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    1-Line summary for petitions, grouped by similarity. Could be affected by my personal opinion so you should read them yourself to confirm accuracy. Petition 10 and 89 are identical except for the words "non-OE". The current 2x rule technically doesnt state "non-OE", but the intent is generally accepted based on context. I noticed during this event that 5 of my petitions were not included. I contacted Bill and let him know. If you submitted petitions, you should confirm all of yours are present. My 5 were submitted on 28 and 29 January and would have fallen between #63 and #68 of the published list. Petitions of Similar Subject: 2x Rule: 9 – Remove 2x rule for wheels, zero-points if cost is <250 per wheel and width <9”, else 10 points 10 – Replace 2x with Maximum Price, Caliper 150, Rotor 150, Shock 200, Wheel 250 See Petition 89 44 – Request to continue to allow dealership/OEM prices for figuring 2x costs 46 – Remove 2x rule for brakes, allow zero-point caliper and rotor replacement 47 – Remove 2x rule for shocks, allow zero-point non-adjustable shock replacement 49 – Remove wheels from 2x rule, no restrictions on wheel costs 50 – Remove wheels from 2x rule, maximum price $500 51 – Remove allowance for wildwood calipers specifically at 5 points per corner 53 – Do not allow dealership costs for 2x 54 – Remove rule 4.8.3 (receipts for 2x costs) 55 – Revise rule 4.8.3 to require documentation of parts retail costs instead of receipts 60 – 2x costs for individual components (Clarification of existing rule) 69 – Remove 2x rule for shocks, Maximum price $1000/car 70 – Remove 2x rule for brakes, Maximum price $800/car 71 – 2x price limit – 2x applies but prices capped at Caliper 250, Rotor 150, Shock 300 89 – Replace 2x with Maximum Price for Non-OE parts only, Caliper 150, Rotor 150, Shock 200, Wheel 250 Aero Devices 8 – Raise point value for wings to 25 points 12 – Raise point value for wings to 35 points, Splitters to 20 points. Reduce side-skirts to 5 points. 13 – All aerodynamic devices must fit within the body outline when looking down from above 16 – Rear diffusers must not extend beyond the rear bumper 20 – Penalty (10 laps) for losing aerodynamic device on track 21 – Establish point value for active aerodynamic devices at 100 points per device 90 – Forbid electronic control of active aero device, but permit mechanical only active aero 91 – Update BCCR to reflect tech desk ruling – Aero Limited to stock unmodified bodywork dimensions Fuel 23 – Allow 2 Gallon Surge Tanks for cars with stock fuel tanks 28 – Restrict fueling to 15 Gallons per Stop 37 – Allow cars with small OE fuel tanks to upgrade to 15 gallon cells. 38 – Points for Fuel – 20 points for +2 gallons, only 2 gallons allowed 41 – Surge Tank Rule – Clarify 2 liters is > 0.5 gallons 48 – Allow adding of fuel capacity based on stock tank sizing. 63 – Fuel Filler necks – Limit length based on diameter, ~1 gal total 106 – Allow Dry-Break Fueling Systems Tech Desk Ruling Update 43 – Article 10 does not match 3.2.10 – roll cage penetrations to firewall 75 – Update section 4 to contact tech desk instead of email 91 – Aero Limited to stock unmodified bodywork dimensions 93 – Fixed point values for flywheels 99 – None OEM ABS/TC Value 100 – Generic BCCR update from Tech Desk request 107 – Tech desk is creating point values and overriding BCCR rules. Brakes 61 – ABS must remain stock 62 – ABS upgrade 50 points 68 – Brake Lines – zero points 83 – Brake Caliper Adapters – zero points 84 – Brake Caliper Adapters – 5 points 99 – ABS/TC upgrade 10 points Swaps 2 – Allow JDM engines into the swap calculator 4 – Intake and Exhaust manifolds must match swap engine or be assessed points 17 – Revise swap formula reduce swap target PWR to 17 18 – Revise swap weight table (VPI Weights) to use lowest curb weight minus 10% 19 – Remove ECU and Wiring from swap cost calculations as they are zero point items 30 – Request to enforce 4.5.3 as written – Intakes, Manifolds, etc. must match swap engines or pay points Headlights 77 – Define Light Source 78 – Remove Bulbs must match Housings rule 79 – Number of permitted light sources 80 – Revise H3 and H4 bulb wording to conventional bulbs 81 – Headlight aiming Roll Cages 14 – Clarify roll cage rule - tabs welded to any tube (not just hoops) are points 42 – Allow footwell/pedal box protection for zero points 43 – Roll Cage Penetrations to firewall – 2 or 4 or 6? 