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    Since I usually skip over lengthy posts (ain't got no time for that) I will try to stick to my own rule and go with a bulleted list for our report. I had a bad problem at work Wednesday night, told the guys looks like I am out if they wanna race, come get the car. They do. Car is good in practice, they put the new tires on to scrub them, next text I get "engine spun a rod bearing". I say well, now I don't have to drive to Atl, next text says we found a motor! We are gonna take the car to Rich's shop (Cone Crushers) and put this $300 baby in. I get work issues sorta laid out, head to Athens that night. I get there at 2am, the engine is just about ready to fire up. A few wrap up items then we set timing, take it for a test spin, load 'er up. See a coolant leak at back of motor when in trailer tieing it down, say to heck with it fix in the morning. Get back to track a little before 4am, back up at 6am, roll car out, fix the coolant leak. Good start by Casey, back in the pack a bit, he calls in says can't shift have to stay in 4th or never get back in gear until less than 2000 rpm. It starts snowing. Some time later, Huggy calls in says overheating. Found front grill plugged with snow. Removed wire screen, ok after. Since track is wet and multiple cautions bunching the cars back up we stay in the hunt in spite of 4th gear only. Turn 7 and turn 10 are the only ones hurting us due to clutch/trans issue. Good momentum practice for all the guys that drove. More snow, red flag, the track does awesome job getting it ready to go after the snow stopped. I didn't think there was any way they do that, so hats off. Put @Hurljohn in the car after red flag for short stint to get us to fuel window. Good stint. Preston in next, does good momentum driving and gets us into top 5 then turns it over to Huggy for what ends up being the last stint. Fog rolls in. See Huggy's video linked above, totally insane. Brings it home in 4th place after a great battle for 3rd the last 15 min with @Snorman in that insanity. Good call by Champcar to halt the race when they did. Somebody was going to get a damaged car or worse yet a damaged body. The timing was right, it needed to happen. I know none of them will likely see this, but thanks to the corner workers for staying out in that mess. Thanks to the staff for another great event in spite of it being cut short. On to Sonoma this weekend.
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    @vtjballeng The flagtronics unit worked too well! I passed back the parts badger miata for the lead with about 10 minutes left in the race. Then my flagtronics unit went yellow, I focused on the next flag station and confirmed the yellow. I then reduced my speed and got passed by Parts Badger during the FCY. Had it not been for the flagtronics unit I probably would not have seen the yellow and continued at full pace! The unit worked very well, I am impressed with it.
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    From Huggy's video it looked like the ambulance had pretty good speed!!
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    I think race control should be the ones to make that call, both when they can be used and when they should be turned off.
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    What an insane weekend, start to finish. First of all, Hats off to the Cone Crushers guys. 100% made my weekend, went over and above out of their way to help us out. The Burningham team was a class act as always. Love racing with those guys. @Hurljohn even showed up to round out the cast of Lexus characters for me. Loaded up the car Wednesday Night in Raleigh in a driving rain storm, including an M20 short block for @TimS and a Transmission for @Team Infiniti. First thing Thursday AM we get a text from @Burningham that some work thing came up and he wasn't able to leave. Its an absolute testament to that team's cohesiveness that he said "come get the car" to the other team members. I'm not sure that could or would happen with my team. There was some debate about racing but the weather forecast looked good for Saturday (HAHAHA) and Chris and Casey decided to do it. I left Raleigh on Thursday at noon to fight the storm system. Trees across the highway, driving rain, flooded side roads, etc. made for a fun trip. Made it to @mindspin311's at 7:30 for some mexican and beer and helped wrap up some punchlist items on the surprise Mini. Friday started cold but dry, made it to the track at 8:30 to meet the Lexus, got it in Tech at 830. Went and got my gear checked, then met @jakks and Running Bulls to look over their tune. Thanks to those guys for the quick test session in the E30, glad to have been able to wheel an E30 around the track at least once this weekend. Made some modifications for power and economy to the tune, then kept checking back in on the lexus in the Tech line. I think we finally made it through tech at 12 noon - No issues to report with the car. We