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    Guys we are not waiting. We are implementing a possible solution starting at NCM. Let's see how it goes. If it doesn't get the job done, we will take further action.
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    OK, guys, I'm not going to make any more posts on this for a while, but this is an update from Mike C. We are going to to split the scoring at NCM. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I do know that EC cars will still be timed, but will not show up in one version of the standings. Since we are not sure how this will work, We can't promise anything additional at this point. That is only a few weeks away so let's see how it goes. EC cars not on the VPI list will not be allowed to run with us starting in 2020. I'd forgotten the Board already decided this previously. So that problem will take care of itself soon.
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    Why do EC cars want to beat up on cars following the rules? Simply go to the Sahlens Racing Facebook page where they mention "winning" the Watkins Glen race with their Salt car. Ain't they something, they WON!!!! I've had it and I won't let this die. Mike S, how about starting 10 laps down? Can you easily add ten? Because that would do it almost anywhere. These "winners" are a sham and it hurts our actual winners.
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    It’s not ok that someone running with Champcar suggested that you run Lemons. We need you in Champ races, thats where we hope you sign up and where we hope you spend your racing budget. The fast guys will figure out how to get around you until you get up to speed so don’t take the advice. If the fast guys can’t figure out how to get around you safely, then they aren’t the fast guys.
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    OK… Due to popular demand, I have done the following with the new BCCR… 1. Update includes red text and yellow highlight where the change was made. Change noted in change log. 2. Update disclosed in three forums on the CCES forum - General / BCCR Tech / Tech 3. Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter updated 4. A mass notification email was sent - After 5-days, the email will be resent to non-openers of the first email. There should be no complaining that they did not receive the update. Did I do everything right?
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    Billy Sahlen posted this on one of Tuttle's Facebook posts. This is what we are talking about. Say what you will about Tuttle, but they overcame the shame of their actions, fought back for years legally and fairly and they finally win. And this gets dumped on their Facebook page: "Billy Sahlen Actually if you want to get technical salt won both days. Just not acknowledged as such. My goal is to ensure this never happens again. Ever.
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    There are many teams who happen to have cars which fall into EC, but keep running ChampCar because the events/tracks/quality of racing are better than our competing series. It’s easier/cheaper/more fun for these teams to keep running the car they have, than to build a new car to fit the rules. These teams should still be welcomed and I don’t think an entry cap of any kind is appropriate. As far I see it, the only problem with EC cars is that they muck up timing and scoring, so I am a proponent of -100 laps and no other changes relating to EC.
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    This was my first Champ race. Have had a comp lic. for nearly 30 years and have raced SCCA club to Rolex GT. I went into this weekend with some deep concerns about driving W2W with some drivers that had maybe never turned a wheel on track before. I'm very happy to say that my fears were unwarranted and the level of driving was for the most part terrific. There were guys that were very obviously just getting there feet wet but they knew it, and they were very heads up and on the ball. Of coarse there were a few that thought that the race was being live streamed to the Ferrari garage in Monaco but there is a certain amount of that to be expected... We started at the back both days and I had a ball racing through the pack to a top 10 both days. I was in the #601 black and white Boxster with R3Racing. Thanks to the team and my co-drivers and all of you for a great time. Most of all thanks to Champcar for Making it happen. I'll be back for sure!
