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    There is no excuse for my behavior that will make it acceptable. I owe an explanation, at least as far as I understand it after trying to figure it out for myself. I came to Champ from a different series and limited understanding of the differences in the cars. My experience was with SE30 on track, and I made assumptions about Huggins' car based upon that knowledge. As you mention, having won 3 races in a row, there was chatter in the paddock like, "Huggins is too fast, he has to be cheating." Hearing that over and over again, and applying my mistaken understanding of what an m20 motor was capable of, I became convinced that it must be the truth. I was tired and angry, and wrote what I wrote. I reacted to the responses on Facebook, and it escalated. People have rightly criticized me for tarnishing Huggins' win with baseless accusations. However, Mr. Huggins, I think that in your response to this, you have given all of us a lesson in how to be an exemplary racer, and in fact strengthened your reputation. I have been told in private messages from many that you are a very open and generous team leader, and have been more than willing to help others along the way. Had I taken the time too get to know you and your team, I would have known that, but I didn't. I was all to happy to jump to conclusions, finding it far too easy to dislike someone I didn't know. I became something we all dislike. Believe me when I say this has led to profound soul searching. Thankfully life is long, and we have the opportunity to learn lessons, particularly when they come the hard way. For the second day, I am moping around angry at myself for my behavior. I think the best and most mature thing I can do is maintain a presence in the forum, and take the licks I deserve. I have been asked if I am interested in driving for the 24 hour race at VIR. The thought of showing my face is mortifying, but I think it is the right thing to do, and I owe it to the Series and the Huggins team. I hope that by that time, you will have forgiven me. I also hope that my comments don't reflect poorly upon SriRacing. I am saddened that my comments will surely mar your impression of SriRacing and his other drivers for some time. Please don't have contempt for Sri or his other drivers on my account, they had nothing to do with my outburst. I apologize for slinging mud at the series. I bear most of the responsibility for the tone of the FB posts as anybody, because I started it. I hope that my behavior in the future can mend my reputation. Also, I realize that I made another typo yesterday. Sri's cars have the m50b25 engines in them. I just can't get out of my own way.
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    Wow. I bet Troy is enjoying watching this, at least someone else is in the hot-seat for a while. I am going to try and take the high road and not comment or express my feelings on some of the things said about me/my team. My one sentence on feelings is that I think all of us should take a minute to breathe before typing – some comments appear very critical towards Champcar the Organization, and others appear very Critical of Champcar Members, Drivers, Employees, previous comments, etc. I think there is a way to address these issues in a constructive manner without being aggressive. Sometimes, attitude is “assumed” more hostile through text (like the camera adds 20 lbs? or is that beer?) so I always try to check my assumptions when reading comments. Conversely, I always try to review my post for contextual attitude before hitting submit. I will be the first to admit though, I have gotten it wrong before. What happened: - We (Huggins) were “officially” protested after the VIR12 by the #300 Godzilla team captain Kelly Main. I never saw the protest sheet, nor do I know if it was formally presented to Champcar. I also do not know who provided the $50. - I was asked by Champ to remove the Cylinder head. - A facebook post (original post copied in this thread) was made by Jeff Bennett proclaiming we (Huggins) were cheaters and Champcar did nothing to stop it. Various other people chimed in. - Some of the facebook post has been removed/deleted (unknown by who), or I am unable to find it. I do understand there is a 300+ post thread running concurrently with the Forum thread, but I have only seen snippets sent to me by others. - Valve Cover Removal at Dana & Phil’s Request What did not happen: - Formal Protest after the VIRN8+8 Day 2. - Formal Protest after the RA14. - Formal Protest at VIRS12 from Jeff Bennett (Sri Rental Driver), Ben Dawson (Winsome Motorsports), Craig Guthrie (unknown affiliation), Aaron DeLong (Beast Mode), Charles Harding (Godzilla Racing) or anyone else involved in the multiple facebook posts. - Cylinder Head Removal I spoke on the phone with Kelly on Friday, 09Mar18 and had a 15-minute discussion. I wanted to express that I harbor no negative feelings because of the protest, and he indicated the same. Everything was cordial and I certainly look forward to racing against him and his teammates in the future. I also spoke with Mike Chisek last week. I expressed my regret for the existing controversy, and we discussed potential solutions at length. I understood from that conversation that Champcar is working to improve the protest rules because of the