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    What a rollercoaster of a weekend at Nelson Ledges Road Course with ChampCar Endurance Series. Friday at practice, Violette was doing great. No issues and she has a really fast pace. Saturday's 8 hour race was a heartbreaker. We started in 30th and Mike Smith worked us up to the top 5 pretty quickly. We then get called in for PUY call and sat for 3 minutes. Mike goes back out and starts setting a good pace, but then found the tire wall. We had damage to the splitter and had to fix it with aome zipties. Jeremy went out for the 2nd stint and put in a heck of a fast stint. He made up a lot od time and put us back in the top 10. In the mean time, I talked to Mike and he said he never passed under yellow. So we went back to our video and showed there was no PUY that happened and ChampCar gave us back laps. We are now sitting in 3rd place. Allan goes out for the third stint and right away starts putting down 2-3 seconds a lap faster laps in over the other teams. We catch Premium Dudes and pass them for the lead. 12 laps later we bad an off and had to come in to fix the splittr again. We are still in the hunt at that time. I get in the car and the rear was way unstable. I came in and found out our wheel bearing in the rear was done. Sunday's race was just a disaster from the start. We had the center support for the driveshaft and a rear strunt mount give up. We found another driveshaft support from Premium Dudes but we didn't have an extra rear strut mount later on. Thomas and Kip did awesome in crewing as always. It is always a game changer when you have good crew. My highlight for the weekend was have my wife and daughter at the race track all together for the first time. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers. It was a lot of fun pitting with @wvumtnbkr, @bbaker480 and @NigelStu. Thanks again @enginerd for the use of thr bushing. Good to see @Burningham, @MR2 Biohazard, @Gkuhn41, @red0 @scottykand all the other folks! See you all at Indy!
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    I have been out of the seat for awhile. 2016 was my last full year of racing as I took on this job at ChampCar. Since then I did two races in the hyper slow Opel GT, one race in a Celica, and 1/2 a stint in the MR2 GTv6 at Utah, and one rain race at VIR in 2018. So it's been quite awhile since I had any seat time. I was really excited about racing in the 24 with Visceral. I was finally able to drive a Porsche in a race. Been a dream for me since I was a kid. But I was also afraid of how bad my performance would be. When I ran the MR2 at the December 2018 VIR north races, I thought I would just hop in and be able to kick off stupid fast lap times like the old days. That's when I remembered how important seat time is. I had none. I made really bad decisions in that race, especially with being over confident. I vowed that I would not do that again. Especially driving someone else's car, that I was financially responsible for. Not only was I racing, but I was the onsite producer for the ChampCar.live show. Saturday morning. I wake up at 4am. Race mornings are always really stressful for me due to all the work I have to do before we go live with the show. Now I am adding the onsite studio for Doc and guests, the live track cameras, and the live in-car cameras. Saturday practice went well. I got about 15 minutes in the car to familiarize myself with the way the car handled. That was enough to know that the car handled really well, and I could forget about the car and work on me and my driving. I fit the car, sorta. As most know, I have a shape, round. Doc may have mentioned that about eleventy-hundred times during the broadcast. My own car has a seat that fits me. The bars in the seat put some pretty bad pressure on my hips. This may have contributed to cramping in my legs later on. But, I can work around all that. I got all the local assets working for the show, then reported to Viscerals paddock spot. I feel pukey from the stress. I keep thinking about how bad I am going to do, will I look silly, will I hurt the equipment, or worse yet, hurt someone elses day? Crap like that. They strap me in the car, we roll out, and I am at the back of the pack, in 47th place. I am right behind the fast looking RVA Graphics and Wraps E46 M3 driven by some big guy named Justin Andress. He is some ex-football star turned race winner. I quickly get on his tail, and I am fighting for position. I think I have him positioned for the perfect pass, but remember that we are still in the formation laps and under yellow. As soon as the flag goes green I am on it. But cautiously. I am making some passes. Trying to be clean. Stay away from peeps. Don't hurt the duct tape. My drivers contract said I was responsible for any damage I do to the car. I was trying hard not to think about how much 200 roles of duct tape costs. Probably a lot. The second lap was insane. As we come down roller coast I am caught up in the mass of cars that were slower. Oh my... this is why I love to start the race. Traffic management is so much fun. I may or may not have screamed that on the radio! It was so much fun. so many cars lumped together. 