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    Guys we are not waiting. We are implementing a possible solution starting at NCM. Let's see how it goes. If it doesn't get the job done, we will take further action.
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    Our first Chump Car race and it was an eventful one. BUt we had a blast and are already planning the next one. We learned a lot from watching other chumps. Quick recap of the #715 B Class Prelude 3 Locos una Loca Racing Day started with the National anthem being sung and alternator being replaced First stint went great. Easy laps at 2:28, short shifting, easy on brakes and we quickly moved to third in class and 35th overall. Second stint, axle goes, in the garage 20 minutes, axle replaced, back out racing Then the motor grenades at the entry to 1. We didn't know what to do. Race was over and we were all pretty bummed. Only two drivers got to drive. My wife, not knowing anything, points to our parts car and says can't you just swap motors. Like it was the easiest thing in the world. We looked at each other and said "Gee, well why not. I guess we could swap motors. Let's swap motors" So after making sure the thing fired up, we got to work. Found someone a couple garages down running an RX-8 with a hoist and he let us borrow it. So we pulled two motors, swapped trannies (the donor car was an automatic), bled the clutch and were back on track 6 hours later. Were on track for another hour, then we blew the other axle. At this point, there was no doubt. We were going to fix it too. Into the garage we went and replaced that axle, and the intermediate shaft from the automatic which had no business being in a manual car. Got it back out with about an hour and a half to go and the car owner drove the last stint in the dark and took the checker. What an unbelievable feeling of accomplishment. GREAT TIMES. Thank you Chump and we will see you guys again soon.
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    I think ChumpCar should go to the following class structure: Whiny ass bitches who endlessly complain about unequal PWR will be classed as WRL. Whiny ass bitches who endlessly complain about unequal lap times/lack of qualifying will be classed as AER. Whiny ass bitches who endlessly complain about not having not enough racetracks or who live west of the Continental Divide will be classed as LDRL. Whiny ass bitches who endlessly complain about anything else will be classified as Lemons. The rest of us will race in the ChumpCar World Series class. /firesuit on/
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    One of our drivers, @Choray911 is a Nissan guy. He walked by their car on Thursday and was like "Nice. A VQ35." They were like, "No. It's a VQ30. See the valve cover." He was like, "Nope, it's definitely a VQ35. See the variable valve timing? That's a later model Altima intake. *other random Nissan stuff*". They were like, "Nope. Definitely a VQ30." We had a pretty crappy day with the Mustang. We were praying they would make it to impound so that we could protest them. We notified Chumpcar officials that it was coming. Showed them how a VQ35 is obviously not a VQ30. I guess they talked to the team and the team decided to take the DQ for the wrong VQ.
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    Well. Some of the kids started kicking sand at recess, then they tried to blame the other kids, Then someone tried to get little Tommy to eat a cat turd by telling him it was a tootsie rolll. Then we all had to go sit by the building until the bell rang. Now we're just saving energy for the post Daytona show.......
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    For anyone just joining this thread, here are the Cliff notes. Champcar is looking into getting equipment to measure displacement Your engine probably won't be torn down at impound, even if you paid someone to protest your car for you to make a point Huggy cheats and Champcar is complicit! Or maybe not. Tuttle is a bunch of cheating bastiges and cannot be trusted If the make/model you are racing had an option for a thing, you can run it for free No you can't Well, maybe you can, if you can get it through tech Champcar allegedly decides on a new interpretation of a make/model's highest listed value requiring the turbo points to be added to the starting value if that make/model was made with a turbo option. Tuttle openly lists their claimed parts, but they're still screwed because of the bullet point just above this one Tuttle will be protested while they are going through tech even though you can only protest cars after the start of the race per the rules Someone needs to protest Tyler's cheaty LSD In unrelated news, the K-Mart across from the track is sold out of posterboard, sharpies, and pitchforks
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    Not to beat a dead horse here, but this is Chump car racing. It is designed to be cheap and accessible. You may be out on the track with someone with 50 races under there belt, and another who is in there first stint with wheel to wheel. You really need to think about that with every pass, car approaching ext. If you get upset when someone does something that is not within the bounds of race craft etiquette your blood pressure will be through the roof midway into a stint. If your more accepting that this is what it is you will be more relaxed and probably be faster and safer. Every racing organization (chump, lemons, wrc, scca, nasa) has different styles of driving and experience levels, to me I akin it to driving in different country, once you learn there rules of the road, it makes sense. I assume, most people are here for fun. Since you should be doing this for fun, and want more people to join, you also need to be tolerant of beginners and mistakes made by others. That means, yes you may have been cut off ext, and/or loose your position, that is just the good with the bad. If your here for ego reasons, or a rotor trophy with a warlock on it, your entry fee is probably better spent on a psychologist.
