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    It was a fantastically fun and successful weekend for our team. We had all three R3R Boxsters on track and even scored a 3rd overall on Friday. We did have one catastrophic failure, but it was due to a sniper pebble with perfect aim. It punctured the radiator with a one in a million shot. I'll address one thing first. We did put Pro drivers in the cars. Johan Schwartz (PWC) drove 603 and Josh Bilicki (NASCAR) drove 602. On Friday, 601 had a local hot-shoe with pro-level abilities, as well as Johan Schwartz. Some may question why we would do that, when the Boxster is a hot button for some competitors. Easy answer... we wanted to show everyone the absolute upper limit for these cars and calm any fears. With pros at the wheel, we were still 3 seconds slower than Ludicrous Speed MR2. Our human drivers were in the 2:53 - 2:56 range (7-10 seconds slower than the winning car). And as expected, we could only go 85-90 minutes on fuel. 602 and 603 ran out of fuel multiple times during the race. A more detailed reason is that we wanted to test the C car vs. the EC car. We needed a super fast and consistent driver for that. We proved that there is virtually no difference between the cars. The EC car is just stiffer and has some adjustability. For that reason, we're coverting the EC car to C class. In our opinion, the cars fit in very nicely in ChampCar and we're excited to compete for podium finishes. We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting fellow competitors and making new friends. It's going to be a fun season. Thank you to ChampCar officials and volunteers. Special thanks to everyone for being gentle on us rookies. #VisorDown Brad
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    I didn't do this earlier, so here is taking care of some unfinished business. First, thanks to Parts Badger for things we needed that we didn't possess to finish up our repairs. We owe you. You guys are awesome and are advancing our series. Keep it up. Second, thanks to Ludicrous Speed for the use of the welder. And also congrats to you for winning both races. Speed and reliability-you have both! Third, thanks to tech for keeping us safe. Good inspections. Note that a few things came to light later-we are NOT required to weight cars, and also there will be no pump outs to determine fuel capacity according to Mike, our CEO. We are not IMSA and don't want to be. Fourth, thank you to Mike Morrison for putting on a great show and also to the Road America volunteers and staff. What a great track. Fifth, thanks to the guys in garage 13. We didn't have time for food and you fed us. I wish more could take their attitude-they had ten drivers for two cars. Only one car ran each day, but you wouldn't know it from the laughs and fun being had over there. It was awesome to see. See some of you guys in Charlotte this weekend!
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    Premium Dudes race report: Several problems were found on the test day, and consequently we didn't get much practice in. We did manage to fix the car and it was running great by the time the green flag fell on Friday. I took the start, started in 6th and was in 6th when people started to pit. I sacrificed a bit of speed to ensure a full stint, and handed the car over to the second driver. All was going great for 110 minutes until we saw our driver come down pit road with a damaged right-front. Our driver clipped a Porsche in Canada corner after a couple cars checked up hard for local yellow and he didn't see it. We sent our 3rd driver right out with 6 degrees of RF camber, 1/2" of toe out, a flapping hood, and potentially more issues. He was every bit of 5 seconds off pace, and so was our 4th driver. We ended up in 2nd, but would have had 1st place after JSK dropped if we had been running at full pace. We did our best that night to get the alignment back where it should be, and I think we did a good job. Indications were that we were still 1-2 seconds off our day 1 pace, and the car was a bit of a handful. We also picked up an issue where the engine would randomly die. It started in the second stint and got worse as the day progressed. I found that it would immediately refire if I put the clutch in and hit the starter button (any ideas?). By the end of the race it was dying almost once per lap. We ran a perfect race (all things considered) and were just behind Ludicrous Speed when I was in for the 4th stint. I gave it hell but every time I got close, Chris effortlessly pulled away. With 30 minutes to go I gave up the chase and ran conservatively to the end for a 2nd place finish. Two second place finishes is a heck of a weekend. Big thanks to the team and supporters. We turn our attention now to preparing for the rest of the season, Indy is up next.
