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    Wow. I went from thinking I didn't have a seat on Wednesday, to having one of the best weekends of my life. I'm not sure anyone travelled further than I did from Brisbane, Australia to be there, so I'm beyond grateful to Chattahoochee Motorsports for taking me on very last minute. I don't feel like we got the results the car was capable of, but I'm very proud of setting the team's fastest lap in my very first ever car race. I'm sure I'll see plenty of you again, some at VIR 24, and for the rest make sure you tune in to my coverage of the ChampCar Sim Series. 😊
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    Premium Dudes Indy event recap: All the prior posts about Indy and this venue have articulated my thoughts better than I can, so I'll just say that the place is epic and blew me away. From the ChampCar side of things, the Indy event was run with the precision and efficiency that I have come to expect (and appreciate!) in our series. Indy was more difficult for us logistically than most. Long story short, we ended up towing the car on an open Uhaul trailer, only had 3 drivers, and didn't have as many helping hands as we are accustomed to!! It is for this reason that I express a huge thanks to @rbankracing.com and @Slugworks Paul (and their drivers) for helping us out in the pit stops with fire extinguisher holders, impact guns, fuel runs, and more. I also have family members to thank for all their help with coolshirt ice, concession stand runs, and general assistance and support. We achieved a great result this weekend, and it was a multi-team effort. One look at the entry list was enough to cast doubt on even the most confident of teams. I counted no less than 15 cars that I thought had a 'very strong' chance of winning. Despite coming off a fantastic finishing streak, I was predicting a "reasonable best case scenario" finishing position of 5th in this stacked field. Saturday was hella disappointing. We started out bad (slipping clutch which later resolved itself). Things got MUCH better as we took the lead courtesy of attrition and penalties for other teams. And then finally things got bad again when an electrical problem (that I thought I had fixed) came back and held us up enough for Jacky Ickx to snatch away the victory. I'm normally one to be quite upbeat about any podium spot, but being so close to a win at INDY and losing it was tough to take. Congrats to Jacky Ickx for running strong and taking a well deserved victory. That evening I made a few electrical changes and hoped that we had the problem solved. The Sunday race was fantastic. Crank Yankers set a blistering pace from the drop of the green, but our leadoff driver kept us within a minute of the lead and reported that "the car is PERFECT". One of my most memorable moments was running stint 3 and having it go FCY. I was coming up on the pace car and he stuck his hand out telling me not to pass.. I radio to the crew "am I in first??" answer: "yes, you are LEADING AT INDY!!!" We keep running strong and have a tiny lead over CYR going into the final stint. A pit lane violation sets us back a minute, and when we get released, Tyler is 58 seconds ahead. A combination of luck and strong driving from our driver sees us retake the lead and we end up securing the victory. We are so happy to have been a part of this inaugural event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and winning one of the days was just surreal! . I will post thoughts, pictures, and more at a later date, but want to end this post before it becomes a wall of text that nobody wants to read!!
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    This unit is adding class and dignity to what would otherwise be a Vulgar brawl. Waiting for a few other blue blooded cars to arrive. Indianapolis Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Crank Yankers Racing Summary: Loaded in on Friday morning which was awesome! I couldn't believe we were racing Indy, so I kind of took it all in during the morning. We loaded into A3 garage and we had a perfect spot. If I go back next year I'll request the same garage and pit stall. We loaded everything in and found that our low pressure fuel pump was leaking. Luckily I bought another one last week to have as a back up so we replaced it. I did replace the high pressure pump a week before the event because it was whining really bad. Friday we setup pits and took pictures. Union Jacks was a cool place to go. Saturday - I had a lot to do before the event. Not sure how everyone does it, but since I am a just one person and the rest rental drivers, I setup all the technology stuff. I had to zip tie the hotspot in, my extra phone for the Race Capture, make sure the AiM smarty cam was started, make sure the back up camera was started and start the live video. Unfortunately our live video did not start on YouTube so that was a bummer, but good thing I had two other cameras rolling. First stint out we were near the back and by the end of the stint we were up into 3rd place. Pretty happy with my first driver getting down to the 2:00 lap time mark pretty quickly. Next person in did a great job and we were still in the hunt to compete. It was difficult to capture a race strategy due to all the full course cautions and they were untimely for us with our pit windows. Might have done better if you did an extra stop and take advantage of the FCY. We were in the hunt until we received a black flag for PUY during the 3rd stint and the 4th stint my driver beached it for about 5 minutes. We still finished 10th and I was happy with it due to the complications we had. We lost front brakes probably in the middle of the 3rd stint as well. When I got in I had to pump the crap out of the brakes into T1 and T12/T13. I only spun once and missed T1 once. Sunday - We were starting near the front and I put my fast driver out to try and build up a lead. We knew we would be one of the quickest cars in the morning. Eric goes out again and he does awesome. Got us the lead and a 20 second gap. When we came out of the pits we were up 1 minute on P2. We ended up trading positions with @red0 and @enginerd for the 2nd and 3rd stint. The 4th stint was really fun to watch. We were gaining on Premium Dudes but just couldn't pass them. My driver missed a turn and spun, so that cost us some time. He was being a little aggressive and was a little excited I think. Last stint I get in the car and saw Premium Dudes stopped at pit out. I pass them and told myself this is the time to nail some laps. Well I met some conga lines during some local yellows and put in some awfully slow laps vs Premium Dudes. Also really went hot into T1 when I saw Premium Dudes on my tail. At the end we just didn't have it for the last stint and Premium Dudes did. It was a great race and we still finished P2 in a really stacked field. I was able to celebrate the P2 with @wvumtnbkr as he greeted me with a Liquid Bliss when I got out of the car. @bbaker480 gave me a big ol bear hug. Thanks to everyone who was there to volunteer @hotchkis23 @JDChristianson @55mini @mcoppola and work. Glad to do the beer exchange with @Huggy @FlorahDorah and @pintodave. Happy to run into @Black Magic for a little bit. Also @scottyk good to see you and hang out. @Slugworks Paul and I shared some moonshine together on Friday and had some good laughs. Stupid good run for his first outing in the Altima. Got to chat with @Team Infiniti in impound on Sunday. See you all at Gingerman!