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    When even the broadcast team can't keep EC straight vs ABCD, you know there's a problem. The classing and scoring is incredibly counterintuitive to the uninitiated. I spent 20 minutes last night trying to explain to my dad why I took home the big trophy at Watkins Glen instead of the Cayman, even thought the Cayman "won". He thought EC was just the next engine size up from D. EC should be called what it is, an Exhibition Class, and timed and scored separately from the cars running to the 500pt rules. It was only when I started calling the Cayman "Exhibition" that the difference clicked, and it made sense to him why I got the big trophy and the Cayman didn't. Also, +1 for the 100 lap policy
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    I'll attempt to get this thread back on topic by posting about our race weekend! We got to the track nice and early so that we could get through Tech first and this was our only real hiccup over the whole weekend. I was informed we didn't have the correct roll bar padding for helmet to bar contact so I scooted over to GWR (whom I have never met) and they allowed me to pull some of their roll bar padding from the passenger side bars to get through Tech. So, first I have to publicly thank them for that! A slight misinterpretation of the battery box rule found me heading to WalMart for a battery box (thank God you Yanks do everything on a massive scale!) and that got us through Tech nicely. Thanks to Jay for offering to debate me on other issues as I love a good argument and he was awesome and professional throughout the whole Tech procedure. Test day went absolutely perfectly and that led in to Saturday's race which is still feeling surreal. I started the race and was taking it fairly easy until there was a big shunt as a bunch of us approached the bus stop. I took evasive measures and had to pass two cars under the yellow and was subsequently penalized for this. I did my best to wave the two cars by but they just wouldn't go. I thought this would be the end of our race but with an hour to go we are being shown as P1 in A and it was down to my youngest to keep our Otter ahead of the feisty Badger. I know they had car trouble late in the race and my son was able to eke out a class win by .280s which sent us absolutely to the moon!! We knew Sunday's race could be a problem for us because of brake pad issues and the Badger sorted out their problems and were untouchable for most of the race. We were running in the top three all day and finally lost a driveshaft while leading with less than 45 minutes to go. With such a good run Saturday, this minor problem couldn't come close to taking the shine off our class win so even packing up a broken car was done with smiles. I hate to leave anyone out during my thank you's and I'll start right at the top by thanking Mike for organizing a great weekend and all his crew in Registration, Timing, Tech, Gear Tech, Pit Lane. Thanks to Jay for presenting his Tech issues professionally and with the intent on getting us on the track and not off it! Thanks to the pit lane worker with the Crank Yanker shirt (sorry, I am terrible with names!) for addressing our pit lane transgressions with a level head and a lot of humour (and for our shock/strut discussion in impound). Thanks to GWR for the roll bar padding Thanks to Dan at Constipation Racing for always helping when we need it Thanks to ShutUp Racing for helping us get the car back in the trailer (damn whippersnappers!) Thanks to the Little Speed Shop for trusting me to come back with the money! Thanks to every team that said yes when I asked for a drill bit! And thanks to our crew, Dan and Marc, who do all the stuff that I don't want to!! My final thanks is to my two boys, Richard and Randy, whom I have the absolute privilege of being teamed up with. They made me the slowest driver on our team and I couldn't be happier about that.
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    I was the third driver on @ktm300's car. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind words and for making us feel welcome at the track. Everyone I spoke to was more than willing to help out, lend tools, help us find our way, etc. I really wish we could've been a little more prepared, but as ktm said, we literally didn't have the engine running til 2am Thursday, the day we were supposed to leave. Another driver and I didn't get to Kentucky for practice until 2am local, where we got another couple hours of sleep before putting all the brake hydraulics together and taking the car for its first shakedown. I really wish we had been able to drive the 7hr on Sunday, but the 8hr was still a ton of fun for my first track/wheel to wheel experience. You all have me hooked, can't wait to be back out.
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    Seriously? Yeah I’m gonna be one of the first to sign up for a race, pay dues, get ready, request days off work, and sit by the phone to see if we get bumped? Whatever dude. Either allow it or don’t. Eff this noise about bumping teams after the fact that also help CC pay the bills. Gimme 100 laps as EC or make me stay within class and eat the points over 500. Fine. But I’m not gonna “eh wait and see”. You guys say this like you forget what goes into making a race weekend.
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    I went to Race Hero directly and asked them if we could run 2 events simultaneously at the same track, using the same T&S loop. Here is the answer: Yes. Create two events in Orbits, set them up how you like with each race having (the EC or ChampCar) cars muted. Then backup and restore into your second Orbits. Have two copies of the RaceHero Relay, one connected to each, and broadcast accordingly. On RaceHero you’ll see two events, each broadcasting only the race you care about. BAM! Done.