45 – Allow gussets between cage and windshield frame for zero points 67 – Clarify that any roll cage bar between the strut towers is additional points Classing 26 – Allow F/I without bumping up in class 31 – Classing based on points instead of displacement 35 – EC cars start 1000 laps down 65 – Class designation on windshield banner VPI 24 – Audi TT, All Years (1998-2006) current 475 (98-02), 520 (03-06), requested decrease (no value) 25 – Pontiac Firebird (1998-2002) current 350, ask for decrease to 250 96 – Acura TL (2004-2008) current 500, ask for increase to 510 97 – Honda S2000 AP1 (2000-2003) current 500, ask for increase to 510 Tires 22 – Revise rules on changing tires – only battery tools, only one tire off at a time 32 – 1 lap penalty for RE71R, R1R, AD08R, A052, and RT660 94 – Teams only allowed to change one tire per stop. Rain Lights 86 – Require rain lights to be switched off at night 87 – Mandate rain light configuration – flashing only under braking. 98 – Rain lights shall be solid at all times and only blink under braking Auto Trans 56 – Include auto trans point reduction rule in BCCR (currently only on VPI tables) 58 – Include auto trans point reduction on tech sheet (currently only on VPI tables) 49 – Define automatic transmission Factory Supercharged/Turbocharged Vehicles 72 – Include Note 2 from VPI list in BCCR as a rule 73 – Remove Note 2 from VPI list and include line item for each version of vehicle with appropriate points Kill Switch 1 – Relocate Kill Switch from center console if switches are located symmetrically 95 – Reword existing rule, Highlight Battery must be separated when switch is off. Radiators 34 – Allow aluminum radiators for 0 points if same size and capacity as stock (no cost restriction) 52 – Radiators 1x for zero-points Differential 82 – Remove 4.5.8 this has already been done 05Mar2020 - (BCCR 2020v3.0.0) 85 – Revise 4.7.8 to say “final drive ratio” instead of “rear end ratio” Glass 15 – Clarify glass rules – Film is not a 1 race waiver 92 – Glass must remain in the OE location (to match rule for lexan) Springs 39 – All Aftermarket Springs – 10 points regardless of size/shape/diameter 40 – All aftermarket springs – zero points regardless of size/shape/diameter Flywheels 66 – Fixed point value for flywheels/clutches at zero points 93 – Fixed point values for flywheels 10 points Exhaust Header / Manifold 76 – Revise Points for Manifold/Header – Manifold from VPI list = 10, Header = 25 per engine 101 – Revise Points for Manifold/Header – Any non-oe exhaust manifold or header = 25 per engine Carbon Fiber 104 – Allow carbon fiber as material cost and for Aer – 4pts/sqft. Aero <$500 15pts, >500 45pts 105 – Allow carbon fiber appearance or convenience items at zero points Petitions Unrelated to others 3 – Allow Spring Rubbers at zero points 5 – Correct typo in rule 6 – Add TCU programming to FPV list at zero points 7 – Revise points for hubs from 2.5 per to 10 per 11 – Establish claimer rule for vehicles at $12,000 27 – Allow aftermarket sway bar end links at zero points 29 – Request to change from “may” to “WILL” disqualify teams for unclaimed parts 33 – Assign any cooler (stock or aftermarket) a 20 point value 36 – Assign laps for black flag infractions instead of holding cars at pit-in 57 – Request to keep rule for holding cool-suit containers as a single-strap requirement 64 – Request to use double-file start procedure 74 – Remove note#3 from VPI table (all models must be standard factory offerings) 88 – Request to move to rolling annual tech to reduce tech line at early races 102 – Request to allow offset suspension bushings within OE housings at zero points 103 – Request to allow skid plates at zero points Here is what it looks like, grouped by color, with the titles assigned by champcar. Bold text = Tech Desk related All mixed together
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    I think you meant to say "mid season enforcement of an existing rule I had an exemption to...." Trust me, allowing manifolds required to make a swap happen would save me points as well. Seems silly I cannot reuse the stock neon intake when I swap in a taller deck version of the same engine (2.4 swap from 2.0). However this has been a rule for a long time, and I have either eaten the manifold cost or cut huge holes in the hood, moved oem engine location and raised the seat in the car. Unless you have a 240SX and have that level of lobbying power, manifolds that don't fit require points or a welder. It stinks when you have an exemption to the rules and it evaporates. This will cause real trouble for you, and I hope a reasonable solution comes out for you like the equinox header...... But be honest with us and yourself, this was a mid year change to your rule exemption (aka freebie) and not an actual change in the rules.