recent increase in its use, and is open to suggestions from everyone on how to do so. Just to be clear, I don’t see this as a witch hunt. We won three races in a row, so some debate is to be expected. Just like when the car survived @Wyatt, I take this as a sign we have a well-developed car. I have been open from the very beginning (see my build thread), and try to be inviting and friendly at the track. We always *try* to run in-car video, and that video is posted in a free and open channel for anyone to watch from home. I have had many discussions about the car, prep, building, etc with teams at races, including on Friday before the VIR-S race. I attempt and hope to present an approachable persona in the group, and improve the community as a whole. I would invite Jeff or anyone else to come have a chat at the next race. If it’s the day before, I’ll have a cold beer waiting for you. So, like I said above, skipping all the emotion, here is some data from the race. Moving Average is the average of all laps less than (Average + 3*IQ Range). I came up with this as a way to remove caution laps and pits from the average. Based on the data, It shows that we were only .5 sec/lap quicker than SRI67 during moving laps. Another thing to note is that SRI67 completed 474 laps. The primary results page shows 471, but if you go to the individual page and download the laps, you will see 474 lap times. This is a result of something that went on during the race, and I will let Jeff or SRI explain if they desire. Pit stops play a large part in the discrepancy of laps, as seen here: Theoretical Best Stop is (Fastest Lap*2 + 5:00 + 20 sec). I came up with the 20 seconds as a guess to the time lost to brake into pit in, and then accelerate onto the track from pit out. It seemed to work for all three teams – each team managed to beat the theoretical best time once during the race. It could be a timer error on Champcar’s part, or perhaps my 20 second fudge factor isn’t correct, but as luck would have it, each team did it the same number of times. The 20 seconds also accounts for using the fastest lap instead of the average lap, which is another choice I made since it seemed to work best with the data when I originally developed this analysis. Here are the Pitting specifics for each team: Huggins: (we pitted before the S/F so our long lap is first) SRI67: Godzilla: If you prefer a chart, My interpretation of this data is that SRI67 (Jeff’s car) could have been only 3 laps back if they had managed to meet the “theoretical best” pit consistently. If you consider that with the 3 laps down they started, they would have only been on the same lap as us at the end of the race. Godzilla took an extra stop compared to P1 and P2, so they were at a disadvantage to start with. I am not sure if they had an issue, can’t make 1:55, or gambled on cautions and lost. We lucked into two cautions that fell in our pit window. The first was right at the 2-hour mark, or 10:50 AM. From the data, it appears that both SRI and Godzilla also took advantage of that caution. The second was the 4th pit stop, around 5pm. The data shows that neither SRI or Godzilla took advantage of that caution. Because of that caution, we gained approximately 1 lap on both teams. Sum is the “Gap” time for the three laps from approx. 17:03 to 17:09. Laps is Sum/Moving Avg. SRI’s second stop at 12:45ish caught the tail end of a caution, however my interpretation shows that they did not make it into the pit until it was almost over (or fully over). The first 2 laps (blue arrows) are fairly equal for both cars. The “sum” is the values in the blue box, from 12:45-12:52 when SRI67 was in the pit. Godzilla’s second stop DID make some time up on the caution. I calculate they made up ½ a lap. The blue rectangle surrounds the values that are summed, and “Sum” is divided by the “average lap” as above. I did not include the first lap, as both cars appeared fairly equal. It does not appear that any other pit stops were affected by cautions. If you add the Lap we gained during the 4th pit stop due to caution to SRI67’s total, it appears that they *could* have WON if not for Pit stop execution, Cautions (luck), and the other issue. The reason I am sharing this hard-earned data is that I don't believe it is accurate or fair for either team above to say "cheater" when the very outcome of the race could have been different based on execution, not speed. Yes, we have a fast car. We have worked HARD to develop it and ourselves over the past few years. But we won the past three races by executing perfectly. For additional info, Here is the overall comparison of every lap <1.37 (the 3 IQ range) for both cars The red lines are approximate stint limits for both cars. Because I deleted laps >1:37 the lap numbers don’t line up perfectly. Here is the same data, sorted by smallest to largest. This is a new metric for me, it came out of ApexPE’s analysis following Road Atlanta. This gives a visualization of the consistency of each team over the course of the race. The flatter the slope, the more equal each team’s laps were. This club has come a LONG way in the past 5 years, both before I built my car in 2015 and after. In addition to the rules changes, we have over 11,000 race miles in Champcar alone to draw experience from. The car has improved. Everyone’s has. Cars that were competitive in 2015 are NOT competitive currently, unless they have “kept up with the joneses”. Also, we have benefited from one hell of a driver in the car a few times, who also happens to be a good coach. In fact, 2 of our drivers are fantastic coaches. We have all benefitted from my investment in Data. I have seen many references to Spec E30 in the thread. Champcar has many things Spec Cars do not, Aero, No Min Weight, ECUs, and wider tires to name a few. I don’t think it’s a good comparison.