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    This is my fault. I try not to put cameras into EC cars unless it is late in the race and it is hard for me to quickly find a car to put a camera is as cameras go down. As some of you know, I did not show up to the race until the green flag Saturday morning as I had to attend my son's high school graduation. I enlisted the help of a ChampCar employee that shall remain nameless as he is my boss. He was having some major issues with getting one of the cameras set up. It was an issue that if he had more experience with them, he would have sorted it out. But the race start was quickly approaching, he just threw the other camera in the nearest car, which was the EC car from Sahlens. This won't happen again, and I apologize for the mistake of one of my helpers. I will be writing up the individual and will send him to remedial camera installation training within the next few weeks.
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    The last thing I can find from the Board, in summary form: The ChampCar Endurance Series provides its members with a fun, affordable and competitive entry level road racing experience at the most iconic circuits across the US. I won't get Dee Dee's vote next time, but I'm still going to address what I said I would. These are my opinions, not speaking for anyone else. EC class IMO primarily affects the affordable aspect of the mission statement and secondarily, the competitive aspect. Here is why. We have members wanting to be competitive or at the top of the leaderboard, even in this thread, debating whether to bring or build an EC car vs. a classed car. Let's say we change nothing. At many races, EC will not be an issue, as it is not today, but at the high speed, high demand tracks-Daytona, WGI, Road Atlanta, Indianapolis, VIR and Road America, EC will likely continue to grow and those teams will more and more dominate the leaderboard. Teams making decisions on which way to go will consider building an EC car. But EC is unregulated, so it turns into an arms race, with top times dropping by many seconds year over year as teams throw more and more money at their cars. Again, these are all my opinions, but I think that's part of the issue with some of the other series. Runaway spending, downward rocketing lap times (2:02 at WGI, as an example) and more and more trophies bought with money than with ingenuity. That turns away average Joes who look for another series to run in. I do not want Champcar to become THAT. So EC is fine, but start many laps down or are not listed with the qualified teams, and let's go have fun. It might hurt EC entries, but will protect the integrity of the series.
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    I look at ec as a way to come out and play. I do not understand the mentality of taking a non legal car and trying to see how you stack up against legal cars. Just do the minus 100 laps. It's easy. If you don't like it, follow the damn rules. If you don't wanna follow the rules, you don't get the benefits.
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    What part of "the car could be 510 points, or 1000 points" is a "level playing field"? Either calculate your points and be classed ABCD, AND take laps according, or be EC, and take 100 laps. It only makes sense. If you don't want to follow the rules, why should you get to be on the leaderboard?
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    Kudos to Tyler for bringing in The Tire Rack. unreal. They are giving away tires at a lot of races, and they do help us as an org expand our reach in other ways, such as offering a better broadcast to racing at new tracks where we don't get a large turnout. On a side note, we are upping the awards for results to the top five next season. If you have to go to tech, you should get something. We also are substantially increasing the awards for 1st-3rd in 2020. Finally, we are going to be banking some of the revenue. When that next recession hits, to have some money put away will help ensure the survival of the club through the downturn. Think of more sponsorship income as an insurance policy or a rainy day fund on the future economy.
