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    Shout out to Mike Ogren for scouting a chassis and and Andy Turner for use of his trailer... we are getting closer. Would be nice to find a roll cage shop around home, but I don't think I'll have much luck since most the folks around my parts build dirt cars.... Made more progress this weekend, and may have another trip to make this week while I have a borrowed trailer...
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    Scott is Joking. He is mocking all the people that think Chumpcar should be testing fuel or banning certain brands of tires etc. There is no issue, that is what he is saying!......I think.
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    Always make sure the beer is iced up before the start. If the car goes out early, you don't want to get caught with warm beer...
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    Not 100% sure what you are asking? Your writing does not conform to normal english standards. What happened to the pics - Photobucket fracked the entire internet by changing their service model. Its now like $500 a year to pay for hosting from photobucket. There may or may not bee a google chrome add-in that will fix the photo links for you. The last three pages are linked to imgur.com instead of photobucket, which was my interim choice before I decided to just host them myself. I have been working on re-hosting them on my server, but its honestly a very low priority in comparison to finishing the new car, fixing my house, playing video games, etc. Sorry.
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    Ha. Good stuff. Up here they run skid steer tires ( solid if they can ) Those guys are serious about smashing stuff. On customer I had cut the front frame horns off, slid steel channel in welded that slide the frame back over it and welded that back on. They did not need to back into anything. Beer , dudes, and a welder leads to no good 😈
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    Installed modded x-over exhaust pipe, scaled it, stringed it, and drove it about a 1/4 mile on public road. The truck is 98% ready for Barber. We are not rushing at the last minute for the first time ever!
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    Always have a cooler full of beer waiting for the checkered flag. Make sure you always offer the last drive a cold beer followed by a water.
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    On track: 1) Look ahead, do not stare at the back of the car in front of you, you will go where he goes - sometimes that's right off the track. You will also typically wind up driving their line - right or wrong. 2) Looking as far ahead as possible will often allow you to see a problem developing and avoid it - also make seeing flag stations easier 3) As has been said - drive your line, faster traffic will find a way by. Use hand signals, pointing a car by lets the passing car know you've seen them coming 4) When someone gives you a point by, a quick wave of thanks is a nice gesture (if race conditions allow you to do it safely) 5) On the straights, look ahead, check your gauges, check your mirrors and see where traffic is. 6) When faster traffic is coming and will likely catch you right in the braking zone/turn in point, you will be well served to either breath the throttle a little of lift/brake a little early and allow the faster car around you (point by!) and drop in behind them and get a clean line/exit from the corner - you will be faster than screwing up both your lines in the corner. 7) When passing a slower car, if you cannot clear them before the turn in point, and they are not giving you a point by, you may be better off to adjust your entry speed, get a clean run through the corner and pass them on exit 8) If you see a car coming right up behind you and then don't see them in your rear view mirror - they are probably beside you! 9) Listen! If you don't see a car beside you, you can often hear them! 10) Always try to give your self an "out" - if the car ahead / next to you does the unexpected - where can you go? 11) Just because you race cleanly with another car one stint - do not assume the same driver is in the car your next stint and/or that the car is in the same race condition. 12) People make mistakes and you will too. Own up to your errors, go apologize if you cause contact. If someone hits you and comes and takes responsibility, don't be a jerk. Everyone is here to try and have a good time, if you're not having fun you're either doing it wrong, or you may need to pursue a different hobby.
