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    Rolling down I-20 with a worn out race car in tow. COTA is surprisingly hard on tires and equipment. But other than Barber (local) it is my favorite track in the country. Fast and slow. Very technical. Highlights for us: Saturday blown motor mount. An hour before we had loaned out our only set to another team. Odds of that? Luckily Brian with 9-4 loaned us a set. Thanks to them, great people. Finished in the teens somewhere. Sunday car was flawless and had moved up to second place due to attrition ahead of us when with ten minutes left the hood pins broke out of the radiator support. Managed to drive it around 3 miles to get it to the pits and ran a strap over it and get back out to still finish in 2nd place. Of all the strange stuff that has happened on track that’s probably the strangest. Great times in the pits with Cone Crushers and 901 Motorsports. All good people. Thanks to all of those in this series that made this race happen. I know it wasn’t easy. A special shout out to Race Director Chelsey Vickery, I thought she did a great job running this race considering all of the extraneous stuff to deal with. We have a good thing in Champcar, let’s keep it going strong.
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    #80 John Allen Special MIni Cooper S Daytona Race Recap AKA "The One That Got Away" Post Road Atlanta we learned we had an engine problem. The car was a salvage title with no known history but did survive our testing/tuning. Unfortunately it let go during the night shortly before the early checkered. We fixed, changed some stuff and did a LOT more testing. We unloaded ready to race minus prepping for potential rain. Rain-X, cleaned up all the glass and some other odds and ends. We also learned that while sitting in our garage waiting to load up for 2 weeks our radio harness decided it was done working. Spent some time getting that fixed up and since the IMSA race start was delayed we headed out to dinner. Our driving roster for this race was Myself, Justin Lipson, Rich Sainato, Gino Manley and Robby Foley who we borrowed from Turner Motorsport. He was in town racing on Saturday and stayed an extra day to come have some fun. We decided last minute, like sub 3min before roll off from grid, to change up our driving order so Gino started. We moved up rapidly and he only reported good things from the Mini. Awesome results since we fought an oil leak with our last our cooler setup and from our last test day it was showing more signs of being good to go! We ended up starting around 90th and unknown in class. We pitted, slightly late, from ~15th overall and 1st in class. When I say we pitted we miscalculated the range a bit and Gino coasted from the bus stop to pit in and we pushed the car back the rest of the way... Oops. Robby jumped in with our new knowledge of fuel range(We seriously need a fuel cell) and we continued to move forward. Pushing our Class lead out and did maintenance on our overall position. We rotated the rest of our drivers through until Justin had the pleasure of the rain, stop, sun, go, stop, go, no way stop. We decided based on our last stop to install Robby again since it appeared it would restart under rain with heavier rain to come. That was a good plan as we had the pleasure of him running great in the wet including some great footage on ChampCar live. Little Mini Cooper passing the Cobra. Unfortunately for us we got in trouble for passing under yellow after T6 but before the Bus Stop. Live and learn. We instantly came in and took our penalty and Robby went back out. We installed Gino and he made it ~1 hour into his stint and we had just gone over the current situation with him. Coming up on 3 hours to go. You have ~30min left in the car. We are P12 overall and P1 in class by 10 laps. Let's back it down a few seconds and maintain. Within 5min we get the dreaded "We either have an engine or power problem". He coasts back to pit-in. We get there and pop the hood... electronic burning smell. Let's just try to start it again. More bad electronic burning smell and some white smoke. Terminal. Race 2 of the new build and we are overall happy with the results and what we did. Not we can dig in and see if we know of another weak point. Address it. And move forward. Everyone had a blast driving and we got some yummy seafood. Until next time! Everyone enjoy the hot summer races! _CGP8472 by Halston Pitman | MotorSportMedia, on Flickr DSC_6734 by Halston Pitman | MotorSportMedia, on Flickr
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    Had a buddy bring his nice camera out while he helped crew for us and he grabbed a bunch of shots of cars crossing the start/finish line. I believe he's going to post up a link to the photos shortly. Here's a few: Crowd control flying by early in the morning @MoparBoyy After mowing the lawn: Some dampness: I believe this is Clear Motorwerx being passed by Crowd control @Team Infiniti @macheesy I think this is yall? @lizzard Screen cap from my 'holy poop' moment: EDIT: My buddy posted up his photos in this thread:
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    But on Page 7 you will learn about an unrelated tech ruling that will substantially impact your build.