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    #489 Ergolab Miata was fun and fast, but had issues. I'm trying to drive it off the trailer and the car won't start. Bad fuel pump. How does that happen simply from towing it across the country? LOL. Need to source another spare. We had a clutch line blow Friday when we were in 3rd place. From there, the problems cascaded. Going around in only 4th gear we were still able to turn 256-258s. Then our driver had contact, come in to pull the fender, and then beached the car a little later, effectively destroying the splitter (from the tow out) and both front ball joints were blown too. But jamming the car in gear also apparently broke a spring in the clutch, so after hour and hours of bleeding and changing all the components to the clutch, we finally took the trans off at 9:30 PM and found the bad clutch. We had multiple used options and clearly chose the wrong one as it started slipping Saturday after 45 minutes (we were leading at that point). Note also that wing was effective. So effective it started ripping the body apart at the attachment points. Troy welded the poop out of it and it should be good going forward. The car is fun and fast, we just haven't been able to put a whole race together. It teases enough that I'm not giving up. Thanks to the workers and the other great teams we swapped needed parts with. Love to race with you all.
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    Drunken Squirrel had an amazing return to ChampCar. After the wreck that bent the "original" rusty cougar in Pittsburgh a few years ago a few things fell in line and we ended up building a new car with a Coyote 5.0 Drivetrain swap. We ran a few races with some other series on our home tracks of NJMP and Summit. So at the moment we are running EC in Champ. Our weekend started out interesting as when we opened the trailer after the 13 hour haul, the car had shifted and front left tire had fallen off the ramps. We are using an ex-late model trailer and the tires only touch about half on either side. After stacking a few wheels up under the car we where able to jack it up and get it back on the ramps with minimal fanfare. From there the weekend went about like clockwork. We had 6 drivers, so we all filtered through a few times in the rain on the practice day to learn the place. Day 1 the car was flawless and we finished 3rd "overall" and 1st in EC. Day 2 we had some clutch issues halfway through the day. Cam Benty graciously stepped aside, gave up his stint to save us a pit stop. We ended up 1st "overall" and had an amazing run with some of the other EC cars. Matt Connolly Motorsports and the Cayman were running us down as we were down to just 3rd gear for the last 45 minutes, think we ended up all on the same lap. It was good to be back with ChampCar and nice to meet the Central region racers and the staff. Thank you again to ChampCar and huge thank you to the Road America staff and EV workers!!!! This is my new favorite track. …
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    Low Farm Racing had our best race yet! We built our car two years ago with our primary concern being cost and having some fun performance more than really concentrating on points, and ended up with a lot of penalty points for the last two seasons. This year we changed a ton on the car and got it to be right on 500 points and faster than before to boot! The change from ebay coilovers to Bilsteins and springs made the car a bit more lively to drive, so we all had a bit of a learning curve Friday morning but by the end of our stints had it figured out. We ended up all running consistently 3:02-3:06 lap times which is the fastest the car has yet to go. We Our biggest issue now is fuel, since we only have a 15gal tank we were stopping at 1h20ish, but still managed our best finish yet on Friday coming in 15th overall! A great time was had by all. Saturday we were on track for a similar finish but had to withdraw early with two failed drive shaft center bearings back to back, but had a great race prior to that. Thank you to Champcar and Road America staff and volunteers for another fantastic race event as always. We definitely had this happen a few years ago too in our first car. We even got talked to in our pit stall that we could pass the tow truck, and got a laugh from Mike when we told them it was more of a horsepower problem than a desire problem 🤣
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    Great weekend for the Premium Dudes, I'll post a longer write-up later detailing how we raced our way to two podium finishes. But first, we would not have gotten there without some help (per usual) from some helpful champs! - Thanks to PartsBadger who loaned us a 36mm socket and alignment string - Big thanks to the rusty cougar / drunken squirrel team for lots of help, including but not limited to their tall jack, a welder, oil-dry, fuel during the race when we realized we didn't have enough and a pit stop was imminent. I know there was more but can't remember it right now. Great group of guys... that car is a monster on the straights! I'll bring some Jaeger to our next event with you! - Thanks Bucksnort for offering your welder too - And thanks to any other teams who assisted, we appreciate it! And thanks to a couple team sponsors: - SSSquid tuning hooked us up with some ECU changes and tuning for this track. We needed lots of power without too much fuel burn and they made it happen. - 90racing.com provided some of our driver gear, roll cage padding, and other helpful items. Free shipping on all orders over $90 and great service. Congrats to all finishers and Ludicrous Speed on the wins... we hope to dethrone you in October but we have some work to do!
