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    Or wreck you trying... The 300 car did this and was still totaled- I have to agree that teams that are consistently taking out competitors at every race should be dealt with by management.
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    Paul, after talking with you at Indy, and seeing the damage to your car - and especially seeing the Connolly car from before and after the event - I was waiting for you to chime in. For many of us racing in ChampCar, 1 of the main reasons we are here is because of the affordability this series provides us. Having said that, an accident that would scrap our car would be devastating to have to start all over again. Teams such as Connolly's or Tuttle's, that obviously have bigger budgets than most of us, and have often times shown blatant disrespect for their competitors - need to be reprimanded or banned, IMHO. Yes, they enter many races, but if they total low budget teams' cars every time they race, then the series is also losing revenue - revenue that is coming from teams who the series was intentionally meant for. Paul's post says it all. If teams are looking at who's entered, and avoiding those races, it's bad for the series as a whole. Part of the reason we enter the lesser attended races is because we are not the most experienced team out there, and we could ill afford to start all over again.
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    MIke, I am with you 100% on this. We have certain teams we know have "issues" on track. We try to avoid them and do watch to see who all is entered at events before we go. At Indy that car came to pit road and looked like a $10k used car....after the first day I don't think it had a panel on it that wasn't damaged. Pair that with having to tell them multiple times to put down visors, wear gloves, etc as a pit marshal, only to have them b!@Ch me out after a stop for costing them time, I have no sympathy. Play by the rules, or get parked. I seriously like the idea of scannable tags on helmets and logging incidents for cars/drivers at events. Indy was crazy on Sunday with stupid, yes stupid, contact. This one is inexcusable and I think if I was in charge I might have just cut the driver band and said "see ya", had that system been in place. And, yes I'm ranting, this is the guy that was talking crap about the series when he came here and spouting credentials, paying a mechanic $15k and a place to live to win a freaking metal sculpture. Maybe I'm a simple minded Midwesterner, but as they say in the South, bless your heart sir, you earned it....
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    Brett, I appreciate you stopping by and saying that it was all your fault. Looking at the video, I can't blame you 100%. It looks like there may have been room to initiate the pass. What I was actually trying to do is give you enough room to back off before we both ran out of track. It's a very dangerous part of the track and I did not think that anyone with matching power would try to go 2 wide. In the end I chalk it up to a racing incident and I do not harbor any ill feelings, especially after the way you handled it. Very classy. We can both learn from it. I am just glad that I walked away from it.
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    Nope. Your driver and any driver should never move out of the racing lane to "get out of the way" of a faster car. That leads to unpredicitability and more carnage. Hold your line and be predictable, even if slow. Faster cars will find their way around you.
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    My personal opinion is that, outside of evasive maneuvers, if you attempt to pass someone off the paved racing surface then any/all damage that occurs as a result is 100% your fault.
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    For those that don't follow me on Facebook, well... I left for Gingerman yesterday. I got an hour into the 12 hour trip and that's when Tyler asked me why I was leaving a week early. Doh! I want to be at the race track sooo bad! updating the original post now with the email and pit assignments
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    I don't care if you are left, center or right, your car was traveling in a straight line. All he had to do was lift a little and pass on the right. Sometimes you get stuck behind a slower car eventually you can work around it. These are 24 hour races! This looks like someone who has spent too much time in video game simulators with damage turned off. Do you know what penalties were assessed on their driver/car by ChampCar for this incident?
