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    Here's the video of the final 3 laps from Saturday's race.
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    12.7 gallons does not get "rounded up" to 13. Our Mustang is 15.4 stock so we have exactly 0.6 gallons of displacement in our 18 gallon cell.
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    I have 10 minutes of Saturday at hour 6 here: Will be uploading more in the next few days
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    The fact that an 87 924, 89?Rx7, 94 Miata, and ~76? Datsun 260 can battle as closely as we do is insanity and awesome! Youre 100% right Keith! Thats why I dont understand why even build a car you know will dominate... We've noticed slower teams now pointing us by every time we come close. Thats great, but I am not there to do a track day, I want to battle!!! make me earn it! Its what I love about the miata too, we cant pull anyone on the straights, have to work for it on the backside!
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    It seems like every race I attend I get involved in some lively battle for position. This time I got to witness one. A battle for 3rd place that lasted 38 minutes. Four laps into my Sunday stint I was passed by Kevin in the Flyin' Hawaiians' Datsun, running in 3rd place. A lap later Jamie went through in Miata PI's car in fourth position, and the fight for 3rd was on! I was still getting up to speed at first and sometimes they're a bit down the road, but eventually I catch up and you can see some really good racing going on in front of me. Don't watch my horrible driving. Watch Kevin and Jamie fight for the third place trophy like it's made out of Tire Rack gift certificates. The Miata was faster in the curvy parts, despite having a bent front suspension, and the Datsun was quicker whenever the track called for torque. Two wide through the corkscrew multiple times. Inside passes. Outside passes. Defensive lines in every corner. Kevin used lapped traffic whenever he could to get some breathing room but Jamie was having none of it. And every time they were side by side I could see them giving each other a thumbs up and having a great time. I was having a ton of fun following them, trying to stay the hell out of the way, and praying to the racing gods that my cameras were getting all of the action. At one point I nearly took myself out exiting 4, but the racing gods decided to give me a pass. I guess they felt bad about splitting my muffler open and costing us two hours in the pits to chump it back together with a welder and some hose clamps, and in the end we had the video! Sunday evening we somehow squeezed my team, the Flyin Hawaiians, and Miata PI into my trailer to watch the footage together on the TV. There was so much yelling and cheering and laughing you'd think we were watching a live race and not something we had just participated in a few hours ago. Gentlemen, thank you for the many memories, beers, and the most fun I've ever had in a race car!
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    That's why they pay me the big bucks.
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    I am sure it's common knowledge how to play the car- parts .com game. It's a re spin on the AIV games. If not, here's at least one easy way to do it, without falsification of documents. Pick the right naming of the out engine/ year range etc. watch daily. Save the highest value you can find. Do the same for the IN value, keep trying until you get a net zero and lock in. There's your "documentation". if your having trouble, find a buddy in the salvage trade to post some high out values or high in values to get the numbers where you need them. Chump Tech can't research at first Tech, so you don't have to be worried about the documentation being checked for current values. Once you get through the first tech, your approved and locked at the value. Future car-parts valuations are irrelevant and not subject to protest. This is is without needing to cut and paste, or truncating results, or snipping or other techniques. Any rule that requires the entrant to bring his own evidence, and present to a stressed Tech inspector is open to abuse. Whether it's equipment under the 2x rule, or swaps. Chump staff move to MPV over AIV was a great move (IMO) as it took the evidence factor out of the equation.
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    Correct, no value hit if you're replacing the engine in the original chassis with the same engine from another e36. You'll start with the same 3 lap penalty that other 6 cylinder 325 e36s start with (assuming nothing else if value add) I highly recommend doing a few HPDEs in the car before you go racing. You can thank me later. I have an awesome (race winning) struts/shocks for your car, for sale if you're interested.
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    Mi guess they just couldn't believe a Fiero could be on the podium.
