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    After talking with Mike this past weekend we are going to be bringing back both Race Monitor and Race Hero. Stay tuned.
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    Man... what a weekend for DamSon Racing. Prep did not start late, we nut and bolted the car in early March, but it ended late with the final touches being done Thursday night late and Friday morning causing us to leave town earlier than expected. Huge shoutout to Al with Champ for policing the garage area with assigned parking spots, being late didn’t cost us a parking spot. We only brought 4 new tires and rummaged through the scrubs for the best 2 lefts and 1 right we could find for changes. I personally wasn’t aware we were in contention for anything and I certainly didn’t know this was the Championship race, work has been an absolute bear for the past month and I just hadn’t paid attention to anything car related. Late Thursday night I found a busted FCAB bushing and had to get a teammate to pick up the replacement parts on the way to the track Friday. Not the way we like to prepare for a race- overwhelmed. Once we were on site, went through tech and got the FCAB bushings in/ things were pretty standard. We have worked for a year getting our program nailed down, people know what to do and why; we’ve added some new stuff but overall it was business as usual. Last year at Charlotte was out first full race as DSR, at VIR that year we took a splitter stanchion to the gas tank cutting our day short in the first session. At CMS we had fuel issues (that persisted almost all through 2018) and couldn’t make fuel to 2 hours because we could only get 12 gallons out of the tank. We had that fixed and felt good for this year. Well, With the different track config our fuel burn was off the charts, we were burning 15+ in 1:45ish. Once we realized we couldn’t make 2 hour stops we figured we were out of contention so we were just going hard and thinking about a swirl pot for next year. Our team was amazing and stops were super clean. We had to change a front left a stop earlier than expected and saw that right front was getting as much wear as left front, which made me sick to my stomach knowing I’d only brought 3 spares and scrubs to boot. We changed the right front the next stop to find it was through the cords. During that stint I was in the car and radiod in that the next guy would appreciate that right front more than the left front I had gotten because 3/4 were a little nerving knowing that tire was near its end. Anyway, got the front right on and we went back to work. Those three stints before the final hour stint were the difference, we put down a metric ton on sub 1:30 laps and stayed in the lead, all the while thinking that we had to make an extra stop than everyone else and/or that f#ck!ng Saab was a rocket ship! 😉. We hadn’t given up when we realized we were short on mileage but we thought we were beat. Our engineering types started adding it up and giving us some hope, if Simon stops, RBanks stops and/or a good yellow comes we could change our pit window down to... poop, YELLOW, BOX BOX BOX. We caught that last yellow, got the car in immediately and got our closer out on the track. The race came right to us. We were lucky, bottom line. Calculating our gap back to RVA Graphics for a podium turned into a P1. We ran a good race, hit our marks and executed our stops fantastically but the luck of the yellow gave us the win plain and simple. We didn’t know we had won the National Championship until Bill said it during the interview. We were lucky to be there, to have the car truck and trailer there, I almost said I was too busy to get the car finished. Walking into the registration building I had seen the trophy but the thought of winning it never crossed my mind. I was just happy to be there with friends on the team and in the paddock. That win was really a high point for all of us. It’s hard to win in this format as preparation has to be graced by fortune, that makes the wins sweeter. Oh and that trophy was the best thing I’ve ever seen! We are excited and look forward to proudly wearing the #1 this year. Thanks to all of our fellow racers.
