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    If they cannot supply the liquid hydrogen fuel I run in my VQ35 powered car with valve cover swap, am I allowed to bring in my own fuel? - asking for a friend
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    It's starts every race smashed up. Wrecking it changes little now.
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    A big thanks to Tyler Pederson for inviting me to drive with the Crank Yankers team for my second race of the season with them. I drove first on Saturday and worked our way up to 8th early and eventually settled into 11th. I could see the weather coming in from the west and it finally started raining about an hour into the stint. Once the track got damp, i experimented until I learned the rain line. I knew I wasn't getting passed but because i couldn't hear the radio (the car is crazy loud and the volume was set too low) I had no idea where we were. I found out after the stint, that I moved up from 11th to 3rd in the first 12 or so laps in the wet. The car was a lot of fun in the wet even on RS4s, it was a balancing act at every corner on the edge of adhesion. The climb out of Canada corner seemed to be the most difficult place to find traction. I was having a blast tip toeing around the track. The racing Gods were not smiling on us however as we got into the wall on the next stint, bending the front and rear suspension. Tyler, Thomas, Rob and Brian did a great job fixing the car Saturday night so we could race on Sunday. A new front right suspension and a new rear subframe later we were ready to go about 11pm Saturday eve. Sunday, I drove second stint. Rob did a great job of moving us up to fifth in the first stint. I got in and was able to do 2:55s without pushing too hard and while saving a bit of gas. There wasn't a lot of drama on this stint except the Miata that decided to unintentionally brake check me due to a standing yellow flag halfway down the Kettle Bottoms straight while I was 15 feet off his bumper. BRAKING IS NOT REQUIRED/NECESSARY/SMART FOR YELLOW FLAGS. At least check your mirrors first. Tyler and Rob drove after me and at the end we slotted into a pretty firm third place behind Ludicrous Speed and JSK. We were pushing them until we ran out of brake pads with 15 minutes to go. We still finished only 20 seconds behind JSK and 70 seconds behind the MR2. It was a great day of driving and crewing for the CYR team. On a personal note, this now my 6th consecutive season with a podium finish in endurance racing (WRL/CCES/AER). Thanks to Tyler for the opportunity. PS: Thanks to Doc for the mention on Champcar Live on Saturday.
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    Ludicrous Speed took our first overall win in six years with the series! Damn happy to finally take the overall on Sunday! I did three stints, one, three, and five while Chris Krumrai took second stint and my father Bob took the fourth. We can’t go two hours on fuel so we had to make up for the extra stop. Traffic early on was more aggressive thank I wanted to deal with. I hung behind the Mueller Motorsports BMW and let them lead through traffic till the field spread out. By the six hour mark it looked like both JSK and Cone Crushers were going to come out in front by about one minute after pit rotations with Crank Yankers also in the hunt. I’m not sure what happened but none of the leaders were able to go full tilt to the end. We managed the gap to JSK pushing only as hard as we needed to. After training for and completing a ten hour mountain bike race a few weeks ago, the five hours that I spend in the car was comfortable. It was great cross training. Saturday was an exposition by Mother Nature. That was wicked! Seemed like the RE4s were hard to handle, the RE71Rs were manageable and the continentals were the tire to have and the only tires working ok. Big thanks to Chris Harvey from tire rack for helping us get some new skinny tires for the rain. Um, I mean snow. Eric and Bob were our two drivers on Saturday and they did a great job keeping the car on track with just a couple bobbles. The Road America safety crew is always impressive! Big thanks to those guys! Can we we do this again next weekend? Chris Shay
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    How I think I drove at Road America: How I actually drove at Road America:
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    We can’t have people racing half trunk.
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    They re-purposed some stuff....zero points.
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    Can we please if nothing else start using these names for the aforementioned cars? Please?
