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    It was a fantastically fun and successful weekend for our team. We had all three R3R Boxsters on track and even scored a 3rd overall on Friday. We did have one catastrophic failure, but it was due to a sniper pebble with perfect aim. It punctured the radiator with a one in a million shot. I'll address one thing first. We did put Pro drivers in the cars. Johan Schwartz (PWC) drove 603 and Josh Bilicki (NASCAR) drove 602. On Friday, 601 had a local hot-shoe with pro-level abilities, as well as Johan Schwartz. Some may question why we would do that, when the Boxster is a hot button for some competitors. Easy answer... we wanted to show everyone the absolute upper limit for these cars and calm any fears. With pros at the wheel, we were still 3 seconds slower than Ludicrous Speed MR2. Our human drivers were in the 2:53 - 2:56 range (7-10 seconds slower than the winning car). And as expected, we could only go 85-90 minutes on fuel. 602 and 603 ran out of fuel multiple times during the race. A more detailed reason is that we wanted to test the C car vs. the EC car. We needed a super fast and consistent driver for that. We proved that there is virtually no difference between the cars. The EC car is just stiffer and has some adjustability. For that reason, we're coverting the EC car to C class. In our opinion, the cars fit in very nicely in ChampCar and we're excited to compete for podium finishes. We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting fellow competitors and making new friends. It's going to be a fun season. Thank you to ChampCar officials and volunteers. Special thanks to everyone for being gentle on us rookies. #VisorDown Brad
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    #489 Ergolab Miata was fun and fast, but had issues. I'm trying to drive it off the trailer and the car won't start. Bad fuel pump. How does that happen simply from towing it across the country? LOL. Need to source another spare. We had a clutch line blow Friday when we were in 3rd place. From there, the problems cascaded. Going around in only 4th gear we were still able to turn 256-258s. Then our driver had contact, come in to pull the fender, and then beached the car a little later, effectively destroying the splitter (from the tow out) and both front ball joints were blown too. But jamming the car in gear also apparently broke a spring in the clutch, so after hour and hours of bleeding and changing all the components to the clutch, we finally took the trans off at 9:30 PM and found the bad clutch. We had multiple used options and clearly chose the wrong one as it started slipping Saturday after 45 minutes (we were leading at that point). Note also that wing was effective. So effective it started ripping the body apart at the attachment points. Troy welded the poop out of it and it should be good going forward. The car is fun and fast, we just haven't been able to put a whole race together. It teases enough that I'm not giving up. Thanks to the workers and the other great teams we swapped needed parts with. Love to race with you all.
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    Had a great time at Road America. Car ran great. We were nursing a alternator issue mostly all day, cutting in and out. Near the end of the day our battery discharged to a dangerous level. We stopped to change batteries and continue. With about an hour left we lost 4th gear. Not a huge issue. And on the last lap we lost 5th. Unfortunately the extra set of spare brake pads did not arrive in time for this race so we did not have enough pads to continue Saturday safely. And knowing we were going to have a braking issue we decided to take our class win and P8 finish and re-group for the glen. Thanks to the champcar staff for another great event. See you all at the next one.
