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    Well... almost two years ago this was my situation.... Last night... running at 11 pm... after losing two cars, a trailer, tools, shop, everything.. to then be nominated and awarded this Sportsmanship award for our team is so awesome and I can't tell you guys how much it means to me to be back first and foremost and have my team name on the entry form... to actually run some laps was just icing on the cake... even though we spent several hours off track, we learned a lot about our car, our setup, and finally I have some real world data to work with.... Thank you to everyone that has helped me, thank you to Mike and Staff... too many people to thank.. big shout out to the people who contributed to that GoFundMe a while back... every bit of it was part of making last night happen...
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    I think this is the image of the event... Photo by Kurt Roussell https://www.fastcarphotos.com/galleries/2019-14-hours-of-daytona/
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    It was a fantastically fun and successful weekend for our team. We had all three R3R Boxsters on track and even scored a 3rd overall on Friday. We did have one catastrophic failure, but it was due to a sniper pebble with perfect aim. It punctured the radiator with a one in a million shot. I'll address one thing first. We did put Pro drivers in the cars. Johan Schwartz (PWC) drove 603 and Josh Bilicki (NASCAR) drove 602. On Friday, 601 had a local hot-shoe with pro-level abilities, as well as Johan Schwartz. Some may question why we would do that, when the Boxster is a hot button for some competitors. Easy answer... we wanted to show everyone the absolute upper limit for these cars and calm any fears. With pros at the wheel, we were still 3 seconds slower than Ludicrous Speed MR2. Our human drivers were in the 2:53 - 2:56 range (7-10 seconds slower than the winning car). And as expected, we could only go 85-90 minutes on fuel. 602 and 603 ran out of fuel multiple times during the race. A more detailed reason is that we wanted to test the C car vs. the EC car. We needed a super fast and consistent driver for that. We proved that there is virtually no difference between the cars. The EC car is just stiffer and has some adjustability. For that reason, we're coverting the EC car to C class. In our opinion, the cars fit in very nicely in ChampCar and we're excited to compete for podium finishes. We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting fellow competitors and making new friends. It's going to be a fun season. Thank you to ChampCar officials and volunteers. Special thanks to everyone for being gentle on us rookies. #VisorDown Brad
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    Sounds like a Mustang out there doing Mustang things...
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    Team Infiniti would like to thank every Champ involved! Collectively, you are a powerful group of enablers, especially @Justin9 🤩
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    Ok we had a brief discussion about the faster cars. They will get a stern lecture about driving safely AND they have to run 180 TW. As a Board we will keep an eye on this. We don't want two separate races being run so this will not be allowed to become "a thing".
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    24s suck out loud. No time to hang out with friends (drink beer). No time to sleep (drink beer). When the race is over, everybody leaves immediately to get home from being exhausted. Nobody sticks around to talk (drink beer).
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    I didn't do this earlier, so here is taking care of some unfinished business. First, thanks to Parts Badger for things we needed that we didn't possess to finish up our repairs. We owe you. You guys are awesome and are advancing our series. Keep it up. Second, thanks to Ludicrous Speed for the use of the welder. And also congrats to you for winning both races. Speed and reliability-you have both! Third, thanks to tech for keeping us safe. Good inspections. Note that a few things came to light later-we are NOT required to weight cars, and also there will be no pump outs to determine fuel capacity according to Mike, our CEO. We are not IMSA and don't want to be. Fourth, thank you to Mike Morrison for putting on a great show and also to the Road America volunteers and staff. What a great track. Fifth, thanks to the guys in garage 13. We didn't have time for food and you fed us. I wish more could take their attitude-they had ten drivers for two cars. Only one car ran each day, but you wouldn't know it from the laughs and fun being had over there. It was awesome to see. See some of you guys in Charlotte this weekend!
