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    I do take this seriously and show up to win overall. This is my hobby and my passion. It is fun to win. When somebody else claims the win, that is just painful. I don't have outside sponsers (wish I did!). I know a bunch of teams that do and they actually get traffic to their sponsers sites (Not necessarily through finishing position). However, those sponsers want to know how you are doing. Trying to explain how you actually won the race even though you are 2nd or 3rd in the results is exactly like trying to explain what chumpcar was. Thats why the name was changed. It was unprofessional and had very poor optics in todays world of social media. Like it or not, that's the world we live in. Power to you if you take it less seriously, or think the ec STANDINGS are not an issue. I do think it's an issue with an easy solution. Add the laps. P.s. just so nobody is confused, I don't have an issue running with ec cars. The ec cars aren't the issue imho. It's how they are displayed as part of the overall results.
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    Or ‘disqualified’. Because a lot of people (sponsors, people on Facebook) don’t know that that’s what EC means. One of my concerns is potential racers who see a cayman take P1, and they say ‘wow, I need a ton of money to compete in this series’. “Disqualified” would be much more transparent than “EC”.
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    no. Because shortly after that Ian and Hannah were in the Avalon, and Aimee and I were in the M3, stopped at a traffic signal, side by side, one thing let to another, and I beat Ian by just a smidge. But we both got cussed and yelled at by our significant others.
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    Ran the R-S4s this weekend, moderate temperatures and a couple downpours during the day. My pro driver managed fifth fastest time of the day in the dry, my time was a bit slower but still would have been seventh fastest so pretty good in the dry. We both had fun in the rain, running at the same lap times as the cars running RE-71Rs but driving a FWD helps with that. After about 8 hours of hard running in the dry the right front was down to about half depth with the other front at about 2/3 depth. The rears (FWD) were almost like new. Swapping front to rear would have had all the tires at about half depth after another 8 hours. Swapping the next time at 4 hours then running another 4 may have had all the tires worn out after 24 hours if the wear rate was constant. Judging by the wear patterns, I missed a little on the right front camber, need a bit less but tire pressures were good at 33 front and 31 rear. Hard to compare lap times because I also updated the suspension but the whole package is working very well!
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    I'm firmly in the camp that thinks that EC cars should be allowed to run as they currently do. Whether its fuel tank too big or caymans at watkins, I'm ok with it. I just don't want the fast EC cars mucking up the top of the leaderboards when watching, participating in, or reviewing the results of a race. Any 999pt car has to take 50 penalty laps for short races, but the ec cars don't for some reason? The simple fix of adding extra laps, like the nice round 100 that's been thrown around, would solve the issue but has met significant resistance from the powers at be for some reason.
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    This is getting real Check your emails Final supps/pit/garage assignments are in.
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    And just a bit of perspective here folks: This is just for fun. If you are racing for anything else, you're not in the right place IMHO. Some of you are upset because the TV coverage spent too much time talking about the EC cars? TV coverage - Really? Some of you are upset because the standings or live timing is confusing - OK makes sense. But because that makes it difficult for you to explain to potential SPONSORS? WTF? If there is an official contingency program they understand classes, so we must be talking about locals. More power to you if you want to get local sponsors for your team/car but, again, this is amateur hobby racing. If it costs too much money to race in X races per year without a sponsor, then that is the real problem here, isnt it? Some of you are upset because the EC drivers are saying they won, when you really won. I have run many Cub Scout pinewood derbies and expect to hear this kind of whining from those racers as they complain about whose dad built which winning car, but here, really? You went home with the iron, you won. Do you really need more than that? Some of you also seem upset because the fastest cars (I assume like that Cayman) blow by and make the race feel unsafe. This is the speed creep argument at its extreme, except it is being made not by the average car, but from some of the leaders. Newsflash to the people consistently at the front of the pack, it only seems unreasonably fast when you are not doing the driving. On a different day, some of you can appear to be that unreasonably fast car to many of us other cars out there, as we quickly try to get out of your way or later incur the wrath of blocking the pack leaders. As was said earlier, WRL has successfully managed this. I raced at Mid Ohio among cars ranging from that Mazda NP01 to a race/restored EL Camino. Everyone shared the track and everyone knew who was racing who and who won. Then again, WRL runs on a different class system and rules. I have raced at Laguna Seca with LD under similar circumstances and, again, no issues with who was racing who.