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    Epic, just epic. First.... This venue is HUGE. Like facilities for 300,000 people huge. I mean there is a freakin' golf course on the property @Pee Wee. ChampCar had to make parking signs for this event. Al, Andy, and I were out on Thursday afternoon putting them up in preparation for move-in on Friday morning. Those yellow vest guys and gals? Yeah. Glad to have them as they could be out there helping you all park and get to the right place. Did we have snafus? You betcha. Once recognized, we tried to fix things as fast as possible to the best of what was allowed and possible. Sometimes you just have to call an audible or punt. We also obtained concessions from Indy over time. In the end, vehicles were allowed into pit lane to set up and take down pit stalls. The vast majority of you were amazing in attitude and cooperation. You were, on the whole, incredibly easy to work with. And I personally thank you for that. Second.... It was Hot. Not Hawt. Hot. Pit road is 5/8ths of a mile long. I don't know how many miles we all put in on pit lane, but Al Chisek wins. He shuttled water back and forth both days. Even then, many thanks to the teams offering me water and a special call out to Kim (forget which team) for giving me the absorbent neck towel. I must of looked like I was going to die or something. The popsicle from CYR hit the spot as well. Third.... The people. Got to meet @mcoppola, @pintodave, and @Cam Benty. Missed out on meeting @Jab31169 and @Racer28173. Just didn't get a chance as we all were pretty much on the go most of the time. Good to see @JDChristianson, @Burningham, @Team Infiniti, @E. Tyler Pedersen, Sadie, Baby Pedersen, and @Doc again. Beer exchange with @pintodave and @E. Tyler Pedersen, although I have to get to @E. Tyler Pedersen's stash sooner.... The Maduros made it home and were consumed last night. Most excellent! Fourth.... The SOUND! Nothing like the front straight - gave me goosebumps. This was a big, epic event and took quite a bit to put some planning around it and execute. I have no special knowledge, but I assume we'll be back and it will be betterer and betterer. Edit: Awk. I knew I forgot somebody: @wvumtnbkr - nice to meet you too!! 😊 And met @jakks too. Sheesh. They say the mind is the first to go....
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    What an amazing weekend! We just reached the nirvana of amateur endurance racing! First of all I would like to thank Andrea, Mike C, Dana, Mike M, Jay, Jimmie, Al, Kathryn and the rest of the Champcar staff to allow us to achieve a dream we didn’t even know was possible: race at Indy!!! I would like to thank: - my teammates for an awesome weekend: Keith Pecha, Clark Wagner, Chris Bany, Mike Fuchs, Brian Cheaney, and Dan King. - our pit crew: Dale Bany (in his 70’s and filling up 2 cars in this heat) - our support staff: the Dan King’s family (😳Kaitlin) - our sponsors: Zoe Pecha, Janice Wagner, Sandy Bany, Chris Fuchs, Becky Cheaney, Debbie King, and Anne Lebec!!!!!!!! And a special kudos to our sole mechanic Mike Fuchs who not only can wheel them on track, but can prepare 2 Mitsubishi 3000GTs to be reliable and competitive. I’ll post some details of our races later, but I wanted to echo the feeling Birmingham shared: one of the best things about our race weekends is the interaction with our teammates, our competitors and the Champcar staff! It’s like a bunch of friends going at amazing tracks all around the country to have fun together!!! I love you guys...
