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    Since this is a tire thread, I’ll share my testing of the SNOW performance of the maxxis vr1 on a 3500 lb RWD street car today in Chicago. Subjective rating: Very poor
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    I'll take this one step further - if the swap causes the car to be dominant, and it's within the PWR guidelines used accurately in the calculator, then perhaps the base car is just underperforming, and has a lot of un-realized potential anyway? In this scenario you'd raise the VPI.
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    repurposed material = 0 point add repurposed material = parts that came on your car from the factory . With that said you can take something from your car change it and use for another purpose . If you choose to do this you need to document where the part came from ,how you changed it to what it is now . If you cannot show the process or we cannot tell from looking you will be charged material or FPV points .
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    I'll play along and flesh out your scenario. Somebody builds a 100 point '76 Vega with the big gas tank and uses the Z09 suspension and Wilwood brakes. After stripping it down to the absolute minimum of structural integrity at 1800 lbs or about 80% of the lightest production model and adding so much aero it has a top speed of 85 mph downhill, the car handles so well that it embarrasses Miatas as it drives around them on the outside (or inside) of every corner. The braking performance is just as impressive, going 30% deeper with perfect balance. But the car is so s l o w in a straight line that everyone passes it on the next straight. Clearly, it is at the bottom of the PWR chart and GM was a little optimistic even at 84 hp. DRS helps a bit but not enough to get it out of the bottom ten. Someone decides to swap in an LE5 Ecotec engine for 56 points and manages to make 180 whp with the free header and CAI, allowing the car to not only keep up on the straights but out-accelerate the big power cars, transforming the car into an all-dominating monster that prompts five other teams to yank Vegas from swamps and duplicate this stunning combo. One team asks Champ to put the 2011 Chev Orlando on the VPI list so they can use the LAF direct injection 174 hp version and get a little more power while using less fuel. They make 190 whp with the free header and CAI. The new teams proceed to win all the races they enter handily. Everyone is up in arms over the new swap. Faced with alienating 64 of the 70 teams that typically show up at each race by allowing the swapped cars to continue unfettered, Champ decides to: 1. Do nothing, which basically forces everyone who wants to compete to build identical cars, resulting in essentially a spec series built around that car. Seems like a good idea because it's a dead-easy, cheap swap and accessible to everyone. 2. Give out free parts to everyone in hopes that somehow Vegas with Ecotec engines can't benefit from the same free parts. 3. Lower the VPi of all the other cars and hope that someone finds a way to build a different unicorn car - which, when it happens, makes it a two car series instead of just a one car series. Those two cars end up forming well over 50% of the entries at any given race. 4. Put in a rule just for those cars requiring a production engine only, so no swaps or it's EC. One team takes their ball and goes home; the other five swapped teams now run in EC and still take home trophies. The rest of the teams race in their respective classes and everyone has fun. No one has changed their car, the same cars are still racing each other, and the officials are praised for keeping Champ a place where concerns are heard and acted on. To me, only #4 makes sense. History shows that #1-3 didn't work. Then a professional foreign engine builder gets a Cosworth Vega engine, opens up the ring gap on the otherwise stock 8.3:1 engine with fully forged internals, bolts on a turbo with intercooler for 125 points and makes 230 whp in an 1800 lb car that has an 18.1 gallon fuel cell, which starts the cycle all over again. Champ asks, "What do we do?"
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    Here's an easy one to play with: https://www.drtuned.com/tech-ramblings/2017/10/2/spring-rates-suspension-frequencies The article is worth reading and gives a hint about how to find your current suspension frequencies. Find a way to remove the dampener action either by removing the shocks or using (or making) dead struts. Bounce that end of the car repeatedly, trying to get it to move as far as you can rhythmically and count how many times it bobs up and down in ten seconds once you get and keep it going. Divide by ten and you have a pretty close estimate of the ride frequency. You can put that number into the calculator as a baseline then change the frequency to see how much the spring rate changes. If you know your present spring rate, you can either do the math yourself or use the calculator to determine what springs you need to get to the desired frequency. To get to 2.2 from 1.5, divide the new rate by the old (2.2/1.5 = 1.47) then square the result ( 1.47 x 1.47 = 2.15). If your old spring rate is 206 lbs/in, you'll need 443 lb/in springs (206 x 2.15). Or put your numbers into the calculator and move the blue dots around to see how things change. Example: 300 kg/corner, motion ratio of 0.86 (strut) and frequency of 1.5 = spring rate of 206 lbs/in. Move the blue dot over until the frequency is at your target. Let's use 2.2 again; the spring rate needed to achieve that is 443 lbs/in.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, our distinguished board members.
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    You mean like the MR2? Oh wait, if it used the correct weight, or took the Turbo VPI like it's supposed to, then it wouldn't be an issue.....
