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    VQ30..... that is ringing a bell somehow, where have I heard this before?
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    Thank you to the Champcar staff for a great weekend. Phil for being reasonable and firm. I know you have a safety standard to uphold and integrity.. I respect It was one hell of a weekend for us, but we kept battling and prevailed.. 19hr drive down, 14hr race, 20hrs back (white out conditions). 3300kms on my ODO. I'm beat. Can't wait to get some good sleep tonight.
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    Here is my "race report" for the weekend. Instead of competing in the race like I have in the past, I decided to participate from the comfort of my recliner. I watched all 14 hours uninterrupted (OK - quick bio breaks) and was monitoring four screens: 1. Chumpcast on a 65" TV 2. Huggins feed on a laptop 3. Miscellaneous feeds on an iPad (and occasional research work to answer questions) 4. Race Monitor on phone So even though I was hundreds of miles away, I probably knew as much about what was going on out there as most of the teams. I used the chat function on Chumpcast to add information that the broadcast crew was too busy to look up (I had the benefit of not having to sound informed and intelligent for 14 hours) and to answer questions people had. Chumpcast just keeps getting better every race. Towards the end when they kept saying 14 hours takes its toll on cars, I kept thinking "you guys have got to be just as worn out as the cars" Congrats to Huggins on the win. It seemed somewhat unlikely at hour 8 but a lot happened to the other top cars and suddenly Huggins had more than a lap lead. Chris builds a solid, reliable car, that is for sure. I have a few comments after reading this entire thread. I'm not going to bother throwing in quotes because it will make my post way too long You can tell that similar cars pitted near each other. Check out this first lap footage. It looks like an E30 parade https://youtu.be/kE3o9-0rx_0?t=9m The race was much cleaner than years past, but we could still use some improvement in driver situational awareness and flagging. It was good to see the "single car incidents" outnumbering the "multi-car incidents" I've driven Road Atlanta many times and raced it with Chump and other orgs. If you haven't RACED this track in real life (i.e not SIM), you really shouldn't be commenting on how people are driving T12. Seriously. A front-running car will be passing there on the inside and outside all race long. I can't tell you how many passes I saw there on the Huggins feed during the 14 hours. I've done tons of passes there in the top-5 car I raced there. Is it one of the more intimidating turns in America - yes. Can you afford to be a p***y and not pass there - NO. If you don't have the balls to pass in T12, you will not do well at that track. On the incident between Wyatt in the #307 NBY 240 and the white chicane (camaro/firebird). I am definitely not defending that car or driver, because they caused me to be one step off of the podium in a previous year, but I can probably explain what happened. Based on other info, that driver seemed to be both a novice and inexperienced on this track. If you think back to your first time at RA (and lets assume you didn't have SIM time there), when you drive under the bridge there is always a "where the F*** does the track go?!?!?" period of about a second or two because you can't see it over the nose of your car. Once you get used to the track, that goes away and you never think about it again. But when you are still in that mode, your vision narrows completely during that window (if a $1,000,000 bill appeared on your tach you wouldn't see it). Based on the swervy line that that driver took approaching the bridge, I think he was a newbie. So there was no chance of him seeing you in time even though you were past his front bumper. Once again, to be clear, I am NOT defending him. I wish that team would stop coming to the race until they got some more experience/practice - they have hit too many front-running cars. Running Bulls - a wise man once said that if you keep getting hit in T7 then you are too slow in T6. There is a LOT of banking in T6 and you can go way faster than it seems. A whole bunch of other E30s are hauling the mail through there (even ones without aero) so you can solve your miata problem with some more speed through T6 As an addendum to the above, T6 and T7 are so close together that they are almost a combo turn. When there are slow cars, T7 becomes a "two wide" turn. In the second miata hit you show, you definitely qualify as a "slow car". You need to be watching your mirrors and leaving room. I know that the Chump passing rules say it is the miata's fault, but if you watch other people's videos you will see that the pass the miata made is a common one at that turn at that track. If you continue to do what you did in that second video, you will get hit again and again. Now if you get your speed up in T6, you won't have that problem. People see you park it in T6 and assume you will leave space in T7..... (note - I don't normally defend miatas) I like the guys at Running Bulls so I am not picking on them. I thought about PMing them about this but realized that there were others that could probably benefit from the info above so I added it to my report. I used to be one of those slow guys in T6 too... Thanks again to all of the people who made this race possible, and in particular to the teams that streamed uninterrupted on YouTube (as good as Chumpcast is, if you have more screens it is good to get some of those other feeds going). Bill said multiple times "don't watch my feed, watch Chumpcast". Some of us were watching BOTH!