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    I really think this club based thing where members can propose and make rule changes is a bad thing. Ultimately each idea will be benefiting the the proposer in one way or the other. From the outside looking in this series could be viewed as chaotic and unstable. Sadly we have only ourselves to blame for it. I would love to have the dictator back.
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    Paul, after talking with you at Indy, and seeing the damage to your car - and especially seeing the Connolly car from before and after the event - I was waiting for you to chime in. For many of us racing in ChampCar, 1 of the main reasons we are here is because of the affordability this series provides us. Having said that, an accident that would scrap our car would be devastating to have to start all over again. Teams such as Connolly's or Tuttle's, that obviously have bigger budgets than most of us, and have often times shown blatant disrespect for their competitors - need to be reprimanded or banned, IMHO. Yes, they enter many races, but if they total low budget teams' cars every time they race, then the series is also losing revenue - revenue that is coming from teams who the series was intentionally meant for. Paul's post says it all. If teams are looking at who's entered, and avoiding those races, it's bad for the series as a whole. Part of the reason we enter the lesser attended races is because we are not the most experienced team out there, and we could ill afford to start all over again.
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    Man... what a weekend for DamSon Racing. Prep did not start late, we nut and bolted the car in early March, but it ended late with the final touches being done Thursday night late and Friday morning causing us to leave town earlier than expected. Huge shoutout to Al with Champ for policing the garage area with assigned parking spots, being late didn’t cost us a parking spot. We only brought 4 new tires and rummaged through the scrubs for the best 2 lefts and 1 right we could find for changes. I personally wasn’t aware we were in contention for anything and I certainly didn’t know this was the Championship race, work has been an absolute bear for the past month and I just hadn’t paid attention to anything car related. Late Thursday night I found a busted FCAB bushing and had to get a teammate to pick up the replacement parts on the way to the track Friday. Not the way we like to prepare for a race- overwhelmed. Once we were on site, went through tech and got the FCAB bushings in/ things were pretty standard. We have worked for a year getting our program nailed down, people know what to do and why; we’ve added some new stuff but overall it was business as usual. Last year at Charlotte was out first full race as DSR, at VIR that year we took a splitter stanchion to the gas tank cutting our day short in the first session. At CMS we had fuel issues (that persisted almost all through 2018) and couldn’t make fuel to 2 hours because we could only get 12 gallons out of the tank. We had that fixed and felt good for this year. Well, With the different track config our fuel burn was off the charts, we were burning 15+ in 1:45ish. Once we realized we couldn’t make 2 hour stops we figured we were out of contention so we were just going hard and thinking about a swirl pot for next year. Our team was amazing and stops were super clean. We had to change a front left a stop earlier than expected and saw that right front was getting as much wear as left front, which made me sick to my stomach knowing I’d only brought 3 spares and scrubs to boot. We changed the right front the next stop to find it was through the cords. During that stint I was in the car and radiod in that the next guy would appreciate that right front more than the left front I had gotten because 3/4 were a little nerving knowing that tire was near its end. Anyway, got the front right on and we went back to work. Those three stints before the final hour stint were the difference, we put down a metric ton on sub 1:30 laps and stayed in the lead, all the while thinking that we had to make an extra stop than everyone else and/or that f#ck!ng Saab was a rocket ship! 😉. We hadn’t given up when we realized we were short on mileage but we thought we were beat. Our engineering types started adding it up and giving us some hope, if Simon stops, RBanks stops and/or a good yellow comes we could change our pit window down to... poop, YELLOW, BOX BOX BOX. We caught that last yellow, got the car in immediately and got our closer out on the track. The race came right to us. We were lucky, bottom line. Calculating our gap back to RVA Graphics for a podium turned into a P1. We ran a good race, hit our marks and executed our stops fantastically but the luck of the yellow gave us the win plain and simple. We didn’t know we had won the National Championship until Bill said it during the interview. We were lucky to be there, to have the car truck and trailer there, I almost said I was too busy to get the car finished. Walking into the registration building I had seen the trophy but the thought of winning it never crossed my mind. I was just happy to be there with friends on the team and in the paddock. That win was really a high point for all of us. It’s hard to win in this format as preparation has to be graced by fortune, that makes the wins sweeter. Oh and that trophy was the best thing I’ve ever seen! We are excited and look forward to proudly wearing the #1 this year. Thanks to all of our fellow racers.
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    OK… Due to popular demand, I have done the following with the new BCCR… 1. Update includes red text and yellow highlight where the change was made. Change noted in change log. 2. Update disclosed in three forums on the CCES forum - General / BCCR Tech / Tech 3. Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter updated 4. A mass notification email was sent - After 5-days, the email will be resent to non-openers of the first email. There should be no complaining that they did not receive the update. Did I do everything right?
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    VQ30..... that is ringing a bell somehow, where have I heard this before?