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    That NP01 was at the WRL race at Mid Ohio and we also raced with it, along with a semi-professional team of Caymans and some other highly prepped cars. We were never racing against them, nor they with us. It was a true LeMans situation. Timing was easy to follow and everyone knew where they stood and those that won their class seemed to feel like they won (we didnt win but were keenly aware of where we were in class). No issues. It has been a long time since I have been on this forum, but we have been running an EC E36 since, I think, 2013 and I know I have explained why before, but it is worth doing again. We started with a Mike Ogren prepped VW Golf and quickly realized that to run in the midwest at places like Road America, we needed more speed (not to say a VW Golf cannot place there, as they have). So we bought Phil Hare's 92 E36 he was running out of Toronto. We only race 1 or 2 times a year and we want our car to finish races and have fun. We sometimes do the former but always do the later. As the rule book became more and more detailed and "pointy" and the base E36 then started with a penalty, we decided to go EC because we were not ever likely to be racing for a podium finish and so why worry about all of the math and the points for all the little things that would make our car more reliable and more fun to drive. Better clutch and flywheel package, oil cooler, X brace, better bushings, LSD, etc. So we race EC because we do not race often enough to have the time or desire to fine tune our car or keep a log to bring it into class. We are faster than some people and are slower than many others. Our car is just your average CCWS car.
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    We have used silicon bronze rod before to "tig braze" and had good luck on castings. I am with you and would stick to a brass\bronze\lower carbon steel sheet so the hardened syncro sliders live. The wear on the syncro sliders was less of an issue in the gearbox i had with welded forks....the sliders looked like hell on the syncro teeth long before the groove for the shift fork wore out.
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    Its easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission, isnt that how it goes?
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    I just had the same thought, team names should include something obvious to tell anyone looking at the standing after the race and see the team that "won" wasn't really even competing. Could be almost anything too: Disqualified Non-compete Test only Non-Champcar Non-eligible .... Or if that is too hard, you could always subtract 100 laps...
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    September 21, 2019SEBRING INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY: 14 Hour Enduro, $1325Sebring, FL"The Sebring 14"Early Pay Discount Ends: July 23, 2019Entrant ListDownload Supplemental Rules and Event Info Ready for 14 hours at Sebring? First, as always, please read through the Supplemental Rules here.There's lots of good information and the answer to many questions. Load In: we have some adjustments to times. Teams can begin entering the paddock area at 2:00pm Friday. Another club has the track rented Friday. They are being generous and let us load in while they run, but we cannot access garages or pit lane until they are finished. Expect that to be around 5pm. Tech and Registration will open as soon as our staff are setup, expect tech to be mobile until we can secure a location. Yes, this is different from what the Supps say, it's a change we will have to work with. Fuel: A piece of good news. The fuel pumps will be open from 8:00am to 9:00pm Saturday. The fuel pumps are located at the west end of the paddock near the bridge. Trailers, Rigs, and the Gate: Speaking of rigs. Sebring has begun charging a $20 fee for campers, motor homes, sleepers etc in the paddock area. Any vehicle or trailer that you could