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    I think you guys are seriously stepping over the line when you're stalking this guy's FB page and posting the pictures over here. It's actually borderline creepy. I would think an "Administrator" of the series would have better judgement but from what I've seen in this thread I'm not so sure that's true. So now you're taking to attacking the racer who filed a protest. Congratulations for making the series look bad just a week after @chisek put up a Red Flag video espousing the inclusiveness of CCES. This should do wonders to endear the series to this guy and all who know him or may have considered joining us. S.
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    Why do we need scales? This isnt a power to weight race series. This series rewards you for building you car better than your competitors. If I wanted to race in that type of series I would go sign up for WRL races. @Bill Strong you should stick to the media and marketing and let the National Tech Director do his job. Thus the reason we should havr a tech committee and put @mender in charge. Bill sounds a lot like the old JC and needs reeled in a bit.
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    Who knew the answer would be this easy? If they're good enough for the circle of trust, they're good enough for me!
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    Our fastest driver is a good bit quicker than I am. I really need to figure out how he is cheating. Can I protest my own car?
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    @Bill Strong, I understand your instinctual reaction to automatically defend the series as its your employer but, they aren't always in the right. Tankgate is a perfect example. The series has become very reactionary in handling issues instead of getting out in front of them. Tankgate should have never been a possibility. The scarier thing though is what if we hadn't come on here and created a shitstorm on the forum? Would the rule have changed or even been clarified? Or, would the secret handshake club still be in the know of that absurd loophole and be exploiting it? From @Jamies' post this protest situation was not something new for the series and still had no solution to address it 6 months later. Since nothing was brought up publicly it was just swept under the rug to deal with another day? You can try and attack the driver all you want personally but at the end of the day he was simply was following the procedure set forth in the BCCR and the series couldn't comply with its own set of rules. The series has chosen to take a on new brand/image of a more series race series which most find appealing. Along with that comes the responsibility of being able to operate as a more serious race series, rules enforcement and all.
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    Maybe we need a petition to limit the number of petitions from a single individual to three?
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    I'm just going to continue planning on running like 10th-15th place...at least I will be home in time for the next race...
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    As a generality, I have to agree. Our cars are fast enough, and anything free will make them faster one way or another. If you aren't having to worry about oil temp, you will push harder. If you have more fuel, you will figure out how to use it to go faster. etc. etc. Faster cars doesn't make for more exciting racing. Sure, the first time you whiz by a guy with 30 mph closing speed you get to imagine that you are in a prototype passing a GTD, but soon after you realize that the speed difference creates an increase in the probability of expensive accidents. And we don't have funds rolling in from sponsors and TV rights that pay for those expensive (and sometimes injury-laden) accidents. In my opinion, the best way to have exciting racing without an increase in cost or risk is to have somewhat closely matched cars. Note the word "somewhat" is there on purpose. Having small differences among the cars (one has more straight line speed, one brakes better, etc.) makes it so that although basic driver ability is part of the equation, executing on your advantages in traffic becomes equally important. Variations in pit strategy due to fuel and other variables add to the uncertainty of the outcome, and thus the excitement (we all know that a movie where you know the ending is much less interesting than one where you don't). So to me, adding free stuff is not the direction we need to go in. We need to keep the rules stable so the guys that have the less-developed cars can see that it is worth the time and expense to more fully develop their cars - that will get us closer to "somewhat closely matched cars" and produce the excitement we all crave.