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    I wanted to share what happened to us with 10 min left on Sunday at the COTA race. Not the usual latch pins left out, on this one the hood pins broke out of the radiator support. Make sure you reinforce the part of the radiator support or otherwise structure that you bolt the pins to. Also, one thing that saved the windshield, we left the hood struts on the hood. Luckily they were strong enough to hold and kept the hood from flipping over the windshield and breaking it. It also makes it nice when you pop the hood you don't have to prop it up, etc. When I lightened the hood, I took most of the structure away on the front edge since that is where most of the weight is. You can see it folded in the middle but did not fold around. One other thing, I always leave the factory safety catch on the hood. When the second pin broke, that is all that was holding the hood down for several minutes as it turned out. I stayed out thinking the connections had just come loose but holding did not realize both were broken out of the support and the safety catch was all that was holding it. Anyway, my advice is sacrifice a little weight to keep the hood structural strength in place as much as you can, reinforce the pin connection points, leave the safety latch on, and leave the struts in place. This happened before the bridge at the start of the esses which is turn 3 and I was able to see through the gap and get the car around the remaining 17 turns at a pretty good speed and come if for a ratchet strap across the hood and preserve 2nd place. In addition to the safety aspects, would not have been able to do that without the structure in place.
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    Well, everyone already knows the part that went badly for us during this year's daytona, so I'll mostly skip that. We spent a crapload of time prepping for Daytona, in part thanks to the covid delay. We rebuilt two sets of aftermarket and one set of OEM cv axles; new LED headlights in the OEM housing; second set of brake ducts; new slotted rotors; air diverters on control arms; rewired both fuel pumps with new hoses; new fuel cell cage mounted farther forward and lower; new rear windshield; splitter repairs and updating; lots of metal removal and trimming. We spent a ton of time on the car, and were super excited about getting back on track as our last race was Sebring back in September. The mess occurred right arount 45-55 minutes into the race while I was driving. After plowing a long furrow in the infield, I limped back to the garages and we set about rectifying the damages - off came the splitter (which was full of ants/grubs/beetles/crickets) and sorting out the bent control arm. In a sad oversight, we didn't have a backup extended control arm, so we hemmed and hawed a bit before deciding to run an OE length one on just one side of the car, which made the control arm on the passenger side roughly 1 inch shorter than the driver's side. We got back on track about 2.5 hours after our shunt and then just basically ran our driver rotation for the rest of the day. The only other issue we had all day long was one of our shifter cables rattle free of it's mount, which took me about ten very warm minutes under the car to sort out. Everyone on the team got two stints except for Sean, who kept radioing back 'one more lap' until we had to drag him out of the car at one hour and fifty eight minutes! Some good things that came out of this year's Daytona: Found that the splitter was worth around 2 seconds/lap between my first stint with it and my second stint without it. Good to finally have some data on it's effectiveness. Both the rebuilt OE and rebuilt aftermarket axles survived the whole race New LED headlights are awesomesauce Got a ton of experience in rainy/wet track conditions The contour only had one extremely minor issue not related to our off-track excursion - all the hard work to get it ready seems to have paid off Some not so good things that came out of this year's Daytona: Not sure if the axles not failing was because we just weren't going long enough to overheat them or if we solved our issues by rebuilding/regreasing Dunno if the axles/brakes staying cool was because of the extra brake ducts or because the splitter got wrecked Dunno if the axles/brakes staying cool was because they just had enough road spray/puddles/rain to keep them cool The high static camber on our car makes for excellent cornering in dry or wet, but really terrible braking in the wet Removing the light bar on the hood and the high mount brake light on the trunk didn't improve our top speed much/at all Very much looking forward to our next race, but still pretty uncertain about whether that'll be PBIR or Sebring. If we decide to skip PBIR, I will at least volunteer that weekend, so we'll see some of you then! Also, thanks for all the support - by and large Champcar is filled with really good folks having a really great time.
