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    If ya have wondered why I haven't been on the forum of late it was because of this. Almost whatever topic originally discussed ( THE CHAMPIONSHIP AT NCM ) has been taking a turn to another subject. In this case so far its BMW rear ends. Its supposed to be about a epic race. Had to vent Just made this for ya'll
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    @enginerd and @red0 Great job in the national championship race! Despite, as you said, the field being so very strong, you guys showcased what a well prepared car running a steady pace, can do. While you were a few seconds off the pace of the "aero E30's", your approach of keeping it simple seems to have paid off. I know you guys anticipated this race with a lot of energy - I hope you realize what a great accomplishment you portrayed of "the little guy" having great success. I'm proud to call you guys my friends and look forward to seeing you at a track again soon. Congrats to the top running teams. You guys were obviously well prepared and ready for the immense challenge of track, heat, and tough competition. I applaud ALL the teams who finished, as well as those who attempted to compete at NCM. As for the race itself, and the Champcar Live broadcast team and Champcar officials - WELL DONE!!! It's hard to believe how far this series has come and just how legitimate and sensible it is to be a proud member of this organization. Despite some of the gruff we see on this forum at times, this is truly a great group of people on both sides, the management, as well as the racing teams and volunteers. I believe we saw Champcars' finest days this past weekend, and am confident that it too will be surpassed in the future as we continue to grow together. Epic indeed!!
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    Hey Shutupraracing, Shut up & race! Didn't see your car there, why you talking trash? Read the rules & interpret, this is not a Spec series. It was hot as hell & was a race of attrition. There were 10 cars that were always in contention until they were not. Congrats to everyone that actually finished, that was a feat in & of itself. Hats off to the staff & volunteers.
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    Fantastic weekend. Corner workers and safety crew were fantastic. ChampCar crew was great, thanks to them as always. The level of competition was well beyond any race I’ve done before. We ran hard for 16 hours and took 3rd place in the championship! More to post later. Congrats to NineFour and RVA
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    Needless to say, I think Phil desperately needs the help of the tech committee that the board voted on at NCM (against). They wanted to keep it within their power to create a special committee, and they need to do it, soon. There's far too much ambiguity that's not reasonable to expect phil to figure out alone, in his part time. I can't get phil to actually read, absorb, and respond to my tech questions in any sort of prompt fashion. I came into the NCM race with an assumption and a guess at assigned points for something because he never issued an answer, despite Mike asking him to.
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    Way to shoot down my Tuesday night plans Ray.
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    skimmed it real quick. 1. I will get the official Championship results from T&S and certify them and then post them tomorrow. 2. Mike Chisek will make a video answering your concerns. Expect it in a day or two. 3. I have over 2000+ of my own images and tens of hours of video. So a lot of work ahead. 4. I have video from the dyno. Interviews with the winners. and our race report due by Thursday. 5. I love the post where the guy said this is not a spec series. Read the rules and interpret. That's why a lot of love this series. 6. We just pulled a long race weekend. 9 hours or more of travel for the employees, 12-hour workday on Friday, with 13 hours each day Saturday and Sunday. So take it easy on the staff getting your info in a timely manner. We will get it. It just takes a bit of time. and FYI, Paulie and I get maybe 10 hours sleep over a race weekend due to the amount of prep, and equipment maintenance. You may have seen me at 6 am as you guys were just waking up as I was waist deep into your racing cars installing a camera. Paul was up in the studio making certain everything I was doing was working correctly.
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    Lets see if I can make this any clearer. You can run any gear ratio thats listed as an option for your year make and model car. I dont care and dont have any way of knowing what your car started as an automatic or straight drive. I dont care if it is a two door or a four door model, I dont care if it was a red, black, green blue or any other color. Changing of a ring and pinion gear to a listed option gear ratio will not be considered a swap and will not add any points. Changing of a ring and pinion gear to a ratio that was not an option will be a diff swap and will add 25 points. This question has been asked and answered several times and I've ayways been consistent in my response. Changing of a diff from a stock non limited slip to a limited slip that was not an option will be considered a swap and add 25 points. reference a Miata 90-93 did not have a limited slip. 94 and later did have a limited slip. Putting a 94 diff into a 90-93 will be considered a swap and will add 25 points. Changing to a different year make and model diff from a car listed on the VPI list will add 25 points. Ref changing to a 9" Ford in your Camaro. If my memory is correct the car that had points added at gingerman was a swap to a limited slip diff that was not stock for the year make and model not a gear swap. Phil McKinney
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    Hah, that was me behind ya when ya almost lost it. I thought for a second or two you were toast, but you somehow gathered it back up. Nice save ! No video from the the blue car of ours but ol whitey had a full memory card after Sunday so we think it recorded all the day. Least I hope so ! Be a while before its posted tho. I'll let ya know when its on utube. Had a good weekend for all of us, the learning curve of that track was the steepest we've encountered yet. Thanks for the Friday practice is all I have to say, going out there without it and trying to drive at race pace would have been crazy. The 935 ( white car ) Saturday broke a front hub on the cool down lap at the end of the day. Really lucky there it didn't turn into a crash for us if that had happened just minutes before. Easy repair but it put us into the EC class for Sunday. Thought we were going to win EC Sunday as we were running third overall when the throw out bearing collapsed ending the day with about a hour left in the event. Bummer ! Kinda ironic that we could have won a class that as traditionalist we've always been a little opposed of it being in the series. Go figure 😀 The GT30 ( #66, blue ) had a flawless run both days. Ended up with a top 5 which we were happy with that considering the competition, the heat and the unknown of the track. 4 drivers, 8 hours driving each over two days. We were tired ! Very tired ! Thanks to Mike and his outstanding staff, another great event for Champcar ! Congtrats to RVA for the WIN !!!!! Awesome job. And thanks to all you competitors ( sans one ) for a safe event. Lots of heads up driving and really great awareness on a tough track to make passes at times.