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    Jason here from M Bros Racing. I just wanted to post up a pic from the in-car video at the end of Saturday. After Mark and I went side by side for the final 3 corners racing for 4th overall, Mark came right over to shake hands and rave about the final lap. That's what it's all about! https://www.facebook.com/MBrosRacing/
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    Can I make a suggestion to forum moderators? Can we make two official posts and split the conversations -- 1) for race-report posts that actually are about the race, good times, and maybe a video of good/bad driving 2) For for bickering about rules, peanut gallery posts, and chin-scratchers who have an opinion about the VPi or certain cars that must be cheating. I don't post here often but every time I want to read about the previous race I have to dig through 8 pages of crap to read the few posts that are actually about the race. It is annoying. I am saying this knowing full well there are two posts for Daytona they just both aren't being used this way.
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    Thanks for the positive comments and support guys. I don't mind or take comments personally it comes with being the Tech guy. I would love to make my position for Champcar my only job and hope to when I offically retire in a few years. If everyone agrees you can contribute to my retirement and I'll retire early and make that happen sooner than later. So please keep in mind when sending emails or expecting speedy responses to forum posts I'm still working a 40-50 hour week at a regular job. Until the rules are changed starting at Road Atlanta in Feb. you will see the current tech sheets posted on the windshields of the impounded cars rain or shine at all Champcar races for 2018. I will work with the registrar/s to make this happen. I will use the log books to do my post race tech as they are one and the same as far as the documentation of the VPI, value adders and TCV is concerned. If and when the rules are changed I'll change with them. Phil McKinney Director Tech & Safety
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    Big Exciting Endurance Racing BEER. This has to get some votes
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    Breaking News Arctic cold front settles over hell. The appears to be no end in sight to the brutal cold front that has been gripping residents of hell for the last several months. The cause of this weather anomally is related to the cumulative effect of the victories achieved in the Chump Car world series by RBank Racings Saabs over hundreds of BMW competitors. Temperatures have dropped radically this year with multiple victories including Daytona, and the 37 in Texas. Residents of Hell describe the change in temperature as "refreshing". The Devil went on to state that this is an unacceptable state of affairs, and that high ambient temperatures are a cornerstone of his daily torments. The Devil, president of Hell, has reportedly requested an audience with Robin Bank in order to offer the team some of its BMW demon staff cars to use in competition, but claims that Robin won't return his calls. President of Hell offers sponsorship opportunities to BMW teams willing to align with forces of evil Interview with ChumpCar driver Chet Lovehandle from team Sex Panther Cologne BMW Racing "I'm still not clear on what happened" said ace BMW driver Chet Lovehandle. "There I was sitting in the pits comparing my new Oakley driving shoes with my team-mate to determine which were more expensive when a car came screaming past the pit boxes so fast that the air buffeting knocked my Ray Ban RB34 sunglasses retail price $130 askew on my face". "I got up and asked my team manager what kind of car just went by". "He said it was a Saab". "Naturally I asked if a Saab was a 3 or a 5 series BMW". "My team manager said it was a Saab, a 2.0 liter turbo, it was RBank Racing #2 car". "What's a turbo? I asked. About this time another one blows past, this time I could feel myself shrink inside my banana sling leopard print calvin klein undies retail price $80". "That's not a race car, look it doesn't even have a wing on it!" "My team manager turned to me and said that was the #1 RBank Saab and it just passed us again. We are officially in hell he said". "Let me tell you something it is freakin freezing here. I mean it's great and all to have a chance to wear my Moncler Byron down parka with fur trimmed hood retail price $1500 but this is ridiculous.