started putting guys in the car in the first afternoon test session. Casey went out and ran some good laps, the car was feeling awesome. I went in next and got about 2 hot laps in before the civic got flipped on its lid. ----------------A bit of a side note here: RED FLAG. LEARN WHAT IT MEANS. STOP RACING HOMESLICE! I was running into T10 at speed when the flag came out. I slowed down quickly, but rolled around to the formula D loop to stop because cars kept coming over the hill into the brake zone completely unawares. I had to be really heads up to move the car out of the line of fire and not get run over. Pretty scarry. The car was flipped onto its lid by a rookie move (not by the upside down car either). I think the lack of novice briefing before practice might have had something do do with it. /side note------------- After a cold 20 minute wait, I turned the car over for the next guy - no sense risking the car any more than necessary knowing the crazy things happening on track. We changed to a fresh set of tires to scrub them in and then I went to change and check in on Running Bulls one more time. When I came back to the hot pits I could see something was wrong on everyones faces. Rod Knock. Damn. This was about 345. I posted up on FB looking for another ride and we started to gather things up to head out. We were all pretty bummed, and Casey was gonna be stuck at the track to spectate since Tiffany was doing the broadcast. Then, @NigelStu reminded me that it was only Friday and we still had time to swap an engine. Well, Hot damn lets do this. I started calling around and as luck would have it found a motor about 20 minutes away, already pulled and on a pallet. 2 hours later we are in Athens in a heated shop with a lift and tools, working on pulling the motor. Casey and Chris are crazy for letting me talk them into doing it. John is crazy for showing up voluntarily to help. I know I'm crazy for many reasons. Rodger is probably the only sane one, showing up right as we finished (how convenient. 🤣) Scott and Rich are awesome for helping us make it happen. We wrap up around 3 AM to head back to the track. I faintly remember trying to keep up with Rodger in the RV as he blazed the trail back to the track. I think I fell asleep around 4:15 with all my clothes on. Saturday we were we were up at 6 to fix a coolant leak and do final checks. Casey took the green flag and everything was looking good. Our $300 junkyard motor was making good power and some fast laps were had. I got in next, and started having trouble with the shifter. Eventually I got stuck in neutral on the back straight and managed to coax it back into 4th. Stayed in 4th from then on. Figured out it wouldn't shift above 2k rpm. Oh well. As the snow started to fall it became a bigger issue as the corner speeds in 5, 7, and 10 really hurt us. We were making up spots pretty well in the treacherous conditions, and I think we might have made it up to 2nd for awhile before the temps started creeping up and I had to pit. The grille got clogged with ice and stopped the airflow through the radiator. Who woulda ever guessed that. Things got worse and worse until the red was thrown. It was a good call. Pit road entry was super slick, it would have been awesome to be able to go and sled down it on the hood. Walking in my race shoes up the slope from pits was tricky.. The red flag was a god-send for our team, as we all took a 2 hour nap to catch up on some sleep. John went in after the flag for a short stint until the end of our fuel window. We made it until 4 on fuel, so we were then 2 stops from the finish. Chris got in and ran a clean and fast 2 hours as the track dried out. The fuel gamble was paying off as we had to do something since the transmission was hurting our overall speed by seconds a lap at this point. At 6pm I got in to run around again, planning on running a conservative stint and handing over a working car to Rodger to finish things up. Things were going well until the fog started rolling in. Cars were going off everywhere, stuck in the mud. Tons of FCY pace laps to pull cars. It wouldnt have been so bad but I was catching P3, it was getting colder, and the pace car was going so slow it was sometimes hard to stay in 4th gear without bogging the motor. The last 15 minute green session was the craziest, stupidest, most fun thing I have ever done. It sucks that we had to stop early, but it was 100% the right call as it was very dangerous with the speed differentials between the fast and slow cars. The rain light thing just made it worse. I only feel bad that Rodger didnt get to drive his own car after being able to make it to the track with how his week went. After all that, 4th is a hell of an accomplishment, and I am damn proud to have been a part of Burningham Racing, of Road Atlanta, and of Champcar this past weekend. See some of you in 4 weeks at VIR. -Huggy
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    Flashing red light up high means emergency vehicle to me.
