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    You are correct, under a local yellow you go by the flags. See the flag, no passing until you are clear of the incident (no matter how far away it its) and you can see the next station has no flag. With that said, the fence mounted lights on the NASCAR track caused us headaches. Right now there is no way to activate individual lights. On the big track it's all or nothing. So my options are to go full course for everything (which I don't think you want) or try to work locals. I've got some thoughts for next year and I plan to talk to the track and see if there's a way we can do this so you drivers are better informed. Dana
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    I'm good with it if they go to an "actual" power number for the calculator vs. a pos "stock" published hp number for the incoming motor. Should really be about the power going in vs. the cost of the motor. That $5k S2 motor might make the same power as a $250 GM v6, and in the end they have the same amount of output power. I would rather see an exclusion list of non swapable motors, like the ls whatevers, the K20 honda etc.
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    I guess I need a bigger budget... '04 325ci $600, 6pt pre-fabbed Rollcage Components cage and install $1,000... I couldn't justify $2,300 for a pair of FRONT calipers and rotors/pads...
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    Pick any date and weather, but give me 24 hours of Daytona.
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    imagine the size of the crowd that could take out.
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    Don't forget to throw Gateway in there as well! Had a lot of fun at this race! It was awesome starting at midnight. Well not really awesome because I couldn't sleep before the race so I was dragging at the start. Oh the memories. What was that Pirate themed place?
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    You way overestimate my influence. I mean, would YOU listen to me?
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    Several times I saw a yellow just before exiting the infield at NASCAR 1 but then track fence lights were green so everyone took off only to see a disabled car on the backstretch. I felt like that local yellow should have been observed until the bus stop flag station could be seen but the overwhelming consensus was to get going on the banking. What's the rule there??
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    Bccr states nothing about diffuser length off the rear of the car?
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    I would have to image that a similar definition to the wing would apply - within 12" of the body work I would have to imagine. However, you should clarify with tech and then post the response here.
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    The gold with purple flake looked good when new! It just flaked off and went everywhere!.. ...including your underwear. That last part is unfortunately true.
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    We worked a deal with bigbrakeupgrade.com Very good people and very good product.
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    Didn't see where the bccr states the points add for going over the 2x rules on calipers/rotors? Anyone have an idea what the points add should be for a Stoptech $2,300 front big brake kit?
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    But to assess points based on the brand is just silly. It's beyond not making sense.
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    I'm glad we have a big America car. Our C6 upgrade only cost about $500 and was zero points, and we can go to any parts store for parts... 😄
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    We asked Tech this very question for a new build we're working on- Stoptech kit at a similar price point: 50 points.
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    cryo rotors, good ducting, pf08 pads, oem brakes don't do enough? people keep asking me why we don't do the free E46 330i brake swap on our E36... I tell them because we don't need it.
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    500pt, 250hp, 9000 rpm import
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    My guess would be 5-points/corner based on this: That being said, I 'thought' somebody on TAC or from Tech had commented that they were looking at modifying this language to include any 4-piston caliper, not just Wilwoods.
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    Yes it could... VIR is downright comfy in August compared to Florida in July.
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    The DOD will neither confirm or deny the existence of this vessel. It is NOT listed on the Naval Registrar.
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    It could not be any hotter than the VIR 24 is in August. Rain would be my only concern...
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    I want a Teksid block 4.6 from a '96-'99 Cobra. Cast in Italy, the strongest blocks for the 4.6's other than the iron '03-'04 Cobras.
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    Go to your local sporting goods store and buy a hockey bag. You can even get them with wheels and a handle like a suitcase.
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    me: "Alexa, make me a drink" daughter: "Dad, you know that's not my name, besides, I think you've had enough!"
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    We did COTA in August......
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    I have the same one as @red0 and second his claim to this being the perfect size.
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    I can probably squeeze that in, although if it was jeans, and a hoodie or other bulky clothes it would be close. I wear XXL so my stuff is big.
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    I was wondering the same thing- you want to store helmet, hans, suit, 2 pair of shoes, underwear, socks, and a change of clothes....
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    Alabama boy here, I'll just put this out there...
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    a race in florida in the summer? LULz you clearly don't live here.
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    Just about ready for Charlotte. Got the alignment done tonight.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen- I offer to you for sale a somewhat Chumpy 2005 Ford Excursion Eddie Bauer 4x4 with the renowned 6.0l Powerstroke diesel. the Truck has 193,000 miles on it and was lightly rolled this winter. It has been lightened in the rocker and lower door areas using an all natural, eco friendly process called oxidation. Despite these issues the truck drives and pulls very nicely and is in good to excellent mechanical condition. Everything works. I'm asking $7500 for the general public but willing to sell at a discount to a Chump. I can be reached via PM or at the phone number shown in the photos below.
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    Air Evac is $85 for a one year membership which includes entire household. It also is accepted by several sister companies as well.
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    Sounds like a Mustang out there doing Mustang things...
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    Just FYI.. AirMethods and AirEvac both have annual membership you can buy for around $75 dollars I think that cover you and your family in the event you ever need a ride...
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    Yes indeed it is.
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    Heard said $1,500 swap rule will be going away or be increased...
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    Started final prep for Charlotte last night. including oil change. Son of a.... Looks like I'm adding 'swap engine' to the to-do list! I blame @E. Tyler Pedersen - there wasn't enough glitter on his car out at Gingerman to transfer over onto my car, so my car decided to make its own glitter.
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    @Doc Isn’t THIS the Enterprise?
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