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    Racebar here with one of the last trip reports (as expected): This was our first race with our newly rebuilt motor, named "Rainbow number 5" as it was our fifth motor and was painted like a rainbow by a drunk Patrick "Dick Freelane" Mchugh during a late night party rock session after the kids had gone to bed. On Friday, during the track day, we blew a head gasket for obvious reasons. Quantum speed works hosted us throughout the day as we pondered why our brand new motor blew a gasket and we waited on the new gasket to arrive. By 5 pm, it was clear that the car wouldn't make it to the paddock for the BBQ party, and with the continuous deluge of wet stuff (Ben Dawson's race driver equalizer), we decided to move the dance party slash BBQ prerace get-everyone-drunk-so-they-drive-like-poop-the-next-day-party up to the super amazing facility at Quantum. So that night, we ate, we talked, we drank, we danced, we rebuilt Racebar, and we misdiagnosed her problems. Around midnight we introduced our new pledges to Racebar with a lap around the paddock by foot, and a little team bonding with the Champcar trophies. (Its ok we blamed our transgressions on Winsome Racing. The staff never knew it was us) We made it to tech in the morning where we discovered that people have complained about Racebar from previous races. Ray, sadly, was forced to add a 25 pt penalty to our amplifier, speakers, and bar claiming it adds speed. He said this would calm the complaints. I dont think we are winning any races Ray. By noon, after blowing yet another head gasket, we discovered the actual problem with the Racebar motor was not under torquing of the head bolts, but rather detonation. WIth some quick thinking by Jeff "Ron Mexico" Caplan, we had a head gasket on the way being delivered by Al "The reverend" Taylor. After having "practiced" a head removal so many times in the past, we pulled together as a team, and had the head off in 20 minutes. However, with the head off, we realized yet a new major problem. Our block was majorly cracked. So after another hour of pondering, we decided to run her for as long as she would go. 30 minutes later, we were on the track and racing again. We changed the coolant multiple times throughout the next 6 hours and added countless qts of oil. Eventually by about 7 pm, it was oil starvation that ultimately got us as I, threw yet another racebar rod. (This would be the third rod our team has thrown all with me at the wheel) Despite our lack of success on the track, this was our most successful race yet. Our team has grown every race. We have built a culture, values, and a team which people willingly invest time and money to further the cause. We had the opportunity to help numerous teams at this race which was rewarding for all of us. We have built friendships with other teams that extend beyond the track. Moving forward, we have new motors going in both Racebar and Lasershark, a newly aquired e30 to add to the team, an e36 being built now, and a new acquisition of Winsome Racing (they havent exactly agreed.) We are doing an endurance running relay with Racebar in April, competition bbq this summer, pub crawls, brewery parties, HPDE events, and Indy in July. We were verbally reminded of how much we suck during this race by the e46 EC team. Its ok, no judgement passed here. There are those who understand Racebar, and those who have yet to learn. At this race, we met a young boy named Jack. Jack wrote us a handwritten note, which I think sums up how we feel about our team. This is his note: Dear Racers in Racebar champcar series, Your car was the best and creative but you didnt win. But who cares if you win or lose. It matters if you have fun or not and I hope you have fun. You have speakers on your car. You went in the pit stop a lot of times but thats ok. I hope you are proud and do you think you could write me back. Sorry and I might write you more letters. Bye, your friend. Jack The e46 team, should probably talk to Jack so they can learn a few things about life. It truly is an honor to race with all of you. Most of you are better drivers than we are, so thank you for sharing the track with us. Free beer and bbq is always on us. -Raaaaaacceeebaaaaaaar!