sleep in or hook up to power will be charged. Yes this includes box trailers with A/C units on the roof. My advice is that you have a $20 in your hand when you enter. Novice / Champ School: You must attend this meeting Friday if you have never raced wheel-to-wheel before, or never raced with ChampCar before. If you have new members on your team, or if you have not raced with ChampCar this year you are encouraged to attend. Look at it this way, the more we discuss things on Friday, the shorter the driver's meeting on Saturday. Pits and Garages: Still reading, wondering where your pit and garage assignments are? They are here. Pit and garage alignment at Sebring is tough. If you rented a garage you are assigned to the corresponding pit. If you did not rent a garage, you only get the pit stall. As you can see on the assignments, we have some garages left. If you would like to rent one contact me and I will put you in one. Some of the pit stalls are doubled up, some are not. If you are doubled up please make room for each other. You probably requested it anyway. If you are fortunate enough to have a pit to yourself please be generous and share some space. Thanks for understanding. Headlights: All cars on track must have their headlights installed and turned on by 6:00pm Saturday. Departure & Move out time: Another club has the track rented on Sunday. All of your equipment, your race car, everything, must be cleared out of the pits and the garages Saturday night after the race. We're putting a 1:00am deadline on being out of the garages. The good news is you can leave your hauler in the paddock overnight. But it must be completely packed up and ready to hook and go Sunday morning. All of us at ChampCar work hard on our reputation as good renters, and we very much appreciate your help. One more time if you want to print out the Supplemental Rules for this event here. If you have any questions about the Sebring 14 please email me here. All the best - Your ChampCar Staff All below will be charged a $20 gate fee to get over the bridge. Bring CASH. No credit accepted by the gate guard. It is up to the gate guard to determine if you will be using your equipment in a way that requires the $20 fee. Enclosed trailers with A/C Haulers, with A/C Motorhomes Campers Enclosed trailer with A/C - hooked to a RV with A/C = $40 These are Sebring fees, Not ChampCar. Bring CASH... just in case. All competitors and fans will need to be completely out of the garages and pit lane by 1AM Sunday morning. Absolutely zero exceptions. There is a group that is moving in after us, and they require us to be out. Entries for The Sebring 14 Updated 9/11/2019 Team Name Car # Year Make Model 1. 30West Racing 763 1992 mazda miata 2. 4paws 441 1993 honda prelude 3. All In Racing 998 1996 Mazda Miata 4. Aquafi Racing 842 1992 BMW 325is 5. Backwoods Racing 77 1995 Ford Mustang 6. Blackbird Racing 906 1988 Mazda RX7 7. Blue Bayou 112 1987 BMW 325i 8. Bucketlist Racing 347 1989 BMW 325i 9. Cage Gage Camaro 386 1995 Chevy Camaro 10. Cheap Thrills Racing 667 1990 Mazda Miata 11. Crowd Control Racing 625 1995 Ford SVT Cobra 12. Crucial Motorsports Group 878 1997 BMW 328is 13. Das Idiots 215 1999 Volkswagen Jetta 14. DVM Racing 153 2006 Pontiac Solstice 15. E Racing - Wankle's Wankless Wankers 891 1987 BMW 325 16. Empty Pockets Racing 52 1995 BMW 325i 17. Endurance Eagle Racing 186 1986 Nissan 300ZX 18. EZ Racing 958 1990 Mazda Miata 19. Family Tradition Racing 570 1988 BMW M6 20. Fatcrack Racing 969 1994 Honda Accord 21. Florida Man Racing 904 2000 Ford Mustang 22. Floridiot Motorsports 51 1985 Porsche 944 23. Gatewood Family Racing 165 2004 Mazda Miata 24. GCS Motorsports 319 1999 BMW 330 25. Haz-Mat Motorsports 727 1966 FORD MUSTANG 26. Hendricks Motorsports 726 1979 Mazda RX7 27. InActiv Motorsports 626 1993 Mazda 626B 28. Infinite Loop Racing 808 1998 Ford Contour 29. J.B.Bugs Racing 54 1973 VW super beetle 30. Kelly Brothers Racing 850 1994 Mazda Miata 31. Kraken Racing 252 2002 Acura RSX Type