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    I am the "other guy" at each SE race asking that stupid question in attempt to force microphone conversation on the matter.
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    Can't you just put a different valve cover on it?
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    I think you guys getting a little over sensitive about the comments. Most of what I'm reading has less to do with your driver and more to do with those around him (at least that's where it started). Some of those guys he's passing late on the outside through a very high speed/high risk turn might be so scared ishtless that they have tunnel vision and are not looking in their mirrors while trying to hold onto their car. He got around safely, yes, but its a pretty risky bet that all those other drivers saw him coming and didn't use all the track on exit. One fantastic pass through T12 around 4 cars is great for the highlight reel, but all it takes is one newb not paying attention to end your day, his day and maybe several others. You guys have been around long enough now to know how completely oblivious some of the drivers are out there. edit: but yes, that is exactly why I tell anyone that is new to racing with us or in this series to expect the unexpected. Its a very good visual of the anarchy we have with massive speed and skill differentials in Champcar.
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    I had a fun time driving the Not Banned Yet #307 this weekend. It was a fun turn of pace from my E30s! I started the race and opened up a pretty decent lead before the Power steering went out totally around 20 or so minutes in. Shortly after that I was passing that white Trans Am/Camaro on the outside under the bridge down to 12. The car gave me room initially and then just tracked into the RR of the car as if they didn't know I was there. Which put in a few extra degrees of camber and some toe. After that incident I thought the driving was excellent by all involved. Definitely a great and exciting race at the end. We went from 2nd to the lead after the Saab had an issue before our second wheel bearing of the day put us out of contention for the podium. Still had a great time with everyone at Ballenger Motorsports. Very fun car to drive! Just wish it wasn't so cold! Congrats to my buddies at Huggins Racing. Yes, there was merciless teasing aimed my way, probably took a shot at me in the post race interview too haha! I'll catch you guys next time
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    I don't care to argue about the MR2 value one way or another right now, but I do not like special rules for one car. Instead of adding all this work, if the board decides a swapped MR2 needs more value and it is commonly accepted knowledge that a non-swapped MR2 cannot be made competitive.......why not just set the base value higher? Or maybe an easier one would be to put the MR2 turbo as a different line item at 450 points and then just like most other platforms, you have to use the highest valued car of the platform to start swaps. Then you could leave the NA value nice and low.
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    Just in case you were wondering, the middle finger is the proper way to give a point by to your friends when they are lapping you
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    We thought about bringing the same valve cover Tuttle had and taping it on for poops and giggles but restrained ourselves (we went to a nearby junkyard to get one). In the 2018 goals thread, one of my goals was to run so well that people started to question our setup / think it is cheaty. #success *Hey now. My S$&%$ & giggles got changed to poops & giggles. This feels like a @Bill Strongism
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    My two cents: I don't think the camera car deserved a penalty. He could have left more room, but that isn't deserving of a penalty - the other guys need to make the pass safe. The miata gets a lot of the blame from my perspective - if you are going to pass someone it is a good idea to indicate your intention by going inside early (this wasn't a sprint race where you have to hide your intentions). By going low, you let the leading car know "I am hoping you will leave me room". You also signal the to the car behind you "I plan on passing this guy before you pass me". If the miata had done that, the lexus probabaly would have come in with less speed, the camera car would have stayed wider and stayed out longer, and everyone would have been fine. The lexus gets some blame too, but the miata was the one that had the most opportunity to make the outcome different. Sometimes "go inside early" results in a reaction from the lead car (i.e. he moves to what could be called a blocking line). That doesn't mean you shouldn't use that approach. The "block" that he throws is much easier to deal with than the "slammed door" you would have gotten if you waited until the last minute to dive in. You have said "I want you to give me room" and he has said "not in this corner". Best to learn that BEFORE you are beside him. EDIT 2/12/18: I just saw the miata footage that just got posted later in this thread (page 12) The camera car above (the white BMW) definitely left plenty of room for the miata. The Lexus gets more credit for the problem now that the additional point of view is available, but the points made above about making your passing intentions known are still valid. I will add that if the miata driver saw the Lexus coming, he should have known that blocking the path of the Lexus wasn't going to work out for someone (i.e. there aren't 3 lanes there and the Lexus was coming like a freight train). If the miata had stayed in line, the Lexus might have taken out the BMW anyhow (or blown by on the inside of T6 on the way to the gravel trap). I guess the other thing worth remembering when you are out on the track is "if he wasn't in your mirror the last time you looked and now he is, he might be closing pretty fast."