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    without announcement, discussion, or vote....absolutely. I'm suggesting that everything be adjusted the same way instead of multiple rulesets.
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    I agree 100% with this, but I was outvoted. The fudge factor sort of does the same thing, but does leave the door open for unicorns should they be found. I would like a common swap valuation table. I might write another petition on it.
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    When people started whining because Danger Racing was more creative in building their race car than they were.
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    My wife always wondered why Jimi Hendrix sang "excuse me while I kiss this guy."
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    Brand new 2020 8.5 x 24 Aluminum trailer. 42" Spread Axle with 5200# Dexter Torsion Axles (9,990# GVW). .030 Screwless exterior. Advantech flooring. One Piece Aluminum Roof. Bull nose flat front (V-Nose available). 7' interior height. Empty weight 3089# & Payload is 6901#. Financing wac & Delivery available. Call Gary at 540-334-4182.
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    Road Atlanta kind of fuel usage.
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    "Massaging" the weight of the car changes the end power to weight ratio, which essentially defeats the whole purpose of the swap calculator. The "essence" is quite a bit different, not sure why there's a problem seeing that. Bring the swap list weight back to reality and let the chips fall where they may, just like it was an objective means of limiting the power to weight ratio. Oh wait, that's what it was meant to be and was before someone decided to toss some teams/cars a bone.
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    Wow, I feel dumb-ish now, but I have been looking for these for years and never found one.... I think I know what I'm saving for now
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    Our 78 malibu didn't have power steering either. I don't like stuff that can fail. If you depower the system the right way it is almost no different at speed than power steering. Taking the belt off only makes it like almost impossible.
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    Hit it with a sludge hammer, it will break loose.
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    Don't worry, this setup has more wins than any other.
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    E36s aren't winning because they were neutered for years and had their development stagnated.
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    The quote above is from the link in the previous post. It is a correct statement. In the Draft version of the 2019 BCCR that was provided to the TAC for review, there indeed was a statement in there that I italicized above. The TAC group agreed with it, and it was included in the first publication of the 2019 BCCR. When a car showed up at an early 2019 race - possibly Road Atlanta - with a decklid that had the rear section upturned to act as a rear spoiler, much discussion between the CEO, TAC and BoD ensued as to whether it should be free or 10 points. The argument that eventually won described it as being true to the roots of the series that promotes innovation. Thus, the italicized statement was removed from the BCCR. Some felt this "muddied" up the rules, but as stated above, this was the final determination.
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    "There's a bathroom on the right."
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    Or I once heard someone make a request to the radio DJ and ask them if they could play Bob Seger's "we were naked from the first" ( instead of "making Thunderbirds") I guess she thought he was singing about being born
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    You are the first person to even say anything about that car and the class it is in. I needed a photo that cost me nothing and it needed to look a certain way with cars in the background, and be somewhat in focus. And NOT cost the company any money. So it had to be a picture that I took. And this was the picture that was chosen. I did photoshop out the EC on the side of the car, and blurred the Lemons decal. It was not about promoting EC or M cars. It was about attracting the attention of potential new customers to come over and talk to us. And both the Z car, and the back drop accomplished that far better than anything we have done so far. Bill Strong - Just trying to do my job.
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    Lyn, @FoCUSS I got your PM, but was tied up the past couple days with a funeral in my extended family. At the moment I don't have any spares available. It seems that interest has been waning for these hubs. That's possibly because the teams that needed them have already made their purchases in the last couple group buys we put together, or the increased price of $700/pair have turned some people away. The build shop was at one time selling these to me for cheaper, but have incurred increased cost for the splining operation, and they were forced to raise the price. I'm checking with a few folks that expressed interest over the past few months to see if we can get up to the minimum of 5 pairs ordered to get the build shop started on another batch. I will respond to your PM later this evening, and hopefully have a better idea if we have enough interest to get more built. I know how frustrating this problem can be - I'll do the best I can to put together another group buy. In the meantime, if you know anyone else running a Focus that might be experiencing the same problem, let them know there is a solution. That will help us get up to the minimum batch size.
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    Your number is assigned permanently only for your region. Since you are new, the regions don't get mentioned anymore so you may not realize there are still regions for teams. If you live in the east region and pick a number not used in that region and ask for it permanent it will be yours as long as you sign up for races periodically. It is possible a central division team signed up for this one race before you and have your number for this race. Email Chisek, he may be able to give you a number for this race that you can use by covering up one of your numbers, cover up and put temporary number over it, etc. There are thousands of teams across the country so it is impossible with 999 combinations to have a number for the entire country. So, long story short you may still be able to use what you have after this race, just talk to Chisek.
