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    Flagtronics is introducing a revolution in race flagging. Our Race Flagging system is an inexpensive in-car, track wide wireless flagging system for racing series small to large. The Flagtronics Race Flagging system is intended to increase safety, save lives and increase race awareness both inside and outside the vehicle. With rapid in car notification of changing course and sector conditions, safety officials ensure drivers have been notified of hazards on course. See more at our website, www.flagtronics.com . Flagtronics will be testing with ChampCar with increasing frequency in 2019 leading up to formal beta hardware. Once release and tested, Production hardware is expected for the 2019/2020 season.
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    I see a HUGE downfall though.. How am i supposed to get the jump on everyone during race restarts?!?
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    ^^^ Yep. This is us too. We buy the windshield from him, he brings it over. For a few extra bucks he installs with his nice powered goop gun and we don't have to get that sticky junk on our hands!
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    Bavarian Mustache Werks used it at VIR and after some initial teething pains on Saturday, it was just OUTSTANDING on Sunday. I particularly liked it for when the green flags came out again. I'm not so sure about "sector" awareness...we will see if that will come about, but it was fantastic for full course yellows and reds.
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    I really respect your technical talent and gumption to bring something like this to market James. This is a nifty piece of kit for sure, and you and your team are definitely in a league of your own for electronic talent and execution. Before I say this, I am sorry I can't be so quick to jump onto the bandwagon. Pros: Notification when flaggers are out of field of view Notification when driver may miss a flag Cons: Cost Reliability Complexity I just really hope this doesn't become "one more thing" we are required to buy. I don't see these replacing flaggers in the future, so it is just one more thing to "go wrong".
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    Did some tested at Nelson's for the system. We enjoyed it and worked well. Did give my feedback to James and looking forward to the finishing product.
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    which is exactly why the flashing under braking is the best option
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    We used a prototype system at Charlotte earlier in the year and it was fantastic.
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    Even though there is always a stop input to the light, the light does not flash unless both circuits are powered.
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    Pretty awesome! It will be cool for Champcar to be one of the first series using this system.
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    He could re-purpose the hood as the windshield........... Then some of the rest of us might be able to keep up.
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    I passed your concern onto the TAC so it can be discussed.
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    All true. The markets and use of cars are very different. Having traveled from Iowa to Montana last summer I can verify that we have very straight roads 😎
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    The fixed vpi is or is not fixed vpi is a tough thing. I would think most people would expect cam timing to be stock or you are taking 50 points, however you could also use the "stock part" logic to justify free cam regrinds (reduced base circle or rewelds). In that case most people would want any mods to the cam to be fixed vpi.... Maybe better option is to list the stuff we are not allowed to claim as material cost or modify....maybe call it a fixed vpi list? Rule change would be to add a list for "common points", items you can claim for materials or take the common points.
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    I'm too busy installing vavles into my roll cage so I can fill it full of N2O
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    The rule book reads a little odd, they don't required headlights for daytime events, but all cars need taillights only if the headlights are on. I'd like to see it changed to read something like headlights or light bar/taillights are required and must be operational and must be used during bad weather/low visibility situations...black flag if non-operational until resolved.
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    You have never welded with a few car batteries in series, a set of jumper cables and some coat hanger have you? It's how I did my entire cage! \ green font
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    I guess their view is the outdoors hobbies they support don't cause much pollution. I'm an avid skier, but I don't expect the lifts and groomers to run on sunshine and rainbows.
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    While I don't support their position on it, I say good for them for having a position and standing by it. I wasn't going to buy any of their stuff before, but I definitely won't now.
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    "Management reserves the right to refuse service..."
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    Oh what the heck, I'll take a crack at it... From the top left... Do Not Touch (or "The Incredibles"), Iguana, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cold Water Wash, 1, 2 Cooling fan, Wipers, Toaster Oven, Fog Lights, Drinks After the Race, 3
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    I should have explained to one of my drivers how to go from 4th to 5th on the oval would have saved a motor.