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    Since the other topic was shut down. Looks like this was “allegedly” Matt Connelly himself driving the first stint with the multiple the BMW vs others contacts. I’m ok with posts getting deleted or topics locked down. But do it with a posted intention/reason, right or wrong. I’m a team owner myself and typically wouldn’t post something like this, but social media is your worst enemy. My car is slow, but we’re building a faster car, my drivers will get reamed out for overly aggressive driving by me, hopefully before Champcar.
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    There are not too many ec cars that are faster than regular champcar. Like maybe 3 or 4 in the entire series. Ec isn't the problem
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    From experience, pit marshalls are usually told to go to the teams box and advise them to call if the driver misses the black flag. Might be dependent on regions though, but in the Central where we tend to volunteer thats how it is handled. We all get lists of pit assignments so we can communicate among ourselves to make it easier. General PSA: If you have the chance, work a race, you really get an understanding of how everything behind the scenes works all while getting to observe some of the better teams, as well as some of the bonehead things that happen on the pit lane. Some of which are waaaaayyyyy more idiotic than some of the driving shown in videos.
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    That and the pic of Pauls altima with the glowing brakes makes me feel like we go just as hard as the IMSA boys, but with a 1/16th or less of a budget. Great race to all that competed!
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    I followed the Crowd Control Mustang into the bus stop one time at the end and can honestly say my balls are not that big as deep as he drove in. Congrats to that driver.
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    Wasn't calling out a team for retaliation. I was calling out a team for intentially hitting another car. A ball punch is a very paralyzing manuever. Who am I kidding? I don't fight. Last fight I was in was 5th grade and I cried the entire time.
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    I assume it is to discuss a lifetime ban vs. a lifetime ban. Hopefully doesn't take too long to decide.
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    Back while we were still resisting buying an enclosed trailer and we showed up at Road America towing a uhaul trailer with my wife's front wheel drive Acadia, a team pulled up next to us in the paddock and they had flat pulled their car with a tow bar. We were envious because we wanted to be the scrappiest team there. We have since fallen prey to the money pit that is racing and have bought a used enclosed trailer and a 20 year tow vehicle, but we still hold the scrappiest of teams in high regard.
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    Your sharing is unprecedented and appreciated, what we are trying to say is, rules clarifications and running right up to the rule, is a bit aggressive for this amateur series. Many of us have barely the budget to bring a viable car let alone multiple track/dyno days between events chasing every last pony or .01g.... Yes, your way is a avenue to winning and absolutely legal, but at a price. I am first to admit, we need more driver development, we need more telemetry, we need to check bump steer, we could use a standalone to eek out more power... Heck checking the alignment more often then every 4 events may be beneficial, but, we are having fun and NOT killing the wallet or banging on national techs door every week. MY $0.02 Trying to keep everything in check is about impossible because herding racers is like herding cats, for now, I have 1200 laps @ Sebring and 46+ hours @ Daytona, all at speed, not one track day, and for that we love this series... When this becomes too much, we will reevaluate.
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    FIFY. Unfair?? Seriously?!?! I publish everything for other miata teams and send out free templates, private chats, share dyno information, suspension setup and alignment, tire pressures, weights, ect. I asked multiple times for my tech rulings to be public and almost all are. The ones that aren't I proactively share on this forum. You yourself asked me about my setup and I shared EVERYTHING, how am I unfair? Our Wilwood rotors only last a weekend. Our solid rotors last a couple race weekends.
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    yeah yeah, we know you don't give a crap about a class win. Guess what, neither does the Cobra. But when you have a rental team made up of drivers who have most likely never even driven the car, the fact they can come home with some hardware is pretty damn good in their eyes. The car has finished as high as 5th at Sebring with a entire crew of drivers who had most had never even driven FWD on a racetrack. Never understood why people 'poo-poo' class wins. There is 95+ cars at a race that win nothing.
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    Quoted by the person who has an automatic seat adjuster.
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    I read some months back (unverified so someone should refute / corroborate) that he offers insurance to drivers (pay extra up front, don’t pay if you wreck it later). As a car owner / builder, this sounds like a terrible idea. I want as much liability hanging over the driver’s head as possible to act as a contact deterrent!
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    That's using a sledge hammer to drive a nail. This car/team caused the issue, it can be dealt with one way or the other. It just needs to happen. Many cars operate fine in EC class and do not have this particular issue.