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    I'm not sure words can really do justice to how much I enjoyed this past weekend, but I'll give it a try. I've been a lifelong racing fan, watching on TV or here at our local short track in Elko, and 10+ years simracing on iRacing, always assuming that was as close as I'd ever get to an actual on-track competition. A few months back however, I had the chance to catch up with an old friend, and learned that he and another friend had been running a car in this series. I immediately declared myself a member of their crew, and said count me in for the Road America weekend. I'm pretty sure I also said I'd be willing to drive if they found themselves in a pinch, but never thought they'd be stupid enough to let me do it... that's the great thing about old friends though sometimes they trust you for no good reason. So, first of all, a huge thanks to Tim and Shawn for giving me a chance to do something I had long ago written off as impossible. I'm sure it's an uncomfortable feeling to hand your car and control of the result over to a complete novice, but they did, and were nothing but positive and supportive, which is even more amazing. Thanks guys for an amazing experience, I'm still smiling a week later. As I was getting in the car to run my first stint, and Tim was helping me with the belts, he took the time to share some last-minute advice with me.... unfortunately I have no idea what it was because I was too busy having a panic attack. Next a huge thank you to team #223 Limpy Screwdriver. We had a transmission issue early on Friday, which almost certainly would have sent us home for good if not for the time and expertise these guys went out of their way to share with us for no other reason than they're just stand up guys. They went above and beyond, can't say enough good things about them. Just an awesome, fun group of guys that were a blast to be around. It's too bad we're not closer, I'm sure we're missing some great happy hours! Also, a big personal thanks to the #811 TCB Motorsports guys. You guys were exceptionally friendly and gracious, which I'm sure you always are, but it was particularly appreciated by this someone who didn't really feel like they deserved to be driving in this race and wasn't really sure what to expect. It was great to meet all of you too, and I hope to see you out there again sometime. And on that note, thank you to all of the rest of you who I only "met" on the track or in passing around the paddock. The posts I've read here in this thread only seem to reinforce the experience I had which is that this is a great racing community. All of my experiences with staff and other teams were positive the whole weekend, I didn't really know what to expect but wasn't expecting this level of camaraderie. I look forward to getting a chance to meet more of you in the future. Someone had asked about sharing pictures, and I was lucky enough that my parents were able to come spectate and bring their cameras. Most of the pictures are of us, but there are a handful of other cars as well if you want to take a look. Also some short video clips... the hosting service I use isn't great for video, the videos I believe are all HD clips, but they take a while to load/cache so they look pretty grainy at first until they load fully. If you want to take a look, the link to them is here.
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    After talking to some teams at a recent event, I discovered there are quite a few people that don't know where a lot of the tracks we race at are located. Like, they did not know what state "Virginia International Raceway" was located in. So, to help them, I have made a clickable PDF map. don't click the image Above, because it is not interactive. You have to download the PDF. The first person that emails or messages me saying they can't do anything with the image gets 10 laps. 2019Map.pdf
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    We got our car taken apart tonight. Not as bad as we thought. We are going to get it pulled back into shape. Should be ready to rock and roll by VIR 24.
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    Here is the RX7's footwell intrusion. @wvumtnbkr (Rob) would likely have been in the hospital had he not lifted his feet per @Bill Strong. Here you can see the firewall buckled. These aren't directly comparable incidents. NLS had a wreck similar to ours, Not Banned Yet (NBY), but at much lower energy. My understand of the NLS incident is that their safety systems also worked well at least as well or better than ours as they did have a full, proper foot protection bar in place. Here are my observations for the moment. The safer barrier is intended for MUCH higher energy absorption. They are protecting against heavier cars with full tube frames at higher speeds. Our cars run slower, have energy absorbing structure before the cage structure is engaged, and are typically lighter than Cup cars. Therefore the barrier is very stiff for our purposes. A Dash bar is CRITICAL. Footwell intrusion protection is CRITICAL. The A pillar in a caged car offers far better protection than an uncaged modern vehicle. Contrary to some opinions, you want energy absorption in the form of significant crumple zones. Additional safety compared to the rules minimum should be permitted within the driver safety cell imo. Do not install fuel components outside of crash structure when and where possible. Certainly try not to add exposure zones to stock locations. When we added a surge tank to our hatchback, we immediately added a full enclosure bulkhead to protect the driver from a fuel fire. This was years before the bulkhead rule and thankfully this legally questionable addition was given a manual override. It was generally accepted and our diligence towards safety congratulated. We did have a false floor with extra structure to protect the driver. Our next cage will likely have direct cage attachments and a proper footbar and some additional driver specific protection. This may not have been legal at the time we built the car but we plan our next car to take a significant step up in safety even if it means seeking exception or approval. We did make our car safer since it was built. The false floor, improved seat mounts, Halo seat, better belts (Scroth Enduro), and many other small improvements were added over time due to our continuing commitment to safety. An interesting tidbit. Some people suggested the amount that our engine bay crumpled was excessive. That solid engine mounts were a poor idea because without them, the engine could drop and essentially fall away in the case of an accident. This is leveraging some practices from stock vehicle design but isn't viable on our car. Our engine has a cross member that prevents it from dropping out. Our transmission has a cross member that prevents it from dropping out. We also have a front splitter and at our ride height there are few options for the engine to drop below the car. As-is our crumple zone was well suited for this incident. Enough to heavily sacrifice the car without significantly penetrating the driver cell. Had the same incident happened at 100+ mph at the same angle, the story would be a different one altogether. That's where we see room for improvement.