3 wide on the front straight. 2 wide going up the esses, and finally getting by that group on the front straight on lap 3 when everyone gets in single files rows. I can settle down and work on my driving now. I am doing 2:25 to 2:28 laps. I remember Ron telling me I needed to average 2:20s. So I need to work on this a lot. This being skill. On lap 44 I am told to pit. My two hours are up on a FCY. perfect. I pull into our spot. Go to jump out, and my leg cramps that started 2 laps ago come back and make it hard for me to get out of the car. As I push my head bast the roll bar, one of the helpers grabs my shoulders to assist, so I give a final pust just as he lets go and I go crashing to the pit lane like a face plant. All I could think about was I hope that there are no cameras nearby, Doc would never let me live that down. Ever. I took us to 12th place. Blew me away. Ron gets in the car and does a 1:20. Ok. I have some thinking to do. Where was I going wrong? Well one thing I know is that the AIM SOLO was dot set the way I like it. It was set to lap times, and not predictive timing. So after talking with troy, I was able to remember how to cycle through the types of timing. But I also thought about how I was taking corners, and sorted out the mistakes I made. The biggest one was not trusting the car. Sunday. I am doing the 8am to 10am stint. Seriously. I was thinking of just asking the team to put me in for an hour, if at all. But then, I just needed to man up and push all my doubt to the side, and do this mofo. Just get out there and be a racing driver. Go fast, go fast, go fast. So that's what I did. Well, kinda. Fast for me. I think trusting the car and the tires, and having some racing skill return, I was able to really get back into the the low 2:20s. I focused on the Aim Solo and was finally able to get a 2:19. The racing was fun too. At one point I had my sights on the Fiero. One can never let a Fiero beat me. Well, that did not go as planned as that car was fast, and one I could just not catch. As any good competitor know, you then put your focus on something more attainable. Like staying ahead of NLS, who after their win at Charlotte I knew would feel cocky with that fast little car. I went in in 13th place. And pretty much held us there the whole stint, putting us into 12th a few laps from my two hour limit. Ron then took over, and on his 4th lap out, laid down a 2:15. So there goes my excuse of the tires being old. I loved it. This was so much fun getting back into the seat of a top car. Thanks to Visceral, Ron, Jay, James, and Justin, Ron's father, and Troy. This is one hell of a team. Ron prepared a hell of a car, and now I know why he has so many trophies. Now, time to get back to my day job.
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    So, we officially took two cars to a track day at Autobahn Full Course today....believe it or not, both cars had zero issues and drove back on the trailer...this is a first for us in 7 years of racing. I would assume the 11 month hiatus helped to make sure we checked everything many times...on to Gingerman with a list of minor things to attend too.
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    I would like to see the Charlotte Roval changed to Autobahn Country Club. I would also love to see Mid-O
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    I was the last car in the group to get past you as you swung back across, but it was close. I was watching you the whole time and kept you in my periphery as you started to come back on, but since I knew there was no way I'd be able to slow down enough to let you safely cross my nose, I really was just praying to the gods of full throttle to save me. Was very glad to see you and the car back out there after the haul-out from the truck. Our race in the #380 T&A Racing entry went as well as could be expected considering the situation. Both days, two separate transmissions let go enough that we only had 4th gear both days. Luckily that was the best possible gear to have for our car and that track, but it was a little heartbreaking since I was leading early on Saturday and only fell back because I had no trans. Also heartbreaking was getting beaten in a drag race by the Miatas on the final turn onto the front straight. Certainly made for some very fun battles though since we always had to consider a line that kept us in a 4th gear rev range. Unrelated...here's the best bit of footage I have of my own stint. Stupid T-Rex arms... K1jj7G.mp4
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    Good luck This is such a non-issue in the big scheme of things that its irrelevant. The 5 hp gained by porting/polishing isn't taking a mid pack team and putting them on the podium. We need to focus our efforts on big picture things instead...
