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    TIRE RACK STRENGTHENS SUPPORT OF GRASSROOTS MOTORSPORTS WITH CHAMPCAR TITLE SPONSORSHIP ChampCar Endurance Series Celebrates 10 Years of Racing with New Title Sponsor and Venues SOUTH BEND, Indiana (JANUARY 17, 2019) – TireRack.com, America’s largest independent tire tester and consumer-direct source for tires, wheels and performance accessories, today announced its expansion into the world of endurance racing with the title sponsorship of the TireRack.com ChampCar Endurance Series. Entering its 10th season with 29 events scheduled for the year, the ChampCar Endurance Series provides the simplest path to real road racing. From Daytona International Speedway and WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca to Watkins Glen International and – new this year – the road course at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, ChampCar provides the opportunity for teams of drivers at all levels to compete on the most renowned tracks in all of motorsports. “It’s a perfect match, really,” says ChampCar CEO Mike Chisek. “We’re excited about working with Tire Rack and their experienced marketing and customer service teams which have a history of great support to grassroots racers. We believe that our members will benefit from our close partnership, and they’ll be excited to promote a company that they already have established relationships with. Our new partnership lends great credence to who we are as a club and only furthers the growth of both the Tire Rack and ChampCar organizations.” To celebrate the new sponsorship, ChampCar will be awarding a free set of tires through Tire Rack to the winner of a random drawing at the drivers’ meeting at each event starting in 2019. Tire Rack.com ChampCar Endurance Series broadcasts the majority of their events over YouTube and Facebook Live so that participants can share their adventure with upwards of 150,000 world-wide viewers via live race day coverage. “We share the passion for motorsports and the camaraderie that drives each and every participant in the Tire Rack.com ChampCar Endurance Series.,” explained Matt Edmonds executive vice president at Tire Rack. “Whether behind the wheel or supporting the drivers, it is the diverse experience level of each team member, all competing on the same track over many cycles of the clock that truly makes ChampCar unique and exciting. “Endurance racing also means the management of wear and performance of the race car’s tires. That’s something that every team is looking to maximize,” he continued, “and we truly appreciate.” The 2019 TireRack.com ChampCar Endurance Series will engage over 4,000 competitors this season. While some drivers will be looking to hone their skills for their professional work, others will approach it simply as “motorsports therapy” – all in an environment where safety while having fun is the top priority. For more information and a complete schedule of events, please visit the TireRack.com ChampCar Endurance Series website at champcar.org. About Tire Rack Tire Rack, family-owned and headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, is America’s largest independent tire tester and consumer-direct source for tires, wheels and performance accessories. Their team of over 100 test drivers (their sales team) tests tires from every major tire manufacturer on the company’s state-of-the-art, 11.7-acre test facility. The findings are then posted on the company’s website, www.tirerack.com, where consumers can make an educated decision on a tire, wheel or performance accessory purchase. About ChampCar Endurance Series ChampCar is the simplest path to real wheel-to-wheel road racing! ChampCar Endurance Series is member driven organization and is for people like you that have always wanted to go road racing without all the hassles, huge rulebook, or obscene expense. All you need is a valid driver’s license, some safety gear, and a race car, which you can rent from arrive and drive teams, or build your own car! You can watch our races live at www.ChampCar.live or visit our website at www.champcar.org for more information. ###
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    After waiting along with everyone else for what seemed like an eternity, less than 25 hours after press release, the first batch of orders are at the post office/shipper of choice. Enjoy and we look forward to this year! Justin
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    The windshield decals and number plates won't change for at least 3 years. Tire Rack has options for years 4 and 5 as well. All of the series sponsors are in for 3 years but one. We tried to make it better for everyone so you're not always changing out decals from year to year.
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    Welp...we got them old decals off finally
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    ^^You'd think it would be easy right? What, leave it up to peoples best judgement? How many times in the course of your day do you say, "wow people sure have good judgement and common sense?
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    white vinyl over CF covered fiberglass. Only best for my artwork.
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    It's just cuz Bill's in charge of it, (that's all Mike could trust him to do without messing it up too bad.) Plus, we all know how anal Bill is, and just like his signature line says, he's a DIC.
