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    SOLD! Happy to see it go to a new father/son team ♥️ Give her love and she will give you the gift of speed! I hope you guys have lots of fun and please let us know if you ever need more drivers. We also hope you keep the car down south so we never get passed by it And we had to bring down some spotted cow brew from Wisconsin!
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    Had a strange fix today. We swapped in our 3.0 over 1 year ago. Ran all of last year with the same exhaust with no issues. We finished 5th twice and had an overall good year. Well, at Road Atlanta last month about half way through the practice day the car decided not to rev past 5000. We spent the rest of friday and into the night trying to figure out what the issue was. At about midnight we found that the exhaust was restricted where the y pipe went from 2 to 1. Basically when i built the exhaust i inserted the pipe too far into the y pipe. Over the course of 2018 the heat and exhaust pressure had closed up the pipe. That friday night the guys just did an emergency fix so we could race Saturday. They just pryed the pipe back open and pulled it out about an inch. We today i finally cut it open and removed the piece. I have no idea how the car ran as good as it did with the exhaust so restricted. Moral of the story is anything is possible. I am excited to see how the car runs with a properly functioning exhaust. The third photo is from Road Atlanta looking into the y pipe. The first photo shows how far into the exhaust it was. The second photo is the piece i will put on the shelf to remind me of what not to do.
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    Well it’s got the braided fuel line in it to power the sign
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    Just imagine the jokes after all my beer was gone and we finally found the problem!🤭
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    Chip please report to the club HR dept . Where is it ?? Just ask Bill .
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    what ever you finally settle on, I think that scantily clad women should hold it up
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    I talked to the Camaro team. I’m satisfied. All’s okay. See y’all in Daytona.
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    We use the broom, it's already got a handle/pole and is always in the pits. I like efficiency, why bring another thing? The more purposes something serves the better.
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    There’s only 1 that The real one resides in my garage. 😀
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    Big, heavy, fwd with a huge amount of % on front wheels, serious suspension deficiencies.... No need to fear a Nissan Maxima.
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    The front end is starting to look properly aggressive.
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    Yes, we will be there in AER / EC form for now. We have a new class D "big fox body" car in the works. But that is pretty far down the road still. Looking forward to running with champcar and all our old racing friends again!!!!
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    Wait who what now??!! Selective disclosure. Dont get the masses all riled up with the use of facts please. I have no counter to that at the moment. Though I do want to get the car/team dialed at some point and come try to stake a claim!
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    You travel without your colonoscopy camera? Where did that Nissan get sold off to, do we need to fear?
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    Ill make the sign You supply the holder(s)
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    But what is the 3rd photo. It looks like one of them colonoscopy camera shots!?
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    We just wave our green catchcan. Prolly should update that...
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    I suggest not attaching it to the easy up Some times depending on your neighbors and what they are doing right now, you may need to stop the car earlier or later.
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    Hot fuel, cold charge, hot engine is ideal for combustion.
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    Metal flakes always cost extra, purple or silver you pay either way.
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    Was it parked near @E. Tyler Pedersen car? Oh nevermind, that's not purple flake.
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    I have broken sbc in every imaginable way while racing lemons and champcar. Never had this failure. I'm not against it, but I would put it in the logbook and have tech see it to verify.
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    Some joint locations in some cars need the added flex for the suspension to move (need non axial deflection). Some swaybar link bushings come to mind, and my neon rearward front lower control arm bushing... If the joint only requires rotation along the bolt axis, sure delrin is pretty good.
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    To recap the info provided and underscore the best advice: Five minute minimum if you take fuel. No minimum if you come in to pull a fender off a tire or change an exhausted driver. When you stop at the pit out stop sign, you just say “no fuel” and they release you without waiting for the timer to expire. All that being said, a wise team doing their first race just ignores all of that and takes whatever time is required. Check the oil. Look at the tires to see if they are wearing funny. Make sure the lugs are torqued. On certain cars, check the wheel bearing tightness. Look for fluids dripping under the car. Etc. etc. So many new teams blow their cars up in the first race because they think they are racing and rush the stops. The first race is to learn where your car needs attention (I.e. it burns a lot of oil, or it keeps backing out the nut on the bearings), not to really race. It is a high intensity test day that happens to occur while other people are racing. If you adopt that philosophy, you will almost assuredly finish much higher than if you try to be in the race. You will run in lower positions in the first half of the race, but will run much longer in the race and that is the key to endurance racing. And you will be a lot happier too. Too many first time teams blow up, break, or wreck before all of the drivers get a stint because they are trying too hard. Make your sole objective “to still be running at the checker” and you will have a much better chance of the whole team having some fun. Once you have finished a race, THEN start worrying about your pit times. Welcome to Champ!
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    Surprised this hasn't been sold yet. All these people wanting to drive Indy. This is a well run team. I can vouche for them.
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    Our WRL pit stops were driver, 1 tire, and fuel in 38 seconds. It was expensive, difficult, and required a large crew. Open pitting isn't really a good thing for entry level budget racing IMO.
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    Since everyone liked the last picture so much, here is the update.
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    Not what you want to see in the bottom of your new race motor..
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