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    I would post our race recap on here, but I don't want to be accused of derailing this thread, FFS.
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    Nice recap and great videos / video quality. Your video really shows where your car is great (turn 1.... so many passes in turn 1!!, esses, 10b) and also shows the cars that walk you down the straights. Just know that people will continue to point at lap times and call you cheaters... buckle up and get used to it because I see a lot of podiums in your future. Haters gonna hate.
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    you forgot the number 1 race ending failure = The DRIVER
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    If you do use an aluminum flywheel make sure you use a steel shim/spacer under the bolt heads to reduce cold flowing of the aluminum and the resulting loose flywheel bolts and catastrophic failure, and use ARP bolts with at least blue locktite.
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    My in-laws couldn't cope when their cat unexpectedly had 9 kittens so my wife told me to put them in a sack and throw them in the canal. I did it but It broke my heart. I quite liked her dad.
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    Nice write up and thanks for posting the video of the test day contact with our 626 and for the props for Crowd Control Racing. Like you, we're sorting through a few things in a relatively new car, and a black flag knocked us back and made us work our way back up. At the end of the race, we were nursing a brake issue so opted to simply hold our solid P3 spot and live to race another day. You guys have gone through a lot of scrutiny and stuck with it. So good luck at VIR. Our next race it at Daytona and then, perhaps, we'll make the trip to Charlotte for the National Championship.
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    Exhaust. Our drive train is proven. Our first race was comical. Black flagged twice for hanging exhaust. It will not happen again. Seriously reinforced. And a rear brake bolt came loose. Lock tight and attention to details on remaining bolts. Rocker arm broke after a down shift into first instead of 3rd. As far as driver issues we were not fast enough to really make a call.
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    Can’t win the race in the first stint, but you can sure as hell lose it.
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    Team PartsBadger – Road Atlanta Recap Firstly a big congratulations to Pinky’s Out for first place – The Car is FAST in the corners and very well driven they were great to race with and ran a great strategy. Congrats to crowd control racing as well, it was a fun race chasing Pinky’s with Crowd Control breathing down our necks. Also congrats to the 626 team on the B class win, its awesome to see that car put up a solid performance. Congrats to NotBannedYet for setting the bar with a blazing time! Secondly I would like to apologize for the contact in practice and then again in the race. I am 100% at fault and learned a lot this race about how to drive clean. The contact in practice I thought the door was opened and it was not. In the race, I committed to the pass when I should have just backed out. Both were lines I didn’t expect, but they are 100% entitled to those lines. I’ve already changed my style greatly after Sebring, but clearly, I needed more work. Everyone has their right to own their own line even if it’s not the “race line” or “fast line”. A lot of racers are just getting started and they pay just as much as I do to enter a race and are entitled to drive their own line. It took me far too long to realize this. A big thank you to everyone who helped us get our first podium. When we first bought the tired ITA car we had much lower ambitions but it quickly escalated to us wanted to build a top car. We bit off a little more than we could chew before Road America in October 2018 and had a number of mechanical issues. Sebring was another learning experience for us both in car prep and driving style. Low Tide Motorsports was our crew for Sebring and quickly identified many things we were doing wrong. They did a great job at the race and allowed us to get a lot of needed testing done on day 1. After Sebring we added a phenomenal mechanic, Will O, and spoke to some veteran racers(they can name themselves if they wish) who offered great advice on everything from fueling, physical and metal fitness, car prep, and driving style. We took the advice and rebuilt the entire car before Road Atlanta with the goal of just finishing the race. We arrived at Road Atlanta and all of us were in awe of this AMAZING track! The elevation changes are shocking. Although we all watched a few hours of videos, nothing could prepare us for the first time cresting the hill before turn 12. We burned a lot of practice time bedding in our brakes on the skid pad and chasing some odd tire temps realigning our car between sessions. For the last session I made contact within my first few laps with the 626 car and we were blacked flagged for the day. I was still too green with the track so our third driver Chris Prey would take our first stint. We also didn’t have a lot of time to test our pit stops and were worried since the dry run didn’t go so well. We also didn’t have time to really test our radios. We decided on a 9 stint strategy providing us the most flexibility in pit windows and we wouldn’t have to worry about fuel. If we did it right we could get a couple yellow pits. When the race started Chris was running fast, consistent and clean. We were hitting what we believed would be solid times. Unfortunately, our pit couldn’t communicate with our car for some reason. That said we hit our first pit window during a double yellow and we had a perfect stop, so far so good. Our second stint starts in the video below. I was learning the track and there was a lot of traffic, but near the end I was running good times and the car felt great, then I foolishly attempted a pass where I shouldn’t and made contact with a purple miata. We spun and I ended up de-beading the passenger side tire. I was able to get the car into the pits, and the double yellow dropped due to the incident (AFAIK). We did a great stop and replaced the tire and then were held for a ~5 minute penalty for the contact. We lost about 4-5 laps while being held and dropped from the top 5 to 10-15th. Jimmy started the next