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    The most terrifying 15 minutes I have ever driven. Crowd Control Mustang and I had one super fun battle though. Very well driven on their part. Clean racing through a terrible situation. Not having any gear but 4th gear really hurt the Lexus when stuck behind traffic (that winged Miata probably made the difference, but all those other cars too) and momentum was lost. No idea why there were 99 cars on the short straight and back straight under green flag. That was an accident waiting to happen. https://youtu.be/U4cUbAjYlpY?t=17131
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    The "rain light" on the black Civic is bull cookies and they should have been black flagged. That is NOT the way a rain light is supposed to work and they literally blinded everybody behind them with a bright strobing light mounted at eye level. A stunning lack of consideration for fellow drivers and I think it is what contributed to the clusterf$ck restart near the end of the race. Many drivers thought that was the pace car because all they saw was the light.
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    prolly a pass under yellow 🤣
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    "Road Atlanta in Two Photos" 02-08-20 Champ car-522 by Halston Pitman | MotorSportMedia, on Flickr 02-08-20 Champ car-1695 by Halston Pitman | MotorSportMedia, on Flickr
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    From when we started in 2010 our class B neon had 14 wins. We also had another 30 or so 2nd and 3rds. Numbers may be off 1 or 2. The trophies are not all in one place anymore. Class B cars will gain in popularity with the newer cars entering the fold. My team is currently building a new car and it is class B as well, but we don’t really worry what class were in. I am more worried about it not being a Chrysler product. I stay awake at night thinking about it, sometimes I cry in the corner of my room too.
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    A "little high" is a bit of understatement. If it was 3-4 feet lower it probably would have been fine. In the video I'm surprised it didn't cause multiple pileups...
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    Strong words for someone who spun on the pit road exit lane... 😎🥶
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    Being out during that last hour I know that the right decision was made. Thank you to Champcar for making the best of a very bad situation. There was a crazy amount of PUY during that last hour - most drivers were just guessing as they passed each flag station. As I sort through the spreadsheet for this race I feel bad for my drivers - even though I'm cutting costs to the bone they are paying a lot for seat time at this event. Which brings up the second part of the rant that started this conversation - inform every driver before the race about your team policies. There are minimum costs associated with racing and drivers need to know that they may get short or no stints at all and it will still cost money. Does it suck? Yes, absolutely. Can a team owner plan for all contingencies and be responsible for subsidizing drivers? Only you can answer that for your team.
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    Jumping the gun in the absence of information and ranting against the organization for making the right call is a too frequent problem. It exemplifies a larger cultural problem suffered in this forum and elsewhere. Some cars had Flagtronics flagging units installed which offered critical information directly to the driver in these treacherous conditions. We have flag stand light boxes planned but did not bring or establish light boxes for the flag stands yet. Here is one we got on the start / finish straight with some spare parts around 7:30 as visibility was rapidly worsening. In the 5 minutes from the 7:31pm yellow flag to the 7:36pm green flag shown in the images here visibility dropped dramatically. The drivers on track, teams, safety crew, corner workers, and ChampCar should all be applauded for their massive efforts to keep up with the insanity the weather brought. This was one of those rare, fluke events some driver's will still be telling the tale of decades later.