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    Reading the many posts and having emails from several of you about why I am running for BOD and what I would bring to the table. Here’s the answer. I have a strong background in business management, finance, engineering and leadership on numerous non-profit and private enterprise boards. Usually bringing insightful creative leadership to any organization. Okay, so much for the blah, blah BS. Why would you want me on the Chump Board, or not. If you want a series with really fast cars, limited restrictions and teardown after race monitoring, don’t vote for me. If you want fast cars, the highest level of competition within the original goals of Chumpcar to bring affordable racing to everyone with reasonable restrictions you might want to consider me. Every series has cheaters all the way to the top of NASCAR and F1. To think we can eliminate it in Chump is not realistic, nor financially practical. What can be done is minimize it and keep the playing field as level as reasonable with the consideration to keeping the financial investment down as the primary consideration. You can build a very fast Lexus Sc300 within the rules. The engine swap concept being new will get better with tweaking and allow upgrades with cheap junkyard engines and keep cars where parts are becoming difficult to find on track. So, what needs to change? 1. As the racing gets faster, and it has, and keeping the multiple classes will always mean a vast difference in speeds. Having racers on track who have never been on a track before is maybe not a good idea. I took a three day Skip Barber School and then another single day school before my first race and I still was intimidated that first race. I was smart enough to stay the hell out of the way, but many first timers don’t seem to get the hang of that. There should be some minimum requirement of track time at HPDE’s and or schools before getting on track. Maybe send them to that sour fruit league as a JV starting point. 2. People show up in 18wheeler professional rigs, down to beat up 16’ open trailers like mine with all levels of equipment. This to me is the core of Chumpcar racing and should never change. To that end, we need to monitor the changes to rules which allow expensive add-ons and modifications to allow those without deep pockets or the engineering and shop capability to participate. Many times I see the big rigs pulling out with their broken cars while we’re still turning laps with our junkyard engine. That’s what it’s all about. Great racing at an affordable price. In general I think the Chump board and staff do an excellent job. No organization with thousands of members is ever going to please everyone. When most of the things are right, make change slowly and deliberately with input from membership. That is what I would bring to the board an open invitation to have your issues discussed. Either through personal contact at the track or via phone, text, email. I’ll be at Barber with Running Bulls Racing stop by and say hello.
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    I have submitted a petition on wheel bearing grease. It's not fair that some teams can afford to spend big dollars on special wheel bearing grease when others are running cheap off the shelf auto parts store brands. It's just not fair that some teams can go 2-3 weekends on a set of bearings and others have to replace every race or during the race. I have suggested to Mike that we test for wheel bearing grease at impound or chump staff stop by trailers and dig thru their cabinets to see what they are running. It should be easy to detect, red grease and your go straight to EC! This would cut down on all the teams running the cheaty high dollar stuff. This of course is in the need to curb speed creep and keep costs in check.
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    I accidentally created two races, make sure you look for the one with other drives in it.
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    Just go to the iRacing site around 6PM (yep, 3PM PST) or so (sometimes we have to wait a few minutes for an open server) and look under the "hosted races" tab and you should see ChumpCar Open Practice/Race listed with Barber as the track. Its open, but limited to 45 cars. Should be a green button indicating that it is open to all.
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    We typically do fast repairs unlimited, full course cautions, no lucky dog.
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    Since this thread has been muddied a bit I wanted to let people know my thoughts on what I think is best for ChumpCar: 1) Retain and grow our membership/team base. This is one of the most important aspects. In order to attract and retain new teams/members we need to focus on a unified ChumpCar (East, Midwest, West) along with stable rules for a couple of years. The reason a lot of people left ChumpCar is because of the rules changing every year. I believe the rules are good at the moment and other than a few tweaks here or there they should not be changed much in the future. The reason I started ChumpCar is because we could go out on track as a rookie and race our favorite tracks. This still needs to be in mind when attracting new members. In my opinion we do not need to enforce a HPDE requirement in order to be out on track at a race. Possibly some tweaks to the rookie session the night before. I have not been to one in a while so I cannot comment on how this is run at the moment. 2) Financial stability of the organization. This is very important to keep top of mind. We need to make sure the organization stays in good financial standing so we can continue to grow year in and year out. 3) Marketing: Bill will be coming on full time and I believe it will be good to have him market the companies. Now as I stated in my above comment, we need to also make sure we stay on top of the financial stability of the organization. I also think that bringing in other sponsorships to bring down entry fee costs could be beneficial to all of the members. This is the number one item I see a lot of members gripe about. 4) Rules: I am going to state that there needs to be the same amount of enforcement from region to region, tech director to tech director, etc so we can keep the rules stable and enforced across all three regions. This goes up to my earlier point about a unified ChumpCar throughout the US. 5) Membership Opinions/Support: If you read the new bylaws the membership is able to submit petitions or a meeting if they get a certain amount of %. I would hope that members can become unified and do this if they see a change needs to be made in ChumpCar. I will be here to listen on the board for the sake of the organization. As for those who have voted already, thank you for participating in the first election. If you think I would make a great Board Member then feel free to tell other members to vote. Thanks, E. Tyler Pedersen
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    Can I suggest making it a Build & Fabrication forum so its not just about full car builds? It would be cool to have a central place to post up individual fab projects in addition to full car builds. I learn so much seeing other's work and the techniques they use.
