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    To answer some questions: Video is coming soon, uploading 33GB at home now, and I am waiting till end of day to clog the internet at work with our practice video. Dyno - Before Road America we dynoed at 151HP with a underdrive pulley, which is worth 5-7 HP on the B6P motor, and the springfield dyno exhaust. We ran that way at Road America until we had alternator issues and a front oil seal leak and we put the stock pulley back in. We tried to dyno it between Road America and Sebring, but it didn't work out but we ended up installing a TPS, VICs, and tried to lean it out a bit ourselves. After Sebring we had to build a new exhaust since our springfield dyno ones failed 3 times. We then dynoed again and first pull was 125 HP. WTF! Turns out the VICs was wired backwards and I adjusted it too rich. The new exhaust has a hard S turn right after the header which we are getting corrected. Based on this my guess is we ran Sebring in the 130s. The car did feel really fast with us shifting between 7200 and 7500 during that race. After the the last dyno we landed at 145.7hp if I recall correctly. We are looking for the sheet now. Engine - We have no porting of the intake manifold, which everyone saw, we also didn't port head. We shaved the block and head a small amount, within service limits. Springs, valves, pistons, cams, rods, cam gears, and all other internals, except seals were reused from our ebay motor which we believe is the JDM variant which is still a legal 50 point motor. (The junkyard motor comment was in response to Jay asking how I knew the cams were legal. I was chippy at the time and my response was reflexive, immature and unwarranted) We will be porting the head and intake manifold shortly, FYI. Weight - We were 1930lbs at Road America, I don't recall where we were on fuel. Now we are around 1960ish empty. We plan on getting another 30lbs out in the next couple races. Wing - We designed this in CAD to be at 11.25" above the roof and Ray confirmed this pre-race with an inspection. I would like to apologize to everyone for my emotions during impound. I spent the last 30 minutes of the race frantically looking for the tech sheet since I didn't know registration kept them. Then during tear down people were showing me out of date VPI data showing our car at 400 points base, pushing us to just give up and admit we were EC. We were asked to prove our cams were legal and I didn't know how to do that, and our VPI sheet showed 485 which I thought we were supposed to be at 500(Jimmy tech'ed the car and removed the duckbill and flat floor from our google doc sheet which adds up to 500) The 485 VPI was 100% accurate BTW since we didn't build those items yet. We have $2700 in just dyno time over these three races. We have 3 intake configurations, 4 exhausts, 3 sway bars, 6 different tire types and sizes with different rim combos, we've tested 4 different brake combos, three wing mounts (About $2000 into wing development), three splitters/air dams, and 5 alignments with three wedges in just three races. We are really going to try to get some more test days to get the car dialed in and we can eek out a second or two more. We are planning on making our splitter designs public and will mail out templates free of charge on request. We plan on some serious wing development which we will make available to other competitors, that said copying our wing now will take advantage of a lot of dev(note the struts). We will also make our Megasquirt data available for teams if that will help them. Although the suspension setup is my baby and was developed with my 17 years of Miata tuning knowledge, I will provide that on request as well. The suspension is the best I've ever driven and is absolutely mind blowing. I didn't think we are over the DB limit since we have the same muffler as springfield dyno, but I have a DB monitor and will check it. I will address the contact in practice and the race in subsequent posts. I will also post our race recap in another post.
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    You need to add a shock collar to your set up. It may be the only thing that will actually get the drivers to pay attention! I finally got my race capture setup working correctly so i could monitor everything from the pits A quote from one on my drivers "Good, i don't have to pretend like i'm looking at the gauges anymore"
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    I like how some people are just now realizing their stock ECU'd junkyard motor doesn't make as much power as a fresh rebuild with decked/ported head, reground cam, aftermarket ecu. And complain a 30 page rule book is too much.
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    Can we rename this thread “Groundhog Day”?
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    There seems to be a lot of people in this thread that havent yet read the rule book..... Or, people who joined recently and have all of the answers about how to "fix" champcar. Good luck and God Bless.
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    You also got to remember im running a stock engine - no points for mods. Its also straight outta grandma's wrecked car. The miata has points to add stuff - They had a bad ass racing beat header for example. I will second this. There was a stark difference from Sebring to Road Atlanta. They are going to be hard to keep up with as they continue to figure out enduro' strategy. Nice job PartsBadger!
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    Seems like after races now, instead of congratulating teams for doing well and posting videos of some fun battles, people just talk about how fast a car is and that they have to be cheating. This is getting really old- I do miss the old forum...
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    No thanks to bracket racing or class racing.
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    Decking the head is legal here. This is a builders series. This is NOT a spec series. This perception needs to be changed
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    This comment is NOT directed @ Champ Staff I am totally baffled by everyone saying stroke measurements are difficult, a thin wooden dowel and tape measure are not high tech... Exacting precision is not necessary, only the ability to discern if the piston goes up and down 2.6 in. 3 in or 3+ in
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    They are running a stock 12.7 tank. They dyno'd at 144 HP. The car is super light, but set up incredibly well and very well driven. My hat's off to them, they were torn down with no issues, and they are getting better at understanding an endurance race and how hard to push/what chances to take. They strengthened the rear end with supports to avoid becoming a rolling bomb, and they passed tech without issue. I personally went over the car in terms of what was claimed, all legal. They are going to be a force, a legal force, for years to come. The bar has been raised. Welcome to the series!!!
