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    Due to a busy year, Barber was the first time RPM had its full roster of drivers and crew. We're somewhat odd in that we kinda look forward to wet races for the driving experience, but not for the soak clothing (I personally changed socks 5 times Saturday). Jeremy started off our race. We were somewhere near mid pack to start off. He worked his way up to 1st, only to find the gravel trap at the end of the back stretch racing Simon Says and we lost 1-2 laps. After two hours, we decided to gamble on our fuel after many extended FCY and some fuel saving by Jeremy and go without fuel (stock 1.8 Miata tank , 1.9qt surge tank, and relocated fill to passenger side for safety after drivers were splashed with gas when the system burbs for those who took pictures). I was in the car next. Conditions went from wet, to damp, and then back to wet. It was definitely a challenge not knowing what the grip levels were going to be each time. It caught me out once when going into the hairpin I had no stopping, so I made a quick decision to release the brakes and head for the grass between the gravel pit and guard rail. Keeping my momentum up I was able to work around the gravel pit and back onto the track. After my two hours, we fueled the car and put Brian in the car. He drove a quick and steady pace. Unlike Jeremy and I, he didn't take and off road excursions as we slowly worked our way up the pylon. After his two hours, we gambled again with no fuel and put Jeremy back in the car. Jeremy immediately reported that conditions were WAY worse than he had in the morning. Halfway through his stint we were settled into 3rd and just trying to bring it home. While racing another car, he visit the mud bog that was once the right side of the kink. Our splitter and air dam dislodged in the excursion, but he powered though to hold to get back on track. The car he was racing was not so fortunate. In the media room, we were watching the track CCTV and the amount of water being displaced in the kink was amazing. We also took to cheering anyone who couldn't get though the kink and ended up in the bog. In the end, we came home 3rd on Saturday and just parked the car after an exhausting day and decided to investigate the damage Sunday morning. We arrived at the track early (well for us, we are Rarely Prepared Motorsports after all). We decided everything important was in intact and we'd race. The engine bay was washed of mud and grass and the remnants of the splitter and air dam were removed. Water in a helmet mic meant we were late getting Jeremy to the grid and we started nearly last. Enjoying a challenge, he quickly worked his way up to 2nd place. His only issue was getting lapped twice by Tom O' Gorman, but it was short lived. Knowing the quiet hour was coming, we shorted pitted to put in Brian and gamble on fuel again. After Tom O's team experienced a failed head gasket we were in the lead ahead of the 840 Supra by a lap going into quiet hour. After a change in strategy, it was decided to put Brian in the car and gain a much time as we could and hope we could make 30 mins longer on fuel so we could do 2hr stints the rest of the day. At around 12:30, the fuel warning light came one like it was listing to our plan. Back in the car I enjoyed the damp, but grippy track for most of my stint while trying to maintain the lead. A sudden increase in moisture on the track meant once again I had no braking grip going into 5 and repeated my trip through the grass from Saturday (much to the confusion of the Champ Cast crew). I was warned that Cone Crushers were 2nd place, the fastest car, gaining fast, but a few laps down. I tried to make the Miata wide safely, but I pointed them by in hopes of just maintaining my pace. I wrapped up my stint still in the lead by a lap and handed the car over to Brian. Brian drove the car as hard as he could. Cone Crushers was coming fast, but we knew they had one more driver change and probably wouldn't be taking fuel. We watched their last stop and a stall and push start to get away from the pit box bought us a little more time. Brian maintained his pace as the light faded. Confiding over the radio how he felt everyone had all of a sudden gotta a lot more racey (I felt the same way, but it was likely the stress of maintaining the lead getting in my head). The last 45mins we watched as Cone Crushers slowly took time out of our lead, but in the end Brian brought home the win by 20 seconds. For our efforts, we got a free trip to the dyno for the 2nd time this year (in the two races we've done). Btw, the dyno was reading about 25% lower than what it did at AMP. In 6 years as a team, this is our first win. We have come close a few times. We've beaten ourselves most of the time or lost on a gamble. So to finally win one was amazing. Besides a few driving mistakes by Jeremy and myself, we don't feel we could have done much better given the conditions. Our pit stops were flawless (thanks to our crew Mike and Tara). We're definitely rejuvenated and looking forward to 2019.