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    NCM was the first wheel to wheel race for our team. One of our drivers had done some road racing 15 years ago but in general we are all autox folks. The car was a beat up 1989 Civic DX 2 door hatch with a ZC swap might have made 125 hp at the crank. 14 days out the car didn't have a working motor or rear brakes and the wiring was fubar. I drove the first stint. Somebody blew up their car on the warm up laps so I got several extra looks at the track while that was getting taken care of. When the race finally started I was pretty calm. We had a reasonably fast car in the turns, but a really slow car on the straights. I got passed by 5 cars on lap 1 and another 10 cars by lap 2. We made a couple of short stops to look at a check engine light and by lap 9 we were in position 45 out of the 51 cars that started the race. By the end of my stint on lap 27 we were back up to 37th. Mike got in the car and drove it quite a bit faster than I had been. He worked his way up to 30th by lap 51 when he had to come in for gas as the car was cutting out. He went back out and did our fastest lap of the race (2:39.909) on lap 53. He worked his way up to 28th by the end of his stint. Cameron got in the car and after the fuel stop was in 29th position. Cameron drove until lap 94 and up to 25th position. His fast lap time was 2:40.558. Brian got in the car and after the fuel stop in 26th position. Brian drove until lap 123 and up to 20th position. Brian's fast lap time was 2:43.947. I got back in the car on lap 124 in 25th position after the fuel stop. I drove until there were about 4 minutes left in the race. At that point my fastest lap time was a 2:46.176. While heading into turn 10 the brake pedal hit the floor and didn't do a whole lot. I was very happy with the runoff in that turn. I pulled off into the grass but didn't want to cause a caution that late so I limped into the pits and headed back to the garage. Our day was over at that point. We were in 23rd position and even missing the last two laps we were far enough ahead of 24th to end up in 23rd position. The car turns like nothing I had ever driven before but was way down on power to be competitive. Our fast lap time was 42nd overall so we punched pretty far above our weight class bringing the car home in 23rd. We found the issue. It was a failed wheel bearing and a broken axle. The axle we had been given as a spare with the car wasn't correct and nobody in town had one so our race was over. We just didn't have time to do the detail work on the car, to verify all the spares etc. I was pretty happy with the way other cars worked around us. A few times it was pretty tight but as far as I know we didn't hit anything or anybody. I did something pretty stupid in my first stint. I was so focused on passing a car I had been chasing for 30 minutes I missed a yellow flag and passed that car and one other one under yellow. I finally looked up and saw the yellow and knew I messed up. I payed a lot more attention to the flag stations after that. To the guy that suggested we go run Lemons I understood it. We were not up to the speed of the other cars on the track and the car was pretty ugly. It was our first time and I didn't understand the level of racing that was going on. We will do better next time.
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    Actually, I suggested your original message was getting diluted. Not that you were trying too much. Big difference. (assuming you meant me). Just because I'm not posting on the forums daily or hourly doesn't make me any less passionate about this series. EC presents its problems and running them out of the series is not the solution. Of course you know that. We had that discussion in the BoD emails. I'm all in favor of a 1000 lap penalty to keep the EC cars together. I am NOT in favor of trying to run two races on race hero/race monitor. That's extra administrative functions we don't need for a class that isn't eligible for an overall win.
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    @jer. Your participation and efforts to communicate are appreciated beyond your imagination. Thank you again!!!
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    Money should not buy you special treatment, either good or bad.
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    Here's another thought. When I first raced, I couldn't believe I was finally going to do what I have dreamt of doing for so long. For years I had watched almost any form of racing I could, and now suddenly, I had the unbelievable opportunity to race a car, around a real racetrack, against other like-minded guys/gals for a relatively low cost. You couldn't break my smile for weeks after, and I just yearned for more and more. I didn't race with a really competitive team. Most of the time, the team was just happy to be out there, trying to keep the shiny side up, trying not to hurt ourselves or others, and praying the car would make it to the end. While I have great memories of battling a few like cars and learning along the way, I realized that in endurance racing with dissimilar cars, I was racing my fellow teammates for the FTD, trying to be competitive in our class, and trying really hard to bring the car home (as fast as it would let me). And, I loved every minute of it. I recently read that only 1% of the members of Champ are active on the Forum. Those 1% are constantly debating the merits of this or that, scrutinizing cars, tracks, and drivers, or just enjoying the camaraderie. But those 1% are the stewards of all of our endeavors, and the endeavors of those, like all of us, who have the passion. Let's all be aware and cognizant that decisions being affected or made through the medium of this forum are affecting the 99%, AND those out there that have yet to have their first race. I think that Champcar is at a crossroads, I just hope that the future guy/gal who has been watching for too long, can have the same life changing opportunity that I had. Ken
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    The series may not but as a board member you must admit most of your racers/customers do. Almost everyone that posts race recaps include their class position. A few members continuously dismiss the classes but largely, people like them and everyone pays attention to where they are in class as well as overall during the race.