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    #630 - PartsBadger Miata A big congrats to Ludicrous Speed on an awesome performance. I was also very impressed by the driving of the EC Cougar, that team can wheel! It was a rough weekend for PartsBadger, our mechanic was having some health issues, and we were busy since VIR and didn't dedicate the time needed to the car. We just got the motor together with the new port and polish but didn't get a chance to tune it and we were scrambling at the test day with little sleep. None the less the car did test strong and we were hoping for a good race performance. The first stint was fast and we were building a good lead (2:48.7). Came into the pits and the car died at pit entry. We couldn't get it refired and after troubleshooting we lost compression, AGAIN!! (Also happened at VIR). Which is shocking since the lap prior was a 2:51. This is a local race for us, so we went back to the shop, got a junker motor we had in the shop and swapped the motor. After it was installed, we tried to turn it over and it was stopping at TDC. We assumed it was a flywheel bolt and removed the trans. Same issue. We then scoped the motor and it seemed like some stuff was in the head. We removed the head and found the remainder of a cut rivet that likely came from when we were fabricating our splitter. Apparently it flew into the motor in the corner of the shop. After reinstalling the head(Thanks Jason Perl for the head gasket) we still couldn't get it started and called it a night a 12:30am. The next morning I troubleshooted some more and found the cam timing was way off around 10:00am. We fixed that and hit the track. We got about a dozen laps in total before the front oil seal blew and we packed up for the weekend. Overall the car was 0.5 seconds faster than last year. We believe there was a 2:47 in the car without traffic and a solid lap. The junker motor cost us ~2.5 seconds a lap versus our rebuilt motor with a port and polish, which isn't as much time as I expected. It was a tough weekend in many respects, but we will hopefully learn and be faster and smarter at the next race.
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    Enjoy being a part of a series in which (currently) regular people with regular paying jobs can compete - a low cost series! I hope it stays that way. Rich people have plenty of other series they can join. Let's help them 'get in where they fit in.' I love this series (so far, anyway). We have a Miata and are competitive with the other Miatas - without investing a lot of money or cheating. We were not competitive with the PartsBadger Miata, however. That thing blows my doors off down the straightaway. Congrats to them for finding mind-blowing speed from a Miata engine. #amazed.
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    Ludicrous Speed had a weekend to remember with overall wins both days! Our third win ever and third in a row at Road America. It didn't start out well. Thursday practice was wet cold and windy. We had a list of things to test but conditions were so varied with the rain we didn't get any good data. After one driver had a 90 mph slide through the gravel, I got in to make sure the car still felt ok and bounced it off the wall going into 12 in rain and 40 deg temps. With some help from Asteri and Bill Strong, we got the car rolling again to get through tech Thursday night. We then took it back to my house in Sheboygan and went through the alignment, pulled fenders out, and patched the splitter. Put it back on the trailer around midnight. Friday had three drivers and we chose to go max fuel burn and ended up making five stops. Two more than Premium Dudes and JSK. We did not have them covered but they both had issues giving us a chance at the win. We were in the lead with less than an hour to go and we got the dreadded meatball black flag. Some of the new aero was dragging. Likely caused by the contact with the wall the day before. Some quick pit repair by Chris Krumrai got me back out there with enough time for me to catch Premium Dudes for the win. Saturday race started a few minutes later making fuel a little less of an issue. We went full fuel conserve for a while running up to 20 seconds off our earlier lap times to eliminate a stop. This put me in the car for the last 90 minute stint (85 to 90 min is our typical stint) and I came out in the lead just ahead of Premium Dudes all I had to do maintain the lead. Unbelievable that we took the win again. Over the two race days, I drove 8 hours and loved it! JSK, Premium Dudes, ErgoLab, Parts Badger (and likely others) could have all had the win with a clean race. Now we have 25 things on the to do list to fix in the next two days before we leave for Charlotte! Looking forward to 24 degrees of banking! Chris Shay
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    I didn't do this earlier, so here is taking care of some unfinished business. First, thanks to Parts Badger for things we needed that we didn't possess to finish up our repairs. We owe you. You guys are awesome and are advancing our series. Keep it up. Second, thanks to Ludicrous Speed for the use of the welder. And also congrats to you for winning both races. Speed and reliability-you have both! Third, thanks to tech for keeping us safe. Good inspections. Note that a few things came to light later-we are NOT required to weight cars, and also there will be no pump outs to determine fuel capacity according to Mike, our CEO. We are not IMSA and don't want to be. Fourth, thank you to Mike Morrison for putting on a great show and also to the Road America volunteers and staff. What a great track. Fifth, thanks to the guys in garage 13. We didn't have time for food and you fed us. I wish more could take their attitude-they had ten drivers for two cars. Only one car ran each day, but you wouldn't know it from the laughs and fun being had over there. It was awesome to see. See some of you guys in Charlotte this weekend!