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    Dude... did somebody pee in your raceseat this morning? I didn't see anybody speculating about your valuation... You followed the rules. Good. Some of us don't like the amount of spending possible in champcar at this point. That is the angst you might be feeling from some of us. It isn't directed at you. It is directed at the: #spendcreep #unfreethestuff
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    Hey friends. Another plug for the bbq. We are raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. If you have a few minutes please head over and read Sam Gigers post on our Facebook page. We have a donate button if your interested in donating. Facebook sends these donations directly to the cf foundation, a 4 star charity (the highest possible rating earned for sound fiscal management). https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=474025530057156&id=305229520270092 Please read this heartfelt story from Racebar Driver Sam "Stamp" Giger It did not take long for me to realize Anthony was a special young boy. Less than 30 seconds actually, as that's how long it took before he had me laughing and smiling. And you wouldn't know it, but this charismatic little man is battling cystic fibrosis. Perhaps it has been more than 30 seconds, but I haven't known Anthony for very long. But I already can think of a lot of words to describe Anthony. Brave, courageous, intrepid, perhaps even a bit cheeky. Though the one I personally believe to be the most accurate is fearless. To exhibit the other traits you first have to exhibit fear, and from the short time I've know him and stories I've heard about him, I haven't seen a drop of it. If you ever see him on a pair of roller blades, you would quickly understand what I mean. Some say wisdom comes from age. I'm not so certain. In the short time I've known him Anthony has taught me how to build a jet out of legos, what the best hide and seek spots are, the recipe to the perfect cheese pizza, reminded me to tell those close to us that we love them, and most of all that "impossible" is a silly word. truly believe that Anthony is only limited by the bounds of his dreams, imagination, and how fast the max velocity of his roller blades can take him there. Coming from and Racebar driver, trust me, it's FAST! And he's touching lives along the way. There's nothing more Racebar than that, as smiles are our fuel. Thank you Sam, see you all at the race! RRRrrrrAAAACCCEEBAARRRR!!!! Racebar member young Anthony "Ant-Man" will be at the party Friday evening giving high fives and handing out smiles!
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    I like the tap on the steering wheel after, it is like a "who's a good car!" tap or "thank you, we made it"
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    We've taken the position that the owner is responsible for who he lets on the track. I'm toeing the Company line here and backing Mike.
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    Good news! In french - ChampCar Endurance Séries
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    All this about the passing rules and who's got the right to be where comes down to this for me: I leave a way out and if somebody ever seems like they're going to drive like I'm not there, for whatever reason, I back out of it. Better to be right and wrecked or right, whole and planning the pass again? None of us are pros and any of us may be out there for the first time. Big consideration for me, in planning moves out there with this group. It's not a bad thing, just another element to the competition here.
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    Hey I cant emphasis how amazing everyones support was for young Anthony "Antman" Bates at this BBQ. With all of your generous support we raised over $550 in cash plus an additional $130 through facebook donations directly to the CF foundation. The money that CF foundation is raising is making a REAL difference in people lives, however the most amazing aspect of this party was the support, love, and energy spent supporting Antman. I can't even begin to thank Champcar, VIR workers @Drvred, and everyone for all of their support. Watching the live video of Antman riding in the pacecar hit me right in the feels. Here is a writeup from his mom that I've stolen from a message with her permission: It was a new experience for Anthony. Initially he was very overwhelmed with the poster and quantity of people there to support him, like someone had a pair of his dirty underwear on display. He walked up to the poster and table so gingerly, and the look on his face was like I violated his trust, I about cried and my heart was terrified I’d made a bad decision. We talked about it, there was someone there who’d gone to college with a young man who passed in his 20’s from CF, how we are doing our part not just for the benefits to him but also to everyone else fighting this battle, he worked through it and ALL of you guys and the racers pulled him in 110%. Him riding in the official champ pace car made the weekend for sure. Sooo much growth for him emotionally where CF is concerned, lots of awareness, and some funds raised too. You guys have changed our lives for the better and I can’t thank you enough. I continue to learn and grow as his mother, he continues to grow as a little dude facing some serious challenges and the support from you keeps us going! Currently being reviewed by the FDA is a medication for children ages 12+ that will allow them to live a "Normal life range" whereas his current life expectancy is 37 years old. The money we raise has contributed to this research! Thanks again for everything that all of you do. This is an amazing race, and its awesome to see it affecting the lives of others who feel special just to be a part of it. (yes I am referring to team Racebar in general) Sincerely, Jim Webb 317-691-0584 Facebook @RACEBARCAR www.racebar.net
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    Actually it was mainly bees, and a few snakes......hence why its being demolished. I dont do snakes, if a snake made its way into our house i may demolish the house too. My 10 Year old daughter loves snakes, and thinks its funny to catch them and bring them in the house to show dad. Generally i scream like a 10 year old girl and she laughs hysterically. I DONT DO SNAKES.
