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    If wheels are rolling across the track, then teams are either pushing the car too hard, or not being diligent enough about maintanance/inspections. This whole thing stinks like backroom deals and the good ol boys clubs. Points keep costs and speed in check because dollars cannot. There will always be someone willing to throw metric tons of money at a car to buy a trophy. The points system and the TCV before it worked to keep that in check. And in single class racing it absolutely Must be kept in check. In class racing, the big boys want to run the top two classes which let's the rest of us race each other on relatively fair terms. Without classes us open trailer racers are more and more trying to compete directly with stacker trailers, toterhomes, and paid pit crews. Points keep them from running away with everything. 2X rule maybe, but 10 points per corner sounds a lot more reasonable when it's clear nobody "needs" fancy aftermarket hubs, they just want them, and they don't want to pay the points. Especially in a series that explicitly bans carbon fiber for anything other than driver comfort. Don't want to wreck hubs? Keep the tires nearer to stock width, or don't run 2,000 pounds worth of aero. Not to mention stay off the curbing. This is endurance racing, not SM. The more I read, the more I fear a new entry level series is only a few more disgruntled members away. Way to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
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    "Assigning points for hubs was discussed thoroughly over a four month period by Tech and Mike and as many drivers as I could talk to at race events" Let me just say that his pile of crap right here is supposedly what was eliminated when the "old" chumpcar powers that be were removed. No one thought an email should be sent out? Not once did anyone stop and ask "Didn't we commit to not changing the rules during the year"? No one? Not once? Seriously, I was told there would be no rule changes mid year and any would be clearly communicated. None of that occured here, just found out about this rule change perusing the forum. "The discussions started after multiple bearing failures and unfortunate early withdrawals by our members." HA what an absolute JOKE! considering lowering points because a few teams had their races ended early? Seriously, laughable. Like for real, the rest of your post is moot after this. STOP WRITING RULES FOR THE UNFORTUNATE FEW. "...ignore an obvious safety issue" LOL ok you have to be joking now. Have yet to see anyone policing wheel integrity, studs, torquing, lug engagement, etc even after wheels and studs have failed in the field. (how many cars have all their lug nuts at the end of a race? Did anyone bother to ask?) But you're gonna lower the point value to placate the guys who weren't claiming the points to begin with? You are literally punishing everyone who follows the rules to make a couple of teams comply with them. Did I mention what a complete JOKE this is!? It's unsafe for me to bolt a chinese turbo onto my engine and oil the course with holes in the block, gonna let me built a forged rotating assembly for free now? And change the rules to allow me to do so without telling anyone about it? Way to utterly bungle this one; and just over a year removed from the so-called "transparency" push that was made/elections held/"member board" no less? It would appear that the "transparency" has reverted to completely shady dealings, and with an accelerated rate of cost and speed creep than before. What a complete disappointment. I hope you all wise up quick and correct course after this debacle. How about placating the 100 other teams for once instead of the 5 bitching loud enough to be annoying? STOP WRITING RULES FOR THE UNFORTUNATE FEW
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    Good Luck to the Indy drivers! If anyone coming out of Florida on I-75 has any trailer issues (tires, bearings or lights) stop by Camping World in Lake Park Ga. 5 miles north of the Florida line. I will get you in and out quick. Ask for Andy.
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    Why is it that after we allow "big aero" at limited points, bigger wheel/tire combos that require additional rules on "how to legally flare your fenders" we are surprised at bearing failures? Being this is (supposedly) a limited prep, grassroots series, shouldn't we reconsider the first two problems rather than create another (near free bearings - now framed as a "safety issue"?). Perhaps one should look at reducing aero allowances and require stock fender profiles/wheel openings! Flame on as it seem there is a small vocal group of "haves" that seem to be driving the series and tech in their own image. As others have mentioned, when is it time to consider the competitors the series has/will loose due to rules/speed creep vs. the number it might loose by not keeping the series "limited" in mods? I would suggest there are more competitors comfortable with a more limited prep approach than those with time/money to continually engineer more mods. I also chuckle when it seems many of these same folks are radically opposed to changing any fuel rules on capacity (I didn't pick your car!) in a series that is already limited to two hour stints. Runaway loosening of rules to appease a few top teams has killed many bigger and more popular series/classes than this one. Only time will tell if history will repeat itself yet again. So to those experiencing bearing issues - I didn't pick your car, nor did I make you add big aero, nor did I choose a wheel/tire combo that far exceeds the capacity of the bearing package you were allowed to run. But in the interests of "safety", I will be petitioning for any size fuel cell to be allowed at zero points as fewer pit stops will keep pit road safer. Headed off to put on my nomex now.....
