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    Test drove car for first time in 2018 with new splitter and wing and new brakes on our country road can lock up brakes now, ready for brainerd !!!
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    The car started for the 1st time ever in this configuration. Time for celebratory beer.
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    Race prep on the Uncommon Friends Racing #46 Datsun is complete and we are getting ready for the cross country trek.
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    Friday evening lasershark / racebar will host dinner in the paddock and is open to everyone. At the 8s last Dec we smoked and served 75 lbs of pulled pork and had plenty of beverages. We plan to up our game this time and serve up to 120 lbs of pulled pork, sides, more drinks, music, and only a moderate amount of shinanigans. Racebar will be making Margarettas from the roof mounted Margaretta machine and both lasershark and racebar will serve beer and play music. The smokers will fire up in the wee hours of Friday morning and the food will be served from 6pm to 10pm. If your planning dinner that night, consider keeping it local and spending some time with us!
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    Looks like a “turn off half the cylinders dyno switch” to me.
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    Pretty sure the gas station shrimp is 50% off for all BMW teams, and free for the MR2 teams. And of course all you can eat for the live broadcast team. 💩💩😜
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    It was an exhausting and memorable first wheel-to-wheel racing event for the Haywood (You Hurry Up) Racing Team. As team captain and the person responsible for our first build, I started the weekend totally overwhelmed by the knowledge and ability gap between ourselves and... everyone else. Ended the weekend overwhelmed by the friendliness of everyone we ran into, and the satisfaction in having our Miata see both checkered flags. I targeted this race when I picked up a well travelled Miata off these classifieds last June. With no inherent skills and countless hours on youtube and these boards, the build took shape over the course of the winter. Our team for this event is all family, and spanning three generations. Dad gave up racing cars to chase me around hockey rinks in 1979, and having the chance to complete a race weekend with him has been a dream of mine for almost as long. But the preparations were all mine. Dad and my brother flew out from Kamloops, BC Canada, for the race, along with my aunt, and my nineteen year old son Tyler rounded out the team. Dad was hoping to drive, but after running 5 laps on the Friday test, didn't feel like he was still up to the challenge. He took over crew chief duties for the weekend, leaving driving duties to three wannabees that had never driven wheel-to-wheel before. Let me please apologize to all the drivers that we probably infuriated over the weekend. We did our best to be predictable and run a proper line, but I'm sure our inexperience and general slowness put some of you out. We didn't get out of the way fast enough for a few of the quicker cars on Saturday, and some contact dislodged the undertray that we started the weekend with. My son left it as an additional obstacle on track for everyone to contend with for several laps. Turns out we were faster without it. Radios didn't work, pit stops were the opposite of well oiled, but we somehow found ourselves still running at 4PM on Saturday... with my son putting in our fastest laps of the weekend. Mission accomplished. I'm sure many of the A-class guys were happy to see the rain on Sunday... a chance to level the playing field. We were not among them. I would politely label my mood as "nervous". That said, I ran the first 2 hour stint. About an hour in I felt more comfortable and started pushing. Promptly looped it in turn 1. Lucky all the guys behind me had their wits about them and were able to avoid me. Got myself going again, and soon found myself myself in a pretty good run against the All Rhodes Racing BMW. Found a way past him going into the boot, and then he hounded me for the next couple of laps. I had a great time and thought it was a good battle. I hope they felt the same. Then I got a terrible exit onto the front straight, which opened the door for him to come back at me. I still had the line going into 1 and tried to make sure to give him room, but he got me in the door and I spun. My brother took over the duties at the 2hr mark, and joined under yellow. When the green flag dropped he found himself behind a spinning BMW, and made contact. Inexperience probably cost us there, as he made a split decision to go one way, and it didn't work out. Very slow lap back to the pits, and we took the car back to the paddock with the driver front pointed fully toe out. I wish I knew what team helped us, but some very generous and experienced miata runner took a look at our wheel and supplied us with a replacement lower wishbone. I can't thank you enough. With the replacement finally made and a "quick" alignment, we were able to get back on track with two hours of running left. Brother and son both got stints on the now-drying track, and it is almost embarrassing how proud we were of our seventy-something placing. I could have done without the damage, but we all felt like the experience was richer because of it. Thank you to all of the corner-workers, the Champcar Staff, and our fellow racers for a great, exhausting weekend... one that met every expectation I had. We learned a lot, hopefully will improve, and look forward to returning.
