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    I'd say take a screenshot of your post count on this forum. Then they'll know you are a serious racer.
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    So after 9 years and 52 race weekends our little neon has finally met its end. It had a incident at Daytona and has exposed major structural damage due to metal fatigue. Its one of the original cars from the first year in chump, and has been through many changes but always managed to be near the top. We are going to strip it of the good stuff and get something back together over the summer while we have a break between races. Wow, 52 events! And 39 overall podiums in USA and Canada. chump car hall of fame nominee?
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    That was a trip of a lifetime: Getting engaged in Colorado Sky diving Winning Laguna first day of seeing the track with some of my best friends Flying my dad out and having him enjoy the race track 5800 mile road trip with my now wife in 2 weeks For the reasons above is why I enjoy ChampCar
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    Intangible assets only happen in a transfer of ownership, and typically represent value beyond physical assets. In this case, when we took transfer from John, he was given a payout, scheduled over time. The amount he was given was more than the actual physical assets transferred, so it was assigned to Intangible Assets. These are assets that have no physical presence, but represent value. In this case it was the value of Chumpcar (at that time) to generate future revenues. All those 3,739 people who renewed membership or became members based on the market generated in the past represent value to the organization. Our ability to put on a race compared to a startup operation also is indicative of that value. On a big scale, I can give you another example. The Carolina Panthers recently sold for something like $2.5B. But if you added up the value of their office furniture, buildings owned, television revenue contractually owed, etc, you would come up with a far smaller number. The difference is the value of the trade name, mark, membership in the NFL, anything that will generate future value and be a sellable commodity down the road. On a small scale, my Company bought another small company last year. We received no physical assets at all, just the right to sell using that company's name and access to their website. Our entire purchase price is under intangible assets. Intangible assets typically do not change in value unless there is an impairment. In our case, that would occur if we had a systematic drop in attendance that appeared to be non-recoverable. Another would be a law outlawing racing. Or, potentially, the inability to get insurance. We own a van (used in the west coast to keep our assets in out there, and used to get them to the track). Timing and scoring equipment makes up the lion's share of the equipment assets, but it also includes things as small as tables, chairs and pylons. This also includes transponders, radios, video equipment to bring you Champcasts, etc. I hope that helps. EDIT: I expanded on the assets in the last paragraph so you all know why/what on the vehicle.
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    This sounds to me like y'all are trying to "solve the problem we don't have". I really don't see tire width specs as something that is needed, just complicates an already complicated enough set of specs. The safety aspect on weight reduction, there is definitely room for discussion on that.
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    Having to show up early to retech after having your yearly tech sticker yanked would enough of a pita to take care of it.
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    The issues as I see it are: 1) It was hidden from the membership 2) It was done mid cycle when other updates have to wait a year 3) I now am concerned after hearing that RichE30 will be announcing something as this could be a conflict of interest for him making mid cycle rule changes to benefit the platform he runs. We will find out when the announcement is made, hopefully this is not the case. 4) Teams that swapped back to m20's from M50's recently are getting screwed. 5) Teams that have been investing in M20's recently are getting screwed. The M20 powered E30 has the most wins this year of any single car? It needs more favorable rules?
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    ChumpCar International Inc. made available today the 2017 Financial Report to the membership https://champcar.org/mainweb/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/ChampCar_2017_Annual_Financial_Report.pdf
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    Bill, I’m getting some error messages when trying to do this: -yellow light says “toner” -blinking red indicating “paper jam” -desktop message says “drivers out of date” let me know how to proceed with this membership card issue.
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    These transponders are tough.....this is amazing to me.
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    Yeah baby Randy will fit right in , he once told me he would race with me anywhere anytime. This was a few years ago at Daytona after passing each other 20 times or so . I went over to Kevin's car at impound to make sure I had not upset whoever was driving . When I asked who was wheeling at the time Randy said it was him and it was the most fun he has had racing someone in years . Came over hugged me called me a bad Azz ,all in front of my son, then told me a couple of things to do to the car to make it faster ..
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    It is very obvious that you are correct. The weights chosen were not arbitrarily selected during an audit but instead purposefully selected for the sole purpose of allowing an M50 to be swapped into an E30 at 500 points.