S 32. KSR/Flatout Racing 225 95 Lexus SC300 33. Level One Racing 412 1994 Mazda Miata 34. Lincolnfelter Racing 980 1996 Lincoln Mk viii 35. Marathon Motorsports / TLM Racing 37 2000 BMW 333ci 36. Matt Dylan Racing 291 1995 mazda miata 37. Mean Green Racing 679 1996 honda civic 38. Momo Champ 230 1994 Mazda Miata 39. Money Pit Racing 197 1987 BMW E30 40. Never Start Racing 233 1998 Dodge Neon 41. Neveready 950 2004 Infinity G35 42. Nine Four Motorsports 840 1992 Lexus SC300 43. Nine Four Motorsports 83 1994 Toyota Supra 44. Phoenix Chump Werkes 352 1992 BMW E36 325is 45. PROPAGANDA 22 1987 BMW 325i 46. RacerInk Motorsports 13 1996 BMW 328 47. Reeves Racing 56 1996 Pontiac Firebird 48. Rei Motorsports 747 1998 BMW 328i 49. Round 3 Racing - Bandit 601 1999 Porsche Boxster 50. Round 3 Racing - Renegade 603 1999 Porsche Boxster 51. Round 3 Racing - Rocket 602 1999 Porsche Boxster 52. Running Bulls Racing E30 160 1987 BMW 325is 53. RYSA Racing 457 1990 Mazda Miata 54. Separate Checkbook Racing 737 1995 Mazda Miata 55. Snake Ranch Racing 231 1989 Chevy Camaro 56. Sub Par Racing 73 1985 Volkswagen Golf 57. Tater's Garage 92 1988 ford mustang 58. Team Infiniti 19 1994 Infiniti J30 59. Team Jacky Ickx 935 935 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT 60. Team Jacky Ickx GT30 66 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT 61. Team Sowinski 800 1994 BMW 325is 62. TLM Racing 810 1993 BMW 325 63. TLM Racing 169 2000 BMW 328 64. Treasure Coast Miata 74 1994 Mazda Miata 65. tuttle motor sports 108 1997 mitsubishi eclipse 66. tuttle motor sports 107 1996 mitsubishi eclipse 67. Valyrian Steel 988 1991 Mazda Miata 68. Witchwood Motorsport 30 2003 BMW 330i 69. WTF Motorsports 458 1993 BMW 325i 70. ZR-None 486 1986 Chevrolet Corvette
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    Team Jacky Ickx is looking for a new team member. This is a unique opportunity because you would be joining a team with 2 cars, where team members actually drive both cars! I started this team 10 years ago with the GT30, and quickly understood how expensive this “cheap” racing actually is! So, early on we started to split the cost of each race between the 4 of us.When we added the 935 5 years ago, I applied the same cost splitting method. At first, my plans were to have team A, and team B; but we quickly understood both cars had an equal chance of winning. At first, I was the only one to drive both cars. But after really enjoying being happy after every race because even if one had issues, most races the other one finished strong; I started convincing my teammates to also drive both cars. Then, we started splitting cost for both cars. We became 1 team, 2 cars; pretty much guaranteeing a good race weekend for all of us, and at the very least some seat time! We have all experienced spending a lot of time and money to get to a race, just to witness an early issue, and never have a chance to drive!!!! The fact of splitting cost for both cars makes each race fee more regular. Our team has had a few wins, several podiums, and most races we will fight for at least a top 10. Of course, I would prefer experienced drivers, but for this split cost system to work, I also need these drivers to be able/willing to race 5-6 times per year!So, I’m looking for drivers who can commit to 5 or 6 of these next races in 2019/2920:Sebring ~ AMP ~ Sebring.- Road Atlanta - Daytona - Road America Depending how quickly you would be ready to join the team, there is still a possibility to race with us at Indianapolis...
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    Chummy, Please send pics of the Miata. I am in St Augustine Fl and interested in the car. Thanks
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    yes. My wife pointed out yesterday that all the money I spent on racing the past ten years would have easily paid for my two kids to go to University. I almost responded back that it could have paid for all four of my kids college, but felt wise to just agree with her.