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    Burningham race report: We got a good draw, took the lead at lap 15 with the NBY spin We screwed up on prep, left a 5 min prep item undone, cost us 10 min race time to fix Driver went back out drove fast, we screwed up and passed under yellow Driver drove fast again, changed drivers, he screwed up and hit somebody Fixed the damage, he drove fast again. Changed to 3rd driver, clean stint, passed a lot of fast cars. I called in and asked who is this red beat up Audi, this sumbitch is fast, took me like 8 laps to finally get by him and keep him behind me. (I had never run against the R Bank Saab, I thought it was an Audi, shows my awareness. That thing is a beast.) Changed drivers, lost the trans about an hour in, end of day. Pouted like a big baby, wanted to go home, but stayed around and congratulated other teams we hang with. Congrats to the Huggins team for the win, the once again solid races by the Ickys guys and the Infiniti guys, and all the other teams that did well and finished. Also, congrats to @Hurljohn with his new Lexus build, you have a solid car there driven by solid drivers.
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    Team Wine-um Dine-um Here (WUDU Racing)! Super long post...sorry no TLDR Man…what a fun event!! We got to the track on Friday around 8 or so and got the car unloaded and made our way to safety and tech. Little bit of a wait but it was to be expected, only thing that really bothered me was the freaking wind and cold weather. Got though both pretty easy, got our sticker and got the car down to the pits for testing. We had decided to have a light day for testing, get the renters in and anyone else (myself included) who didn’t have too much time at Road Atlanta. We get everyone cycled though and get to the last session of the day. I get in the car and proceed out into the great wide open. Get in a few laps, felt really good, car felt great on some older RS4’s. Radio was really quiet but I kept making laps getting a feel for the track. I come up though 3, hop the curb and I hear something bounce off the bottom of the car though the esses, I turn into 5 and the right side just pushes though the entire turn. I thought maybe I was going a bit too fast….just bring it down a notch the next time. Well black flag comes out for the poor ford that popped its motor, so I boogie back to the pits. We put a renter back in the seat and send them out after the black only to have the session blacked again after maybe 2 laps. We get the car back to the trailer and start jacking it up to put the sticker tires on for the next morning. As the car is coming up on the right side, the front right spindle just falls out. Turns out that thump I heard was the top spindle to strut bolt failing and falling out. So we start looking though our box of spares trying to find a the bolt. It’s a big shouldered bolt so not just any bolt will do. I put in a call to Strictly German, who is all of 6 miles from Road Atlanta and they say they have the bolts in stock. So I head down there with a teammate and begin the search. 45 mins later we have two bolts in hand. We get the bolt put in, tires on, and put the cover over fifi (yes, fifi is the name of our car) and head off to a great dinner with some great friends. Next morning, we get to the track and get ready for a great day of racing. Attend the drivers meeting, listen to mike sound like the teacher from Peanuts right up until they call pit box 20 as the first one out. SWEET…we will be starting P8!!!!. We head to the pits to get ready to race. We had previously decided to stick a renter in first, which we’ve done before with success. It’s the renters home track so we feel good about our decision. Well, on the first lap the renter goes into 5 and pinches it with some throttle added and spins. Loses 40 positions and a ton of confidence. Renter runs slow for the next 10 laps or so until we become part of a contact incident in turn 6. Renter comes in, we serve our 5min penalty and back out they go. Not sure if the renter got mad or what, but they start clicking off laps like they should be done. We fell as far as P62…not the start we were looking for. Renter brings the car back in the pits in p50 something…but wait, Renter has to serve a 2 min for passing under yellow. When it rains it pours I suppose? Get the car in the pit box, get fueled up and get the next driver in the car in under 5 mins. Heads out in p50 something and starts laying down good lap times for us, in the 1:51 to 1:53 range give or take a few laps. Overall very consistent and keeps the car clean. We only have radio contact from the top of the hill to about turn 3, so updates are quick and fast between those two over the radio. At about 1:50 mark, he brings the car in p42. We toss our 2nd renter in the car. Very experienced HPDE instructor who’s always wanted to race. He goes out and lays down the FTD so far at a 1:49.6. He just kills it for us and makes it look easy. Car is running well at this point and the tires are doing great. 