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    I think all you fast Championship qualified teams should just come out to Sonoma and get your racing fix in. It’s supposed to be sunny and 65 with no chance of snow or ice fog! Heck, if your not to fast I’ll even share all our pit equipment! 👀
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    <pulls out camp chair, opens bottle of champagne, sets up ice bucket, settles in for the duration>
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    PartsBadger Writeup: Wow! What a weekend! Very impressed with all the drivers especially considering the conditions lots of good-clean-racing. Upgrades: Since last season we've added a flat floor, Penskes, moved from a heavier flywheel, added mini-splitters, new front and rear brake kits (RuggedBadger Kits) added better radiator ducting, and reduced weight. Test Day: We went though different ride heights, wing configurations, hood configurations and wing positions to dial in the car. We were also monitoring a potential head gasket issue. Initially the balance was way off, but we ended up finding a good balance which surprisingly involved more rear wing than last year. All-in-all it was a very productive test day and we felt like we had a great setup for a cold but dry raceday. Pre-Race: We got up and checked the weather and started to get nervous. We were hoping the weather would just get a little wet like the test day and we kept our dry setup and planned to change tires if it started to get bad. We ended up drawing a bad grid position and knew we'd be battling traffic through the first stint. First Half: I ran first stint and we began working through the field. I ended up getting some space and put down our top time of a 1:42.185 which is over a second faster than last year. Mid-way though the stint I was hit in the rear under double yellow making short work of our new diffuser. The team apologized and I give them an A+ for how they handled it! It didn't hit the tires and we carried on with our race. It started to get wet and we pitted at the 2 hour mark hoping we could finish the race with 8 stints instead of 9. During the first stint we worked our way from ~56th to 2nd. During the pit we had some confusion when switching to the rains and we ended up spending an extra 4 minutes in the pits dropping us to 9th and a couple laps down. The next stint was Jimmy and the track was getting really bad we gained two spots before having to come in and clean the snow off the windshield. We went back out under double yellow but the slow speed meant the snow kept accumulating and we had to come in a second time to clean the windshield. As soon as we got a timer the track went Red and we couldn't go back out and ended up losing another lap. Second Half: We were now in 26th place and about 3 laps down from the top teams. We were on continentals and run really low camber and we knew that if we pushed to the end we still had a shot. Chris Prey was our third driver and he began putting down flyers. We were fast and consistent and we were able to get back up to fourth place and I think we had gained about two laps back. We had an awesome pit stop, installed the light bar with plenty of time to spare. I was in the fourth stint and began finding the grip and keep the tires from getting cold. About half-way through I went too deep into 10a and decided to go through the snow rather than trying to save it. Using my off-road experience from Spec Miata I kept it matted and the wheel straight to get through the show and whatever was under it. Luckily I made it through and was able to exit the track. Immediately the temps started to climb and I thought for sure I destroyed the radiator. By the time I came around the crew was ready and quickly cleared the radiator of snow and I was back on track without losing much time. I finished out my stint in 3rd but on the lead lap and Chris hopped in the car again. Another great stop by the crew and Chris was back out trying to catch the leaders. The Home Stretch: Visibility started to get really bad mid-way through. Jay from Tech came by to get our feedback and see if we were ok with ended the race at 8pm. We said yes with the hope that there would be enough time for Chris to catch and pass the RBank team. We were having issues seeing the flags from the pits, so I went down to the main flag station. The main station flagged was asking the tech-guys handing out timers whether or not the track was green and I thought things were a little worse than I had thought. We had taken the lead but RBank was hot on our heels. Conditions: At this point visibility was AWFUL. Our driver was radio'ing in with legitimate fears for his life. We were communicating with Jay seeing if they were going to stop the race and trying to communicate that information to our driver Chris. PUY: Near the end of the race I got a call that RBank had possibly passed under yellow at turn 7(Video confirms this was a PUY by RBank to take the lead from us). A few corners later when they came around again the safety trucks pulled in and I radioed in Green at start finish since that I what I believed the tower condition was in. RBank got on-it and so did we and we passed RBank across start finish. Once Chris got to turn one it was a waiving yellow. Flagtonics also showed yellow but it was not working earlier in the race so we weren't using it. At this point our driver was communicating that he may have passed under yellow but RBank passed him under yellow. Basically it was a $h!tshow. Jay said there were no black flags and no one got a penalty and to just keep going. On timing and scoring we were just a few seconds apart and we just went with it. The Finish: The track went green again and it seemed the race was going to be decided by whoever feared death the least. Chris kept his foot in it for those four laps. At one point RBank pulled neck and neck into 10a but then backed out in the brake zone and Chis won the corner. Chris held on for a couple more laps then the race went went double yellow and they threw the checker and we had won our first race! Tech & CCES: The way the restart was managed, and the decision to call the race was a good one! Given the conditions and the pressure of that many teams, I think they made the right calls at the right times! Tech did a great job answering all these Tech-desk questions before the race. All in all it was the craziest race we all have ever been to, but luckily we were ready. It was an emotional finish between the danger, suspense, and sheer chaos of what was happening. It was our first first overall win and a great way to start the year. The car is faster and we plan to keep that trend going through the year. I will do a full write-up on our upgrades and setup notes for the miata teams in our build page. Thanks to all the competitors for some phenomenal driving!