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    I don't have a problem with it. It is mildly annoying to roll my glove up and then try to roll it down as I'm exiting the pit. It does seem pointless. Maybe we could come up with a secret handshake and a pit out verification phrase. PitOut Marshall: "MR2's are cheaty." Response: "But they break a lot so it's ok."
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    Terrifying - yes, but still a blast to drive, got better after the sun went down and wasn't whiteout blinded by the sun in nascar 4. As long as you didn't use the brakes the car was awesome. Going into nascar 3 flat out (edit: almost flat out) time after time in this car was one of the more questionable decisions I have made in my 50 odd years. Damn it was fun. Absolutely. Some really good driving by all in those cars. It was fun to run close to all three and know you could trust them. Well deserved podiums. Great job by @Huggy and his crew putting two cars out there so well prepared. We had some really off the wall stuff happen as noted, but the cars were prepped great. Champcar staff as always put on a good show. Keep up the good work. I know Mike said in the board meeting this is like coming to a rowdy bar to spend time in the forum, but I like to think it's a tad better than that. We can come here and relive the weekend and enjoy some good stories. There will always be the random bs that will come up and be debated ad nauseum but I am still glad we have this available to us.
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    I will be doing GEAR TECH again and due to this event selling out once more and the high number of drivers, we will be doing gear tech in the garage AND have a (red, white & blue) golf cart roaming around checking your DRIVERS GEAR to provide you with the best customer service in the racing industry and to start your weekend off smoothly.
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    I read everyone of these post.
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    I thought after running Daytona, Road America, and Charlotte back-to-back-to-back in 3 weeks that I would be tired and ready for a break. Nope........ I wish I was racing this weekend.
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    This is fantastic. @Bill Strong, Is it okay to re-post that map on a team webpage? VERY impressive resume of events. No other endurance series in the country can come close to what ChampCar is offering, in terms of variety and number of events. Quite frankly, it is why we chose ChampCar over the others. Well done!
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    I got a couple of pictures of our footwell bar design. We have one bar that goes through the firewall to the strut top. A second bar to triagulate that stops at the firewall. I really think this design stopped us from having a lot more damage. We are going to be able to take it to a frame shop and save the car!