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    Man, if we went out to a parking lot to practice these maneuvers, the cops would be there in no time giving you a ticket! These steps were the first thing we were taught in a watered down parking lot when going through a private Skip Barber 'school' session at MIS when I worked on Team Viper. Good practice indeed! I was lucky enough to have David Murry, a Porsche factory driver at the time, as my instructor. David really knew how to hang the back end out from driving 911's, and it was cool to see his excitement in the passenger seat when you got the slides on wet pavement right doing figure 8's in a Viper. One thing he taught me that sticks with me to this day is to imagine a rope tied to your pedals and connected to the bottom of the steering wheel. When depressing either the gas or brake pedal, the steering wheel must be straightened out to allow the pedals to be pushed further, and like-wise, when either pedal is pushed down a lot, the steering wheel must be turned slowly and carefully, until the release of the pedals allows it to be turned at a faster rate. He also emphasized that it only takes 12 hp to change the balance of the car form loose to push as you're entering a corner. Trail braking and rotating the car on corner entry and then catching the slide in a heavy Viper was more easily mastered remembering these things he taught.
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    Mender brings up some good points on learning to control the car even in situations of near loss of control. I would like to do some of the stuff you have listed on the winter driving course. But in the real world of this series and most daily track drivers it remains the best plan of action to put both feet in. Even some of the best reach the point it is not savable. What that actual point is depends on each driver, their experience, and track conditions. Reminds me of a guy I was instructing last month in his late model Carrera 4S. We came into turn 13 at Barber (tunnel turn) and he turned in early and didn't use the compression zone of that turn to his maximum all of which is a bad move. As they always do he pinches it off at the top of the tunnel and spins the car. He got on the brakes and we slid to a stop. I looked at him and said congratulations, you are the first student I have ever had do that and not hit the wall.
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    Not one MR2. But you got me thinking
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    I hope you have better luck removing them than I did, ended up repainting both fenders.
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    Now that we got this sweet sponsor, can we get some better event decals? Like maybe the pre-2018 decals that had heart and soul?
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    We have always had title sponsors. Their commitments have helped keep real racing, with real cars, at premium tracks as cost efficient as possible. I suspect nothing changes with the new title sponsor of Tire Rack. The entry fees I would imagine are as lean as they can be in order to attract racers and still keep the organization healthy and viable into the future. I don't see anyone here getting wealthy from participating, volunteering, or working in ChampCar.
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    Whats this we stuff, speak for your self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of us understand. Now a huge thank you to Tyler for all his efforts on the Tire Rack deal and all the others!!! You done good buddy!
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    Now I understand why Mike wants to quit all the time.
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    TONIGHT is the first practice round of the 2019 ChampCar Sim Series. I'm posting the details in a General Discussion thread to let the wider community know of the changes that we've made with respect to schedule/rules/scoring and to encourage interested competitors to check it out. All other event-specific threads will be posted, as usual, in the Sim Series forum section. ChampCar Sim Series The Sim Series uses iRacing as its simulator of choice for the Sim Series. With an ever-evolving physics model, day-night transitions, changing track states, and a wide variety of precisely scanned tracks, iRacing continues to be the benchmark for online motorsport simulation. The Sim Series comprises two divisions for East-Coast (Atlantic Division) and West-Coast (Pacific Division) drivers. There are 15 rounds that make up the season, which is mirroring the real-life ChampCar schedule as closely as possible. All races (practice and championship) are on Wednesday evenings, with the championship round at the track occurring the week before ChampCar event. All 15 Championship Rounds in the Atlantic Division will be broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch by the HJBC. Events and Scoring All events (for both divisions, practice and championship) follow the same format. Session are 4hr in length and start launch at 6pm local time (ET and PT respectively). Practice is 2hr, open qualifying is 1hr, and then the race is 1hr. All sessions utilize iRacing's dynamic weather and track state, which means some races may end in darkness. The races all use the 2015 Maxda Miata Cup car with the iRacing fixed baseline setup. The setup will have reduced fuel, meaning a pit stop will be required during the race. Championship rounds award points to drivers down to 38th place, as long as they complete over 50% race distance. Practice round results do not count towards championship totals but are run to the same conditions as the championship rounds. There are four drop weeks factored into the final championship totals for each driver, so even if you miss a round or have a couple of bad races it is not the end of your championship chances. Prizes The exciting part - the overall championship winners of both divisions will win a free race entry to a 2020 ChampCar event. If you are a owner or member of an existing team then this can be redeemed for a free race entry. If you are a novice driver with no real track experience, ChampCar will work with you to join the driving roster of an established team for an event and give you the full ChampCar experience of budget endurance racing on America's greatest tracks. The second and third place championship finishers in both divisions will win a coveted ChampCar welded trophy, just like the ones teams win at official ChampCar events. We are very grateful to ChampCar management for arranging these prizes. I will update this thread with championship information periodically, for all advice threads and resources head over to the Sim Series section of the forum, and I hope this will encourage those on the fence to come and join us on the virtual track soon!