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    4.7.3. All fuel-system components except the fuel tank/fuel cell are open and do not count towards total points.
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    I got it started with my choices: I Just Want To: Wrench Drive Learn Win $10,000 Miata Miata Miata Miata $20,000 Miata Miata Miata Miata $40,000 Miata Miata Miata Miata $80,000 Miata Miata Miata Miata $120,000 Miata Miata Miata Miata More Miata Miata Miata Miata The link is the editable matrix: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KQHd1WTrxdDfvWJKWlI391OHzDJ4AZxMugBW-V1Xl3w/edit?usp=sharing Who wants to make their own?
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    Now that the thread is up, I figured it would be a good time to talk about running the track in reverse on Sunday. I've had some racers contact me elsewhere and I thought maybe I could answer some questions. Some background, I live about 20 minutes from PBIR and I've been going there since I was a kid and it was called Palm Beach International the first time, before it became Morosso, and then Palm Beach International Raceway again.. So I know the track. We've been working with the management at PBIR since early last year on both a date and the configuration. I had some concerns, some of the same concerns that racers have expressed to me, but since last summer I've made around 5 trips to the track just to discuss this race. Last week I brought a second ChampCar staff member with me and we met with 5 members of the PBIR track management. We walked and drove the track in both directions. We addressed and developed solutions to.... Add barriers (tire bundles, wall sections, barricades, etc) to every area of wall or impact zone we even remotely thought would be an issue. We will add corner worker stations and move existing ones so the corner workers can see and flag properly around the course. We've addressed the placement of fencing so the reverse direction does not allow cars to jump barriers. We discussed the placement of service vehicles so they can respond to either direction. We are adding markers on the track surface to better identify the pit-in and pit-out entry lanes going each way. We are setting up pit lane so there is space at each end for cars to safely enter and exit, while allowing teams to remain in their same pit location each day. We've looked at each change from the standpoint of not creating a new or additional problem elsewhere And we are adding the chicane. Probably a good time to talk about the chicane. There's been some speculation about adding the chicane to "slow down cars". But that was not the purpose. As many of you know, the back stretch at PBIR is very long, so long that the high-horsepower cars can just run off. We wanted to change the tack configuration in such a way that the smaller displacement cars have an opportunity also. Essentially I wanted to be able to give you two completely different races in one weekend. With all this said, we are not done. PBIR is going to physically set up the track as we agreed at our last meeting. I will go back again, and both walk and drive the track with some speed and make sure we are all comfortable with it. If we identify any new issues, we will make additional adjustments. We are very aware that running a new configuration is a cool thing, and that it can create new and unforeseen challenges. I won't let the cool factor override the safety challenges. You guys are my customers, and many of you are close personal friends to me. I promise you I take your safety seriously. If I wouldn't run the track myself, I wouldn't ask you to. Looking forward to seeing you in Palm Beach! Dana
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    Have you considered the magnitude of this interpretation? I would expect hundreds of builds/valuations to be effected...I suspect the vast majority or builders have considered this approach to be against the spirit of the rules, and for quite some time it was explicitly forbidden.
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    I hope proponents of running this race are just kidding. Do your local medical team a favor and stay home. I hope Champcar or Road America cancel the race NOW so people don't start getting together or running to stores for parts to work on their cars during this last month. There are FAR more cases in the world that are being reported from lack of testing*. We've got a ways to go before we're at peak infections. I know this sucks for everyone. You'll get tired of your house, family, dog, homeschooling/failing at homeschooling, homemade toilet paper alternatives, etc but stay home. If you need the adrenaline rush, skip the racetrack for a couple months and volunteer at your hospital to be a front door covid screener. Or give a hug to the ICU nurse that took care of your neighbor (40, healthy, no travel, dying). That should get your heart racing as much as running out of brakes at RA, damhik. Maybe I misread the above, and it's all in jest, but this stuff is serious. There's no prevention, there's no cure, your kid can die just like your grandma. The only option we have is to hermit up and not rush into the world so that people that are sick are given a chance. Easter's a pipe dream (think 400 pt SC400 pipe dream). Please be doing the smart thing. *My county has 17 reported cases. In 1 shift this weekend, I saw 10 people that definitely have it, 2 of which came into the ER for trauma (not covid symptoms). They'll probably be reported sometime next week when local/state lab confirms. There are plenty others that didn't crack their head open out in the world. This is happening at 150 other hospitals in my state and all around the country.