stint and was running strong getting spots back. Near the end of his stint he was coming over the 11 crest and saw a yellow but was going too fast and couldn’t slow the car in time. He was black flagged the next lap for passing on the yellow and came into the pits, luckily during a pit window again. He was held for another 2 laps until released for the our pit. We had another great stop and some yellow help and Chris began going to work getting our spots back. We had a lot of green over the next two stints and made up significant ground as some of the leaders dropped out. We had an oil scare and lost a quart during a stint which ended up being a valve cover breather. Luckily our crack mechanic was able to make a catch can and keep it together while still hitting 5 minute stops. We still adjusted our shifts to 6500 and were on edge the rest of the race hoping it was just the breather leaking. We were running strong but during the second to last stint I hit the backside of the curb at the outside of turn 3 and the wheel began vibrating violently. It didn’t seem like a hub failure and the grip seemed ok, so I marched on for the next 15 minutes until our final pit window opened. We did our final pitstop and our finish was in Jimmy’s hands. He was turning strong laps and we were hoping we could push Pinky’s Out into a fuel issue while also keeping Crowd Control behind us. Towards the end of the stint, reality hit that we would finish, and finish on the podium and I began frantically looking for our tech sheet for impound. After half an hour of searching I finally asked registration if they have new ones and there I saw the stack of tech sheets. I didn’t know they kept the sheets LOL. The Checkered flag dropped and we had finished our first race. We got to impound and Jay told us we’d need to remove the valve cover and we grabbed our tools. Once we started to remove the cover we were also asked to split the intake manifold which we did. Jay then asked me to remove the gears to see if the I / E positions were correct, to see if we did the Exintake swap(I know of it, but not the details). We removed the front cover and were trying to figure out a way to remove the gears without losing our cam timing. Jay asked us to find pictures of the cams to prove they were legal and Jimmy was searching for pictures on his phone. At this point atleast one team was telling us to just give up and go to EC, showing me values from an out of date VPI sheet. At this point the excitement from the podium was gone and it started feeling like a mob with pitch forks (reality or not, its just how I felt at the time). We zip tied the belt to the gears and removed them from the cams to show proper position. Then we were asked to remove spark plugs and they inspected our pistons. Huggy, Jer, and Troy had some kind words during impound which was comforting when we felt short on allies. A couple minutes later Jay called everyone over and gave everyone the opportunity to speak now or hold their peace. There were no takers, the race was called official and that was that. The trophy presentation was late with a light crowd, but we were elated with our performance and our awesome new hardware. After the awards, our car was the only one left in the pit lane and we began gathering our things and taking pictures to celebrate our first finish. Security came over upset since he wanted to get home but needed to lock the gate, so we threw everything in our truck and towed the car back to the pits. We enjoyed some very smooth whiskey and beer with our Miata pit neighbors and hit the hay with our stuff spread across the paddock. We got up at 8am lightly hung over and began packing our crap for our 13 hour drive home. After some black ice in Indiana we finally got home around 5am ready for work 3 hours later. We all learned A LOT and are in the process of getting the car ready for VIR, hopefully with a few upgrades. We do plan to help our Miata brothers by sharing what we’ve learned thus far, and we have a lot more to go. We are also working on a software tool that calculates pit windows for yours and other teams, average lap times and standard deviations of lap times during stints. This will help teams see when other teams are pitting and calculate gaps and target times for the remainder of the race. We are also developing it for ourselves to use as a post race analysis tool. This should be done soon, maybe we will have a beta in time for VIR. I’m not sure if something like this exists, but if there is a wish list, let me know. We are using the API from MyLaps I believe so any of the raw track data should be available. Stints 2, 3, and 4 – Contact during stint 2 - At 1:13:45 Contact During Practice:
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    Problems uploading Speedhive results really threw us off as well. Looks like that issue was resolved... @Burningham is so damned impatient as well....
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    Nope. We decided long ago to race one big class and offer small class trophies to increase the fun. That's not going to change. If you want to play the qualification game, with breakout potential and all that crap, there is a series for you. But it's not Champcar. I think we can better prepare to test stroke and bore in the future, and probably compile a database to check that against. Other than that, meh.
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    Most of us have very little or no class. You’re safe here. 😂
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    Went to the u pull to get a fender. It was a nice 15 degrees F. It was $10 fender day. Kind of crappy I had to chip it out of the ice. You southern folk have it easy.
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    Good luck with that, we don't even know when we are pitting.
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    And replace the bolts regularly. Even steel flywheels. Fatigue failed flywheel bolts knocked us out of Nelson Ledges last year. They had been re-used 1 too many times.
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    I followed the ARP instructions to the letter, so it was Red on the threads and the ARP stuff that comes with the bolts under the bolt flange/head.
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    I did forget that. - rear brake line failure in turn 1 autobahn country club. BUT, with your quick swap to the spare line and brake bleed, the failure did not prevent us from winning that race!