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    We are not WRL and won't ever be. We will not be class racing until you replace the entire Board and CEO with people wanting class racing as the focus. Currently not one Board member is in favor of this that I know of. We have defined our series as a single race, and although some prefer class racing, most do not. This is what makes our series unique. Sorry, not sorry.
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    Guys Mike C is looking into a solution as discussed, he was on this way before you all. Mike S, I like your solution of classifying qualified cars together, that could be what is shown in the broadcast and talked about, as well as used to determine the leader. Those looking to see where they are "in class" (A-D) could still count down. But anyone clicking on results after the fact would still assume some car way overbuilt for the rules won in retrospect. Frankly, it bothers me to see EC cars listed 1, 2 and 3 when none of them should be listed as winners in the final results. I still prefer the 100, 500 or whatever lap penalty and make those poor EC owners add 100 to the lap count. That doesn't seem very hard to do. If those teams are trying to sell they "won a race" to sponsors and ride buyers, they are lying anyway. Normally I'm not this opinionated, but EC has taken on a life of it's own recently and some action needs to be taken to be fair to the teams playing by the rules. And no, I'm certain the Board would never take the step of not tracking EC laps/times.
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    They get picked up as the leader in yellow flag situations, that can totally ruin a race for the teams that are actually racing.
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    I had a great experience with most at WGI and the huge drafts attributed to my fast laps. It's also fun passing a Cayman in a crapbox. MCM drives a wide car which was frustrating at times. The drivers also seem to skew better and I think that overall helps the series with it's goal. There may be arguments of danger due to speed, but off hand I don't recall many incidents caused by an EC car. That said, I think the series needs to stop the extreme coverage of the EC cars in broadcasts and even results. Most of the top 10 we're EC cars and it takes away from the others who are racing with the rules. Sold out races, EC gets bumped.
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    So near the end of Sundays race I was sitting inside with a driver from the HoChunk Jeep and would like to share some comments as I was just a listener, a couple of other teams adding to conversation as well as Jay( National Tech). The driver of the EC team said look we won the race!!!!! He was all pumped up and then he was told how so your EC and aren't even in the race. He replied well the results show we turned the most laps and shows we are first and in my book that means we won. Jay looked over and said no not really in our org you did not win and you might just keep it quite as 111 won the race. Long and short is EC still thinks they are in the race and turning the most laps wins. I walked away and left the discussion as I had nothing good to add and just wanted to share the mind set.
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    Uh... Nick... Richard.... can I talk to you for a minute please? Go work on your own damn cars and stop giving this guy a hard time. Just because somebody does something not specifically listed in the rules doesn't mean they are changing the direction of the series. Likewise, when there is an incident, it doesn't mean it was intentional and directed at you. We are racing. Incidents happen (to be honest I would be pissed if somebody pointed me by and still turned in). People push the rulebook. Go have a 5 minute time out and see if you can come back a little more constructive.
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    ETR, the goal of our rule set is to ensure that everyone can compete for the overall. The VPI table and costs of add ons is supposed to make different builds competitive. How you use your points is up to you. We are not going to emphasize class racing. I know a lot of people want that, but more do not. So no WRL, no AER, no Lucky Dog. We are Champcar and we are a bit unique in that aspect. Thanks!
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    This won't happen. Once registered, we are not going through the process of deregistering people. So no worries there.
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    ^^^^ I like this. just add 100 laps to all EC cars. That way they can still compete with each other!
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    My Opinion.... They should be limited to cars that are on our list of cars that are legal to race in our series, that are built well beyond 500 points. They should be limited to a maximum point value. (this would take some thought and discussion with the board and the TAC to determine a reasonable limit) They should not show in the standings on Race Monitor/Hero. They should not be in the results. They should not be part of the broadcast.