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    I know headlights are not required for "daytime only" races, but this weekend at barber seems to make the case for why headlights should be a standard safety item. We had a lot of cars running without headlights in POURING rain and you had no idea where they were once they got behind you. Got worse as the day went on and it started to get darker. Some of those cars were unfortunately flat black and it made it even harder to see. We ran our lights all race, both days, and we might even pull the cone crushers motto of always running the light bar. Some of those cars also had no running lights at the rear either...which is the other reason I was glad we had all our lights on.
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    We had our rain light on and a few others did as well at Barber. Didn't bother me in the later afternoon when it was getting dark, the spray off cars was pretty intense and the rain light does a good job of cutting though it. Night might be a different story but I'd still rather have it on than get hit or hit someone else without one.
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    This is a fair point that should get clarified.
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    me: *looks at scotty's comment.... looks at my car....looks at scotty's comment.... looks at my car....looks at scotty's comment.... looks at my car.... scratches head.... thinks OMG, why did i pick such a heavy car?
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    We loaded up Thursday night, got the car aligned Friday morning, and then loaded up and headed for Barber. After our long 10 min drive, we showed up as the 3rd trailer in line at the G lot. Chatted with Dana for a few mins before we headed back home to eat lunch. Made our way back just in time to go pick up fuel and get let into Barber. Found us a spot and got power run to the trailer. Would of been nice to setup pits that night, but it is what it is. We knew Saturday was going to be a frog strangler, so we decided to go with our rain tires. Did our pre-race checks and all of the sudden the driver can hear us, but we can hear the driver. We zip tie a radio in with the volume maxed hoping that would help...but it didnt. I kinda wish champ could talk one of our coms sponsors to show up every race...it would make life easier. So anyways, we head out hopeful to repeat a top ten from last year. Get a good start and we start to follow @Burningham to the front Driver makes it 4 turns and then we get the call...lost power, car will not restart.....fudge. He gets pulled in and we spend a while chasing our tails trying to figure it out. No spark, no fuel pump...keep checking sensors and swapping ones back and forth. Its been almost 2 hours at this point and then it hits me. I run downstairs and pop the trunk...the fuse for the ecu had blown. I put in a new 15amp fuse, car starts right up so we send our driver back out. He makes it 4 laps, car dies again. At this point, we are DEAD last. Well we get to looking and it appears we wired in a defrost blower into the same circuit as our ECU. So I put in a 20amp fuse, Jack rips the blower out and we send him back out. Big shout out to @elongoran and his crew for checking in on us and throwing us ideas, owe you guys a beer next time y'all are in town. We send the driver back out and the car is running great. We decided at this point, it was a test and tune for tomorrow so we just turn laps for the rest of the day while getting great experience in the rain at Barber. We tested our new fuel bottle mod and it worked beautifully, draining 5 gallons in 20 seconds without any gas tank vent mods. Every driver had a blast, avoiding spins and watching drivers plow though the lake at the exit of turn 16. I was behind @Doc's car during a caution towards the end of the race and it looked like moses parting the red sea. Can't wait to get the video footage back. The kink was like fording a river, felt like i was going to slide into the mud pit every time. Had a good nervous laugh every time I made it though. The straight after the hairpin was prob the scariest part as the car would just move at will 2 cars left or right at any time. We turned enough laps to not be 47th and made our way to 40th. We loaded fifi right onto the trailer, drank a beer, and headed for the house. Our motor made it and we made it out without any damage...felt like a win to us. The weather forecast for Sunday seemed to indicate a dry day with cloud cover...but leaving the house at 5:30am and it was "Misting" pretty good. Get to the track and put some RE71's on and send out our ringer. We had 5 drivers for the day so we attempted to come up with a way to get everyone equal time...what I didn't account for was the reduced fuel burn from wet weather and I did not adjust accordingly. Our ringer started 20th and gets us up to 4th pretty quick. FWD is still kicking our butts but we keep pushing. We get our first stop done and have a record fuel stop for us, had the car full of gas driver ready to go with 2 mins left on the timer. We continued that type of fuel stop for the rest of the day, pretty pumped about that. We get to the red flag in 5th place with dreams of an impound dancing in our