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    This really isn't a rule change. Read the BCCR. Read 4.5.3 That section hasn't change for a couple of years. It clearly states stock. The BOD and TAC have finally decided to enforce the rules as written instead of having unwritten rules and different rules for different makes and models. Good on them! Step in the right direction.
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    If there's one thing C19 is good for, it's race car productivity. Got the wiring harness in. Firebottle mounted. Harnesses test fitted for length. Seat installed. Temp installed the dash and the cluster so I can build a switch/secondary gauge panel. It's actually starting to look like a race car
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    The interior is finally just one color. Why my phone camera makes the grey look brown I don't know, but you get the idea.
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    Wait until those high dollar teams start putting that money into the Ecotec. 200+ WHP and reliable. We are all fortunate that Tuttle chose a horrible platform to race, lol.
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    It isn't illegal. It just costs points like everyone else's header. I agree on the mid season part of the argument but the real issue is that it never should have been 0 points to start with.
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    Isn't this a member run organization? Shouldn't we be able to know the average race attendance and overall membership numbers? Broadcast should be able to be captured from YouTube viewed by numbers. Demographics is probably harder to get.
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    Hi Racers- From Shawn Sampson - SAMPSON Racing Communications I would like to quickly update you on how the CoronaVirus outbreak is affecting our operations. To this point, we are operating very much like we normally would with some adjustments to protect our customers and our team. Current Product Availability SRC operating policy was to enter the racing season well stocked. We have met that goal and are currently stocked up for the season. Hopefully this will allow us to continue to supply you as needed despite the interruptions we anticipate. Future Product Availability Our purchasing team is in constant contact with our suppliers to determine how we can mitigate any delays or shortages. To date, most of our partner factories are still operating. The worldwide impact the CoronaVirus has had on the supply chain may impact future product supply. We appreciate your understanding if product shortages impact your operations. We will certainly work with you to find alternatives if certain items become unavailable. Personnel Behavior/Travel Limitations For the indefinite future, we are limiting our travel and customer visits. We are doing this for you and for our team. We are asking our sales team to use their phones and video conferencing as a way to continue to support our customers while limiting their travel and exposure to outside influences whether it be at a hotel, racetracks or restaurants. If you require an in-person visit, please make to contact us. The mutual safety to our staff, their families and you are of the utmost importance to us. I am hopeful that by being diligent and acting aggressively, we can limit the spread and help protect the folks that are on the front lines dealing with this virus. We greatly appreciate your business and loyalty and we will do our best to serve you as we always have. If there is anything, we can do to help you during these difficult times, please don’t hesitate to ask! Cheers, Shawn Sampson - SRC
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    They don't listen anyway.
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    Anxiously awaiting the day you no longer have to bitch, I mean, share about your network woes. #wedidntpickyourhouse
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    Best thing is they have rams horn manifolds and a 4 speed
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    That's not what the Wikipedia entry I edited says.
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    The ongoing coronavirus crisis around the world is playing havoc with the global motorsport schedule. CCES is not immune to this and has sadly seen the recent postponement of events at NCM and Daytona. However, it has been seen that iRacing is willing to step up as a substitute in these difficult times, with both NASCAR and Indycar hosting special events on the platform with their pro drivers. Now, ChampCar is also pleased to announce their own iRacing Special Event. Organised by the same team that runs the ChampCar iRacing Series, this 7 hour team endurance race will take place on the same day as the originally scheduled CCES race at Daytona. There are 2 car classes available: the new Porsche Cayman GT4 and the venerable Global Mazda MX-5 Cup. This is a team event, so a minimum of 2 drivers must register for each team. There is a maximum stint time of 2 hours per driver, in line with the CCES rulebook. If we see a driver going over this time limit, the entry will be given a time penalty and talking to from Mike. The event will be broadcast live on all official ChampCar channels, featuring commentary from the ChampCar Live team. We think this can be a really fun and high-profile event to keep CCES engaged and active We are opening sign-up to ChampCar entries first, before going to the wider racing community. To sign up, please provide your team name and the names of those who will be driving for the team. Multiple entries across classes are encouraged if you have a lot of drivers who want to take part. Once you have signed-up, we will invite the drivers to the event via iRacing. Only drivers who have registered and accepted their invites will be eligible to race in the event. If you are a solo driver looking for a team then please post below and see who else is available, or visit our CCiS Discord (link below) and I am sure you will find a teammate. Please feel free to ask any questions, and we hope to see you on the grid for what promises to be an exciting event! Session Details Date: 11-April-2020 Classes: Porsche Cayman, Mazda Miata ND Track: Daytona International Speedway - Road Course Practice Start: 9:00am (ET) Qualifying Start: 11:15am (ET) - Solo Qualifying, 4 laps Race Start: 11:30am (ET) Race Finish: 6:30pm (ET) Maximum stint time: 2 hours In-Sim Session Date: Saturday, 11-April-2020 In-Sim Session Start Time: 8:00am In-Sim Time Multiplier: 2x Weather: Auto-generated Setup: Open Fast Repairs: 2 Incident Limit Penalty Threshold: 40x/15x thereafter License Restriction: D/2.0 Useful Links Discord Server Guide to iRacing and Hardware How to create your own iRacing paints iRacing Tips and Resources
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    Well it looks like @Huggy is in quarantine... thanks for organizing!