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    We had a big aero debate for this track. Our conclusion was that driver confidence, at this level of driver skill, was more important than raw speed. We debated several possible changes with significant mph advantage but ultimately chose to only trim the wing to allow our drivers full throttle for as much of the oval as possible without the need to lift. It was a clear case where the empirical calculations and strategic understanding of the track plus our drivers were at odds. Not Banned Yet Race Report This one is a doozy complete with a backstory! We have to go back a few weeks where an employee suddenly left, leaving many of us with excessive work to make up the shortfall. Soon thereafter a tree fell on our shop. Then a family trip to Atlanta led to my daily driver wagon being stolen from my hotel parking lot on Easter morning. It has since been found with the engine & trans chopped out. We had just rebuilt our engine after a bearing failure at VIR S. Upon firing up the rebuilt engine, a bucket shim got stuck under a cam lobe breaking the cam. To reach this diagnostic point, there was a lot of cranking and disconnecting of systems. We installed a new cam and got the car together in time for the race. As we towed down, we used some gas in our tow vehicle that had excessive water in it, stopping us as we were getting on the highway. We barely made it back up the cloverleaf and were in the way of traffic as we pumped the water out of the fuel line. We finally made it to the track and on race morning, our car quickly died on track. We were towed in as we had several false diagnoses. Ultimately, it was a cascading failure from the broken cam as some of the systems that were disabled for testing weren't properly re-enabled. Our battery failed as a result. Once back underway, we got a nail in our right rear tire somewhere on the racetrack that had @Wyatt hauling at top speed on 3-4 with a deflated right rear heavily loaded tire. The sidewalls were trashed and we were all happy about his ability to diagnose a fault and quickly come in safely! We had another vibration on the car and attempted some remedies. Unfortunately, our next driver in came out of T1 onto the banking out of control and his attempts to reign the car back in led to our hard hit into the wall. I may need to take @Ray Franck's suggestion and play the lottery this week. Our Not Banned Yet #307 car operated under a few names over the years. She earned us hardware, was a continuous challenge, and at times pushed the envelope. We've had a wonderful time working on, driving, drinking near, and building friendships and memories around this car. We're grateful for her service. #307 will be retired as we move on to the next car which will take us some time to debut. In the meantime, we'll still be at the racetrack running with other teams and continuing to develop products like our flagtronics.com system and our many electronics products from our title sponsor, Ballenger Motorsports. Thanks to everyone who has contributed, driven, worked on, and otherwise been a part of our lives while campaigning #307.
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    We're waaaay late to the post-race party but I thought I would share the highlights of TR Motorsports (#318) eventful Road America weekend. After crunching our left front, not once, but twice at last falls race, we focused our resources on fixing the damage over the winter. During the test day, were relieved to find the cars performance was identical to last fall, running 2:59's on half worn tires during the short periods of dry weather on Thursday. Race Day 1 found us at the absolute back of the field (Pit #2) so we had nowhere to go but up ! I took the first stint (Chirs H) and managed to work our way to 19th by lap 5. Unfortunately, I missed a yellow flag displayed on the outside of carosuel while passing a car on the outside. After serving our penalty in the sin bin, we rejoined in 37th and pitted on lap 36 in 11th place. Our next driver in (TJ) had never turned a wheel at Road America and he put in a clean stint while consistently dropping time as he learned the line. TJ pulled in on lap 72 in 9th. Next up, Woody drove a fast, consistent stint, pitting on lap 110 moving up two more positions to 7th overall. The final stint went to our car chief and Road America veteran, Bob K. He battled hard on worn tires, maintained our position throughout the stint and moved up a spot with 7 to go when the TCB Miata ran short of fuel. The team was extremely happy with the result . (5th overall, 2nd in A Class) We've had some recent success at our home track Gingerman, but we've been unable to complete a full day at Road America in our three previous attempts. Engine, Engine, Crash....uggg. Race Day #2 - we were optimistic for another strong day with some fresh rubber installed and we now had the chance to start from Pole for the first time. Our 318i is not exactly a torque monster, so we knew our best bet was to stay out of the way on the first lap and put down consistent, quick laps while the fast cars worked by. This worked well and I managed to finish the first stint in 6th as the fast guys cycled through pitstops ahead of us. Rejoining in 12th, Joe W took the wheel and unfortunately ran into clutch trouble just a few laps into his stint. I guess we found the time limit for the clutch disc as it has survived for 3 seasons of use/abuse. It was great to finally get the season started and see a number of our ChampCar family again. It was also great to meet some new teams and see there excitement for the series. Huge thanks to all the ChampCar staff and volunteers....we can't wait for the next event !