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    I keep sticking my decals to my garage floor as shown and Champ officials keep telling me I'm doing it wrong....
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    T&A racing approves of the double d class. I have nothing else to add.
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    I'm of the opinion that any car's point value should be set based on the performance of the best teams. They are the ones showing the true potential of the platform. Lesser performing teams should be paying close attention and improving, not fighting for rules that will help them.
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    Experience from ~5 years in Chump / Lemons with MiataPI / Alchemy Autosports, ~30 events total. We charge between $900 and $1500 per weekend for ~4 hrs driving. I and a co-owner do all the wrenching, we both drive, and almost always have 2 renters at each event. We keep very meticulous spreadsheets on everything $$$ we spend. We have been steadily increasing our rates as we get better at tracking costs. We value our labor at $0.00 per hour, and we spend ~15 hrs per week on the car. So in cash spent, out the door, we 2 owners just try to break even on a yearly basis with our renters, while putting no value on our wrenching time. My best current way to look at it now, with all yearly costs all in, is that it costs between $315 and $350 per hour to run our car on track. To have it prepped with parts (free labor!), have our car "delivered" to a track, and be podium capable for the entire weekend. If you aren't breaking even in yearly cost with the renters, remember that you are sponsoring them. After adding up 2015 totals (3 transmissions that year, and etc etc), I cursed and cursed and swore I was in no position to sponsor another driver (or two) In 2016, the owners spent $700 more than renters for a total of $14,881.76 to do 4 races. So it got better, but I still sponsored them a little. The renters should pay roughly double what an owner pays at the weekend event. But, between races, the owner is buying that next engine, or next trans, or next set of wheels, on and on and on and on.... We are a team that aims to be winning capable each weekend, and we are quite clear with our renters that we will always spend $ to be more prepared rather than being cheaper ==Things that cost $$$ we forgot in the early days:== There is no end to the "1 time cost" list of things that aren't consumed that renters don't pay. Fuel jugs, radios, cool suit chest, wheel cart, dataAq, tire guage, etc, etc A set of tires is ~$560, but add on $50 for the guy to mount and balance Tow vehicles need maintenance too, and only really need expensive maintenance b\c they are towing (just did $1000 for engine mounts/etc in the Yukon) Tow fuel will change with each event, we estimate towing at 6 mpg gasoline, but you can get a quick dollar value. A years worth of spray paint/WD-40/brake clean/elec tape in the garage will be several hundred dollars A years worth of brake fluid / motor oil / diff oil will be several hundred dollars Buying ~$1500 worth of radios to be used by the team is a real expense Your mandated pit lane equipment will be several hundred (dammit, someone dropped the fire bottle again, gotta go buy another) Going to test track days, which makes you better and rental seats more valuable, is almost always absorbed by the owners. Going to the dyno, which makes you better and rental seats more valuable, is always absorbed by the owners. Going to the alignment shop, .... Going to the junk yard for a complete spare suspension, ... Upgrading your spare parts to as raced conditions (delrin bushings in spare parts), ... Buying all the spares you need to have at the track to be 90% sure to race thru the weekend, ...
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    I watched the youtube video of the meeting this morning. Thankfully, I could hear almost everything that was said. Kudos to whoever did the audio setup. I heard more from the audience than I typically hear in person at the Drivers' Meetings (before races). Overall, I thought it was a good meeting. I didn't get everything I wanted from the petitions, but I wasn't expecting to. They gave a reasonable amount of explanation, given the fact that there were a LOT of petitions to get through. They also tried to involve the folks that were commenting on youtube, although I think some of the youtube commenters may have frustrated the serious watchers by spamming it up with irrelevant comedy. I particularly liked the points made about "we shouldn't make a rule if it occasionally will need to be broken" (example: the starting grid procedure is different for this week's Championship than the random method normally used). I do think it would be very helpful to have a commitment from management that they will post in the supps a clear delineation of whether a given race will use standard operating procedure or a unique one. (Example: "This race will use the standard random draw grid procedure" OR "This race will not use the standard random draw gird procedure. Instead, it will use......") For those who haven't watched the video, I highly recommend that you do so before you get too lost in the resulting forum chatter (or contribute to it). If you can't watch, you can get 80% of it by just listening to it (while you are under your race car).