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    If Autozone doesn’t sell parts for your car, you can still run stock parts. 2x doesn’t mean you can’t buy parts at the dealership, that is always allowed. What shouldn’t be allowed is using dealership prices as a budget to buy fancy racing parts.
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    Overall results https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5738397 EC results https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5738398 Images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jmdJ6Fi2H9Qpx9nb7 Bill Strong/ChampCar
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    So let me say this f@%&$$$ . With that out of the way this swap header crap has been put on here for multiple years contaminating most every thread most every day . YOUR elected board AND YOUR nominated TAC decided to handle it, giving almost 4 months to comply, and still to fast for some and to late for others. We cant win no matter what or when it is done. Suck it up buy a manifold fix exhaust or add 25 points that is what the club wanted that is what the club got. Now I have got to go wash my hands y'all do the same.
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    So this is an excellent question, and an excellent point. Our decision points are based on the decisions and limitations set by the local and state officials. And, as you can imagine, they are evolving rapidly. Right now, Monday at 10:40am... And speaking only for the races I am running, cause that's all I can focus on.. Daytona is still scheduled to run. I emailed our regular point of contact at the Track last Friday and she confirmed that we are still scheduled to run. I emailed her again this morning and I will remain in contact with her. If anything changes, I will contact the affected teams immediately and work with Bill to get current information out to you. My next event is Watkins. Right now New York has a ban on groups over 500. We are under that number (barely), but we are under and planning to run. Again, we remain in contact with the tracks and we will update you. Thanks guys, and please stay healthy. Dana
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    extended lower ball joints are going to change roll center and bump steer but not camber. Extended lower control arms will change camber.
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    We as an org will not cancel this event. It would have to come from a government authority or the track. So far nothing has been mandated and we plan to race. Unofficially with that being said, we should all go to the drivers meeting with helmets on, visors down and yell "What did he say?" a lot.
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    I have always thought new teams could use a mentor to help coach them and keep them on the right track. This could be throughout the entire process from the build all the way up to the first race. If there was a veteran driver with a lot of races that person could certainly help a new team out. I think coaching and preparation would help with knowing what to expect. On radio coaching and expectations of edict on track. We could do iracing sessions and walk people through what to expect with headsets and since a lot of us have been on almost every track we could coach them on what to look out for throughout the lap. I would gladly volunteer to help a new team and get drivers get into Champcar and I am sure most of use would also. This has been tossed around for years and I have brought it up several times and was told something is in place, but never materialized. I was told we will have a video series, ect, and nothing happens to help out new teams that first time. I think something could happen it could benefit new teams and drivers. Also, a less defined structure could be to pit new and old teams together and have introductions fro the weekend ahead of time. Such as, you are a new team and we are going to pit you with X team that has done 40 races. They are aware you are new and will be willing to help you out as needed. The veteran team would take the new team under its wing for the weekend and help out with pits stops, crew, strategy, safety, driver etiquette. There are so many little things we take for granted that we could really help a new team. We could even go over the car on Friday and pick out items that we have all seen fail that they have not. If we can make the experience that much better for a new team they will keep coming back. If you are new team and want some help or advise just pm me and I would be glad to do so.