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    We’ve had two incidents with damage while renter was driving. The first was a blown engine, could not find any fault from the driver through GoPro footage, engine just gave up the ghost and ate a valve. I paid the $2000 for that one, did not ask for anything. The other was a small collision that was driver fault, I asked for (and was paid without issue) enough money to cover the cost of replacing the damaged parts.
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    This. As much as it is a PITA at the track, I'd like to thank Champcar for the tighter inspections. Some of my issues are just overlooked items, but some were just laziness. If it increases my (and my competitors too) chances of walking through the front door after racing, I'm glad to have them open my eyes to it.
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    That looks like normal I96 / I94 traffic through Detroit area on any given winter evening... eeek.
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    If they allow rain lights they need to spell out clearly how they want them to function. Flash all the time, only when braking, dim when on and flash when brake whatever they decide. Second Champcar needs to be the ones who say when they get turned on and off. Just my opinion.
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    Just a quick add to this thought, from running the monson at Barber in full hard rain taillights did not do the trick. Yes maybe that was a one time deal but a proper rain light would have helped. It was next to impossible to see standard taillights in that condition.
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    The entire team was very pleased to have one of your units this go around, I can get everybody on board to text feedback but most of it is positive, it Definitely contributed to safety. Good work, can’t wait to buy one!
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    FWIW, I was not at the race and watched one of the linked videos in the other thread. I immediately thought "holy crap, why are they all racing when there's a tow truck ahead on the straight?!?!?!?".
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    I would like to thank the ChampCar provided VW Touareg and Continental tires for the amazing time I had on Road Atlanta. It had been a few years since I have driven on the best course in North America. Even though I could not go at the extreme limit of like I would in my MR2, it was fun getting sideways in the VW. Being part of the crew that helped to prep the track for the racers was an absolute blast. I would like to request that we have snow at Daytona, COTA, and Indy.
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    What about team 3.5 that is reliable, can win, but doesn't provide anything for the driver except an explanation of how to hold the fire bottle during pit stops? Your expected to help prep the car for the next day too... I'm guessing like 600 to 900 per stint.
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    Some team showed up with a Mini and a hot shoe. Did ok until the alternator died.
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    There has got to be some stories, lets hear um . Congratulations team Parts Badger ... Official Event results https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1759290 TowerCam - no sound - raw feed ChampCar.Live presented by AutoZone
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    At least It'll take 7 hours before someone can watch all the videos and make a list of all of our indiscretions. Over/under on how many pages this goes?
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    After the weather we had on Saturday, imagine my feelings when I encountered the bright sunny day at Atlanta airport on Sunday.
