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    We've taken the position that the owner is responsible for who he lets on the track. I'm toeing the Company line here and backing Mike.
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    Actually it was mainly bees, and a few snakes......hence why its being demolished. I dont do snakes, if a snake made its way into our house i may demolish the house too. My 10 Year old daughter loves snakes, and thinks its funny to catch them and bring them in the house to show dad. Generally i scream like a 10 year old girl and she laughs hysterically. I DONT DO SNAKES.
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    Safety inspection-wise the following items are consistently overlooked by teams presenting to tech. Front and rear bulkheads must be completely sealed. Tape is no longer considered a compliant method for sealing. Any space larger than 1/4" must be sealed with metal. Under 1/4" can be sealed with silicon or fire proof foam. Any fuel, oil or water lines inside the car must be shielded with metal panels. In some instance waterproof flex tubing can be used. Aeroquip steel braided hoses and fittings still need to be covered. Cool suit boxes must have 2 ratchet type straps (four attachment points) holding the box in place. The plastic loops and the factory supplied velcro straps are not compliant. The coolsuit hoses don't have to be shielded but the quick disconnect fittings between the drivers coolsuit shirt and the tubing are highly recommended. It is rude to dump cool suit water in your pit stall. Front Door glass must be removed both sides. Hatch or rear window and side quarter windows must be covered with 3m type clear hurricane or safety film if you keep the glass. Lexan is free to replace existing glass/ windows. If used, front and rear windshields must have 2 metal support braces, see the rule for specifics. Roll bar padding for areas of potential helmet contact must be covered with high density foam padding with a SFI cert of 45.1 or greater. Loose pads are not compliant and any movement must be eliminated. Clip in seat belt hardware must have the clip lock pin or safety wire in place. All Batteries must be securely mounted to the chassis with atleast two mounting points with large washers or an additional solid plate under the mount point to help dissipate load iF there is a crash. Batteries mounted in the drivers compartment (not separated by a bulkhead) must be in a high quality marine case with a sealed lid. (Boat battery box). Driver and passenger doors windows must remain open. On the driverside, a triangle piece of lexan attached to the door like a old style vent window maybe added but cannot exceed 80 sq. in. The passenger side may add the same lexan triangle if the piece includes a naca duct. Window net(s) should cover the driverside door opening from the steering wheel back to the drivers seat and must be less than 4 years old with a clearly dated sfi certification. Fire bottles must be in the green and soon will need to be in certification. Not over or under the green on the pressure gauge. Over or under the green area make the system non compliant. Backside of all firebottle mounts if attached to the floor board must have large washers to dissipate load during crashes. Atleast one nozzle should be located to spray directly on the drivers lower mid section. If the nozzle is mounted at the area under the steering column the spray pattern will not be blocked by your legs and should not spray the drivers helmet. And ofcourse all welds must be 360° around all tubing copings. Hope I did not discribe any thing incorrectly and if you have questions you can email me direct. Feel free to share this if you find it helpful, understandable and error free.
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    Been running SBC's for almost 10 years in Chump, usually 2-3 events a year. NEVER scattered a motor. Ever. (find me some wood to knock on...) Lincoln motor was stock iron-head Vortec, original motor was literally 200k+ miles (only thing we did was change valve springs) we decided it was tired and bought GM long block, was amazed that really all it would have needed was a valve job, bottom end was pristine. Camaro is stock LT1, rebuilt. Super big fan-boi of Amsoil, only because of some poor decisions and precarious things we've done over the years and never had any oil-related failures (like run 21 hours @ VIR with a broken oil pick-up...). Only time we've had any mechanical parts failures is when we've used anything Chinesium. Stick to quality OEM/OEM-equivalent US sourced fasteners and parts and you will be fine. Keep it cool, run a pan with some sort of basic oil control, and probably an oil cooler. We never ran an oil cooler on the Lincoln, but I put one on the Camaro. Not sure if we really need it but it certainly can't hurt. Never shifted beyond the mid to upper 5k area (runs out of steam with a stock cam anyways...). Nothing really to talk about privately, but feel free to PM if there is anything you don't want to post in the forum. To be quite frank, I really don't know anything special.
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    I've been racing SBC since the very first Chump Series race. I've encountered about every type of failure possible. Once I decided to run a factory Roller cam engine and had every rotating part balanced my failures stopped. I run the engine to 6 grand every shift and do not use the engine compression just braking for down shifts. Engine now stays together. Hope that helps
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    60 car sellout at Gingerman, Michigan same weekend. Sorry.