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    This car was very impressive. I think it gapped me 6 car lengths in the carousel... and our car handles pretty well! Would love to see your times at Gingerman when you get the engine sorted out.
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    Thank you Champcar staff and volunteers for another great event.
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    So here’s the deal. My company, Money Shift Racing, is planning on attending 6 races this year in a trackside support role. We are looking for feedback on items we should have on the trailer in case you guys need something in a pinch. We are planning on stocking things like various grades of Schaeffer’s Synthetic Lubricants, nomex Socks, speed bleeders, harnesses, and what not. What we need from the teams is to know what grades of oil are you using and if there ever was a time you got to the track and realized you forgot something. We we will be attending the following races: NCM Indy Gingerman (also Racing) Nelson Ledges Pitt Race Sebring Also, if there are parts you need and would want delivered to any of these races just let us know! Thanks Kevyn Kistner
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    E30 odometers are notoriously un-reliable - the plastic gears break from heat/use, so I can say about 99% certainty that the car's ODO, even if currently working, doesn't represent the accurate chassis mileage. Just put some good fluid in it (75-90 redline is what we use) and run it. The clutches are likely worn out, but only on tight tracks will you start to notice inside rear tire wear due to the LSD slipping. When that bothers you, go for the rebuild.
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    Do it. Thats a pretty good deal. Mileage is whatever the seller imagines up when posting the ad. Any diff is as good as any other unless you know or have documentation regarding someone rebuilding it. IT will probably be good enough for your purposes unless you have a fluke failure
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    Also, a GOOD tuner will listen to the goals of the car. Tune to max power, then dial down to intended goals (longevity, fuel economy, usable power band)
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    @NigelStu and I had similar projects this weekend!
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    Its the end on the right that snapped off, entire chunk to the right of the bearing journal. End up losing the cam wheel and one of the 2 cam lobes that that cylinder. Our car still ran as it was still using other signals to determine when to fire stuff, but poorly since that cylinder was pumping air through half the ports. But the car wouldn't re-start once it was shut off; ECU uses that sensor to help with starting. Easiest way to check is pull the cam sensor out and stick your finger in there, if you can't feel the end of the cam, well... there's a problem. We got really lucky that the piece fell off and wedged in place at the back of the head and didn't take anything else out with it. We swapped out the cams and went back to abusing the car.
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    Keep in mind a dyno tune is for all out power....that might mean running it a little harder with a more agressive tune then you'd be safe racing for 7+ hours.
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    You would do best to find a good tuner that works with megasquirt and know our racing needs . And yes dyno time makes it a lot easier for ever one. The cost up front may look a bit much but way cheaper then a burned piston or a turbo glowing white hot on the first few laps and then a bunch of white smoke under the hood. www.DRVOLKS.com
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    #55 Udder Chaos neon team had a fun weekend despite having our share of issues. This was the first outing after going to megasquirt and we had some sync issues appear mid-day Friday. Changed the voltage to crank sensor from 5 to 12v and issue went away. Saturday morning we discovered the alternator was shot as we went to move the car to grid. Got the alternator changed and out on the track to catch the back of the field just prior to track going green. Had a strong first stint and then we struggled with the alternator again and then fried a clutch. So again after spending the middle of the race in the paddock changing the clutch we got back out to get some laps for all the drivers and see the checkered flag. We were happy with the lack of rain on Fri and Sat, setting some new fast lap times for our car at RA, and once again for the camaraderie of the teams in the paddock near us. Looking forward to Gingerman, seams way too far away!
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    What is the failure mode? does it crank but not start/run? Back when I was racing a 350Z, we had the cam itself fail, the part that holds the degree wheel broke off. This was a common-ish failure with lots of high RPM running. Too much length after the last bearing, lobe/degree wheel puts enough stresses on the cam it snaps at the last cap. exhaust camshaft IIRC.
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    Received and deleted.. Seriously, who are you again? Where am I, what is this place....