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    That F-Data systems setup looks like a simple plug-and-play solution. It seems to have a "gallons used" display that resets when the unit is powered off (so every pit stop) with no intervention from a human. Only better solution I can see is the linked RCP sensor (it seems to be about a $140 sensor) if you already have a RCP or AIM you can use to capture the data.. Although I am not sure if the AIM can calculate gallons used based on a K-factor input. It might need to be passed through to something else (like a podium connect, for example)
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    With the wing in clean air it handles so much better!
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    Apparently the " 've" is silent.
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    We're out in Morris.........So we're familiar on how Cook County keeps electing the crooked democrats!
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    I think we won Sunday during the first Road America event for Chumpcar in 2011 on 13s. I think they were 165/75-13 or something around that size. It has been so long, I can hardly remember.
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    Now get any bag of running FWD crap, and join Mike and I @ knights of destruction. I need to see you in a ski race 🎿 Dirt Gladiator?
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    So I did a thing this afternoon. I bought a really nice complete gladiator car 🤣 I still have the G5, might still do the Enduro or might sell it, it'd be a pristine clean-sheet gladiator. Or I could Enduro then sell, or Enduro then finish as gladiator. 1st world racer problems.
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    My memory is fading daily but bob was able to buy the auto racing line of Bell helmets at some point in time. Bell helmets has been on finaHe also bought several southern California safety gear companies and started Pyrotect. Pyrotect and Filler Safety were well known and used by alot of the top Hollywood stuntmen. Bob and Larry(ran filler safety and sewing department) boasted that their gear was constantly being tested in the real world. Stunnt guys crashed cars with their belts and set themselves on fire with their suits. Bob was constantly looking for better, safer, cooler, and cheaper fabrics. Bob raced in the SCCA forever but hd to quit of getting heat exhaustion during a race. He suffered the effects of that till his death. He searched for cooler fireproof fabrics. Their custom suits are as good as anyone's. He would have loved ChampCar racing. Real down to earth guy.
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    @Team Infiniti nice win in the 4.6 class, found the video in a FB group search for "PO BOY MAFIA" someone posted the dirt dobber video of the feature
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    Sorry. Not really! Haha. Estate FTW!
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    I like driving with one hand on the wheel...lol
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    been there, done that - many times Lambert's - home of the Throwed Roll
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    No, those 150 screaming, minivan horsepowers accelerate so hard that there is hardly ever much weight on the front wheels.
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    Who on earth would order this in a sedan.... wagon FTW!
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    We are planning to make the tow. I won’t touch anything unless it starts with I-40
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    I have a GP Tech.... trust me, you won't regret it.
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    Much of the talk had been about rules because that is what has most everyone's feathers ruffled. But what you point out is equally important. As you have read I have been involved ion Motorsports for a long time and every item you mention I have had to do at one time or another. "accounting, sales, marketing, legal, finance, leadership, communications, management, TIME, etc" All of these titles are as important to one another to be successful. On the IndyCar side I had to oversee 30 employees, 4 race cars, 2 drivers, 2 transporters, 1 hospitality coach and keep it all under a $8 million budget. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1993-05-23-9305230478-story.html With the help of three others we put on a Midget Race at the Joliet Memorial Stadium. A place that had a rich history in the 60's. Almost 5,000 attended. www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2009-09-23-0909210313-story.html I built up a Hot Rod shop with 23,000 square feet, 15 employees and over 45 open work at any one time. We did north of a million dollars in sales & service. https://bangshift.com/general-news/event-coverage/massive-shop-tour-gallery-the-hot-rod-barn-morris-illinois-muscle-car-restorations-drag-builds-killer-shop/ I currently have a small fab shop & work by myself. https://www.facebook.com/Bernies-Rods-Customs-162944147238002/ As for the ChampCar Team the Blue Shells we have 2 Ford Focus SVT's, that I have built, a MR2 & we are currently building a second MR2. I do all the set up & prep work on the Silver #38 Focus. So as you can see all of the items you mention I have had to use at one time or another. Sometimes all of them at once. I do believe that preparation and communication usually end up with success no matter the project. Bernie Myers
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    As those of us who were here from the start are slowly but effectively pushed out..... more money, more R&D, more aero, more free stuff, .......................I don't even know what electric power steering is but I'm gathering it is a performance upgrade, nor do I understand why or how someone buys upgraded hubs. Never in the 15 years of driving an E36 has someone suggested I upgrade my hubs.... ??? Why should I care? That being said, the introduction of aero is just the next sweeping change that will push more of us mid-packers off the entry lists...
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    Lookup the math or get one of us to build a calculator for you. You are basically calculating the wheel torque required to bring the wheels to slip (max force limit) at 1-1.2 G (calculating the vertical force on front vs rear wheels and multiplying that by an assumed mu of 1-1.2). This torque goes through the caliper to master cylinder area size difference as a multiplier, and your pedal ratio is a multiplier. A pedal force of 100-200 is reasonable. Above that you will most likely have drivers complain that the effort wears them out over time. Most vacuum booster have an assist ratio of 1.5-2:1. If you like your current pedal force, you will need to make the pedal ratio 1.5 times better, or usually people make the master cylinder bore AREA 1.5 times smaller. I bet you have some room to go on pedal effort, so you might want to start at 25 to 50% more mechanical advantage in the master bore area\caliper bore area, pedal ratio, etc.