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    Transmissions seem to be the most common failure we've seen in three different cars (and yes, with varying drivers). Our 300Z constantly had trans issues. The KSR 300Z also had regular issues with the Z32 transmission and racing. There are some small parts in those transmissions that fail and take out the entire box. Our Mazda 626 had a broken shift fork at the Road Atlanta race last year. This is a common failure point with the Mazda G5M trans and the forks are basically an obsolete part. We just lost 3rd gear in a T5 during testing at Road Atlanta on Friday. I think it's due to user error, lol. That trans had over 40 hours of track/racing time on it. We swapped in the stock OE trans in 31 minutes.
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    edit...lol....missed the blue loctite part......very key
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    Yeah, start earning that money Champcar is paying you you lazy bastard.
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    True enough. Back to back races on different coasts stretch us pretty thin on everything we should do. The have to do list seems to get longer each season.
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    My interpretation of various provisions of the BCCR is that you can not use parts from another model because it fits your car if it was not OE on your car. This is the distinction I was talking about between OE and OEM. Section 4.4 refers to "non-stock" parts.
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    We realized we didn't have enough room to store all the NOS we needed, so we've tested a pulsed arc discharge nitrogen dioxide generator. It's only 5% efficient and weights 300 lbs but that push to pass button is great! We definitely need it. Adding another temp sensor and soon some position sensors, so our wiring ball is growing faster than Akira. The rules lack for specificity in some places for sure. I think that one falls under common sense and most kits come with nozzles. There are other places where I agree with your assertion. Writing a universally applicable rule book is difficult though there is some good reference work out there. You could have just a single page with all parameters vague as possible. Or you could have 1000 pages describing how many sheets of toilet paper and which direction you should use each time you wipe your ass. In this case, if you find a rule you don't like you can craft a petition in order to clarify this rule.
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    There seems to be a lot of people in this thread that havent yet read the rule book..... Or, people who joined recently and have all of the answers about how to "fix" champcar. Good luck and God Bless.
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    New fuel cell mounting, the old shell has been beat on for the past 15 plus years and the cage wasnt exactly what I wanted. The fixed roof chassis is something I've been looking for, for a while now.
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    The fact that this team has showed up and had more contact in three races than I’ve had in three years is pretty terrifying. We had a run in with them in Sebring and they got away with it there and it seems like it now. As far as their car goes, i don’t know what they’ve done to the motor but I guess that thing is just a “magic Mazda motor.” (Insert heavy sarcasm) The team is dangerous with a car that fast and that little experience / skill. I’ve got my piggy bank ready to be smashed at the next race we see them at. Hopefully they come clean with this community before it comes down to something more costly.
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    then I would have seen them plenty.... kind of like you always seeing @Huggy
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    Yeah I don't know what a Megasquirt can do, honestly. But their header was stunning and likely very effective. If has me wondering if I should free up the points to add a racing header to my car.
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    Hey @chip and @Huggy there are still some folks out there that can appreciate a very well built car, driven by very good drivers. That's what I saw when I peaked in on your in car feed. Yes, I've been critical of the E30 swap weight that allowed the M50-52 to compete at 500 points, but please keep in mind my objections are due to input received from fellow members' emails, texts and posts, and I feel it's my job as a TAC member to convey membership concerns to the BoD and CEO. Having said that, I don't make the rules, and there's no doubt in my mind that Huggy followed the allowable rules when building this car. I hope you guys don't consider it personal when I have voiced these concerns, because I truthfully admire the job you guys have done as builders and drivers. Well done! Looking forward to meeting some day.
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    It hasn't been that way for a very long time.
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    ^This times a bazillion. As mentioned earlier (read for comprehension anyone?) that Miata was scrutinized by our Central Scrutinizers at impound. Work on your own darn car and drivers; it's a better use of your time.
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    How many sopranos does it take to change a light bulb? One; she just holds on and the world revolves around her. How does a soprano sing a scale? Do, re, me, me, me, me, me, meeeeeeeeee! How do you know when a singer is at your door? They can't find the key and they don't know where to come in. How do you get a musician off your doorstep? Pay him for the pizza. What's the difference between a large pizza and a musician? A large pizza can feed a family of four.
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    Give a man a plane ticket and he'll fly for a little while. Push him out of the plane and he'll fly for the rest of his life.
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    We are placing another group buy order for (8) more sets of Focus front hubs. The build shop's minimum batch size is 5 pair, so get in on this group buy now, or who knows if and when we will have another batch built. The shop requires Pre-payment due to the rare nature of these parts. Read through the couple pages of posts for further info. Or PM me for more specifics. If you race a mk1 or mk2 Focus, these are a necessity to avoid lost track time and collateral damage when your stock hubs break. Don't 'be sorry' later, as several teams have, and wished they'd bought these Unbreakable hubs when they first heard about them. Here's a picture of some samples from the last batch of 13 pairs. We can have them built in the standard 4x108mm pattern, dual drilled 4x108/4x100 to take advantage of using lightweight Miata wheels, or in any 5 bolt pattern, such as the 5x114.3mm set shown here. Still just $600/pair.
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