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    Team PartsBadger - Miata Build Summary Results: Road America - DNF & 45/77 2:49.277 Sebring - DNF & 45/81 2:33.328 Road Atlanta - 2/77 1:42.687 VIR South - 35/49 1:21.483 Road America - DNF & DNF 2:48.797 Suspension: Most available from 5X Racing : https://5xracing.com/c-425748-miata-suspension.html Springs - 850/450 Eibach *Moved to 900 on the LF. Front PN: 0600.250.850 & 0600.250.900 Rear PN: 0600.2530.0450 (Barrel) Shocks - Bilsteins Bumpstops - 5X Racing 36mm Race Perches - Ground Control Front Sway - Swapped as needed (RB hollow is 5lbs lighter and 30% stiffer than SM), SM, FlyinMiata, Stock and Drilled Stock Rear Sway - Stock and SM Bushings - Delrin (Contact me if you want some) Alignment: Ride Height - 4.375" front and 4.875" rear Camber - <2 degrees (Finding ideal setup, could be closer to 1 degree based on tire temps) Caster - Max Toe - Front (1/16 to 3/16 out), Rear 1/16" Toe In Wedge - Track Dependent Wheels/Tires/Hubs: Tires: 245/40-15 RS4 (Hankook) Wheels: 15x10's (15x9s seem just as fast and might be more durable in the event of curbing) Wheel Bearings: OEM Repack with Neolube Wheel Studs: ARP Hubs: Do not get Centric economy hubs or Timken. Centric has a part number for good hubs, the economy one ends in E. Or go OEM. Drivetrain: Engine - JDM 99 Miata Swap - Shaved Head & Balanced (JDM has a BP5A Intake Cam & Square top Manifold) Underdrive Pulley - Removed first race Injectors - Reflowed by RC Engineering Header - RacingBeat 4-1 (Highest HP outside of exotics) Intake - Custom 12" PAX Headlight (21" is ideal - Relocating to high pressure area in front of radiator) Exhaust - Springfield Dyno(Multiple Failures), Custom 2.5" and Kooks on backup, 2.5" seems too big diameter. Added multiple hangers and chain to hold up exhaust. Differential - Torsen Type II (Should be superior to Fuji type) Transmission - 5 Spd (6 Speed was more trouble than it was worth) ECU - Megasquirt PNP https://5xracing.com/i-23168697-megasquirt-pnp2-engine-management-system-for-1990-1997-miata.html?ref=category:1067653 Coolant Reroute - DIY Dynoed at: 151HP with Pulley and SD exhaust (Before Road America) Dynoed at 125HP w/o pulley and bad self tune (After Sebring) *edited for accuracy Dynoed at 145HP with custom exhaust and good tune (Before Road Atlanta) Dynoed at 133HP with exhaust cam retarded a tooth and valve spring issues (Before VIR) Dyno TBD - Added Port and Polish - 21" Intake (The goal is to hit high 150's) Body/Aero: Windscreen - (Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate 1/4") Top - TreasureCoast Race Top, Moved to Chop Top with Custom Fast Back at 15 Degrees (testing Road America Spring 19) Wing - NineLives Racing - 64" - Moved to 68" with new fender width. Mounted with Aerostruts vs. Plate. Mounted 11.25" Above roof (Air is likely to separate along the center plane if mounted lower based on my research) Airdam - 0.070" HDPE: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006K8HXGK/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Splitter - 3/8" Birch Plywood, Alumalite 5" extension, Alumalite 2.5" extension Flat Floor - Testing at Road America Spring 19. We lost the wing at Sebring and the car lost 4.5 seconds a lap. We lost the splitter and airdam at VIR South and we lost 5 to 8 tenths per lap. The new fastback seems to reduce drag. Electrical: Harness - Stripped, Ignition Switch Removed Battery - Braille 9# (Relocated to PAX Seat) Lights - Diode Dynamics 3 x SS6, 1 x SS12 The car is in the mid 1900lb range. For splitter templates FREE please PM me. For delrin bushings please PM me. Tech Points: After Swap 350 Air Intake 0 Wing & Mounting Structure 10 Splitter 10 Airdam 10 Diffuser 10 Brake Cooling 0 Exhaust - Brake Pads 0 ECU 0 Header 25 Radiator Screen 0 Coil Overs 40 Bushings 0 Wheel Spacers 0 Interior Bulkheads 0 Metal 23 DIY Coolant Reroute 0 1.8L Fuel Tank 0 (In Swap) Fiberglass Chop Top 0 (OEM Profile) Drivers Window Vent 0 4.3 Diff Ratio 0 Radiator Ducting 0 Total 487 Diffuser - Tech Email Coolant Reroute - Tech Email Flywheel - Tech Email Shocks 2x Front Calipers 2x Front Rotors 2x Rear Calipers 2x Rear Rotors 2x Engine Paperwork Swap Rules Engine & Intake Manifold Coil Pack Adapter Coolant Temp Sensor Adapter Throttle Cable Adapter
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    I spent most of my time at the blue garages. At the time of the incident, we were at DJ's Deck in Port Orange. I had the shrimp and scallops, grilled. They were good. After that we went home and got an early turn in so we would be rested up for the race. I just thought I would add more useful info to this information filled thread.
