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    The picture of my old E30 is of an effective functional splitter and 10 pts. Stick a splitter on a normal 325i fascia without the lip and it would be a less effective splitter, but still functional. The picture of your car is a more effective functional splitter. An effectiveness that can only be achieved on an E30 by adding material. Heck, I can't think of a single vehicle on the VPI list that can achieve a proper functional splitter sitting ~2" off the ground without needing extra material of some sort to close out area between splitter and bottom of fascia/bumper. Something about how manufacturers designed these cars to be driven on the street, with some consideration for speed bumps, entrance ramps, parking curbs and needed ground clearance... The current points structure gives everyone a whole lotta potential with relatively very few points. Play with what you have and maximize the performance within the points you are willing to spend on aero. FWIW, during TAC discussion on the aero topic, I was pushing for more detail on individual components and a separation of 'simple' vs. 'complex' aero. In the end, it was recommended by the group 10 pts per potentially functional component (or pairs of components if they are 'sided' like side skirts). Rules are set as they are to keep the rules simple short and keep the creativity aspect wide open. I see the aero opportunities within 5 zones, 10 points per 'thing' that includes the assembly/mounting (so long as the mounting does not perform function of another listed component): Nose/Front - airdam / chin spoiler / dive planes (pair) Under the car forward of FR axle - splitter under the car between axles - aero tray / side skirts (pair) under the car behind RR axle - diffuser back-end/rear - Wing / spoiler
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    Ratios are open, diffs are not. It's pretty simple. You wanna change ratios, fine. 0 points. You wanna upgrade your diff while changing your ratio, 25 points.
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    From a sheer statistical perspective, we should take each other out by Turn 5 and thus leave the rest of the field with clean fenders for the weekend.
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    The post above takes care of it but think of it this way : Take out engine is complete, throw it in the trash that way, Swap motor is complete, put it in the way it is, if you do not, there will be points for mix-and-match components.
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    You sure? Some of us had multiple final drive configurations offered on the same platform....
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    Rule of thumb, don't try to game the competition at a fully amateur event through a close reading of the passing rules. There's no percentage there, only broken stuff, as you people well know. My rule of thumb when you guys are at the track: tell everybody i know to watch out for your car and give you plenty of room. I'm a competent, relentless and even aggressive driver in most cases. You all are the only team and car to which I'll sacrifice pace to let pass. If i know you're coming and I'm in a car that's slower than yours, I'll just jump out of the way and hope you move on quickly without hitting me. I mean, I will eat crap on that lap time just to not be close to your car. So, bring all the speed, transparency and clever quips you want here and to the track, but apply some common sense and a little less sea lioning and stop hitting people. Nobody wants to get hurt trying to enjoy this sport with you.
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    They do, and they also provide much needed lubrication to the water pump as well as reduce cavitation at high rpm. I was mainly surprised that distilled water increases electrolysis of aluminum parts because I was always taught to ONLY use distilled water in cooling systems.
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    You're not alone in your displeasure, there's a reason we will be at Road America in 3 weeks instead of 1.
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    It will, and tech is waiting for it. You might end up with the first example of tech deciding this isn't right for the series. All hypothetical of course....
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    we've been wanting to run straight cut gears in our trans. we figured it would set the forums on fire the first run down pit lane.
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    So I posted up in a build thread and I think I may be wrong about my claim but I wanted to see how open this new ratio rule really is. In NA miatas, you get 2 different sizes of differentials and 4 different mechanical variants. NA6 has a 4.3 VLSD and 4.3 Open, 6 inch pumpkin. NA8 has 4.1 Open, 4.1 Torsen I and 4.1 Torsen II, 7 inch pumpkin. Under the new Diff ratio rule, many people are claiming the 4.3 torsen is free now because a car of the same generation came with a 4.3. However I think this is a bit of a gray area. I think the intent of the rule is to allow builders to simply bolt on differentials from different optioned vehicles and keep swaps simple. So if your 323i came with a 3.73 open you but the 325is came with a 4.1 LSD then you just swap it. I believe this assumes that the assembly is the same and strictly internals are different. On a miata, the the NA6 and NA8 have completely different assemblies, driveshafts and axles required for the swap. PLUS a 4.3 torsen was only offered on 99+ cars which are a different generation. Are we saying that this ratio rule is so liberal that a diff from another generation can be swapped in because it "fits the mold?" I would think the intent of this rule means if you wanted a 4.3 ratio diff from an NA6 you would have to run the 6 inch pumpkin, longer drive shaft and axles to fit the diff. If the rule is this open than so be it but I could see this opening up issues on other platforms as well.
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    You couldn't be more wrong. We've actually just closed a deal with Racebar to follow us and blast this track on loop as we collide our way through the field.
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    Yea...that's pretty dumb. My two cents (and you still might need change) from what I saw, is just over-aggressive driving. Car is plenty fast, drivers seem to be pretty decent skill wise, just too much risk-taking aggression. You guys would have won rd atl (an amazing feat for a miata btw) had it not been for the contact and penalties. I watched some of your in car and I don't know who was driving, but he was just a seat full of anger the whole time...didn't really look like fun being mad the whole time.