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    Im going to write a petition to throw in the trash any petition that contains the word "free".
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    Welcome to the club. It is hard to accept when another car is faster, and when its a common platform it's easy to start assuming things. I've been there too. As far as what was said in the posts, this internet thing we use is the best thing and the worst thing at the same time. Also, ChampCar 1) is less than 10 years old and 2) is trying to have their own approach to rules. There are rules I don't like but I expect these rules will continue to improve over time, and will be adjusted as we get more creative interpreting them. I watch NASCAR, NFL, you name it muck up the rules over and over so I try (but sometimes fail) to have realistic expectations. Does not make it any easier when you are in the heat of it. One other thing for all of us to consider as we continue to go ape-dooty over this new rule we need: Is this entire thing about P1 P2 P3? If it is I need to find someplace else to race. Sure I have been to the podium but I started in ChumpCar to do a 24 hour race and get that life experience. That has morphed into so many different experiences - like racing at MIS, Charlotte, Watkins Glen and COTA - places where I've watched races for years on TV and never dreamed I would get to race. My kids have been following me to the track for years and crewing - totally awesome! And there is always that race in the race - find that car that is close to yours and mix it up lap after lap. Doesn't matter if it's for position it's racing mono y mono. I've also met a lot of new people, made friends, and learned a ton about building race cars.
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    We still miss the point. The Human element is still the biggest factor. When our Tbird is ready to race we will be competitive? Will we win? Maybe in 2 to 3 years. I have race experience. My partner is an outstanding fabricator, mechanic, teammate and overall a good man. But he does not have wheel to wheel racing experience. He drives an Evo. Enough said. I do not hold this against him. He is young. At 35 he has the character and wisdom of a much older man. When My wife was going thru chemo and I was out of country with work and my wife needed something he was there for her. Can’t put a value on character. So.......maybe with enough patience and race experience we may get to a point of being competitive. Who knows. A LOT of the people on this forum spend so much time posting what they think is fare, what is wrong and who is to blame we have lost why we race. For the fun and competition. A certain few want to bolt a cage into there perceived fast car, enter a race with visions of victory. When this does not happen it is a conspiracy of the series, opponents or their platform has an unfair disadvantage. When the real problem is in the mirror. Teams like Looney tunes, Son of Andre, GWR, Rusty Cougar, Mopar for life, Pinto Dave, etc do not witch, make excuses or lobby for a perceived rule change that will make there platform more competitive. If the teams that lobby for imaginary unfairness and non existent advantages of other platforms would wrench more we would not have these arguments over idiotic poop. I have been racing longer than many of my fellow forum members have been alive. Let me make this as clear as I can. They have no F—king idea how good we have it. They may never know because it is all about what they want and the rest of us can go to.....California. Racing is not easy. Most of the time it is not fare. Neither is life. Now do not put words in my post. Cheating is different. Also intent. If a team knowingly puts an engine in a car and tries to pull it of as something legal shame on you. If a team interprets a rule and is informed that they are mistaken then no harm nor foul. DQ from the race. Move on. Black magic your words are wise. Figures are easy to use to make any point. As was stated before if the fuel capacity is changed this will change the entire character of the series. To go fast fuel is needed. Control the fuel and control the speed. If we start playing with the fuel capacity it will never end. All the talk of speed creep is absolute B.S. Teams get better. Builders get better, series get better. Cannot change the law of physics. More fuel equals more speed. Now making the car stop and turn better is the key in this series. Not Horse Power. That is why GWR wins with a weesing BMW that makes what? 190 hp? Watch there videos. Misha is an animal. Watch Pinto Dave’s video with Mark. Wow!!! THAT is what is needed to go fast. Driver, preparation, execution, car. All the other sh-t is a waste of time.