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    If wheels are rolling across the track, then teams are either pushing the car too hard, or not being diligent enough about maintanance/inspections. This whole thing stinks like backroom deals and the good ol boys clubs. Points keep costs and speed in check because dollars cannot. There will always be someone willing to throw metric tons of money at a car to buy a trophy. The points system and the TCV before it worked to keep that in check. And in single class racing it absolutely Must be kept in check. In class racing, the big boys want to run the top two classes which let's the rest of us race each other on relatively fair terms. Without classes us open trailer racers are more and more trying to compete directly with stacker trailers, toterhomes, and paid pit crews. Points keep them from running away with everything. 2X rule maybe, but 10 points per corner sounds a lot more reasonable when it's clear nobody "needs" fancy aftermarket hubs, they just want them, and they don't want to pay the points. Especially in a series that explicitly bans carbon fiber for anything other than driver comfort. Don't want to wreck hubs? Keep the tires nearer to stock width, or don't run 2,000 pounds worth of aero. Not to mention stay off the curbing. This is endurance racing, not SM. The more I read, the more I fear a new entry level series is only a few more disgruntled members away. Way to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
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    With every one of these races when I look back the part that I enjoy the most is the hanging out with everybody. We had our normal group drivers of Chris P and Casey and for this race we added @Huggy and @Hurljohn to help drive and Chris' squeeze Lexi to help in the pits. Awesome group to hang with. The tone for the weekend was set when we got back to the trailer park/rv lot Thursday night and found a lady laying in the yard in front of one of the trailers. At first we thought she had a medical issue, but realized pretty quickly she had indeed over-medicated alright but only on some local brew. We helped her up and she kept pointing at a trailer so I knocked on the door and when the person got to the door they looked and saw her in the yard and just closed the door. We were like, ok I guess this is a normal event here. We knew going into this race we wouldn't have the fastest car, so we hoped to drive clean, use our fuel advantage, and have no issues to be able to compete at the end. We had worked our way up to 3rd in the last stint when I had the clutch pressure plate break so I ran the last hour in 4th gear. One of the boxters passed me with a lap or two to go, I just couldn't maintain momentum in traffic to hold them off so we just missed out on a trophy but got to take the wheels off so it was a good day. Since Indy kicks you out of your perfectly good garage at 9, we decided to take the car back to the trailer park and pull the trans to change the clutch. We were quite a hit, all the trailer park residents wanted to come visit. Nobody ended up laying in the grass but us while we changed the clutch. We finished and loaded the car in time for the trailer park queen to come get on to us to quit moving the trailer about 10:30. I started Sunday, about 20 minutes in I lose the brake booster which gives a very hard pedal in this car. Brakes took some time to adjust to and made them a bit inconsistent and made it difficult to heel/toe so we just gave a little more brake zone the rest of the day. Everybody seemed to adjust and made it work. We gambled on an early caution that stretched the fuel window to the max but it helped us get into the top five toward the end of the day. We were running a solid 4th at the end when the 3rd place boxter came in with about 10 min left which put us on the podium. The big ole Lexus performed well other than the clutch and brake booster issue and everybody drove it well and kept it out of trouble. After loading up we ended up next door at the American Legion hanging out with @elongoran and his crew eating all of his food and drinking all of his alcohol. As always brother, you are the best, can't wait til we can do it again. I didn't last long after the long night before working on the car and busy weekend of racing but enjoyed the time. Congrats to @Philippe, @CWag and the rest of the Jacky Ickx guys on the win Saturday and to the Premium team's win on Sunday. It's tough to win these things anywhere, but to do it at Indy is a big deal. I really hated to come up on turn 7 and see @Jab31169 with a destroyed car from the axle breaking, that had to be a heartbreaker. Good to hang with you and @Gordo and the rest of the guys along with all of Dan's team of Rocketham Racing in addition to Scott and Rich of @ConeCrushers. I was able to give @mcoppola and @JDChristianson a hard time while they stood out in the sun from the comfort of my tent, good job guys and thanks for doing the work required there. Thanks to all of the Champ staff for putting this on, it was a great event. Andrea, thanks for making those calls over and over until you got somebody to bite to allow us to come there. My 80+ year old parents were able to come support us, so I really appreciate the chance to do what we did and have them there. Can't say enough how much that meant.
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    Post-Indy, I wanted to share some experiences from members of the HJ team. It was apparent from most of our interactions in the paddock (“Hey, you guys do the iRacing thing, right?”) that forum users are aware of our history – we started in ChampCar in 2017 with a driver pool sourced entirely from our online iRacing team, and most of us with zero previous track experience (let alone W2W experience). Despite this lack of experience, we have been relatively quick and competitive in our own Miata – results that we attribute to experience in the sim equipping our drivers with the fundamentals of track driving and racing without actually doing so in the real world. Indy was a further extension of this theory; despite sadly having to withdraw our own team entry a lot of the team still attended the event and a couple of us found last minute drives with other teams. @David Haines had flown in from Australia to drive at Indy and found a ride with the Chattahoochee Miata, and I committed to a couple of stints in one of the RBank Saabs. Neither of us had seen the track before, Haines had zero track experience of any sort, and I had never raced a FWD or turbo vehicle before. However, we both have several laps around the Indy road course within iRacing, in vehicles close to what we would be driving. This experience undoubtedly lead to a safer, more competitive, and more enjoyable experience at the race. I was able to get up to speed fairly quickly in the Saab and posted lap times close to the other experienced drivers in the car. Haines was immediately on pace in the Miata and ended up with the fastest lap of the weekend within the team. Neither of us had any car contact or dodgy moments, and we were able to race in traffic cleanly and closely. This reinforces our team viewpoint that iRacing experience directly translates to real world on-track performance, and can be a very useful and comparatively inexpensive aid in introducing newcomers to our hobby. Whilst ChampCar is great in giving inexperienced drivers access to some great motorsport facilities, it can still be dangerous with a mix of abilities on track. I’m sure all of us have had relatives/friends/weird cousins express keen interest in getting involved with your racecar, but you may be slightly reticent about their abilities to be safe on track in a pack of 100 other ChampCars. Based on our experience, iRacing can help with that for a pretty low outright cost (a midrange home computer, internet connection, and a couple hundred bucks of initial hardware). With the support ChampCar is offering with the Sim Series then it’s a great time to get involved. We have a load of resources over in the Sim Series forum section, and are very happy to help out anyone interested in getting started. Plus, @pintodave will be joining the grid soon, so here’s your chance to take revenge for any recent Camaro-related incidents.