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    Mr. Media: 1) You could have added the cooler if you needed it. Nobody stopped you, you chose not to run it. You decided to swap in an ungodly amount of power into your car and then complain after the fact that you did not "have enough points for a cooler". 2) Why not run the stock engine and run as many coolers as you want? Oh yea, you wanted to swap in an ungodly powerful engine and then complain after the fact that you don't have free coolers. 3) Teams that run 5+ races a year don't all bitch about not having enough free stuff. It's normally teams that squeak in with deflated values that were lobbied down, or teams that are running a 500 point car. If a car is valued at 500 points, its valued that high because it is a REALLY good car. It might have a few weaknesses, and if those are addressed it would then be better than a 500 point car. According to your logic, I should buy a Honda S2000. Run a 1 hour stint before running out of gas (13 gallons) and then petition that the car should get a 20 gallon tank. The reason the car is 500 points is because of that weakness. If it has a 20 gallon tank, it would be a 550 point car. So then I should level the field by giving all cars 20 gallons right? Then an E30 and an S2000 equal then, right? Wrong....... There are other series that allow free everything, and they are an arms race. The things that differentiate this series and make it better are/were an attempt to keep it budget friendly, and single class racing. Just my $.02........rant over.
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    aftermarket aluminum radiators should be free then too? what about maybe a set of H-beam rods? custom billet gears for my transmission and a wavetrac diff have better reliability. If my brake pads can't make it a 14hr race, i want to step up to a 6 piston with a larger brake pad so i can increase my reliabilty and decrease my costs so i dont have to put as many brake pads in my car... come on man. its endurance racing, anything that gives you more endurance is a performance advantage, plain and simple.
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    Seems to me that every time we see one more performance enhancing component added to the fixed value list at 0 points we see a few other components changed to 0 points and then another few components get their value lowered so that they have a fair value compared to said 0 point items. This hasn't been a slippery slope for quite a while, it's much more like a free fall! I'm pretty sure that there are only two reasons to replace a component; Performance and Reliability. Either or both of these should increase your VPI but with so many 0 point parts this doesn't happen nearly enough. 500 point cars are listed as such for a reason and they already have the benefit of all the 0 point items so why allow them to gain reliability without cost? If your current, low VPI, car needs an oil cooler or accusump why not remove 30 or 40 points of performance components and swap in the reliability components? The reason that there are fewer cars battling for the lead in the final laps is that there is so much more disparity throughout the field and this is a direct result of the lowering of the VPI, the addition of 0 point and lower valued components and the disregard for the spirit of the rules. Champcar is, and should be, a throwback to the old endurance racing series where reliability is sometimes sacrificed for performance and vice versa. It seems that the teams at the sharp end of the field want it more like the current crop of pro endurance series where the biggest technical problem a team encounters is a computer glitch. The reality is that we cannot go back but we can certainly pull up on the reins.
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    In regards to the free accumulators, two of those people asking have cars that start at 200 flipping pts..... if you can't somehow use some of your 300 available points on coolers, that is on you. Maybe don't swap in a motor that puts you in a position like that, or maybe take off a couple pieces of aero to free up the points to add them on. It is all a choice, make the car last an endurance race, or go faster by pushing the car beyond what it was designed for. Not everything is equal, that is why not all cars start at the same value. It is up to the builder to choose their path and utilize the points they have with the associated value for added components. Our car didn't need an oil cooler, we needed a diff because a stock 1.6 diff could not hold up to the abuse we were putting it through and after blowing up 6 of them we were left with a choice. We did not petition for a free diff, we took the dang 25 pts and were happy to do it. Really, I would love to see points added back for all of the free and 2x stuff that is already out there. However, I have been told directly that will never happen, so please, quit making everything else free and causing us to have to increase our overall speed level by having to spend $$$$ to keep up.
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    It causes speed creep, as it opens up points for cars that are paying points for coolers. Speed creep = $$ creep. You have to understand that your $4,500 engine costs more than some of the cars on track. You are at the extreme end of the spending spectrum. What makes sense for you may not be in the best interest of the majority of the members.