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    Just checked in for my flight tomorrow and got my boarding pass. I'll be working the race. Totally and completely geeked.
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    Fewer points spent on hubs leaves more points to spend on engine and aero.
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    Hubs are weak and need to be replaced all the time? Too bad, we didn't pick your car. Don't want to spend points on things that don't make you faster? Too bad, you might not finish the race. Why not announce the rule changes to the whole series so we all can benefit from it as soon as it happens? Why are some people allowed to benefit and not others?
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    He'll, a member of the tac (who sells the type of hubs we are talking about) is blindsided by this.... and d oesnt agree....
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    Of course you haven't received any negative response till now. The only people that knew about this value change is the ones that were already cheating and using aftermarket hubs and not claiming them. To help them comply the series has lowered the value of the part by 75%. Why would they complain? If this was a 4 month process where was the announcement? This wasn't listed on the mid season tech rules interpretation list. This poop happens and over again no matter what and I'm over it. Chasing a moving target is getting old. The rules are far from stable and I'm not even sure why we have a petetion process if poop changes on a whim in the middle of the year anyways.
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    Honestly, I find it odd that this has blown up... Hubs are NOT a suspension component, nor will they make anyone faster, actually, as I mentioned earlier, they are weight where one does not want more. Carry on, the sky is not falling, all I care about is Indy prep, and its almost done. No green font used or implied.
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    Agree 100% We run two of these apparent wheel shedding horribly reliable cars...........Can't wait to spend as much as it cost to build and entire car to outfit them with these hubs to lower our run costs...... Seriously though, it feels like we are losing the entire identity of the series, budget, grass roots racing. Tell me what you can buy for some other makes made from Titanium and other space age metals all for 2.5 pts. It makes it much easier to be the team that comes in with the $$$ to be able to compete with the teams with the knowledge to make these cars work within the rule set.
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS! If you are taking your car beyond the limits of the stock components you are then in need of an increase in performance over stock. 2.5pts is ridiculous and does smell shady. Most hub failures I've seen aren't catastrophic wheel launching failures either, it's the bearings themselves that let go from improper maintenance and checking by the team racing them. If I know that I can now drive over every rumble flat out without worrying about the stress I am putting on the hub/bearing assembly with all of my aero and hp that we have already added, then yes, I am now much faster in some cases 2-3's a lap faster.
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    Yea I agree. It’s hard to understand how it works and it’s still too subjective I think. When someone gets called out using a non oem part it would seem like tech would have to go to the rule book and pick the closest thing to that part to assign points. In this case it’d be suspension parts at 10pts each. Then if someone thinks that’s too high they can petition for a change in that specific part. I’ve watched many many hours of Miata’s going by with all four wheels. I think the safety argument is way over used when someone wants to buy a shinny new thing for performance and reliability.
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    Leaving early in the morning . Be on the lookout white 93 tbird black wheels if seen on the side of the road stop and give Conner and I a ride ..
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    If you want something accessible to the driver, I'd use push-to-reset breakers so you dont' have the driver trying to fumble with fuses.
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    To add fuel to the backroom lobbying conspiracy: So the discussion "started" right around when the Miatahubs billet hubs became available, and then assigned a low 2.5pt/ea value within days of series sponsor Wilwood releasing their version of the upgraded miata hubs? Remember when Wilwood brakes only were the cheapest option... Coincidence? For the record, since repacking our front wheel bearings with Amsoil Dominator Race Grease between each race weekend we havent failed a wheel bearing in 3+ years. thats also with big front/rear aero and 225 or 245 tires. Also have never failed a front wheel bearing flange. We find original from the factory used hubs, inspect and repack. - Now I am sure we will be failing bearings next race. My two cents: 2.5pts is too low since they really are not REQUIRED to be safe.
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    My dent repair is also paintless, but i think we have different standards (and hammer sizes)
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    That’s why we also need free adjustable shocks, free coil overs, free control arms, free tubular trailing arms and subframes. All for safety of course, because we are racers and we aren’t going to spend points on safety/durability items.
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    Hubs are a safety concern and get a point reduction, mid-season, no announcement yet a skid plate petition gets denied because its too hard to determine the difference in a skid plate and a splitter? Y'all didn't care when I lost my poop about mid-season unannounced changes to aero values... Doesn't feel good, I hope you understand my position more now (No names, you know who you are)
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    Indy just called, you are now required to buy all miata hubs from the track when you get there.