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    Thanks, but probably not as bummed as we were. Two very strange failures that had nothing to do with the heat took us out of the running and then the final nail being the in-tank fuel pump failure. The ignition wire spade coming off the kill switch was the most head scratching thing of the entire weekend. It went right back on with a lot of tension so why the hell does it come off? Just wasn't our day, but we held the lead all night Saturday night!!!! Chris and I bailed to try to make it home before the end of the day since it was Father's day and Wyatt had an 8 hour drive and back to work today so Casey had to accept our trophy for tragic loser. Thanks to the Champ staff for that, sorry all of us weren't there to accept it, it is awesome. Exceptional weekend, the competition was fierce. I fought with the R Bank Saab for an hour, that is some of the best racing I have ever been involved in, I went to talk to Noel (I think I got the name right) and he was as pumped as I was about it. Had a good battle going with Scott in the Cone Crusher car then like an idiot I spun in front of him coming out of 10, glad I didn't collect him in that move. On and on, good racing both days. The barbeque after Saturday's leg of the race was a very good idea. Gave us a chance to meet folks we had not met before. I guess I better finish and go to work, dammit.
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    Good times for 236 Pomona Speed Shop. I drove out solo from Cali to pick up the car we left at Birmingham after Casey fixed a few issues from Daytona. Skyler and Steve flew out. Cousin Rodger and I choo choo’ed up Thursday from Mississippi. I started and worked my way to the back of the pack as I usually do and the guys had work to do. All went well the rest of the day and Skyler did second and fourth stint finishing around 16th for day one. Our friends from Uncommon team had a bad deal Saturday and were out so I asked for a Stan in for my stint because I was horribly slow and also someone for SKYLER’s second stint. John Morton and Troy Irmish volunteered and we were honored to have them in our car. They took the first two stints and got us almost into a top ten. Steve went out and was cutting good laps until about hour 14.5 and we had an axle depart from the car(shame on us because that’s a prep issue). Being the quitters we are we never even bothered to install the spare we carry and have now quit two races in a row that were easily fixed for a finish. Good news is we were loaded and showered before race end and I got out early for the 2060 mile trip home solo. We are the car that Wayatt mentioned that apperantly backed into someone’s bumper twice. Haven’t a clue how my guys can get the car in reverse to do that because I can’t find it for the life of me. It’s just downright funny to have a guy come and tell us we hit his front bumper and we need to drive more aware. Especially when one of the accused is John Morton. Good times. Later Pee Wee
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    They were hummin in Chris' car, nothing to be done about that, Andrew. We had a blast in Biohazard until the axle went kaplooey. I get in first and the car is so loose I could hardly drive it. Asked Troy what tires were on and he says "Well, they have AMP, Barber, and the Glen on them." We finished all those races, so when the car broke we were officially up to 60 hours on that set (some wet hours). But our deal was that with drivers dropping out, Troy and I had a choice-bring old pads and tires and race, or not go at all due to money. I'm really glad we went and had fun driving that loose as hell car. A lot of great drivers and fantastic competition. None of the contenders ever did anyone wrong that I saw, and only a few non-contenders were guilty of a lack of awareness. Hat's off to the staff of Champcar who also had to work in that heat. I really want to bring my Miata to NCM, but I don't ever want to race in that heat again. debilitating. Well, multiple stints in a day didn't help too.
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    I love all the challenges that races throw at me. Maybe i'm weird, some people go on relaxing vacations to bermuda, I bust my hump for a month to go race in 95F weather and work my arse off.