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    I've wrote and deleted a few posts on this and I will likely regret this one. None the less, I've thought a lot about contact in Champcar, the cause, the cause of our own contact, and how to prevent it in the future. To address an issue I think its smart to fully understand it. It seems there are many who'd rather not, and that is fine, but I took this approach and it seemed to help us. Champcar is a melting pot of drivers, cars, and teams which creates a number of different scenarios. To limit contact there are a number of things that can be done, from saying "Don't hit someone", banning certain teams, all the way to analyzing exactly why contact occurs and educating people, or some combination there-in. For example of the variability, I was passed by Good-Guys-Racing at VIR. They came up fast at night, I almost crapped myself and stayed right after T10 and just let him have his way with me. A few laps later I am gaining on Good-Guys-Racing and it appears as though its the first time they've ever been at the track and they were way off line and their driving is all over the place. In the span of a few minutes the approach to passing had to completely change, and if it didn't a podium car could have ended up on a trailer. The lack of understanding and appreciation of this variability causes contact. I've attached an image of a chart that defines how I've analyzed contact and how we can prevent it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zBZzAYcgfstO0xtxqddVmgsDB7_lxmaQ-fzgMX2mX1g/edit?usp=sharing I came from SCCA and the main source of my contact and what I've seen from other teams using rental drivers with road race experience has been in the columns No Awareness >Maintain Line, and No Awareness > Learning Track. What I failed to understand and what I believe others fail to understand is that drivers are fully entitled to run whatever line they want. Its the goal of the series to get 100% green drivers on track, and there should be zero expectation that the car being passed will adjust their line or shall be influenced by a car trying to pass them. If you have that expectation you will cause contact. In some cases it means a car will take the exact opposite line you'd expect, and in others, even being side-by-side may result in no acknowledgment from the driver being passed that you are even there. It took us three races to learn this. We got pulled from a practice day and a black flag could have cost us a win. It was clear if it happened again, that we wouldn't be welcome back to CC in the paddock, or from MikeC. We've analyzed why, and corrected our behavior and although we still drive aggressively, changes have allowed us to run clean over the last four races and we expect that to continue. It seems other teams have similar issues and more egregious. Ie: performing a pit maneuver on a car on the back straight. I think teams with experienced rental drivers need to beat their drivers over the head about the fact that drivers are entitled to use 100% of the track, regardless of it being the race line. Outside of all of this, there has recently been 2 instances (WGI and Indy) where contact has been intentional by teams. This I feel is something else entirely and should be dealt with by CC. The goal of this post is to present my analysis and understanding to help teams with issues, and perhaps frame the discussion for action to be taken. IE: Intentional contact should be harsh and swift bans. Consistent overdriving should be addressed Failure to leave margin to new drivers should be addressed (the goal is to encourage new teams, right?) *If the chart is helpful I can open it up for edits. I just threw it together this morning as a visual representation of the understanding I have come to, so there might be some refinements needed.
