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    I am all for transparency and I would suspect we will eventually publish them. As far as the viewpoints that BoD members personally hold, I am still on the fence about those. I think everybody that runs for the BoD is pretty frank on their opinions and in their bios on that thread. We get a lot of feedback at the track from members as it is along with personal messages, texts, phone calls, and email. Perhaps we will make this part of our by-laws as well. Thank you for your opinions and I didn't see this coming off as rude in any fashion. It is certainly a legitimate concern. I was pretty sure I would get some feedback, (some positive, some negative) when I posted it.
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    lived there the first 30+ years of my life.. will never move back. Florida for life!
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    There are a few paved, decent sized areas slightly up the hill from the main paddock that may be able to accommodate a number of RV's. But agree with Doc that the transporters/trailers should be parked first before people start taking up real estate with campers and RV's.
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    Good question. The Pro paddock is much smaller than the club paddock (the trade off is it's flat?) so it will be crowded with 80+ teams. I would say to please be considerate and let the transporters/trailers park first but of course this is not often possible. Several of the CCES staff will be getting there early to talk with the track and see what is possible/feasible given current "conditions" at the facility. This is a first for ALL of us so please be patient and friendly as always. I'm sure we wlll get the word out as soon as we know.
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    I know when I looked at a lot of the aftermarket miata springs when this rule was put in place, almost all of the easy to find "bolt on" ones that were sold did not meet the technical spec as called out in the rule book...
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    The top of the hill above the pro paddock is some nice flat area. During Petit they have hospitality and car corrals up there. Probably some nice views.
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    If the maintenance is up to date on that truck that's a deal. Jump on it. 7.3s don't make the most power, but they don't eat themselves either.
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    I am not gonna show my homemade, I will get banned and fail tech for life...
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    I've made a couple of gauge and switch panels. Pricing depends on size, material, number of holes, text, etc. I think this one was $80 or $90.
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    From county auctions I have a pile of these, individual blade fuses in back
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    Doc, I am in no way trying to come across as rude when I ask this, however in my professional life my company belongs to a professional membership organization that we pay dues to as affiliated member business. This group has meetings that discuss those things as well, as it pertains to all the members of the organization, as a result they are required to make the meeting notes available to all dues paying members as part of the organizations by-laws for transparencys sake. That is what I know in my world, and part of me expected/hoped the same level of transparency was available here. I appreciate all that the board does as volunteers while trying to maintain their own personal commitments. Look forward to seeing what you are allowed to actually put out.
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    Thats amazing to hear!!!! I figured as much but I really appreciate the feedback, so thank you very much for that.
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    Laugh all you want about Danica, but she accomplished more than 99.9% of us have, and in her Nascar career, her average finish was better than 20 other 'he men' drivers in the same races. Yea, a lot of the wrecks in the early years were her fault, but when she was on the verge of running top 15 with SHR in recent years, either bad luck by being in the wrong place/wrong time, or guys that couldn't stand the thought of her finishing better than them, took her out on multiple occasions.
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    Relive all the action including the last lap drama with this 3 minute highlight reel!
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    Yes they will be posted in a summary format, in other words not every sentence uttered will be posted, but who felt how should be. Doc is behind, trying to get his car ready for RA next weekend. I don't know how much detail Doc will post.
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    Thanks Jer, appreciate the honest communication you do a great job at keeping us all informed. Any chance the actual board decisions and discussion can be made public? Only asking as it is nice to know the reasons and how board members feel towards certain issues, as you guys are the ones we have elected to keep the series going in the right direction and it helps come re-election time.
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    We need to come up with a shirt for this race considering the fiasco that happened at the 24 Hour. It should be along the line of "We race rain, shine, snow or tropical strom" , "We race until we need a boat" or something similar.
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