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    You might want to check the sups as there is no practice.
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    Yep. I was the 2nd person in the US to have an Elise. The one below is my 4th.
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    The neglected Neon sits pushed to the corner of the garage needing a new alternator and valve cover gasket before Gingerman. The new to me tow vehicle with 200k miles takes center stage in the garage and the maintenance items being addressed make the mailman, fedex, and UPS man wonder what and the hell is going on in the garage. It's an AZ truck so rust and seized bolts haven't been an issue, but the power steering fluid and engine oil that has leaked out and collect AZ dust makes for quite the mess. rebuilding front suspension and steering new steering gear and power steering pump, hoses wheel bearings all around shocks all around plugs and wires oil pump and oil pan gasket front engine cover gaskets water pump valve cover gaskets all fluids and filters belts A project that truly feels like pulling a thread on a sweater....
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    I remade 3 of the 4 rear brake lines and am now down to 1 minor leak from 6, so progress. I also have a plan for the accusump and a good start on a revised mount that will make the new splash shield easier to fabricate.
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    Did they think a bunch of the Canadians were coming down from up north???
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    If something happens, maybe it will be just like an Oprah show. Free gas for everybody!
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