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    First, as I said above, I didn't see all of it. I can't report that & cost somebody a lap, or whatever the penalty is, if I can't tell control everything that happened. I couldn't tell them where he started the pass from, so if I call that in, I better be able to tell the whole story. I wasn't looking that way when those cars came out of T9. Second, I considered asking T9 if they saw it. I ultimately decided that he only dropped two off, never lost control, didn't touch the guardrail or another car, and no other car had to move to avoid him. After watching the video, I stand by my decision. It's gotta be remembered that most stations are manned alone. What is easy to arm chair QB on a youtube video isn't reality for us. Also, again, control wants to know everything we saw. I've done this for 11 seasons & every Champ race at VIR except two. I'm not bringing one of you guys in unless I know that I know what I know. And, I've watched youtube videos from many events & realized that what I reported, or other turns reported, wasn't the case when the video showed up. After 11 years of flagging races from VIR to Daytona to Charlotte, I'm still good with not calling it in.
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    So here we go with the free Accusumps and oil coolers again. There are very few teams who are starting off with 500 point cars, which means a great many people who COULD run coolers but CHOOSE to spend the points elsewhere. And at least one of the 500 point cars has demonstrated (multiple teams at multiple tracks) that it can win races WITHOUT an oil cooler. So this is people who want free stuff because they've maxed out the points of their 200-300 point car, are now sitting at 500, and want free stuff so they don't have to slow down to get it.
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    Wasn't it your choice not to run a transmission cooler? I know you had more than enough points available. You could have saved yourself $6000 and some lost revenue by choosing reliability over speed but you apparently chose the opposite. I think that one's completely on you.
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    An extra quart of oil - DUH!!!!! sorry - couldn't resist The bulk of the wildly repetitive arguments here seem rooted in the following: Some people build reliable cars and then try to make them fast Other people build fast cars and then try to make them reliable It seems like the first group does a much better job of reading what the second group writes and replying with logical, reasoned arguments. The second group has a few logical types and then a ton of just crazy rhetoric. Not sure if there is a correlation edit: five minutes later I got the correlation. It is much more frustrating to blow up while leading (speed before reliability) than it is to finish but not win (reliability before speed). Frustration usually leads to some level of lashing out and tends to substantially reduce one’s ability to be rational or logical.
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    While it seems that others want this for less than 500 points:
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    Great suggestion. I'm sitting here thinking along those lines. Just some suggestions.... Add 75 pts to engine swaps instead of 50. Double the points for coilovers. Make aero at least double the current points. I think material is okay. Make camber plates the same cost if homemade or bought. Maybe add a kicker for wider than stock wheels in some way. Like maybe 1 inch is free and then 10 pts per inch after that. Just some things I barely thought of. If we do that and then allow free accusumps, free oil coolers and free cheap aluminum radiators I believe we could curb some of the speed creep and add reliability and lower actual costs. I know this will be unloved, but it is just some food for discussion.
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    I do kinda get a kick out of everyone trying to convince everyone else their mods should be free and why. It’s entertaining.
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    To recap the info provided and underscore the best advice: Five minute minimum if you take fuel. No minimum if you come in to pull a fender off a tire or change an exhausted driver. When you stop at the pit out stop sign, you just say “no fuel” and they release you without waiting for the timer to expire. All that being said, a wise team doing their first race just ignores all of that and takes whatever time is required. Check the oil. Look at the tires to see if they are wearing funny. Make sure the lugs are torqued. On certain cars, check the wheel bearing tightness. Look for fluids dripping under the car. Etc. etc. So many new teams blow their cars up in the first race because they think they are racing and rush the stops. The first race is to learn where your car needs attention (I.e. it burns a lot of oil, or it keeps backing out the nut on the bearings), not to really race. It is a high intensity test day that happens to occur while other people are racing. If you adopt that philosophy, you will almost assuredly finish much higher than if you try to be in the race. You will run in lower positions in the first half of the race, but will run much longer in the race and that is the key to endurance racing. And you will be a lot happier too. Too many first time teams blow up, break, or wreck before all of the drivers get a stint because they are trying too hard. Make your sole objective “to still be running at the checker” and you will have a much better chance of the whole team having some fun. Once you have finished a race, THEN start worrying about your pit times. Welcome to Champ!