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    Yeah, the run of the fill pipe exposed in the passenger compartment is quite short, so even a sheet metal panel or "metallic tent" would be not too hard to fashion over the area of the metal fill pipe.
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    Yeah I just saw the new title sponsor was posted yesterday so we're going to order everything tomorrow....then back to the ocd process of making sure they're on straight!! Because as we all know, looking good is WAY more important than going fast
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    and remember. If it is not like I laid out in the rules. You don't get to leave pit lane. there is no more creativity on decals. You know. Rules and all. with pictures.
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    Tell them to come try to beat the rebuilt and faster Maserati -- if they think they can .
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    Harbor Freight adhesive remover. Use some of that backyard engineering everyone likes so much and get them decals gone........ https://www.harborfreight.com/4-12-in-5-amp-heavy-duty-angle-grinder-60372.html
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    Found another tuner, this one is a little closer and actually responds to emails. Always amazed at how difficult some people make it when you just want to give them money for a service. I'm not asking for much and I'm not going to chase you forever.....eventually I'll find someone that wants my money. Still need to figure out the fuel supply issue under load, but I hope I can solve it this weekend and get the car on the schedule. Sooo ready to get this thing back on a race track.
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    Is there a way to order the "tire rack" die cut stencil by itself? If not, is there a way to get the vector file to print my own? I'm going to lay some sweet carbon fiber vinyl down to make a "banner" and put the stencil on top of that. Would prefer to do that in my garage instead of in the wind at RA. Thanks.
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    Good stuff....from your view that spin just looks dumb. whoops. The two in front of me were wagging tails every which way and I just got out of rhythm with the steering wheel and the go pedal, and a little over confident with how well the car seemed to be putting power down coming out of 5. Damn I'd like to blame someone else but I was the only one in the car. That was fun up until then for sure
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    LOL! Luke has always been super helpful when I call, they sell more than just tires. We buy all our brake pads and rotors thru tire rack too.
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    if they are in good shape recommended not required
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    The point at which the oil pressure light comes on: Immediately after:
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    @JDChristianson Here's a clip of you trying to buy some armco And here is the start of our encounter, GREAT fun trying to catch you. Was sad to see you spin
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    Why do we have to deal with Luke? Is he your friend and you don't like him so you want to subject him to as much torture as possible by dealing with us? Or is he just a cool dude?
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    SORRY I misquoted yes all lines must be run inside continuous , meaning leak proof, metal tube
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    Im more confused why you would encourage someone to lighten their car
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    Great, a bunch of decals with MR2 on them. Cant. Wait.
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    The 'discount' is baked in to lowered entry fees for all entrants. We all win. Thank you ChampCar staff and volunteers for all that you do. TireRack is a great partner to have on board. Well done.
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    In my opinion they are worth the upgrade when you're doing night races. A lot better for corner works and everyone else to see.
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    The last thing I want at night i the corner worker being able to see my number and how awesome I am at passing under yellow. said no one ever.
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    Press release ChampCar.pdf
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    Can we build a wall around our pit space and make JSK pay for it?
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    I saw the same thing trying to get one then but they really opened up in late December. I think most of them didn't have the booking open for that time yet back in November.
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    How we dont have a beer sponsor is beyond me!!! 😂😂😂😂
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    Car 603 looking pretty good too. This one was a PCA Spec Boxster. It will run in EC, as it has a few too many goodies for C class. Depending on how Atlanta goes with 601, we may convert this car back to stock and run it in C.
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    Oh I will be working an event and earning creds with another sanctioning body that allows me to race....my wife
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    I know this doesn't help in any way, shape, or form, but I couldn't help myself...
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