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    I've wrote and deleted a few posts on this and I will likely regret this one. None the less, I've thought a lot about contact in Champcar, the cause, the cause of our own contact, and how to prevent it in the future. To address an issue I think its smart to fully understand it. It seems there are many who'd rather not, and that is fine, but I took this approach and it seemed to help us. Champcar is a melting pot of drivers, cars, and teams which creates a number of different scenarios. To limit contact there are a number of things that can be done, from saying "Don't hit someone", banning certain teams, all the way to analyzing exactly why contact occurs and educating people, or some combination there-in. For example of the variability, I was passed by Good-Guys-Racing at VIR. They came up fast at night, I almost crapped myself and stayed right after T10 and just let him have his way with me. A few laps later I am gaining on Good-Guys-Racing and it appears as though its the first time they've ever been at the track and they were way off line and their driving is all over the place. In the span of a few minutes the approach to passing had to completely change, and if it didn't a podium car could have ended up on a trailer. The lack of understanding and appreciation of this variability causes contact. I've attached an image of a chart that defines how I've analyzed contact and how we can prevent it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zBZzAYcgfstO0xtxqddVmgsDB7_lxmaQ-fzgMX2mX1g/edit?usp=sharing I came from SCCA and the main source of my contact and what I've seen from other teams using rental drivers with road race experience has been in the columns No Awareness >Maintain Line, and No Awareness > Learning Track. What I failed to understand and what I believe others fail to understand is that drivers are fully entitled to run whatever line they want. Its the goal of the series to get 100% green drivers on track, and there should be zero expectation that the car being passed will adjust their line or shall be influenced by a car trying to pass them. If you have that expectation you will cause contact. In some cases it means a car will take the exact opposite line you'd expect, and in others, even being side-by-side may result in no acknowledgment from the driver being passed that you are even there. It took us three races to learn this. We got pulled from a practice day and a black flag could have cost us a win. It was clear if it happened again, that we wouldn't be welcome back to CC in the paddock, or from MikeC. We've analyzed why, and corrected our behavior and although we still drive aggressively, changes have allowed us to run clean over the last four races and we expect that to continue. It seems other teams have similar issues and more egregious. Ie: performing a pit maneuver on a car on the back straight. I think teams with experienced rental drivers need to beat their drivers over the head about the fact that drivers are entitled to use 100% of the track, regardless of it being the race line. Outside of all of this, there has recently been 2 instances (WGI and Indy) where contact has been intentional by teams. This I feel is something else entirely and should be dealt with by CC. The goal of this post is to present my analysis and understanding to help teams with issues, and perhaps frame the discussion for action to be taken. IE: Intentional contact should be harsh and swift bans. Consistent overdriving should be addressed Failure to leave margin to new drivers should be addressed (the goal is to encourage new teams, right?) *If the chart is helpful I can open it up for edits. I just threw it together this morning as a visual representation of the understanding I have come to, so there might be some refinements needed.
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    I scheduled myself for a half day today to drive out and realized a bit ago that starting at 5am means I'm outta here in exactly 8 minutes.... at 8:58, because why not.
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    I agree that water on the pit lane is fine. Unless we plan to outlaw rain too.
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    Not to totally go off the rails and bury information in this thread, but I'd like to see a couple of "alternate methods" for securing cool suit boxes. Two straps is a royal pain. We've employed aluminum side straps, through the cooler tabs AND screwed to the side of the cooler, coupled with one strap around the chassis mount (not velcro, a click style). Survived the hit at Daytona in the Lincoln, which was a HARD hit. I'd even be willing to through-bolt my aluminum side straps (fender washer from the inside, bolt placement up higher in the box coupled with some silicon to seal it) - thru bolted the cooler and bolted down to your mounting point on the chassis, that is literally not going anywhere.
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    We should blindfold all the drivers after the quiet hour, spin them around three times, let them loose and belt them in to whichever car they end up in. Pot luck tail gate Friday, pot luck racing Sunday afternoon.
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    Better yet is to buy one of these: I cut apart every filter that comes off the engine. I then use a knife to cut the filter element at the top and bottom then slit the ends and pull out the section in one piece. I squeeze out the residual oil then carefully extend the section like an accordian so I can see what the filter trapped inside the folds. Bearing material isn't magnetic unless you get well past the surface layer on the tri-metal (Clevitte 77) bearings, and some other ones are aluminum alloy (Federal Mogul) so this is the best way to get an early warning.