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    Yellow car is 100% at fault as they actually initiated the contact. At first I thought he may have misjudged clearing the camera car but then I noticed his hand was out the window and he actually swerved at the camera car and initiated the contact. This driver should honestly get a couple race ban from the series. There is NO place for that. Deliberate contact should be met with immediate consequences. All that being said the driver of the camera car was out there driving their own race. I watched the longer video and i don't think they checked their mirrors once. That is dangerous and frustrating but no excuse for deliberately hitting someone.
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    This is going to annoy many when a EC car goes boasting all over social media about their win @ INDY We really need to hand out some +1000 laps for EC here in 2 weeks... Done being played the fool trying like heck to podium/cater to sponsors based on finishing position with a non EC car.
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    From the desk of ChampCar Event Director Mike Chisek "As our first Indianapolis Motor Speedway event approaches, ChampCar has been in close contact with Indy management though a series of conference calls. Many of the finer details get worked out after each call to help make this large event go smoothly. Recently the subject of our course configuration came up and I sought the input of Indy officials. While we, of our own accord, initially intended to run the Moto GP course in a clockwise configuration (Moto GP runs this course counter-clockwise), Indy strongly reccomended that we run the Indy GP course instead. While they by no means mandated the configuration we use next month, I have great respect for their experience and wisdom in this subject. As a result of their input, I have edited the course configuration we will use for our Double 10 event to mimic the T1 and T13 that Indy GP uses. I apologize to any who are disappointed in the change, but it is our intention to provide a safe event for all in attendance and ChampCar management is in agreement with this suggestion by Indianapolis officials." Before the bridge, Back Straight - If you touch the grass, you get black flagged. After the bridge, we will have cones to push cars drivers right (just like in the SCCA Run-Off video that R3R posted). If you get in the red zone, you will be black flagged.
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    I Wish you would share who told you that, so I could NOT vote for that person if they try to be re-elected
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    <>Just a reminder airdams start at the bottom of the riginal location of the oe bumper. Anything above it, i.e. covering the oe bumper is going to cost you points, not many, because it is not a ton of square feet, but that extra strip can make a big difference on some cars so it can't be free. Tech has to interpret existing rules so that they do not give a specific vehicle an unfair advantage. </><note from CEO Mike Chisek - The above paragraph has been redacted. There was a misunderstanding between tech and management as to the interpretation of the air dam rule.>
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    No, No, No, Please dear god NO. Before we go off on this tangent of complicated new "classes" or rules, lets focus on improving what we already have by actually FOLLOWING our existing rules, by properly and clearly COMMUNICATING with our customers/members, and by improving the accuracy of our data within our current rule set. 2.2.2 = I assume champcar determined that the cayman and myriad of e46m3's allowed in ec arent "excessively superior" to standard champcars? 2.2.4 = I assume these are the rules listed in 2.1? Does a GT4 Cayman cup car meet rule 2.2.1? Champcar should have enough on the plate already, what with digital tech and swap sheets, improving statistical tracking of VPI's, TCV's, and scoring, Champcar Live, trying to continually "resuscitate" the western regions, etc. Adding a complicated new classing system is not going to be a good business move IMO. Stick to what we know. Go back and assess the previous EC allowances and consider being more judicial with what meets rule 2.2.2, particularly in sold out east cost events or tracks where higher closing speeds can be achieved by cars with more power/wt than is normal in champcar. Put that time and energy into improving communication with members on current rules - keep everyone in the loop if a new car or new part shows up at a race and a ruling is issued. Keep up the improvements to champcar live, and keep up with race monitor/race hero. Things are going in the right direction, lets not jump off the rails.
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    1) It removes EC from the actual ChampCar race for the "overall" win 2) It creates a place to monitor the EC car race, without applying negative laps 3) It allows ChampCar media to easily display a leader-board without EC included 4) It helps those who are challenged by math 5) It gives the complainers something else to complain about
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    the idea of an EC class where there are basically no rules competing with the field is absurd.