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    Most of us have very little or no class. You’re safe here. 😂
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    This has been a very interesting and entertaining day on the forum. What I observed/learned Many of the folks at the pointy end would like to go back to the good ole days of group hugs in impound and just not worry about each others cars. Its all good. Not very many people like to think that they were out driven. Some people forget that the series made all of us the rule enforcers/police, and they don't think people should be interested in whats going on in the other cars. From the pictures posted of impound early in this thread it appears that at least one car was let out of tech and on to the track and into impound with out all of the sponsor decals. Hmmm there must be a good reason for that. Some really good ideas have come out, posting the points breakdown of the impound cars publicly makes so much sense to me. @Jer put up what he could remember and then the team posted it as well. This was pretty cool. I think. The new lightning rod team, Parts Badger, seems to be sincere about changing some things in their behavior. That sort of thing is what life is about. Learning and adapting. Someday maybe I'll get better at it. Looking forward to learning more tomorrow. Carry on (insert green wherever you'd like)
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    My impression from this forum is that not enough people have experience tuning engines. I got into racing by going to test-n-tunes at my local drag strip, so all I cared about was horsepower back then. The amount of horsepower you can gain with megasquirt or any other aftermarket ECU is limited to how far the original tune was from MBT ignition timing (maximum brake torque). Once you can achieve MBT timing, no additional gains can be made unless you reduce friction/pumping losses, or increase volumetric efficiency. With that said, you can make gains to fuel economy at the expense of your cooling system (lean = HOT). If the factory engine was knock limited, you will find horsepower gains from switching to a higher octane fuel and increasing timing to MBT timing. However, by experience is that most of these old 80's and 90's engines we use in Champ are not knock limited unless it was boosted from the factory or something is wrong with the engine (excessive blow-by). Once you're at MBT timing, you can mess with intake upgrades, exhaust upgrades, porting, and cams, which will increase volumetric efficiency. This will most likely increase your in-cylinder temps, which may cause knock. You then either back off the timing, or add more octane. Rinse and repeat until you run out of money. A modified engine has much more to gain from a programable ECU, and the PartsBadger guys seem to be taking advantage of that. Just to be clear, modified engine means aftermarket header in this case. I do not know or think they have done any internal modifications. A properly designed tuned-length header can make a big difference to high-RPM breathing and has the added benefit of keeping your in-cylinder temps down.
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    They are many easy ways to check lots of things on some engines others are not so easy . You might be surprised at the tools we have ,how and what is looked at . Dont believe it if you choose ,see ya at impound.
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    Hey @chip and @Huggy there are still some folks out there that can appreciate a very well built car, driven by very good drivers. That's what I saw when I peaked in on your in car feed. Yes, I've been critical of the E30 swap weight that allowed the M50-52 to compete at 500 points, but please keep in mind my objections are due to input received from fellow members' emails, texts and posts, and I feel it's my job as a TAC member to convey membership concerns to the BoD and CEO. Having said that, I don't make the rules, and there's no doubt in my mind that Huggy followed the allowable rules when building this car. I hope you guys don't consider it personal when I have voiced these concerns, because I truthfully admire the job you guys have done as builders and drivers. Well done! Looking forward to meeting some day.
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    ^This times a bazillion. As mentioned earlier (read for comprehension anyone?) that Miata was scrutinized by our Central Scrutinizers at impound. Work on your own darn car and drivers; it's a better use of your time.
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    Hey...that was me who had contact with you. Sorry I haven't chimed in yet, but I was out of town on business this week unable to dig into the forums. Now I haven't seen the video from my car so this is just my recollection of the incident. Brew Crue was catching you and I was catching Brew Crue. I was up Brew Crue's tail through 1 and heading up to 3. As you let Brew Crue by I thought you were going to hold the outside and I would follow through. In hind sight in the dark this was probably not the best idea. I do remember feeling you turn in as we headed for the apex and I took evasive action to jump the heck out of the turn. Pretty sure the in-car footage will show that I get nicely airborne. I hope that action was able to minimize each of our effects of the touch. This was my first ever car to car contact. I try to pass very cleanly and may have gotten a bit antsy. At this time I'd like to call it a racing incident, but the footage in my car may tell a different story. Either way sorry we got into each other and I am glad neither of us ended up being negatively affected.
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    hey if a re-ground oe cam is still an oe cam that looks like a fender flare made out of re-purposed seat foam to me. It is all about backyard engineering right?????????
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    If we are in the top 5 anyone has the right to protest us again. I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to be in impound at VIR. I apologise if any contact occurred at Sebring. Beyond the one incident discussed at length I thought we were 100% clean. We are learning a lot and taking steps to prevent chances of contact and drive clean. Road Atlanta was a epiphany for me personally in understanding that everyone has and deserves their own line and it's my responsibility regardless of what that is. Unfortunately I learned it too late and it was costly for all involved. I've significantly changed my style and hope to run clean from here on out.
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    Totally disagree, this aint scca where a blind eye to non protested items may pass just fine, a little fear of god may go a long way to preventing transgressions with the more honest-ish types
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    then I would have seen them plenty.... kind of like you always seeing @Huggy
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    Just a mock up. I believe it meets the letter of the rule. Opinions if it will pass tech?