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    We ran at Barber in our M3 and I found the driving to be similar to champ (Outside of one team that showed up...you know who you are). We had just as much contact from other teams in WRL as we had Champ , which is not much to this point outside of a few rubs and bumps. I'm pretty sure the teams running the big money cars wont sweat losing a big money car because...they have money and they know the risk when racing like all of us should. Not to mention most of the teams in WRL with big money cars are rental operations from what I saw. [SOAPBOX] I never really get the perceived hate between the leagues from either side. All of us as racers should be working to make all of them work because variety is the spice of life and it breeds innovation and frankly, when I win the lottery, I will do every race I can in any league that will let me race [/SOAPBOX]
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    Our team brings paint markers to races to decorate our car, but if someone wanted to "artisticly" decorate this car, I would look the other way. It may not be justice, but a big dong with some hairy balls on this e46 would probably help ease the pain a bit.
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    So I had to re-watch the video. First, I’m glad your driver is OK. Second, there is so much “WTF is that driver thinking”. Did the passing driver really think there was room to the left? I think it really boils down to the driver, not just being an EC car. Our car is notably faster on the back stretch of VIR. On multiple occasions I've been closing in on the cars ahead and there wasn't much room without forcing the issue. There's this thing you can magically do to the gas pedal called "lifting" and just wait for the pack to arrange itself so you can pass more safely.
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    Congrats to Huggy and team for their well-deserved win! Great job guys. A huge heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support for Antman and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at the Racebar BBQ. Team Racebar was and is humbled by all of your generous donations of which 100% goes to the CF Foundation. Hopefully all of you all enjoyed the BBQ as well 😁. To ChampCar, Thank You for taking Antman around the track in the Pace car. That was a very generous gesture on your part and the little guy absolutely loved it. All of this was a huge win for us so it's just icing on the cake with how well Redrocket did throughout the 24 hours.
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    I find it interesting that teams are trying to find ways to increase their spending. My team is always trying to spend as little as possible.
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    Safety inspection-wise the following items are consistently overlooked by teams presenting to tech. Front and rear bulkheads must be completely sealed. Tape is no longer considered a compliant method for sealing. Any space larger than 1/4" must be sealed with metal. Under 1/4" can be sealed with silicon or fire proof foam. Any fuel, oil or water lines inside the car must be shielded with metal panels. In some instance waterproof flex tubing can be used. Aeroquip steel braided hoses and fittings still need to be covered. Cool suit boxes must have 2 ratchet type straps (four attachment points) holding the box in place. The plastic loops and the factory supplied velcro straps are not compliant. The coolsuit hoses don't have to be shielded but the quick disconnect fittings between the drivers coolsuit shirt and the tubing are highly recommended. It is rude to dump cool suit water in your pit stall. Front Door glass must be removed both sides. Hatch or rear window and side quarter windows must be covered with 3m type clear hurricane or safety film if you keep the glass. Lexan is free to replace existing glass/ windows. If used, front and rear windshields must have 2 metal support braces, see the rule for specifics. Roll bar padding for areas of potential helmet contact must be covered with high density foam padding with a SFI cert of 45.1 or greater. Loose pads are not compliant and any movement must be eliminated. Clip in seat belt hardware must have the clip lock pin or safety wire in place. All Batteries must be securely mounted to the chassis with atleast two mounting points with large washers or an additional solid plate under the mount point to help dissipate load iF there is a crash. Batteries mounted in the drivers compartment (not separated by a bulkhead) must be in a high quality marine case with a sealed lid. (Boat battery box). Driver and passenger doors windows must remain open. On the driverside, a triangle piece of lexan attached to the door like a old style vent window maybe added but cannot exceed 80 sq. in. The passenger side may add the same lexan triangle if the piece includes a naca duct. Window net(s) should cover the driverside door opening from the steering wheel back to the drivers seat and must be less than 4 years old with a clearly dated sfi certification. Fire bottles must be in the green and soon will need to be in certification. Not over or under the green on the pressure gauge. Over or under the green area make the system non compliant. Backside of all firebottle mounts if attached to the floor board must have large washers to dissipate load during crashes. Atleast one nozzle should be located to spray directly on the drivers lower mid section. If the nozzle is mounted at the area under the steering column the spray pattern will not be blocked by your legs and should not spray the drivers helmet. And ofcourse all welds must be 360° around all tubing copings. Hope I did not discribe any thing incorrectly and if you have questions you can email me direct. Feel free to share this if you find it helpful, understandable and error free.