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    Cams that are special production or not stock (orignal OEM part numbers and specs) are a 50 point upgrade.If you grind or weld and grind your OEM cam to a new value, it is not stock.If we pull out a dial indicator at post race impound and find thespecs to not match OEM you will be disqualified or receive a points penalty.
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    Dude. Get away from the computer. You are crapping on people who help other champers. You are also putting words in people's mouths that they did not use. We understand you want to build to the extent of the rules. Some of us just want to have this sandbox to play in and don't want to move this into a more professional setting. You are an awesome racer and builder. Just please stop with the vitriol.
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    The most vocal critics appear to be people who have been around racing for a long time and know where all the free trinkets will lead. The usual: 1. See a lot of disenfranchised cars and teams because of the high cost of racing. 2. Start a budget series to get butts in racing seats again. 3. See the series gather momentum and car count. 4. Allow the series to grow by removing the cost control measures that started the series. 5. See the special interest groups dominate and push out the little guys. 6. End up with a select type and level of car with lower car counts. 7. See a lot of disenfranchised cars and teams because of the high cost of racing.
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    Stop it with this stupid false argument. NOBODY WANTS TO WIN BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE FAIL. Those of us against free stuff are NOT against reliability. We are against free stuff because it opens up room for performance stuff. If your car does not have a starting value above 481, then you can and should put in an oil cooler to help your engine survive. If you choose not to and go after an airdam and wing, that is your choice. If you use your 20 points on aero or any other go faster stuff, you made your choice on what is more important to you. This free oil cooler thing is just a deflection for people wanting to have more points to use. Lemme see if I understand the argument correctly.... I want to have an oil cooler for 0 points to save my 1k engine. An actual oil cooler is like $100.00. I have points for either an oil cooler or a $500 wing that will make my car faster. I'll buy the wing and then ask for free oil coolers! Ya, that's the ticket.
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    What a crazy race weekend we had at Sonoma. It started out pretty good. Got to the track Thursday night and it was raining hard off and on. Bruce Mills and Steve Nichols stopped by and we had a good time bullshitting with them for awhile. Friday morning we went through tech and Jay loved the car; all is good. It was raining off and on for all of the practice time and we ended up getting a great rain set up which paid off Saturday morning. The car was hooked up in the wet conditions and stayed in the top three till the lunch break. After the lunch break is when things started to go to hell. I got in the car for my stint and it wouldn't start so we push started it. Things seemed good. Soon as I leave pit road on the first turn, the oil pressure goes to zero then to ten. This is not good. We're in first place and I have the whole field behind me trying to get by me as I limp around to the pits. Opened the hood and found that the harmonic balancer had come apart putting a hole in the timing cover which let all the oil leak out. Decided to put our back-up motor in which had been in the trailer for the last six years. Got the motor in and running that night ready for the next day's race. About an hour into Sunday's race the driver dropped a wheel at turn 10, there was no saving it, hit the wall pretty hard but driver was ok. There was some pretty severe frame damage so we were done and decided to go home. Going home we got stuck on the Grapevine because of the snow for six and half hours until they got us turned around. Spent the night in the Hungry Bear parking lot. Had a nice breakfast in the morning and went home. While sitting in the snow on the pass trying to decide what to do with our race car, try to repair it or build a new one, I get a text from Bruce Mills with Uncommon Friends Racing. It said if I wanted his old race car chassis I could have it. I wrote him back and asked if he was serious; he said he was. The next weekend we went and picked it up and what I got from him was incredible. I can build one badass race car out of this. Hope he doesn't mind me passing him in his old car! THANK YOU BRUCE AND UNCOMMON FRIENDS RACING TEAM!!!!!