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    JC drank wine, not whiskey, and he was pretty forward about that. Mike has corrected (add/removed or reworded) almost all of the JC follies by now, and I trust his/the board's judgement to deal with this issue as he sees fit. I'm still thinking engine teardowns won't be happening - but more valve cover pulling, non-intrusive boroscope, compression testing, stroke measurement tools are in order.
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    @Jeff Bennett Personally, I don't think you have a thing to worry about Sir. We are all pretty passionate about our racing endeavors, despite our amateur standing in the racing community. I trust our members will welcome you at any and all events you care to join us at. I know I will... Doc Waldrop
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    From my SCCA experiences a long time ago, at the “national” level cheating is taken to an art form. In showroom stock, the winner at the runoffs was DQ’d as often as not. At the “regional” level it wasn’t as bad, but it still was widespread. One of the things that seemed to drive it in showroom stock was that you really couldn’t finish a race without cheating on your brakes. The SCCA had/has an incredibly elaborate governance and judicial process with as many checks and balances as you could hope for, but that just made the cheating very sophisticated. At the end of the day, the guys with lots of money could afford the ridiculously sophisticated cheating methods and won most of the races. At Champ, we don’t have the massive structure. We have what could be called a “benevolent dictator” model. Heck - there are only 3 full time employees according to Bill (I don’t know who the third is). I think the model we have is working pretty well, and costs WAY LESS to administer than the SCCA model. I know there is a lot of frustration among some folks that we have rules in the book and no game plan for them. I just imagine JC drinking a tall glass of whiskey and writing all of those rules and I think “he didn’t know what he was going to do - he was going to cross the bridge when he got there”. So now Mike has inherited that, for better or worse, and he and his tiny team are trying to sort it out. I trust that they will figure something out. It won’t be perfection though. If you want perfection, you really need to head over to the SCCA for that. It won’t be any better in the end, but at least you will have unlimited process and procedure and everything perfectly documented. Oh - and an hour of race time will cost you what 8 hours costs you in Chump.
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    Yep every time a protester is drug through the mud and made to look bad, chastised, and generally run out of town on a rail it's another nail in the coffin of trying to have competitors be the rules police. And it's super special when one of the chump staff is leading the charge.
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    I remember when I first start racing in ChampCar for Ronald's Racers, we got accused of cheating. Then I moved to Huggins and then we got accused of cheating. I've done a few races for Ballenger so far and they immediately got accused of cheating. Then I did the iRacing league where all the cars are exactly the same... and then got accused of cheating. Well I guess that goes to show how realistic iRacing is, Haha!!
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    This tech sheet log book thing is so tired and old. Just do it, it has to be there if we are going to have competitors be the fricking police. Its not hard, its so fricking simple its ridiculous If you need a couple words in the rules like, "bring your damn current tech sheet with you or run EC" add them.. The on-going excuses to make this sound hard have almost caused me to pass out my blood pressure is so high. Breathe deep, Carry on.
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    Who are we afraid of alienating? A. There’s the guy who made it to impound and is not going to remove his head so he can keep a statue welded to a brake rotor trophy. B. The guy who says someone is faster, so he must be cheating. Or C. the guy who thinks there is no rules enforcement? You can’t please all of the people all of the time can you? I can’t see a teardown ever happening, unless you get a really smug car-builder who really wants to prove he is legal. I personally would just walk. I’m a grumpy old bastard and at the end of a 7 hour race, would tell ya all the series aint worth the cost of a head gasket (that’s in the heat of the moment, I really love you guys more than a head gasket) Right now, there is no penalty, beyond DQ for refusing to teardown or even going to impound. So whattya going to do? Suspend somebody? The whole team? The car? There are plenty of places to race and CCES loses revenue. The best solution I can think of is to Whistle the engine and tell everyone when a car is close to or above the expected number. Maybe a little bit of public shame will keep away any serious cheaters. I guess we could do a crude stroke check with a hunk of coat hanger wire or a wooden dowel, and if the measurement is too close to call, say that and let things stand. In my opinion there isn’t enough reward in winning one of these races to either cheat, or to protest.
