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    One thing that has helped me tremendously (that I wished I had done years ago) was the way my toolbox was attached to the trailer. I roll my full tool chest out of the trailer frequently so the concept of strapping it down with e track or whatever can get annoying and make the tool box unusable while in the trailer. bolted some L angle to the studs in the trailer and welded the receivers to it.
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    I would like to thank you guys for all the helpful ideas. ChampCar event directors and staff have not been sitting still during the COVID-19 event. We have been working behind the scenes with PPE suppliers, and working out processes for how we return to racing safely using CDC guidelines, New York guidelines, International Speedway guidelines (They own WGI), guidelines set in place by our insurance company, and by medical advice of healthcare professionals. I am married to a Doctor of Nursing Practice. A DNP ACNP, board certified. We have been sharing my office while she has been doing telehealth. Well, until she kicks me out when she has to talk directly with patients. Privacy and all. But I have learned a lot from just listening, and getting advice from front line medical workers. At no time will we use Social Media Pandemic Experts for advice. Our group has worked hard at devising work arounds to the normally manual way we do things at events that minimize risk to racers, staff, and safety crews.
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    ""It's basically a mathematical formula," Cuomo said Tuesday. So if it's anything like the MR2/E30/944 swap weight we should be good to race, right?
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    The Nelson roster has quite the murderers row of teams with winning credentials... CYR GMS Biohazard Team Sahlen x3 Rbank x2 Premium Dudes Shut Up Two Brothers JSK Mustache Werks Visceral Roughly 25% of the field!
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    For the record, we are still "stirring the pot" because this Condren era ruling was never made public and has not been explained to 99% of the champcar membership (until now). You guys would get a lot less flack if you accept that hidden rules are bad and stop propagating them.
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    It was a good Monday Final fitting adapter ID to snugly fit front pump Drill time It fits Escalates quickly Torque convertor to trans case depth pretty close, crank pilot hole not even close. Wednesday the new holes get countersink + more measuring before final welding. Thank you @Huggy
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    Rodgers car 🤣🤣
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    I couldn't wait any longer. Snapped a pic while I was inspecting it for the third time this morning. I haven't had to struggle so much with wanting to touch something, but knowing I couldn't, since I was a teenager. The next 36 hours are going to be hard.
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    Yes, we are shifting to Sunday July 5th at Daytona. Ok, the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front). We are shifting our race date to Sunday. Still reading? Great! A little back story. Just like everyone else, IMSA and the broadcast networks are looking to get racing back on TV and they want to run a night race on Saturday. But keep reading, cause there's some excellent positives for us here. The IMSA event is for TV only, no spectators. Except us. We will be loading in Saturday, which means we will have access to see the entire IMSA event run. Their practice and qualifying will be running on track while we are conducting Tech and Registration. When their race starts, you guys will be the only ones able to view it live. If you ever wanted to see an IMSA event from the inside, behind the scenes, this is it. In fairness, there will be some changes and some challenges. The biggest ones are garages, pit-lane, and Tech. The IMSA teams will be working out of the Yellow garages. If you were assigned in Yellow I will shift you over to a Blue garage. Also, if you are a multi-car team, I may need you to work out of a single garage. That way every team can have access to a garage. Because IMSA will be racing into the night, we will not be able to set up pit-lane until Sunday morning. We will work with the track to try and get you access as early as we can Sunday morning. We will not be able to run two Tech lines. We will really need to limit the number of cars in Tech. If you have a 2020 Tech sticker please do not come to Tech. Even if you've made a small change (emphasis on small) do not come to re-tech. If you feel you need Tech to really look over the car please contact Jay Mauney here. He can can arrange a video call prior to the race. I know this is a change. If you're like me your reserve of change tolerance is getting low. But we are really focusing on the positives of this. We've always had a terrific relationship with IMA, ISC, and DIS. They could have just bumped us. Instead they chose to contact us and work with us, including allowing ChampCar members access to their race. Credit for that goes to the reputation you guys have earned for ChampCar as an organization. The updated Supplemental Rules with more detailed times are here. We are doing everything we can to get ChampCar races running again, and make this Daytona event a great time for you! Any other general questions about the Daytona race please contact me here. Thanks very much! We're looking forward to seeing you all in Florida to celebrate our Independence Day! The ChampCar Staff
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    Hey you dont have to participate but I'll be there hanging out in open air with racers. Plenty of alcohol to kill the virus
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    Deutsch, end of story. DT style are my choice. 13 amps per terminal. https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/index.php/cPath/109_173 this is the crimper Kit I use. The oem one is surely better but at $300, pass I found this on sale for $80 and it includes the metripak/weatherpak/generic crimpers too. Tool Aid 18700 Master Terminal Tool Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B4DCDQK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_nygUEbQJAM1R6 this, and a normal pocket screw driver, are the only tools needed for depinning connectors.