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    I came here to make this point! There wouldn't be a hub issue if the treadwear rating on the tires was a real thing as opposed to the tire manufacturers making numbers up to get in to these series. Too much free aero, too much free brakes, too much free power, too much going over the curbing, too much free suspension simply leads to the necessity of all but free hubs. Free accusumps are next because of the oil starvation due to increased corner speed. Why, on earth, are hubs not listed in the rules if the decision was made four months ago?
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    Maybe make aero and fat wheels and tires more points? Or make hubs more points and make people choose between hubs and aero? If you have failing hubs and large aero and fat tires, then you are responsible for building a safe car and you have not....
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    In case any of you that are pushing for free accusumps and oil coolers missed it, Jay has outlined the path to (almost) free parts. 1) Ignore the issue (don’t install accusump / oil cooler in your super low VPI car which needs one) 2) Cause safety hazards by blowing up a few engines and oiling down the track 3) Jay will lower the points because you are clearly not interested in eliminating the safety problem if it means adding points
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    Same argument as free heat exchangers... Now that I have more cooling capacity, I can more safely run the engine lean for more power/better fuel consumption... Now that I have more robust hubs that I am not worried about failing, I can run wider tires, more effective aero, hit all the kerbs... ... Wait, wait... I meant its for Safety! yea, def for safety and NOT to do with going faster AT ALL! How dare you accuse otherwise! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Trying to figure out how to pack my west coast sampler selection in my suitcase (yes, I have to check it with this cargo).
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    So you're saying you didn't need free points on a set of compenents to change hubs preventively??? It's almost like your team took upon itself to change parts before they become a safety issue, instead of getting a rule written to allow for a free upgrade. Even worse, your point here makes it obvious the rule was changed to make one or a handful of folks happy, since multiple Miata campaginers are right here telling us it's a non-safety related issue, and a relatively low cost consumable. @National Tech is telling us we need the rule because of the clear and present safety risk of wheels falling off cars left and right. Laughable.
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    No, you didn't read that correctly. @wvumtnbkr had the correct information when he posted that a TAC member (me) that sells hubs did not know of the reduction in points from 10 to 2.5 until reading it here. In fact I posted early on in this thread that aftermarket hubs are 10 points each. To further set the record straight: The miatahubs.com are not made, nor sold by anyone on the TAC/BOD. The builder is a former Champcar supporter who now primarily runs his cars in other series, but he occasionally drives for Champ teams. I myself have advertised and sold billet hubs for the Ford Focus, which are nowhere near the price of the miatahubs. I don't know of any other TAC or BOD members who sell hubs. Once again, I was also surprised by the new point value, as the first I heard of it (like may others) is from National Tech's explanation here on the forum. My car (and the Focus platform) benefit from this rule, but I do not advocate it.
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    I had a race winning chumpcar that had 0 fuses, 0 relays, and only one switch (kill switch) and one button (starter). I never had an electrical issue with it.
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    Something tells me that the 2.5 points/hub value was arrived at to keep the complaining team's car under 500 points.
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    Probably the same place we are....Rock Auto. They haven't seemed to fail any quicker than the fancy "blue printed" ones from Flying Miata, which I am assuming you are running? Also, it tends to be the bearings that get loose anyways, not the whole hub catastrophically failing that we have seen.
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    I don't think it's a big deal, I ofcourse welcome it Race fees and rebuilding an engine (to OEM spec) are still the big $$$$$$. I couldn't find the 2.5 pts in the BCCR? Was this communicated elsewhere?
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    My poorly designed crankshaft causes oil feed problems to my #2 con. rod bearing which in turn causes engine failure and oiled tracks. I have to run an oil cooler and crankshaft scrapper to make the bearings last 1/2 a race season. So for strictly safety purposes I should only be charged 2.5 points also.
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    We have the Chillout system in our car, we used it at the WGI race. It worked great for us. There is a version 2.0 coming out now that improves its efficiency and lowers the amp draw. They are sending us this new unit this week so we will have it for Indy. They said they will be selling their “refurbished” V1 units updated to V2 specs at a reduced price. The customer service has been fantastic. Also, I will have a fuel drum dolly at Indy if anyone wants to borrow it. Garage A9 Visceral Racing Group#918 Ron
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    Yes but you have to buy the Tequila from the track.
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    So my rear hubs are now 5 points instead of 20, and my redrilled fronts are now free. Another 35 point reduction. My 499 point car in 2015 is now 276 points and soon will be free!
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    At 10 pts total for hubs, I think the MR2 is due for a VPI increase...
