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    I timed tax refund and payment deadline perfectly... Speedway Creations is in...
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    We are working on that issue for 2020, and you WILL be happy!
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    My wife went all out this year.... With some help
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    Sold my last kidney and paid up. See you guys in July
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    Burningham was paid in full last week. Now just have to get a car ready to race 20 hours. Yay. Racing = fun, prep = not so much.
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    I believe I have a hood, maybe even two Nate. I'll take a look in my stash of BMW parts and can PM you some pics.
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    We have two seats available in one of the R3R Boxsters at WGI. The seats include coaching and data review with pro driver Johan Schwartz. The car will only have 3 drivers and each of these seats includes 3 stints (approx 2 hours per stint), assuming no technical issues which reduce track time. Our package includes food, drink, air conditioned driver's lounge, team shirt, all tires, fuel, etc. Qualified drivers only. Must be licensed racer or have extensive wheel to wheel experience. Send me an email for quickest response and for all details. Round3Racing@gmail.com These cars are professionally built and look like baby cup cars. For photos and details, visit www.facebook.com/Round3Racing In our first multi-car event with ChampCar, we scored a 3rd overall at Road America.
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    Never said anything bad about the west course, just that it isn't worth the tow to me. BTW Interstate 5 is the most miserable stretch of road on the planet.
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    baby cup car. do do, do do do do do do.
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    I think there is a k arting facility in the family already.
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    Dang! Nice haul! I have the same shifter. What's the item that looks like a strut? Upgrade for a pedal?
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    and it cracks me up when you guys complain about towing distances. I have towed out west from Virginia multiple times to race, and each time I never complained. Every race was worth the tow.
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    This map doesn't work! @Bill Strong can I get my 10 laps added to my total now?
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    This is fantastic. @Bill Strong, Is it okay to re-post that map on a team webpage? VERY impressive resume of events. No other endurance series in the country can come close to what ChampCar is offering, in terms of variety and number of events. Quite frankly, it is why we chose ChampCar over the others. Well done!
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    How much extra do I have to pay for Johan to NOT look at my data? 😆
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    You can send $200 per low rez image to my paypal at wewillripyouoff@paypal. org have fun with them share like nuts
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    Yes Not sure what kind of dry powder gingerman uses, but charlotte uses purple K, it will be in your best interest to toss most all the electrical system, that stuff destroys like nothing I have ever seen i.e. the nissan scanner plug transferred green funk from car to car
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    This guy is legit, he helped us change trannys mid race on 2 separate occasions. Super fun to have around, and hard core when need be.
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