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    Just picked up a camper for the weekend. I'm excited to try this out for a few reasons: safe haven from weather, hot or wet, (but the forecast looks great!); a place to change & chill in A/C for our drivers before or after a stint; clean shower, and it will be nice to stay at the track, and not have to drive 20-30 miles from a decent priced hotel on race mornings, as rooms in South Haven are expensive due to it being a resort town. Picking up some stuff from the grocery store, and anticipating a great time!
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    Correct. Park and public roads. Kind of like going to race at Belle Isle in Detroit if anyone has been there. We could probably all go and ride our bikes on the circuit for an impromptu race though if you guys wanted!
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    I for one, have no objection to being an F1 support race
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    Once we quit using rebuilds from Jimbo's Dirt Track Emporium and Discount Cigarette Outlet our reliability improved greatly.
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    Will the following be added the the rulebook for 2020: Tape not allowed for firewalls 2 straps for coolshirt boxes
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    Nice job Chris @Huggy, @chip, Rodger@Burningham and the rest of your team. And also a shout out to @enginerd for picking up your 3 points on the biggest stage, and in the same weekend, at Indy.
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    "Honey, I put the car up for sale like you said. I don't know why no one bought it yet."
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    I can visually and olfactorily check my filler tube and fuel cell installation by sticking my head inside my car. Covering up a poor installation with a bulkhead prevents tech inspection and increases the likelihood of concentrating the fuel vapours enough to allow explosive ignition.
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    Car is prepped and clean, truck is loaded. Keg o beer will be acquired ~11am and then I head out to the track. Lookin' to be a glorious fun weekend ahead!
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    Officially signed up. Car still on stands and needs a fuel tank/cell and dyno and track shake down...
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    I have updated some of the information on the rules page https://champcar.org/rules Added pre-tech inspection via Skype. Jay Mauney memo about how to pass Inspection hints 2020 BCCR placeholder text. the 2020 BCCR is now in the hands of the CCES BOD for final review. On September 1, I will make the links live.
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    Thanks Bill , let me add as long as they do not exceed stock dimensions . We also do not charge for sun roof or T top coverings , same applies stock dimensions .
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    The No tape rule is already in the rules i.e., and I para phrase, any opening under 1/4" in must be fire proof foam or silicon and over, metal. Two straps came up after the 2020 rules were submitted so not likely unless I missed it going in. The point is really this; if your coolsuit box mount doesn't seem secure we will require you to do the simplest at the track quick fix , which would be two ratchet straps. If you want to do more we are happier.
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    I've never seen a shirt or system that didn't have quick-disconnects. All of the various coolsuit boxes use them on their lines. Heck, I even built a pit coolbox and bought the same quick-disconnects from McMaster Carr. So not sure what's being said here. It would be insane to even consider requiring teams to enclose coolsuit tubes in steel shielding. What's next...we have to enclose the lines for drink bottles? And yeah...when you're running a coolsuit, it's usually hot. So any water spilled in the pit box dries pretty quickly. I get not dumping a 19 quart box in the pit box, but a quart or two of water isn't going to hurt anything. We run 3 boxes for 2 cars and load them up behind the pit wall before stops so works well.
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    This is sage advice. We don't skimp on fasteners, fluids, replacement parts, etc.. When we assembled the long block, we used ARP fasteners on everything. @MoparBoyy uses all good fluids/filters, etc.. FWIW...this is our SBF. See you at Sebring!!! 😜
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    Most informative post this year! Thank you (says the new guy getting ready to do his first race).
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    A lot of us on the Board took up the contact issues at VIR and Indy with Mike. The team in question has been spoken to, and understands it has to improve. There is a spotlight on any team with contacts in multiple races, and we are watching. No sanctioning has taken place to date, just stern warnings. I'm certain Mike will take action if this continues.
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    I dug out our offset smoker/grill. Apparently sitting under the cover for 4 years without checking on it means things find a home in it. we wont be bringing the smoker anymore its probably going to find its way to the recycle center lol. i will throw the butts on the my BGE on Wednesday and throw them in a nesco for Friday night, no biggie. I also got some buns for pulled pork sammiches, and 2 cases of spotted cow to share Friday night i added to the list of goodies.