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    My philosophy was always the same. Never take a point by from somebody who just passed you under yellow...
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    That should be a 200 pt truck? you should have some swap room..
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    The derbies were all stock-based, when serious guys started coming with cars bearing no resemblance to the rulebook was when I quit being serious...like my version of chump car...I start with something that runs, strip it down for weight and flammables, tie the factory wiring up safely, add Welds to the letter of rules and went out to play.
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    Ed you are the man the auto trans is vodo to me ill dive into anything but an automatic
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    it takes the lotion out of the basket.....
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    I suppose you want a throttle that goes to eleven also ...
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    I am also submitting a rule for the committee to consider. 1. This is a series for racers that can build and fabricate like the back in the day. This can only occur if it is in MY best interest. If ANY team is faster, works harder, has better drivers, has more experience or does not break they are to go to E.C. With a 25 lap penalty. 2. I must start on the pole at every race I enter. 3. Everybody is a cheater except me. 4. I get 10 extra gallons of fuel capacity for every race. You do not. That should just about cover it.
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    That's where your logic is extremely faulty. Guess how well 'I smell your exhaust, it smells like race gas!' will go over in a protest? And who do you think is gonna have a VP (etc) labeled drum in their trailer? They wouldn't even be trying! There are simple approaches, but those have weaknesses too. You know what's stupid simple? Not implementing a rule without value. Vote Paul if you want the rules to only attack real problems
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    Monday would work for me. I have CCWS's blessing to post them on the FB fanpage and that helped drive the numbers I'm sure.
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    Here is RPM's take on the event. We had fun in spite of the weather and were our own detriment on Sunday. See everyone at Barber.
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    Consider my donation as partial payment for that transmission you still claim I didn't ruin!
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    May I suggest that in the published manual the tips be concise? If it gets too wordy people won't read it. No need to tell a story around each tip. For example, using a few of the tips/points already raised: Under FCY catch up and maintain a minimum of 4 car lengths from the car ahead. The fire bottle person must maintain 10 foot distance from fueler and be hyper-vigilante of any fire and safety threats On receiving a black flag, remain calm and professional, and pit for instructions. Keep calm
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    4. Yellow Flags. Once you know where the incident is during a FCY, use the rest of the track to go around 75-80% of racing speed. This should keep the field bunched up nicely. The corner and safety workers appreciate knowing where the gap is so they can work more efficiently when there are NO cars whizzing by them. DON'T be a second pace car; it really frustrates the drivers behind you that are trying to catch the field!!!
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    If your new to wheel to wheel its real easy to be overwhelmed on track. (it was for me) Awareness of everything around you is hard, and critical to success. Watch your mirrors, if notice the lilttle specs way back there, if they are getting bigger understand that they are faster. Try to manage when they pass, if possible point them by on the straight even if you need to breathe the throttle a little. This affects your lap time and theirs the least. Then follow and learn for a couple corners. Your car is faster on track than off, work up to better lap times.
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    If I have my facts straight the 1975 monza california came with a 350, no swap value on the mounts or dizzy (already electronic in 75)and to save another $50 I would fab something to use stock rear shocks. Spindles are value add not part of the 2x rule Edit: Skip the headers, you will have plenty of power and less chance of exhaust leaks
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