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    Congrats to Philippe and crew on yet another win at Sebring (ban the 3000gt-up the vpi- just saying- hehe) and I wish I was there, next year for the double is on the schedule and look forward to the battle as always. I love it when someone texts me and says- "You need to check out the forum for the Sebring race as someone is getting more heat that you." I am all over that. On this matter I want to say Champcar and officials did what it should do and what I would expect them to do and happy they did it. I have been to a lot of races and have seen a few dq's in my time and they are consistent with the rules and are fair. I do not want to see us think that they should have done more as that is not their role to police the world. This is not SCCA or NASA where we have spec cars, or ST classes with weight and hp. I would like to comment on a few things that people have said, as you know I have issues keeping my mouth shut for sure. First, I am not friends with the tuttle team or trying to defend them at all. I had them run into me at WGI on the 6th lap with them being ultra aggressive. I talked to Tuttle(I am not sure his name, but the head guy) after the race. He basically said he tells his drivers to go all out and aggressive as they are going for the win. I said I tell my guys to be conservative, wait to pass when needed, go to the end and go for the win. He looked at me and laughed. I said how times have you won, he said he got 2nd at COTA. I said hmmmmm and felt enough was said. After this race I informed my drivers to just say clear of them and watch out for them as they drive this way. On blaming tech for not figuring it out early. There is no way tech could do that. They have maybe 300-500 teams overall with cars to look at in a year. Think about all the different makes and models and differences and really there is no way for them to know what swap it is. I know Toyota V6's and MR2's, the BMW guys know BMW engines, ect. Tech can not know unless two things, someone tells them, which is seems like it happened here, or that person is very familiar with that specific make and model, so a 1 in 100 chance there. When a team goes through tech tech is really looking for a few things and what is really important to them. The main focus is safety, which is should be. Phil and Dan is a safety Nazi's and I am glad for it to keep us safe. They check belts, cage, ect. The 2nd is to make sure paperwork is in order. It is the teams responsibility to list all things that they have done or put on the car per the rules. As far as not going through tech due to time or whatever, that is not a valid excuse. I have gone through tech 3 or 4 times this year alone. The first annual when I did the first tech. I then added Schroth enduro belts as an upgrade (the belts are amazing btw) and went through again just for that. I assumed I needed to go back through due to a safety item and better to have someone else look to make sure I put my loops correct and it all good. I waited until later when the line was done and brought it in and took 5 minutes. Another was when I changed my fuel system at Barber as I changed to an external fuel pump and hydramat instead of internal. It did nothing to my points or anything, but considered it a component change and having another set of experienced eyes on my fuel setup is not a bad idea. I also when through once as I added some plastic bits, 3 points, to make sure I claim every single thing on my car. The point here is it does not take much time at all to go back through tech. Saying that though, at WGI it was hours of waiting to do the first annual tech and early races are long, but that is something we all have to do. On the punishment. They got DQ'ed, which they should have as per the rules. If all that is said on the posts here is true then they got the DQ as justified. The rules do not state we should ban them for a race or life, or suspend them. The rules, Champcar officials and the racers like all of us found out and did what was appropriate. There have been many teams that have cheated in the past, found out and dealt with and here are some examples. McQueen is one with a laundry list of cheaty items and they changed it back to be legal and continued to race. I would say that what they did was on par or worse that Tuttle. I also remember a BMW with an ecu being chipped in the past for day 1 of an event and they got the dq, put in a stock chip day two and raced. Another is Blitzvin and he got called out and changed his car around to suit. Sure, the infraction here is very bad with a very cheaty engine and trying to disguise it. Now that we all know he used a super cheaty engine most teams will be over the car with a fine tooth comb. The nissan guys have come out and said the why and how it is cheaty and I bet we can count on them for the future. Looking at the past I see a couple of outcomes. McQueen went much slower and did not dominate as they have so they left, but they still did race after. Blizvin changed his car back to slower and has not done well and I have not seen them in a while, but he still raced after. The sway bar omission at AMP they said they will never come back and quit themselves and put their car up for sale, I think that is a bad knee jerk reaction, but it is what it is. The BMW ecu chip deal, they go dq and raced the next day. I guess we will see what happens this time. Long term I see these possibility. 1- They quit the series due to shame. 2- They come back as is and run EC. 3- They come back and put in the proper engine and run. Everyone looks over the car and makes sure it is legit. 4- They come back for a race with scenario 3 and do not have fun at all because of shame and leave. I would also like to hear from them and see what they say and their side, mainly for my curiosity of what they would say and my own popcorn watching entertainment.
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    Not necessarily. I see the meeting going like this- ___________________________________________________________________________ Bill: Let's hollow out bolts to make them lighter. MR2 team #2: I assume the fastener was designed correctly for the application and should not be weakened or it could cause reliability issues. If the manufacture thought they could use a smaller bolt to save weight they probably would have. Bill: But if we make our cars less reliable than stock, we can request a point reduction of 150 points based on us making the car unreliable. All MR2 teams: GREAT IDEA BILL!!!! Agenda for next meeting- How to lighten hubs with 1/8" drill bit. ____________________________________________________________________________
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    Just another reference, my car right now is ~16.5:1 PWR as raced That's 155WHP and 2550lbs with fuel and driver. That's enough to hold the CC track record at Gingerman and finish on the podium at every race where I don't do something stupid on prep. With the new swap rules, and new "freebies", I would only need to take 2 penalty lap to bring my car up to 205hp. I already take an extra pit stop over everybody else, so the fuel strategy won't change, and I'll be at 12.5 PWR, with the driver and a full tank of fuel. I can easily make up that 1s/lap with an extra 50hp. The car already corners at 1.6g, and now you're going to give me V6 MR2 levels of power? Oh, and that all assumes stock motors. How much power do you think I can find with free tuning? Already got the dyno lined up. And what if I claim I started with an M20B27 at 375VPI instead of M20B25? Only difference in chump trim is the final drive ratio - it's an easy conversion... All that is just to say, move the knee in the formula from 12.5PWR to something close to 16. That makes an M52B25 E30 a 50pt swap, and takes away my incentive to go nuts on power. Lets put the swaps close to a PWR un-swapped cars have a chance of achieving.