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    What you did there. I seent it.
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    Ive been waiting for @Bandit 82 to post a picture but i cannot help myself. He just finished the paint for the Flyin Hawaiians new chassis from @Voodoo Child. Its too pretty to race IMO. @Bill Strong maybe you can get an interview with these guys like you did with Whiskey Foxtrot Tango?
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    For those that don't follow me on Facebook, well... I left for Gingerman yesterday. I got an hour into the 12 hour trip and that's when Tyler asked me why I was leaving a week early. Doh! I want to be at the race track sooo bad! updating the original post now with the email and pit assignments
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    LOL. I said the same thing to my team, but in the end, I agreed with them that it's a bit much. I don't work out, but I do type like 30 words per minute. So take that for what it's worth.
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    Yes. The engine that I used for a year then sold to someone else (who ran it another two years, then sold it to a guy who put it in his truck) had unknown bearing clearances because I patched it together. Dirt cheap in this case meant that I didn't have an engine stand so I rebuilt it by rolling it around on the garage floor, doing my best to keep the dirt out of the important places. Apparently, I was successful. The engines that I build for endurance racing now have precise bearing clearances and I typically use Redline 40 wt racing oil, changed after each weekend or about 15 hours. The downside of running too heavy an oil is a slight loss of hp; the downside of running too light an oil is the possible loss of the engine.
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    I'm guessing, and it's a big time guess, but since you will most likely be pulling a fair amount of weight out of it, I'd leave the stock spring pack in place, get your ride height right using blocks, shackles or what not and go test for a baseline.
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    I was with R3R Porsche team driving #silver 602. Time goes by way to fast at these events not to mention how hot it was. I'll be at Thompson next weekend and then Nelson the week after.
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    Engine: 15w40 dino Rotella change every race Trans: Amalie universal synthetic ATF change it when it doesn't look new Diff: Mobile one 75w90 change it every year or 2
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    Aren't oil viscosity requirements determined by the main and rod bearing clearances for a given engine?
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    We're bringing our sidebox smoker to do some beer can chickens, should be some extra space if someone needs to some
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    yep, look at Lowes, Home Depot for the Flu and Fireplace red RTV. They also do an expanding foam for larger gaps. It's not pretty. You can also use Permatex 81160 High-Temp Red RTV Silicone Gasket. it is good to 650 degrees intermittent. I use that between panels that are bolted together. For holes in the firewalls, these Saginaw hole plugs work awesome. Use anti-seize on the wing nuts if you want it to come off in the future. http://www.saginawcontrol.com/partnumber_info/?n=SCE-ASPB-05 And easy way to make your own lightweight plugs is to go to a hardware store. Buy some 1/8" thick aluminum sheet. Use a 1.5" hole drill saw and make some round plates. (or larger . smaller hole saw depending on the size of the hole being filled). The drill guide will make a nice hole to shove a bolt through. coat with RTV and place over the hole that needs filled. tighten down with a nut. For even lighter plugs, use titanium or aluminum nuts and bolts. Use anti-seize to keep them from galling. Titanium bolts - https://www.mcmaster.com/titanium-bolts Titanium Nuts - https://www.mcmaster.com/titanium-nuts Titanium Washers - https://www.mcmaster.com/titanium-washers Aluminum Bolts - https://www.mcmaster.com/aluminum-bolts Aluminum Nuts - https://www.mcmaster.com/aluminum-nuts Aluminum Washers - https://www.mcmaster.com/aluminum-washers
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    Jamie! You spoiled Rod's surprise!! Our (former) car looks more beautiful than ever. And it's lighter than our current car. And Rod is a better mechanic. The future looks a little more bleak now for the competition (and us) , but that thing is gonna look even more awesome in motion. It will be a privilege to try and stay in the draft! PS: Maybe it should go to SEMA!
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    Yes the closed cell SFI foam wherever your helmet may reach . We have wached frame × frame video and it is amazing how much stretch happens on impact not just the belts but personal parts . In our thoughts mirror brackets or other things that stick out can damage your helmet and what is inside of it , I don't like stuff sticking out . Cover all bars in the driver side upper portion of your cage . Yes you can use the softer stuff down below , broken bones are just gona hurt .
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    Hopefully mosport will happen. The tow is excruciating long. but worth it. Worst 15min. of my life for sure
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