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    Disclaimer: I have no formal aerodynamics training and most of this info I am going to share I have just picked up on the side for fun. Feel free to critique anything I am about to say. I believe @@NineLivesJohnny's explanation was correct about the increase in downforce/front end stability from venting the hood is more of a side effect from taking air that may be disrupting the underbody flow and putting it somewhere less disruptive. If you are going to vent your hood, you want to vent it as close to the convex portion of the hood, which will most likely be at the front. This will be the area of lowest pressure and it will only get higher as you approach the windshield, which creates a concave shape with the hood. This is why vented cowls are usually a very bad idea for heat extraction and a great idea for a cold air intake. Another side effect of venting your hood for radiator airflow is that it may allow you to decrease the size of the radiator inlet duct, which can also improve front downforce by maintaining the high pressure zone above your front splitter (assuming you have one). Ultimately, venting the hood is more of a cooling airflow improvement that may have lift reduction (downforce) benefits depending on how the engine compartment was originally vented on your vehicle. You will notice that very high downforce cars like LMP1, LMP2, and DPi that don't have road car constraints will not have any cooling venting on the top of the car and will have all of it at the rear. They also pull air into their side pods for the heat exchangers from underneath the car, which further promotes underbody airflow. Minimizing the gap between the front of your car and the ground with a splitter is one of the easiest ways to create front downforce. Forcing air into a very small area will cause it too accelerate in an attempt to maintain the same mass flow rate, which will lower the pressure under the front splitter. The next step is to add diffuser tunnels that vent towards the inside of the front wheels and vent the rear of the front fenders to further increase airflow velocity under the front splitter. This is where it gets interesting in my opinion. You will notice a difference in design from what I described above in the most recent GT3, LMP1, LMP2 and DPi cars, and one-off hillclimb cars like the VW IDR. Below is the progression of front splitter design for the Ferrari GT3 car (458, 488, and 488 Evo) Notice how the raised portion of the front splitter goes from being non-existent to being nearly the full width of the front-end. The issue with running a flat front splitter as close to the ground as possible is that your front downforce becomes very pitch-sensitive. As soon as the splitter gets too close to the ground due to braking or bumps in the road, you will lose a large portion of your front downforce. This makes for a car that will be very unpredictible to drive, but still stable as the rear downforce will be maintained. These are things you will not notice in CFD or in the wind tunnel, but on the track. By having a raised front splitter and shaping like a nozzle, you still have high velocity air going under your front splitter, but it will be much less pitch sensitive. This is what they mean when you read the press releases of these cars and they say the car is "easier to drive at the limit" than the previous generation. For reference, here are pictures of the underside of the 488 GT3 (middle picture): One thing to note, this splitter design does not work very well unless you can maintain air velocity underneath the car. You cannot add a large raised front splitter on an old sports car and expect it to work. You need a flat bottom like the one above as well as a large rear diffuser to keep air velocity high though the entire underside of the car. As the air becomes turbulent from interacting with parts under the car like the exhaust, suspension, and, drivetrain, you will lose air velocity under the car, which will reduce air velocity at the front, which will greatly reduce front downforce and overall downforce. There is also the problem of the boundary layer increasing in size towards the rear of the bottom of the car. This can be combated by adding positive rake to the vehicle. The key to efficient and effective aero design is to get all of the parts of your aero package working together. With all of that said, lets go to side skirts. This is an area that I think a lot of people mess up. Fully-sealed side skirts are only effective if you are able to maintain underbody air velocity from the front of the car to the diffuser. Otherwise, you are cutting off valuable airflow that the diffuser may need. Norbert Singer briefly describes this phenomena in this video: Below is a comparison between the Porsche 919 and 919 Evo: You will notice the side of the Porsche 919 is very high off the ground. Due to the rules restricting the diffuser size as well as what can be done with the side skirts, they found that rounding the edge of the side skirts and directing the inlet of the rear diffuser towards the side (shown in the second picture, this is actually from the Cadillac/Dallara DPi car) was their best way forward. You will also notice the car has a lot of positive rake to effectively make the entire underbody a diffuser. The 919 Evo is an unrestricted version of the 919. No longer hindered by the rules, they were able to greatly increase the size of the rear diffuser. They also made the rear wing larger and moved it rearward. This created a very large low-pressure area at the rear of the car, which helped maintain air velocity under the car. This allowed side skirts to be beneficial, so they were added. By feeding the rear diffuser from the front instead of the side, they were able to shift the aero balance forward. They then shifted it back to neutral using the giant rear wing and increased total downforce significantly. This design can also be seen on the VW IDR below, which is also unrestricted by rules: If you add side skirts to your old sports car, you may see a small drag reduction, but probably no downforce. One last note is that you want to try to match your downforce balance to your weight balance. If your car is 55/45 Fr/Rr, you want 55% of your downforce at the front. There can be exceptions to this, but it is a good rule of thumb. You should also be aware of how the downforce balance (center of pressure) changes as speed increases. You don't want the balance to shift forward, as it will reduce rear stability at high speed. There is so much more I could get into, but I should probably call it a night. I hope this post is informative and creates some more discussion.