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    I can see it now, on a death bed in the year 2075. “Nurse, one last thing...cough whheeez, yea um could you send a msg to tech for me? Sure gramps what is it? Tell them bastards my air dam and splitter shoulda only been 10 pts!!! Cough. Wheeze, thanks Swee.......”.
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    Dude I already had my shirt picked out!
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    The flagging might not have been The greatest, but at least we didn't have someone with laser focus out there.
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    Premium Dudes race report: Several problems were found on the test day, and consequently we didn't get much practice in. We did manage to fix the car and it was running great by the time the green flag fell on Friday. I took the start, started in 6th and was in 6th when people started to pit. I sacrificed a bit of speed to ensure a full stint, and handed the car over to the second driver. All was going great for 110 minutes until we saw our driver come down pit road with a damaged right-front. Our driver clipped a Porsche in Canada corner after a couple cars checked up hard for local yellow and he didn't see it. We sent our 3rd driver right out with 6 degrees of RF camber, 1/2" of toe out, a flapping hood, and potentially more issues. He was every bit of 5 seconds off pace, and so was our 4th driver. We ended up in 2nd, but would have had 1st place after JSK dropped if we had been running at full pace. We did our best that night to get the alignment back where it should be, and I think we did a good job. Indications were that we were still 1-2 seconds off our day 1 pace, and the car was a bit of a handful. We also picked up an issue where the engine would randomly die. It started in the second stint and got worse as the day progressed. I found that it would immediately refire if I put the clutch in and hit the starter button (any ideas?). By the end of the race it was dying almost once per lap. We ran a perfect race (all things considered) and were just behind Ludicrous Speed when I was in for the 4th stint. I gave it hell but every time I got close, Chris effortlessly pulled away. With 30 minutes to go I gave up the chase and ran conservatively to the end for a 2nd place finish. Two second place finishes is a heck of a weekend. Big thanks to the team and supporters. We turn our attention now to preparing for the rest of the season, Indy is up next.
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    what really sucks is how many cars are now losing by one lap because of this rule interpretation
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    The answers to all this is written in black and white on page 1 . We have teams that have been given points this way from 2017 we have teams that were not . Aero limits were pushed definitions and limitations had to be made and were . Everyone is being given the same points for every addition. We have had teams come on here and state we add points to their cars " no " we only count them . If you do not want the points do not add the stuff or take it off .
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    How much extra do I have to pay for Johan to NOT look at my data? 😆
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    It is JDM, but bone stock K24 engine from a TSX. It is a Class B Champcar! Oh, and a supercharger bolted to it. I guess bumped to C with forced induction. 🤣 I run it in AER, but may do a couple events in EC with it. Most likely Thompson as it is a home track for us.
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    FWIW here is a pic of our foot bars on the passenger side. Driver side is similar. #deeznodes
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    I have video from the Honda, and video from the Triumph. I won't release it. It is up to the owners of the cars to release it if they want. I saw the video, along with with Charlotte Motor Speedway safety, and Charlotte Motor Speedway event director, and Mike Chisek. The RX7 was on the inside, Honda in the middle, and the Triumph on the right. The Triumph was being passed on the left by the Honda and the RX7 was moving fast up the inside of the Honda. To us, it looked like aero forces at 120mph sucked the Triumph into the Honda, as the driver made no steering changes in either the Honda nor the Triumph. The Triumph came across the nose of the Honda, and then the RX7 t-boned the Triumph and both headed for the inside wall. It was determined from viewing the video that there was no fault to any of the drivers.