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    Line up in order that you pay - not bad. I have that info, I just have to hope you can all line up quick enough in the morning. Ping pong ball draft - same as above. Have you ever watched people line up for a Southwest flight? Counting is a challenge. Perhaps I do this in groups - early payers would have the ability to line up between 8:30-8:35. Then would come the next 5 minute block, and the next, until we were gridded. Don't want to be up front? Don't line up.
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    Thank Andrea and Paulie next time you see them. Andrea did all the legwork, and Paulie made awesome videos and produces the kick-ass show that helped Indy decide to let us play in their playground.
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    Someone from the race sent me this today
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    I don't think removing the minimum will affect the safety of the podium teams that are well-rehearsed, but I can almost guarantee it will hurt the safety of teams that aren't. You think a new team with little to no experience aren't going to rush through their stop? For a lot of people, this is their first taste of racing, and even guys that have racing experience haven't had to do quick pit stops before because they only ran sprint races. So what do you think their impressions of pit stops are? You're going to have a bunch of inexperienced people at their first race or two who are already overwhelmed with 1000 other things trying to rush through their fueling and driver changes because on TV the pros get everything done in 14 seconds. That's who the rule is for, not you guys that practice pit stops every two weeks and can get everything done in two minutes flat.
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    Buy a built used chumpcar with spares for 4k. Put 1500 into it. Get personal safety year including a head and back restraint for 1k. Pay entry fee, gas, hotel, food, BEER, for the weekend can be roughly 2k. So yea, budget 10k to get started and depending on your consumables, 1k per race per person.
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    The filter is DEAD!! Censorship has fallen. REJOICE!!!
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    Swap rule changing? Great. Doesn't change anything for us. We were running a 1600 Miata in a TR7. This winter we'll install a Miata 1800. Poor little 1600 is just all worn out. Are we gonna stop mid install to see what the new rules are? Heavens no, we want to be ready to race this spring. If the new rule hurts us, we promise to whine and complain on the forum, but go race the car anyway.
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    This unit is adding class and dignity to what would otherwise be a Vulgar brawl. Waiting for a few other blue blooded cars to arrive. Indianapolis Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I speculate that ChampCar is simply the best bang for the buck, simpler rules, excellent tracks, metric tonnes of seat time.
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    I'm sure @mender can answer this for himself but I'll help you out here until he responds. - he bought and is rebuilding the old Scrap Attack Honda to be used for his newer drivers in CCES. - possibly this summer if forum members (and possibly the media director) doesn't piss him off so much that he decides to abandon CCES. And now, a bit of advice: rather than showing arrogance, and toying with a lot of folks' emotions that are upset with a lot of the secret stuff going on lately, how about the CCES management works with the membership to be transparent when changes occur, and works with the membership to resolve the issues as they arise. It might work a little better than the current practices which include arrogance, condescending attitudes, smart ass remarks, broken promises for explanations, and secret rule changes that seem to favor the brand of car used by some BOD/media members and/or their friends. P.S. Before anyone comments about us forum dwellers being unimportant, a minority, or a pain in managenent's backside - my feeling is that we are the customer advocate, and are trying to make the series better for everyone, without any benefits of the good Ole boy club.
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    So where to start...let me begin by saying congratulations to the podium, and overall to all the teams and drivers for such a great race. @Doc and @Bill Strong , and Paulie all the effort you guys put into the Champcast definitely pays off. After a frustrating VIR 12hr we were done racing for awhile due to me leaving the country for a few months starting in May, that is until I was watching the Champcast at Daytona. I could not take it, the racing was so good and exciting I just had to have another chance with our new build. I called my co-owner (cant believe he answered), and said lets do Charlotte! Amazingly he agreed even though we had not touched the car since we parked it after the VIR 12hr. Quick phone call to @Huggy and @Burningham, and I had two drivers with the skill and knowledge to win. And after countless pestering phone calls and texts from him, we finally agreed to let @Wyatt hang out in our pits and maybe do fuel runs for us... I start the first stint and a few feet from pit out i knew something was wrong with our SC. The rear end of the car had some movement in it. At first I was hoping it was the surface and some slightly worn tires (5 hours at VIR South), but i knew in the back of mind that something wasnt right. Oh well, I put my head down and tried to learn the track. Things were progressing fairly well and I was making some quick passes thru the field when after a FCY I spun the car into turn 1. After that mistake, other than dodging cones and trying to predict their locations each time I entered the chicane, the rest of the stint was incident free. I will say that during that stint the pace car cost us a lot of track position in my opinion with all the FCY and the seemingly random cars the pace car would choose to pick to pace. I think we were in 4 or 5th...maybe 6th when I pitted. I am still not sure. Next up was @Huggy who, although a little worried about some braking issues