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    I think a little common sense is needed here. We are endurance racing, no need to race to the flag. I tell my guys if you see a yellow, be hyper aware and don't pass. It all goes back to situational awareness.
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    I am responding in general to this tread - my response is not intended to be an individual attack on a personal level but more of an attack on an attitude held by this forum gang in general, that seems misplaced and stays misplaced, regardless of the efforts I make or others on my staff, the BOD or TAC make. I work for the series an average of 25 hours per week and add another 54 hours and two days of travel time if we have a race. I am available by phone, email, text, the tech desk and you can drop by my shop or the boat docks anytime. That's not lazy. None of the BOD members are lazy and the TAC team works multiple times weekly and none of those guys are lazy. Upper management and all the supporting staff have just held the 3rd post covid-19 race and put over 150 cars on track. No other series in the world has done that. You can rewrite any rule you want to rewrite and submit it for review. Just remember any rule you make an effort to write has to consider the potential effects, positive or negative, for every car on the VPI list. That rule has to be fair to a 1979 Datsun 510, a 2006 BMW E90, 1980 Camaro and all the other 200 something cars on the list. If you really do have specific rule rewrites or changes send them to me. If you just want to complain I get that too. The tech desk is a place to clarify rules and there is a specific format that member owners need to follow so the the tech desk does not become a bitchfest like our forums. When individuals do not follow the procedures for submitting question the answers have to be vague. When individuals submit questions it is very obvious to me when they are truly looking for clarity and I can also tell when they are trying to get written approval for a loophole, or bait for trolling the forums. In most cases, the answers I give go through a significant review process before they are posted. How many points for a IRS is pretty vague. Are talking taxes or cars. Also IF you have real, specific rules that are not being enforced, please use one of the aforementioned forms of contact and let me know about it so I can jump right on it. If you race with ChampCar then come to me during the weekend and file a protest. What ever you do don't be lazy and do nothing. Complaining on the forum really does not seem to achieve much beyond personal glory. This is your race series - Member owned, Member managed and Member policed! Act like an owner, manage like an owner and police like an owner and you will do the series some good. And please, what are your examples of cost and speed creep not relevant to the cost of used stock vehicles that you can buy today. I have built about 35 BMW race cars for customers, several Corvettes, Mustangs, Fiats, Nissan 240s and Nissan 350z. I don't see the price increases in cost to build. I realize that a bone stock 1979 Ford is not going to run like the same model 2005 Ford and if that is what you mean by speed creep then ok, but I would love to hear your plan to stop that kind of (awesome) speed creep. New cars just haul ass compared to the cars of the past. Champcar clearly has the lowest total cost racing (where you don't have to wear a tutu) - from car build cost to last lap of the weekend - in the country. I have run with or managed more than 16 different race series over the last 20 plus years and I know that is a fact. Share with me - Let me use all your knowledge, that I don't seem to have and need, and I promise good work will come from it. Jay Mauney National Technical Director ChampCar Endurance Series 561 240 9346
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    We had an interesting weekend for McKibbins Biohazard Racing. The new car was good early Saturday but then went down a cylinder less than an hour in. Fouling a plug pretty bad. Troy changed the plugs but alas we had rod knock. This is why he brings the old beast. So we start moving stuff over to the old, beat up car. Everyone goes out to get some time in it, and we find it really hard, almost impossible to shift to 5th gear. Eh, we just bounce off the limiter 15 seconds per lap in 4th. The front hood wouldn't stay down so we had to screw in straps to hold it down (and liberal use of duct tape). We hunted through all the used bake pads and selected the best ones we could find for Sunday's race. Nothing more than 50%. Oh well. We retire from the track for an early dinner and bed. Sunday morning we start off with a penalty lap in the old car because of all the rules changes over the years, I get in first and started a lap down so last and 12th in line on top of that. It's much sketchier to drive than in it's hay day before