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    If you go back and look, I feel like a lot of the 400sx drama was more about the fact that qualified individuals pointed out just how cheated up that car was, down to the vin vs. part numbers on the vehicle and were told to pound sand by tech during impound. That car was built very well by a team with a lot of money and experience in a time when this series was still deciding on $$ vs. pts. for performance valuation of vehicles. Also at that time the MR2, while doing well when running, hadn't been able to put together very many dominating performances, and BMW is just, BMW, so nothing was going to change there. Swaps are not a bad thing, IMHO, as they can help a lot of cars that would struggle in stock configuration no matter how many points they are given to play with. The SC300 currently is the car I feel is the bet bang for you buck as far as being competitive out of the box, if you can find one. The e36 getting the VPI drop doesn't bother me either, but it will be interesting to see what teams do with the points and if that creates a big leap in speed for those cars. Free reliability mods scare me. No, we don't rely on teams breaking, nor do we want it to be that way. Why is it that some low VPI team could come along with a car that has fuel, swap to big power, or go turbo, taking the platform way beyond the manufacturers intended performance level and then get all the parts needed to keep it from blowing up??? Sure, some cars out of the box are just going to suck. That is the way it is. We are taking cars designed for daily driving and asking them to be race cars. Some will be able to handle it better than others with what they have from the factory. If you picked a car that requires an accusump, oversized radiator, transcooler, etc., to be able to do this, then that was your decision and you are gaining performance potential by doing it. Make the choice between that and a cam/header/turbo/swap/etc. and have fun. Having a car break is no fun, I get that, but if you decide to just make the car go fast knowing it won't last, that is your problem as this is ENDURANCE RACING. People here continue to complain that the series is made up of two models of cars, did you all check the entry for Road America this weekend? 4 or 5 miatas, yes, a lot of e30's, but I think there were more Neons than I have ever seen at a race, a good amount of Hondas and Acuras, as well as some domestics sprinkled in out of 77 entries. That said, this series has been around for a long time, there is a precedent that has been set for the easy button, competative cars, and if you don't believe that a lot of new teams don't look at that when deciding which car to build you are nuts. There is no way that you are going to force people to want to build a car that they don't see at the top, that type of decision comes from people that are hyper focused on wanting to do this with something unique and more power to them, go for it! However, when your one off car is found to not work out the way you dreamed it up in your head, why is that the fault of the series? Phew, that was long, end rant. Carry on.
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    The trunk lid being used as an aero device is now an aero device... aero devices have a fixed point value. If I wanted to take the hood off my car and cut the steel to make my splitter, it's now a splitter. If I want to cut my OEM exhaust and make my own headers, those are now headers. All of those things have a point value no matter how you get to them.
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    Somebody gets it. No more freebies because you can't afford to take the points. Certain cars start with high VPI's for a reason. Everyone is assessed points equally in this manner. No secret handshake deals. No 'judging' as lemons does it. Hard fast rules for all to abide by, like every other legitimate race series, and most everything else in life.. That's the problem this solves.
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    The old way of assessing points based on materials used or how clever you were at repurposing something is too closely related to the lemons method of doing things. In that method, you are rewarded for being in the good old boys club and kissing the CEOs ass better or bringing him more booze. We are trying to move champ car to a method that assesses points equally for all teams for modifications or performance-enhancements. Many of you complain about "getting away from our roots" but those roots were based on $500 crap can series cars. Many of our cars andteams have moved forward from those days. I don't think we'd be racing at Indy if we maintained that line of thinking
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    Two days of racing for Running Bulls Racing at AMP which is one of our home tracks. The weather was far better than last year but Saturday started wet and cold just like last year. Our driving order was Mike Merrill, Michael Coleman, David Boring, and Michael Bulls to finish for Saturdays 8-hour race. We started 17th and didn’t make a great start, the early hours of the race were littered with long cautions due to some fairly big incidents. We decided to pit early under yellow to try to play a different strategy, thinking it would pay off in the end. As the race reached the midpoint we could see we were off sequence and that needing that extra pit stop was going to hurt our position, the yellow flag we needed to get back on schedule just didn’t fall as we needed. In fact, a yellow at the race midpoint actual helped most other teams. All drivers did a great job with the mixed conditions, even as it would dry then at times a cloud would appear and just mist the track enough to limit grip. David Boring posted our fastest lap on Saturday of 1:37.824, but with our team’s consistent lineup that was only fastest by .05 to another driver. We consistently climbed positions each day to as high as 6th but we knew that would fall with our extra stop, and we finished 8th overall and 5th in class. Sunday was a 7-hour race and after our mistake on Saturday with strategy we were planning just even stints for all drivers and only 3 stops and let our consistency and good times carry us. Weather was cool, but clear and Our driving order was David Boring, Michael Coleman, Michael Bulls, and Mike Merrill. The race started with us in 29th and David did a nice job moving up through the field, but after reaching 19th he had to pit early not feeling well. So we quickly decided that we would try a driver only change no fuel as our burn rate was low on Saturday and we were looking to steal some time back. Michael Coleman went in and drove a great stint but there was not enough fuel to make the 2 hours. So now we knew again we would carry an extra stop. Next Michael Bulls and Michael Merrill did full 2 hours stints and both were running good consistent times. Michael Bulls ran our fastest time of 1:37.9 on his 5th lap of the stint, and with these 4 hours of consistent times we were up to 7th position. We did our final stop and got David Boring back into the car for a short 25-minute stint, and hoped he could chase down a car for position, but with only 12 laps to work with the gap was too big and we finished 8th. We are pleased with back to back 8th place finishes but a bit disappointed as we know we had errors that cost us for sure in both races! Our crew of SooZee Merrill and Al Davison we fantastic, we could not do all we did without their help. SooZee was over the wall on every pit stop and Al helping with the fueling from the cold side of the pit helped the team do great. Next up is Barber in December and we are hoping to cut out the mistakes and race strong!
