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    It's official COTA is opening up for business on June 3. The ChampCar event is a go! Please let's get teams signed up and paid in full. Covid-19 procedures are being approved by the track and will be added to the supps next week.
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    First kid got an Audi TT. It needed a clutch, starter, power steering lines, fuel pump. Second kid got two Miatas. One crashed with a motor and manual transmission, one very clean body, but no motor and an automatic. He did the swap. Both kids did the work while I offered support and guidance. Both ended up with pretty cool cars. Both had their respective cars running and on the road before they were old enough to even have a permit to drive them, never mind a license. What passes for teaching in one house might be considered abuse in another.
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    Pending... down payment received
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    Rodgers car 🤣🤣
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    Lexan is interesting stuff. When we made the lexan inserts for the rear hatch on our Z car, we were able to find someone with a programmable oven. Why? If you read the manufacturers literature, lexan is hydroscopic (absorbs water). They recommend you heat it at a lower temperature for a period of time (to get the moisture out), bring it up to "yield temperature" (we formed it over the factory glass), and then cool it down in specific stages (to avoid bubbles). To me learning about all the different engineering technologies that are used in our sport (ie: combustion theory, aerodynamic theories, strength of materials, welding) is one of the most enjoyable aspects of our sport. Unfortunately, my buddy's oven won't do the size rear window we need for our next build (and the curve on both ends is pretty extreme), so I will be using factory glass and safety film!
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    Spend money on something that will actually win you races with out adding points! Good communication is key to winning in champ car. This is a full set of communications for the driver, car, and crew. This helped us execute perfectly timed pit-stops and race strategies. Everything in this box will turn your cracker jack communication system, into a reliable professional setup. Everything works, radios work, battery life cannot be estimated at this time. $400 Shipped. I live 45min south of VIR, and can be picked up as well. Cheers!
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    That's great news. I was getting a lot of pressure from my son to buy this. lol
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    Actually, we built a new car (a 280Z) which finished second on Saturday at this years National Championship at Sonoma (we broke an oil pump drive on Sunday) and was featured on Jay Leno's Garage the other night. I gave the body shell of my first car-a 240Z- to the Flyin Hawaiians after they totaled their car in the rain in February of 2019. They added some red to the sides and it looks great. They were on the Leno show also with Adam Carolla driving. If there is a re-run of the episode its worth checking out. The listing will probably highlight Blake Shelton, who was one of the story lines (he drove one of Elvis' old pickups).
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    Couple hours from LAX. Fly to Burbank it’s an easier airport and quicker trip to lovely Rosamond. Stop at In n Out on Ave I for a Double Double. Maybe Carl’s Motel is still around for a cheap motel room too. Great track to drive. My all time favorite at this point in my life. Go for it.
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    Another vote for Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla or Yaris, or Honda Fit. (My first car was a Mazda GLC. My second car was a Honda CRX Si.)
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    I use hockey tape (of course!). After a few years it can get brittle but easy to remove and rewrap.
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    Unfortunately we got Volkswagen'd before I had a chance to drive, which was a real bummer. I'd done a good bit of work to the car an was anxious to have a go. My slowest driver (referenced) who is usually about 3 seconds off our FTD, was 8/10ths quicker than our fastest lap last year.
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    If I'm looking at the right map - VIR South, I see this: Distance - Turn 0.4 - T1 0.75 - T3a 0.8 - T4 0.9 - T5 1.2 - T7 1.4-1.5 - T8 and T9
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    I have been a used car dealer and mechanic for forty years 1 toyota lexus 2 honda 3 gm car with 3.8 and at the bottom would be ford chrysler and mitsubishi .