the AMP wreck where the Porsche destroyed it. Anyway, 25 minutes into my stint the cool suit quit. Ugh, it was 90 degrees at 9:30 and muggy but I was able to unlap us and pitted in 3rd place, 20 seconds off the lead. The car was loose and flawed but still fun to drive. I especially had fun racing with Visceral and with Rbanks in the first stint, super good times! We swapped out cool suit boxes during the stop (the bad one had a wire just break off-brittle). I crawled out of the car with mild heat stroke (thank you JSK for letting me plug into your pit cool suit setup!) and Dave gets in, quickly pasting my fast time with a 1:15.25 and goes to the lead. It didn't hurt that some of the fast cars, just like Saturday, were having issues. The fast Mustang, Crank Yankers above, JSK and even RBanks had something go wrong. Dave gets out and Troy gets in, maintaining our lead after all the stops were completed with Visceral right behind us. The lack of 5th gear was definitely hurting us but the car was still capable. We hand off to Evan to drive last and Visceral got the lead on the pit stop exchange. But now the splitter was falling off so we had to come in and fix that with ratchet straps. Sigh. Amazingly, the car held together and we came home in 2nd place. Having four fast drivers didn't hurt as our fast laps were 1:15.2, 1:16.0, 1:16.2 and 1:16.3. There was basically no fall off from driver to driver. Congrat to Visceral, I don't mind losing to these class act guys. Crazy weekend, but what a great time at an amazing track. Now Troy has two cars to fix, although Bio 1 only needs a transmission, new pads and a new splitter. Bio 2 needs a motor. Thank you Troy ( @MR2 Biohazard ) for bringing both cars and all your hard work in prep. I will have my Miata at Indy and we will trot out Bio 2 again (and possibly Bio 1) at Pitt and hope for a better results. Thanks to Champcar, all the pit road and corner workers for staying out in the very humid, hot environment all day, and to Nelson Ledges owners for keeping this great track alive! Thanks to JSK for help on stops and sharing resources, class acts! I'm very tempted to tow back again next year from Denver to race the Miata at NL again.
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    NLS Racing Charlotte 14hr race report ---- The Charlotte race being delayed was the only positive side of this whole Covid crisis for us. There was no way we were going to make it to Charlotte in April after our engine let go at VIR South in March. After countless engine failures over the last year and a half, we had enough of junkyard engines. Rebuilt the bottom end with fresh rings and bearings, nothing fancy, store bought dingleberry hone and a little patience. Slapped it together, test drove it, all is well. The day before our entire team was scheduled to go on vacation for a week, the engine developed an issue. Spitting and sputtering, hard starting. Almost pulled the plug on this race but finally resolved the issue with a few days to go. Crank position sensor was out of adjustment. Never been an issue in 2+ years of the swap. Fast forward to race day, we got our standard draw at the back of the field. No worries, plenty of time to catch up. By lap 2 our driver reported low power, engine missing. Came in, swapped 2 different Mass air flow sensors, no luck there. Back to the pits to play with the crank sensor and wouldn't ya know it, that was it. Back on track 10 laps down and pressing on. Set 2nd fastest lap of the day during our first stint(excluding EC cars). All is well, up to 5th by the end of our second stint. 3rd driver in and soon reported lack of power. WTF. Left him out there while we searched for a solution as his lap times hadn't fallen off too much. We continued on thru our 4th drivers stint as one team member ran to the parts store for a new crank sensor. Swapped it during a scheduled pitstop. Engine was better and worse at the same time, now instead of high RPM lack of power, it was lack of power anything under 5k. Oh well, nothing left to do but keep calm and carry on. Slowly gained on the front runners, eventually taking the lead and never looked back. Other than the sensor issues, it couldn't have gone better. Zero contact, everybody out there drove respectfully, at least those still running as this was a typical Charlotte race of attrition. After 5 long years of trying we finally brought home the victory. We are stoked! Shout out to the Running Bulls team, wish you guys could have survived to make it more interesting at the end. Congrats to all that finished, it was a hot one out there. Thanks Champcar for putting on the show amid these trying times. Thanks to everybody else that makes this happen and allowing us fulfill our racing passion. And a thanks to all our fellow racers that reached out to congratulate us. See ya at the 24.
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    Why are there tech desk responses that aren't public?