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    I didn't do this earlier, so here is taking care of some unfinished business. First, thanks to Parts Badger for things we needed that we didn't possess to finish up our repairs. We owe you. You guys are awesome and are advancing our series. Keep it up. Second, thanks to Ludicrous Speed for the use of the welder. And also congrats to you for winning both races. Speed and reliability-you have both! Third, thanks to tech for keeping us safe. Good inspections. Note that a few things came to light later-we are NOT required to weight cars, and also there will be no pump outs to determine fuel capacity according to Mike, our CEO. We are not IMSA and don't want to be. Fourth, thank you to Mike Morrison for putting on a great show and also to the Road America volunteers and staff. What a great track. Fifth, thanks to the guys in garage 13. We didn't have time for food and you fed us. I wish more could take their attitude-they had ten drivers for two cars. Only one car ran each day, but you wouldn't know it from the laughs and fun being had over there. It was awesome to see. See some of you guys in Charlotte this weekend!
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    My wife went all out this year.... With some help
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    Looking forward to meeting our pit-partners and getting out on track in 2019, although it seems like the clever and subtle irony of our team name has been overlooked this time.....
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    I don’t think Ray writes or edits the rule book. Just reads it and takes a load of poo from us.
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    Isn't the whole point of the VPI that cars with higher starting point values don't get to add as much stuff. What am I missing here? Like my dad used to say when I wanted sympathy as a little fella. "I feel for ya, I just can't quite reach ya." In today's terms he would have probably told me to suck it up buttercup. I mean we'd like to put a set of cams in our ecotech and run a different intake or whatever but we are out of points. What kind of crap is that? Those things shouldn't be points its just dumb. I would never tell you "sucks to suck" You've won too many races and clearly don't suck. Please take all of the above with at least 2 or 3 grains of salt. Its all just conversation in the paddock.
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    I timed tax refund and payment deadline perfectly... Speedway Creations is in...
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    Crank Yankers Racing had a tough race at Charlotte. I towed my car since we had the board meeting and wanted to see how we would do against some of the top cars in ChampCar. We had a successful board meeting on Friday. We teched the car and things seemed to be going well as I did a lot of garage prep before this race. I had to put all my decals on and adjust the wing. Pretty basic items before a race. Also was able to go around and meet some new teams and members. Saturday we had our new driver to our team start the race. He started 38th and ended his stint in 3rd place. Next stint the driver said the brakes felt a little spongy and it would pull left. Eric our first driver said he didn't notice that. He finished his stint but just felt uneasy. I checked things at the 2nd pit stop (in 6th place) and things seemed fine. 3rd driver said he has no brakes and so we brought him in. No brake leaks. Tried bleeding the brakes, sent him out and same thing. So we decided we would take it behind the wall. Found out we had bad pad kickback due to a horrendous right front wheel bearing. The guy in the 2nd stint did the majority of his stint with it bad. We fixed the wheel bearing (only had 17 hours on it, but Sebring and roval were very hard on it) and went out to finish the race. We ended 30th out of 74 with issues but proved we have good pace in the series. Thanks to all the staff, members, corner workers and volunteers. Thanks to everyone for giving their input in person at the track about our series too. First stint
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    Drunken Squirrel had an amazing return to ChampCar. After the wreck that bent the "original" rusty cougar in Pittsburgh a few years ago a few things fell in line and we ended up building a new car with a Coyote 5.0 Drivetrain swap. We ran a few races with some other series on our home tracks of NJMP and Summit. So at the moment we are running EC in Champ. Our weekend started out interesting as when we opened the trailer after the 13 hour haul, the car had shifted and front left tire had fallen off the ramps. We are using an ex-late model trailer and the tires only touch about half on either side. After stacking a few wheels up under the car we where able to jack it up and get it back on the ramps with minimal fanfare. From there the weekend went about like clockwork. We had 6 drivers, so we all filtered through a few times in the rain on the practice day to learn the place. Day 1 the car was flawless and we finished 3rd "overall" and 1st in EC. Day 2 we had some clutch issues halfway through the day. Cam Benty graciously stepped aside, gave up his stint to save us a pit stop. We ended up 1st "overall" and had an amazing run with some of the other EC cars. Matt Connolly Motorsports and the Cayman were running us down as we were down to just 3rd gear for the last 45 minutes, think we ended up all on the same lap. It was good to be back with ChampCar and nice to meet the Central region racers and the staff. Thank you again to ChampCar and huge thank you to the Road America staff and EV workers!!!! This is my new favorite track. …
