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    I am well aware of the fact that he intended to use the M52 ones (and also assumed it would cost points) but the answer in the knowledge base is:"As the catalytic converters are built into the e46 exhaust manifold, a swap of the E36 exhaust manifold would incur zero points." That means that any E36 OEM manifold is approved. Thus, the S50 ones are just as legal as the M52 ones. It also doesn't take much of a look to see that even the M52 ones will be substantially better than the E46 ones with squashed runners and a 90 degree corner. I think most of us are paying 25 points for "headers" that provide less of an upgrade than these will provide. Change your exhaust manifold should just be 25 points for all cars under all circumstances. I don't understand why this can of worms was opened up for the ecotech or in this case. If the stock manifolds suck, or the motor swap you are doing doesn't fit, then pay the points for the parts you want. Why is the answer half of the time "we didn't pick your car" or "we didn't pick your swap" and the other half of the time it's "whatever you need is free"? If I want to put a V8 in a Toyota Tercel but it doesn't fit in the front, can I put it in the back and have everything I need to do that for free? It almost feels like the rule book is just a set of suggestions sometimes.
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    These statements contradict each other.
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    Need answers from ChampCar Tech? need a VPI? Can't figure out how to put the decals on? Visit https://ChampCar.org/tech Tech will no longer be answering questions via email or chat programs. All questions must go through the Tech Desk. If you have a VPI question, all info about the car must be included: Car year Car make Car model Car trim level Engine size Engine Hp FWD, RWD, AWD, 4x4? Automatic or auto Car weight Link to https://www.automobile-catalog.com/ For your specific car. If your car is not listed on that website, please link any website that has the info. If you do not include your research info above, your request will be denied.
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    not worried our V8 is 3x quieter than most of the cars and 4x quieter than all the Miatas, honestly I don't know how you all can handle that noise for 2 hours.
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    I like that we are working to enforce what is in the rulebook rather than adding new rules or reinterpreting things... and still arguing about it. I think Bill sharing this information AFTER the race as he has done is a good way to ease into this. If you are on the naughty list at an event don't show up to the next one without addressing it. Repeat offenders are being warned. I don't have a problem with this. Additionally, I think we can all agree that at different angles each car sounds different. That means if your exhaust dumps to the right and the sound meter is to the right of the track your car will be perceived to be louder than it would be if the exhaust dumps to the left or rear. At a track like Indy if it doesn't dump straight up it's going to be stupid loud regardless of what you do (I plan to put earmuffs on when cars roll off the grid and leave them on until impound) but maybe someone has a combination of muffler and exit that works better than the rest. I HOPE that we treat this first year of enforcement as a way to assess our equipment (both the sound meters and exhaust systems) and work together to ensure that we are as racers doing our part to make our cars tolerable and from a CCES standpoint measuring a similar way at each event so someone doesn't get caught out by a change in how things are assessed.
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    I agree. It's only a matter of time before the Thunderbird gets another 50 point bump to keep speed creep in check.
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    OEM equivalent - If your car came with an aluminium flywheel from the factory ,I don't know of any, run it . If not - you are cheating plain and simple . Never been approved, as long as I have been doing this . An email from 2014 or 16 does not count , should it? If there is not a value of the FPVL it has to be OEM equivalent - so it is written so let it be done .
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    Same. I think talking about their race car is one of the only things most owner/drivers like almost as much as actually racing. Where you you run into issues is the person trying to run their race team like a business. And to that I say this is just for fun, get outta here with that nonsense.
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    Depends on how fast you are (the renter, I mean). I am fairly quick, but I know I'm not quite top tier. I would feel a little uncomfortable racing with gwr or troy for example. What I'm trying to say is that I may still choose the "lesser" team even if it was the same cost. Also, attitude counts for a lot. A fast team of jerks would be less fun than a slower team full of @E. Tyler Pedersens. (Not that Tyler is slow!, just awesome to hang out with) All of that being said, yes, charge more if you are consistently a top 5 team. Be picky about your drivers. There is a market for better teams to charge more. It takes more work and ingenuity to stay at the top. Reward the team for this by charging more.
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    Because the help desk is brand new, it was inundated with requests. Our part time tech crew is getting through these as they can. It should get better over time.