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    Thanks to all the Champcar and VIR staff for laying on a great event, it was good to see many old faces again. Congrats to Chris Huggins and the team on a hard fought victory and to Glazed and Confused and Damsun for keeping them honest over the 12 hours.. LowBAR racing had a great time back with Champcar for the first race with this series in a long time. We had one of the series cameras in our car for much of the late stages of the race and I went back and watched some of the footage, this was good because our in-car camera decided not to work for the first time in over 4 years or so!! The commentators noted that we as a team were new to Champcar, but we have in fact been racing in this series since 2011, originally in a Blue (then later yellow and white) Ford Escort GT and then this E36 but under the name Questies Racing team. We took a 3+ year hiatus to race in some other series but really enjoyed our first time back and were particularly happy to be racing closer to home at VIR! Starting 5th from last we watched the laps ticking by and we realized we weren't being scored, yep, we forgot to renew our MyLaps subscription on our X2.. D'oh.. We rented a transponder from Champ and they resolved the issue for us in quick order, a huge thanks and apology to the timing staff for the issues caused. After our first stint we ended up around 13th and progressed slowly through the order reaching as high as 4th late in the day, however, we don't seem to be able to make it a complete 2 hours on a tank so we ended up needing an extra pit stop that hurt us some, plus, at our last stop we were informed we had one running light not working and were told we needed to fix it to go back on track. We did, and it immediately went out again, so we had to come back into the pits where we taped a flashlight behind the lens to get back on track. I suspected that would last maybe half a lap, but over 1hr later at the end of the race it was still there! I wish I had taken a picture of it because its quite unbelievable that it worked and stayed where we stuck it. The car ran flawlessly on an engine that has seen over 3 years of fairly continuous racing without any significant maintenance, If you were anywhere near our pit stall you may have seen us un-ceremoniously dumping a water bottle of oil in at every other pit stop! Regrettably, the extra stop for fuel and the flashlight issue prevented any chance of a podium and we missed out on impound by a single spot finishing in 6th overall on the same lap as Simon Says.. Thanks to everybody for making our return a fun time!! #140 LowBAR Racing Team
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    Another awesome weekend for our team. Had two hiccups in 246, both in the first stint. Thankfully consistent fast laps and nailing all 5 pit stops let us recover from them. NLS was giving us one hell of a race when their motor expired. Sadly my rear-facing camera corrupted the files when the car shutoff after both impacts. I think its internal battery is dead. All I have is the stream and my front facing cameras. Bimmerline Contact Thanks to the bimmerline guys for coming by after the incident, glad Phil was OK after his later accident. Skidmark Contact 146 had a much more interesting race. We were on track for a top 5 until we had a hard impact with the tire wall. Thankfully the car survived mostly impact, but the splitter did not. A few laps later, we had the wheel studs fail entering T1. The driver did a fantastic job keeping the car under control and the damage to a minimum. I got the car back on track in 45 minutes, including the long tow around the paddock road (lol). Somehow we managed to finish 10th after that. Wall Impact Sadly, due to the wall impact the tach stopped working on the AIM. The smarty-cam then stopped recording and missed the wheel falling off. Thankfully the dash camera caught it. Its pretty comical. Thanks to Mike and Dana and the whole crew for putting on a good event. Regards, Chris
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    *I think* somebody decided they wanted to allow diff ratio swaps within a platform (I won't speculate on why) and by doing so compromised the logic/intent of the rule and started the snowball effect that inevitably leads to competitors pushing that confusion into transmissions and eventually it will lead to engines, suspensions etc. This is why you need to have an underlying philosophy that you stick to in all cases and try to avoid making exceptions, because it undermines your ability to say no to the people pushing the limits IMHO
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    The problem I have with all the forum crying (and attacks), is that there is no stated goal to go along with the crying. And the same 10 people cry over and over. Why is that if you see a new interpretation you dont like you have to bring bring up other rules that you did not like in the past? You failed to accomplish your goals to bring about a change, why point that out to everyone that reads the forum? Dont get me wrong. The ones that complain but do some thing postive to try to bring about change, you have all my respect. But those of you that hate a ruling and don't run for the BOD, don't ask to be on TAC, dont call me, don't volunteer as track marshals, or even offer to help with annual tech inspections for 30 minutes or worse even race with us - are just simply an irritation. Hubs are 2.5 points - the forum club of complainers screams - off with their heads??? Who do you think made that decision. If you think it was just me or just Ray I am flattered. But the position does not have that much power. Is your goal to replace the Tech Staff or TAC members or the BOD? Should we ban the teams that push the envelope to hard. If not, why complain about tech, tac, a team or the bod on the forum. It is not Tech, TAC or the BOD you don't like - it is a rule or the interpretation of the rule you don't like. If a window moved 6 inches turned out to be a guaranteed win it would be different. The Parts Badger Car is not a Jim Hill Chaparel see: https://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/a32350/jim-hall-chaparral-2j-history/ atleast not yet! And when they come up with that killer advantage we will stop it asap - just ask the team. And further, do you really need the support of the other members on the forum to make you feel confidently about your desires to be unhappy. Defaming groups, teams or people is not the process your club has implemented to make rule changes. You all know what happens if you do that in other series. The series says "Off with your head"! Stop bitching on the forum and write a petition, call me on the phone, or send me an email. We are human racers and make mistakes but we also don't like unwarrenty or unjust complaining. Since we are human, complaining publically is just going to make life harder for you when you come to tech. We have over 6000 members, 20,000 drivers have run in Champcar in the last 10 years and we have over 800 plus cars. Yet I have to worry about my tech staff getting mentally beat up because 10 members are always unhappy. There are forum member still adamantly complaining about hubs and that was settled over a year ago. If you are one of those guys, let it go, and use the system we have in place and write a petition. If you have an issue with 3 rulings let it go, but write 3 petitions. If you dont understand something or you dont like the answer you get on the tech desk call me. You might convince me you are right and then we can write a petition together to fix, what is YOUR problem. It is not the series problem. If your opinion mattered to the majority of the members the rule would have been changed in the direction you like not in the direction you are crying about. And remember you race with ChampCar because the series is the best place to race in the country - regardless of the monetary cost. I have worked tech with many of the SCCA Pro Series, including PWC, TRAN-AM, F4, MAZDA MX5 also INDYCAR, PRO MAZDA, SRF2000, IMSA, Conti, FORMULA E and raced with many (even served on the SCCA BOD for 5 yrs) and I know factually that ChampCar's system is the best.
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    This doesn't have to be so hard. Follow the rules, stop trying to push the boundaries to ridiculous levels, do what's right and go racing. It's not really that hard.
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    Remember when someone here suggested we race Daytona July 4th when NASCAR left town on that weekend.... (Hint: It was me...)
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    Hello, I've been racing with LDRL for the past few years at PIR in my friends Miata, and Chumpcar before that. Unfortunately, I had an irresistible desire to punish myself by building and owning a car. I've been a life long hopeless Nissan fan boy, and was a Nissan & ASE master technician in my previous career. I'm also very budget minded, realizing that if I don't do this on the cheap then I probably wouldn't be able to do it at all. I was a volunteer at the inaugural Chumpcar race in 2009 at PIR and was completely sold on the idea of "$500" race cars ever since. Fast forward through college, marriage, 3 kids, and 10 years, and I finally was able to bring home this bad boy. 1988 Nissan 200sx SE V6. After about a year of working, quietly, in 30 minute increments after the kids go to bed, the car is nearly prepared (mechanically) to see the race track. I built the car myself, with the exception of the bending the main hoop, pillar bars, and roof bar by @cagedruss at Racetech. Russ has helped a ton through this build. He got me a good deal on the DOM tube & bending for the cage, a harness, a fire system, and invaluable advice. Thanks Russ! I learned a ton through the process. Although building my own car probably didn't end up being the most cost effective option, I couldn't have had it any other way. How am I supposed to lose sleep and stress endlessly about every detail without having gone through the entire car myself? The car goes to PIR for track night on May 15th (if it's not delayed by corona virus), and if it doesn't have a major failure I will register for the June PIR LD race. I don't know if I will be racing with Champcar, as there are no races in the PNW anymore that I'm aware of. My first race was the last one here at PIR when only 12 cars showed up. Wanted to post here anyway, because this forum has been a big help for me getting started. No team name or number yet. I'm majorly lacking creativity and wit in that category... and yes, painting the car one color is on the to-do list! Will be going with the Silvia Super Silhouette livery. Encouragement, advice, and/or constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated! Thanks for reading! -Max
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    Thank you for your efforts on the front lines! Your first hand accounts are sobering and worse yet, you and your colleagues are also short critical supplies to stay safe yourselves and short on the equipment required to save lives. While I anxiously await a chance to get in a race car again, it is definitely secondary to our current reality. Good luck and stay safe!
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    "in the next couple weeks either the world will come to an end, or everyone will come to our senses and realize that we are under control, we're fine". There is zero information that supports either of these outcomes. The world won't come to an end nor will we be fine with the status quo. Just wanted to be clear because there are a number of these narratives that are just false. Leadership of the organization should approach this rationally using data made available by experts and make sure its upholding its fiduciary duty to its members. All evidence points to this being longer than two weeks and likely closer to eight or twelve weeks, followed by a recession. I just hope the organization is planning accordingly. I know Jer mentioned in meetings past about plans for a potential recession which is awesome planning, now that we are on the cliff its important that we are thinking rationally and planning for likely outcomes, not rhetoric on either extreme.