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    And this indifference to the rules is why you can't build a podium car for under 2k anymore. When things had value and weren't free racing was cheap. You know what else costs a lot of money? Rules changes. The word 'FREE' in the context of chump just means I run one less event because that money goes into buying the 'Free' stuff.
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    Without getting into the MR2 value debate, you're missing my point. It would be foolish to think @MR2 Biohazard's successes are purely down the car & platform which is what some people seem to believe. Speed is critical. Huggins is also a very fast car. Speed however, is just one part of the equation. Execution is the larger part of the picture that seems so often neglected. The races that @MR2 Biohazard and @Huggy have won were down to speed, reliability, strategy, driver consistency, team work, etc. It's just too damn easy for teams to point to speed as the sole cause for success. It's frustrating to see these teams dump thousands (or perhaps tens of thousands) of hours into all of the critical elements to win and see people come along and claim it's just a formula issue or that they won just because the car was fast. How many years of development did it take Chris before this winning streak? How many years of development did it take before Troy was winning in his car? How many years was @Bill Strong racing his fast MR2 and how many overall win trophies does he have? I've got 4 years in, a seriously fast car, and my team has poured their heart and soul into this with no overall win trophies. (We've also had a great time just showing up and racing BTW!) It has honestly been a long road to get my team to understand the importance of execution and that no, that pit stop was NOT fast enough. Keep practicing. We took something like 5 minutes changing a front wheel bearing and 10 minutes changing a rear wheel bearing at RAtl. It took us too long. Others were impressed by our speed while we immediately started working on tools & methods to make those parts live longer and improve our service time. We lost an alternator at VIR North. We saw the issue before terminal failure and got all the tools prepped before the car came in. It took us too long to change (some felt it was impressively fast) and so we went to work to improve reliability & service time. People are stubborn and think you just need a faster car when what you truly need are all the other variables that make winners win (including some luck ). It's frustrating to know that our first overall win will likely be marred by protest and chatter of cheating on this forum that neglects the overwhelming time & effort these successful teams have put in to reach this point. My best suggestion to people reading this is to go spend time on your car to make it reliable. Make sure you are building to the rules. Practice pit stops. Work on your analysis tools and take hints from the best examples you see. Look at results analytically and get out a spreadsheet to figure out why things happened as they did. Chris just showed you how in detail regarding pit stops! Get on the simulator, read books, watch videos, and improve yourselves as drivers. Improve your tools and pit setup so you can execute rapid repairs. Learn as much as you can about reading tires, plugs, shocks, etc. Hell I'd bet a lot of teams are racing on blown shocks, poor tire setup, poor balance, and can't quickly change basic parts on a car quickly. And have you seen the difference between a solid team's pit stop and a low performing team's pit stop? I've watched a few and it's a night & day difference at this level of racing.
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    In regards to huggy team feeling the heat instead of biohazard.... The biohazard car is scrutinized because it is several seconds a lap faster than all other cars at the same event. That ain't strategy or race execution.... It's apples and oranges.
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    Those A-class cars keep getting stuck in the grille and mess up the cooling.