2nd renter brings the car in 32nd place with a big smile on his face. I jump in the car, just super excited to get out there and burn some dust here, eat my rubber. As I’m heading out of the pits, I get told to save some brakes as the wear rate is more than we expected. Man, what a freaking blast Road Atlanta is. I had a great time with all the drivers out there, had some decent battles, made a few poor life choices coming through 7 behind slower cars only to watch a train of cars run by me before I could get out and around. Most drivers were courteous and well behaved. The back straight is always fun to see the differences in speed between cars. I had a few that I’d tail thought the esses, get through 6, come out of 7 perfect to only have them just run away from me on the back straight. I even pulled out the paddle a few times hoping to find some speed. Made lots of passes into 10, only got it sideways once or twice. 12 was fun and I started getting 1 down and learning that it will hold, just toss it in there. My fast laps were quick, ended up putting a 1:50.2 down, but I’ve got to learn to manage traffic better. Always something to work on. I ended up bringing the car in 24th place and fifi was ready for more. Fuel burn was up a bit, not able to make it a full 2 hours on a tank at this point. We tossed our 3rd and final renter in. He’s a former Speed Challenge driver and he just killed it out there. Look up consistence in the dictionary, you’d see his picture. Just clicking off 1:49’s - 1:48’s and laid down the FTD for our team at a 1:47. Not only was he fast, he was a big help to the rest of the team by offering pointers and coaching us up. All of our renters had been great in the pits, big help all around. By the time our 3rd renter was done, we were running p19. His stint had only taken about 90 mins as he ate though a tank of gas. It was at this point we figured out we had no brakes…backing plates only. So, we tossed on a set of used Hawks and tossed the next driver in. Only took 17 mins to get pads, light bar, fuel, and the driver in the car. Temps were dropping, sky was getting black but we were just powering though. We dropped back to p27 or p28 after the stop. Our driver was having a blast out there in the dark! He had a blast running 3 wide though 12 at night as he came on the radio laughing his ass off. Again, our driver was doing great, trying to claw back for a top 20 finish. Fuel again was our limiting factor, so with about 2:15mins left we brought in the car for the 2nd to last driver change in p22. Pads we had tossed in were getting close to the end of life so we asked the driver not to use his brakes and he laughed at us and proceeded out to try and claw back some positions in p24. As we started grinding to the end of the race, cars started dropping out and we started picking up positions. Our 7th driver was out there getting it done, putting in laps and trying to conserve brakes. The driver ended up having a big off at 6 and got into the gravel... somehow, he kept it going and managed to get out of the gravel!!! He’s lucky as we would of never let him live that down had he gotten stuck. He got it back on the track and kept going. Cars started dropping out like flies towards the end and we made up some laps and positions. We had one more stop to make for a driver change and fuel. Our 7th driver brought the car in at p18 and we got one of our rental drivers in to close out the night. 14 more laps and the race was over, we had clawed our way back into top 20. 18th for us felt like a victory after a not great start, not to mention we just finished our first 14-hour race!! That’s three races in a row and three top 20 finishes!!! All the hard work and long hours in the garage paid off. Fifi was trouble free and the drivers did what they were asked to do, which was bring the car back running. Every race we a getting a little better at the small things and its lead us to more success each time. Great job by all the other drivers out there! Was great to compete with everyone out on the track. Looking forward to Daytona and hope to see you all there!!
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    Congrats to Huggins and everybody else. Had fun, good friends/teamwork, good practice ,some agriculture but no spins, camera worked all day, never lifted the hood and a top 5 Thank you Champ staff for a smooth event and Discovery parts for the racer discount! An excellent day at a difficult track. Next up, Daytona.
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    I've never spent so many hours in one week working on the car. Tonight at 10pm I finally feel that the car might be ready for Friday. If I never have to look at a wiring schematic again it will be too soon. At least it went from this... To this:
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    You know this over booking thing might catch on. Next thing you know airlines will start over selling tickets on flights....