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    Ain’t nothin’ wrong with having money and flaunting it. If I had money I would buy the biggest mf hauler made, pay somebody to build the baddest car money could buy, buy racks of RE71’s, pay all the entry fees, put up all my racing friends in the best hotels around, and try to kick all of y’all’s asses every race. That sounds awesome to me.
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    We have a lot of things on the fixed parts list except for a couple of items. As a Board Member I would like to see the 2x rule go away and just put items on the fixed points list. Let's not make it vague anymore and build to the BCCR and not the tech desk. The BOD continues to meet to go over the petitions. We are almost done.
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    I just want to comment on the 25k$ build part... Is that really what we want in champcar? I have no idea what was spent to build that car. However, that is c5 z06 corvette build money... Edit to add... 15 pts isn't exactly bitch slapped. He'll the thunderbird took a 50 pt hit without ever reaching the podium...
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    Off topic a bit.... I want to thank y'all for bringing some entertainment to my day. I hope this gets cleared up and the vpi stays the same for this race and the process is followed if a vpi correction is required.
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    Monday: Shark car #1, Failed to locate top of radiator shrouding removed for April Daytona prep, made it again. Sent spare hood home with Mike to start 4th of July weekend, limited edition American flag hood. Installed upper intake and engine harness on Shark car #2 engine. Plotted & planned world domination.
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    You win . This is exactly what we were concerned about and put this rule in place to help prevent it. Put something flimsy across the frame rails and you will not pass tech. We love using our sonic thickness tester on cages and it will test these bars also. The bash bars should be at least .095" thick just like your cage or factory bar.
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    It's not like that car hasn't been raced in the series for what, 8,9,10 years??? And since this is technically a "safety" thing, tech very well should be addressing it 100%, no excuses.
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    Where did I say it was unfair? I was given 3 options and felt pretty backed into a corner: 1. Do nothing, get protested and champcar will approve the protest. 2. Take a transmission swap value - and still be protestable due to the various other differences between SE and SE-R (chisek agreed this would technically be correct) 3. Take a VPI increase. 4 days before the race. Even though I had my original VPI approved by chisek. Doesn't seem like I 'gave myself extra points'. You can try to mole whack my car all you want but I assure you, you won't get easy victory against me in another car and you will continue to play the hand "I" am dealt, along with every well sorted team (crowd control, cone crushers, RBank, etc.). Thus my point about improving your game - you will not find the easy path to success you are hoping for by complaining about others. I also think trying to quash speed creep entirely is a fruitless pursuit, speeds will always increase even if you freeze every rule in the book, and every value.
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    Castrol Prefect SC300 came in to Daytona after struggling with overheating issues in Atlanta (in the snow) so with the cooling system issues hopefully sorted, what better place to test it. Here were some of our shenanigans: Many have seen the multicar first stint incident in Nascar 3 Wouldn't be a race unless some of us did the yardwork. And we even had a run in with the Six Pack Racing Integra. By the rules, it's our fault so sorry to those guys (@reyno010) if it caused you any trouble. Felt pretty minimal and I don't want to get into a discussion about fault, we'll take it and apologize. One of our wheels bent a bit with the contact so instead of testing it, we replaced the rears and let loose for the final stint where we set our fastest time. Overall awesome race with Justin, Maciej and Dhruv driving and Rushi and Doug in the pits. Third place and bringing home some hardware is always fun. Shoutout to the corner workers... we ran close to the front all race and saw lots of blue flags displayed.. they were really on top of it. It was fun racing with all of you and we'll be back at VIR giving it another go.
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    Think it was one. Definitely might have made a mistake on value on that one but.....I think we spend too much time worried about what other teams are doing and not optimizing our own stuff. It seems too many are blaming everything else for them not being Lewis Hamilton fast and aren’t as fast a Mercedes F1 car. My mentor when I was an athlete once told me when I was bitching about this or that said, “there will always be someone with more money than you, faster than you and have a bigger #$@* than you, worry about what you got, go to work”.
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    The incidents this weekend are being looked at by ChampCar management. I am going to lock this thread now.
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    I have an email I will send out in the morning to the rest of the board. I have been watching all day.