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    He's making a jab at the poor wording of the rule, since the intent is fairly obviously for final drives, but the wording only specifies "rear ends". And no an AWD car doesn't HAVE TO run split diffs, they aren't required to change their rear gear, but it is allowed
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    4.5.3. Engine swaps include stock long block, stock exhaust manifolds, stock induction system, motor mounts, starter, ECU, wiring, and transmission adapters.
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    You can have an air dam. It helps with drag and high speed lift reduction. 10 pts you can add a splitter makes downforce and is real good at scooping grass and dirt into radiator and brake ducts. 10 pts. Seeme reasonable to me.
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    That is the key word but you are working with air in both planes. Seems simple enough to me.
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    I want it to be 10 points for a functional splitter. Which requires a device to stop the air from getting between the car and the bottom of the bumper, on SOME cars. On other cars, the bumper design allows them to get a functional splitter without needing to add vertical materials. Dont forget, 10 points per upright holding your wing in the airstream.
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    To me that makes more sense with limitations, of course. Otherwise, what about...... Why is it 10 points for both side skirts? Should be each. 10pts per dive plane? What about end plates, they're not necessary for a wing. 10pts per end plate? What about diffusers integrated into the splitter? Those 10pts each?
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    Remember, this is now based on performance not $$$ of parts so outside of carbon fiber, you are correct. We have been told since 2017 that air dam was 10, splitter back to the front axels was 10, anything between the axels was 10, anything from the rear axels back was 10, and any type of wing/splitter was 10. There was a thread on this back then too where this was all explained. We have been claiming 40 points for our aero since then, air dam+splitter+side skirts+wing.
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    Is that what you rule mongers really want......A specific use of words that will stand up to an arguable legal conclusion that you think less contestable...but nothing really is....or simple common sense interpretations that the great majority get ...even you...as the intended message......this is why concerning rules ...less can be more....Now Daytona tomorrow !
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    So reading it at the "comprehension level" you can do aftermarket gears at a factory ratio as well? Mmmm, straight cut gear whine
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    The other takeaway is that FWD cars don’t get this benefit. Haha... suckers.
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    Have you had more contact than Tuttle now?
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    are you trying to justify hitting another team in practice? and FYI its a fender, door, Eneki RPF-1,and body shop time to pull the A piller back in place. LOL, i wish they paid out that much for one race. as far as i understood it was a yearly pay out not per race.
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    Yes, I am still annoyed but less so than if you had not dropped off the money.
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    Correct, there is no rule saying you can use axles and drive shaft from a year other than what you are claiming the car is without taking points for them. Unless you built the axles and drive shaft out of re-purposed flipped trunk lids........then they are free.
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    The fiberglass was a joke of course I’m not with the team affected, but I know that the ONE time (in at least 15 races) I hit someone, I immediately paid for the body panel I bent (and some beer). I don’t know if they are still annoyed (they only lost 10 seconds and continued in the race without issues) but I have to imagine they are less pissed than they would have been if I hadn’t. I also apologized of course.
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    the one major difference, from other organizations, is that in champ the passing car really doesn't have a right to a line until they are clear of the car they are passing. Meaning the car being passed doesn't really have to give you room (clean and complete pass). I understand the drive your line thing, but not everyone out there racing does. Whereas in other organization the passing rules state (for example) your bumper is at their door, or there is overlap, etc., then you have a right to your line... Other things I try to keep in mind- always have an out during a pass- you should be able to back out if needed don't dive bomb- to me this is don't try to pass the car on the inside of a turn after they have already turned in but don't hit anyone is always a good thing...
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    Just make it simple. Team Goal. Finish races without touching any other car. Goal # 2. See Goal # 1 Goal # 3. Have fun.
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    THIS is what scares me. It doesn't matter what the rule is, no other team recently has has as much contact as yours. Hopefully you guys do some internal reflections and figure out its not your track but you have to share it with the rest of us. Meanwhile we've been in the hunt for a new car to source body panels from after being on track with you, as i'm sure many other teams have had to do the same.
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    How much closer do you need 1st and 2nd to be, coming to the line on the final lap?! You can scroll up watch the broadcast on replay. Well done to all who raced.
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    My VR headset decided to die on the grid so I had to back out. Came back in to start a lap down and it died again a few laps later. Came back again 6 laps down and finished. Still had good fun! Thanks Hugh Jass and broadcast team
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    Thanks to all who raced and watched tonight, really fun race and our closest ever finish in the Sim Series, just 0.024s at the line. Clip below is my own penultimate lap drama, lucky that I didn't wipe out John and Alex!
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    This is how I assumed the rule worked:
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    ahh ok, so you have to start with the NA8 car then with engine swap gets you to 300 plus the 50. you get the fuel tank of the NA8 and the diff. I'm new to Miata's and don't know much about em. Just picked up a NB2 with 44k on it a few months ago. just did flyin' miata shocks/springs and sway bars. fun little commuter car!
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    That’s even awesomer. Those that don’t want to can stay on the porch.
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    Yeah, I know. Work has gotten crazy in the first quarter and I'm having to travel a lot. Just not enough time to finish the fuel system updates to meet the new rules.
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    I have been hit by Tuttle enough times that I might be close. Not even all in the same car....
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