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    Hi Everyone, totally new to the Champcar forums, Made it out and help crew for Team Junction at the 14 Hours of Road Atlanta, needless to say, had an amazing time, but since the actual race is over, myself and my partner in crime were going through the live timing data for some post race analysis. Here is what we found. Shameless plugging myself so please visit our Facebook page which leads to the actual blog post.
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    Here is our recap video. Good times were had by all. Ken #912 Apex Predators Fatty Firebird
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    So true, Phillipe gave me high praises after the race in respect to our cars ability to seemingly chug along endlessly, that is substantial coming from owner to another owner.
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    I think what pisses people off more is when you have to go to the forum to learn that diffuser and underbody are 10 pts each, because they aren’t listed in the rule book
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    You people are putting far too much importance behind these graphs... they are woefully inadequate for drawing conclusions and making adjustments to the series.
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    Is it to soon to remind everybody how we used to say that it seemed that Honda (as a rule) had difficulty rolling 1:30 to 1:45 because of stock fuel tank size. And that some of you would say "well Twoth seems to get 2+ hours AND win with it". wish I'd thought of it. dang it.
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    didnt you just post a "how to make a for sale ad" post in that forum.. This post is surprisingly lacking of details. Can't Mr Jennings come on here and make his own post? What car is this in? How many Stints? What is the cost? What is/isnt included? What 5 other races at the end of the season? Which Sebring race is "end of the season" for Mr Jennings? Is this car a new build or proven? Where is this team based at? Etc
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    I think audible indication would be more effective than the LEDs. "Yes, Yes, Faster, Yes, YES! YES! Just like that! YEESSS!!!"
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    I was always looking up at doc in the booth of timing and scoring trying to wave at him....he never waved back
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    This was my response when Wyatt passed me in the "Not Banned Yet" car for the lead in the first stint.
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    Running Bulls Racing race report Road Atlanta 2018 “3 Miatas, 3 spins” could be the title, but in the end it didn’t cost us much. 2018 began with Running Bulls bringing on another member to the team; Andrew Sides who came over from John Allen Special. We also did some upgrades to our e30 including a new tank and some much needed headlight upgrades for those dark races including Road Atlanta. Our race weekend didn’t start very smooth as we kept having issues with the level sensor leaking on the new tank we put in. We ending up sealing that Friday night before it got too dark and waited until Saturday morning only to verify that was good to go, but now the new pump housing was leaking around the tank. Someone suggested some “Seal-All” for any fuel leaks Friday night and we acquired some. We spent the 30 minutes before the driver’s meeting sealing that up, hoping it was cured enough to work for the race. It did with some extra heat. Our race started with Michael Bulls in the car. He would start off in 21st place because of the random draw. He would end up losing about 15 spots early in the stint, but with consistent times he would finish off his 1 hour 45 minutes bringing the car in in 18th place. Mike Merrill would then take over with the car in 34th place after the pit stop. He would steadily work the car back up to 17th place with only a slight contact with the #307 overshooting 10a and spinning across the track, leaving no place to go during the second stint. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v1YiAiokbU2r0-FxA9r0gZvfbRX1_inX/view Andrew Sides, only having done about 15 laps in the car during practice, but being very familiar with e30’s would start off his stint in 26th place and would use a quick and steady pace to get the car up to 17th place again. Looking at T&S was starting to show that we were running at the top of where we were going to get for the majority of the day just because all the cars in front of us were running faster lap times than us. It was going to be all about staying on track and waiting for cards to fall to pick up anymore positions. David Boring was next to get in the car being in 19th place. Again, a steady pace and no incidents would result in him bringing the car in around 3pm in 14th place, but not before he set the team FTD of 1:48.5 just barely edging out Andrew by 0.1 second after being told he had 10 minutes before he was getting out. Nothing like having a fire lit under you and being about 3 seconds off the FTD before that. Michael Bulls would get back in the car in 15th place and would hold steady there for much of his stint. This stint would be the first of our 3 car to car contacts resulting in spins. Bulls would be bumped from behind by the #686 Miata at Turn 7. The corner worker would say that he saw no contact, but after watching the video there was some, much to Bulls’ liking because there was a report of a “ghost bump”. Thankfully it resulted in just a spin and no further contact by people behind the incident. He would bring the car in after his 1 hour and 45 minutes in 13th spot. That possible Top 10 was looking possible, but we as a team were going to be happy with even just the Top 15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WzijT-j7yd2RI_ZY-itLaC85WrOa3Bbc/view Mike Merrill would get in still in 13th spot and would lose a couple positions over his stint just because some of the faster cars were catching back up after some time spent in the pits. His stint wasn’t without incident either as he was bumped in Turn 7 by the #731 Miata. Another lazy spin and 20 seconds lost was all that it cost us. He carried us back to finish out his stint just as it was getting completely dark with the car in 14th. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18HOd2eHDq9mC_QLuzr4K4KvwlbdGHG0G/view Andrew had the first of the 2 night stints starting off in 16th spot and rattled off a 20 lap average of 1:53 being only 1 second off his FTD during that stint, but again not without a spin in Turn 3, this time caused by the #523 Miata. Rolling backwards and carrying enough momentum to get off the racing line resulted in just a 30 second loss of time. He did however pit just to confirm no significant damage due to this being his first real contact while racing. He would bring the car in for David to finish off the 14 hours in 13th spot. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1llkUaKk_ERBszEzAvMHAeAtVaN6sqHQN/view David would roll off in 14th place with a couple cars just in sight of us for a couple positions. He would maintain a steady pace and would ultimately bring the car home in 12th place, about 5 laps short of the Top 10. All the cars finishing ahead of us had faster lap times, so we were able to play the quick, steady pace and 7 pitstops under 5 minutes with no time wasted in the pits thanks to David Jones, Travis Thompson and his wife Jennifer being our pit crew to get us a very well deserved finish.
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    My aircraft is out for service so here's a shot of the sophisticated methods we use for front suspension development.
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    This is what a dash should look like 5 days before a race... right?
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    Pulled most of the cars out yesterday for a quick photo shoot. Yep, thats why we bought this house, 2200 sqft house with a 2800 sqft shop out back
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    Alright, now you've got me reminiscing... I spent 13 years working in Team Viper 1990-2003. Back in the day, we were able to take cars home quite often, (especially if you were good friends with the car coordinator), until too many came back on the flat bed hauler. I was fortunate to drive them very often, in fact, they sent a dozen of us to MIS one week and had Skip Barber instructors put us through private schooling, in preparation for testing at Nelson Ledges. My 2 best Viper stories: Shortly after getting hired into Chrysler, I took a Viper by JRPE, Jack Roush Performance Engineering, as it was known back then, on a Saturday afternoon to show some of my old workmates. I was disappointed that the Trans Am race shop was empty, but one roll up door was open. Jack himself was the only one there, moving one of Mark Martin's show cars back into the shop after being on display at a local car show. I ask Jack if he wanted to drive it, and we went for a ride. It was his first time in a Viper, and we both enjoyed a pretty spirited ride around Livonia, MI, where I grew up. Next best time was in '96 when we came up with the "Coupe" hard top version. I "borrowed" a pre production car that didn't even have any interior trim, and my wife and I drove it down to Kentucky for a friend's wedding. Her dad was a big Vette fan and lover, so I knew he would get a kick out of it. I hid the car behind the church, (or tried, since anyone who saw it came into the church asking who's and what kind of car it was. The car was Blue, with 2 white racing stripes, so it kind of stood out...) As the bride and groom were getting into their horse drawn carriage to head to the reception, i pulled out and parked near the carriage, and said "I know this is horse country, so we brought a little Detroit horsepower down here for you!" The bride's dad and grandpa were both car (Vette) guys, and they spent half the next checking out the car. As I said, it was a pre-prod car with no interior, so when the passenger side window fell off it's track, dad and grandpa were chomping at the bit to pull out their tools and help me fix it. They still talk about it today...
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    If my competitors are pursuing overly complicated, failure prone modifications to their cars, why should I try to stop them?!
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    Yes, 3 of the 5 cars inspected post race had a tech sheet on their window, for the other 2 non-tech-sheet-compliant cars Phil announced to the crowd "if there were questions about the other 2 cars, he had the log books and would answer any questions" (being 5th and not completely reviewing the 2018 bccr we were one of the 2)
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    We took our BIC (Basic International Car) that we ran in the $500 claimer class at Lake Geneva Speedway that had an actual cost of $67 and put a bolt-in a used auto power roll cage we got for $300 in it, we put a kill switch in the car as well as tow hooks. We read the flyer that said "Bring your snow tires" we run in all conditions to heart and actually ran on 13" 165 general arctic ice snow tires that we borrowed from my teammates mothers DD civic. We won that first event at Road America on Sunday despite putting the car into the wall on Saturday. We parked next to Peter and Kent Merkle because we assumed they knew what they were doing, and we have been good friends with them ever since.