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    My brother calls it his tractor fund. He wants to buy a tractor and so he squirrels away money here and there. Eventually it adds up to a decent chunk of change and then the wife doesn't freak out about the cost of X or Y. Inevitably he gets caught, just like the rest of us, LOL
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    Worked on prep for Indy. Set of tires mounted and ready to go. Still trying to decide what to do for 2nd set of wheels with dead tires on them... Found the connector hose to bypass heater core was leaking and replaced that. While in there doing that work, found the oil pressure sensor line had some caked on oily dirt - looks like it got pinched from the crash at VIR last year and compromised the hose, oil has been seeping out; ordered up a new one. Replaced power steering cooler line that was starting to seep (pending spewing P/S fluid everywhere, better to replace with first signs of failure). Finished making some new brackets for splitter mount - metal tubing instead of thin bent aluminum that was showing some stress cracks already.... Other than finishing up the oil line swap, just need to put the new data system in the car and change out the name roll-call on the window to all of Rob's drivers.
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    Define "PRO". Because you guys have not paid me a single penny for my blurry pictures of your damn race cars going 48 mph down the front straight! It's free. You guys have already been hit with lots of fees. I will post all images on our google account so you can download. Depending on the internet connection they may be available after the friday events. Or Monday. Maybe Tuesday. Beer is a good cleaner. But... If you try and kiss the reporter with the microphone during your 3.2%ABV stupor after the race, I will punch you! That only happens to me once... maybe twice... :)
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    Ditto....I learned the hard way. Foreign POS tires do not last well or handle overload well. Got 4 tires made in USA, with a higher load rating than the trailer needed. Zero issues after that.
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    From the supps: Does this mean "no catered alcohol" or "no alcohol". Because our "impound toolkit" always includes a case of cheap beer.. and we plan to be on jack stands in impound @Bill Strong
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    Quoted because everyone needs to read this. Then read it maybe a third time. You know, for effect.
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    Freakin can't wait.... Will the team photo thing on Friday have a cost and how much?
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    It seems that we agree on this point. The rule set is purposely restrictive, and EC allows teams from other series to play on occasion. The ruleset allows for the race director to not allow cars that are too fast in the name of safety. Use the existing rules to fix the issue.
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    Skierman64 posted some questions a few weeks back about the gusset requirement for doors bars that are X style with a break in 1 of tubes at the intersection. Cool Breeze Motorsports was happy to work with Mike (Skierman64) to provide him with some .095" gussets to help them meet that requirement.
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    No other race series is as restrictive???? Really????? Just what an an entry level ease of access series needs is a large pool of unlimited cars with the only restriction being 180 tires. No thanks. Be careful what you ask for.
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    For anyone wondering, or for those who never heard of it. The "Maxxis Enduro Series" a new "Grassroots endurance series" as they put it, which launched right after Chump Car Canada changed ownership to LDRC has their first event this weekend. According to Race Monitor the field is huge. 3 cars. One of the grassroots entries is a factory backed entry.
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    This forum is the longest rule book I have ever had to read and keep up with out of all the racing organizations.
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    My car was a 100% legal car before the swap calculator. I am now reading in this thread that some believe that any EC car outlawed by the swap calculator needs to swap to something different (or as they put it "make changes to be within the rules") or stop racing in this series? Thanks, no. As soon as I spend that next few hundred hours swapping V2, I have zero confidence that the rules will still allow whatever the next swap would be in future years. Seems strange that a car built to a set of rules can be excluded from running in that same series a few years later. Be careful the path you choose, this is a slippery slope. Speed differential is not going away unless you start freezing the VPI list... cars after mid 2000's got faster and faster almost every year...
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    Nah. Years and years ago, before Al Gore invented the internet, Marlboro ran a promo around the country giving away trips to racing school. Each city they visited, they'd stay for 4 days and hold the event at a different bar each night. They had simulators set up running Nazarath Speedway - the trip to racing school was a random drawing, but the driver with the fastest lap each night won a watch. I got the a new watch each night for 3 nights, and the 4th night I got a little cocky and tried a different line. Nice watches too - not Rolexes - but they were $500 or so Hamilton brand watches - with no Marlboro branding on them.