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    Afternoon fellow chumpsters, after 9 seasons of chumpcar/champcar (will always be chumpcar to me) Hillbilly Racing has decided to call it quits. We have had a great time and would not take anything for the memories and friends that we have made. Started off with 4 family members gradually switching to half family and half renters and ending at Indy with just my son and I, after 3 people pulled out. What a great way to end, just turned 70 and racing at Indy with my son. Want to thank John Condren for starting this madness, gave me something to do in my retirement. Special thanks to Mike and Andrea for keeping a steady hand on the wheel. Thanks to all the chumpcar staff and volunteers for making things go as smooth as they do. Always answered my questions, didn't always like the answers but always felt we were treated fairly. Don't know what we're going to do with car, trailer and rest of peices and parts, if anyone has any interest please PM me. I have encouraged my son Eric to continue on as a rent a driver so if anyone is interested in a steady driver that will take care of your equipment let me know and I'll will pass it on. Thanks, Hillbilly
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    Hopefully mosport will happen. The tow is excruciating long. but worth it. Worst 15min. of my life for sure
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    I emailed Mike Chisek and he states he has addressed this incident with Matt Connolly and future events will be very closely monitored. This is a satisfactory result to me as far as Champ Car is concerned. I appreciate the replies to this post and I hope to not see similar posts in the future. Chris
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    @hotchkis23 Good reminder Aaron. I (and probably most others) forgot that this indeed WAS the same person/team that not only ranted on social medium about how bad of a series ChampCar is, he then went so far as to try to justify his comments with additional jabs at the series. They have shown disrespect in their words AND their actions. I take my responsibilities on the TAC seriously as a 'voice of the customer' to try to maintain a fair and safe playground for everyone. Most of the time, our TAC responsibilities focus on rules - this time, I am hearing what you are all saying, as racers trying to keep their cars and drivers safe and free from intentional disrespect/abuse/damage/injury. Mike Chisek does not participate in this forum any more. I'm sure he hears some of what is talked about on here, but the best way to get his attention about any type of issue or question is to write to him directly. If you guys are truly unhappy with certain teams' behaviors, and want to see something done about it, I urge you to email him to let your feelings be known. edit: shortened my rant
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    i think this is the first incident video i've watched that actually pissed me off. the only way you should get turned so hard there is if you're driving erratically (like a total asshat) or have a mechanical failure. if i was in the 300 i'd be livid and ready for a bench clearing line brawl. 🏒 i dont know what's in the BCCR but it wouldn't make me sad to hear team connolly's next race isnt until sometime in 2020.
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    We race a lot against them and at every race I tell my guys the Connolly team is here and to avoid them like the plague.
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    First post ever! Was driving the 216 Sparrow Speed Miata, did 3 full stints, and a lot of passing slower and faster cars.. Driving a Miata, a pass on the exits was off the books most of the time, unless the car in front messed up.. The way I did it (Cleanly most of the time, I thought), was to show my nose at an entry and see how the car in front reacted. Some showed awareness and left some room preparing for a potential divebomb, and some closed the door aggressively on me, which was perfectly fine, as it was their corner. That would give me an idea on how to deal with that car. The aggressive ones, I wouldn't dream on taking them on on places like the esses, as it would be a recipe for disaster.. Whereas the ones who seemed more aware, I was more comfortable outbraking (call it divebomb if you so wish!!) into hogpen, T1, T4, even into T10, and it turned out perfectly fine every time.. A lot of folks in this series, have been very considerate, when I run round them on the outside and crowding their exit, thereby getting a better run out of the corner than them. In a miata, that was sometimes quite easy to do in the lower esses, and everyone cooperated, thereby losing everyone as little time as possible. But whatever said and done, I was prepared and gave myself enough margin to back out of any move when the door was slammed on me!! Looking at some videos of the race, some passes seem like the safety margin just wasn't there..