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    How do I put this... We are awaiting the final info from COTA, there are some details that we still need. They say they are complete and approved. We just have not got them. we are following up today with phone calls. We would like it if no children were on site, and only drivers and crew. so it your family are crew, then boom, sitting on pitlane, in the air conditioned sun. Please remember, this is our first event back. We have all of our rules and procedures in writing, but, they are untested. We know there may be issues. There are a lot of rules that we have to go by, tracks, city, states, CDC, our insurence company, COTAs insurence company, Bob down in facilities, and probably some thing else. We will be adapting as we go. If you need to yell as anyone, please find me. I am the media and marketing guys. Nobody cares about me. I am the best guy to yell at. But stop when I curl up in the fetal position. You can find me onsite. This is me. The cool looking guy. I also like to hug.
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    I found the perfect use of a oil pan with a window in it. Works perfect to get my pickup setup dialed in.
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    Hummmm I cannot instruct 44 years of metal forming experience into a thread on the internet but I will give a couple of tips # 1 put it back on the car # 2 know that the stretching of one area has to come from another. # 3 as mender just said spacing the fender out may be all you need. Also look for videos on YouTube of people rolling fenders using like a bat and the wheel tire to get more clearance. But most of all #1.
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    More rain, some indoor work on engine prep for car #2, set to debut @ PBIR Seals/timing belt/waterpump starting to go back together.
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    We did some testing laps this past week and are very pleased with our results. We took the car to Gingerman for two different test nights. The first was on set of RS4s that we had around 10 race hours on and the second was with a set of tires that had only been used for one test day last year. We added spring rubbers to our factory cut springs to increase spring rate, tuned the new engine to run better at race temps, and added a fuel flow gauge to get a better handle on our fuel consumption. It was 75 degrees on the first test night and we managed to run 1:50's most of the evening with my fastest time being 1:50.00. My quickest lap during the race last year was a 1:51.1, so I was very happy with the new time on old tires. Alex and I went back Monday night for another test with an air temp around 90 degrees and lots of sunshine. This time we put on a set of RS4s that had only been used for a test day. Alex was in the first run group and I ran in the second so we would do quick driver changes in the pits between sessions. Our lap times in the first session continued to be in the 1:50's with a track temp the same as the surface of the sun. As the evening went on and the sun started to go down the times just kept dropping. Alex finished the day with a 1:48.4 with the sun just starting to go below the horizon. We didn't have enough fuel to run the last session but I feel I could have been close to his time or faster. I Managed a 1:49.4 to beet his previous session time of a 1:49.5 about an hour before he ran his 1:48. So when it was all said and done Alex ended up improving 2.1 seconds over his best lap time last year and I improved 1.7 seconds over my best time last year. I'm excited to get Chris in the car since he was our fastest driver last year with a 1:49.7 to see how much time he can take off. To sum things up, the car ran great! We're running RedLine 30 weight race oil and didn't see oil temps over 265 in 90 degree weather. The tune seemed to improve the overall driveability of the car. It now pulling all the way to red line and doesn't pulling as much timing at race temps letting the engine run cooler. Our fuel flow sensor worked great as long as you enter the correct amount of fuel you put in the tank 😒. We ran out of fuel just after crossing the start finish line and just coasted into the pit lane with the engine no longer running. The fuel flow meter said we had 1.0 gallons left at that time. I figured I calculated incorrectly when added fuel to a tank that already had some fuel in it (didn't feel like taking my shoes off after I ran out of fingers when calculating). With the tank for sure empty, we added 10 gallons, ran it on track down to .2 gallons on the gauge and didn't run out. It's looking like we have a full driver line up for Gingerman, but still need 3 drivers for Indy and 2 for Road America. I posted a quick video of Alex starting his first flying lap of the night on Monday.
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    Despite the continuous rain, another decent Monday Today, for the first time, we assembled a full size mock driveline
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    It's official COTA is opening up for business on June 3. The ChampCar event is a go! Please let's get teams signed up and paid in full. Covid-19 procedures are being approved by the track and will be added to the supps next week.
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    Unless its a camaro.... or maybe now a vette. 🤷‍♂️
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    Any special rulings, free parts, 2 point parts, etc.... we should know about?
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    We don't have that info yet. I am working on some behind the scene electronic/web based solutions to some of the things we do at the tracks that could assist with social distancing and reducing the footprint of our social impact at the track. As most of you know, as soon as i get info, i pass it onto you via mutiple outlets.
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    And what are you going to use for the floor pan ? You cannot replace something and then use the part you removed, that is not re-purposing . Re-purposing is using things taken off the car that you no longer need , and for no point add , the process must be documented to prove where it came from and how it was converted to what you are using it for now.
