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    In my opinion, you guys have some serious reevaluating to do before you show up to another ChampCar race. I saw you guys pass under yellow, jump a restart by boat load, and you ran into the back of one of my cars UNDER YELLOW and caused us enough damage that we had to pit to patch the exhaust to get it held up enough to continue on. Cost me a rear bumper, and some shop time to fix my quarter panel, exhaust and rear bumper. Not only that but the skirting the rule stuff with your motors.......come on. We all can see your rig and giant crew so we can all see that you have some professional level racing experience so trying to do questionable stuff is going to get you caught eventually and give you a bad reputation, something that it seems you are already well on your way to having. Again, just my opinion.
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    Josh, man you have no idea how much I hate seeing this as the owner of the car that initiated your problems. As someone else mentioned, that was #226, our rental SC300. The driver did report that he had contact in Turn 1, and he said that he stuck his nose in thinking that your driver was going wide and giving him the inside line, then your car turned in and he couldn't change direction quick enough to avoid contact with you. I try to preach to our renters about being 100% sure that any car that they are passing knows that they are there and to be very deliberate with presenting themselves to the other car. The next lap around, when he saw that you guys had been hit by another car, he was really upset with himself over the radio. This will definitely add to my pre-race drivers meeting with my renters. I am sorry for your rough weekend and one of my cars contributing to it.
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    Seriously. After the dyno ChampCar said they googled for the engine hp to see if it was within spec, perhaps they could also google their own VPI table to see an S2 is 550 points and adjust the car on the spot dropping them off the podium. Not complaining, just strongly suggesting it as a learning experience for both tech and the team.
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    We are working on that. We actually had 4 or 5 tech inspectors, plus Mike Chisek and Dana Morrison. Dana is also a car builder and Miata dude, and Chisek knows a few bits and bobs here and there. We are working hard to improve the issues that have been found by you guys.
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    The old rules were based on value in and out. Now we use the swap calculator. The swap calculator started in 2016 and was implemented in 2017. What swaps are you worried about? Lots of stock engine cars are doing just fine (Hell, one just won Daytona!) Some cars need help with HP, so they use points for that. Some cars need help with suspension, use points for that. Some cars need help with fuel.... Oops...
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    Sorry to see you had a poor result. Be sure to specify VQ30 when ordering parts so you don't get things mixed up again.
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    It was a fun, but long day for me. Since I still haven't finished welding up the repair of our 944 after our race-ending contact at Sebring, and because the rest of my team couldn't make it, I decided to head up and volunteer for the race. Left south florida at 4am, headed up and worked the race from the start until the finish at 11, saw the dyno runs, left Daytona a little after midnight and returning home at 3am. Almost a 24 hour day. Most of you all saw me at pit-out, so I had a pretty nice view of turn 1. My favorite was the guy that blew past me at pit out without even slowing down, then stopped about 100' down pit-out after realizing what he had done. Oops. He apologized though.
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    Your opinion is noted, and I will try to avoid complaining about the 79th time you pass us in the future. Maybe it looks different from one of the faster/est cars vs 5th slowest, but the only time I yield the racing line is to avoid a collision. I'm far from a perfect driver (and can list all the mistakes I made during the evening rain run - there were plenty), but I was dive-bombed on multiple occasions during the evening run, particularly in turns 5 and 6, when staying on my line would've resulted in me taking out the (much) faster passing cars. I'm happy to drop this conversation - we're doing this for fun, and have done our best to avoid causing problems. We'll attempt to continue with that policy. Also, for clarity, I didn't go in the grass, in case I made that impression. @CutlassRacer is correct that he passed me and there was neither contact nor off-course action.
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    Yes, you are right but it was just one of those random moments, the gentleman was not looking chatty, many times crash damage comes with emotion that is best left non verbal.
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    Excellent Leroy Jenkins reference!
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    i had a meeting with Michael chisek heres the quote: "champcar will never penalize a team for a mistake champcar officials make" he realizes the rule of using the highest value is in conflict with the vpi swap tables it will be addressed at the june meeting according to him so the 20 to 30 teams with swaps are good for this year, but in trouble for next year. This is the main reason i like this series. they to do the right thing. i appreciate their position. i know i will need to build 2 new cars for next year but i want to go to rear wheel drives anyways
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    As a comparison for example the 83-93 Mustang: Came as models L, LX, GT, Cobra, GL, GLX with 4/6/8 cylinder engines. In ChampCar the 4/6 cylinder are 150 points and the V8 is 200 points. No matter if you are swapping a 4/6/8 cylinder car you use the base VPI of the V8 car - 200 points. Therefore swapping any 944 should start with the base points of the S2 - 550 points. If the same rules apply to all cars that is.
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    Thanks! I did have a few moments of unplanned vehicle correction, but gathered it up and kept moving forward. The wildest action was in the bus stop though, I ended up in the mud lane over there a few times.