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    I gained about 20hp from a tune after my attempted self-tune. We also just tried auto tune over a dyno tune in real time and we're not gaining and possibly losing power while it was tuning. That said we spent at least 800 per base tune, then it's 300 for a retune. For us at a high-power track the estimated 20 horsepower was worth about 2 and 1/2 seconds.
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    The Premium Dudes fought valiently, but we tapped out after the 5th round of shots/bombs (in addition to our previous libations at Brown Baer). At least one of us went on to puke.... Had a great time, we’ll do this again sometime.
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    I talked briefly to one of their drivers to see if we could offer any parts to repair their car. He said, "we lost the transmission". I asked which transmission they were running and he said, " you'll have to ask the owner, he owns Precision Transmission" ! LOL!
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    I’m watching the in-car video of the #226 KSR car (I was in the #223), and they were black flagged because the 2 Finger Camaro passed them under caution, then gave the spot back coming out of six. It’s quite easy to tell who the offending party was, because everybody is either just on the yellow line, or on the apron, except for the Camaro going full blast up at the wall, and a SC300 and V-8 Camaro sound nothing alike. And on a similar subject, we need another flag stand between six and seven, ESPECIALLY with the wide discrepancy in speeds between some cars (say an M3 and a VW bug).
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    it might be slower but you sure feel it way more in NASCAR 3/4 than you do at daytona.
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    We definitely did, lol. He radioed it in and I told him if it still had oil pressure to keep going! I drove the car late in the race and did the same thing myself after the last caution and looped it down in Turn 1. I was all by myself on that one so I am sure about everybody heard/saw it, haha. The transmission feels different in the 226 than the 225 and the 5-4 downshift has to be done very carefully with that transmission. Planning to take it out to see if we can see any reason why that is being weird.
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    13+ Hour drive and a mountain of crap. Heading out tomorrow night. See everyone in 'Sconsin..... Public service announcement - For those not from Wisconsin. If you are looking for a drinking fountain ask for the "Bubbler......."
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    Team Infiniti would like to thank every Champ involved! Collectively, you are a powerful group of enablers, especially @Justin9 🤩
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    An old blind packers fan wanders into vikings-fan sports bar by mistake. He finds his way to the bar and orders a shot of whiskey. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the bartender, "Hey, do you wanna hear a viking fan joke?" The bar immediately falls absolutely silent.In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, "Before you tell that joke, sir, I think it's only fair that you should know five things since you're blind."1. The bartender is a vikings fan with a baseball bat.2. The bouncer is a vikings fan with a Billy-Club3. I'm a 6-foot tall, 275-pound vikings fan with a black belt in karate.4. The man to your right is a vikings fan who is a professional wrestler.5. The person to my right is a vikings fan who happens to be a champion weight lifter."Now think seriously, sir... Do you still want to tell that vikings fan joke?"The packers fan sits and thinks for a second, then shakes his head."No, not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times..."
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    No bone in this fight - We finished 36th. But I will say, I had a stock 2003 NB miata that we ran on the dyno where I used to work (superchips - we'd do pulls on the dyno just for fun) and the best pull it made was 109 hp to the rear wheels, which is a far cry from the 142 number quoted in the literature for an 03 miata. Saying that, it beat the 98 hp my buddy's trooper put down that same day. So at least I won at something. I know nothing about what's claimed on that car, so can't speak to the legality of it all, but 150-160 horse seems like a stretch if they're claiming a stock motor. Were you referencing crank hp or to the ground - because I think rwhp is the number you'd want to reference. I'm assuming you meant rwhp due to the dyno reference in your post. Edit: re-reading it, there's absolutely no chance a stock-ish 1.8L is putting out 150-160 on a dyno. Still no clue if their power-adders are claimed in tech, but they'd need some serious work to get that out of a miata motor.
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    We here at Crowd Control Racing are very disappointed that we won't make the Charlotte race. We were planning on registering after the Daytona race. Regrettably, a driveline issue that appears to be related to either the banking or high speeds of Daytona needs to be resolved.
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