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    Why can't an EC team add the correction factor of laps to see where they'd be amongst the field? We all can do easy math, doesnt seem that hard, what am I missing? No need to run a seperate timing and scoring event, that seems cumbersome and unnecessary. Just list their classification at the bottom (accomplished by admin.....apply a correction factor of 1000 ). The argument that a handful of EC renters now have to be explained why their team had a 1000 lap penalty seems much more simple and easy than the majority (70+ teams) that have to explain to their renters, fans, sponsors (Will's case GWR) why they finished where they did despite a handful of non-competing "competing" cars all mixed in. Silly! I always thought the purpose of EC was to be inclusive of cars that didnt quite fit the existing rules, and allow them to share the track with us, but not to interfere/challenge with the competing class conforming cars. They understand that I'm sure. Do EC cars really run to win the Overall against Handicapped cars? Doubtful.
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    I assumed most EC cars are built to the owner's desires, and don't fit into our ruleset but still want to go racing despite knowing they can't win. What you are basically saying, if I read your post correctly, is they DO want to "win", can't do so with in the rules, so this is an easy out to bragging rights and fame with sponsors. Please correct me if I'm wrong. If we cater to those teams who don't want to or can't follow the rules, what does that say to the 90% of teams who do?
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    EC cars help pay the bills, period. Being inclusive vs. exclusive is how the series has been become popular and successful. As @Jamie pointed out in the other thread the west coast cannot afford to push anyone else away. The series has been begging the cars that converted to LD rules to come back and race EC. Excluding them ends that. Minus 100 laps probably ends that as well. Just put yourself in their shoes, you wouldn't like it and wouldn't think it's fair. Thus, you looking elsewhere to race. If we wanna force everyone to take their full points, that's a discussion to have. (What do we do with cars over their fuel limit, force them to displace or not run?) If we wanna limit EC cars at certain races that's a discussion to have. If we wanna ban EC cars at certain races that's a discussion to have. (Keep in mind, Indy is not the norm and we can't go changing series rules for a single race just because you wanna race it) The only other race I could see banning EC cars is the National Championship. But in general, I don't think its a good idea. There's a ton of options but I personally don't see a problem with the EC cars and don't really think anything is wrong. We know we aren't racing them, maybe others need to figure that out too.
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    Hi All, Apologies for the long text here. Nigel here from Red Cow(Camera car). Just signed up to the forum moments ago as I was just recently made aware of this being posted on the champcar forum so decided I should probably comment on the whole incident. I think our team captain put it up there to show everyone what “actually” happened from the view of our car out there in the unfortunate incident. This was probably done with good intent to avoid any “Pit Talk” about the whole accident for folks who receive info 3rd hand. Firstly, Wow what a weekend at the Glen! Fantastic exciting racing and many thanks to Mike and all the Champcar staff who bust their ass to run this wonderful race series that we are all privileged to race in. There is no better place to be than racing in this series and having a few beers at the end of the day and hanging with fellow racers. The comradery is unmatched anywhere else in the racing world and this is what makes our awesome series so special… So where to begin…. Well I have to say there are some fantastic cars and drivers out there that make this an extremely competitive and fun series to be a part of which is why I’ve been doing it for many years now.. I had a blast on the weekend racing against fellow drivers and had the pleasure of also racing with some folks that put up some fantastic driving battles as we were all jostling for position.. Excellent stuff!!!… And to McKibbons Bio1 driver.. I’m smiling today reminiscing the tight race we had and still chuckling about the massive sideways drift through turn #1 you had and miraculously recovered(We have video of that if you want 😊). Top notch and two thumbs up from me there!! lol The accident itself to me I’m still not sure exactly what happened to be honest. We can all jump to conclusions but maybe this actually was a non-intent accident after looking at the video, I’m not 100% on any of it. In the back and forth between the two of us I thought he was just waving to say “Hi it’s me passing you again and this is fun” and maybe he lost control of the steering when he had his hand out the window. In the moment I was in a state of disbelief to what had just happened. The yellow Keltron car and I were having a fantastically fierce and competitive battles and traded positions multiple times over multiple laps. It was a heck of a lot of fun and I thought we were both having a blast as we were running at similar rates where he was quicker in some sections and I was quicker in others(And yes we had a horrible under-steer problem. Work in progrss. 