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    I knew I had seen that before.
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    Vern here, driver of the Saab sports sedan that was involved in the late night incident at the bus stop. Thanks to the track first responders for their awesome work and professionalism. I'm fine. No major injuries. Just a little bruised up. I want to apologize to the driver of the RX7. My car suddenly shut down and lost all power. I could not get off the track fast enough. I hope and pray that the driver that hit me is okay. Racecars can be fixed or replaced, people, not so easy. I want to thank Champcar for giving us the opportunity to race a track like Daytona. Looking forward to Charlotte race in 2 weeks. See you all there. GO R.Bankracing. 90racing.com.
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    Not a great day for Crowd Control Racing and InActiv Motorsports. We tested the Cobra at Sebring last week and had very good pace, however, we developed a driveline issue. We thought it was resolved Thursday night after a trip back to the shop, apparently not. It recurred yesterday less than an hour into the race and we were forced to retire the car. We believe the solution is relatively straight forward, but we were not able to solve and get the car back into the race. We had high expectations and believe we had a chance at a podium. The InActiv Motorsports Mazda 626 was doing well for the first four hours. At nearly the end of the 2nd stint, the driver brought the car in stating it had a slipping clutch. Upon further investigation @MoparBoyy diagnosed it was a leaking main seal. The car went into a garage, a new main seal and clutch were installed and the car came out right around 6 hours into the race, losing about a stint. We had solid renters who kept at it for the remainder of the race and placed 38th OA. A huge hats off to our crew that helped @MoparBoyy. All of our renters (except our full time guy) got their full stints in the car and for all but one, it was their first time racing at Daytona. Neither car suffered any major mechanical issues, both drove into the paddock and trailer. I'd guess they'll both be back to 100% by...uhh...Wednesday knowing Alex. 🤣
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    It is being worked on. I don't agree with the statement " To balance that, we need competitors that don’t try to weasel every molecule out of the words". I think that is what makes this sport fun. That's my opinion. I am one of those guys that will push the definitions. There are many others just like me. But then there are those that just want to be told how to build a car SCCA style. That's not for me and a bunch of others. I DO believe that what tech decides to enforce needs to be written down in the BCCR. I scream and yell this from the flag pole every single freaking day. Tech hates me.
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    Tune in this weekend to see the Williams F1 car racing against Mercedes, I think that is close to your examples!!!
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    #489 Ergolab Miata was fun and fast, but had issues. I'm trying to drive it off the trailer and the car won't start. Bad fuel pump. How does that happen simply from towing it across the country? LOL. Need to source another spare. We had a clutch line blow Friday when we were in 3rd place. From there, the problems cascaded. Going around in only 4th gear we were still able to turn 256-258s. Then our driver had contact, come in to pull the fender, and then beached the car a little later, effectively destroying the splitter (from the tow out) and both front ball joints were blown too. But jamming the car in gear also apparently broke a spring in the clutch, so after hour and hours of bleeding and changing all the components to the clutch, we finally took the trans off at 9:30 PM and found the bad clutch. We had multiple used options and clearly chose the wrong one as it started slipping Saturday after 45 minutes (we were leading at that point). Note also that wing was effective. So effective it started ripping the body apart at the attachment points. Troy welded the poop out of it and it should be good going forward. The car is fun and fast, we just haven't been able to put a whole race together. It teases enough that I'm not giving up. Thanks to the workers and the other great teams we swapped needed parts with. Love to race with you all.