we were having at the last event, not to mention the rear end movement I was feeling, jumped in the car and quickly started putting some fast laps down, quickly setting the fTD by at least 2 seconds at that time. We knew he was enjoying himself because he was not saying much, by 15 minutes into his stint we were in the lead. He of course was solid the rest of the time! Love that guy and now I know why he wins so much and makes it look so easy! At this point we thought our rear end loosness was due to either left rear ball joint or toelink. During the next stop a quick shake of the left rear wheel left no doubt that the wheel bearing was not happy. Nothing to do but to put @Burningham into the car and let him see how long it would last. We were still sitting in first and we knew that Roger could keep us there even with a car that was very unstable on brakes at this point and for that matter anytime you got on or off the throttle. Again, he did excellent work! Next was my co-owner, who had a great drive with just a slight redesign of the right rear fender on the outside wall at turn 10 avoiding a car that went 4 off exiting 9. Then a slightly over cooked turn 1 (right after he set his fastest lap) which resulted in a slight tap of the tires. Even with those issues we were still sitting in P1 or close to it and getting ever more hopefull for a great finish. I have to remind you, the left rear wheel bearing was getting worse and worse all the while. Then there was @Wyatt, if you do not know, Wyatt is pretty much playing with everyone's emotions in the Champcar Iracing Sim series. In real life he has set FTD at the last two east coast events he has participated in. You get the point he drives very, very well...but he is not real good at exiting the pits! In his defense, he has only been at Charlotte on Iracing, and that is the line he used to exit the pits! When Race control contacted me and told me my driver exited the pits "straight out", I put up a pretty hefty fight, proclaiming "You stated there was no blend line exiting the pits!!". I mean we were leading, and they did say in the meeting there was no blend line exiting the pits, but they quickly explained that my driver didn't use the actual exit, but instead used the pace car exit. I sheepishly and quickly apologized and told Wyatt that he had to serve a stop and go. As he exited the pits (the correct pit exit), we told him to "let her eat", and that is what the kid did. With basically three tires pointing the right direction and one just going whatever way it wanted to, Wyatt blistered the field setting 1:42 after 1:42 and eventually a 1:41. Unfortunately, at that point the previous damage from VIR that our delaminated harmonic balancer caused showed up as the car started to overheat on the 20 year old radiator (new one destroyed by aforementioned balancer). I got back into the car now 4 hours from the end and with our only slow pitstop come out right behind the now leading RVAG E30. I was shocked at how bad the rear end was, but with P1 that close I pushed and quickly made a pass on the RVAG car, and immediately tried to manage the pace to go as slow as I could. Not sure how long I could have a held RVAG behind me but a few laps later a long FCY and me being to worried to attempt to keep the tires warm, handed RVAG an easy pass on me into 1. I tried to hang on to him but running in the draft only made the overheating issue worse so I dropped back to a safer pace and hoped things would hold together. I told my co-owner more than once maybe we should stop, but I continued on hoping to at least maintain P2 and maybe hoping as well that RVAG would have an issue . We gave the final stint to @Huggy because we knew, if a win was possible, there would be no better person to make it happen. Not sure what transpired with RVAG during their last pitstop or maybe I did not lose as much time to them as I thought, but when Chris finished his out lap he was only 9 seconds or so behind RVAG. We told him to save the car, but if he can close the gap, go for it. And that is what he did, but unfortunately the strain, nope, not the wheel bearing, but the overheating issue came back, and as Chris made the pass on RVAG, the engine temp spiked dangerously and he came into the pits. It Took us fourteen minutes to refill the radiator, which was enough time to drop us back to 4th overall (non EC). Chris drove the car carefully the remainder of his stint when 4 minutes from the finish the...nope, not wheel bearing, but the left front tire blew out. We quickly realized that crossing the start finish line one more time would cement our 4th place finishing position and told him to finish the lap on the blown tire. I think everyone in Impound was surprised to see how bad the wheel bearing was, I mean there was nothing left, no bearing, just slag mixed with grease mixed with what was left of the cv boot and brakepad. But overall it was a great day, with great friends, great pitstops, great weather and even a flyby from one of my best buddies in the "big rig"... See you guys on the track later in the year! John
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    Yea - but without rampant speculation and wild scenario-playing without facts, what good is the forum???
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    We didn't pick your BoD spot.......
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    Any organization that keeps information from from those enforcing the rules is a clear benefit to those not following the rules. At this point, as far as I can tell, Chumpcar's rules are so unenforcable and unenforced that this is one of (if not the) biggest reason chumpcar is loosing participants at least in my region. At this point a winner is often assumed of cheating because it is far too easy to cheat and often well known by at least a few to be outside of the rules, leading to a significant loss of moral. If Chumpcar wants to keep tech sheets from the racers, then chumpcar needs to take on enforcing the rules. If chumpcar wants racers to enforce the rules, the racers NEED the tools to do so. Including expanded tech sheets, and as many ways of checking for violations as possible. I understand some of the reasons for not enforcing all the rules all the time, but it is coming back to bite them.