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    Non-EC results https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5716284 EC results https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5716307 InActiv Motorsports and Crowd Control Racing had a pretty good weekend in spite of the crappy weather. Friday practice went well with no issues for either car. We got all of our renters in for practice in the 626 and we took out the Cobra for some leisurely test laps. At the end of the day both cars came back to the trailer for fresh pads (rotors for Cobra) and tires and we packed up for the day. Like everybody else, we were pretty shocked on Friday at dinner (Sopranos!) that it was predicted to snow on Saturday morning. We have been looking at a few strategy options since we are not a "2 hour car" and the weather forecast threw that all out the window. We started near the front of the pack and @Snake pretty quickly moved the car up to P1, where we stayed for most of the first 2 hours. I drove 2nd stint and as conditions worsened we couldn't hold off Cone Crushers on the slippery track and we dropped to P2. After the 2 hour pits settled out and going into the red flag, we were in P2. Coming out of the red flag, @MoparBoyy got into the car and eventually moved us back into P1 where we stayed until the next pit under FCY. @Snake got back in the car and moved us back up to P2, running with both the rbank Saab and PartsBadger Miata. After what became our last pit and driver change, we dropped down to P8 and I was back in the car. We moved back up to P3, picking off cars for position. Conditions were terrible and my main concern was not us, but other cars. The big speed differential created an element of danger aside from the slippery track and poor visibility. While we had been focusing on gaining position, the @Huggy was behind us doing the same thing. When the interval hit 15 seconds (from 30 seconds at pit out) we seriously took notice, with the pit updating me constantly. Traffic and FCY's bunched us up and as has been posted, we raced the Burningham SC300 to the end for the final podium spot. At the end, visibility was worse than the racing surface. Coming up the hill out of T1, you couldn't see anything and the curbing wasn't visible until you crested the hill. The lower esses were largely taken blind and T10 was becoming completely invisible from the top of the hill. Visibility deteriorated significantly within just a few laps. CCES called the race at the right time. I was not looking forward to going back to green and I suspect if it had, we would have seen even more off track carnage. We got hit with a 2 minute PUY penalty that hurt us a bit but we fought back because it's not over until the checkered flag. In the end, I'm glad we didn't call it. See everybody at Daytona! We'll be ready and are hoping for a dry day of racing!
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    Hmm. This is applicable to me. We go by the 10 pts for coilovers and run helper springs. In other words, I have spring adjusters, race springs (2.5 inch springs) and the helper springs for 10 pts / corner. I could see the argument either way.
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    A tender spring should not incur points IMO. when put down they compress 100% and only used to keep a spring in place when the suspension droops. Another option is to limit your suspension travel with cable or small chain to keep the spring in place. NOW dont be jamming 3 "Tender" Springs in there to change ride height.
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    It was an interesting weekend for Hong Norrth Grumpy Butt. Friday I had to spend the morning clearing up some safety issues that came up in tech the previous evening (new rules and tighter inspections). After lunch my first driver went out and turned laps for 25 minutes as I collected data on fuel consumption. The second driver (fast guy and first time driver for my team) was watching the AFR gauge and came in after 2 laps saying it was reading very lean at full throttle. We spent the rest of the afternoon chasing a ghost - replacing sensors and a fuel pump. Finally at 5pm when practice ended I mentioned the new 3" exhaust, which I didn't believe could make a big difference... well, it did! Fortunately my tuner works 15 minutes from the track and offered to drop by to look at datalogs. He ended up adding 15% more fuel to the table! I learn something new every day, but we lost the chance to truly test the fuel system. A test drive on the track access roads showed good AFRs, so I was less worried about racing the next day. The forecast for race day had been 50 degrees and dry all week - until the night before the race when the forecast changed to 2-4" of snow! We arrived at the track early to prep and it was cold but there was no precipitation. The race started and we worked our way into the top 10. About an hour into the race the driver mentions that the low-fuel lights are on, then the engine stumbled in T10 and he dove into the pits. I was expecting the car to run at least 90 minutes so we weren't ready to fuel or change driver. Somehow we managed to get our gear on, fuel the car, and buckle in a new driver in less than 5 minutes. So now we had to change our race strategy from 6 stops to 13. Halfway through the 2nd hour the snow started. We had the most amazing luck catching full-course yellow flags to fuel the car while everyone else was going slowly behind a pace car. Then the snow got so bad that they stopped the race at 11am. The cars came to pit lane and we covered them. The snow wasn't supposed to let up for a couple of hours so we got some lunch and stayed warm in an enclosed trailer. Around 2pm the snow stopped and we were told that the race would start again at 3pm. We kept turning laps and coming in for fuel whenever the lights came on. The track conditions didn't change much - cold and wet the entire time. When darkness fell the fog rolled in. I finally got a chance to get in the driver's seat at 7pm in the dark and fog. I spent most of an hour in the car in a line behind the pace car because several cars kept crashing and flying off the track. I think I eventually got 5 laps at speed and it was scary - the fog made it impossible to see landmarks, corner stations, flags... anything at all. It reminded me of a 2am stint in a torrential downpour at the VIR 24-hour a couple of years ago. The car drove onto the trailer and we finished 8th overall out of 80 cars. That's a win.