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    Indianapolis is different things to different people. Indy to me is a special place. I raced there with Dale Coyne Racing from 1988 to 1995. I met my wife there in 1990. I have the Honor to have my name on two different awards inside the Indianapolis Hall of Fame Museum. Back in those days we were at the Speedway six to seven weeks for the 500. So I have spent a total of one year there. I’ve experienced the highs of qualifying & having a good race and also the pain from not being able to qualify. Indy can be very rewarding and very cruel. And it’s always hard work you get out of it what you put in. To be able to race at Indianapolis was something I never thought possible. A big Thank You goes out to ChampCar and all the great people that put it together. I know it wasn’t easy. Saturday we had two cars entered the #38 Blue Shells Silver Ford Focus and the #111 Blue Shells Black Ford Focus. About two hour in #38 had a brake line fail or should I say the wheel wore a hole in it. Got the parts got it fixed & back out. Later that day we punctured a tire & had to make another unscheduled stop. But the car finished & we ended up 10th in class. The Black #111 however went on to P1 in class B. Congrats to Bob Humphrey, Phil Miller, Jeff Vanbendagom and Dennis Neel great job. This is our second car that I finished not long ago & it won it’s first race entered. Sunday the #111 developed a cracked header. The fumes got bad & some performance was lost so the guys were forced to park it for the day. #38 was hit hard in the right door quarter panel & rocker, not quite sure by who, about an hour in. Luckily only a hiem joint was damaged in the rear. We fixed that & went back out and the car seemed to be fine just looked bad. As the day went on the car started running hotter & hotter. With an hour remaining we popped a head gasket & our day was done. But we still were able to get a 4th in class. Want to thank all the drivers in the 38 car Dennis Neel, Logan Weigle, Tim Wise and Loni Unser. Over the two days I was treated to 3 stints & loved it. It was special having an Unser at Indy. Thanks to Johnny Unser for making it happen. Just like the rest of the family Loni is a true professional and does her craft very well. She had fast time of the team both days. Also want to give a big thanks to Cooper Tire. This was their first go at ChampCar and we hope to do many more Once again Indy has left me with memories that will be with me forever. Indy is a special place. Bernie Myers
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    Just a note from pit lane. Watching the bug pull cars on the front straight at Indy was THE HIGHLIGHT. You feel the soul being sucked out of the drivers being passed. Thanks for the show.
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    A huge thanks to Mike and the staff for a excellent weekend. Things went very smooth from our perspective. Also thanks to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for allowing amateur races to be blessed by racing at such a historic location. For me, there is not bigger bucket list track. It's not even close. We had a great time despite some car issues on both days. A special thanks to our crew chief Ian McClure who helped keep us on track and minimized the amount of time we were off track. Also thanks to drivers Mandy McGee, Bill Kniep, and John Holds for joining Chris and I at 4CGM. I wasn't sure how we'd compete against the top runners, but I was able to get up to 2nd overall early on Sunday for a brief period, it was good to be able to still show pace against the ChampCar top teams. Speed creep wasn't as bad as anticipated. It was also cool that multiple Indy 500 racer, Pippa Mann, was able to stop by our garage after Saturday's race and say hi. We couldn't do any of this without our sponsors, Kinetic Motors, who keeps our car in top shape and makes it fast and Frozen rotors, who's durability allows us to get two seasons out of a set of rotors. We also ran stickers for Shift Up Now, an organization that promotes women in motorsports. We were able to get a 4th in class both days despite issues.
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    So i was surprised by my wife with the best birthday gift ever. She got me a seat with @Hi_Im_Will in GWR's E30.
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    lol. The fuel trucks will be setup on Friday afternoon. Mike will have a chat with the fuel guy next week. Or today, I forgot exactly what he said. The sheriff is to stop the traffic, that can get really bad during rush hour, and allow you to cross the street from the parking lot to the infield with no stopping. They do this with the big guys (Indy Cars, NASCAR) too. The people at Indy, just like the people at ChampCar want you guys to have the best time of your life racing on this iconic track. They are old school and have done stuff a certain way for decades. It works here. So we play bt their rules. Once they see how we do thing, maybe they will loosen up a bit next year. we will see. So far, from my side of things, it has been a huge undertaking, but one that has been awesome to partake in. Every minute is planned. Nothing is left to chance. I think you guys need to start sorting out how you are going to beat the RBank team, and less about how you are going to sneak in 500 gallons of 110 octane fuel for your "low compression" 944/Nissan v6 and 100 cases of Busch Beer.
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    Mike has not wanted to add 100 laps or whatever yet, he wanted to try other things first. Trust me its on the table and I did not get the impression Mike was against it. I think he was trying lighter solutions in a current year ruleset with something like penalty laps added to the rules for 2020 if we go that route. Single me out, I'll work for y'all. I personally think the 100 lap idea is easy and the best. I've made that opinion well known.
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    A million ways to skin a cat, we have already chosen our way....
