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    Almost done. Huge delay (9 weeks) at the tuning shop. 3-4 test sessions then get ready for barber.
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    I ran p45r’s on my ls13 for many drift events and multiple track days with Hoosiers and no failures. No complaints
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    Went testing yesterday under miserable conditions and the car immediately broke. Didn't even make it to the end of the front straight at RPM. Got it towed back and found a blown fuse for the ignition, replaced it and went back out. It ran the rest of the day and it would appear that our driveline issue is solved. Found a couple of other small issues but nothing that will prevent us from making it to Road America. https://youtu.be/GRCFHZW41RY Old tires in the rain.
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    Seems like a great opportunity for the TAC to provide guidance and work on revised wording for the BCCR. It's certainly not "fair" if some people are using dealer price if others think they can't.
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    Spent the weekend not working on the cars, but picking up a new trailer for the cars.
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    Is there a rule that prevents you from adding your own decal that says SUCKS after it?
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    There is an explanation of the 2X rule in there somewhere. Its 2X the Value of the normally available replacement. For all the ebay parts that have no listed power gains, it could be 3hp per cylinder. So I4 gets 12hp, and V8 gets 24.
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    Welcome, The 2x rule is for cost. Example: If a factory shock/strut costs 100.00 then you can run any shock/strut up to 200.00. As long as it is non adjustable. Any adjustable shock/strut is 25 pts per corner.
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    Thanks for confirming that Jer. In case anyone missed this in the other thread, here is my analysis from the 2019 BCCR. Contains the changes as revisions tracked in MS Word 2016. It also contains some smartass comments, questions, or thoughts as I got a bit carried away closer to the end. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-1XOeP_ChqzmeZPENstSVLrzW_s80sD0DGcFRYnKPFo/edit?usp=sharing
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    Wow, the potluck was amazing!
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    Fair point. Decent compromise to at least make a bumper on both ends required equipment. Same material as Roll cage, or use OEM? Added to the "cage rules"? Racing against a few cars that had no rear bumper was one of the few times I felt like "this sort of seems like a bad idea".... and I generally have pretty low standards.
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    Fun Fact........ If you have a car registered for this race, there is about a 50% chance that your car is a BMW, Miata, or Neon. For some reason Road America brings in a higher Neon car count, 7 of 67 as of today. We will be one of them..........
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