas 😂
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    OK, 1 Week out! We will be bringing the weber grill and some meats(brats, burgers, and dogs) Bring anything else along to share! Sounds like a decent amount of folks plan to camp so could be a decent time in the paddock! Lets make this small entry event a lot of fun both on and off the track!
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    How much did you pay for the car? I might have missed it but I didn’t see that in there? I also have kept very good records of all three of the car builds and it add ups quick. I would say most teams are 10-15 with more and more being closer to the 20 mark.
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    I'm guessing you have never driven Mid-Ohio in the wet. I swear Mid-O turns into a skating rink when the weather man says 'predicting rain' and humidity gets above 65%. When it actually rains, it feels teflon coated. Think Clark Griswold on a sled slick....
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    Oh that one time @enginerd didn't think we had a chance of winning with MOV?
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    I wish we had the space for that. My trailer has its tongue jack half way between the hitch and the bed, and it's a short tongue. Just standing a spare tire on end against the tire rack makes the tongue jack a pain to use because you can't crank it full circle. Also, I've never typed tongue so many times in one paragraph. In other news got my side hoops mocked up. Time to get the welder out soon.
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    Oil change in our house consists of a new filter change and thats about it!
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    Well...... if we are going to talk about it, what car and what did it make?
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    The required attendance (5) for national championship seems high to me in part because the number of counting races is still just 2. I would prefer a change to something like this: “attend 5 races, cumulative race results determine your ranking to get into the top 75 teams. Worst finish (or perhaps worst two finishes) may be dropped.”
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    A majority of members responding favored it.
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    Exactly...I doubt this is a one and done.
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    And which is "official"? What if I pass with a yellow flag but my dash shows green? Or vise versa? Will an in car camera be mandatory to prove what the driver saw if they ignore either the flag or light?
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    Flagtronics is cool tech. Flagtronics has alot of potential. Flagtronics working with ChampCar is cool. Flagtronics may make egg timing easier. Flagtronics might help drivers recognize yellow sooner. Flagtronics could change the series in a good way. Despite all of this I can not see why this is mandated tech and more so sole source tech. Reasons to sole source would be: To get a better commercial deal for the club or the members, but I don't believe that happened. To get specialized development that you wouldn't otherwise, unlikely. If it's reciprocal exclusivity baring other series from using the tech, but I don't think that's the case. Overall it seems like a very odd mandate with little in it for the members. The mandate creates the market, which might be ok but the sole source hands it off to one company for what!?!?
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    Or double the thickness, I would be more comfortable with a flap wheel leaving what I know is the last of the weld as a bump than risking grinding into the tube.
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    Yes all in the trunk. The fuel inlet is right underneath the trunk lid then about 8” of clear hose down to the cell. Car pulls in, trunk opens and fuel starts going in, fueler stares at the clear hose for signs of fuel to know when it is almost full.
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    I think it was correctly noted that it needs a headlight. It also needs some type of idler for where the chain is cutting through the frame.
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    255/40 - 17 on 9 inch rim here, in my opinion it’s already borderline too thin
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    I can't wait for the rule to go back to the way it was so i can remove the $30 worth of metal line and reinstall the $200 worth of hoses. 🙄
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    I'm glad I got to work with you guys this weekend. That car is clean enough to drive on the street and with a little development on things learned this weekend you are well on your way to the pointy end of the field!
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    I ran those on 9" rims, about as narrow as I'd go with 255/40-17s and would advise going to a wider rim if anything. The car gets pretty sloppy when the tires are too wide for the rims.
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    Not to put too fine a point on it, but this sucks. I get that we need to be out Saturday, but responding to that by making us keep our camper outside the bridge during the event doesn't actually help us (or, I'm guessing, others) get out faster, and it's an absolutely huge PITA for the entire race weekend. The only thing that forcing us to not have the camper in the paddock does is ensure that we have to make another bunch of back and forth trips between the hauler and the camper before we can load out, which has the opposite of the intended effect! During the race weekend we change in the camper, eat in the camper, put on contact lenses in the camper, etc. All our cool helmet ice gets stored in the camper because it's got a freezer, and we're going back multiple times a day through race day to restock. It takes us 2 minutes to drive the thing over the bridge Saturday night, but having it outside the paddock is, frankly, going to make the whole weekend way more miserable than it needs to be. My teammates are starting to grumble about not coming back to Thompson again, which would suck even more, because it's an amazing track and a great atmosphere. But we really feel like this isn't going to get people out earlier and is just going to make life harder for all the teams for no real benefit, and we think it would be awesome if ChampCar would reconsider the no-campers-in-paddock rule. Again, we totally get that we need to skedaddle Saturday night - that's lousy but there's a good reason. We can do that! But please let us bring our stuff in so we can grab lunch or take a nap or change clothes or whatever without blowing off 20 minutes walking across the track. It would be much appreciated and would drastically increase the chances we'll be back next year!
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    I think what he is getting at is the new "safety" quick connects that will release by just pulling on them after 19lbs of force is applied. The standard quick connect requires you to push the tab in. Unfortunately, I don't know of another source for generic ones of this type yet like McMaster or Fresh Water Systems. https://discoveryparts.com/race-car-driver-cooling-water-hoses-and-accessories/1120-coolshirt-safety-pull-release-connectors-prc-2.html
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    Looks like the B class is growing from being almost empty: - Swapped Miatas - Modern Miatas - Audis (One turbo and one quattro) - Ford Focuss Our team will win B class this year if swapped Miatas driveline granades, NC Miatas transmissions explodes, Audi quattro 4wd gizmos burns, Audi turbos catches on fire, Focuses hubs falls apart.
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    Hopefully mosport will happen. The tow is excruciating long. but worth it. Worst 15min. of my life for sure
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    I would feel much more comfortable knowing we won't run out of fuel at ~1:35. The anxiety is horrible.
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    A couple of notes. I was on vacation and then work kicked my butt so I fell behind. 1) All EC cars in 2020 have to be in the table. That will preclude some of the more exotic rides that have shown up in recent races. 2) We separate out the EC cars in the final standings. They have their own standings. That allows qualified winners to take results to sponsors, friends, family etc and they are in 1st. 3) We pick up the non-EC leader now on cautions. 4) The broadcast crew has done a good job of ignoring the EC cars since WGI. We do not want the EC cars to go away, just de-emphasize them which we have done. It seems to be a good solution. Not perfect, but there is no perfect.
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