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    Road America is as good as expected and better. From the friendly course Employees and Champcar staff to the track itself. What a weekend. I wish a few of you could have had the opportunity to drive the 88 Cougar. Without question the best handling and best braking car I have driven in this series. All the talk of it’s straight line speed was not the reason it was fast. It could stop and turn with anything in the race. ( the cayman and MR2 excluded of course) To conserve fuel and brakes we had a Gentlemen’s agreement to short shift and brake early So the pads would last 8 hour days. Initial turn in, apex transition and center off we could carry speed with such ease. And the furnace was a Swiss Watch. The car is so easy to drive fast even with giving up over a thousand lbs to some fellow competitors. I had to work harder at staying focused than driving fast. More than one driver tried to brake with us and ended up in the gravel. The Brakes are all Ford units with Wilwood Masters and pedals. It was like a carrier arresting hook at the end of the straits. The teams preparation is outstanding along with pit stops and team work. It was my honor to drive with them. The Drunkin Squirrels are the best TEAM I have had the pleasure to drive with in this series. I learn every time I race with them. Every pit stop was flawless. End of the each day we rotated tires, check fluids and went to dinner. Did not put a wrench to the car all weekend except to weld a broken hood mount. It makes a race so much more enjoyable to participate in when your biggest issue is figuring out where we are going to dinner after the race. The MR2 is a fantastic build and well driven. (Ludicrous Speed.) If we would have tried to run with them we would have run out of brakes. L.S. Is top shelf. Well Done Gentlemen. As well as Nate and their E30 is well drivin and consistent. I will also drive with D.S. at Indy and hope to see you all again. 😂😂
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    Racing with the EC cars is fine. It's better they are much quicker lap times than not. Since they are not competing for the win, it is better they can just pass and walk away. It is much worse when a bad driver in something like an E46 M3 is fast in the straight and then over slows and blocks the Champcars in the corners. That was a total non issue, and it was just great being on track with the EC cars this weekend and even the Daytona event the weekend before.
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    Some teams like the class structure, and I am not advocating changing it. I am simply explaining that a D class car is not faster than an A class car or a B class car etc. You could change out the displacements to exterior colors of the cars and it would serve the same purpose.
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    Amazing event!! And yes RA doing hot pulls is amazing!!!!!!! Makes for great racing, keeps the flow of the race the whole day and driver stints equal. Amazing track and amazing staff there! Just finished a 13 hour ride home. Will post more tomorrow. Great return to Champcar for our team.