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    Yea....I found it kinda odd the one tuttle car ran a 2:14.1. That seems really fast for a C class car. The next best was a rbank sabb at 2:16.6 Fixed it for you
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    In 2018 there were a lot of Phil rules floating around not in the rule book. Tech compiled those and made suggestions to put in the rule book. Also 2018 saw the implementation of TAC who also went through the rule book and made suggestions. Those suggestions were put in the draft of the 2019 rule book and was submitted to the BoD. We approved those and published the rule book to members for them to read. As a member run organization you can put a petition in and those are all reviewed once a year. The only time a new rule is implemented during the year in the rule book would be a safety issue (ie the bulkhead rule). The board meets multiple times of the year to make sure everything is being addressed. If you need clarification on a rule then please email tech.
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    And it's fair to make West coast teams drive to Charlotte this year for the National Championship? It's a NATIONAL Championship. That means it is open to all members who qualify from all over the country. We also move it around in the United States since we race all over the country. We want to see it hosted at different locations each year. It's not all about teams on the east coast. There are other teams in this series and to be honest I don't see many east coast teams travel outside of their tracks. I see more central and west coast based teams travel the most. If you're qualified and want to truly be the National Champion of the season then you'll travel.
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    Low Farm Racing had our best race yet! We built our car two years ago with our primary concern being cost and having some fun performance more than really concentrating on points, and ended up with a lot of penalty points for the last two seasons. This year we changed a ton on the car and got it to be right on 500 points and faster than before to boot! The change from ebay coilovers to Bilsteins and springs made the car a bit more lively to drive, so we all had a bit of a learning curve Friday morning but by the end of our stints had it figured out. We ended up all running consistently 3:02-3:06 lap times which is the fastest the car has yet to go. We Our biggest issue now is fuel, since we only have a 15gal tank we were stopping at 1h20ish, but still managed our best finish yet on Friday coming in 15th overall! A great time was had by all. Saturday we were on track for a similar finish but had to withdraw early with two failed drive shaft center bearings back to back, but had a great race prior to that. Thank you to Champcar and Road America staff and volunteers for another fantastic race event as always. We definitely had this happen a few years ago too in our first car. We even got talked to in our pit stall that we could pass the tow truck, and got a laugh from Mike when we told them it was more of a horsepower problem than a desire problem 🤣
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    I think Randy always has a driving suit on under his clothes.
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    The 229 E30 had a good clean race and a great result. 21st is like a win for us since we had only 2 drivers and one was brand new to racing. My other regular driver fell I'll with diverticulitis less than a week before the race and could not make it. So with 2 drivers and 1 crew/wife we had a great race. Hats off to some really fast cars out there like the black M3 and those other orange cars (Mini Cooper's). A super nod to the brave drivers of the blue Beetle. You guys have nerves of steel. Weird to be at Daytona and not be talking about the Jacky Ickx cars, the Infiniti and no JB Bugs. I guess the Indy race made this one a no go. Bummer for the Cone Crushers, for sure. But our old E30 ran flawlessly and we never even opened the hood all day. After losing a wheel at Sebring in the 1st hour, it was welcomed. Thanks for good, clean (mostly) driving and thanks to the Champ staff for helping me download my subscription to my transponder on Saturday morning!!
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    This is almost as bad as posting 20 life flight helicopter pictures from a race where friends and loved ones are attending with no explanation for hours on end. Almost.
