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    Honestly Bill, what *isn't * illegal in your bass-ackwards driving state?
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    I was specifically referring to the home page, not the forum. Where we see a schedule tab that references a 2016 schedule, a results section that references the 2015 schedule, a banner introducing the CS3 series, and lets not forget the upcoming races lower box, that shows nothing. Tough sending any interested parties in joining the series to the site, don't you think?
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    Thanks for the input on the window banner. Attached is a mock-up of what I think looks much better (thanks for the input Hi_Im_Will). I also spoke to Mike and he is ok with folks running whatever color they want after I shared with him that we started running a window banner to differentiate our red E30 back in the day from the other 7 red E30's in the race. So we can print them in whatever color you want, and taller than 5" if desired and even throw in a small logo to the left or right if you absolutely have to rep your oven mitt sponsor or whomever you have convinced to help fund your team. All of that custom work for the low low cost of $10 plus shipping.
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    Junction Autosport has planned its schedule for the 2017 ChumpCar season. This year will include plans to take on some of the iconic tracks in the United States. We are seeking drivers for our program as we plan to bring both our cars, Honda Civic hatches, which are both currently EC but we're aiming to get one in A or B. We are a laid back team that focuses on having fun while continuously improving to be an overall contending team. Last season we finished 1st in EC twice with a 4th and 5th overall at the Mosport 11hr and 16hr Chumpionship, respectively. Interested drivers please send an email to ken@junctionautosport.com for more information. www.junctionautosport.com Instagram - www.instagram.com/junctionautosport Twitter - www.twitter.com/Junction_Auto Some older feedback -
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    Here's one for all of you old school #3 guys. $500 Monte SS
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    Money Pit Racing will again be hosting a 90 minute race this coming Thursday @ 8pm. Car will be the Global MX-5 Cup baseline setup. Please join us for some practice laps in advance of the race. 30 minute warm up, 15 minute qual, 90 minute race. You get to try out all of the new insight you received from the previous night's webinar too. Last year we had multiple cars on the lead lap.
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    I thought we all decided on the Fiero (also known as "Gods chariot"). You might have missed that meeting. Although, to be honest.... the chariot looks more like a Mustang situation. We may have gotten duped by the Mustang crowd. .
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    we bring a bill of sale. Its been signed entirely by people all on our team... but its technically a bill of sale from 3 years ago. Never needed to show it. We always get mocked by the US border peeps. Coming back the Canadian border gave us a hard time because of our spare engine which the border guard was suspicious about and then he couldnt figure out how to unlock our trailer... he didn't appreciate when we told him we could help him out. The engine chat went like this? "what's with the engine in the truck box?" -its a spare engine for the racecar "why do you need that?" -in case the one in the racecar blows up "no one would have time to change an engine" -we race in 24 hour races, it only takes us about 6 hours to change it, maybe less "It doesnt look like its ready to drop in" -it just needs the carb bolted onto it and fuel lines hooked up and spark plug wires "I know what it takes to make an engine run". convo done. f'ing moron. Was very satisfying to watch him unable to unlock the lock despite having our keys while our phones are on the counter going off every few seconds while our emails and texts came in.
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    We will have all of the: windshield banners, number panel patches and rear class stickers to Chump Thursday at RA. They will also have new number panels and number sets available on-site.
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    I should have said Gen III f-body. Gen II f-body seem to be a better platform. Yet have a lower MPV
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    If you can weld, this worked great for us. We welded in the channel, used some rubber stripping around the inside edge, drilled a hole for the power cable. and we just used zip ties to keep it locked down. It worked great, with zero vibration. Note, don't just mount it straight. Turn on the tablet and figure out the best angle and build the bracket to hold it in that location.
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    I was letting both Miatas play through as you were flying. I tucked behind the Honda, watched as he drove into the grass on the brakes , came back into the side of the truck, spun us both around. We both got black flagged . I should have stayed out one more lap as the Honda/Acura driver told the BF station that it was all his fault, correctly so. So my BF was dropped but I had come in already. He came by later and apologized. Dan somebody, Stand up guy . Then the car owner makes a video and states of how I hit him. My dent is on the rear cab corner. ""Alternative facts". maybe I got trumped.
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    wow I am so surprised to see how many people use Hawks old Blue compound over the new DTC line up. I have been selling and using Hawk since 1995- and honestly hate blues with a passion. My contact at Hawk asked me last year why I don't sell any - he states its still their best selling compound.... I guess here is where they are being sold.... Those using blues- have you ever tried DTC-60 as an alternative? Longer lasting, less abrasive on rotors as well as much more easy to modulate....
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    Apple, Our Prelude started the first stint on Sunday with no thread left.....none. I drove that first stint and it was diabolical. Babied the car and drove it conserving the fronts. Second stint went out on same and by then it was obvious we needed tires in order to finish. Luckily Kenny the car owner miraculously found someone who was willing to sell their take-offs and he snagged those for the third and fourth stint. We were 2nd in class and fifth overall. Kenny did not anticipate the high wear rate; I don't think many people did. I have considerable FWD experience and I can tell you that negative camber alone won't get rid of the fast wear, especially the fronts. The FWD arrangement has front tire wear as it's weak link. Also very critical is that driving style needs to be adjusted to cope with this weak link. There are other set up changes that will also reduce front tire wear. The tires in the photo actually show a wear pattern that tells me you most likely have too much negative in the thing. What are your spring rates F and R, sway bar size over stock, toe, Ackerman, caster, LSD? Much to talk about. Hit me up separate cover and maybe I can shed some light your way. Nice racing with you!! Flat
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    While I generally agree with this thought process, I am NOT doing that with this engine or any engine I put in a chumpcar. Part of doing this swap is so engines are easy to find and cheap to purchase if there is a failure. These engines have a VERY good reputation for not having any major issues (if you use good gaskets). I just can't justify putting $600 to $1K into a 200$ engine. If I was going to do that, I would send off the rotary to have a reputable shop port the crap out of it and rebuild it.
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    If you feel obligated, pressure clean the innards without dissembling, blow out with air, rotate and coat with wd40 till sure it aint going to rust, file it under the workbench, get a better specimen that has never seen this kind of abuse,it could do the job but its better to not use without some serious intervention. I would slap the pan back on and leave it dirty till needed to save the water damage of storage. Mender and the internet for the coolant question
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    http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/scumbag-steve read through and look at some of the examples to figure out what I'm implying here
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    It’s cool how you can actually see where the cut out the 140 and installed an insert in the mold for the 200. With the new rules and the 200TW tire wars going full blast I don’t expect to see many more tires released that are not 200TW rated. I was a bit surprised that the new Toyo R888R was released as a 100TW tire, I expected them to just rerate it as 200 to get in on the action. With the Hoosier-Conti connection should we be surprised if some of their race tires show up with either companies name on them, A 275-35-15 Hoosier with a token tread and a 200TW rating would be scary…