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    Ludicrous Speed had a weekend to remember with overall wins both days! Our third win ever and third in a row at Road America. It didn't start out well. Thursday practice was wet cold and windy. We had a list of things to test but conditions were so varied with the rain we didn't get any good data. After one driver had a 90 mph slide through the gravel, I got in to make sure the car still felt ok and bounced it off the wall going into 12 in rain and 40 deg temps. With some help from Asteri and Bill Strong, we got the car rolling again to get through tech Thursday night. We then took it back to my house in Sheboygan and went through the alignment, pulled fenders out, and patched the splitter. Put it back on the trailer around midnight. Friday had three drivers and we chose to go max fuel burn and ended up making five stops. Two more than Premium Dudes and JSK. We did not have them covered but they both had issues giving us a chance at the win. We were in the lead with less than an hour to go and we got the dreadded meatball black flag. Some of the new aero was dragging. Likely caused by the contact with the wall the day before. Some quick pit repair by Chris Krumrai got me back out there with enough time for me to catch Premium Dudes for the win. Saturday race started a few minutes later making fuel a little less of an issue. We went full fuel conserve for a while running up to 20 seconds off our earlier lap times to eliminate a stop. This put me in the car for the last 90 minute stint (85 to 90 min is our typical stint) and I came out in the lead just ahead of Premium Dudes all I had to do maintain the lead. Unbelievable that we took the win again. Over the two race days, I drove 8 hours and loved it! JSK, Premium Dudes, ErgoLab, Parts Badger (and likely others) could have all had the win with a clean race. Now we have 25 things on the to do list to fix in the next two days before we leave for Charlotte! Looking forward to 24 degrees of banking! Chris Shay
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    #630 - PartsBadger Miata A big congrats to Ludicrous Speed on an awesome performance. I was also very impressed by the driving of the EC Cougar, that team can wheel! It was a rough weekend for PartsBadger, our mechanic was having some health issues, and we were busy since VIR and didn't dedicate the time needed to the car. We just got the motor together with the new port and polish but didn't get a chance to tune it and we were scrambling at the test day with little sleep. None the less the car did test strong and we were hoping for a good race performance. The first stint was fast and we were building a good lead (2:48.7). Came into the pits and the car died at pit entry. We couldn't get it refired and after troubleshooting we lost compression, AGAIN!! (Also happened at VIR). Which is shocking since the lap prior was a 2:51. This is a local race for us, so we went back to the shop, got a junker motor we had in the shop and swapped the motor. After it was installed, we tried to turn it over and it was stopping at TDC. We assumed it was a flywheel bolt and removed the trans. Same issue. We then scoped the motor and it seemed like some stuff was in the head. We removed the head and found the remainder of a cut rivet that likely came from when we were fabricating our splitter. Apparently it flew into the motor in the corner of the shop. After reinstalling the head(Thanks Jason Perl for the head gasket) we still couldn't get it started and called it a night a 12:30am. The next morning I troubleshooted some more and found the cam timing was way off around 10:00am. We fixed that and hit the track. We got about a dozen laps in total before the front oil seal blew and we packed up for the weekend. Overall the car was 0.5 seconds faster than last year. We believe there was a 2:47 in the car without traffic and a solid lap. The junker motor cost us ~2.5 seconds a lap versus our rebuilt motor with a port and polish, which isn't as much time as I expected. It was a tough weekend in many respects, but we will hopefully learn and be faster and smarter at the next race.
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    Had a great time at Road America. Car ran great. We were nursing a alternator issue mostly all day, cutting in and out. Near the end of the day our battery discharged to a dangerous level. We stopped to change batteries and continue. With about an hour left we lost 4th gear. Not a huge issue. And on the last lap we lost 5th. Unfortunately the extra set of spare brake pads did not arrive in time for this race so we did not have enough pads to continue Saturday safely. And knowing we were going to have a braking issue we decided to take our class win and P8 finish and re-group for the glen. Thanks to the champcar staff for another great event. See you all at the next one.
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    I talked briefly to one of their drivers to see if we could offer any parts to repair their car. He said, "we lost the transmission". I asked which transmission they were running and he said, " you'll have to ask the owner, he owns Precision Transmission" ! LOL!
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    Observe, the Mother Porsche and her newly hatched Miatas. She can only do so much to protect them from the kerbs of Charlotte. The winter is harsh, and many will not make it.
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    Some on this forum would give their left nut to have four awesome Champcar tracks within 4hrs of their driveway...
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    It sure as h—- was not the drunken squirrel. 😀
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    A couple years ago during a Chump race at RA, I was driving a "slow" Civic as fast as it would go under green. One of the EVs was waving me by on the back straight and I couldn't catch 'em. They haul ass in those trucks and are serious about what they do....and getting it done quickly. The best out there.