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    There is no "right" spring rate. I would measure the stock spring rates, and go 25 - 33% stiffer than stock and give that a try.
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    Then that means that all headers are open on all engines. Unless this is one of those secret handshake rules that only the cool kids know about. Is this in the rule book?
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    Speedhive Results https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5584142#all-results Text results https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1X8KGk3_lR-VTlD3dsuu3HLkGS59b_jSb?usp=sharing Event Images https://photos.app.goo.gl/CTXRpxndb3AoFZpz7 Impound interviews presented by AutoZone
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    1986 Toyota MR2 Race Car for sale This is a titled, currently registered “street legal” antique car in Tennessee. Prospective buyers are welcome to test drive the car. It is located in Rockvale, TN, 37153. If you will pay for delivery ahead of time I’ll be glad to deliver the car within a couple hundred miles. This car has just over 30 hours of track time on it. That’s a good bit or sorting out done for the next buyers without much unnecessary wear. Despite the stigma of how hard it is to drive mid engine cars, we’ve actually spun this one less than we did the FWD car we had in 2015. It’s not hard to get adjusted to and we’ve set up the suspension so that it’s predictable at the limit. It’s been a good car for us and we’d definitely take this path again. The shell is a factory sunroof car that has an aluminum panel replacing the sunroom. The only glass is the front windshield, all other windows are plastic. The car weighed 2050 lbs on race scales with a full tank of gas and no driver. The windshield has a small crack, but it has been repaired with an epoxy windshield kit and will still pass Lemons/Chump/HPDE tech. Safety: The roll cage was professionally built at Coffey Fabrication and Race Prep in Nashville, TN. Chris is a real pro and he built this car for himself. We get compliments on the roll cage every time we’re at the track. Drivers seat is a kirkey intermediate. Passenger seat is a kirkey drag series. Both harnesses are gforce latch style. It has an SFI window net on the driver’s side and a fire system. Engine: 4AGE 20v Silvertop, open stacks using vw carb velocity stacks. It’s using Haltech E6k for an ecu. Included is an ancient laptop that still works in case you want to change the tune. The factory redline on the silvertop is 8600rpm. We set the limiter at 7600 for enduro racing and the shift light comes on at 7200rpm. We have religiously used a moroso 3qt oil accumulator which is included. Trans: factory 16v mr2 Suspension: Custom tubular control arms. eBay coil over kit springs. I measured the rates at 410lb/in front, 420lb/in rear. No sway bars. Alignment settings were optimized to minimize bumpsteer. Exhaust: 2.5” magnaflow – this is quiet enough for the 103db sound limit at NCM with no baffles Tires & Wheels: Front wheels - 2x kosei k1’s (not pictured) 15x7 wheels with 205/50/15 Maxxis VR-1’s. 2 tires good, 2 trashed. Rear wheels – 2x 15x9 Advanti wheels with 245/40/15 Maxxis VR-1’s in decent shape. Basically, there is enough rubber left for a couple of track days, but you’ll need fresh tires before the next race. Brakes: Celica GTS rear brake conversion. SSBC brake bias valve. Front pads are Carbotech XP10. Rear pads are autozone pads we used to get the bias closer. There’s plenty of pad left for some track days, but you’ll need another set of race pads for the front before the next race. The car was involved in an accident at Barber in December 2016, but has since been repaired and completed an HPDE at NCM; where it was dramatically faster than it was last year due to some suspension and driver tuning. Best Lap Times for an average crew of drivers: NCM Grand Full: 2:36.0 with a lot of time left in T5 NCM Fast Lap COTA: 2:53.6 COTA Fast Lap Barber: 1:50.0 Barber Fast Lap Basically, as it sits it’s quick enough to mix it up with a lot of the miata’s and e30’s out there. We ran the car in the EC class so we didn’t have to deal with keeping up with points. Check for yourself, but I think with the 2017 forward rules this car is eligible for class A if you change out the carbon wing. All the little stuff: Racing radios with in car nascar hook up and crew chief headset. Cool Shirt System 4x 5gal racing gas cans – 2 modified for quick fill Racing pit board Spare hood, doors, and trunk. Spare transmission, axles, suspension parts, alternator, etc… 4x HID rally lights for night races - prewired Pricing: I’m looking to get $4250 for the MR2 as it sits in good running shape. The only thing not included is the tablet and gps we used for timing (owned by a team member, may be negotiable).
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