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    Doc, Nothing much happened with Danger Racing. Good drivers, avoided accidents, mistakes, and penalties. We had great pit stops, and good strategy. Combine that with super cheaty near f1 level rear spoiler and we were able to pull off wins on both days! John
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    I will be driving a poltergeist this weekend. How fitting. A poltergeist that in 2017 took a 100 point hit immediately after I had built one making it 500 points out of the box. Woe is me we will never compete. Ended up going out and winning a race later that year. How did I do that? I should’ve been on here whining about it maybe somebody would’ve felt sorry for me.
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    ÌTeam DIRTE-30 made their Champcar debut at Road America (1988 BMW 325is). This was our first race as car owners (rented seats at Brainard and watched Ginger Man). What a blast actually building the car and getting it ready our first race. Let's just say replacing rear subframe bushings is not my favorite job... We showed up early Friday morning, got the car through Tech and got a few dry pracrice laps before lunch. We kept getting a bad engine stumble (even with a full tank) coming out of the bend. Once the Heavy Rain came we parked it until the afternoon, tried replacing the fuel filter and moving the surge pot none of which seem to help. Toward the end of the practice session the track dried out and the rest of the drivers were able to get some dry lap practice, this was very helpful to our team as none of us had driven the track before. It takes a while to get used to these downhill braking zones and know how deep you can drive it in. The go-karting was an absolute blast and I absolutely looked forward to it. I managed to qualify in the top 10 and secure a spot in the feature. I absolutely loved the twist in the driver's meeting about sending the last five finishers in the kart feature to the tail of the Champ field on Saturday. I started the race in sixth or seventh and quickly worked up to 2nd, the leader (track employee)and I were quickly distancing from the pack. I thought to myself as long as I don't shoot myself in the foot things will be alright when all of a sudden a "pop", there went the RF tire! I managed to continue to muscle the wounded kart around for the next five laps, desperately trying to finish in the top 10 to avoid going to the tail of the field. When the checkered flag finally waved I finished ninth....wheeeew!! We started the Saturday in ninth, was running strong until the rain/snow came. Our 245 RS4's were not the tire of choice for those conditions. We managed to ease the car around the track in 4th and 5th gear and keep it moving amongst the carnage everywhere. We also were able to run 2hr stints on fuel (only 3 stops). We finished the day 21st. Sunday we started 10 or 11th again and managed to stay there for most the stint, our car was running sub 3:00 for the first time. After doing the math from Saturday we knew the car would not make it two hours on fuel. We knew we were going to need probably four or five pit stops for the day. The car was running very well except for the stumble coming out of the bend, but it was manageable. The car was awesome in the corners and braked really well, was definitely slower on the straights. This made for some really fun battles on track. I really had fun racing against Brittish American Racing E30 around 1130-1pm and the Orange and Blue Mercedes, we mixed it up andtraded spots several times. Good clean racing! Nice job guys! We ended the day 14th overall, maybe could have had 11th or 12th if not for a pit lane speeding violation....doh! Congrats to our Pit Stall mates Gorrilla Sticker on a top 10 overall and EC class win! We are thrilled to finish all 16hrs for the weekend and avoid any on track incidents in our very first race. Thats a win for us! See you all in April!
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    Kind of feel like you are being ungrateful. All I’ve wanted to do since I was 3 years old is drive Indy. If they told me we can only do laps around the parking lot I’d probably still be excited. Not to mention no one is forcing you to go racing there, it is your choice. I believe that as an organization ChampCar does a better job than any comparable series at giving drivers to a chance race on the greatest tracks in the country. Sure some events will cost more than others but I think that has more to do with the facility and not ChampCar.
