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    As another team with a ton of points/laps on their car (we have a 750pt Supra), don't be afraid to run with a bunch of laps (or EC) for your first race or 2. Learn how to drive the car, manage the traffic, do a clean pitstop, etc, then worry about bringing down your points and doing your changes. Personally, I'd come up with a plan for changing shocks, make sure the fuel system is all in order (can it still feed the car in the corners at 1/8th of a tank?), get some good quickfill fuel cans, and go racing. Worry about the points and laps when you start consistently finishing clean races. Note: Camber plates are for a pair, so I assume you have plates front and rear? Also looks like you're looking at 2018 point values? Unless you have some fancy stuff, the shocks would be 25/each, rad is 10.
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    Get a leakdown tester at harbor freight. Also, spin the engine with the plugs out and see if there are tight spots. I would hate to swap an engine and have the same issue come up again. Try to figure out what's wrong first!
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    I don't trust atoms they makeup everything
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    Right, enough of the overtures, now back to the topic. Any recent news about the 944 and rule 4.5.6 issue? Is there a meeting coming up or one that happened recently?
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    Going back to sheetmetal in the rear might be a hassle, but bolting stock fenders back up front might be an option to free up points.
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    The previous rule read as-
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    I think we discussed CF before... the rulebook doesn’t exclude CF wings, it only excludes using CF when manufacturing ‘other’ components (not covered by the fixed point items list). Some official people argued that the INTENT is “no CF anywhere”. (Ok, go make a change so that the rulebook reflects this intent). I think the OP will be fine running that wing.... just get out some spray paint... cover up anything that looks like CF, and if asked, say that it is made from fiberglass.
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    Be prepared to take points for your aero stuff and adjustable shocks. Also, your carbon fiber wing isn't allowed but you might just run the car as-is in EC. Good looking car.
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    Sq ft of non stock material. What material is the widebody made from? If it is made from the stock material, I would just guess how much extra material is there. If it's made from non stock material, expect to have a ton of points Doesn't matter if you bought it that way. Doesnt matter why the new panels are on it. Only matters is how many points it would cost for somebody else to recreate. P.s. you should probably have started a new topic for this.
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    We are a new team to ChampCar from Ontario Canada. Our car is a 1991 Nissan 240SX with a bone stock KA24DE engine, cheap 2 way adjustable shocks, and a wide body kit (2” bump in stock fender profile). I read the rule supplement on fender flares and adding points for materials used, however, how do you decide on points for a wide body kit? We actually bought a used race car with current log book, and the body kit was already installed because of years of bumps and bruises on the stock sheet metal. Any input will help us. Thx TomB
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    Thanks. Looks like I have a seat with #626.
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    huh, I got a laugh 2nd time around on that one.... from the same guy even.... (note: I posted that pic last winter with a similar comment... but hey I couldn't resist @TiredBirds bait.)
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    Nah, we just put the cage in before chopping the top on that 510 Datsun.
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    Got our new headers yesterday. I have NO idea how anybody can make money selling them and shipping for $178. They look as good as the pix and are true 1 3/4" almost too nice for the car.
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    I think @Snake has a seat available in his Mazda.
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    Oh great, you just jinxed it. Probably have a monsoon now.... see you soon buddy.
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    Sounded like it was a figure out when they get there kind of deal. You won't be able to miss it, it will be where the long lines are. Man, I could get used to this arrive/drive deal. No last minute panic of stuff that I don't have ready on the car, no endless trips loading the trailer, no overnight shipping of something I forgot to order, no screw ups of something I left loose on the car. Just show up. Wow, whoda thunk you could do that? Hey @Doc, no rain in the forecast! 0%! No way it rains! Zilch, none, can't happen, nada precip!
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    finished loading, washed the truck, checked the pressures... we start burning diesel at 7am for RA!
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    Loaded the 944 with its cheaty 3L with 2.5L cam cover swap. 🙈 Safe travels everyone, see you in Atlanta. Ron
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    I welded as much as I could in it's normal position then dropped the down tubes through the floor and tipped the whole cage forward to weld the top sides.
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    I've made a couple of gauge and switch panels. Pricing depends on size, material, number of holes, text, etc. I think this one was $80 or $90.
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    From county auctions I have a pile of these, individual blade fuses in back
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    I just bought 2 moroso ones and resetting breaker style blade fuses. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mor-74131/overview/ I got moroso since its the only one that has a sub panel that matched. I am happy with it, I think it will hold up, but who really knows...
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    Flashback to the old Aston Martin lagonda from that front end light pic😀
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