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    You are welcome. We wreck front wings, flywheels, aero widths. If anyone else has a rule they really like, let us know, we'll push the rules and get that banned too. #whackashaq 😁
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    It’s certainly true that the testing was not done on a Champcar set up. To really know one would have to test at our weights springs and tires. The Penske was specifically designed for SM so is likely not optimized for what can be run in Champcar. I’ve always thought they should have been points just because they are a designed for racing part and the precedent it sets for allowing other things is not good.
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    A long time ago the company I worked for did at-track support for the Fran-Am series. As part of the service we provided, I rebuilt shocks and ran the shock dyno in the trailer to provide the teams with fresh shocks as needed. Part of our support included the testing of the spec shocks to make sure no one had fiddled with the valving. The shocks were essentially Ohlins but with cheaper internals. They were externally adjustable as well. Not bad but definitely considered a wear item even for such short races. I'm pretty sure one team engineer thought I was a genius when I tested his shocks and asked whether his driver was complaining about a certain series of bumpy corners. They had been cranking up the adjustment to "fix" the problem, but the issue was that the shock was worn out and was bypassing internally within a lap or two after going out as the fluid heated up and thinned out. Rebuilt the shock, gave him the before and after dyno sheets to show him what was happening. I think they podiumed. The point is that a quality shock maintains its performance. That's the consistency. Just about any shock will work well for a few laps, but not for long. Check your lap times after a restart; if you see a blazer within 3-5 laps then a gradual slowing for awhile it could be the tires but it's also likely that your shocks cooled during the yellow and worked well again before they heated up, especially if the tires you're running are known to work well at higher temps and not get greasy until punished for awhile.
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    If I'm remembering the article correctly, this was more about the fall off of the tire when compared to the Penske/Bilstein set ups. The comparison to our "200" TW tires is likely not the same.
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    Not for me, A forensic lab analysis would not get me out of this.
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    Again, horse is already out of the barn, but what is so wrong with setting a rule that excludes certain items like this from being successfully argued within 2X. We need to keep stuff from slipping through the cracks (I feel this way about re71r as well)
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    Wasn't me this time! I do want to say sorry to John D Allen. I put 4 off getting the esses wrong and tried to save it but didn't. I'm getting better
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    Race was fun for the first 35 mins running with @Rapido, sorry to see you get taken out by lap traffic. The start was a cluster, not sure exactly what happened but it didn't look fun. See you guys at VIR South!
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    What does those guys know, they can't even get the engine in the right place. Missed it by two feet!
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    The test results from the pros said the real gain from the Penske was consistency from lap one to lap 20 or so. They did not fall off in lap times like the yellow ones.
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    Pretty simple equation to see that a bumpy track sees more benefit from the right shock package. - Since the package from Mazda is expecting a heavier car on softer springs, was there any re-valving done to match the new shocks to the lighter car, stiffer springs? - How old were the yellow ones? Not doubting that they are better, but is any of that better-er because the old ones were at the end of their life? - had the old ones been re-valved as noted above? We've been looking at this package too, if for nothing else it is an Easy Button approach to replace the Yellow SM's that have a million miles on them.
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    That's likely fair except for Sebring, I see fast lap improvements at Sebring for sure.
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    That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen! (Not you the front wing!) Did you get black flagged because they thought you where going in reverse? That video is crazy, you are super fast. He is also supporting you 150% (and calling your car a piece of poop).....
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    Lap times, cornering speed, end of straight speed, and balance. We don't have any sensors other than basic DAQ which only validates what we are feeling on track. Drag is likely the variable we have the least "feel" for. Expect a lot more actionable information after NCM. We didn't really get to the point of testing the good stuff at Road Atlanta since we just switched to Penskes and changed alot on the car. It just took to long to get back in balance. Now we have a baseline and I expect to fully test different rake angles and the extracted hood. Ideally we can create so much DF from the floor that we can remove the rear wing. That is the goal for Road America anyway.
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    "kyle.engineers" on YT has a lot of good videos dedicated to aero. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6R7zR4ZbGkOny_RGsc2V3DULdd2SPwSU
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    This is massively helpful. Thanks for the insight. No thanks to pushing me closer to the edge of buying the gat danged Penskes....
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    A more fun response would have been ”what, you’re not? “. 😀
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    We're racing everyone so I consider every other vehicle on track as my competition. Not sure why I would only compare against like vehicles. Also, I've said this many times before, and yes HP/weight and fuel capacity are major factors but there is a pretty large leap in automotive technology (chassis, suspension, electronics) between the 80s and the early 2000s. Even if the hp/lb, fuel load and configuration were the same, a 2000s car is going to be much better in just about every way. I don't want anyone to think I'm hating on the MCS. Its an excellent vehicle choice and I can see why JPS JAS made the switch. And, they can actually be found pretty cheap now. More power to them and looking forward to racing against it. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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    Why do you hate straight line speed so much???
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    Pretty fun! Had a good time trying to catch Alex and Justin, but they were just a little too quick. VIR-S wil be fun!
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    Mender you are wrong try to drive one of these bad boys with out wings your DEAD in a few laps, so wings on roof work .
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    The Bilsteins were in good shape but we're on my street car for a bit before going on the racecar. No revalving.
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    There was oil. A lot of it. When Ryan got out and I got in he said "There is oil down". I asked where and he replied "Everywhere. You will see it." It was at pit out. Going up the hill. And basically the entire circuit.
