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    Anybody can do a BMW, somebody want a challenge: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/cto/d/gaithersburg-yugo-102-gv-1988-showroom/6876843565.html
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    I would assume for side impact neck protection if you are wearing a Hans. I have an Neckgens that adds some side protection so have a halo seat is less important to me.
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    Agree with @Shawn Sampson, halo or no go! we run a sparco circuit wide version. We ran a momo Daytona XL before it was retired following a hard crash. The momo fit me great (6', 180lbs) and was a great compromise for my bigger drivers (IMO as the team/car owner!! I.e. I will compromise a little and they sucked it in and appreciated the extra confinement the tight seat gave them). The halo was fairly thin (your helmet couldn't move much side to side). The sparco is much wider feeling but seems to have higher thigh bolsters. The halo is much wider as well. Could be a fit issue for a smaller car. I still fit nicely but definitely less snug. I hear less whiney comments from the big boys like "my hips are numb" now too, so that's a bonus!😂
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    Please don’t buy a cheap seat. You want one that has proper protection for shoulders and head restraint. I know they run more than a simple seat that still legal for Racing but in reality your life or potential life injuries is well worth the investment along with a light proper fitting helmet. Race tech OPM Sparco would be the manufactures I would look at there are others out there that have a great reputation, I’m just not familiar with sitting in those particular seat.
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    Anybody got an 1986 through 1991 rx7? Don't care if it's automatic or manual. Must be a 5 bolt car. Don't need an engine in it either. He'll, a rolling chassis with a rear end would be perfect Cheap as possible is best....
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    You seem to have misspelled “e46 BMW”.
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    Based on what I’ve seen of that generation Jag, do you start with the base points of the Jag or the base points of the rollback it is riding on? 😂
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    She is a keeper for sure....
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