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    If that is the theory, why not impound 6th place in case there is a triple protest? Unless Tuttle has 2+ cars on the podium, I think I would skip impound for 5th.
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    Ok, this is a long one, so bear with me. This is a lot of commotion that seems to only have been set off by a single car's value, which could have been solved over polite conversations with Mike, Tech, and the TAC. If the MR2 can get 50 pts added and removed all in the same week, so can the t-bird. I really do not like the way these conversations are going. This is all a slippery slope towards mandatory dyno plots, minimum weights, tire width restrictions, tire compound restrictions, maximum camber, etc. There are many other racing series that feature a lot of these, but we are not those series. I do not like weight limits because removing weight is an extremely cheap way to improve performance (don't forget to gun drill all your bolts!) I do not like dyno plots because they can be fudged in so many ways, especially with open ECU's I do not like tire restrictions because open tires (with 180TW restriction) allows the teams to determine what the best sizes and compounds work best for grip and longevity for their specific platform. Ultimately there are only a few things that keep team and vehicle performance in check, and they work very well: -180+ TW tires -5 min fuel stops -2 hour maximum driver stints -Restricted fuel capacity -Points for reliability upgrades -And more recently: tighter defined aero Ultimately, the team's preparation and the drivers have the largest effect on performance. It seems like no one will be happy until they can build their pet platform to be able to win races without even worrying about execution on race day. I don't understand why people value winning discarded brake rotor trophies so much. I used to yearn for those things, but the rest of life is stressful enough. Why get all worked up over amateur racing? As a wise man once said: "I live my life a [7 hour endurance race] at a time. Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bull cookies. For those [7 to 24 hours of racing], I'm free." Currently my team is fielding an automatic Volvo 960 wagon that we got for free with the cage already in it. In one year, we have developed the car and our driving from barely being able to do 1:55's at Gingerman to a 1:48.9 last weekend during a citrus race. All of these gains were found with no additional power, around 40 lbs weight reduction, 40 pts of add-ons, and most importantly, a healthy amount of track time. Improving race-over-race is way more satisfying than a stupid trophy. Do I expect a Volvo 960 wagon to be competitive with an E46 or V6 MR2? Not really. I'm having so much fun developing this extremely affordable car with my friends that I don't care. (BTW, it goes 30+ hours on one set of RS4's and 35+ on brake pads). My favorite parts of Champcar (although I prefer Chumpcar) are single class racing (just ignore those EC guys), car variety (could be more D class cars), the fostering of ingenuity, and the overall attitude of most of the competitors (at least the ones I meet at races, not forum keyboard warriors). I feel the rules are pretty good as they are. Nothing is perfect and they could always use some tweaking and better enforcement, but I feel they have only gotten better over the last few years. I don't think there is a need for a complete rewrite. Just get out there and race!
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    Closing in on our final prep for AMP next weekend. All fluids changed. Found a destroyed front left sway bar mount (probably from slamming through Hog Pen for 24 hours) Re-wrapping the front end from my disagreement with a BMW, and it should be good to go. Ken
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    A good weekend for John Allen Special should have been great... but a slight tap and a $.02 part cost us two probably top fives. Saturday the car ran perfectly. Zero hiccups all day long. If you want to talk about someone punching above their weight class, we felt like we were that guy on Saturday. Big thanks to David McDaniel and Chip for coming out to drive this weekend. It gave us a very solid lineup to go out and compete with. Sitting 5th with 20mins to go we got tangled up a bit with the #501 as he lost it going up the hill towards turn 12. Ended up in the penalty box and moved us from 5th to 7th to finish. Sunday we once again started out hot. We'd pushed our way to 6th place with eyes on the top 5 again when a C-Clip fell out of our shift linkage forcing Chip to park trackside and wait for a flat tow back to the paddock. 20 minutes later we were back on track turning laps, but the damage was done. Crawled our way back into the top twenty and drove the car on the trailer. Can't complain too loudly.
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    As far as all of these suspension improvements, there are a lot of us who would like to make suspension improvements, so this isn’t just an E30 thing. Some of us even run 500 point cars and can’t do anything. To race in this series you don’t have to have all of these “race car parts” but you have to adapt your skills to a car without them.