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    The picture of my old E30 is of an effective functional splitter and 10 pts. Stick a splitter on a normal 325i fascia without the lip and it would be a less effective splitter, but still functional. The picture of your car is a more effective functional splitter. An effectiveness that can only be achieved on an E30 by adding material. Heck, I can't think of a single vehicle on the VPI list that can achieve a proper functional splitter sitting ~2" off the ground without needing extra material of some sort to close out area between splitter and bottom of fascia/bumper. Something about how manufacturers designed these cars to be driven on the street, with some consideration for speed bumps, entrance ramps, parking curbs and needed ground clearance... The current points structure gives everyone a whole lotta potential with relatively very few points. Play with what you have and maximize the performance within the points you are willing to spend on aero. FWIW, during TAC discussion on the aero topic, I was pushing for more detail on individual components and a separation of 'simple' vs. 'complex' aero. In the end, it was recommended by the group 10 pts per potentially functional component (or pairs of components if they are 'sided' like side skirts). Rules are set as they are to keep the rules simple short and keep the creativity aspect wide open. I see the aero opportunities within 5 zones, 10 points per 'thing' that includes the assembly/mounting (so long as the mounting does not perform function of another listed component): Nose/Front - airdam / chin spoiler / dive planes (pair) Under the car forward of FR axle - splitter under the car between axles - aero tray / side skirts (pair) under the car behind RR axle - diffuser back-end/rear - Wing / spoiler
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    I agree with this 100%. Right now we are building a Champcar to race in the Champcar Series. We even have the CC point sheet printed and laminated and tapped to the car. If they want to race with us, buy a seat or build a car for it. Lots of cars on the list can be gut, caged, and raced as-is and do well. (I'm sure new brake pads should be done too, but you get what I'm saying). IMO cars worth over 10g are starting to get outside of the spirit of Champcar. I'd like to think our new car is very good example of a Champcar. We found a Camaro for 1000 bucks, beat the dents out with a hammer and turned it into a Champcar by getting parts from Rock Auto, Amazon, wheels/tires from Walmart and some brake calipers for 15 bucks at an auction. Our mullet inducing Camaro is more of a Chumpcar then a Champcar Heck, I even added black vinyl to the roof so it looks like we have T-Tops! HA!
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    surely you're not serious with this logic. The rest of this post is meant with the utmost of respect, but i am flabbergasted at this logic.... If they don't read the rule book, they don't read it regardless. Colors and Strikethroughs are not to blame for lack of reading (or comprehension) Don't punish us who DO read the rule book by making it a scavenger hunt to find the changes. Its sorta like this - Pull up a mapquest to go on a 500+ mile trip. Read the directions. Don't print it out. Now go drive to your destination. Not easy to remember. A reasonable person cannot be expected to visualize, interpret, and memorize a complex document or set of instructions at a glance. They also cannot be expected to look through a multi page document and see, at a glance, what has changed year-over-year. It doesn't help that the document is in two columns like a pamphlet, nor does it help that its in some adobe format that is impossible for anyone to copy and paste from or perform any analysis on without going to a bunch of trouble. Perhaps the teams at harris hill were surprised at the rule change because it was hidden on page 8 of a pamphlet full of text? Changing the color to red does NOTHING to hurt or help people who only read the printed document on a black and white printer. True. But neither does it help them for you to put a full color (and a dark color at that) header and footer on the page? Do you do that to waste ink? Why bother putting it as color if its only meant to be looked at in black and white? What product do you use? Adobe Indesign? Can you share the raw document so we can help you? The change log is not enough. It is not accurate, it is not specific enough, and it is difficult to interpret as a standalone change document. The change log itself isn't a bad thing though - if it makes you happy, leave it in and let the redlines add to it. For example, here is a excerpt from the current change log: These seem to be comments from a proof-read? Only one of the "s" is removed from 4.8.1 btw. The best format I have seen is Additions retractions its obvious, in black and white or color, and it stands out at a glance that something in this section has changed. I mean, truthfully, your rule-change scavenger hunt is a big part of why I know the rule book as well as I do. I just don't expect everyone else to pour over the rule book with a fine tooth comb after its released and updated each time to figure out what changed. All of this is really minimally important trivial bs. I'm sure there are 100 things you are doing that are more important to the success of the series, and honestly I feel like an ass making this post. Sorry
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    I've been reading this incorrectly the whole time!! All other items on the list are shown like this... Modification: XX points The Electro-Hydraulic Conversion says "- 10 pts" This is awesome!! We get to deduct 10 points for this conversion!