heads. We load up after the impound and it seems that the track might be drying out. Our driver is turning good laps and the car is running well. Back up to 4th and I hop in the car and it starts misting a bit harder. Man, that track was slick. My first lap I had a nice drift though the hairpin and a dance over the tunnel turn. Once I figured out where the grip was, I had some fun. Had a good run with the MiElan car for a while until he spun coming out of 5. Since we didn't have coms, I didn't realize that we would be battling them later for position. Caught the 84 supra car coming out of the pits and had fun putting the pressure on whoever was driving at the time. Got around him only to give it right back going into the pits. I had us up to 4th but dropped to 5 right as I came into the pits. The track was really slick by this point and it was getting darker. Our last driver went in and just couldn't find grip out there. He brought us home in 8th overall but most importantly kept the car in one piece and brought us another top 10 finish at Barber in crap conditions. We drank some beer, loaded up and headed for the house. As I am about to get on the interstate I get a call that I need to turn around as we were getting an award. We ended up with a jar of reeses pieces for breaking on the first lap of the race but sticking with it and getting back out there. We will eat the candy and use the jar for something cool. Was really hoping for one of those sweet ass trophies, but glad that we got recognized for our hard work. Congrats to the winners! It was super tough sledding out there. Barber is very unforgiving in the wet. Maybe next year we can have a race that doesn't involve odd weather. Supposed to be repaved in 2019 so hopefully some of that seam sealer will go away.
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    No, things can change during a stint, perhaps @ black flag?
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    I’m writing a petition for it. Suggest others do the same. Even a 16” light bar is better than nothing and I hate light bars.
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    I was looking into buying or building something like this until I saw these beauties at PRI. https://www.motec.com.au/pdm15/pdm15overview/ 125 amps total capacity, switching controlled by either an 8 or 15 button panel that only requires a 4 wire CAN connection to the controller. This will massively simplify the wiring and let me do interesting things like variable speeds on the cool suit pump, or switching from pump 1 to pump 2 easily.
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    I plan to install some kind of daytime running lights on my next car. Those and the tail lights will not have a switch, if the engine is running they will be on. Having worked the pits during night races it is shocking how often we had to tell a team to radio the driver to turn the tail lights on, if they couldn’t get the driver to do it black flag to call him in.
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    I think that's the main thing about rain lights (and really anything in life)- Gotta use your head. Very light drizzle and might be better off with them turned off. Downpour just stopped but your wipers are still blasting on high? Probably should be on. The Vintage Openwheel guys around here are required to have these rain lights, have been for a few years. The grid workers have a big board with "rain lights" which is displayed when they're expected to have them on, and it's checked that you have it on before you go out. If the sign is displayed you turn them on, otherwise you leave it off. Maybe do the same at pit out? Just have a sign at the pit out timer station that says "rain lights" which is only displayed when you should have lights on?
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    I saw some folks with the FIA flasher at VIR, which was nice, but I think I would caution against those at night. They're TOO bright then. We will probably need a rule that says you have to turn it off once the sun goes down and just rely on stockish tail lights.
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    Regarding the rain lights, be careful what you wish for... We have the future "series mandated" rain light on both of our cars. And they are bright. I believe we are going to have to put some tint over the lens to actually use it without blinding every single racer behind us. S.
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    Just like people on the road when it rains. Headlights don't help you see, but help you be seen. I perminantly installed the headlights on our car and if it's anything but sunny, they're on.
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    As a faster, quiet car, policy has been, lights on even if it's a beautiful day.
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    We had fun out there, despite some tough times over the weekend. I had fun racing whoever was driving for Danger Racing at the end of the day Saturday before we had to pit in for a driver change:
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    Leaves you exactly 37 calendar days to order, receive, and install them prior to tech for the first race of the year! Plenty of time!