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    Total BS Bill, The tech sheet just list the declared stock and non stock items, not the execution. Like springs, non stock/ no mention of rate . Cam. nonstock . The actual values are not declared. You statement is invalid .
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    Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long. ChumpCar has recently confirmed the existence of forged ChumpChange being used to enter races. Yes, I know, you are shocked and mortified that people would do such a thing, but this is 2016. We have people suing homeowners when they get hurt robbing their own house. It’s a crazy world out there. ChumpChange was created by John over three years ago as a means to hand out credits to race teams. Rather than just say “You’ve got $100 in credit to race with us again”, John thought it would be much nicer to physically place that $100 in credit in your hands. I agree, it’s always nicer to have something in your hands rather than in your memory. Of course a physical object is fairly easy to replicate, a fact that the US Treasury department has been fighting for over 100 years. Needless to say, ChumpChange is far easier to replicate than Benjamins. So what are we going to do? From this day on, we will no longer hand out physical ChumpChange. ChumpChange that gets turned in to us will be destroyed. I’m thinking BBQ, or maybe we’ll use it to keep us warm at Pit In on those cold race nights….ANYWAY, back on point. We will still issue the same amount of credits for podium finishes but the credits will be issued to teams and tracked via retinal scanners. Since our retinal scanners will not be operational until 2021, we will just use our registration system for now. Teams will receive a not-so-fancy looking certificate with their trophy at the awards ceremony and their credits won will be added to the registration system. The next time a team with credits goes to register for an event, they will be given the option to use their credits toward the payment of their entry fees. Do you hear that? It’s the collective hyperventilating of ChumpCar members who are worried about getting screwed out of the ChumpChange they are currently holding. Relax, take a deep breath and repeat after me – my ChumpChange is still good. I said we will be destroying the ChumpChange after you give it to us, not before. The only thing that will change for now is your RD and/or registrar may be asking for the origins of your ChumpChange. We have a spreadsheet of who has won ChumpChange over the past year (technically the lifespan of ChumpChange per our rulebook is one year) but we know that sometimes it gets traded, gifted or sold. If you got it from another winning team, we’ll be able to verify that and there won’t be any issues. Try to hand us $1500 in ChumpChange that you bought from “some guy” behind a 7-11 who isn’t even a ChumpCar member, and your friendly Regional Director may not accept it. I doubt any of you will care about this change, especially since it means you have one less thing to worry about losing now (and you lose plenty of ChumpChange, log books, laps, etc). If you have any questions or comments on this, feel free to shoot me an email.
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    We had a great time at the race except for when our 350 V8 turned into a 4.9 V7 we spent 6 hours pulling the oil pan and head to get the extremely abused #7 piston out then cut the rod at the crank journal and bolted it back on the crank. Then we lifted the 2 lifters up for that cylinder and put hose clamps on them to keep them from touching the cam and expelling them through the intake manifold. This was after we removed the pushrods and rockers, we managed over 9 hours of racing time after that before it finally spit the lifters back out and we lost oil pressure, done for the day? Never! pulled the intake put the lifters back in then one of the guys came up with the idea to put the pushrods back in and adjust the rockers to put a very small amout of pressure on them, we managed to finish the race under its own power!!!! woohoo glorious!!
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    We likely brought this on. Our filler hose burst and allowed fuel to spill. My brother was badly burned and very lucky to survive. With a better barrier, I believe the fire would have been contained, at least long enough to get him out of the car with minor to no injuries. Mender, I have a lot of respect for you and think you have great insight into most issues. In my opinion though, this wasn't a "concerned citizen committee" making stuff up to coddle a generation (my words on the coddling comment, not yours). It was a real life issue/accident that played out on track at a ChampCar event. So I'm happy to be the source of inconvenience to every team in ChampCar if it reduces the risk of another family going through the hell we did over the last year. I'd give my left arm to give him 10, even 5 more seconds to get out. Drivers, fuel and fire are the three most dangerous things in our sport. In my opinion, its best to keep the three separate whenever possible.
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    Jesus, the word Lawsuit just came out. No. Just NO. This is not that group. You want to make even less friends here than you already have after your Sebring debacle. Keep it up. ugh
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    I remember when I first start racing in ChampCar for Ronald's Racers, we got accused of cheating. Then I moved to Huggins and then we got accused of cheating. I've done a few races for Ballenger so far and they immediately got accused of cheating. Then I did the iRacing league where all the cars are exactly the same... and then got accused of cheating. Well I guess that goes to show how realistic iRacing is, Haha!!