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    There won’t be a solution until everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, gets past the fear of inconvenience. It should be the absolute right of any competitor willing to post an appropriate bond to be able to verify that a competitor is legal, especially since we’ve been told over and over that it’s a competitor-policed series. Will there be folks that have have to pull legal motors apart? Yes. Will it happen more than once? Absolutely. Will it happen at every race? For a while. Eventually the bar for legal performance is set and the protests die down. “Gee Fred, that BMW sure is fast. He MUST be cheating.” “I dunno George. John had him taken apart at the last race and they didn’t find a thing”. If we don’t get a grip on this quick, it’ll be just like the fuel tank deal. As I write this, there’s someone, somewhere, already planning to put his illegal motor back in the car. Why not? No one is going to check. If you’re legal, you wear the cheater tag like a badge of honor. You negotiate the bond as high as you can, take it apart and pocket the cash, all the while knowing that you’ll soon be vindicated. I’ve been an SCCA guy for 25 years. I can count the engine protests I’ve seen on one hand. The reason for that is because the threat to take someone apart is real. Chuck Newman Chattahoochee Motorsports #828 Miata
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    I posted my pedigree, (BMW CCA, NASA, blah blah blah) to provide background. A way to let readers get to know me. I didn't intend it as a brag. Zach, your post is incredibly mean spirited. I hope it made you feel better to make fun of me. I never claimed to be a racing God. I just claimed that I have been in big races and know when a car is driving faster than it should be. Yes, I do think that there is something fishy about an m20 engine beating an m50 engine. I started the race in the 67 car, which doesn't have aero, and Huggins' car was faster on the straights. Could it be the drivers or the undertray? Maybe. But the intent of the FB post was to complain about the lack of enforcement of the rules. I have put my money where my mouth is, so I don't find it constructive for people to be trolling me or calling me a whiny baby. I am a racer, like everyone else, and I am surprised that I have to be attacked both here and on Facebook when all I am trying to do is follow the rules and file a protest. Last year was not my rookie year. For what it's worth, I didn't race enough races with BMW to get rid of my rookie status until this year. To set the record straight, this is my 3rd year racing, so I am just one more year away from being world champion. Give me a break! The original complaint was failure to enforce and test the rules. That complaint should never be met with disdain or ridicule just because a driver may be new. Talk about old boy's club! People accuse me of saying "he beat me, so he must be cheating." That was never the motivation behind the protest. The protest was "it seems implausible that a stock m20 engine could be that fast." That was the protest. That was what was written. There were no sour grapes. I don't mind losing in a fair fight.
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    I have been bitting my tongue on this because I didn't want everyone to find out engine mods are free now but I think its time I talk about it. Over the summer at Buttonwillow @Alchemy Autosport (aka Miata Pi) worked with Das Idiots and plotted to stage an engine protest on ourself. We wanted to see if it was possible to even get an engine protest. We knew we were legal but thought the news of engine protest would hit the internet and scare the couple cheaters out there straight. After the race we had a member from Das Idiots file a protest on Miata PI and Champcar said they didn't have the time or tools to do so. The Das Idiots explained they just wanted a simple simple borescope check, with a borescope that they provided and to pull the valve cover. Champcar refused, wouldn't accept the money or the form. We were all a bit disappointed and flabbergasted. So after that I decided engine mods are unenforceable and therefore must be free? Morally correct, no. Its a shame that @Huggy is the one going through the hassles of being accused of cheating, I was happy to see them do well in the series recently (though his option on JDM motors isn't my favorite). My gut feeling is that they are probably just really good drivers and have a different FD. For what its worth @Wyatt drives for them and he is so fast in iracing that I also think he is cheating in that :). I'm also upset to see my friends at GWR( @Hi_Im_Will) get pulled into this when they weren't even at the race. I can tell you that they are just better drivers and race engineers then the majority of you. Now, I am happy this drama is happening and not just because I love drama but because I hope that what results is that @chisek's usually fair and not knee jerky series gets some procedure or ruling about how to protest engines. I don't envy your job I'm guessing you don't want this to be a SCCA/NASA series were we have every little thing being scrutinized and tore down but at the same time you need to make it possibility to enforce the current rules. Honestly I think the free ECU rule change ruined this (only for OBD1 cars), the stock ECU rule used to kind of act as protection from crazy engine mods but now its wide open. Surprise dyno runs for the top 6 cars seems like a good idea. There are enough tracks that have dynos on site for this to be coordinated with relative ease. Good luck, I totally think that you have what its takes to make the right decisions.