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    Connolly's team and cars, and Matt himself, have now had many incidents of a beligerant lack of respect for the rules and on-track etiquette. This team needs to be dealt with immediately. I'll be looking at the entry list of every race I enter for his team, to make sure to either not attend that race or tell my drivers specifically which car to avoid.
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    Same. I was given that shirt by a team mate so I don't know where it came from, but I'll check. As far as the win, I am not being modest by saying I really didn't do much to contribute to it other than keeping the car out of trouble during my stint (for the most part). Other than one absolutely positively total blunder on my part at Oak Tree I was able to do that (that's why I wore the shirt afterward, very fitting). The credit is rightly given to Chris, Robert, Chip and his team. They are a well oiled machine from prep, driving, pit crew, food/drinks, strategy, just about everything and I am humbled to have been a small part of it as part of the team this race. A win like this isn't an accident, it is won in the months and weeks leading up to the actual race and they have that part down. You have to have some breaks along the way, but you have to have all of the parts in place to close the deal. Thanks to the staff for another exceptional event. I really liked the coffee being available during the night to ward off the evil spirits. Thanks Andrea and crew for that. VIR is simply a special place, one of my favorite places to go left and right fast, can't wait to do it again only faster next time.
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    Got the 240 all put back together. We are leaving for VIR in an hour or so. See everyone there!
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    Oh good! I was hoping we could turn this into a fuel thread. Well done. Golf clap.... Well done. Passive aggressiveness usually works to change people's perception of an uncommon position.
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    I think most of us agree that it's not needed. However, that is not the entire point. If it's allowed, somebody will do it. The perception is concerning if a new team sees a podium car with that type hardware that they can't hang unless they spend lots of doll hairs on stuff like this. The rules, in the past, suggested you should go to the junkyard to get radiator hoses and belts.... now, we have live telemetry, engine swaps, free suspension upgrades, free brake upgrades, etc.... It's this last point that some of us are pushing back against. Not necessarily this particular issue. And yes, I am one of those people that will gladly accept a race win because a competitor broke. Building a reliable car is half the point of this endurance series. In fact, probably more than half. It takes a lot more time, and just as much skill in the garage as it does on the track. When people can just buy aftermarket parts and use no points, it becomes less of a builders series.
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    Dry sump. It falls in the 2x brake rule. If you didn’t use all your $ on brake stuff you can use them on anything else. I’m working on the petition right now.
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    Let me guess: in a cop car, with cop tires, cop suspension, and cop shocks. And your drivers will say they're on a mission from dog.
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    My goodness. It ain’t no “two way street” street and you know it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Your car is a Champ Car. EC is not. Where the truck you going? To the next race. This is about ego and you know it. All this hatred towards all EC cars for what reason? It is time to just say what is bothering ALL of you. You do not want to see an EC car ahead of you in the standings. For any reason. So you and a few others come up with sorry justification that is nothing but ignorance towards All EC cars. An EC team has never won a race. Ever. A very few have accumulated more laps than the winner and you don’t like it. THAT is what all this ignorance is about. Your ego is bruised. I have sponsored a few race teams. Before I give money to a team I read the rules. Our rules are quite clear. No EC cars can win a race. An individual has spoken about justifying why an EC car is ahead of the winner in the standings to his sponsor? What a crock of dung. Another individual quoted that EC cars are ‘Disrespectful “ to the series and other drivers. And are “to lazy” to build a car to this series rules? Seriously?! Does The ignorance have any limitations? Do you not think these excuses for all this retribution over a supposed “face book quote” where an individual say he won a race that did not is just childish? Deflate you Ego. He did not win. No EC team has ever won a race. Or ever will. You know this. It is not personal if an EC car accumulates more laps than the winner. If you don’t like it than say it. Stop these infantile justifications. Why is there this need to be so vindictive? Does it make you feel better? Shoot if the face book post bothers you that bad write a rebuttal. Correct him. Just stop the this retribution towards EC cars that have done nothing but support this series. You do not need to punish everyone for your bruised egos. There hasn’t. This is the mob ignorance.