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    Give us a little credit! The race starts at 10:00 AM. If we apply ourselves I’m sure we can have them all down by lunch time.
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    That's Dad starting in his MG back in 1969. (Spokane I think) The sense I get from him is that the spirit of sportscar racing back then and through the 70's is very closely replicated by the Champcar experience. Grassroots. Shared camaraderie. It is a period of his life that he fondly remembers. I wanted to give him, my brother, and my son, who live on opposite sides of the continent, the opportunity to create some shared memories. Selfishly I love it, and have as long as I can remember.
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    Man, so many great pics of cars. All I have to talk about is the support equipment. Although I have been removing stickers on the Prelude to get ready for paint. Have to finish the layout of the new color scheme. Car looks so nice metallic blue but it doesn't fit our teams theme. All my cars have been Black & Purple or Black & Red. SpeedMaverick is B & P. Also building 3 roll around carts that are 24"x 48" x 72" tall with adjustable height middle shelves. If I'm going to spend the time to build them they have to be adjustable. Need a place to inventory and organize spares for each car. Harbor Freight had the locking caster wheels on sale for $2.99 ea. they'll end up about $50 ea cart when finished. Building a race team from scratch has been an adventure. Haven't had to think this way for years. I didn't know how much I missed it. I really want to work on the cars more but I promised myself that I had to get the support done first. Otherwise the temptation to go racing without being properly prepared would be too high. Now I have to blaze through the list so I can get to the really fun part, the cars... The Shop, the forgotten speed secret of every good race team!
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    You will need fuel worse than Mender and Ron
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    Our final post-race recap, we are very lucky to have such a dedicated team of enthusiastic racers, all of whom have come together in the virtual racing world before making this leap to real-world competition. Thank you to all at ChampCar for making it possible for a group of amateurs to go racing at such great tracks! https://imgur.com/a/MombnX5
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    This is exactly why I buck more fuel, someone will find a "legal" way to abuse, keeping sportier cars fuel light already is self limiting without bringing big rule changes/upset to a already imperfect but in-use method. My $0.02 Change the rule book to "fix" things and someone will figure how to twist, mutilate or spindle the new rules..... back to square one.
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    Good Evening, My husband, Woodie, and I will be the food provider at the Nelson Ledges Race Course for the 24-hour race on June 30. We will have a tent, tables, and chairs to seat 100 people. We will also have large bags of ice. Yesterday there was a track day for Champcar drivers, and they all had good feedback for us to be prepared for that weekend. We will serve meals starting Thursday night and continue through to Sunday. We will have staff for meals every hour of the 24-hour race. We are very excited for the opportunity to feed everyone that weekend. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for us, please let us know. Thank you in advance, Sue Goodnight thesloptruck@gmail.com The Slop Truck "Put Some Pork on your Fork!"
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    Yep, the early time allows me plenty of chances to handle those whose lights are not working by talking to them at their pit stops. If I wait too long I wind up having to black-flag people and that messes up your race. I want to try and keep you guys out racing. Dana
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    We put in a digital clock gage. It powers on and off like the rest of the electronics. So you don't need to remember to reset a timer or turn anything on. When you turn your main power on, the clock starts at 12:00, and will show you the time of the stint. i.e. 1:50 Summit Racing SUM-G2987-1 - Summit Racing® Digital Gauges
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    Hey @Bill Strong you want something else to keep you busy? Have you guys seen the spotters guide that the Canadian crew makes? They're pretty cool actually!
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    Because you're all better drivers than everyone else. ..... least that's what you tell us. 😎 Thank god you Bimmer guys don't work as hard as MR2 guys.......
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    Just raise the engine up a couple more feet before you drop it, it'll fit.