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    Fun weekend! Not sure if this is the place, but, here's how our weekend went: The B-Team "Just Plain Stupid" Chevy powered Lotus Elite (aka "Chotus") lived up to it's namesake - Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious. We had a legion's worth of work to do to prep for this race. That combined with conflicting work/travel schedules amongst our team meant the Chotus didn't get off jack stands until Thursday before the race. Because of this, we didn't realize that our transmission testing was for not -- the lack of resistance meant we didn't notice that the clutch wasn't working (it would shift through all gears while in the air). Starting Friday, we worked through everything from the pedal box to the bell housing to get the mechanical clutch working - making a few new parts along the way. Alas, nothing worked, so 15 minutes before race end on Saturday, we decided to go without a clutch -- which meant a shift from 1st to 4th after leaving the pits, and a stall out in 4th when stopping back in the pits. For reasons not worth explaining, you couldn't even treat it like a crash box and shift when revs were matched... Just 4th gear all the time. We did one (!) lap on Saturday and a 110 or so on Sunday. Sunday's racing was going well - we even managed to eek into the 1:54s with our one working gear, but had a lower a-arm mount on the front suspension fail just as soon as our driver hit the brakes going into 2 (over 100 mph (!)). He did a 180 in about 0.1 seconds, but luckily caused no other problems with the car or anyone else on track. Replacing the mount was actually a quick fix, but an inspection showed the other side was fatigued in the same place. This was at around 3pm on Sunday, so we decided to pack it in at that point & make a plan for re-engineering. Problems aside, we had another excellent time at Chump. While our first Chump race was in January, 2010 (back when we ran the A-Team liveried E30 which later turned into the Püssy Wagën), this was only our 4th Chump race. We always have a blast at Chump and appreciate the size of the field & level of driving on track. You may be seeing more of us next year.
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    Thanks for posting and capturing this Mikiel. It was really fun to battle with Kevin in his Datsun. I had a similar battle with team Bill Strong on Saturday at 1pm. Would love to see that as well. I know he has two rear facing cameras because i was close enough that i could touch them.
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    Great video, Mikiel. That's what is fun about CCWS, running with matched cars in these 20-30 minute battles. We had similar experiences with both Miata PI and the Hawaiians at Fontana. Great, close racing going back and forth, usually with Miata PI winning the battle in the end. Glad that you fixed your engine problems for Laguna Maybe see you at the Buttonwillow 24 in April
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    Wow - What a blast last weekend was and always enjoyable to have great racing & good conversations with fellow racers all weekend long. I had the opportunity to drive with my regular team (Son Of Andre) and a long time friend's team (Alpaca Racing). This was my first trip to Laguna and it was well worth it... plus I got to drive two cars! I will save the SoA discussion for the team captain (and i expect a good video of our driving as usual). I will say I enjoyed passing the 400SX/Team McQueen during my stint on Sunday & we had a good time chasing each other around for over an hour. Anyhow... enjoy the video of the civic. I had to utilize it's biggest strength (brakes) since it was one of the slowest HP cars last weekend. I did manage a 1:56 which was pretty decent for the car.. and I received a few "birds" from some of the drivers who didn't appreciate my late braking. Alpaca Racing - Passing highlights.
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    Let's hear those "other tricks", I'm all ears! About the likelihood of a protest: we were going to be protested at our Spokane win where we did two hour stints but I was able to prove that my '87 Fiero came with 11.9 gallons stock. Second place wanted the trophy.
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    I'd blame the fuel shortage on that extra drag from all the yarn.
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    Then we ran out of fuel on our call in lap before the last stint. we were on pace to grab 3rd in the chumpionship when that happened, which is a miracle. Tough weekend but couldnt be happier with how we finished all things considered.
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    Sooooooooo, we had contact 30 minutes into Saturday and twisted up the whole RF corner. Bent damper, control arms and tie rod. We had 2" of toe out. were able to get it down to 1/2"ish of tow out. ran the rest of the weekend like that and this:
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    Testing the waters and taking applications to fill driver position 4 (of 4) Local event for us but understaffed due to holidays, seeking 1 experienced, funded, w2w RWD pilot . Have spares and shop nearby ! You bend you mend policy. Send a message, call or txt 561 two five two 3933 Ed
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    This is the Kirkey we have, 70 series containment seat, sub $500, comfortable, and available in different widths:
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    @socaljam What car do you drive? I think some of mikes passes were aggressive but they really were no worse than I would in my Miata. Like Ben Dawson says, and I agree, dive bombing is pulling out late and stuffing it in there. If a BMW, Mustang etc leaves the door wide open into a deep braking zone, its mine!