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    Sorry for the late update, but below you can find the Decals for the Pontiac Solstice! PSD file for the Solstice PNG to be added to existing paints
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    True dat. Rc cars (even some of the off-road cars) have droop limiting screws. It can be used to tune suspension, but I like travel and droop!
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    HAHAHAHAHA... quit making excuses... I watched 10 cars fire off and fly through that pit lane exit after your spin while talking to Ray
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    How about under the bumper it’s easy to discern from emergency vehicles and shouldn’t be over blinding
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    Yes several have in recent years. Most happen through direct contact (however that happens I don't know) vs the written petition process we go through for new rules. I think some of the updated VPI lists have these updated vales marked in red. Trying to skirt around this, since it can cause political battles. There have historically been a few VPI adjustments that went with rule changes, often with the same chassis affected by both in the same year.... I would suggest a VPI reduction goes best with hard data (numbers) supporting how your car matches lower vpi cars on an equal technical basis, rather than a comparison of on track performance (known as the we haven't won in awhile excuse). I think the Z car and the mini would be the hardest comparison to make, but comparing to other less fuel starved rwd mid sized car might make a good case.
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    I'm looking for a seat (2 stints) at Watkins Glen in May. I can be there for Friday practice and help crew during the race. I will have a current Champcar gear tech sticker, so I'm all ready to go! Racing resume available on request. I've raced with GWR and their super fast E30, the SlowNerd/ScribeWorks Volvo 960, the Van Buren Boys Altima, and the Team Infinity Sharkcar. I also have a NASA comp license (provisional at the moment) as I race in Spec Miata as well. Here is my stint with GWR from our win at Watkins Glen last year:
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    Interestingly enough there is a lot of really good teams here. It will be good for any team to finish in the Top 10. See you all on the podium!
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    Should probably ask @dogtired about that one too
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    After coming OUT of the carousel at Summit Point, hitting a jersey barrier and then getting a new corner grafted on...the racecar finally has a face again!
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    We currently need to really look at this rain light situation...i found them all annoying but as the sky darkened they really got much to bright and with half frozen wipers and foggy windshields the rain lights added alot of glare to my windshield. The flashing all the time was the worst offense though imho. Huggy please add to your list of petitions. I passed crowd control so fast on the restart i didnt really notice theirs.
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    @MR2 Biohazard I just thought you would like to know that DJ Alessandrini (guy that won the race last week) had so much fun that he went and secured a seat in a Supra for the CCES race at Road Atlanta. He isn't waiting till next year to get a free ride, he is spending his own cash. It's not the first time we have converted someone but I believe one week from learning about the series to racing in it is a record. edit: I just noticed the Road Atlanta race isn't this weekend, but the point still stands that it was a quick conversion.
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    I was hoping that switching vehicles out every other race might make it interesting, but then I remembered you're prob still way faster than me in all of them.
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    Our first season (2018), the races were on the Thursday evenings before the real races. Last year we moved to Wednesday as it was clear that a lot of racers were packing up/starting to tow on Thursdays. Wednesday we see as a good compromise between relevancy and convenience. Unfortunately the sheer volume of CCES events (on tracks in the iRacing world and not) means that there may be some overlap. You do not have to be a CC member to run in the iRacing Series; the hope is that the prizes will offer the chance for new drivers/teams to get involved in CC, as well as building a community to get the wider iRacing community interested in learning more about our particular form of budget endurance racing. To that end, we had an interesting mix of drivers in Round 1. Taking a few examples; the winner DJ has never raced CCES but does race in GLTC. JD Allen has also never raced CCES, but is a very competitive Spec Miata racer. Alex Albert, and Alex Koffard are both members of HughJass, along with myself. Kevin Binkley campaigns a blue and white E46 in CCES. Other honorable mentions to CCES racers @Gordo, @Jab31169, @flytime, @NigelStu, and @Jamie, all of whom were on the grid last Wednesday. I'm sure I missed a few as well, but this should give you an idea of the cross-section of membership and drivers we hope to attract to the series.
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    Just for a chuckle..... When I was at NCM in Bowling Green, I took a side trip up to the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory and had a custom bat made. In case you were wondering why the bat is next to the picture of our race car, the bat is enscribed..... "DRIVER EDUCATION TOOL, Roger Penske Model, Uncommon Friends Racing". This has reduced body repair bills by 50%. I highly recommend one for every team owner.
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    Interesting to know anyone can enter CC iracing and win free entries. I am glad my entry fees I am paying each race, 8-9 this year, are going towards that, not. It should be only active members that can win the free entry, I know it will not be me as I do not have the skills, so it is not me complaining for myself, but to see some others come in and cherry pick the series to take it away from members just really sucks I think. On the Wednesday it can usually work, I will just have to miss a good 4 races or more due to traveling to races. I use iracing to get myself ready for the real races and keep my skills fresh. There is not substitute for the real G forces and feelings you get. On the same note the good news is that iWRL iracing is on Tuesday so I can got to all of those races. BTW- I think the quick fix can be used, but you can not take fuel or change tires. I figured out how to turn off fuel, but not sure on tires yet. What I read online makes me be a coder or something and go into some ini file and change settings, but then how do I add it back during race. You would think it would be easier than that so I must be missing something I would think. Can anyone explain to me how to not take tires? Thanks for the help.
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