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    It sounds more like they want to run one day with the spoiler, one day with the factory wing, and one day with neither to see which configuration is faster. I would say tech it with the spoiler on - going back to factory reduces your TCV from there, so no one can complain. Besides, significantly larger parts of cars get removed during races all the time. You know... hoods, windshields, roofs, doors, etc. No one protests those guys for shedding weight on the race track.
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    Misc notes from the Butt 24. First off let me preface where I’m coming from. We’ve done 3 or 4 Chump races but I haven’t raced in Chump in two years. I’ve got (now) 4 cars sitting here that could go racing but getting my teammates to run Chump races could best be described as difficult. The ratio of needlessly getting run into was about 5 to 1 Chump vs LeMons. The guys got tired of getting hit, run off the track by blockers, etc and nobody doing anything about it or in one notable case, being told to hit/crash back so they just went with the series where they had more fun. A few months ago one of my friends with a mini said he missed doing 24 hr races in LeMons and wanted to get other minis together to do a 24 hr race. He knew where the other minis that might want to try it were located and talked them into it. A major concern amongst all was what might be described as the Chump Reputation for crashing here in the west coast. It’s the elephant in the room. Like it or not, dismiss the problem all you like, it’s there. That’s why there aren’t more cars running the Chump California races. Plus my mini friend had an even worse experience than ours with Chump from years ago and was very reluctant to try again. I had been monitoring the races from afar and saw that they started to actually black flag people for contact/incidents and found that to be encouraging. In several emails that circulated discussing doing the Chump 24, I pointed out the race reports that showed that they were flagging for contact. Another big drawback was that both of us have had what could charitably be described as less than satisfactory communication with Mr Condren which held us back (we were frankly quite pleased not to see him at the track at Buttonwillow). But the desire to do true 24 races overcame all that and we got everyone on board. The second mini came down from Washington state but the NorCal mini was a very last minute dropout. The tech experience was a bit frustrating for both sides. All we wanted was for all the minis to start with the same number of penalty laps whether it be 0 or 1 billion. 55 year old cars are not a threat to the Miata/BMW-E series/Mazda cars the rules favor. As Mr Morrison later pointed out, we brought knives to the gunfight. We didn’t care, we were there to have our own race within a race but it required waay more discussion than it should have to get both cars to start dead even. That wasn’t going to be allowed because both cars were not precisely the same. The byzantine rules have fostered an atmosphere inviting the rules lawyers. As with all things in life, the fun stops once the lawyers arrive. Everyone got through it even if we had to game the system a bit and both cars started even. Biggest surprise? Lack of contact. We didn’t get booted around like beach balls. 99.9% of the other drivers raced us clean. I did my best to give point-bys and received more acknowledgement waves than I have seen in Chump before. It looks like people are starting to work together. A red Honda caused a fair bit of havoc after sunset. I wasn’t directly affected but had to deal with the people in his wake that he chopped/blocked after they headed off track into the desert. I had run the guy down but a mini has no business being faster than a late model Honda and I knew I was gonna have to suck it up and take a ballsy chance to get around him so I just did a drivethrough on pit road to get away from the carnage. That was really the only bad driving I saw. (Bad driving vs mistakes, Mistakes happen from time to time. Bad driving is persistent). Interesting comparison. I did the LeMons 24 at Buttonwillow 2 years ago with 120 cars. This race had 30. At nighttime this time around there were moments when at least once a lap you suddenly entered a dense dust cloud from someone’s off track excursion. Like Days of Thunder/can’t see your hood ornament dense. If you were lucky and there was no one behind you, you could slow down drastically. If you weren’t lucky with traffic behind and didn’t want to get run over, you just prayed that no one was there anymore. I can’t recall exactly but there may have been 1 or 2 of those can’t-see-crap dust clouds all night during the LeMons race with 4x as many cars. I liked the SRS lights better than the LeMons hold-the-flashlight-behind-the-flag solution. Also nice to get the flagger out of the flagstand as there is a track light directly in the line of sight that made seeing the flagman in the stand very difficult at night. Only drawback is that there weren’t as many manned/SRS lighted flag stations as what I normally see at Buttonwillow. A dust cloud is a dust cloud, it doesn’t tell you if somebody ahead when 2 off or spun to a stop in the middle of the road in-between flag stations. I’m not advocating more flaggers as that is impractical. Just maybe a short chat with the people who cause dust clouds in the middle of the night at a desert track surrounded by dirt would make things safer for others. Nice change. First ever Chump pit meeting where there wasn’t some crack about LeMons. Hopefully you have decided that it’s childish and isn’t going to change people’s minds. They ignore you, you should do the same. You have your own identity. Running others down only reflects upon you. My perceptions of the series have changed somewhat. I’m cautiously optimistic. I fully realize that this post could very well end up being deleted and most definitely will get a condescending response. I will be more optimistic that change is possible if neither happens. Based on what happened over the weekend, I’m seeing encouraging signs. I’m hoping I can be persuasive enough to talk teammates back into doing Chump races again in our own cars instead of me having to go drive for someone else. It’s nice not to leave a Chump race pissed off for once. I had fun. I know that these 24hr races are hugely tiring on all the staff and I want to thank you for working those long hours so we can be part of a very small fraternity of people who have raced true 24hr hour events.