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    No assumption is required here. 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 clearly says that points will be assigned (to claimed changes, so this does rely on people passing 4th grade). 4.4.1. ALL non-stock components, parts, assemblies, or systems MUST be declared to Tech Inspection, noted in the vehicle Log Book, and declared and accounted for in the total points of the vehicle. 4.4.2. There is NO SUCH THING as a free part, every part of a vehicle has a value. Parts not covered elsewhere in the rules will be assigned a point value by ChampCar Tech. In this case (regardless of what anyone wants to define 'diff' as), a PART (with significant performance gain) within the stock rear-end housing has changed and needs to be declared and points assigned. Basically, while actual points are unknown without input from Tech, the fact that putting in an aftermarket LSD unit into a stock housing/gear-set will have points assigned is should be clear.
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    https://champcar.org/mainweb/race-recaps/2018-champcar-endurance-series-road-atlanta-race-report/ Good job Doc.
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    I get what you're saying and I don't feel picked on. I was the first to be hit in turn 7 and after looking at the video, as diligent as I try to check the mirrors I missed this Miata and their closure rate . I understand how hard it is to avoid someone when you have committed to a pass. Having said that, there were many bumpers that we could have hit over the weekend, but we chose to back out and make a safer pass. I think our 12th place finish showed this. Just asking for some credit on driving a clean race:-) As a passing driver I don't think you can just assume someone is going to give you the space you think you deserve as a faster driver and faster car, especially if you attempt that pass not feeling confident that they have seen you. You are certainly correct about Turn 6 leading into 7, I drove it much faster this time than in previous races, but I still left a lot of speed on the table through there. Thanks for the race report and the constructive opinions. I really enjoy this place especially since it is right down the road for our team. See everyone at Daytona.
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    Absolutely agree. And you have people in this very thread who say they have "pucker moments" just driving through T12 trying to critique a pro driver who made a very safe and solid pass on the outside in a video we posted. Just because you can't do it safely and confidently doesn't mean somebody else can't. Geez...we post a video showing some solid driving and passing and the peanut gallery goes into meltdown..."oh that's not safe", "oh pro driver's crash too", "oh how many Chump wins does he have", just lol...
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    Yea I made my first inside pass on 12 and I felt like superman afterwards....scary as all get out but man when you get it right
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    Time for a Duratec 3.0 with VQ30 valve covers.
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    We ask at the drivers' meeting at pretty much every race we attend if they are going to black flag second pace cars. If you can't grasp the concept of catching the car in front of you under a FCY then you should be black flagged, smacked in the head with a tack hammer, and parked in the box for 5-minutes while your team fumes at you in the pit stall. S.
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    Yet somehow, they weren't even the fastest car there.
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    One of these is not like the others...
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    What is your fourth gear ratio? With 3.08 and at 5,000 RPM I was into 5th on the front and back straight. Big torque is fun, coming onto the front straight I was three wide a number of times. While we were all in third I would gain a couple of car lengths on the BMW's. When we all shifted to fourth about the same time it was on the uphill portion and it would all of a sudden get very quiet. I wondered where everybody went so I looked in my mirror... I could just barely see them.
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    I'll play too. What about aftermarket support and performance part availability. Lots more people racing MR2's VS 626's.... This is the way we poke the bear, poke the bear, poke the bear. This is the way we poke the bear, all day long.
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    Thanks to Champcar for compiling the finishing data in order to calculate the championship standings. In 2017 we had 800 teams make up about 2300 race entries. I've built into that a database of 1026 cars over a slightly wider 16 month period. With at least 3 members on almost all teams, we can estimate that active membership is easily over 3000. In the coming days I'll be studying average finishing positions and winning rates by various teams and their cars of choice, but first here are the breakdowns for Year, Make, and Model as raced in 2017: Now, some teams obviously enter more races than others. Here is a look at how that plays out, again for Year, Make, and Model: '87, '91, '94, and '99 turn out to be good vintages (or a good pick for claiming platform swap) Not too different. It turns out (as it should, with a large sample size) that a Fiesta or Datsun team is nearly as likely to enter multiple events as a Miata or E30 team. *No [reliable] engine data is available to differentiate further. *Datsun and Nissan have been combined *Includes EC cars
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