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    Over Engineered Motorsports made our first start as a team in a totally new to us Celica at a track none of us had ever seen. Two of us had Chump/Champ experience and another fairly extensive karting experience but one had zero w2w seat time when the weekend started. Oh and the best set of tires we had with us were well use, three year old Falkens. Talk about jumping in the deep end!! On Friday morning we got the first three drivers about a half hour in the car each. By 1130 I got in the car and within 20 minutes pushing the car harder than the other 3 pushed a ton of water out of the radiator. We ended up thrashing on various issues we found thinking they would solve our problem on until dark. I started Saturday as the first car behind the championship pack thinking we had our overheating issues sorted. Considering the tires and relative lack of prep (our only points are for camber bolts and the gt-four wing) I figured I would be the tail of the field by the end of the first lap. Was pleased to keep somewhat in touch with the rear of the contender train for a couple of laps until the tires overheated, followed a couple laps later by a spiked temp gage and a return to paddock. More thrashing led to another 20 minutes on track until we overheated again. Bill Strong stopped by our paddock spot mid-thrashing that morning and gave us a couple pointers from his experience running our engine in MR2s. Unfortunately this didn't solve our issue, only gave us a neat little geiser on the windshield the next time we went out for 20 mins and overheated the car. More thrashing to create ductwork and clean out the radiator fins in hopes of at least finding our issue. Saturday night we decided that after two long hard days of flogging on the car in that lovely warm weather that we had exhausted all options and were limited by radiator capacity and that the event had exacted its pound of flesh out of all of us. The decision was made that we would go get as much seat time as possible for the three drivers that aren't me before noon or thereabouts. When the car overheated just bring in into the pits and spray the radiator until the water was cooled down and send the guy back out. This made it so everyone could get a feel for the track, some decent seat time and acclimate the dynamic of a champcar field/traffic. Much needed experience was gained,and we verified cooling capacity as our issue with one driver going nearly an hour by backing off his throttle inputs and short shifting. Much apologies for the rolling chicane. We did our best to stay out of the way and to keep our noses clean! Despite the feeling of being a sitting duck the comments out of both drivers who had never participated at a Champ event when they got out of the car were something to the effect of "holy s#!& what a hoot!" and the hook has been absolutely totally set. Last driver came off track around 1pm and we were loaded, showered and rolling before 330. Monitoring live timing as we left the track we brought up the champcast live stream and got to listen/watch the final half hour. What an exciting finish! For the top few cars to be that close together after 15.5 hours in that weather at that track is incredible. I'd like to extend a congrats to all the drivers this weekend, on track courtesy was top notch. I think there was only one major contact incident, I happened to witness it while I came over the rise at 13 to see a mustang and 240sx spinning up the hill thru 14 coming to rest at the to of the hill in 15. Especially big thanks to all of the Champcar staff and volunteers who make this possible. For such a miserable weekend our team for one had an absolute blast. Now on to sourcing a better radiator and *maybe* a few other points spends for speed before Gingerman! Ross Bollinger Over Engineered Motorsports #144
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    My "favorite" part of the weekend: As the ChampCar staff served some pretty tasty BBQ to all the racers at the end of a pretty exhausting day (somebody said it was hot), a "person" came up to one of the staff and said he had finished the race and gone back to his hotel to take a nice shower and by the time he got back, CCES had managed to run to run out of food. He complained and was kinda upset that CCES had inconvenienced him as he had made the effort to get back to the track for his free dinner. I called him a "person", because I could not bear to associate him with all the rest of you. His parents must be so proud of him. As we say in the South: Bless his heart. I would go on and give you the Brew Krewe rundown of the race weekend, but I have a race recap to write so my personal recap will have to wait. Keep sharing your stories of how the weekend went: It makes writing these race recaps so much easier... Thanks!!!
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    "We have always allowed any gear ratio that was an option for your year make and model." Phil McKinney Read that again, the operative words are year, make and model [not transmission type].
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    Yes the points do matter. We have always allowed any gear ratio that was an option for your year make and model. Phil McKinney
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    Toyota Celica 5SFE Flush the engine well. new Tstat. new rad cap. pressure test the cooling system. Could be as simple as a hose clamp not holding under the pressure. leak down test. Check 5sfe timing as kids sometimes advance it to get more "power". Seal off the intake to the rad. Championship totals added to original post
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    For us watching from home, Sunday was an exciting day. Saturday afternoon had become a bit of a snooze until Cone C has their failure. Hated to see the early failure for Burningham, but it opened the race up. So many teams with great drives towards the end - I have to add Level 1 to the list I mentioned earlier. Congrats to Brewe and Running Bulls for what I think were personal bests. There was the potential for some “team car interference” at the end, but from what I can tell it didn’t happen and kudos for not engaging in that kind of BS.
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    Why does everyone get home and protest on the internet? man up and do it at the race or STFU.
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    Huggins earned 0 pts for the race and started with 3, so they should be the Champions since they ended the season with fewer points than RVA.
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    I never thought about it, but I'm surprised lightened flywheels do not have a point value. Or at least a line in the rules that says "Use stock only". Seems like something that would have come up at some point. I can see it now "Our European OEM flywheel costs 10 kilobucks so it makes racing cheaper if we use this aftermarket ultra light titanium flywheel with diamond crusted starter teeth and kung-fu grip. It only costs 1 kilobucks and we get an extra discount when buying lexan, oil coolers, and poly bushings at the same time"
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    A truly epic event. Thank you chump staff and volunteers for making this possible.
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    Yep, the early time allows me plenty of chances to handle those whose lights are not working by talking to them at their pit stops. If I wait too long I wind up having to black-flag people and that messes up your race. I want to try and keep you guys out racing. Dana