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    Looking forward to meeting our pit-partners and getting out on track in 2019, although it seems like the clever and subtle irony of our team name has been overlooked this time.....
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    I haven't officially released that information yet
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    Yes wet weight, so with the driver, fuel, safety gear, etc. Could be too stiff for 200tw, but is this super200 or typical 200tw? It also depends on the track too, silky smooth surface or wtfsodirtyandbumpy surface? I believe there's going to be some compromise there that you may actually have to drive around at times. Same with being in the rain. We're getting pretty deep into suspension optimization too. Having more down-force in either of the situations you've mentioned certainly isn't a bad thing 😃. Though you'll need to weigh the trade-off of potential drag if you're cranking in more down-force. Getting data out to us grass-roots competitors is one of the main goals we're trying to accomplish here at 9LR as well. With the proper data you and your team will be able to make config decisions on the fly, more accurately.
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    If you’re willing to tow 6 hours to Detroit, @mcoppola does great work.
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    It is for this reason that I liked the old sq. ft. material rule and was upset when it was replaced by fixed values. Big splitter and air dam? Big points. Little air dam? Little points.
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    My wife went all out this year.... With some help
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    I'm with you there, more grip = more wear/tear. Hubs are a weak point of miatas, thankfully.... the community has answers! Front hub options: - Expensive, but THE option for enduro NA/NB: https://www.miatahubs.com/ - Relatively new E30 hub conversion kit: https://www.miataturbo.net/miata-parts-sale-trade-5/group-buy-e30-hub-conversion-100121/ - Repack, check, and replace Centric hubs part # 40645006 from RockAuto (this is what I do currently) Rear hub options: - SadFab MR-S conversion kit, I run these on my car: https://www.miataturbo.net/miata-parts-sale-trade-5/sadfab-mr2-s-rear-hubs-miata-96576/ - OEM replacement Xidas, of course. https://supermiata.com/xida-coilover-miata.aspx
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    Thanks again! I agree down force is good. My only other concern with getting real serious with heavy spring rates for what we do is reliability of things like hubs and suspension components. It hard to know the perfect balance between lap times and lasting for endurance racing.
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    I think my previous post already addressed that...
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    No. It's never been about unlimited fuel or even more fuel for most cars. The basic premise is to bring the fuel poor cars in line with the Golden Standard for points, not start a another speed leap. It would essentially be the same formula as hp for engine swaps. You can buy fuel with points but past a reasonable (E30/36) level and the points cost skyrockets. I've explained my thoughts quite a few times here as most people can attest to. ☺
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    Agreed, damper pots would be $$$. There's lots of variables to consider here too; tires, static weight, track, conditions, type of race, and of course aero. I'm a firm believer in A/B/A testing, but not many people are able to do this. Thankfully with the miata community there's lots of combined info of people who have been able to. Typical go-to for non-aero R-comp'd 2300lbs miata is 800/500 along with typical big front bar and ~14mm-ish rear bar. In my particular case(the same setup mentioned), after I've added 9LR aero of splitter, airdam, and wang physical limitations of the car tell me I need more spring or higher ride-height. Meaning, the tire is slamming into the frame/shock tower more often now. I don't really want to sacrifice my ride-height(4.25"f/4.5"r) so I'll be moving up to 1000/550. This matches the typical go-to rates the miata community has seen good results on with type of setup and aero package. Think Supermiata S1 setups, which is one of the A/B tests done in the community. So not to over simplify it, but the clock doesn't lie! I hope to do some spring testing myself at Road Atlanta at a TT event in June.
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    Subscribe to our channel if you can, need to boost our number to 1000 so we can start live-streaming. Ron
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    We dropped the car off at the frame shop today!
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    One 13b for the front wheels, one 13b for the rear wheels
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    Because people that just want a airdam shouldn't pay as much as those that want an airdam and splitter.
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    Can you imagine?!?!? <1900# miata with 20gal and what like 220hp outta that little dorito spinner!!!! 😍 Sorry, not sorry for hijacking the thread a bit.
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    I have suggested a clarification to the rules for 2020 on the height of the air dam. It's a valid complaint.
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    I don’t think Ray writes or edits the rule book. Just reads it and takes a load of poo from us.
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    No time to spend on the car lately, work has been a priority. But I came home tonight and finished a support bracket for the exhaust. Kept breaking welds or loosening flange nuts so gonna try another support. Did a botch job on the weld repair tonight but its on and hopefully will hold. This is what i started with. Won’t show the final product because I don’t take criticism well.
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    We have a unique opportunity for experienced racers. Round 3 Racing is teaming up with former IndyCar driver and Indianapolis local, Dan Clarke. Not only is Dan super fast, but he is an instructor for the Indy road course. http://www.danclarke.me/ We are offering 3-4 seats in a car with Dan. Extensive racing experience is required. Please contact me via email or phone. Round3Racing@gmail.com or 561-441-5320.
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    Whoever set up the construction joints at what ever spread they are at should have to drive it in a short bed superduty for eternity.
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    That's awesome, happy birthday mate! With all this new hardware I expect you to be at the front come the race at the Glen....
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