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    Another shakedown test at Gingerman on Saturday. It started off bad, real bad, with a big oil spray and brief flash of (self extinguishing) fire. Caused by an insufficiently tightened oil filter (or defective filter gasket, but probably human error). After some time cleaning the car things were great. We ran almost 2h30min over the next 5 sessions with no issues. The “things to change/fix list” is quite small. Speed is up from last year, looking forward to the Gingerman race in August. Planning to put some fresh paint on her before Nelson Ledges
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    I'm a big fan of the Nine Lives wing we installed. We picked up 8 seconds a lap at VIR with it...YMMV. The increased stability under braking was huge for us and we could run the climbing esses with 15 more mph. Being a MR drivetrain the car was super unstable under heavy braking and high speed cornering before. Now the car has a slight push in sweepers around 95-100+ mph, but we want that. Makes the car much easier to drive. It's loose enough in the slow corners and then slight push in the high speed stuff. Super fun and confidence inspiring. Now we get to concentrate on reducing drag with the rest of the car to help our fuel mileage. We've got a pretty flat floor using a front under tray and the stock floor pan. We have another cover for the rear 3rd of the car, but we haven't installed it yet. I think the first thing we need to address is the tires being out in the airflow. We need to modify the front bumper sides and rockers to cover the bottom half of the tires better. I would love to take this thing to Johnny and CFD it someday. Aerodynamics is fascinating and it's amazing from a driver's perspective when you start to understand some of the basics.
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    Friday Test and Tune - Run by Nelson Ledges Friday practice will be from 9:00am till noon (1 hour lunch break), 1:00pm till 5pm. Cost is $250 per team (unlimited drivers). Payment will be at the gate. A two hour session in both am and pm, for fuel calculation. Arrival on Thursday evening is recommended. Signup and pay at the track. No 1/2 day pricing.
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    ...to go faster. There was good close racing in this series back when the cars were slower. All the lobbying that teams have done over the years to get the things they "need" hasn't made the racing better (and certainly more expensive) IMO. Anyway, I'm just saying that the LSD is a performance only device and isn't necessary for anyone. Cars would be cheaper, easier to tech, and I suspect it would narrow the gap between the top team and the average team without them. I know it's a dead-end argument, so I'm not going to keep defending it, just planting seeds.
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    There is a specific strain relief option that we use where appropriate. If you want them with this feature, we can get them for you. This is typically on harnesses that will see full booting at every connection and DR25 or similar sleeving. In general, harnessing at the ChampCar / budget level omits this extra feature for cost savings. Backshells also exist. It's worth noting that the sealing system itself on DTM, DT, DTP connectors provides retention and strain relief compared to spade or ring connections for example. Due to the seal, the wire exits the connector body several mm rearwards of the crimp zone itself, thereby ensuring the crimp zone will not see sharp bends or extreme stress. Regardless of the connector design, harness design and layout is critical. I've seen top dollar harnesses make a sharp 90 out of a connector zone putting unnecessary stress on the connector. I've seen low dollar harnesses with near perfect layout that will ensure years of good service. Wiring is a place where skill, patience, and good design can easily out last better materials without good design & good crimps.
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    In 2014 Chumpcar Canada tech told me I couldn't race a car that was wired using "Marrettes". I got this translated to English, and told them it didn't say anything in the rule book. I went on to win that 14 hour race with no wiring issues. Amazing!
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    Went out to a test day at Gingerman yesterday. I consider a test day to be good if problems arise and now we have a list of fixes and changes and additions before Nelson Ledges. It was good test day.
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    You are correct you don't stop ,as I read through this I find not a scrap of truth. I do not know where you dream this stuff up.
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    I thought the whole reason for the interpretation desk was to eliminate "secret" rulings.
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    I do understand the thought process here, but that ruling seems to go against the bccr.
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    That's all? You must work more efficiently than I do.
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    C3 can have any swap up to 435 hp (460 hp by the literature) for 50 points. I would use an LFX engine, now legal since the Equinox got added this year (somebody wanted more GM engine options obviously). About 200 lbs lighter than a SBC, direct injection, pretty cheap and can be tuned to get 290 whp. Shipping weight on a '68 is 3055 lbs so 2600 race weight with the V6 should be doable. Fuel tank is decent sized at 24 gallons for the '78+. It uses a full frame so no 10 point tubular subframe option. 2600 lbs with 290 whp and 24 gallons. Front/rear weight distribution should be about 45/55 with the V6, big brakes, lots of room for tires, etc, etc, etc. Basically a high-powered Fiero with 24 gallons of fuel.