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    So i was surprised by my wife with the best birthday gift ever. She got me a seat with @Hi_Im_Will in GWR's E30.
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    Hey friends! Racebar will be there hosting our Friday night party as usual. We plan to have a keg, music, and of course copious amounts of slow smoked pork shoulder. We are hoping to get some people out for a nice casual meet and greet before the race. It would be a lot of fun to turn this into a bit of a potluck. We are looking for volunteers to bring a few sides or appetizers. Anything that goes well with a bbq is welcome. Please reply to this post with what you intend to bring, and I'll compile a list. As it gets a little closer I'll start narrowing down the specifics. I think for now we can plan on about 5 pm for the food to start coming off. Here are a few pictures of the party scene at NJMP a few weekends ago that we had the privilege to be a part of. I know this isn't lemons, but I think the food piece is a great way of bringing our community together before we duke it out on the track.
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    Great weekend. My plan was: Get my car thru tech and shakedown on Friday so no surprises when we get to Indy and then load the car back in the trailer Friday evening with a car ready to go there. Mission accomplished. Drove with Elon on Saturday first stint. Wanted to lay down some fast clean laps to overcome the one lap penalty he starts with. Got it up in the teens before I got out. The rest of the team kept it clean and fast and was able to get it on the podium by the end of the day. Mission accomplished. Headed home Saturday evening so I could spend a little time with my Dad Sunday. Was able to take him to breakfast Sunday morning so mission accomplished. Congrats to the RVA guys on pulling off the double. We were in the pits with them so we were able to hang out and had a good time. Edit: How could I forget. Driving and hanging out with Elon and his gang was top notch. He and his group are a joy to spend time with. The rest of the driving team are folks we hang with regularly so we all had a good time together.
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    I know I am going to regret this, but... Not all EC cars are born from the same mindset. For us it was simply to swap a later model engine into our E30 after the death of our M20 in our 2nd season. After running in C class from our first 5 races, we realized that running for the win was just not in the DNA of these 3 50-something year olds. So, instead of the painstaking tech inspection where we spell out the details of our swap and try to figure out how many laps we lose at each track we simply declare EC. We do not like the whole bastard class deal but whatever. We could easily take our 8 or 10 laps and call ourselves C class and suddenly be respected, but why? We have run 4 to 6 races a year for 6 years now and will continue until we cannot. As mentioned before, the WRL system has a class for all. We actually finished 1st in class in WRL (the other car broke). Seems like the classes would be enough to handle all. If your Miata is a hot rod maybe it goes to B class. If your E30 has an M54 swap, put it in D class. In my opinion the A class winner is just as much the winner as the overall (obviously C class) winner but not everyone sees it that way.
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    Why is this a problem? EC class is a different class. If they beat you it doesn't count. Just like if a GP1 beats a GP4 car in WRL. Just like if 240 lbs weight lifter lifts more than a 121 lb weight lifter. The app shows the class. Maybe champcar could do a better job showing what car belongs to what classes.
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    Diddo on Mike's setup looking like the correct way of doing it. The intent is to have more than 1 tube cross section as the min section in the door bar assembly. We (TAC) will probably have to clarify this for 2020 rules, but I would assume older setups done to Phil's standard will most likely be covered (to keep you from cutting up your old cars). I would hope people's personal standards would be above the rule min, and I would personally aim to have at least 2 tubes worth of thickness at all points in the door bar assembly.
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    Yellow car is 100% at fault as they actually initiated the contact. At first I thought he may have misjudged clearing the camera car but then I noticed his hand was out the window and he actually swerved at the camera car and initiated the contact. This driver should honestly get a couple race ban from the series. There is NO place for that. Deliberate contact should be met with immediate consequences. All that being said the driver of the camera car was out there driving their own race. I watched the longer video and i don't think they checked their mirrors once. That is dangerous and frustrating but no excuse for deliberately hitting someone.
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    They get picked up as the leader in yellow flag situations, that can totally ruin a race for the teams that are actually racing.
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