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    So everyone who is advocating for free coolers.....if approved I'll expect you to run two additional races for 2020 which includes one out West since it'll be a big savings and you can put more money into race entries.
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    Please show me ANY series with free coolers that had a $5,000 car win an overall race last year. Champcar is not trying to be SCCA, or Big Spenders AER. Champcar is trying to be Champcar.
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    I admit I have not read the last 4 pages of this thread, but the preceding pages gave me pause and I wanted to address some of these complaints in general terms: 1) Despite what some say, there is less contact, better driving, fewer come to Jesus meetings and better behavior on track than in the past. I think everyone for the most part has improved. Sorry, Rob, disagree with you. The SE is still the most aggressive and probably competitive area of the country generally speaking, but I think even that has improved. 2) The rules are far less grey than in the past. We close loopholes and you bastards find or create new ones. I think that there were a few things that never should have been let out of the bag (free stuff) but that ship has sailed. We continue to try to improve the rules and keep things fair and competitive. The biggest problem is innovators who are improving their craft, and reading the rules much harder at the same time to find opportunity. We are evolving and trying to keep a handle on things. As we grow and the reputation of the series has gotten out there, some smarter, more innovative or just fresher/different minds have come into the series. That has affected speed creep, using the rules to advantage, and skills/speed on track. It's not easy to manage. 3) We have been wildly successful in recovering from some of the blunders of past regimes. We have work to do, but the series has never been as healthy financially as it is RIGHT NOW. I am sending off reviewed financials for Mike to publish, but the numbers are great, the series is growing, we are adding marquee tracks like Indy and marquee sponsors like TheTireRack. People will bemoan they used to be able to build a car while swigging beer in their backyard and compete with it, but our success has made it harder and harder to do that. I know my Miata build, as it was initially, would have dominated 5 years ago. Now I have to do so much more for it to be competitive. We are, in some ways, a victim of our own success. I will adapt and I believe most of you will, too.
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    meh... if you have points to spend on full aero, you had points to spend on two accusump systems.
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    Nobody is saying ban oil coolers. Pay your points for them. The point is that there shouldn't be so many free things. If you get an oil cooler for free, you now have points for aero. So, essentially everybody who is asking for free oil coolers is asking for free front and rear aero. It's not banned. You just have to make a choice. I'm all for free reliability stuff too. Go ahead and put the genie back in the bottle for all the performance stuff first. Til that happens.... NO MORE FREE STUFF!
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    Quotes so people could like this post twice.
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    I have about $300 in my engine and about 150 hours of racing on it.
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    We had a great race and our best overall finish (as the second A).
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    A skid plate / sumpguard can be added at the material cost. #NO MOAR FREE STUFF #TAKE BACK THE FREE STUFF
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    The car and team in question were prepared to remove one of the fills and had a device to do so , but we determined it was not as safe as running it the way it was so a one race waver was granted with recommendations for other mentioned improvements before the next event .
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    Automatic transmission
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    my point is you are choosing not to run coolers, some teams like us are paying the points for coolers because we felt it was worth it for the performance advantage. just because you choose not to run coolers because you dont think the points are worth it doesn't mean they should now be free.
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    Free coolers would mean all car VPIs would need to increase. Did you know the already dominant sc300 is hamstrung by lack of coolers, now everyone wants to give those cars even MORE power and reliability?!?