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    If this is repeat behavior from him, It is my humble opinion he has no place racing with us, particularly if he's not going to even make an effort to build a competition legal car, wield a gun in a knife fight, and use it to ruin the day of legitimate competitors. Maybe i'm harsh.
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    Funny note to this contact thing... I was in race control late Sunday in the race, I apologized for the amount of contact to the guys and gal that were controlling the race along the top row of seats looking at the TVs. They ALL looked at me like I was crazy. Seriously. They said we were the best group they have had. That another large group had what we had for the entire weekend in the first quarter of their race. I left the room feeling good.
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    We got clobbered one hour in on Sunday. We built the car with safety in mind. It doesn't seem like much but I built a foot box around the drivers legs & feet. One of our veteran drivers Dennis Neel was in the car. He has some soreness on his right shoulder from the shoulder belt & Hans device and remembers hitting the inside of the foot box with his feet & legs but suffered no injury's. All our guys have to go to work on Monday. IndyCar, NASCAR, NHRA, Super V8's & others have this in the rule book & its easy to do.
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    What an awesome event - first of all a huge thanks to the Champcar staff for this event. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway staff was also amazing, I'd say the only other experience we've had at a track that was as friendly/organized/genuinely happy to see racers would be VIR. Beer exchange went well and it was great to put some faces with some of the regular forum peeps, nice to meet you @FlorahDorah @wvumtnbkr @E. Tyler Pedersen @MBulls @jakks @mcoppola @Cam Benty A huge shout out to @Team Infiniti crew: Ed, Mike, and Luis for being extremely inviting and letting Mike and I come play and partake in this event. The car is super quick, the automatic definitely takes some getting used to, I was able to adjust and adapt reasonably quick to get my lap times comparable to theirs, so that was good. Track was very fun & fairly challenging to drive for being "a roval". I really hope we have the go-pro footage (or can get the link of the raw CCL feed from Sunday), man there was some INTENSE battling that should make for some great highlight reel material. I was in some pretty aggressive battles, but I'd call them fair. I felt there was give and take. In traffic I was not super courteous with point by's as it was kind of every man for himself, once we'd get some separation I'd try to let super fast cars past me fairly painlessly. The only contact I had all weekend was at the gas station not minding the clearance between Ed's trailer & truck bumper 😳 Ed said he'd save it for me and I can fix it at Sebring.... Day 1 had a couple of small mechanical issues that allowed us just to focus on learning the track with a more laid back approach. I was in approx 11 to 12, so good bad or ugly, if y'all have some video post it up. I remember having some good battling with @Doc 's Brew Crew Machine! Day 2, I kicked off the first stint from 8-10 with a full as-planned 1:55 stint. Local yellows made it an interesting dynamic as you were only racing half of the track sometimes. Very intense racing, lots of thick gaggles of cars to get through. I managed to start in 80-something and get to the top 20 by our first pit stop. Unfortunately there was some contact in the 2nd stint, but Ed & crew have a never-say-die attitude and were able to patch it back together in about an hour. With such a stout field, obviously we had zero shot at anything but still wheeled the hell out of it the rest of the day. Ed went last and said he was going to burn it down - he literally almost did 🤣🤣🤣 he came to pit in at the checkers and something caught fire in the passenger side of the engine compartment (large chunk of tire? Plastic?), big thanks to the One Piece At a Time guys for being Johnny on the spot with an extinguisher! I have a Facebook live post I will share the link, I happened to catch it. It was funny - as soon as I was in the car, I was in "race mode", at that point Indy was just another track. I did make it a conscious effort to take the last lap in my stint to just absorb the view, the vibe, and the history of where we were actually racing. Good times. Looking forward to seeing all of the pics and vids - should be some good stuff. I'll contribute what I can when we make it home.
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    Another learning experience with an Outstanding team. I now can say to my offspring “ I drove at Indianapolis Motor Speedway “!! The Cougar was involved in an accident and was wounded. Instead of risking permanent damage The Captain called it a day. It was impeccably prepared as usual and bad fast. Thank you Drunkin Squirrels!!!!!! You are the best. If you will give me the opportunity to wheel your new TBird build I would consider it a privilege Gentlemen!!!!! Thank you Champ Car!!! An old dirt track Dog Face was given the opportunity to drive a track I believed unattainable. A.J., Dan, Mario were my childhood heroes. And I walked The hallowed grounds of these drivers.
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    Good Luck to the Indy drivers! If anyone coming out of Florida on I-75 has any trailer issues (tires, bearings or lights) stop by Camping World in Lake Park Ga. 5 miles north of the Florida line. I will get you in and out quick. Ask for Andy.