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    Low Farm Racing had our best race yet! We built our car two years ago with our primary concern being cost and having some fun performance more than really concentrating on points, and ended up with a lot of penalty points for the last two seasons. This year we changed a ton on the car and got it to be right on 500 points and faster than before to boot! The change from ebay coilovers to Bilsteins and springs made the car a bit more lively to drive, so we all had a bit of a learning curve Friday morning but by the end of our stints had it figured out. We ended up all running consistently 3:02-3:06 lap times which is the fastest the car has yet to go. We Our biggest issue now is fuel, since we only have a 15gal tank we were stopping at 1h20ish, but still managed our best finish yet on Friday coming in 15th overall! A great time was had by all. Saturday we were on track for a similar finish but had to withdraw early with two failed drive shaft center bearings back to back, but had a great race prior to that. Thank you to Champcar and Road America staff and volunteers for another fantastic race event as always. We definitely had this happen a few years ago too in our first car. We even got talked to in our pit stall that we could pass the tow truck, and got a laugh from Mike when we told them it was more of a horsepower problem than a desire problem 🤣
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    Some teams like the class structure, and I am not advocating changing it. I am simply explaining that a D class car is not faster than an A class car or a B class car etc. You could change out the displacements to exterior colors of the cars and it would serve the same purpose.
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    Great weekend for the Premium Dudes, I'll post a longer write-up later detailing how we raced our way to two podium finishes. But first, we would not have gotten there without some help (per usual) from some helpful champs! - Thanks to PartsBadger who loaned us a 36mm socket and alignment string - Big thanks to the rusty cougar / drunken squirrel team for lots of help, including but not limited to their tall jack, a welder, oil-dry, fuel during the race when we realized we didn't have enough and a pit stop was imminent. I know there was more but can't remember it right now. Great group of guys... that car is a monster on the straights! I'll bring some Jaeger to our next event with you! - Thanks Bucksnort for offering your welder too - And thanks to any other teams who assisted, we appreciate it! And thanks to a couple team sponsors: - SSSquid tuning hooked us up with some ECU changes and tuning for this track. We needed lots of power without too much fuel burn and they made it happen. - 90racing.com provided some of our driver gear, roll cage padding, and other helpful items. Free shipping on all orders over $90 and great service. Congrats to all finishers and Ludicrous Speed on the wins... we hope to dethrone you in October but we have some work to do!
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    Race Monitor seems to have been dropped from use by T&S. Is there any possibility to get it back, or is there a technical/financial/other reason for its dis-usage? I know it costs money from the user end ($5/yr), but its a far superior product IMO
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    We have raced in Lemons for several years and it has become a traffic jam on the track. Having a little more room might be nice considering our last Lemons race we were t-boned by rookies and our testing a new car this time around.
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    Which is why you can't just go by tire temps to set camber. We had the same problem with inside edge wear and had to use tread wear as a main indicator of required camber to even things out. Once your tread wear looks reasonable, do another tire temp test and record those as your new targets.
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    Don't really have a dog in this fight yet, but its not surprising. We haven't gone though tech yet this year, but I fully expect at indy something we've been running the past two seasons to be given points this year. Say what you will about other series, but the power to weight rule books with modifiers make our rule book look like the 2019 tax code.
