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    Instructional Video- How not to pass in turn 7:
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    Thanks for the feedback @Zauskycop! We found an interference issue on Saturday and were doing some debugging work. We had a workaround by Sunday and will have corrections in the next iteration / alpha hardware we're working on now. @enginerd, we're taking it extremely slow and steady on this project. We see so many companies pushing out to their customers what amounts to dev/alpha hardware & software and we want this correct & reliable out of the gates. Dev hardware testing now. Alpha hardware testing late winter to summer. Beta hardware testing late 2019 where we will open up the pool further and allow people to buy Beta units with greatly expanded track coverage. Final production hardware planned for 2020. Timelines subject to change. Exciting stuff as we often seeing flagging issues in foggy, rain soaked conditions like these as racers ourselves.
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    So here is my best shot at a writeup. The weekend was a total blur, but we got to race with some really amazing people. So many awesome battles being fought out there I can't name or remember them all. Also thank you Champcar for not kicking us out, yet again. Somehow we seem to just slip under the radar. Some highlights: 1. Both Racebar and Lasershark threw connecting rods 2. Kristina - Second time on a race track ever. She did great. 3. Racing in the rain and fog. This was insanely awesome 4. Sorry for the 12:30 engine revving wakeup call Sunday morning. Apparently we thought our alarm clock was set for 6:30. 5. Ben Dawson turned a better lap time in a car with 100% stock suspension and beer cans on the roof then he did in his own car. 6. Lasershark finishing top 10 on Saturday caught us completely by surprise. We never ever expected to do even remotely well. 7. Racing with Bill Strong 8. Passing Bill Strong 9. Mike letting us give out the Racebar trophy and starting a new tradition 10. Going off track, getting stuck in mud, then not being able to go over 40 mph because it felt like the car had square tires. 11. Kristina sitting backwards on turn 1 for three laps until she was towed in. Apparently after she spun, the oil pressure light was on (the engine was off). We told her if the light comes on to turn the engine off. 11b. Kristina sitting backwards on [REDACTED] for [REDACTED] until she [REDACTED]. 12. Throwing a rod, then jamming out to reggae music while being towed through the pits and waving a "rod" at everyone. Priceless. 13. Getting out of Racebar after blowing the motor up, then blowing up the motor in Lasershark in the same way. Sorry about the oil on the track. 14. Too much bar not enough race. Missing the start of the race on Sunday because we couldn't find enough people to get the beer cups out of racebar, or gas in Lasershark. Then several of our drivers not being able to race because they were too hung over. 15. Drawing dicks on peoples cars in places they wont find until they get home. 16. Someone complaining to Mike about the dick on the rear window of Lasershark......and then having to remove it. I still want to know who it was. 17. Best quote of the weekend "I guess I'm not that good at joining orgies" - Brian Dawson 18. Watching cars pass then promptly spin or go off track. Then getting cocky and doing the same thing. 19. Serving pulled pork and beer to the corner workers and having them tell us how much they enjoy seeing us go around the track. 20. Forgetting to register Racebar Friday night, then being so bothered by it that I couldn't sleep and was litterly waiting for mike to show up in the morning. 21. Almost getting arrested in Emporia on the way to the track for this: 22. Running straight into a tire wall at 36 MPH while yelling oh frack. Then backing up and continuing to race.
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    When I announced over the staff radio race bar has come through pit in holding their rod out the window it was not understood by some as connecting
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    At least it was a clean pass...
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    I think I can speak for many here when I say, please post this disturbing, awesome footage .
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    Some bloopers from Saturday morning. Slip N slide SC300: MR2 doing something under yellow/purple: Mustang tries to out brake us: Acura tries to go deeper into 1: Black Miata doing something:
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    Fuel on site is typically expensive thus rarely a option. Our 55 gal barrel and all jugs are transported empty, before/after dinner on setup day (usually Friday eve) we find a nearby fuel station to fill everything up then return to the track, leave the truckload of fuel taking another vehicle to hotel. If more fuel is needed mid race, a couple of us calculate needs/refill after we are done with a pit.
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    So, I guess Im going to post this since Ben seems to be still asleep after his drive home. This was the final 7 or so minutes of our Saturday race which we took 4th overall. Ben is driving and did a great job. Video starts with us in 5th, and has a last lap pass for 4th. I felt there was some questionable driving by someone else but I will let you all decide that. Also making an appearance was the 3rd place Acura who was attempting to lap us. Enjoy!