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    I'm fairly certain that I saw the emergency vehicle pass a race car on the front straight. Those EV guys were amazing!
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    A big thanks to @Jer for inviting me to run with his Ergolab team, I had a great time despite the untimely issues that took us out of the race. Having never driven his car before I was happy to take the 1st stint on Friday morning and I quickly felt at home behind the wheel, clocking in a fastest lap of 2:50.157. Not that it's a sprint race, but that lap would have been into the 2:49s if it wasn't for some traffic in T14 that killed the front straight speed. After 31 laps and some great ChampCar racing I was pleased that we climbed into 3rd place. Our next 2 drivers had good pace as well but the transmission got stuck in 4th gear. @Jer already told the story behind the issues but as a team we really pulled together that Friday afternoon to get the car fixed to the best of our abilities. Justin, Evan, Troy, and Jer did everything in their power to fix the myriad repairs well into the wee hours of the morning ... I was very glad for their experience, knowledge, and confidence with the wrenches as I tried to pitch in where I could and stay out of the way when I couldn't. I really thought the car was in good shape but unfortunately the racing gods had other ideas and the spare clutch that we installed suicided itself after 45 minutes of Troy's quick driving. To add insult to injury I discovered that my GoPro setup locked up and didn't record any of Friday's racing <face palm>. Thank you Road America staff, flaggers, and safety team ... I commend you for still allowing hot-pulls. Thanks to ChampCar and the volunteers for hosting an awesome race at an iconic venue. And, further to Jer's post, a huge shout out to @LuckyKid and the Parts Badger team for offering up your Miata parts. I was humbled by your generosity and good nature despite working long hours on your own extensive repairs. And @Chris Shay and Ludicris Speed for the welding equipment, that really helped, congrats on the wins! Finally a huge high-five to the Riley team #441 Silver Steak and #444 Purple Haze for the hot food during our many hours of toil in the garages. You guys are a riot! The GoPros did manage to capture Troy's stint on Saturday morning, including the moment the clutch gave up the ghost. Great driving @troy! https://youtu.be/1VzgCk1mEQE
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    I've been enjoying listening in to all the fun everyone is having out at Road America. looks/sounds like an excellent day for racing! Makes working in the garage with the cold rain outside much better! Happy to report that Ana is alive again! woot woot! Always nice to have a car fire right up. Now onto the actual prep list for Charlotte... mix of maintenance checks, new brake pads/rotors all around, alignment check and a few performance improvement things. New trailer brakes located and picked up too, I think I'll wait until it stops raining to swap those out.
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    imagine the size of the crowd that could take out.
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    You are correct, under a local yellow you go by the flags. See the flag, no passing until you are clear of the incident (no matter how far away it its) and you can see the next station has no flag. With that said, the fence mounted lights on the NASCAR track caused us headaches. Right now there is no way to activate individual lights. On the big track it's all or nothing. So my options are to go full course for everything (which I don't think you want) or try to work locals. I've got some thoughts for next year and I plan to talk to the track and see if there's a way we can do this so you drivers are better informed. Dana
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    I am just wondering as to why the cars on the wait list for races is not posted with the entry list? It would be nice to see where we or any other cars are on the wait lists so teams can make arrangements to figure out another race to go to or cancel hotel rooms, etc. If a team is 1st on the wait list or if they are 10th on the list is huge difference on their chances of getting into the race. Which in turn might have them decide to sign up for another race and put their focus on that and not one which they are 10th on the list for. Just Wondering why?
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    Had a good time racing with everyone this weekend, very clean racing from my stint. Tyler told us to "send it" so we did! Chris your creeping up on our record, congrats on the back to back to back wins.
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    This car was very impressive. I think it gapped me 6 car lengths in the carousel... and our car handles pretty well! Would love to see your times at Gingerman when you get the engine sorted out.
