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    Successful test on Saturday night. Prior to test we re-made our y-pipe, reinstalled engine after the winter, replaced all coil springs for stiffer versions, installed poly bushings for engine mounts, lowered the seat mount to fit bigger drivers, replaced ABS wheel sensor and got ABS working again, completed alignment, sealed our rear firewall from fuel stuff in the trunk, bought and installed a coolshirt cooler, and bought 10 new tires for the year. Car ran more or less like a top, our suspension set up is NIGHT AND DAY different and the car will actually turn in now! Clean the car, do a final nut and bolt check, and load 'er up for Watkins! Lets go racing!
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    Which is why you can't just go by tire temps to set camber. We had the same problem with inside edge wear and had to use tread wear as a main indicator of required camber to even things out. Once your tread wear looks reasonable, do another tire temp test and record those as your new targets.
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    Post someone up at a couple tight corners and have them watch the body roll/dynamic camber. No real need to measure precisely, just get a feel for how the car looks going around the corner. Not saying this is what you have going, but it's what we're working on with the Minis right now. Basically we're eating the inside 1/3 of the front tire... We're finding that in hard corners under throttle, the inside front is getting real light and goes into droop. As it goes into droop it toes out. Combine that with the body roll and the 2ish degrees of camber we run, it sort of drags the inside edge of the tire across the pavement. The clutch type LSD made a big improvement as we aren't spinning it nearly so much now, but it's still something we're fighting. If it is what's happening on your car, it's not nearly as pronounced as what we see. I wonder if you're only partially contacting the right front coming around 14 under throttle right before coming in and building more heat on the inside edge that way. I'm sure pressure will improve it, maybe camber changes too. For us we're playing with geometry next. Seems like the more we chase it, the faster we can run/more grip we make but the problem keeps coming back as we roll harder....
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    Petition was passed for 2020 to increase max cost to $2,500, in the board meeting at Charlotte.
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    Heck yeah! Wheelhouse Racing is beyond pumped to get back on track for 2019!
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    We have a unique opportunity for experienced racers. Round 3 Racing is teaming up with former IndyCar driver and Indianapolis local, Dan Clarke. Not only is Dan super fast, but he is an instructor for the Indy road course. http://www.danclarke.me/ We are offering 3-4 seats in a car with Dan. Extensive racing experience is required. Please contact me via email or phone. Round3Racing@gmail.com or 561-441-5320.
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    Agree, it seems like a throwback rule that to me isn’t really necessary. The HP limit is the the important restriction to me. It was my petition that was approved to raise the limit to 2500. Initially I was going to write it to just eliminate the dolllar amount. After consulting with a couple of folks they thought it’d be more likely to get through if there was still a limit. So I went that way. As newer cars come in, swaps will be more and more important for the older cars. I think....
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    I thought the same thing. How about someone starts making kits for the EXACT cost limit and then there is a mandatory "Tip" of the balance of the actual costs but its not on any receipt. I have always felt this was basically impossible to enforce if someone decided they wanted to put forth some effort to BS it.
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    I swear it feels like the car is trying to turn right when I turn left.... but only once the suspension really gets loaded up....
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    Yes, bumpsteer. As silly as it sounds, it took us awhile to diagnose it as a car issue and not just the yahoo behind the wheel
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    And I would avenge myself by cutting the beam partway through in the middle and allowing it to sag until I get the camber I want, then weld things back up again. Make the cut square and weld so you don't change the toe (unless you want to).
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    I'd try -1.75 fronts and -1.0 rears next time out and drop the hot psi a couple of pounds.
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    Looks like middle temp is higher than the average on each graph. That indicates over inflated. Also it looks like inside temps are all, on average, higher than outside temps. That indicates a bit more camber needed on all tires except right rear. That front right needs a couple of degrees more camber!
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    Yeah, its just the pit that gets locked. Garages and paddock are fully open. I assume its just to limit people from getting on track, also keeps all the stuff in your pit stall safe overnight.
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    No, the garage and pit assignments will go out early this week. Dana
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    Slugworks is paid up! I guess it gets real from here, time to get the new car out for testing!
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    Run what ya brung , man do you know who you are talking to ??
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    That's awesome, happy birthday mate! With all this new hardware I expect you to be at the front come the race at the Glen....
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    LOL. Now that's going to be stuck in my head all night.
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    Now I can see just how far all the other races are from Texas. Sad face. Nice map though.
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    How much extra do I have to pay for Johan to NOT look at my data? 😆
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    Prolly a JDM engine................
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    While I hate seeing these torn up race cars, this thread has 100% convinced me to add foot well bars before out next race. For whatever solace it may be, know that you may have helped keep someone else safe.
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