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    Friday: Installed good used wideband sensor.... IT WORKS! Then it didn't. 🙄 Surprise. Drove home from work, picked up outback takeout Messed with half dozen handheld radios, figured out how to program. Progress on hood Sat Froze ice packs, cleaned pit coolers & cool suit box, hooked up shirt, uh oh, what glue works on these things? Drove to Sonic burger car show, place was packed ! Mikes hood progress Monday Stars and install hood New camera mount(s)
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    Anyone with a C3 Corvette with tires wider than 295mm must quarantine within the designated quarantine area for a maximum of 72 hours from arriving at the event location. Once quarantine is over, you must pack up and go home. Sorry Bill Riley... not my rule man... I tried to fight for ya...
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    been working this issue.
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    FYI - Mike Morrison has been responding to emails really fast, because Mike is awesome. Here's what he has to say: " Paul, The garage and paddock area will be locked up at 7 but we can view from the overflow paddock and possibly along the infield area if there are no campers. Keep in mind that all the restrooms will also close at 7. Thanks, Mike Morrison EVENT DIRECTOR"
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    Hey folks! Just reminding all of you that we (ChampCar Class C Sponsor) will be on site offering track side support and parts and hopefully racing as well! We will have the following: *Schaeffer's Synthetic Racing Oils and Gear Lubes *Hunsaker Fuel Jugs (if you need these order in advance so we know how many to bring) *Cool Shirts and accessories *Racing Radios misc connectors/headsets *Brake Fluid *Water Wetter *SFI Roll Bar Padding *Other misc items If there is something you need for this race let us know ASAP and we can either process the order and ship to you direct or deliver in person to the track. We have access to nearly anything you might need and at very affordable prices. Kevyn
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    We are allowed to be in our ChampCar designated event locations during the IMSA event. Garages and ChampCar camping/overflow parking/parking areas.
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    ok. fixed. Back to prepping for Daytona.
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    No. And I think that's effectively a triple negative!
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    We will try to have a camera in the car! I never have time to get it set up but I've delegated to @Scribe
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    Eh, Bavarian moustache aren't all that fast. They also don't have moustaches. Posers. @NigelStu
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    Finally located transmission leak, thankfully its not the input shaft seal. After removing flywheel cover in anticipation of removing transmission I was surprised to see that the flywheel was dry and the lower behousing was also dry with no sign of gear oil. Very odd since I have had a steady drip off the seam between engine and trans. Upon further investigation it seams the source is the selector shaft seal. Its leaking there and running down the casting rib of the trans and dripping off the seam between engine and trans. I have now added an extended breather for the trans and replaced all the seals, selector was last old one. Easier tthan removing transmission but not an easy spot to get to. Going to replace output seal again just for fun. Should be wrapped up next weekend. Have couple small things to finish and then we are ready for Nelson Ledges.
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