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    I'm not picking on you so much as this statement that has been used in a couple different places lately. I just don't care. we all spend money with Champcar. Many of us spend a bigger percentage of our disposable income than the well funded multi car teams do. The real bread and butter is not the few teams that spend a lot, its the tons of teams that spend some. If the series coddles the big spenders, how much fun will it be for the rest of us and how long will we stay. I have no interest in running with teams that think its funny to take out other cars just because they can afford to put theirs back together for the next race.
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    Agree about Elon's hospitality. He fed the whole Jacky Ickx crew after the race. Great food and friendly folks. He didn't even hold a grudge that one of our cars and his had a little contact during the race. Thanks to ERacing Team.
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    20 kids is a lot, seems a little late for advice.... ?
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    Got tired of the faded paint. So i painted it. Light cream on top a mixture of black and gold mid belt line and black on the lower belt line
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    Is the spectating worth it? You bet it is. I could write a book on the benefits of volunteering at a race. Here's just a few... You can't get a better seat spectating at a race than on Pit Road with a walkie talkie in hand. You get to see how teams orchestrate their stops to fuel, check oil, torque wheels, inspect brakes, fill cool suit coolers, etc. You'll learn how to do your pit stops. When you hear race control or flaggers calling in with a suspected problem on a car, or give the reason for black flagging them, you can go to their pit box and inform the team of what's going on before their driver can tell them. You can walk out to the far pit wall and get a closeup of a car with suspected problems, and radio in to race control to let them know what you see. I've been involved in situations where a team noticed their 5 minute timer was not running. Once they've called it to my attention, I could gauge how long they've been in and radio the info to pit out, instead of that driver wasting their time trying to explain it to the pit out marshal. Radioing ahead to the pit out marshal letting them know if a car has taken fuel, and should be held the full 5 minutes, or telling the pit out guy to just check belts, grab the timer and let them go, can make a difference in that teams' overall results. I've been involved in these situations late in the race, where this input has had an effect on race results. I take the opportunity to work a race very seriously and have made many friends, and gained the respect of fellow racers and chump officials too, by pouring yourself into the effort. In a nutshell, you're doing much more that just spectating! Teams will also appreciate you helping to keep them safe, which is your main objective. Some of my closest friends in Chump are guys and gals that have noticed the efforts I put into volunteering, and making sure they have a good, safe, fair officiated race. Many of these new friends have become my biggest supporters, and well wishers. When we finally rolled our car out at Pittrace last Fall, the overwhelming support, joy, and encouragement from fellow racers made the weekend even more special, and is something I will never forget!!!
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    After I got home last night I slept for 13 hours and I'm still tired. As for the race, we had 0 mechanicals for the first time in our Chump careers. The only problems that we didn't cause ourselves were the Direzzas we were running. We changed 3 tires during the race and had we been doing a 26 hour race we'd have had to change another before the end. I think Rivals are in our future. Aside from the tires and some bad pit stops we had a near-perfect race. Only made contact on two occasions, one doing nothing more than scuffing the driver's side number plate, the other taking a corner of the front bumper off (apologies to those within earshot of me while I was tearing off the loose piece of bodywork) When our last driver went out we were sitting 11th overall, knowing 9th and 10th still needed to pit. With a fairly large lap margin to 8th we had kind of accepted that 9th would be our best-case scenario. Then the OMP/Condor car had to bow out with overheating issues, followed soon by the retirement of the WRFB Saab. The checkered flag fell and we were 7th. And there was much rejoicing.
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    This is ridiculous ^^^ how do you justify adding value for something that came on the car?! Value add according to the rules is anything added not on the OEM build of materials. This is getting out of hand
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    Just a few observations on this discussion.... 1) I am not surprised to see even an aero discussion turn to fuel capacity at some point 2) Rule book "lawyering" is why SCCA has rulebooks that total several inches thick (and why some/many of us are here to race) 3) Aero construction DOES need to be scrutinized closely for "stuff that falls off". 4) Aero does further increase the gap from "haves" and "have nots" in Champcar. It also invites the "limited prep" discussion to ensue (again) 5) "Aero adds validity to the series" or some such nonsense was stated. B.S. Pro showroom stock racing existed for years w/o aero enhancements and was very good racing All that being said, some limited aero isn't necessarily a bad thing. There need to be some clear, basic guidelines and definitions. Yes, air dams are vertical, splitters are horizontal, and they are not the same, We need to be conscious of the fact that if we allow the "overdevelopment" of the top tier cars, low tier teams w/o the knowledge/experience/money to do likewise MAY look elsewhere to race. Chump/Champ is/was about AFFORDABLE racing. If you feel you need wind tunnel data to race in Champ, maybe you're in the wrong series, or desperate to have trophies in your house/garage. Just my $ .02 (Climbs off soapbox, pours drink, gets popcorn)
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    Just remove Honda's from the list completely, cut down on forum traffic by about half, then ban E36's and you could save all the hosting costs..
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