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    In our industry those are refereed to as alternative lifestyle cutters, or cutters with comfortable shoes.... We work in some corporate places where asking if you grabbed your dykes can cause "issues"😀
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    The 1997-99 Porsche Boxster is pretty good. It is not going to win many drag races with the fast cars and it will not run with cars like Ludicrous Speed or PartsBadger through the corners, but it handles fairly well and if you set it up properly, it is a very predictable car. They are really fun to drive and we think that they fit into ChampCar VERY nicely. We will continue to compete for podiums, if we can have mistake-free races and stay consistent. The car is actually quite cheap to buy and the replacement parts are cheap too. The 986 Gen-1 Boxster is not your typical Porsche. It is NOT a high end car. It was Porsche's way of not going out of business by partnering with VW and Audi (VAG). It uses a lot of cheap VW and Audi parts. As long as you know the shortcuts to sourcing parts, it is not an expensive car to own or fix. The car has some flaws that need to be addressed. It needs a power steering modification. We went with electro-hydraulic power steering, as it costs fewer points than pulleys and coolers and it is more reliable. It also needs a modification for rear toe adjustment. You need to set these cars up with quite a bit or rear toe-in. Otherwise, you'll end up like the black Boxster at Road Atlanta. Setup on the Boxster is very important. We made those two modifications, plus a little bit of plastic and aluminum to top out at 498 points. If you're at WGI, come by and check out our cars. We call them "Baby Cup Cars". They are super clean builds with a lot of attention to detail. As for performance, we had no problem going 2 hours on fuel at Road Atlanta. At Road America, we had a couple pros who were trying to set the track record for ChampCar Boxster and burned through a tank of gas in 90 minutes. That happened 3 times on Saturday! In terms of lap times, we were like 30th fastest at Road Atlanta and top 10 at Road America, but that was with Pro drivers in the car. Our normal, human drivers were about 7-10 seconds off of Ludicrous Speed. I'll post a video of NASCAR driver and Road America hometown boy, Josh Bilicki, in our silver car on Saturday. He was incredibly fast. Our other pro went back-to-back wins in PWC TC last weekend at VIR...Johan Schwartz. He and Josh were trying to one-up each other and they put on a hell of a show. There isn't anything to do to the engine for more power. So, if we had points to play with, we'd be looking at Aero, handling, and reliability.
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    I would love to see this as I was behind the wheel when it happened. The TT was a bit faster than the supra on the nascar section of the track and I had pulled up to about 4-5 feet from his back bumper. I saw his hand resting outside the window and I thought maybe he was either getting fresh air or pointing me by so I started to move the inside when his brake lights came on. "Oh boy," was not what I said to myself as I hit the brakes thinking he was pitting, at which point I was along for the ride. I severely flat spotted all four tires and broke something in the incredibly fragile drivetrain. When I went to retrieve the video card is when I realized that we forgot to put it in that morning. We parked the car the majority of the day, then later decided to remove the center driveshaft that went kaput and run FWD. After much wrestling, the offending part was removed and the TT accomplished something it had never before done, crossed the finish line under the checkered flag.
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    Daytona is fun and relaxing, and just a blast. Charlotte was white knuckle pucker moment for 2 hours.
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    Every time by there... Glad I wasn't the only one thrown off... Flagging on the roval was definitely a bit confusing as the EV was on the apron often with all the lights still green.
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    Observe, the Mother Porsche and her newly hatched Miatas. She can only do so much to protect them from the kerbs of Charlotte. The winter is harsh, and many will not make it.
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    I am just wondering as to why the cars on the wait list for races is not posted with the entry list? It would be nice to see where we or any other cars are on the wait lists so teams can make arrangements to figure out another race to go to or cancel hotel rooms, etc. If a team is 1st on the wait list or if they are 10th on the list is huge difference on their chances of getting into the race. Which in turn might have them decide to sign up for another race and put their focus on that and not one which they are 10th on the list for. Just Wondering why?
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    Hey folks, here's your link for this week's broadcast! As outlined for plenty of reasons above, this race could go one of many ways. I hope everyone who tunes in will enjoy it, and everyone racing gets a chance to check it back after.
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