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    That's better. With the other two traces, one can do a bit of analysis. Let's start with the bit at 0.4. In the Y axis, we can see that the driver brakes heavily for the upcoming turn then gets off the brakes as he transitions into the corner. Pretty good peak gs during the braking phase, then a dip and then another peak in the cornering phase. The dip in between appears to indicate that either the driver or the car isn't happy about trail braking on that particular corner. Looks like some time lost there. If the tires squeal at the upper limit, one would hear them as the braking force peaks, then a big drop in sound in the trail braking/transition, then back to squealing near the apex of the corner (I'm assuming). Coming out of the corner, it looks like the driver either missed the apex a bit or got on the gas too much and the tail wagged a bit, seen by the wavy trace in the x axis with a relatively steady Y axis trace. (Edit: FWD so no tail wagging but still had some sawing at the wheel during corner exit) At 0.9, the g sum trace hovers around the 1.0 mark for a while, showing a more consistent use of the tires but short of the peak values. The driver appears to have that corner mostly figured out, just needs to push a bit more. Again, either the car or driver isn't quite happy during trail braking as the top of the trace is a bit ragged. 1.3 shows a tentative approach to a longer corner, with mild turn-in, then moderate braking while turning and what looks like a pinch at the apex, and finally aggressively back on the gas while releasing the wheel too soon. A fair bit of time available from smoothing out that corner. Hard to know for sure without having a track map but that's what I see. Would also be better to have the time in seconds across the bottom of each chart to see how long each phase is taking and also a finer grid to be able to line up the traces more accurately. (Edit: also helps to know what the car is: FWD would be noticeably different from a RWD or mid-engine) Comparing this trace with one from a better driver can help separate driver issues from car issues and show how much can be gained from working with each.
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    I think that's what this channel is supposed to represent.
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    We didn't even heat ours for the rx7. It has a pretty serious curve / bend on the sides. I just started in the middle and riveted my way out. Been on the car for like 9 years. No issues.
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    Sooo, uh... I need to update this. Last night (at about the same time I should have been partying with my friends at Seneca lodge) I fired the car up for the first time. Fired on the very first push of the button. Now to wrap the harness and clean up the wiring. Right now it looks like the aftermath from a 4 year olds birthday party. Tip for those of you redoing harnesses... use gaffer tape or hockey tape to wrap your harnesses. It is pretty tough, easy to apply, and doesn't leave any residue when removed. WAY better than electrical tape.
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    I never thought of a Honda Fit. Will look into them. Thanks.
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    A very good friend of mine owned an import-only repair shop for many decades. Swore on Toyota as the best, Honda second, the rest of the Asian manufacturers a distant third, and only worked on German stuff because they provided a steady revenue stream. His daily driver the 15+ years I knew him was a used 2wd, automatic, 4cyl Tacoma extended cab.
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    My Dad bought me my 1st car, 2nd car, and split my 3rd car with me. 1) 1984 Pontiac 2M4 (Iron Duke) - This car taught me many lessons on how to work on cars, and how poorly made an 80s America car was. 2) 1993 Honda Civic LX - This car taught me how reliable a Honda driven on the street is, and how a car can appreciate when going from 125k miles to 225k miles while being abused by a teenager. 3) 2000 Ford Contour SVT - This car taught me that in 2000 American cars were made just as poorly as they were in 1984. I would go with a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Fit for your son.
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    Length of race? Surface? Surface prep / VHT? How wide are the lanes? Guardrails?
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    that happens in pitlane too. lol its my favorite part about always bringing two cars to the races whole pitstall all to ourselves.
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    All, Further to the previous message, today we have made the decision to cancel (or at least postpone) the special event that was planned for tomorrow. We are sorry to do this, but with the small number of teams entered it was clear that the combination of a holiday weekend and fewer travel/leisure restrictions mean that there was less of an appetite for an event at this time. We want at all times to put on an event that will be enjoyed by participants and show ChampCar in a good light and, as this may not have been possible, we have made this difficult decision. We will take onboard all feedback from our community of iRacers and hope to bring you some more special events later in the year. As ever, it is hard to predict the immediate future for racing, but we are glad to have been able to provide an online alternative in these difficult times and hope that you have all enjoyed the experience and community that we have brought to ChampCar.
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    Thank you to those who have signed up for the special event on Saturday. Currently we have a total of 15 teams entered, using only 2 of the 3 classes. It would appear that the gradual reopening of the country in conjunction with a holiday weekend means there is less appetite for an event. With this small number of entries, we don't think it will be a rewarding event for participants or reflect well on CC to broadcast this fully. As such, unless we see a large change in sign-up in the next 24 hours, we will look to cancel this event. If there is appetite in the next couple of weeks (if we see more CCES races cancelled or postponted) then we will look to reschedule or plan another event.
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