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    "Assigning points for hubs was discussed thoroughly over a four month period by Tech and Mike and as many drivers as I could talk to at race events" Let me just say that his pile of crap right here is supposedly what was eliminated when the "old" chumpcar powers that be were removed. No one thought an email should be sent out? Not once did anyone stop and ask "Didn't we commit to not changing the rules during the year"? No one? Not once? Seriously, I was told there would be no rule changes mid year and any would be clearly communicated. None of that occured here, just found out about this rule change perusing the forum. "The discussions started after multiple bearing failures and unfortunate early withdrawals by our members." HA what an absolute JOKE! considering lowering points because a few teams had their races ended early? Seriously, laughable. Like for real, the rest of your post is moot after this. STOP WRITING RULES FOR THE UNFORTUNATE FEW. "...ignore an obvious safety issue" LOL ok you have to be joking now. Have yet to see anyone policing wheel integrity, studs, torquing, lug engagement, etc even after wheels and studs have failed in the field. (how many cars have all their lug nuts at the end of a race? Did anyone bother to ask?) But you're gonna lower the point value to placate the guys who weren't claiming the points to begin with? You are literally punishing everyone who follows the rules to make a couple of teams comply with them. Did I mention what a complete JOKE this is!? It's unsafe for me to bolt a chinese turbo onto my engine and oil the course with holes in the block, gonna let me built a forged rotating assembly for free now? And change the rules to allow me to do so without telling anyone about it? Way to utterly bungle this one; and just over a year removed from the so-called "transparency" push that was made/elections held/"member board" no less? It would appear that the "transparency" has reverted to completely shady dealings, and with an accelerated rate of cost and speed creep than before. What a complete disappointment. I hope you all wise up quick and correct course after this debacle. How about placating the 100 other teams for once instead of the 5 bitching loud enough to be annoying? STOP WRITING RULES FOR THE UNFORTUNATE FEW
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    Of course you haven't received any negative response till now. The only people that knew about this value change is the ones that were already cheating and using aftermarket hubs and not claiming them. To help them comply the series has lowered the value of the part by 75%. Why would they complain? If this was a 4 month process where was the announcement? This wasn't listed on the mid season tech rules interpretation list. This poop happens and over again no matter what and I'm over it. Chasing a moving target is getting old. The rules are far from stable and I'm not even sure why we have a petetion process if poop changes on a whim in the middle of the year anyways.
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    I do take this seriously and show up to win overall. This is my hobby and my passion. It is fun to win. When somebody else claims the win, that is just painful. I don't have outside sponsers (wish I did!). I know a bunch of teams that do and they actually get traffic to their sponsers sites (Not necessarily through finishing position). However, those sponsers want to know how you are doing. Trying to explain how you actually won the race even though you are 2nd or 3rd in the results is exactly like trying to explain what chumpcar was. Thats why the name was changed. It was unprofessional and had very poor optics in todays world of social media. Like it or not, that's the world we live in. Power to you if you take it less seriously, or think the ec STANDINGS are not an issue. I do think it's an issue with an easy solution. Add the laps. P.s. just so nobody is confused, I don't have an issue running with ec cars. The ec cars aren't the issue imho. It's how they are displayed as part of the overall results.
  26. 9 points
    This is going to annoy many when a EC car goes boasting all over social media about their win @ INDY We really need to hand out some +1000 laps for EC here in 2 weeks... Done being played the fool trying like heck to podium/cater to sponsors based on finishing position with a non EC car.
  27. 8 points
    Indy has a unique feature that apparently caught many drivers by surprise. The oval is grooved longitudinally. That is great for an IndyCar going 230 mph, needing lateral grip in the corners, but it is bad for straight line stopping. The grooves reduce the tire's contact patch. The braking zones for turns 1 and 13 are longer than expected, due to this loss of contact patch. Interestingly, the grooves actually affect the street tires less than they did the slicks that we ran there in 2017. But, I definitely saw a lot of cars blowing turns 1 and 13. One of them ruined our weekend on Sunday. Blew turn 13 and took out our silver car.
  28. 8 points
    Our car was not involved with any contact in 20 hours of racing.
  29. 8 points
    So working as a pit marshal and having a radio for almost the entire weekend, what would everyone that drove say they felt led to all of the contact and PUY? I know on Sunday I had teams telling me that certain corner workers were not holding the flags out far enough and even that one station the worker set the flag down and was on her cell phone looking away from the race? Saturday we were hearing PUY calls from before noon that we were still making drivers serve at 4pm trying to catch up on them all. I'm assuming the high car count had something to do with it, but on Sunday after the 12:00hr it seemed like people forgot how to drive for about 50 minutes or so when there were only about 50-60 cars on track. Also, thank you to everyone for being very courteous towards us as we were asking you to remember visors, gloves, putting a jack stand under the car when you are working on it, etc. With the heat I was expecting some less than happy responses and was pleasantly surprised! One last thing too, if you are in a hurry and carrying a full fuel container, do not run with it!!! During the first cycle on Saturday I watched an individual do this and he went down hard and emptied most of a full hunsaker on himself, the car, and the pit wall! Take your time, 5 seconds extra to walk vs. running the risk of a fire breaking out or hurting yourself in a fall isn't worth it!
  30. 8 points
    Thanks Andrew! It was appreciated. Many teams were waving us down all day with water and gatorade. Its a row of really good people. The most amazing Champcar staff person is Al. Al lugged water up and down pit lane to us all day both days, he had many miles on his shoes by the end of Sunday. Thanks Al!!!!! I was feeling empathy for the tired looking folks dragging carts of fuel off into the wilderness, or where ever they were going. Looked like a lot of work. Pretty cool race to watch unfold...but they all are.