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    We'll chime in and say that we had a great weekend watching all of you do your thing! I think we were able to help almost all of you that stopped by looking for a particular item. Those that we weren't able to help we ordered the pieces parts you asked for and will have them with us for the next one. We plan to debut our Civic at Gingerman and will still have our big tent of parts setup on site as well. Hope to see you all there!
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    Every member is entitled to an opinion. They may be more competitive in other series because classing, something that we thankfully don’t focus on. please don’t get me started on points or classing, literally, short of hillbilly Enduro‘s, there’s nothing like running heads up with 100 competitors at World class facility! 🥰
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    Depending on where the disable car is, this could be very dangerous. Remember, yellows are not some inconvenience to deal with, they are a warning of a hazardous situation. The way I always thought of it (only racing in ChampCar) is if the driver can reasonably see the flag, then there is no passing.
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    The race at Charlotte for Running Bulls was a very good run but we can't help but feel we came up short on this one. We started the race after the random order in P20 with Mike Merrill driving. A good opening stint working through the field and with about 7-8 caution laps we made the 2-hour mark we wanted to shoot for and pitted in P3, Our guest driver Ed Royal was in next and drove a good consistent and clean stint also able to make the 2 hours. During this stint through consistent laps and a couple cars into the pits, we took over P1. Andrew Sides in after the pitstop in P3 and moved the car back to P1. Michael Bulls driving stint #4 taking over and drove cleanly to keep us in P1 through the 8-hour mark of the race. At this point, a few teams had solved some issues and began to show some speed but if we could hold our times and be trouble-free, we could earn a good finish. Ed drove stint #5 and this time we couldn't make the 2 hours, and when we checked wear to change a right side front tire, we found a bigger issue. A brake caliper bolt had backed out and the caliper was grinding on the wheel, the team jumped to it and fixed it on pit lane quickly but a 15 minute stop closed up the field as Michael Bulls went back in for stint 6. Michael finished the next stint driving well and brought the car into the pit in P2. We still had a good margin to work with to stay in the top 3 at this point. Next in Mike Merrill as night was falling and then after some 25 minutes into the stint the car started to smoke badly and limped back into the pit while in P2. The team jumped in and found a bad and somewhat baffling problem, a hole in the casing of the transmission and the smoke was due to the fluid leak. We fabricated a fix to try to get back out using high temp epoxy putty. It seemed to work, we put fluid in and Mike Merrill did a couple test laps and it was holding so he would run to about the 13-hour mark and Andrew would finish. At this point we were in 4th position and just trying to save a top 5 spot but 1 lap into Andrew's final stint the fix must have given way and we didn't have time for an additional fix again to save the position and retired the car. It was a very frustrating rollercoaster day to run so well and then have such a problem, but this is endurance racing, and these are the battles. We ended in P8 but the team sees more of what slipped through our grasp on this one. Still a great weekend with the team, our second race with Ed Royal and our first with a great crewmen Casha Daniels who really helped us out and especially during the problem times jumping right in to help fix the car. But as always, smiles and a beverage for a hard day at the track!
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    My personal race report. I had fun hangin with the Huggins crew again, as is always the case. Top notch folks. I had the privilege of driving their winning car 3 stints. It was hot as hell. The end.
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    Before we race, I'd like to petition all other cars that are faster than us. Its obvious that you're cheating. To the slower cars, may be one day you'll be as good drivers as us. Thanks
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    I'm just tickled you took the time to research me. Please Like and Subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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    OMGgggg Drove the car to work today, thought about racing all day at work, then drove the car up to PIR for track night. Car made it through 3, 20 minute sessions, and drove home an hour. Wins for tonight: Completed track night with no major mechanical problems. Did not have to call wife to come pick me up. Cons: Didn't hit my 1:3x.xx lap time goal (1:41.8). Not as fast as I was in a spec miata (1.36.1 best). My friends 16 year old son may have beat my time in the Miata I used to drive at his first track day 🤦🏻‍♂️. Total circus, insane traffic, 2-3 clean laps all evening. The car has so many handling problems I don't even know where to begin, it's low on grippy, very locky uppy, very 1 tire firey, suspension is very loosey goosey, darty under brakey... More to follow. I need to collect my thoughts and narrow down the problems with the car and focus on the main contributors to the lower-than-expected performance. I suspect not-4-year-old RS4's, stiffer rear springs, less aggressive rear pads, and brake ducts would all be helpful. Takeaways from tonight should really be that the wins far outweigh the cons. Freaking finally got the car on track that I've been building for 1.5 years and it didn't break down, and it drove home. I can't overstate how thankful I am for that. Pics and videos to follow!