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    All, Thank you to everyone who continued to support the ChampCar Sim Series in our second season. Participation was up across all rounds, and we saw a lot of good racing throughout the season. Special thanks to ChampCar for continuing to support the Sim Series by offering these generous and unique prizes, and to the HJBC for continuing to broadcast races throughout the season, spreading the reach of ChampCar to new viewers and fans. Atlantic Division A closely fought battle throughout the year between the two standout drivers in the field, 2018 Champ Alex Albert and new challenger John D. Allen, saw Albert clinch the title by only 12 points. Despite fewer wins throughout the season, greater consistency and attendance proved to be the difference in the title race. Tom Ellison rounded out the third place in the standings, with Justin Hall and Chris Kniseley not far behind. Pacific Division A similar story in the later timeslot saw a close battle between iRacing Commentator David Haines and Chris Kniseley, with Haines coming out on top due to great consistency throughout the season. Kniseley finished second with Alexander Cawthorn in third, followed by 2018 Champ Joe Boyd and Alex Koffard. For winning their respective divisions, Alex and David will both be rewarded with a free entry to a 2020 ChampCar race for a team or drive of their choosing. For finishing on the podium for the season, John, Thomas, Chris, and Alexander will all receive coveted ChampCar trophies in recognition of their success. Please reach out to Doc, either via the forum or by e-mail (Doc.Waldrop@champcar.org) in order to arrange delivery of these prizes. We are pleased to announce that ChampCar will continue to support the Sim Series into it's third year, and I will be posting details of the new season in the new year. Until then, thank you once again for all your support, Happy New Year to you all, and I look forward to racing with everyone in 2020, both on the virtual and real world track!
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    Hello racers! As in previous seasons, Team Hugh Jass will be producing live coverage of championship races. These are great to share with friends, post to team social media, and also watch back after the race. Our coverage begins before the race at 9.50PM ET. Below you can find the YouTube link for the upcoming broadcast.
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    Restrict an engine, lose power and torque. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/mopp-1207-carburetor-dyno-test/ But if you want to restrict it, remember that everything in front of the throttle body is free. I'd use a venturi in the intake tube just to keep the air flow smooth.
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    Hey everyone, just FYI a group called Infinite Motorsports has the track for June 12th. Some of the organizers have run with, and/or currently field cars in Champ/other enduro-series. This will be a perfect venue for testing. Find them on instagram @infinite_motorsports, or www.infinitemotorsports.ca. Cheers!
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    We have had sound limits for a long time . We have noticed it getting out of hand and especially after two days on pit road at Indy and all of us saying what huh with ears ringing for days it must be addressed. So muffel your cars before showing up to your next race you may even like it .
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    Nissan contacted us at SEMA to work out a program where they could reward drivers of Nissan vehicles. Some of you knew we were working with them as I asked you questions. Well, here is the 2020 program. Top overall finishing positions. You will need to follow the directions in the program instructions. You will need to get the required decals. This program is only for Nissan/Datsun vehicles only. No Fiats with Nissan/Datsun engines swaps. Nissan/Datsun with Nissan/Datsun drive trains. ChampCar is only putting on the race, it is up to you, the Nissan racer, to comply with the rules of the program. As a Nissan-Nismo racer, you can also receive discounted parts under the program. Program details and Instructions 2020 Nissan Motorsports Racer Contingency Program - ChampCar.pdf
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    This is a serious issue IMHO. We saw a fairly significant step up from the $500 cars when BMWs appeared, with Ecotec Miatas being another solid step away from the roots. The recent bunch of cars that were added to the VPi list (Boxsters, 2000+ BMWs, 250+hp Nissans, etc) are the latest jump. The cost to level up that's needed to stay in the Champcar game is getting high.
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    Slipping around the track: Day 2 opening laps.
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    No. No sir. Irish car bombs. Equal parts Jamison and Bailey's in a shot glass. Then drop that in about 8 ounces or so of Guinness. Tastes like chocolate malt or cake if you do it quickly. Delicious and highly messed up.
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    This is not helpful bud. Im all for enforcing the rules. This is a good thing. But there needs to be a “adaptation” period to let everyone figure out how to comply. I have mufflers on my car, but I have no way of knowing if I am good or not good.
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    Thanks. I spent a lot of time planning it out so I could have it exactly as I wanted without running afoul of any of the major race sanctioning body rules. The X bar is just shy of the door skin with the door closed. The sill bar is stitched to the factory door sill.
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    Seems like this is a perfect part to be added to the FPV list. X points for AL flywheel, Y points for steel flywheel, replace dual mass for free within Z% change from OEM.
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    Can I make a slightly OT suggestion? Make the policy to not have answers in email from official staff. The policy should be to write up a knowledge base article and then put a link to it in the email answer. Back to your regularly scheduled arguments.
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    That's all that matters. Don't look back and say "I wish" Look back and say "I did".
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    Many words have been removed to shorten the rule book. Not for the good in lots of cases from what we are all seeing.
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    I agree, I like a tach with shift light also but would consider that for the team. The benefit of the shift lights is that it tracks the last several hundred rpm before the shift, so more accurate shifts can be made by some drivers. I have very good pitch so I rarely look at the tach after the first couple of shifts. I would like to have the dash or shift lights flash red during overrevs to "help" some of my early downshifters (also know as rod-stretchers). Found out through video that one of my drivers was downshifting about 1.5 seconds after applying the brakes no matter how fast he was going, dragging the rpm up well past the shift point and also past the fuel cutoff point. Memory tach regularly read 6600 rpm against a 5500 rpm shift point and 6300 rpm fuel cut. I built the engine to handle extra revs but that wasn't supposed to be used. Also have been looking into adding a predictive lap timer. Already have a phone app that works reasonably but it would be nice to have it all together.