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    Yea you were moving quick, you made a pass on me into 6 that at the time I thought was pushing it, but once I figured out you were the leader it made sense, no harm no foul. I did have a great time going back and forth with whoever you had in the ec300zx after the last red flag in the rain. I'd catch the car in some corners and then it would walk me in the straights, had a few back and fourths. Great time had by me. Thought about coming down to find who it was but I figured you guys were a bit busy. Congrats on the win! That's a fast SC you got!
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    Thank you. That is appreciated, especially after the weekends show. I was WAY in over my head with the engineering side of the show. I want back on pit lane so bad.
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    As a car owner, I would be livid. Thats' almost a full stint of track time lost!!!
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    I'm not getting involved in one of these again.
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    I didn't like the fact the bug sat off track for over an hour and a half with driver inside before they pulled him off track when he broke.. 30 min is one thing.. Make a time limit possibly ?
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    Dont forget that there is a turbo 944 called the 951 as well...
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    Drill the head of the bolts and safety wire them to prevent them coming out unexpectedly.
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    It was a pretty good lick according to the driver. And the crinkled quarter panel and bent exhaust seem to back that up.
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    if it's ur son in law causing the majority of your on track escapades that seem to happen with you guys, maybe you need to re-evaluate his consistent lack of racecraft and driving talent @ttuttlelandscape a bump under yellow is one thing, but demolishing a rear bumper cover and mangling an exhaust is more than a bump. we as drivers all have control over the throttle pedal and brake pedal, if u can't control those on a consistent basis you shouldn't be on a track.
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    Well I got all the way down to Daytona and spent ALL DAY in the tech shed waiting for the show , humph nothin .. All I saw was some nice cars a few safety issues addressed ,a couple of values adjusted , a lot of laughing and joking around , met some new champs ,and got to see lots of friends again . So now I'm wondering how factual is this place ?
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    Is that why you are ignoring my text this morning.. lol.
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    I don't know diddly about Porsche. Does that make it similar to running an e30 318 with with an e36 engine and being less points than a 325????
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    I put a Parental warning on mine as I have been know to get "overly excited" at times while driving. Anyone watching has been warned.
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    The cone crushers car was making 95hp at the end of the race, it couldn’t be that hard to catch..........
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    Wrong. There are 3 cars to consider for the 85-86 years. 1985- small tank, narrow wheel track, steel front control arms, 147HP 1985.5- big tank, narrow wheel track, steel front control arms, 147hp 1986- big tank, narrow wheel track, aluminum front control arms, 147hp 1987-big tank, wide wheel track, stronger wheel bearings/spindle, aluminum front control arms, 147hp 1988-big tank, wide wheel track, stronger wheel bearings/spindle,aluminum front control arms, 157hp, short 5th gear 1989-2.7L engine, big tank, wide wheel track, stronger wheel bearings/spindle, aluminum front control arms, 163hp, short 5th gear all of the above is for 944 base only.
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    Mileage on fifi after Daytona...cant wait to see 400k
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    yeah not sure why people think big american cars can't handle. The Rusty Cougar did pretty well all over the track.
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    That's because in their swapped-in form they don't make 200 hp. Cams and headers are extra points and are counted separately from the swap.
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    it takes way more talent to stay off somebody than it does to just slam into them... it must of been the car owners neighbor in the car, nothing you can do
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    Damn, that was quite shitty. Wish there was more black flag action for that sort of thing. Easy to avoid.
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    My understanding is that "vehicles must use the highest valued model from its generation". S.
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    - Turn the wrench harder next time. No amount of Loctite will save you from an undertightened bolt. As a general rule of thumb, there is no downside to putting more torque on a bolt... if you don't break it during assembly, it won't break in use. And if you do break it assembling, then you know how much is too much for next time! I (almost) always tighten things well beyond the recommended torque in the manual, flywheel bolts are one exception. - If the "nut member" material is aluminium, be careful of thread stripping (when over-torquing) as this can be much harder to detect than a broken off bolt head. - The design goal with bolts is not "tighten it so it doesn't unscrew", it is "tighten it so that there is a very high normal force between the two mating components. Friction will then prevent them from moving relative to each other. More normal force leads to more friction. If the two surfaces (caliper and caliper bracket) shift because there isn't enough friction in the joint, the bolt will start to loosen and unscrew on successive 'shifts'.
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    Kinda seems like you are complaining about me passing you cleanly, and you still having time to adjust and stay on track. Based off of your speed, I determined that you shouldn't need the dry line to make it through the corner and I think I had you cleared before you turned in anyways so you could have moved back into the dry line through the apex of the kink, affecting you even less. I mean, it is racing, if you managed to stay on track, and we had no contact, I do not see the reason for the complaint. Be aware of what is going on behind you as well as in front of you and make plans for the moves that the other drivers are going to make so that you can react without pooing your pants. Just my opinion.