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    We have 1,000,000 members and reach 50,000,000 viewers each live show in 105 countries. #greenfont Members I think its around 4,000 active. I dont know all the numbers. Demographics are hard because there has been no official survey done. Look at the races and you should be able to get a good feel of who is attending. I have zero data on the live show. That is all Bill. Number of people showing up, just take number of entries x 4 drivers and there you have your number. Maybe add 25-50 people extra for family and friends.
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    Because until now, some teams have been using actual performance headers for free on swaps, while others used mismatched OE manifolds to make things fit. All reportedly approved by Mike C/Tech. If you needed it to make it fit, it was free. This ruling is actually restricting the loophole to cast OE stuff. It was the correct decision to make. They made the right call. Better late than never.
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    Yeah. I try to stay away from Bill, but he kinda grows on you... like a wart. Better? What I was trying to do was put up a graph showing the effectiveness of slowing virus transmission using what Bill described above. If we as a society adopt these practices, we slow the rate of infection which then allows healthcare resources to not get overwhelmed.
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    I'm waiting for the Polaris Slingshot to arrive on the VPI Early/Late List so the ecotec miata guys can continue using that header for free
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    Aftermarket exhaust no longer allowed for free for swapped engines to “make it fit”. Just gonna grab some popcorn....
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    I had an absolute blast racing with the 7G Motorsport Mercedes during the race. that car is bad to the bone! I always drool over it but this is the first time I've gotten to run competitively with it. The driver was awesome and the push and pull around the course was so much fun while i was working my way up to them. Thanks to that team for having such a cool car and to the driver for a good damn time!
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    Started the 2019 24 with a new set of RS4. Started the 2019 VIR double 8s with all 4 of the same tires. Changed the Left Front to a used one purchased from parts-badger. Started the 2020 VIR south 12 with 3/4 of the same tires Changed the Left Rear with 2 hours remaining to another used one. The right sides have 24+16+12 + testing on them..52+ hours of racing, 3 victories Probably going in the take-offs pile now.
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    On Lexan, did it come on the car stock? No? Then you shouldn't be able to repurpose it.
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    Driver comfort
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    9.3.2. ONLY clear, transparent polycarbonate or Plexiglas is allowed in place of any rear side or hatch window opening without additional value-add, provided: ..... The shape and location of the window covering must be exactly the same size, shape, and location of the OE window And Mender has testified that the engine + trans combination that they were using was never offered in a camaro. It matters not that some camaros had the engine, and other camaros had the trans. They were never found together.
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    Wvumtnbkr First off, the suspension component you mention is not an A arm, was not a GT3 arm and based on the part number was a legal part. The documentation was from Porsche. You may not have known that but your lack of knowledge does not give you the right to bash Tech. The problem was with a totally different component. You are hurting your own series, making Tech look bad and you are wrong. On the window you are wrong again. That is 2 wrongs. The rule says nothing about window angle and size and shape matched oe. Changes in size could be allowed as long as additional points are claimed. There are a multitude of additional rules, and we have had long discussions, that make the changes made compliant. With the transmission you are wrong again. That is 3 wrongs. The transmission is available for the Camaro. The purpose of the Tech Desk is to provide clarification on any rules or interpretations you don't understand. The forum is not that place. I spend an average of 5 hours a day working on the tech desk and have a minimum of 2 calls with my Tech Staff each week and numerous text messages back and forth daily. The TAC members are volunteers that put almost as much time into making our series better. Tech and TAC dont always agree but when we don't the discussions are long and lengthy. In the field, our tech inspections are very thorough and complete. Not much slips by and if it does, member scrutiny is our check and balance, especially at post race impound. You truely are not in the room and therefore not able to claim any knowledge about the discussions and decisions made by TAC, TECH and BOD. You comments really are Libelous and have no place or purpose in our series. If you don't like a rule we have a process that is easy to follow. If I make a mistake on an interpretation or my points assigned for an item that has previously gone unnotice are too high or too low the TAC and the BOD and our CEO discuss it with me and we straighten the points out and we adjust. I have a phone, accept text messages and emails and answer calls all day, even on Sundays. So if you don't understand a situation going on in Tech and you can't use the Tech Desk, you can call me, email me or text me and I will give you enough time that in the end we will agree. Then we can post that question and the answer on the Tech Desk so, unlike in the past, everyone will have access to the information. If you truly appreciate the efforts made by all the individuals that are busting ass to make the series even better, tell us. But don't disparage our efforts until you know what you are talking about. And certainly don't make false, libelous claims on the forum. Jay Mauney Jay.mauney@champcar.org 561.240.9346
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