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    One of the problems we face as an organization is letting newer models in without really knowing what their performance potential is. The whack a mole spoken of is partly due to these new cars coming into the series. The other thing we could do is value them all too high without really knowing how they will do. This presents a catch 22 in that not giving new cars a competitive VPI means they might never be developed at all. The TAC recommended a new line and value for this car back in December and it should have been dealt with then but was not for whatever reason. I have not talked to Mike, only read Paul's thread, but I'm not in favor of a change like this without at least 1 quarter of warning. The car clearly is better than expected and an overdog, but 5 days notice is not good. Sorry Paul.
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    This is a point that I feel needs to be emphasized. While perceived as necessary to the growth of the series, when new cars are added to the VPI list, it can (and so far apparently does) affect the entire list if the VPI is made too "attractive". This creates an imbalance that left uncorrected will essentially force the entire field to find more speed to compensate. A sweeping change in its most drastic form, and one that should be avoided at all costs. I'm not sure who suggested it but I think a more gradual approach to setting VPIs for new cars would be advisable: start high and then reduce VPI to bring new cars into the field. If someone has to run a particular car, so be it but it seems fairer to have them bear the responsibility to work their way up rather than the entire field to try and catch up to the latest unicorn.
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    Glad this all was sorted out...now, how about those 944's not having to claim S2 points.....
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    If this is true, and the dudes running a cobra got the value of the se-r changed.... Lolzokaywut? Pot meet kettle.
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    First drive went as expected. Brakes suck (stuff on rotors and didn't really bleed them well). This car is violent. The first 2 gears are super efficient at turning hydrocarbons into ruined tires.
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    Got the car started on the newly completed wiring. It started on the first push of the button. Now I just have 20 items to finish in 17 days. Most are quick and easy. Some not sooo much (aero install). Gonna try to drive it around the neighborhood for the first time tomorrow night.
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    Friday: Installed good used wideband sensor.... IT WORKS! Then it didn't. 🙄 Surprise. Drove home from work, picked up outback takeout Messed with half dozen handheld radios, figured out how to program. Progress on hood Sat Froze ice packs, cleaned pit coolers & cool suit box, hooked up shirt, uh oh, what glue works on these things? Drove to Sonic burger car show, place was packed ! Mikes hood progress Monday Stars and install hood New camera mount(s)
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    Yeah, without the hood pin failure there is no doubt I catch and pass you. That's my story and I am sticking to it.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W8r-2vlvl8&feature=emb_logo Mustang driver wasn't old enough to have a street license when this took place. It was his second season in Champcar. Both he and his younger brother started in Champcar at 14, but had at least 50 green flag starts in karts and a couple of SCCA sprint races before he got in the champcar. The older one was probably over 100 green flags in karts, he started karts at age 7. They eye-hand coordination and the physical stamina are usually better in the kids, but the decision making can be the hard part. OTOH there are lots of so-called Adults that I think should reconsider their choice of hobbies. Both of my kids have had the chance to be in the car on the same day that their grandfather also drove with them. We had a 66 year age difference between our drivers one of the days we did it. It is pretty cool to finish in the top of your class, even better when your kids are your co-drivers.
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    First time in a long time we had a camera that worked.
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    Is this part in the rules? If not, why not?
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    Crowd Control Racing had a pretty solid weekend along with our rental, the Inactiv Motorsports 626. We've raced in rain or snow for four of the last six races and were hoping against all odds for a dry 14-hours, but knew that wouldn't happen in Florida in July. We're comfortable in the rain, but a D-class, V8 RWD car isn't really a great choice on a slick track. Still, we had a good race with no on-track incidents and we made a couple of good strategy calls helping us bring home a P2 and D-class win. Our renters brought the 626 in for a B-class win, sticking with it and racing from start to finish. We're taking a couple of months off now and will be back for 3 races (2 doubles) this fall.
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    I have seen ChampCar guys drive. "Hard Pressed" is their middle name.
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    The only spare parts we have are ones that have yet to be used (used up) We have never pushed the ragged edge of the rules, as the problem you describe, is absolutely predictable. Car built in 08-09, raced every year since 2010 with multiple poduims and uncountable top 10
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    Yeah, Orange County (Orlando) made masks mandatory last week. A buddy that corner marshaled the WRL race said the garages were packed and very few were wearing masks. The best part about next weekend is that IMSA is holding a support race for ChampCar. It's a beautiful thing.
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