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    Thanks for the info, you guys do one heck of a job out there on the track. I enjoyed racing getting passed by you guys. We are in the process of looking for another car. And while we would like something that was a bit better then our Rustang, we don't want it to be a class D car. We are looking a few different Nissan's and I wanted to know if you were running the QV30 or 35. We found a deal on a Nissan Quest near here, and I loved the idea of racing a minivan on track, even if it only has an automatic... I'll message you later, I'd love to pick your brain when you have time. Thanks! Painted in a classic Nissan paint scheme - I like this theme better then our "cheaper than golf" one now.
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    Mike- nice driving. It's a race not a wait. I think I would have pulled most of those moves, too. I wouldn't call those passes where you've already offset your car a lane over from the car ahead and telegraphed your intention to pass dive bombing. I think dive bombing is staying right on a competitor's bumper, then diving out of line and bombing the car in past them.
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    VQ30 in our car. Tranny sucks in car and that's what blew apart. We replace trannies every 7-14hrs because dif walks in case taking out bearings. Also, 2nd & 3rd gear syncros are weak and retaining clips break.
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    That was very cool - congrats on the win! Those last couple laps sure got interesting, you're driver did a heckuva job!
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    That would be awesome, Thanks! I'm surprised by how little information there is online regarding installing fuel cells properly and the reasoning behind the methods. I feel like I've just been winging the whole project.
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    Sounds well thought out. Let's get those built!
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    Just teasin, you guys did a great job getting it a) back on track and )b making it look its normal awesome self again for the next race I saw it at.. Wish I could, but all my racin dollars are tied up racing ours..
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    Stuff a Mustang engine in a first gen RX-7, I think both cars are 200 MPV - result is impressive. Better yet stuff an Explorer engine in an RX-7 for more hp, what is the MPV of an Explorer. What is the MPV of the vehicle Mender's mini-van engine came from. Good concept though if the engine actually comes from a "sports" car.
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    No, pretty much any week of the year should show you around a minimally $500+ discrepancy between an M10 and an M50 or an M52. M10's are dirt cheap.. EDIT: Does anybody really think though that swap math is anything other than bad fuzzy logic...
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    Iits not a late 318, it's claimed as an early m10 car which starts at 275 mpv. It's a ridiculous loophole that allows you to build a superior e30 to a swapped 325 at under 500mpv. It's something of a mute point anyway because the powers that be will actually be giving them back an additional 80 points with the stupid 2x spring rule next year so you can now build an m52 powered, medium diffed e30 with spec e30 level suspension including the adjustable sways for less than 500 mpv And it will be 250+ lbs lighter than an e36. I'm not hating on the team, just the rules.
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    But it's EC, so, it has no relevance to Montana's cars.
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    We're running this seat in the E30 and I love it. It is cheaper than most of the containment seats, and the "wings" aren't so big that they block your vision or hurt egress. It is kind of wide though, so I'm not sure how well it would fit in a Miata. https://www.discoveryparts.com/omp-auto-racing-competition-seats-/865-omp-rs-pt-2-fia-race-seat-omp-rs-pts-ha-762e-black-.html
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    All damage was in front of the subframe,it drove perfectly the next day! Once home a couple more tweaks, a couple of patches welded on, a new hood, bumper, headlights and upper core support. And Yes, why not partake in the action
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    I buy cars from California from time to time - when the dollar is closer to par - and ship them north to Alberta. Not too hard, just have to do the paperwork at the border although shipping isn't always that cheap.
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    Come to the jap dark side, baby will be dried off by new years Seriously , congrats!