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    Enjoy being a part of a series in which (currently) regular people with regular paying jobs can compete - a low cost series! I hope it stays that way. Rich people have plenty of other series they can join. Let's help them 'get in where they fit in.' I love this series (so far, anyway). We have a Miata and are competitive with the other Miatas - without investing a lot of money or cheating. We were not competitive with the PartsBadger Miata, however. That thing blows my doors off down the straightaway. Congrats to them for finding mind-blowing speed from a Miata engine. #amazed.
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    Thank you Champcar staff and volunteers for another great event.
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    Hey folks, here's your link for this week's broadcast! As outlined for plenty of reasons above, this race could go one of many ways. I hope everyone who tunes in will enjoy it, and everyone racing gets a chance to check it back after.
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    The Premium Dudes fought valiently, but we tapped out after the 5th round of shots/bombs (in addition to our previous libations at Brown Baer). At least one of us went on to puke.... Had a great time, we’ll do this again sometime.
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    A man comes home from a long day at work, plops down on the couch in front of the television and turns on the game. Without hesitation he tells his wife, “Get me a beer before it starts.” The wife sighs and gets him a beer. Fifteen minutes later he says, “Get me another beer before it starts.” She looks cross, but fetches another beer and slams it down next to him. He quickly finishes that beer and a few minutes later says, “Quick, get me another beer, it’s going to start any minute.” The wife is furious. She yells at him “Is that all you’re going to do tonight? Drink beer and sit in front of that TV? You’re nothing but a lazy, drunken, fat slob, and furthermore …” The man sighs and says, “It started …”
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    Today my wife said, "You haven't heard a word I said, have you!" I thought it was a strange way to start a conversation.
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    Thursday night, engine out. Friday morning - late start due to needing to move stuff around for the roofers (new roof going on Monday), discovered a brake had seized on my trailer - like completely, no spinning, adjuster not working, no releasing. chunk of time and destruction ensued to get it apart. Friday afternoon, swapped necessary parts and dropped engine back in. Hopefully today I can get the live broadcast working in the garage while I finish up the swap, put front end back together and get to the prep for next weekend.
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    I'm good with it if they go to an "actual" power number for the calculator vs. a pos "stock" published hp number for the incoming motor. Should really be about the power going in vs. the cost of the motor. That $5k S2 motor might make the same power as a $250 GM v6, and in the end they have the same amount of output power. I would rather see an exclusion list of non swapable motors, like the ls whatevers, the K20 honda etc.
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    Comment heard most often in the paddock: "Those guys in the Cougar are really driving well." Seriously...you guys did a great job. Every one of our drivers commented about your car and drivers. Well done! It was a pleasure to share the track with you.
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    Only if we still cracked ours. 😝
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    FYI the classes are not based on speed, they are based on arbitrary engine displacements which have no real bearing on speed or power.
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    Carbotech Brakes would like to welcome everyone to Charlotte for the Track Night event and the ChampCar race. Feel free to stop by Thursday or Friday 9-2 for a tour. We are 2 miles from the track at 4031 Dearborn Place NW, Concord, NC 28027 If you need any product call me 317-508-9454(David Daughtery)
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    Gotta wait until the sun goes down to aim the lights, so used the opportunity to get started on the new decals.... Bavarian Mustache Werks is finally back with some proper big arse mustaches on the car!
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    @NigelStu and I had similar projects this weekend!
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    I didn't realize that the Secret Service had to tailor their training for each president to make sure they got the response they expected in emergency situations. With the last president they had to avoid yelling, "Get down!"; with this one they can't yell, "Donald, duck!"
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    OMG, I can't watch that video without the urge to slap his hand away from the shifter, in one lap he puts his hand on the shifter 11 times and only actually shifts twice
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    You way overestimate my influence. I mean, would YOU listen to me?
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    Several times I saw a yellow just before exiting the infield at NASCAR 1 but then track fence lights were green so everyone took off only to see a disabled car on the backstretch. I felt like that local yellow should have been observed until the bus stop flag station could be seen but the overwhelming consensus was to get going on the banking. What's the rule there??
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    it might be slower but you sure feel it way more in NASCAR 3/4 than you do at daytona.
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