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    Do you have a cool shirt system? If not then invest in one.
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    I don't do fancy editing, so just imagine that these clips are sewn together and have title pages and transitions.... These are from the first stint Sunday (clock below the water temp tells you when they happened) Oh. I didn't put any of these up here to call anyone out. I put them up because sometimes stuff happens and you think "I wonder if the car behind me has video of that". Well here it is...
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    Finished the race at Nelson ledges. We stepped on our own wieners. Retires the car due to temp issues... ...think this had anything to do with it... or, this.... Either way, first time on track teething issues... Once we get this thing to go through a corner.... look out! One of the fastest car down the straight from my perspective. It was bad fast in a straight line!
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    I'll post something up later. I just wanted to say our new build did better than the drivers.... We all stepped on our own wieners all day Saturday and sunday... Man, does this car MOVE down the straights! Once we get the handling sorted, look out!
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    The Maximum Effort team has been in racing local races in Champcar for four seasons now and have raced different cars. We started with a well worn 94' Miata called Car Ramrod, then moved to the red 95' Acura Legend of the old InAcurate team. We decided that we enjoyed the Miata platform and the NC Miata looked like a nice place to start a new build. We bought an 88k mi salvage title 08' Miata that had it's A pillar crushed by a fallen tree. The car was repaired and lived on as a salvage titled street car. Perfect race car for us. We bought it in November and started the build process. We were shooting for the NCM March race and were ready, but it was ultimately cancelled. So we set our maiden voyage for Nelson Ledges, and Nelson didn't disappoint. Two of our three drivers were new to the insanely quick and narrow track. What an adventure that track was! We couldn't arrive in time for the practice sessions so took the green flag on Saturday with youtube videos and tips from our third driver as the only experience we'd had at Nelson. I took the first stint and we drew a nice starting position in the top ten. As I was trying to find my way around the track and navigate traffic on that narrow asphalt I was soon notified by the crew that our transponder was not consistently pinging and that I needed to come in to have another one mounted. My heart sank, as I was wondering how Champcar would handle it in terms of timing and scoring. Huge thanks and hats off to Champcar for sorting it all out and placing us back in the stack without ruining our chances for a competitive day. After a quick stop to mount the new transponder I was back out and running. Throughout the day the car continued to perform well and we ran anywhere from P2 to P6. During our third stent our driver reported that the clutch was starting to slip. At that point we were running P6. We got a fortunate FCC within our pit window and came in for our last driver change hoping the car would stay strong. During that last pit stop we looked at the left front tire and it was treadless on the outside corner. We elected to stick with it and try to take it as easy as possible on the tranny and left front tire. I went out to finish the race. We shortly found that we'd benefited from the FCC pit stop and found ourselves in P4 with a several lap lead on P5. I then dialed it back and took it easy on the car and tires. We were fortunate enough to have the tranny and tire hold up and brought it home in P4, earning our first trip to impound. Broke in 60 seconds was coming fast and picking up laps on us throughout the stint but not quite enough. JSK seemed to run out of fuel with a couple laps left and Premium Dudes looked like they stopped for a quick splash of fuel. However, both of them had a solid lead on us and we couldn't quite make the podium with our efforts to save the car during the last stint. We had an awesome time racing with everyone this weekend and saw some seriously intense, but quality, racing during the day, especially the first stint. Sunday saw a fresh set of tires and optimism but not confidence that the transmission would hold up. Turns out it wouldn't. Approximately an hour into Sunday our driver reported that the car would not come out of 5th after smelling clutch for several laps. As we didn't have a spare, we packed it up, watched the racing from several points around the infield and retreated to the AC in the truck for the ride home. Huge thanks to all of the Champcar and Nelson Ledges staff for keeping this race together and weathering the blistering heat for the weekend, there was no shade on Pit Lane and those corner workers had to be roasting too. We had an awesome time and look forward to seeing everyone again at IMS.