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    We currently need to really look at this rain light situation...i found them all annoying but as the sky darkened they really got much to bright and with half frozen wipers and foggy windshields the rain lights added alot of glare to my windshield. The flashing all the time was the worst offense though imho. Huggy please add to your list of petitions. I passed crowd control so fast on the restart i didnt really notice theirs.
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    Ouch! luckily I've gotten everything setup so that I can pull the trans in ~15 minutes even while on jack stands at the track....
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    Got the cars back into the shop after Road Atlanta. Got the newest Predator and Mandalorian in their new home.
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    If I had a dime for every contradictory post you made with zero supporting evidence, I'd be a very rich man!
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    100% fact. The visibility changed that fast. Over our last two green laps, I couldn't see the track at the top of the hill before T2/T3. As in, had no visual reference point until I crested the hill. At the bottom of the esses, I couldn't see the curbing on either side. And T10's braking zone was getting to be completely invisible from the top of the hill. In fact, the last off-track that brought out the FCY and EV's...on that next lap I couldn't even see the EV LIGHTS until I was probably at the 200-300 markers.
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    Well, for the northern 1/2 of Money Pit Racing, they live in Atlanta so they had to deal with the freezing fog. As for the southern 1/2 of the team and the car, we arrived in Central Florida this afternoon to sunny and 75 degrees. Just the way a cold winter's day should be.
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    Agreed! I was just trying to point out that there is the option for front running, reliable teams, that don't have crews and such. Your posts are perfectly on point from what I have seen at the races.
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    There's always a case of Team X.x, every team is different in how they run and budget for events and there are consequently many variables outside of just track/event/driver. Maybe the team owner is in trade and so their consumables cost is reduced. Maybe you bring in special race fuel in cunningly disguised drums of 93 RON. Maybe the team has an established build/car that has been running for a while and so they're putting less money into upgrades or development. And so on.... Most important thing is to identify what the renter is looking for, and to find a team that is aligned with their personality and goals.
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    Not helpful at the current brightness if it is blinding everyone behind them, almost looks like an emergency vehicle going by
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    Champcar did an awesome job getting back to racing in the afternoon. They also made the right call to end early. Someone was going to get hurt.
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    I am 6'4" and have a first gen rx7. We actually cut out the floor and welded in a 1" pan and then mounted the seat directly to the floor. We used big fender washers. If your team is relatively similar sized you can just mount the seat directly to the floor to get clearance and then use foam cushions for your shorter drivers.
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    Yes, works well on street cars. Have tried on one race car and so far so good. Few key items on mufflers.... Most of these straight thru mufflers work like a filter. Larger the case (width and length) the more it acts like a low pass. Longer case lengths and widths will give the best power for a particular sound limit. Other muffler designs do a better job when space limited, but the straight thru do best when power is your objective and you are willing to throw weight and size at it. As the exhaust cools along the length of the pipe, the size of pipe\effect of restriction is reduced. You also will find the muffler packing lives longer. Stick the muffler in the back, using one packed with quality steel, and it should do much better.
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