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    2nd that...you where moving coming thru the tri-oval into T1 on the outside of numerous rolling chicanes of cars. very impressive...I was waiting to see if you were going to run out of talent carrying that kind of speed into T1 on a damp track, but you never did lap after lap. I think i saw you get out of shape a few times under braking, but you got it back under control. fine display of driving talent.
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    Sounds more like they were splashing gas on themselves while inciting flamage ...
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    I've given up. Its clear they don't want to be honest with anyone and like to pull shady poop. Funny he complained about 'costs to put legal motors in it is too high' yet now they have like 3 different engine packages for the same cars that they swap out between series? LuLz
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    I guess if they write a no phones in the car rule we now know who to blame...
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    While only tech can answer for sure, my advice would be, tech guys are racers, you show them these photos, and as long as they dont perceive your alterations as a performance advantage you will be covered under 4.7.6. Teams may replace any worn, broken, ventilated, impaled, defective, or bent-beyond-all- recognition parts on their car without affecting their total points so long as it’s an OEM or OEM- equivalent part for that car’s specific model. If you do a front cut, and replace with tube frame, you would probably want some pics of the weight removed vs weight added, to show you put on a similar amount... As long as you are repairing, your fine. my guess is no mater what you do, you will be adding weight trying to make it reasonably as stiff as the unbent OE stamped part. so nothing to see here.
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    That was me and I'm sorry if the move unsettled you, but I had been going through the kink much faster in previous laps, saw an opening and I took it. I felt like i cleared you fast enough that it wouldnt have affected you too much and I believe I left you at least one lane to operate in. That rain stint and my pace is what put us back into contention and then we caught the caution for our last pit stop. I made a boat load of aggressive moves that stint, even beyond my normal level, but I didn't have contact with anyone and was putting in the fastest rain laps of the entire field.
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    An hour before the "canopy storm" 83 yellow Supra, 26 Z thing & @Pintodave @ caution 12:40 , look whats in the cup holder, ugh, messed up
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    If you are part of a multi-car team and you are trying to get a FCY because it works with your pit strategy for your other two cars, maybe you "forget" to pull off? If you look through the forum threads from prior Daytona races you will see Saabs do stranger things....... and you might even find a team boss saying "that is just good race strategy" (although that stuff may be deleted by now) Who knows why it didn't pull off, and I certainly hope it wasn't for the reason above because that kind of stuff doesn't belong in an amateur series, but it sucks that two cars went out as a result.
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    I want to say time of day was late, perhaps everyone was tired, and wanted to go home before dawn, picking the 1st & 2nd pl sounds logical?
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    TUTTLE MOTOR SPORTS RECAP: clearly things didn't turn out well at this race. CAR NUMBER 107 lap 8 car started to miss, lap 9 saw a rod come out of the side of the block!!!!, ugh!!. not sure why till we tear it down. i was driving and i think it dropped a valve or i did miss a down shift and over revved the engine, not gonna hide from it, either way time to get a new engine built asap. CAR NUMBER 108 was running great, then a old familiar friend came back, the internal clutch slave cylinder started to fail. it started as intermittent then got worse and worse. we attempted to bleed it and realized that it may be overheating. long story short, given we were 10 laps down and we were grinding gears pretty badly, we realized we may or may not be able to finish, but since everyone got a good stint, and were going to Charlotte in 2 weeks, we would withdraw the car, and save the tranny needing only synchros at this point. We have a rule that we put new ones in every race, and since we hadn't had that failure in a cpl of races, I HAD THE GREAT IDEA OF DECIDING NOT CHANGE IT!, BRILLIANT!!!, i save 103 dollars and went home early, ugh!!!!!!!, my research since yesterday shows me that the closed housing and the high temperatures in the clutch area and just a real problem. we are gonna drill several 1 inch holes in the bell housing and put a small air hose to it to try to reduce the temperature and of course replace the clutch slave every race to the car my son in law bumped during a full course yellow, HE IS SORRY!, yes i yelled at him, he said he was looking down trying to lift the clutch pedal that was on the floor!, ugh!
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    The first financials will be shown at NCM. It's real. FTR, my message board brought in between $1500 to $5000 a month with Google ads. But I had a much larger active user base. We are way below that. It's looking like $10 a day. It was up to $30 when I had the "good ads" working. But You guys complained, so I removed them. This money goes to my media department to help fund new equipment. The idea is that ChamnpCar.Live does not take monies away from the racing side. My goal is to give you guys a top-notch show that is self-sustained by ads and the forum trolls... I mean members. We need more threads like the exploding fuel tanks and cheater E30s. Maybe more 1500 pound MR2s will help.
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