🙂 ). I was checking my mirrors and knew he was there and gave him room when he was in a better position to pass(which he did on multiple occasions) and tried to stay as much on the racing line as possible in the fast and furious chaos out there.. I did not intentionally block anyone out there and if I did by accident then I apologize for that and owe you a beer!.. I don’t know or am even sure if it actually was the Keltron team or the flag station workers that highlighted Mike about the incident as to be honest it is very easy to mis-judge a split second event. It all happened so quickly and I’m just glad the guy in the yellow car was unhurt and hope the guys from yellow Keltron are able to fix their car so they can get back out racing again. I only hope there are no hard feelings between the two teams as that not what the spirit of Chump/Champ is about. Accidents will always happen when drivers are driving on the edge battling hard, adrenaline is flowing and are driving on each others bumpers. We were destined to be tangling for most of the race in my mind and I had hoped it was going to be a long, tight and enthralling battle to the end of our shifts.. Sadly and extremely unfortunately this was cut short and if there had been different circumstances where the incident never happened we would have been drinking beer at the end of the day and talking about the fantastic close fun out there. Let’s stay positive out there folks, I hope the guys from Keltron are all okay and able to “Fix er up again” and hope to see you guys again at champ in the future.. Maybe next time pop over and see us, have a beer and we can talk about all the good things that happened and put the whole unfortunate incident behind us. Cheers, Nigel
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    Huggy I know you are a engineer and want things spelled out. Most people do. The ChampCar rulebook will never do that. It is a set of rules to help teams, build a car that can be classed, balance competition at a very minimal level and to help make it a safe car - to a very minimal level. It is also a series management tool. It is not a procedural step by step Ikea build manual. It seems like many of you guys are at times upset by the effort to clarify things but only when it is your unwritten rule interpretation has been clarified. Granted the specificity of my interpretations got watered down after they left my desk. There are more specific details. The only way you are going to get more details is to open up a conversation with me. I don't have a personal agenda to make to rules fit my car like most of the forum participants. I dont have a car to race, so no dog in the fight. I just share the 19 years of racing mistakes that I have made as a team owner, driver and official in an effort to make the series better. If you ask me a question I will get you an answer. It's not my answer, but the memberships answer, adjusted by the BOD, TAC, Ray Franck and most importantly our CEO. There is a huge effort to make certain there are no more Phil rules or Phil Exceptions and there are NO more regional rules variations. I have been out West, to Texas and on the east coast and taken care of that. There is the "clarity effort" Not because it is what I want, it IS what you guys want. Keep in mind You Guys are made up of the 25 guys on the forums plus the other 4000 members that send a positive vote with their silence and their participation - in the 100's at many events. You complainers are the minority. Your opinions still matter, be confident and cut out all the approval seeking posting, and just get on with it by calling or texting me. I know that talking to me, Ray or Chisek is a more direct line. The majority will still rule but atleast your opinion will go into the note book.
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    Perhaps this increase in EC entries is an indication that ChampCar is missing part of the market and some internal reflection about how to better serve those customers should be explored? For starters you should stop discussing them like second class citizens with comments suggesting that they "aren't members" "didn't follow the rules" or that their opinions shouldn't be considered. They are certainly equal members with everyone else in this club and EC is a legitimate class in the rulebook. If CC isn't using the rules they have available to keep "too fast" cars out that is not a problem inherent to having or scoring an EC class. If you can't handle what someone comments about your race results on Facebook, then stay off Facebook. CC should also consider posting their own official results and not relying on AMB/Mylaps/Speedhive to do that, then you can sort it however you want.
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    I think we can all agree that every racing series would be better with more double Ds.....
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    FWIW I heard the announcers at the beginning of Saturday talk about how Boston Whiners won the 12hrs at Thompson in 2017. Actually, we won. Boston Whiners was EC. Not gonna lie, that kinda pissed me off. Another example of the confusion of EC not being in contention for the overall. I figured the announcers would have got that one right. Oh well.
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