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    Oops another rule turned inside out from its original intention be the lawyers, because we don’t want a long book. I would wager that the original intention was to have non stock non oem did not come on the car systems be points. But whatever.
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    Ludicrous ran a 2:45 last October. But that is indeed the best time ever for Champcar. Higher than 3 minutes would be the average. I ran with WRL at Road Atlanta in 2017 and there were two prototypes that were about 10+ seconds per lap faster than the entire field. They were very, very careful around all the slower traffic but it still felt like a disaster waiting to happen. Here we are talking about a bigger discrepancy and frankly, I worry that a slow car is going to dive into turn one and meet a car traveling at a much faster pace. I think there is a point where too fast is possible and this may be it. I will be discussing it at the next BOD meeting (next week).
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    Are there really THAT many people who care so strongly about this championship? It’s basically an extra class and some gimmicky point structure added to one random race to add some drama to the race results. I mean it’s nice they are trying to do something else, but who seriously gets wound up about this? Would you not race in Champcar if there wasn’t a championship? Let’s argue about important stuff like 944 swaps, MR2 values, and evil Thunderbirds.
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    Racing with the EC cars is fine. It's better they are much quicker lap times than not. Since they are not competing for the win, it is better they can just pass and walk away. It is much worse when a bad driver in something like an E46 M3 is fast in the straight and then over slows and blocks the Champcars in the corners. That was a total non issue, and it was just great being on track with the EC cars this weekend and even the Daytona event the weekend before.
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    Great weekend for the Premium Dudes, I'll post a longer write-up later detailing how we raced our way to two podium finishes. But first, we would not have gotten there without some help (per usual) from some helpful champs! - Thanks to PartsBadger who loaned us a 36mm socket and alignment string - Big thanks to the rusty cougar / drunken squirrel team for lots of help, including but not limited to their tall jack, a welder, oil-dry, fuel during the race when we realized we didn't have enough and a pit stop was imminent. I know there was more but can't remember it right now. Great group of guys... that car is a monster on the straights! I'll bring some Jaeger to our next event with you! - Thanks Bucksnort for offering your welder too - And thanks to any other teams who assisted, we appreciate it! And thanks to a couple team sponsors: - SSSquid tuning hooked us up with some ECU changes and tuning for this track. We needed lots of power without too much fuel burn and they made it happen. - 90racing.com provided some of our driver gear, roll cage padding, and other helpful items. Free shipping on all orders over $90 and great service. Congrats to all finishers and Ludicrous Speed on the wins... we hope to dethrone you in October but we have some work to do!
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    Ludicrous Speed had a weekend to remember with overall wins both days! Our third win ever and third in a row at Road America. It didn't start out well. Thursday practice was wet cold and windy. We had a list of things to test but conditions were so varied with the rain we didn't get any good data. After one driver had a 90 mph slide through the gravel, I got in to make sure the car still felt ok and bounced it off the wall going into 12 in rain and 40 deg temps. With some help from Asteri and Bill Strong, we got the car rolling again to get through tech Thursday night. We then took it back to my house in Sheboygan and went through the alignment, pulled fenders out, and patched the splitter. Put it back on the trailer around midnight. Friday had three drivers and we chose to go max fuel burn and ended up making five stops. Two more than Premium Dudes and JSK. We did not have them covered but they both had issues giving us a chance at the win. We were in the lead with less than an hour to go and we got the dreadded meatball black flag. Some of the new aero was dragging. Likely caused by the contact with the wall the day before. Some quick pit repair by Chris Krumrai got me back out there with enough time for me to catch Premium Dudes for the win. Saturday race started a few minutes later making fuel a little less of an issue. We went full fuel conserve for a while running up to 20 seconds off our earlier lap times to eliminate a stop. This put me in the car for the last 90 minute stint (85 to 90 min is our typical stint) and I came out in the lead just ahead of Premium Dudes all I had to do maintain the lead. Unbelievable that we took the win again. Over the two race days, I drove 8 hours and loved it! JSK, Premium Dudes, ErgoLab, Parts Badger (and likely others) could have all had the win with a clean race. Now we have 25 things on the to do list to fix in the next two days before we leave for Charlotte! Looking forward to 24 degrees of banking! Chris Shay
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    Had a great time at Road America. Car ran great. We were nursing a alternator issue mostly all day, cutting in and out. Near the end of the day our battery discharged to a dangerous level. We stopped to change batteries and continue. With about an hour left we lost 4th gear. Not a huge issue. And on the last lap we lost 5th. Unfortunately the extra set of spare brake pads did not arrive in time for this race so we did not have enough pads to continue Saturday safely. And knowing we were going to have a braking issue we decided to take our class win and P8 finish and re-group for the glen. Thanks to the champcar staff for another great event. See you all at the next one.