  31. 8 points
    Simply an amazing event. The staff at Indy were incredible. Friendly, professional and everywhere. They had a ton of staff and they did hot pulls!!!!! I was not expecting that, and it kept the green flag racing going almost all day long. As always, Champcar staff were equally amazing. Mike, Andrea and the entire crew were awesome!! Thank you from the Drunken Squirrel race team for fulfilling a dream.
  32. 8 points
    That Mazda was us....sorry just saw this post. Just to be clear, we did not have a clear hose. I'm not sure where that came from, but it is false. Our filler hose was the stock hose to the stock tank. Hose and tank were completely unmodified. It is true that the hose failed though, a catastrophic failure you could say....but it was all OEM equipment. @Wittenauer Racing and @DRVOLKS we did have an issue with the exhaust. The exhaust came loose during the race and we removed everything back of the turbo down pipe. Our theory is that the exhaust under the car heated/pressurized the tank and that pressure caused the hose to fail. In hindsight, we should have had a better firewall between the trunk (where the hose was) and the drivers compartment. Glad that is now a rule and hope it prevents something like this from happening again. If you, or anyone, have questions or want to talk about it feel free to reach out to me. Happy to do what I can to help make anyone safer. As for my brother, his recovery has gone well. Thank you for for the well wishes. He had several surgeries last fall/winter but he's getting back to normal, or as normal as possible. He's been back working full time for the past few months. He's not sky diving again yet, but he's been back to the wind tunnel to build strength. And what I think is the coolest part, he's scheduled to get back in a race car this weekend running my dads vintage 55 Chevy Sportsman at Dominion Raceway. We're pretty excited for that. I'm also planning to build a new car this winter for us to make a triumphant return to Thompson next fall. So if anyone has a line on a cheap, rust free NA Miata, send them my way!
  33. 8 points
    Why is it that after we allow "big aero" at limited points, bigger wheel/tire combos that require additional rules on "how to legally flare your fenders" we are surprised at bearing failures? Being this is (supposedly) a limited prep, grassroots series, shouldn't we reconsider the first two problems rather than create another (near free bearings - now framed as a "safety issue"?). Perhaps one should look at reducing aero allowances and require stock fender profiles/wheel openings! Flame on as it seem there is a small vocal group of "haves" that seem to be driving the series and tech in their own image. As others have mentioned, when is it time to consider the competitors the series has/will loose due to rules/speed creep vs. the number it might loose by not keeping the series "limited" in mods? I would suggest there are more competitors comfortable with a more limited prep approach than those with time/money to continually engineer more mods. I also chuckle when it seems many of these same folks are radically opposed to changing any fuel rules on capacity (I didn't pick your car!) in a series that is already limited to two hour stints. Runaway loosening of rules to appease a few top teams has killed many bigger and more popular series/classes than this one. Only time will tell if history will repeat itself yet again. So to those experiencing bearing issues - I didn't pick your car, nor did I make you add big aero, nor did I choose a wheel/tire combo that far exceeds the capacity of the bearing package you were allowed to run. But in the interests of "safety", I will be petitioning for any size fuel cell to be allowed at zero points as fewer pit stops will keep pit road safer. Headed off to put on my nomex now.....
  34. 8 points
    Maybe make aero and fat wheels and tires more points? Or make hubs more points and make people choose between hubs and aero? If you have failing hubs and large aero and fat tires, then you are responsible for building a safe car and you have not....
  35. 8 points
    The NCM attempt to fix this did not work, so at Willow Springs we did the following: -real leader was picked up, not an EC car. -the broadcast crew is/was strongly encouraged to not talk about any EC cars. -a couple of laps before the finish the EC cars were removed from the standings. -in the final standings on Sunday on beehive, Race Monitor, etc, EC cars were removed. Final standings Sunday are listed without EC. Granted there was only one EC car there, but the plan is to replicate this for Indy. In this manner EC cars are not polluting the final results, and do not get the advantages of being the "leader" during the race. It's a start, let's see how it goes. As a Board we are still discussing how to handle EC next year. Hard to believe, but the rules for next year have tone finished up in just a few months. We will keep you posted.
  36. 8 points
    And just a bit of perspective here folks: This is just for fun. If you are racing for anything else, you're not in the right place IMHO. Some of you are upset because the TV coverage spent too much time talking about the EC cars? TV coverage - Really? Some of you are upset because the standings or live timing is confusing - OK makes sense. But because that makes it difficult for you to explain to potential SPONSORS? WTF? If there is an official contingency program they understand classes, so we must be talking about locals. More power to you if you want to get local sponsors for your team/car but, again, this is amateur hobby racing. If it costs too much money to race in X races per year without a sponsor, then that is the real problem here, isnt it? Some of you are upset because the EC drivers are saying they won, when you really won. I have run many Cub Scout pinewood derbies and expect to hear this kind of whining from those racers as they complain about whose dad built which winning car, but here, really? You went home with the iron, you won. Do you really need more than that? Some of you also seem upset because the fastest cars (I assume like that Cayman) blow by and make the race feel unsafe. This is the speed creep argument at its extreme, except it is being made not by the average car, but from some of the leaders. Newsflash to the people consistently at the front of the pack, it only seems unreasonably fast when you are not doing the driving. On a different day, some of you can appear to be that unreasonably fast car to many of us other cars out there, as we quickly try to get out of your way or later incur the wrath of blocking the pack leaders. As was said earlier, WRL has successfully managed this. I raced at Mid Ohio among cars ranging from that Mazda NP01 to a race/restored EL Camino. Everyone shared the track and everyone knew who was racing who and who won. Then again, WRL runs on a different class system and rules. I have raced at Laguna Seca with LD under similar circumstances and, again, no issues with who was racing who.