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    I thought I was an automotive minutiae dork. @Huggy is my kinda people. He should do a documentary on vehicle platforms I particularly liked: Current results have not demonstrated that the Fiero has the reliability or speed to be competitive with its current VPI. In addition, as pointed out prominently on the forum, the chassis is extremely fuel limited. I had almost forgotten that the Fiero was fuel limited...
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    It was great getting the TireRack catalog in the mail today and finding the TireRack.com ChampCar Endurance Series shown on the Motorsports Sponsorships page inside the back cover. Well done @E. Tyler Pedersen and the rest of ChampCar's management!
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    3 wide start would be good for the environment. Save on gas burned the rest of the day.
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    Our WRL pit stops were driver, 1 tire, and fuel in 38 seconds. It was expensive, difficult, and required a large crew. Open pitting isn't really a good thing for entry level budget racing IMO.
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    Since everyone liked the last picture so much, here is the update.
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    Not all of us are builder savants so bolt on stuff is easier and cheaper in the long run. But either way it is performance we are all looking for here. Whether you gain camber with a hammer or a credit card, you still have gained camber.... and that is a gain in performance or reliability. It should all cost points.....
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    We accepted a number of petitions last year and probably will again. But there has to be a compelling reason because rules instability was the worst thing about this series in 2010-2015. Having stable rules that are tweaked but not rewritten is something I believe most teams want.
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    Choices..... life is all about choices, and so is the current points system. If someone is so shortsighted as to gamble on an oil cooler when they know they absolutely need one. .. .. then they get exactly what they deserve.
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    Can we move on to arguing about how the 1996 toyota corona is the up and coming champcar-to-have?
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    active members only, please. Yours expired in 2015
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    If you shift at 6k the oil will remain cool.
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    Go check out the thread on the AER Facebook page. He posted his video, thinking that he would get some support. It went terribly wrong. "It's bone stock!"...except for the cams, throttle body, injectors, etc, etc, etc.
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    Just gonna shoot from the hip, max driver time of 23 minutes, rest time of 69 mintues between stints. Before the driver gets into the car they have to do 10 bat spins with helmet on. Anything with more than 175hp gets 5 laps and you have to carry a dozen eggs in the car, any broken eggs between stints and you get 5 mins per broken egg and the entire team has to do 10 push ups per broken egg. Oh and the driver has to drink a gallon of milk during his stint. Any milk left will result in more push ups for your team. There we go, I just solved everyone's fuel problem
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    It isn't about the money, it's the never ending dilution of the original mission statement. Cheap cars, great tracks or something like that I think it was. The cars are still cheap, but the standard to which they are being compared has been elevated. The Frankenstein builders decry the stifling of ingenuity all while laughing maniacally back in their labs as they relish their victories within the petition system. Engine swaps are the new normal, and the rabbit hole is big enough to drive a truck through. The speed and aggressiveness of a significant number of the competitors is off putting to many people that might otherwise participate in the series. Back when this all started, getting passed by the likes of the Riley Probe was a seamless process. The last ChampCar race I ran in October I was juked by three different cars mid-turn to force me out of their way. That's not a display of skill, that is being an ass-hole.. The oppurtunist has always been the beneficiary of rule changes and interpretations in ChumpCar and what we have today is the result. The easier it is to game the system the more we see the degenerate gamblers and the hustlers making a play for the jackpot. When we went from Stock, or in most cars, Semi-Stock configuration the series lost its soul. As for the thinking that some teams dominate, I'll ask this, which teams dominate in multiple regions? I think that number is less frightening than the woe is me crowd would quote. KSR rarely leaves Florida. The teams that dominate VIR don't travel to the Midwest. RBank travels among maybe a handful of regions but even they know where they have a better than average chance to podium. So, no it isn't the money. It's the amount of soul destroying fun sucking aggression that is perpetrated by the also rans that believe a dirty move will get them to the podium. It's the incessant rules lawyering, the constant need for new rules to keep up with cheating in the name of "ingenuity". This series has always been The Wild Wild West, it's just that now the gun fighters are stepping over each other just to stand in line for their chance at the top.
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