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    I talked briefly to one of their drivers to see if we could offer any parts to repair their car. He said, "we lost the transmission". I asked which transmission they were running and he said, " you'll have to ask the owner, he owns Precision Transmission" ! LOL!
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    In our case, some things were given a waiver and others were not. While I was annoyed....I thought it was reasonable. Jay also said we could skip the line after resolving the issues and get our Tech Sticker. Mandatory Fixes for the race: - Correct all the small holes in the firewall between the trunk/OEM gas tank and interior of car with sheet metal and foam. We had old metal tape that wasn't in great condition anymore. - Add 2 more pieces of roll bar padding to areas where helmet could hit the bars Waiver until next race: - secure the drivers seat better. we have it on the OEM slider (power seats!) and there is some play in it (there is no play when driver is strapped in). - make the seat brace backstop larger surface area so that it is less likely to just puncture through the seat in a wreck. ideally a 6x6" square or larger. - Fire extinguisher needs serviced and re-certified (expired last year) - add safety wire to the clips that hold harness to the eyelets - add additional fuel tank vent to center of rear bumper (still not sure I understand this one since we have unmodified OEM fuel tank and venting)
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    Nobody went over 140..............that should be the story from all of us if we want to keep this racing affordable at Daytona.........
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    I really hope that hacking cars up does not become the norm. I think safety is compromised and its just not good for the series. Just my opinion
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    They see this all the time. "Pro-Built" cages with missing welds. Missing tubes. etc. This is still in development, but we are trying to make it so that you guys know exactly what we are calling for when it comes to cages. BETA PAGE https://champcar.org/mainweb/the-champcar-cage/
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    Some people can't do two things at once.
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    Great to see how ChampCar remembers it's roots. Congrats on rebuilding! Better days are ahead.
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    Just make it simple. Team Goal. Finish races without touching any other car. Goal # 2. See Goal # 1 Goal # 3. Have fun.
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    This is how I assumed the rule worked:
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    HEY, YAY finally an announcement Can you please put this on the home page and/or have a video explaining this change to everyone.
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    Our new pit cart and jacking points. Successful weekend!
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    VERY happy to inform that we have been working hard on this and have a fix. There are multiple apps that you can use that will make your mobile device look like a desktop device to the YouTube servers. The first one we tried was terrible. Luckily we tried a second one which was less shitty and then a third one was awesome. YouStream worked REALLY well for us in that it didn't stress the phone and make it hot or run the battery down faster than it could be charged. It also will reconnect automatically to YouTube if signal is dropped. This is of huge value to us as you don't want to have to pit to restart video... right?!
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    Colorblind people can tell red text from black text FYI. At least I can.......We can also see strikethrough
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    Yeah, who wants to ENDURE so much RACING in one weekend, shorter races are so much easier. Maybe we should shorten the races to 20-30 minutes, then we'd have time for qualifying and we cold break up all the cars into different run groups. Can't you drink enough beer on the weekends you aren't racing to get you by for the few that you are?
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