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    Don’t listen to them. It will be mass confusion.
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    I think whether you spend a lot on great hubs that last forever or cheap ones that need to be treated as disposables, you get the same result: hubs that don't fail. One option comes with points, the other comes with more labor.
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    We've used the first day of a two day race as a test and tune. Many a team suddenly has a test and tune kind of day.
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    Throwing this out on the market again as I'm just not using it. Not in a pressure to sell, but this thing should get used and abused more! ANYWAYS! Bought this thing, caged and log-booked, on this forum a few years back to take my father out racing. Originally a 318is chassis, it has had a few engines previously, but was running a non-vanos M50 while I campaigned it. I was planning on running the car for this year, and have started preparing, but haven't made any events. The car runs, drives, scoots, is log-booked, and needs a minimal amount of work to be race-ready!!! Was running 3:05-3:15 averages at Road America in it's current configuration, take that for what it is. Pros: Comes with spare trans (2x Getrag boxes) Can come with M50, or S50, or M42... pick your poison. S50 can't run in Champcar, but if you want to run WRL, etc. i have that as an option. I might chuck the S50 in for an HPDE later this month. Rear subframe mounts reinforced Rear control arm pockets reinforced Fresh bearings all around Suspension has been all gone through over the last couple seasons and only a few events were run LSD rear end Kirkey seat is on a slider for adjustable positions Electric fan setup works well, drove the car to work in traffic without issue. Fresh alignment as of last week Brake pads all practically new. extra set of rear Hawk blue pads as well. Fresh fluids in every system two weeks ago. More I'm likely spacing. Was pretty well sorted prior to my ownership, and I've basically just replaced parts as they've broken. Cons: Needs fire suppression bottle/recharge kit (was left in cold storage and froze) Needs new window net to spec Needs New seat harness after this season I believe Rusty underneath, but has been patched and is not structural or near anything that needs movement. Has a fair amount of body damage. I comically stitched on a new left rear quarter, and the front is being put back together slowly. She Ugly, but it works. Windshield has crack on the left lower corner out of line-of-sight. Hasn't been an issue at tech, but it's there. Some wiring could be tidied up inside. Left mirror is gone, has been beautified by fleetfarm special. I can go into more depth and get more photos of whatever is needed for a potential buyer. I'm going to list it at $6,000 with the intention to be flexible and know that this thing will take the right buyer. I'm not going to list this on craigslist or really anywhere else, and if I still own this for the remainder of the season, there's a chance I'll be running it in Nebraska. Car is in my storage shop south of St. Paul about 20-miles. Can help arrange delivery within a reasonable distance for fuel/time compensation. Title is clean and was just registered so I could put plates on it and drive it to work for some shake-down time. I've got about 200 road miles on it so far. The state of MN will probably have the title back to me in a couple months at their rate... but I will be able to supply a bill of sale if the sale happens prior to me receiving the title back from the state. Pictures posted are the most recent (as of two weeks ago) and depict the current condition of the body. I have been working on tracking down a replacement fender, hood, and core support to tidy up the aesthetics, but it's nothing structural at the moment so it's not huge on my priority list. Email; pwbmotorsport@gmail.com Text/call; 612.558.7576 Thanks, Derrik
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    noted, and corrected the post. Thanks for the quick clarification and sorry for the misread.
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    Were headed down Thursday morning. We will be enjoying our patio overlooking IMS from our rental house! As on of our team members said "This is really happening!" LOL!
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    It’s made for a steel drum but I think it will work for a plastic barrel.
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    How is a knuckle not a "suspension component"?
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    Are the billet aluminum hubs from willwood heavier? Are titanium hubs heavier. Your builds include mostly parts from the pick and pull. (It’s awesome and how it should be). Every other team does not do it like you do. I’m pulling for you and every other spirit of grassroots team at Indy for sure.
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    I'm part of a team already, but that is tempting! For anybody who has been living under a rock and don't know who this team is.... The most winningest team in all of champcar. Super team, okay car (haha). Great people!
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    My whole engine feels pretty unsafe, one with more cylinders would definitely prevent other drivers from having to deal with an oil slick on the track...
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    There is a very nicely done one on rFactor2. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1436914198 I had an early version of the track from the same guy, that I paid for, but now appears to be slightly updated and free. Also, Pitt Race (another Champ Car track) is available on Assetto Corsa. It was an add-on, but after seeing the 1st version, the owner's supposedly gave the creator the CAD data for the track. It's not the greatest graphically, but seems to be accurate. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/pirc-full-circuit.6682/ Dan
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