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    Oh Man, I rarely pitch in on these, but why not... Picked up an NA8 subframe to replace the NA6 that doesnt have the braces, painted it (bc i like wasting time and money) and swapped everything over to the newer SF - ready for install, almost. Need to replace a diff seal I am waiting to arrive. Head shielded (DEI adhesive backed shielding) the fuel tank above the exhaust - swapped that out from an NA6 to NA8 size - ready to go back in Ripped out the old fabric style heat shielding in the tunnel that was falling apart to be replaced by the same DEI shielding - that will be installed hopefully tonight. Pulled out the NA trans that was a little tired, for a better condition NB trans, pulled the clutch/flywheel to put what we had in the previous car - ready to reinstall Put the wrong intake mani gasket on and had a massive vacuum leak, ripped it all apart again (after a head refresh) and its all ready to go back together. Hoping to test in a couple-few weeks and maybe make it to the Willow Springs race in 3 weeks.
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    It's like you have people coming South who you hope will help wrap things up on the car and don't know that they will be very useful if its a million degrees in the garage...
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    Engineer it to work your cool shirt 🤩 Edit Oh crap, just figured out how to do it without spinning the compressor to death, AND helping decel... compressor relay wired to brake lights
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    Yesterday we received the sad news that the 2020 CCES round at Watkins Glen has been cancelled. Whilst we appreciate the sense of this decision, it is still disappointing to wait another few weeks for the re-start of the racing season, especially as we at HJ were planning on attending. Nevertheless, we are excited to bring the ChampCar community a virtual event in place of the scheduled round, and hope that all competitors will enjoy another exciting iRacing event at this great venue. Please see all details below and feel free to reach out with any questions on the Discord. Important Information As we continue to review and refine our format for hosting these special events, please see the change summary below Despite the warm praise and high regard in which it is held by tens of iRacers, we bid farewell to the Pontiac Solstice and welcome back the Mazda Miata as the third class. However, in deference to the ChampCar tradition of promoting the unusual, this will be the "Roadster" version of the NC. The Mustang and Jetta used at Charlotte will return for the other two classes. We will be using the "Boot" config of WGI in alignment with that CCES would have been running this weekend The incident limit before the first drive-through penalty has been brought back to 35x to account for the shorter overall race distance, but you will still need to be careful on the exit of the bus-stop to avoid the dreaded 1x There are two fast repairs available (one fewer than Charlotte), but as this is a less mechanically punishing circuit than those concrete confines and so we hope the incident count will be lower We will still have manually-thrown FCYs available to the stewarding team to use if they see fit Please see the points thread for the current standings; please note that all classes available for the event are eligible for the same points, and that it may be of benefit to compete in a less popular class if you want to score a better finish Team Registration Please reply to this thread in the following format: Team Name: Car Number: Class: Drivers: In addition, we are collecting information for use by our broadcasting crew on individual teams and drivers, so that we can be more informed when we talk about you on the stream! Please fill in the below form so that we can link your information to your team entry and make sure we know who you are! https://forms.gle/F7TbrQGXunFqkPWm6 Session Details Date: 23-May-2020 Classes: Ford Mustang, Volkswagen Jetta, Mazda Miata NC Roadster Track: Watkins Glen International - Boot Practice Start: 9:00am (ET) Qualifying Start: 9:45am (ET) - Solo Qualifying, 4 laps Race Start: 10:00am (ET) Race Finish: 5:00pm (ET) Maximum stint time: 2 hours In-Sim Race Date: Saturday, 23-May-2020 In-Sim Race Start Time: 9:00am In-Sim Time Multiplier: 1x Weather: Auto-generated Setup: Open Fast Repairs: 2 Incident Limit Penalty Threshold: 35x/10x thereafter Full Course Cautions: Manual Control Enabled License Restriction: D/2.0 Useful Links Discord Server Guide to iRacing and Hardware How to enter iRacing Team Events How to create your own iRacing paints iRacing Tips and Resources
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    Hey racers, We've been given the go ahead for our June 12th lapping day, if that's any help. I know the regulations might be a little different for actual racing however if they don't allow spectators I'm not sure why your race weekend couldn't go ahead. By now I would imagine you all would stand on your heads if that meant you could get out racing, so continued social distancing shouldn't be an issue 😂
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    FWIW, I like the ruling, assuming any aftermarket diff for 25pts is what it actually is. No factory LSD option for our transaxle. If we do decide to get a diff, probably cheaper to go aftermarket vs finding a Type R transaxle or tracking down an actual Type R diff and then trying to modify it to work in an LS trans.
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    Make that 2, but you knew that because we are fuel heavy.
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    You are not initial client base (nor current client base, really). I am initial client base and I don't feel alienated.
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    I entered the race to be sure I had a spot. Only thing is you have to pay the $250 deposit. It’ll work out in the end but I didn’t want to risk not getting a spot.
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    So easy to crimp and assemble. Easier to disconnect if necessary. Waterproof for corrosion resistance.
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    Thanks Bill. This was going to be our first race. Hopefully it will make it back on the schedule.
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    You can usually have up to around 100 modules on a CAN bus, so i'm guessing you're fine But yes, more than 2x 120 ohm terminating resistors could cause issues.
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