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    Great question. If i was the one driving the e30, i would feel at fault. That being said, that e30 carries serious speed through that same section. I passed everybody through there. It's possible the driver had some reason that their run was not as good through 1 but thought they still had a free entry into 3. I know after about 40 minutes on track I didn't have a single person pass me on the inside into 3. The car was just sooo good through that section. In other words, I'm guessing the driver in the e30 just didn't expect somebody to be faster through there. I put no blame on the shark car. Some blame on the e30. However, I could be convinced that this was somewhat of a racing incident.
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    If you're popping engines frequently, you might want to look for outside causes. Most modern engines will survive long enough to wear out as long as they have decent constant oil pressure and aren't overheated or over-revved.
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    LOL well it's for the weekend, not per stint you cheapskate!
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    It’s fairly old news at this point that some cars get free manifolds as part of an engine swap. I’ve been vocal in my criticism of this practice, particularly towards @Jer. Given recent developments, I’ve found I did not fully understand the issue as it stands today, and I owe Jerry an apology. In the post-race discussion from Sebring, it became evident that the 350 Camaro was allowed “ram horn manifolds” for 2 pts. Statements from @Ray Franck indicated that this value was used since it was an OE style manifold, and not a header which is 25 pts per the FPVL. Up to this point, I was under the impression that any non-OE manifold would be charged 25 pts. This got me thinking about my car, a BMW E46. It’s common (and required in Spec E46) to swap in E36 manifolds to remove the catalytic converters. With that in mind, I submitted a question to the tech desk to find out what value, if any, was assigned to that swap. It came back as zero pts. It may seem foolish to question this, but is this the right approach? With evolving emissions requirements, I expect many other cars have catalytic converters arranged similarly, and many likely don’t have a swap as easy as the E46. Is this allowance already known and widespread? Dare I ask if the Boxster gets something similar?
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    And I won't say exactly what I'm thinking but this here got my gears turning.
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    Great race and broadcast guys. Is there going to be an incident limit in future races?
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    Congratulations to DJ Alessandrini, off to the perfect start in ChampCar iRacing Series 2020! 🏁 Pole, most laps lead, and the win puts him closer to a free entry in a ChampCar Endurance Series race. 🥇 DJ Alessandrini 🥈 John D Allen 🥉 Alex Albert Additionally, 31 drivers completed atleast 50% race distance and are on their way to being in the draw for the 2nd free entry up for grabs! Remember, you need to complete at least 12 of the 16 rounds to go in the draw, so it's not too late to drag your teammates in and increase the chances of getting your team a free entry for next year. 📺 Replay HJBC's Broadcast coverage: https://youtu.be/hdNts2TvcuU 📜 Results sheet: https://members.iracing.com/membersi…/member/EventResult.do…
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    I thought we really went uptown when we went with the C6 kit...lol
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    I think enforcing this rule is reasonable and I appreciate the heads up. I’m probably too close so my car will get more muffling. I did similar for my eclipse at laguna. thanks bill!
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    I think a single mass flywheel would be lighter than a dual mass flywheel so it should be 0 points.
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    The reply was from the techdesk, submitted Jan 10, 2020.
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    Welcome back??? I never left lol I just raced with Jerry and Ergolab at Laguna....Remember our long talk on Friday?
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    Is this true? #nomorefreestuff. #speedandcostcreep. Yes, I realize that 2 piece rotors can save money in the long run. However, cars that don't need them don't benefit and therefore need to spend money elsewhere to keep up with those that now have less limitations to go faster...
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    Well you could toss me a couple of them.
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    The shark fin does a lot for side-force.
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    Assuming you have computer controlled variable valve timing, reduce the valve opening overlap in the high power window. Assuming drive by wire, make the throttle close a bit as you reach the highest power section of your powerband to flatten it out. Add restriction to the throttle body opening to reduce peak airflow. Engage your electrical generator in the high power area of the powerband to bring the power down a bit. Use that electrical energy on your hybrid drive motor when you aren’t in the peak power window.
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    Bmw M20. This is second “good used engine from a good friend of mine “. I’m done with the used junk. No turbo
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    Thanks Justin, I found a guy from Brooks Welding that will do it. He has caged a couple of round track cars in the past. We just haven't settled on a price.
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    Safety gear is one area that I feel is always worth the extra money and effort. I too hate to just replace equipment that appears to be in perfectly good condition just because of an artificial time line. But having witnessed first hand fire systems that didn't work. I dont feel changing/ recertifying the bottle every few years is some outrageous requirement. I will venture to guess all sanctioning groups will adopt a similarrule sooner than later. There is no way to periodically test these systems so replacement/recertify is the best option.
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    The same way they are assembled from factory. Double ball bearing sealed bearings are very simple things and really are only held together by a plastic cage and rubber seals. I do not have any photos on hand because it is typically a messy operation that I do by myself. This link gives you the general idea on how to disassemble, clean, and repack. https://www.nicoclub.com/archives/repacking-wheel-bearings.html
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    Picked up trailer and loaded the car and all the supplies. Leaving Thursday morning. See everyone in Sebring. Merry Christmas
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