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    So we'll see how this goes this week, but we tech'd for 2019 at Sebring and I talked to @Ray Franck about the requirement to cover the tire. What he said to me in Tech is that he wants to be able to look down from above the tire in question and not see exposed tread visible at the top between 10 and 2. The issue that I mentioned to he and @National Tech is that some wheels have protruding spokes or hubs that may skew trying to run a straight edge or level between 10 and 2 (our wheels are like that). I think, perhaps, people maybe are getting a bit too worried about this and that Tech is going to be reasonable for a few races. But show up making no effort to cover the ~2"+ of tread sticking out from wheel opening and expect to be looking for a BFH or a baseball bat and a couple of beers.
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    This is Champ - we are ALL ABOUT derailing threads!!!
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    Dont worry, you arent the only one going to road atlanta not sure your fenders will cut it. Im bringing the welder, roller Stretcher©, grinder, etc just in case.
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    I don't get it. I think that "and components" should have been left out of this line. I think that this line was originally meant to keep away from running a cell that is just the plastic molded tank. You have to run one that is a metal box with the deform-able tank/bladder inside it. Doesn't the sfi / fia rating cover this. Why is it so hard. @National Tech please help us understand.
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    Tough track for us east coasters, Hope to get some decent points out of it and stay out of everyone's way.
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    ^ +1 I was running laps last night and had a hard time on a few locations getting my braking points dialed in. I am very glad this race will not be at night, it is going to be tough enough in full light with a large field! Should be fun!
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    Oh, yeah, there are two shower stalls in the corner across from the sinks. Forgot about that. Yes, we usually use the club paddock.
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    @krispykritter I'm pretty sure they also said they won't be unreasonably harsh (I read that as a one race pass on fenders that are close). Maybe this is bad advice, but looking at your pics id bring the car as is and see what they say. If you have some way as a contingency then all the better.
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    They had said before that the original video was not how they were going to measure and that it applied the rule improperly. You may want to clarify with someone before you do too much work.
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    In response to thread title: Tyler. Definitely Tyler.
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    I needed a way to fasten my downpipe to my exhaust manifold so i bought a non standard twin scroll fastener from Garrett.
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    After a long (4+ years) hiatus...whats left of Team Ponticrap will be returning to the track at VIR. Now under new management as Team Baby Shark! We were hoping to make Road Atlanta, but as you can see....we still have some work to finish. https://www.facebook.com/TeamBabySharkFiero/
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    We have members who want to race but don't want to deal with a parade during the race (Citrus) We have members who what to race but cant afford to compete at a higher $ level or don't want to be on track with that faster hardware (WRL, AER) We have members who don't really care, but want to race on the best tracks. Guess who has the best rack selection? We have members who don't have time to tweak and screw on every part of the car, with work, family, or other responsibilities. Even for people like me who do like to tweak, the no-adjustables rule keeps costs down. When the rule was "OE Only", I was blowing shocks every other race on my cut springs. When the rule changed to 2x, I was able to purchase a set of (used) bilsteins and I have not had to touch them since. If I was a higher-budget team, I would have sent them off to get valved or tweaked... I called to ask the price and it was more than a (used) set goes for. The bilsteins were certainly cheaper than Ohlins, Penskies, Koni 86xx, etc which were other options available at various price and customization levels Its possible to be competitive without them.
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    Its a cost limiting measure, that actually works. In theory, you are correct. Having multiple "non adjustable" shocks adjusted adds up quickly, In reality, there are just not that many "non adjustable" shocks one can purchase, then have re valved, for our cars. In reality, there is no way to enforce adjustment of non-adjustable shocks. Champcar isnt going the direction of dynoing shocks after races. In reality, 95% of champcar falls into one of these categories: 1. Whats a adjustable shock, and can I buy that at Pep-Boys? 2. Much to lazy to change shocks more than once 3. Not willing to spend the money or time on multiple sets of shocks and having them revalved 4. Doesnt have the knowledge to effectively improve the cars performance even if they have the time and money to do #3 Therefore, enforcing a ban of "adjuster hardware" on shocks effectively limits the series to lower-budget shocks. Sure, there are probably teams who spend the money to adjust "non adjustables", but they are rare (just like the number of teams who can effectively adjust "adjustables") If you allow adjustables, you open up a whole world of comparatively nicer shocks that teams can use. I can tell ya, id find a way to get some 8611's under my car (within 2x), if not something even nicer.
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    I'm looking at the possibility of coming up and offering photo packages through MotorSportMedia for this event. Would anyone be interested in photo packages? Having a few in the bag might be enough to sway me one way or another.
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    You know the funny part, the teams that can afford to do as you describe are so busy doing this, that they miss the mark on endurance racing, they have yet to dominate because of grandiose failures of every other kind.
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    I doubt the competitve sm guys that are running a year around schedule would risk running their car and put the wear and tear on it...
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    You will be able to tent camp. Not sure what the gate will charge you. Probably naught if you play your cards right. Come say hi Most people will be too tired or have already rolled out on Saturday night. Friday is your time to shine.
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    I only think the Cobra and M3 should be used if the S2 is used for 944s. I’m an ex-Airborne Infantryman, you can be rude all you want, I’m sure I’ve heard worse.
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    Robs RX7 lost 16 lbs in the time it took us to cook this hunk of meat @wvumtnbkr @bbaker480