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    Broke in Sixty Seconds Mustang--- Weekend didn't go as planned---but they never do... Sat--- We got the coveted last starting position and I took the first stint. The three of us all got through our first stints and we were doing ok ( I was the one causing the erratic yellow flag moves--- I thought you needed to pass the next flag station before passing). Dan Tiley got in for his second stint and somehow must have reached into the engine bay and discounted the main power wire---- Needless to say after getting back going --many laps down we still finished a decent 5th against a great field. Sun--- Repeat of Sat... Except the Vent hose decided it wanted to start spitting LOTS of fuel out---we didnt have a easy quick fix and decided with the heat it was time to pack it up for the weekend. We had a great time racing with the group even if the results didnt show...
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    story time... so my teammate, Chris Graham and I started this team back in 2015. We both worked at Mack trucks in Hagerstown. I was gifted a gold bulldog by my boss at the time as a hood ornament. I promptly crashed and totaled that car at Watkins in 2018. The dogs leg was lost in the accident. So now it lives on a pedestal on the mantel at my house. I was given a regular bulldog which now lives on the hood of the car. It’s 2lbs and I considered removing it for weight but Sean told my fat ass to lose 2lbs before removing the dog. so it lives on!!!
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    Well per tech, the tech desk isn't 'final'
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    That was a very impressive showing by Pinkies Out, very well done and congrats @Huggy.
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    I want to see you throw that into your interview if you guys ever make a podium again. “we were doing really well in the billy bob’s pick and pull sn95 cobra with the cheater hood, but that damn fiero kept passing us” You know, something like that.
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    It is my job as a Board Member to vote on issues I see in ChampCar and safety is is big item for me. As a BOD I want to see us all go home safely to our families. I do keep track of the races, read the forums, read Facebook and talk to a lot of members.
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    Haha. It became a talking point because @bbaker480asked if there was anything he could have done differently to eliminate the situation. I don't believe it was necessarily focused on the e30, more like what could the 556 car do differently. @bbaker480 doesn't have a lot of seat time in the car and wants to learn from these situations. Thanks for asking Bryan! It shows your maturity and respect for the sport and your competitors.
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    LOL....i'm honestly impressed he disconnected the coolshirt and radio. pretty calm, cool, collected. The hanging of the steering wheel gave me a chuckle.
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    For every single part of the car you should be asking "Why do I need this?" If you can't think of a good answer then get rid of it.
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    Sooooo.... long time no update. I've been busy!
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    Missed the Weaties for the last couple of weeks my apologies if I offended any <>##@$$ one.
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    Roger Roger. White zone will be for unloading passengers.
  45. 6 points
    After ten races, Thr3ve Racing finally had a podium finish. 3rd overall and 2nd in class. We weren't the fastest but we were consistent, had good stops, had zero issues once the race started, and ran all 14 hours. BTW, our team name is pronounced "THREEVE". 😉
  46. 6 points
    Congrats NLS and let’s see a 3 race Nissan sweep! (Cough @scottyk)
  47. 6 points
    It's not like that car hasn't been raced in the series for what, 8,9,10 years??? And since this is technically a "safety" thing, tech very well should be addressing it 100%, no excuses.
  48. 5 points
    I don't want to hear that a team has a big advantage because they have a good fabricator, no different than having a good driver.
  49. 5 points
  50. 5 points
    I'm thinking poor clutch release. That will kill a trans quite quickly as I have found out. You need a bit of an actual gap between the components in the clutch when it is fully depressed to be able to actually release. I use a zip tie as a feeler with someone pushing on the clutch pedal. Previously, I relied on being able to turn the driveshaft by hand. I have since found out (2 trans that needed to be rebuilt) that this is not effective enough after the components get some heat in them. I drilled a 1inch hole in the bell housing so I can visually verify as well as do the ziptie test.
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