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    I hear this all the time, you all have no excuse, buy em in proper working order for $1500, pay less then $1000 to get them shipped...no one ever does, its almost like people in rust states are target fixated on rust repair(similar to crashing into the rear rather then going around a stalled racecar) Last weekends warrior, 97 grand cherokee 4.0L 2wd.. prior to battle, interior, windows and hatch piled in dumpster, mad max front bumper, bent/cracked/bald chump wheels, not one single dent or rust wart... performed better then expected, next time out I will weld the diff and get a less temperamental ECU These things have virtually zero value here especially when the A/C goes, the trans shifts wonkey +200,000 miles, I potentially could win more smashing it up then scrap @ $150 or resale $700 IF I fix the trans & computer
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    I let a lot of misinformation go as general internet chatter, but once in a while I gotta call somebody out. Call it a "fact check". I and everybody else on here know who you are referring to, and it is a FACT that they have their own contact. Sure they don't like to own up to it (that would destroy their perfect narrative), but it has happened and will continue to happen for them and any other club that let's drivers race each other. Why? Drivers have free will and those drivers are piloting the cars, not race officials. NASA has strict contact policies including 13 month probation/suspension on drivers found to be at fault but they still have contact. LeMons sits everyone involved in contact for 30 minutes, even if you did nothing wrong, and they still have contact. Contact in a race will always happen, and it can never be eliminated from the sport we all love, because as good as you drivers can be behind the wheel - people make mistakes.
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    Huggy, that was stupid. The fact that you consider that sequence of events a "highlight" disappoints me. Had the corners actually called in any of that, you would have been sitting in black flag. I'm disappointed the corner didn't call you in for the pass in the grass, but I understand the difficulty of their job and they can't see everything. Needless to say, you now have my attention, and as a driver, you never want me to pay that close attention to you. I expect better judgement out of you at the next event. Reference my above statement - corner didn't call it in, we never knew it happened until this video. Perhaps you should spend some time in the scoring tower with a steward - any steward, any club. I think you'd be amazed at how little can be seen of a race and how much a steward relies on his corners to help him "see" everything. They're not perfect, but I'm extremely thankful for all the corners we work with. Without them, we couldn't race. As for your "No contact" series, last I checked one doesn't exist.
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    Coming from Canada, I have a few words about you and this post, none of which would be allowed on this forum...
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    Our car does not have a speedometer, horn, or a fuel gauge.
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    Good job keeping it under control, nice safe re entry.
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    Math is hard. Drive an E36.
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    *waves* List of known Chump teams in Southeast Michigan Red Shoe Racing (me) located in Port Huron, MI. Current car is a 2001 Ford Focus ZX3. First year with the car and we are gaining on it. We have a caged 1985 Mercedes 190E that can be had for the low, low prices of "come get it" if you are a glutton for punishment find a group of guys that would like to form a new team. Ghetto Fab Racing located in Dearborn, MI. Cheatty BMW. Kidding. They put a lot of work in the car and it is a well built piece of kit. Thing goes like stink and they have done well the last 18 months. Last I talked to them they were having issues finding drivers. Not sure if that is still the case but I would get a hold of Hi_Im_Will here on the forum. Schaut Speed Motorsports located in Commerce, MI. Datsun\Nissan Z280. Used to have a BMW. Good guys. Have given us a lot of pointers over the years. Particularly with the 190E. Guy to talk to there would be NigelStu. Then there is Mike. He is located in the area here somewhere, not exactly sure where. He has a Ford Focus SVT that was completed this summer. Took it to Pittsburgh a month ago and placed 10th overall with it in a group effort between himself and the Schaut Speed guys. Mike's page: mcoppola Bucksnort is also in the area but I am pretty sure they are more central Michigan. I remember them leaving MIS in the middle of the race to go home for lunch. Not sure how to get a hold of them on here.
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    Anyone interested in throwing dirt clods at Eman911 ? And only at Dega and Daytona !
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    This sounds like it would end with another 10 pages to the rule book, it seems like a nightmare to try to maintain a list of engines, which would result in teams finding a loophole/missing engine on a weekly basis and rules updates that can't keep up or be comprehensive enough. Why not just hit what you're trying to get at, right on the head with basing it on SAE crank power increase over stock? Those numbers are well published. Seriously, if someone can tell me specifically how that would not work, please speak up! If what you care about is controlling speed creep and leveling the playing field, there is no better way. I won't try to say how many points per HP, but that could be worked out. And I won't take credit for that idea, Mike Ogren said it a number of years ago.
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    I don't care about either the V8's or the MR2's, they break down as often as they win. I care that Chump uses car-part as the sole source of engine valuation when they are made up numbers, at best. Yay, I found a rare and way over valued engine that came in a car and now I can swap a new engine in to it and Tech won't bother to value any of the parts needed to get the swap to work. Not my idea of racing but it's what we have.
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