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    We have raced with chump/champ since their first season. Until 2 years ago running class D. We are now campaigning an EC car. We really hope that EC cars continue to stay in the live standings without laps. We are fine getting separated out after the race is over. I think people should look at the EC cars in live timing as a positive thing. If "legal" cars are ahead of EC cars it's a boost in confidence. If class cars are behind EC you can just say to yourself "who cares, they are EC." From a business standpoint the club should be welcoming EC cars. How many events sell out? To keep entry fees down and number of races to choose from up, the club needs full fields. We need to get the EC cars at all events, so limiting them from running "popular" events isn't going to fly, at least not for us. I feel you need to take the good with the bad. As a club we want as many participants as possible. Obviously we don't want idiots, or unsafe vehicles. But I am confident that the race directors can weed out those few bad apples if/when they show up. For our team the constantly changing rule book and changing vpi values for our car, added with the scheduled events moving away from our home tracks in the Mid-Atlantic region lead us to build car for a different series that doesn't fit class D. However we still would like to support the series when we can and plan on building a class D car again soon. But people cheering at Indy that we wouldn't be in the results, cutting any mention of EC from the live broadcast, the general attitude from some board members and many on the forum towards EC really didn't sit well with our team at Indy and over the past few weeks on the forum. Please don't over complicate this matter. Just separate the results AFTER the race and call it good.
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    No, it used to be a "National retail auto parts chain" Examples given were NAPA or Oreilly's, but that would also include Autozone (a sponsor), Advance, carquest, pep-boys, etc. The dealership thing was not a thing until the past 2 years or so (I think your team was the one who got that OK'ed?) The dealership, IMO, isn't a national retail chain, and allowing that price was just a step towards the cost-creep we have been doing recently.
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    even better. Mike and I discussed and we changed the wording for the 2020 BCCR. minimum size only. still needs BOD approval.
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    I will post a full recap for our team when I gather all the pictures from our members, but thank you once again to ChampCar and VIR for hosting another memorable weekend. This is the third time we've run the race, and our most arduous yet. An accident in the Friday test session caused us to miss the start due to substantial repairs, and ongoing effects from that saw us in the paddock for various repairs - we replaced a diff casing, a rear main seal (engine out), clutch slave, and a rear axle throughout the weekend. Despite this we soldiered on, setting good lap times and took the flag in 33rd overall. Given that we were in the paddock for maybe 2.5 hours of the 24, we feel this is a respectable performance. As ever, the camaraderie and support in the paddock among teams was what makes ChampCar so special - we were able to source parts and equipment from teams who were happy to help, and we were able to reciprocate in kind. The action on track was always exciting and there was a lot of good and respectful driving out there. We're proud to be part of this series, and look forward to coming back next year to improve our performance again. I believe we got a shout-out at the prizegiving for our troubles, and we're grateful for the acknowledgement. Unfortunately we didn't have many members left in the paddock for the ceremony - I'd already left with a flight to catch and the rest of the team we're packing up to hit the road. Looking forward to hearing all the stories from other teams!
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    ^^^^Those are both some pretty awesome clips! Some great driving/saves there @Huggy and Kerry! It's pretty cool, and a testament to how good some of the cars, builders, and drivers are in our series - that the pro teams with the big rigs can't just come in here and be successful instantly. We've got some really talented people in ChampCar, and we're all pretty fortunate that the series has evolved into quite the nice playground for us to be able to do something that many of us never thought was possible at one time. #countyourblessings #ChampCarrocks!
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