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    I do not believe this explanation. The explanation I believe is that the weight was carefully picked to place the m50 at 500 and the m52 at 501 I completely understand this... I have said for a while that the weight table values should be 'fudged' to land at more "subjectively realistic" post-swap VPIs. Please do announce
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    Welcome to a walk on the mild side. AC works and there's a cool suit setup. You'll find 3 12v outlets, 4 USB ports, and an extra 12v wire waiting for whatever. Also has 2 pairs of additional lights for night racing and an extra fire bottle for the passenger when it's set up for rally. This car does everything, albeit slowly.
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    God forbid we use anything accurate like actual race weight.
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    Ummm, I'm only on the forums to see people put other team's business out there. 🍌🍒
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    Then we're on the same page. I don't have a dog in this fight as the Fiero has moved on to another series and my new Champ-legal car already has fuel parity with the Golden Standard. It's become obvious to me and a few others that Champ is painting itself into a corner with the recent direction of rule changes. As Ron mentioned, instead of balancing the series as has been touted as the reason for rule changes, the rules appear to be funneling the car choices into a narrow band of cars, specifically luxury sedans with large fuel tanks, decent power and a race weight well under the "official" champ weight used to equalize the series. This is quite a reversal of the original intent of the series which was to provide a venue for cheap racing in a diverse range of cars. The underdogs that were the backbone of the series have been minimized by cars that typically have spec series to draw on for parts and technical support, leaving the DIYer the unenviable position of filling out the lower part of the field and essentially paying for the overdogs to race each other. One of the areas that has surfaced as a major inequity is fuel to weight ratio, and the cars that don't have the fuel to match the other cars' stint length have limited means of addressing that issue. Fuel capacity is the only imbalance that presently is outside the Champ method of using points to make up for individual car differences but just allotting everyone another 2 or 4 or 10 gallons is overly simplistic and will have "unintended consequences" to borrow a phrase. My thoughts were to come up with something that rectifies the issue for the have-nots without giving an advantage to other cars and creating another imbalance. Constructive input is welcome as opposed to general negativity.
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    The specifics of this aren't really the most important thing in my mind. The trust of transparency and good communication are at the root of this s-storm. Recently the swapped e30 hasn't likely been a threat. The best teams , I think, didn't want a lap so went m20 with aero. Just because it it hasn't been a problem in the last month doesn't man it won't be. Imo
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    The car was built to race in SCCA B-Spec. They have very specific build requirements. Most cars have restrictors and higher weights to keep parity with the less able cars (Mazda2, Yaris). B-Spec also happens to be a Rally America class. When I built the car, the aim was do both sprint racing and rally as I already have an endurance car (Miata). I wanted to use wheels that were 15x7 and 4x100 because I have a lot of those from the Miata. I also wanted to make the car street legal because it's a lot more convenient on coaching days to simply drive to the track. The reason it still has AC, radio, etc is because I don't need to completely gut the car to make the B-Spec weight. So putting together sprint, rally, 4x100, street legal, and coaching I ended up building a Yaris racecar. It wasn't built for Champ, and will only show up in such events when the Miata is down for repairs. The upside of running such an economical car is that the entire race (reg fees, consumables, transport) was under $300 per person.
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    The point is Bill it hit the group as an unknown until some of us found it and back to what I asked, somebody give a reason it happened and then why it can't be sent to all members or at least team captains as it is being changed in mass email. In any club communication is the key.
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    A BMW team wins: "It's not the car, we're so good we can win with a lousy car because of our excellent drivers, teamwork, pit stops, strategy and sheer charisma." BMW teams dominate:"It's not the car, we're so good we can win with a lousy car because of our excellent drivers, teamwork, pit stops, strategy and sheer charisma." Mustang wins a race with 15 cars in the field:" See, that proves that Mustangs are competitive even with less fuel than just about everyone else. Obviously the excellent drivers, teamwork, pit stops, and strategy had nothing to do with the win, it was definitely the car." Red is the font for irony.
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    Not to downplay the importance of safety gear but the melting point of polyester is approx 485 degrees F. If it gets that hot inside your suit your "bits and bobs" are toast anyway. As are you. My duty uniform worn under my bunker gear is 100% polyester with no adverse effects. As long as you can get out of the car in a timely fashion you will be adequately protected. Your biggest worry should be inhalation injuries as your lungs are completely unprotected.
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    Well I'm a bean counter by trade and I don't know who understands what. So more is better maybe...
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    It did take a shocking amount of effort to get our M50 swapped E30 valued correctly at VIR in March. We were undervalued, said we thought we were undervalued several times and several ways, and still got teched under 500 by a more than a few pts. It may seem counterintuitive to go beg to be over 500pts, but I would rather have it right before the event than get our results bounced at impound if we did well.