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    If something goes smoothly I start getting suspicious.
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    Not too worry, many times things have been done again, differently. Seat in Porky was one of those as we fine tuned placement and function of slides. Heck, why do you think our races are sooo long? It takes that many tries to get a decent lap put together
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    What happened to door slammers?????? DQ again??!!!
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    We are using the Harry's Lap Timer app and it's great for capturing data to analyze after the event. We are looking for an app that streams lap and performance content back to our pits. If HLT would enable "pushing" of data while in the car so the pit crew can see data and make suggestions that would be perfect. Has anyone found a solution for this issue?
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    Fixed the home for one of our cars. Got hailed out pretty badly a few years ago. I got to the point I was embarassed to tow the traile around. It took a while but we made new corner pieces, polished and replaced all the trim, put in new roof vents, lights and an air conditioner... AND, pulled the interior and repainted the floor and polished the trim. I'm pretty fussy, and I think it turned out almost perfect. Super happy! Now, sadly... this side looks about 10 times better than the other side (old and faded)... we're gonna have to do the rest of the trailer. Looks pretty dang good for being 17 years old!!! Also, new chump car hiding in the corner of the one picture.
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    Real time data to pits on temps and pressure can make up for drivers not paying attention. Real time video to pits/Internet can be immensely entertaining (and maybe useful) for folks in pits and friends back home. Reality TV at its best.
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    In my experience, the Chumpcar tech folks use a lot of common sense. In this situation, I would bring the car to tech with the spoiler attached. I would say to the friendly tech person, "I don't know if I am going to leave this rear spoiler on the car. It depends on how much value it has and where I end up relative to the $500 budget." If I decided to remove the spoiler for budget purposes, I'm sure that the tech inspector would complete the logbook entry and tech form without the rear spoiler, and I would advise them that I would remove the spoiler as soon as I return to my paddock spot. If I didn't remove the spoiler, having said that I would, then I would be vulnerable to a protest by one of my fellow competitors. Simple as that.
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    Here is a lap that we collected using WFL at Buttonwillow this weekend. This was transferred from the phone in the car to the hot pits via a local wifi network we set up at the track. The RPM plot needs to be reduced by about 60% to be correct; I put in the wrong parameters for that data channel. The top graph is the brake position (on/off), RPM, then accelerometer channels, Y is f/b, X is r/l, and Z is vertical. The last 2 are Time-slip (how much you gain/lose compared to reference lap), and the velocity chart. The telemetry stuff is best displayed as numbers, and you have Fuel/Oil Press/Coolant/Alt data, showing min/max/avg for that lap. Here is a trend graph to look at your long duration changes in telemetry: None of this prevented us from blowing up on Lap 17, however....
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    Buttonwillow and I just don't seem to get along. 17 laps and POOF, there goes the freshly rebuilt engine.... ARGHHHHH!
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    Did an alignment, and made it to the track yesterday!
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    LOL, the K&N sticker needs to be removed. The stock filter actually made a few more HP so that is what is in there now Siberian, not a beer drinker, still trying to figure out what flavor suits me. Car is painted! Inside is a nice smoke gray Rustoleum, outside is a lighter shade of gray in a regular automotive paint. Wish we had used Rustoleum for the whole car as the stuff covers so well, looks great and the stuff is dirt cheap. It will be interesting to see how it holds up to the abuse, especially since it is so freshly painted.
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    As long as you don't yell at me we'll be OK. Anything we can do to speed up tech helps everybody out. I'll suggest you put it on your car, list it on your tech sheet and we'll see where your at on your TCV. If you need to take it off we can take it off your tech sheet. Phil
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    The K+N sticker is slightly off-center.
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    Did it. Amazing how fast a new cutting disc goes through sheet metal. Got a big hole to weld, though.
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    I somehow doubt a driver will ever answer The Lady Felton's question of "what was the worst part of your race" with "To be honest, Chris: You." >
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    3 tries? Try 30 and you're closer. Also factor in the fixes and repairs that are redone right before each race because they went wrong the first 30 times. Took me an extra hour to get our clutch off once because I forgot which way the bolts are supposed to turn.
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    4 days before we load up for Daytona. Everything look OK here?
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    Man this place will take you everywhere ,start off talking about hoses next thing you know your getting hooked up wit Wonder Woman ...
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    I think it's interesting to watch the debate from both sides using the same rules,..."it adds value", "it doesn't add value". "Silicone is better", "silicone is not better, ask the cummins guy", "declare zero", "it adds $50".. lol...
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    Don't you have a flaming race car to put out somewhere? You're welcome.
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