  37. 8 points
    @CBraden and @u-turn and others running EC cars: I hope you don't take the OPINIONS of a few people on this forum as being the intentions of the series management. within TAC discussions and from any communications Ive seen amomgst the BOD, i don't think anyone in those circles wants to ban EC cars from the series. Most of the complaints you see on here are due to the live broadcasts talking so much about the EC cars, or the fact that race hero in Race Monitor do not have a good way of differentiating them from the rest of the field when looking at the standings. While that issue is being sorted out, I hope that all of the folks running EC cars will continue to come out and enjoy these races and support the series. The fact that nothing has changed yet is an indication that upper management doesn't want to do anything to piss off the people running EC cars. They are studying this very carefully and trying to figure out the best thing to do for all involved. Don't let the whiners bring you down and affect your view of the series.
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    EC cars are not the issue, some folks insistence to get to the top at any cost then brag is, not to mention, the gap thing mentioned above...Adding 100-1000 laps will prevent/fix much. What is baffling, why is it so hard to just do the added lap thing, what is the down side?
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    Quick race report from the Saturday and Sunday winning EC car, the dark blue 2002 BMW 330Ci #930 (Spec E46), from team Porsche Defectors. This was our first time in EC. We usually race a C class E30 out in California, but had a local Spec E46, so ran it instead. The ChampCar ruleset is not kind to a letter-of-the-law Spec E46, and being a spec car, we were stuck with it. We reluctantly ran in EC after a sobering session at tech. And for the avoidance of doubt, we were in the BLUE E46, one completely free of new dents and other cars' paint. Thankfully EC was great - while not in the real competition - we had our hands full keeping our pace up in traffic, extending our mileage, and racing with very similar cars. Just as mixed class racing should be. The vast majority of drivers were aware, and if there was ever any doubt, we would flash the headlights to make ourselves more visible when approaching a pack of cars in the heat of battle. We got through the weekend without a scratch on the car. No contact, no offs (that anyone will admit to), and just a handful of evasive maneuvers. For those racing late in the afternoon either day, you may have noticed we had no power coming out of right hand turns (of which there are many at IMS) due to a failing fuel pump. Thank you for noticing our point bys. We tried not to let our minor mechanical problems impact your race. Well done to the ChampCar team and drivers. We're looking forward to the next race!
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    Funny, i've been doing iRacing so much I just saw 1x followed by another 1x pop up on my windshield for the off track.
  41. 7 points
    I LOVE this post-and what a great looking group of happy smiles in the picture! Well said and well done this weekend Roger & team! This epitomizes why we all do this. We are united by a common passion for racing, the continued striving to improve every aspect of our program, but never losing site that it's the friendships and memories we are making that is what makes it all worth it.
  42. 7 points
    Looks like Matt Connolly once again......
  43. 7 points
    Not mad I think the points for this component are too low. Not sure it followed the process that I thought would be followed. If it’s really a safety issue shouldn’t it be a mandatory modification before a car is allowed on track?
  44. 7 points
    Just checked in for my flight tomorrow and got my boarding pass. I'll be working the race. Totally and completely geeked.
  45. 7 points
    We have the Chillout system in our car, we used it at the WGI race. It worked great for us. There is a version 2.0 coming out now that improves its efficiency and lowers the amp draw. They are sending us this new unit this week so we will have it for Indy. They said they will be selling their “refurbished” V1 units updated to V2 specs at a reduced price. The customer service has been fantastic. Also, I will have a fuel drum dolly at Indy if anyone wants to borrow it. Garage A9 Visceral Racing Group#918 Ron
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    If you plan to race and be competitive... let me save you a bunch of money.... Buy the good poop. Right now. Today. You will anyway. The good poop will still be good 5 or 10 years from now. I think 85% of teams went through various forms of radio communication spending hundreds or even thousands over the course of several years. They end up buying the good stuff anyway.... Save lots of money by buying the good stuff now!
  47. 7 points
    Or ‘disqualified’. Because a lot of people (sponsors, people on Facebook) don’t know that that’s what EC means. One of my concerns is potential racers who see a cayman take P1, and they say ‘wow, I need a ton of money to compete in this series’. “Disqualified” would be much more transparent than “EC”.
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    Sheriff escorts, no BBQs, no beer, stay within the red box, no track walk, no golf carts, be out by 9:00 PM....IMS must think that we're a bunch of animals. EDIT: Team photo at the Yard of Bricks is a nice touch, though.
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    So do you feel that she really didn't win her age group as well? Was she not the fastest 40-44yo female? Giving out a 1st place award to an A, B, C, D class car that didn't come in first place in their class makes no sense to me. Wouldn't that be similar as trying to explain why we have to pull EC cars out of the results and justify your OA position? Wanna confuse people even more? John - We came in 1st place in A class! Bob - What about the Miata that won the race? John - They don't count since they won. Bob - uhhh what? John - They don't count because they won Bob - But they beat everyone John - We won our class Bob - Ok.....
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