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    Non adjustable 2x Are legal for everyone
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    As a new team/builder.... you're opinion is actually the MOST relevant! good news is that if your car is less sorted then you should just get slotted into a lower class (probably?). Run what you brung type of thing. Lots of existing teams (with recently new teams among them) their race against. Fingers crossed it works.
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    These have the same internal components as other Penske shocks. Same pistons, shafts, bore finish, seals, and shims. They will perform the same as an equivalently valved double adjustable 8300 series. The high end components will reduce hysteresis improving the overall grip and reducing tire wear regardless of the valving. Because of this, these will be much nicer than a Koni, Bilstein, or other mid grade damper even if the valving is t quite right for your application. Damper hysteresis doesn’t get the credit it deserves.
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    So far it's all hype though, right? The only people saying they are wonderful are the same people selling them. It's not like this is the first spec series ever that got it's own custom built shock. Not saying they aren't great, but is there something really unique or special about them that wasn't available before? If they just did more work to better fit the application that's just a benefit of being on a popular platform, it's not really unfair to anyone else. So what? Should we ban tires that are exclusive to Tire Rack? They are still available to everyone.
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    Short answer.... The hp out doesn't matter and isn't used in the calculator. The calculator is setup to grow exponentially at a certain power to weight ratio. I believe that number is close to 14:1. If you are already close to that power to weight ratio, or above it, the hp adds points exponentially.
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    it’s not a special year end deal. I do think this flirts with a pretty slippery slope. Sometimes I think there are a lot of grumpy bitter people on this forum.
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    I'll check out the pricing but honestly, my Miata is best handling car I've ever raced with the Billies on it. I'm not fixing something that ain't broken.
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    In addition to the above, the insurance may not pay out even if you follow the law. They are not expecting most people to carry an extra 55 gallons of flammable liquid in their trucks or trailers.
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    Hell I'm on the Board and don't remember that email. oops.
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    So, I guess Im going to post this since Ben seems to be still asleep after his drive home. This was the final 7 or so minutes of our Saturday race which we took 4th overall. Ben is driving and did a great job. Video starts with us in 5th, and has a last lap pass for 4th. I felt there was some questionable driving by someone else but I will let you all decide that. Also making an appearance was the 3rd place Acura who was attempting to lap us. Enjoy!
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    We all are looking at new helmets for this weekend..........
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    This is exactly what I was getting at, I hadn't intended it to turn into a why don't we race at COTA. I fully understand that without the car count, COTA will be hard to go back to, but I agree the last date on Mothers day was not good for the car count. Eagles Canyon is rebuilding the track and should be great when it's done, but I think the weather has put them behind, hopefully they'll get it done soon. To add to the list, there's also TMS and although at the edge of a eight hour haul there's Heartland Park. They have repaved the track and it much better on the tire wear. If we don't start having more races in the south central area then I'm afraid we'll loosing the rest of the teams in this area.
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    I guess I could have started this about 5pm Saturday since our day was over by 11:45 and I decided to make a run for home before darkness. There was a lot of carnage out there due to the heavy rain. Made for a bad day for some. Congrats to the teams that finished and double kudos if you finished well. We started out with a decent draw, maybe 13th or 14th out and after a few laps Casey called in and said I HAVE NO GRIP, THE CAR IS TERRIBLE. I said calm down, you are leading the race so apparently everybody has the same issue only worse. It didn’t last. I am always reminded that this sport rewards those that plan well and prep well. We had a caliper bolt that was either left loose of came loose that shut us down for 15 min or so. You just can’t do enough double checking of things that you touch. After getting back out we were working up the field again, changed drivers and Chris was really laying down some good laps. Some of the fastest of the field but just a mile to try to come back from. Unfortunately he was pressing a little hard and spun coming out of the museum and smacked the car pretty hard on the front left. That pretty much ended it for us. Car is most likely repairable but quite a bit of damage. Thanks for the corner workers staying out there in that junk. Thanks to @zack_280 and the other guys that worked pitlane. Thanks to Champcar for putting the event on, as always.
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    We drug our accusump around for a few laps after the mount broke. Things almost got really exciting.
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