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    Looks like Lexington ranks well with fire safety 🤣 https://www.lexingtonky.gov/news/03-07-2017/lexington-fire-safety-ranking-joins-best-nation Sorry, been struggling with auto-correct all day, couldn't resist.
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    Hell I'm on the Board and don't remember that email. oops.
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    I have a metal bulkhead around my cell and fuel system components with a quick release flip up lid. It is really easy to get in and work on the parts when necessary and when we actually did set the car on fire it did a pretty good job of containing the flames and the driver was able to get the car to pit in where they had extinguishers so we ended up with very little damage.
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    he must not have claimed it as an MR2 😛
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    I was working for Formula Experiences on Saturday on the skidpad being teased by the race going on. So, I asked @Huggy if I could drive with them Sunday. He said yes and I was like "Party on Wayne." I hopped in the car for 2nd stint Sunday. 1 lap down to the leader #346. I unlapped ourselves in the first 15 minutes or so. Then passed them for the lead 45 minutes later before lapping them again close to the end of my stint. I enjoyed the full wet to partially wet conditions, Huggies car handles it well and was very pleasant to drive. My last race with the team was last year at this event which we won in the 146. It was nice to come back right to winning form with the 246 and get the car's 1st victory! Thanks to everyone on the team, and everyone on and off the track.
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    Cheap basic headers aren't even necessary per the FAQ on ecotecmiata.ca. See below. Seems like they should be required to run the Malibu or Equinox exhaust manifold and no longer be able to claim the free headers upgrade. Exhaust, what are my options? The kit is currently offered without any exhaust manifold, or header. If you want the most basic bolt-on solution, we suggest the exhaust manifold for a 2009-2012 Malibu or 2010-2012 Equinox/Terrain. If you are a modest DIY type person, the Ecotec Cavalier header we use on our race car is fairly straight forward to modify and install. If we have enough interest, we may offer these headers as a ready modified option in the future. Further to the header, we recommend you upgrade the exhaust system to at least 2.25”. The Ecotec exhaust exits on the passenger side of the engine bay, so a cross over pipe can be made by your local exhaust shop to connect the engine to an existing Miata exhaust.
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    Also I want to take an opportunity to share our documentary that was recently released. We were honored to be part of the "what we do" documentary series. Doug Frasier spent 6 months following us as we prepped for the 24 at vir in August.
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    Like you've never done that before.
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    ChampCar "Don't mess up, because we probably have it on video and everyone is going to want to see it."
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    Our driver justin was in the car....car 484 white orange integra.....he does a good job of watching his mirrors.....and GOOD THING HE WAS!!!!!!!!
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    The Schumacher team had some issues Saturday. Our first driver spun on lap 2 just before the bridge and shunted into the tire wall hard. The radiator miraculously survived, even though it got center-punched by the crank bolt. It turns out the whole engine and transmission assembly flexed forward on the mounts in the impact, which caused some issues with the shifter and driveshaft support bearing. That and some sawzall work got us back out on track about three hours in. Our second driver put in a good stint through the dryest part of Saturday, and put in some really competitive times. The third driver made nearly all of his stint in worsening conditions and then spun in the exact same place as the first one, and hit the same tire wall in the same place, which ended us for the day. The radiator wasn't so lucky the second time, as it took not just the crank bolt, but about 120 degrees of crank pulley too. With the bent front end, the only thing that would fit at that point was a bent radiator, so we had to disassemble everything and get out the comealong. We got everything back together at about 5 pm. I started Sunday, and really pussyfooted it for the first half hour or so. The front straight was terrifying at the start. Visibility was about zero and there was no grip. Once the standing water started to go away I could push it a little more and managed to get us up to 6th by the end of the stint. We had a couple of spins and offs throughout the rest of the day that slowed us down, so I think we ended up 15th or so. Over all it was a good recovery from Saturday. @vtjballeng had me guest-drive the Not Banned Yet 240 on Sunday for a sick driver. I got in just as the RaceBar nuked its engine. It was a little disheartening for the previous driver to be running sub 1:50s and to start out in the 2:10s, but I guess the RaceBar oil got pulled most of the way around the track. In any case, I managed to make a little time on the rest of the leaders. Then the rain came down, the windshield fogged up, and it turned into straight up survival out there. When the car 5 lengths in front of you disappears into the mist on the front straight, it's almost impossible to keep the pedal down. That was the second-toughest stint I've ever run. The only one that was worse was the rain 24 a couple of years ago, which was basically the same thing, but in the dark.
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    As usual RaceBar provided endless entertainment. How did he end up holding a connecting rod?
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    You shouldn't need a rear view camera if you're the fastest car on track