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    There is a lot to unpack in this thread. I'll start with the accusations. I have raced with the GWR team for around four years and I have raced against the Huggins team many times. I can make a few observations about their car: They have been developing their car for many years now and VIR is their home track, so I expect a strong performance from them there. They also have a strong driver lineup. I am pretty sure their first race win was at VIR North in December of last year, so winning is pretty new for them. I also know they had many podium finishes before that. They seem to be running the 4.10 rear end vs the stock 3.73. Watching videos of them side by side with the GWR car, they appear to shift into fifth much sooner while going same speed. I think they have enough points for a diff swap, but I have not seen their tech sheet. This may explain the perception of them having more available acceleration out of certain corners. They have gone through at least two iterations of their aero package. When they first debuted their aero, they did not have a large enough splitter and had to run their wing at a negative AoA. That was later fixed, which shows they have done actual aero development on their car. I also don't understand this assertion that aero adds a lot of drag. If done right, the drag increase is negligible. There are also opportunities to reduce drag overall. If I remember correctly, SRI does not run rear windows. Pretty big drag penalty there. They appear to have built a pretty stout engine that is tuned using a megasquirt ECU, so I wouldn't be surprised if their M20 makes more power than an untouched junkyard M20. They were pulling on GWR on the straights at Road Atlanta this year, but I know that GWR has been having persistent ECU issues that are limiting their power potential. There seems to be a lot of rules complaining and protesting lately, but there also has been more cheating too. Watching someone put more fuel in their car than expected is sufficient evidence for a protest. Noticing VQ30 valve covers on a VQ35 is sufficient evidence for a protest. The "I'm a really good driver in a really good car and Johan Schwartz agrees with me that there is no way they are legally faster than me" protest seems like a pretty crappy way to go about things. I am starting to get concerned that Champcar is going to cave to all of this poor behavior and we will end up with a ridiculously long and complicated rulebook and higher race fees due to the need for sophisticated testing equipment and additional staff. I feel that the easiest way to cut down on people taking this way too seriously and cut down on cheating is to re-instate the MOV penalty laps that carryover for the next two races you enter. I don't understand why this was ever removed, but it will allow more teams to win and discourage teams from cheating and spending too much money on continuous development. This allows Champcar to automatically adjust over-performing teams without the need to adjust an entire platform to the detriment of under-performing teams with that same platform (Huggins and GWR E30's vs a one-race-a-year E30 team). At the same time, I feel we should open up internal engine modifications that are difficult to police. If teams want to develop fast cars and build fancy race engines, let them! Penalty laps will be waiting for them at the finish line. For the Championship race, all MOV penalties should be temporarily removed to see who the best cheater team is! As long as the following stays true, I don't think speeds will get out of control: 180 treadwear limit on tires fuel capacity rules stay the same 2 hour max driver stint 5 minute pit stops Radiators, oil coolers, and intercoolers still cost points Maybe add in a "no race fuel unless you drive a Maserati BiTurbo" rule in there for good measure
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    Cage going into T Bird. Hope to finish it this weekend.
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    I might even just keep a protest sheet in my car so when Huggins blows by me at Daytona I can just throw it at him when I give the one finger point-by. Better keep your passenger window down homie. As one of the teams that gets walked by these fast ass e30's, I'll chime in. Maybe I look at it differently, but I just see it as something to strive for as opposed to the cheaty angle...but that's just my sunny disposition.
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    Can I help write it? (I better put this in green so everyone knows its sarcasm) Identify the issue as you perceive it: "pro" drivers make all some of the rest of us look bad and slow and the car they are driving look cheaty Identify, if possible, your understanding of why the current rule or process was initiated and put into place: currently no rule Propose a solution or revised rule: "pro" drivers shall only be allowed to run 9/10ths of the capability of the car they are driving. Provide a list of the positive changes and/or rationale for implementing the proposed solution or revised rule: 1) the rest some of us will feel better as it will appear we are driving faster - more like the "pro" since we have closer lap times 2) protests will be allowed to be requested against the "pro" driver. Upon protest, a d$ck measuring contest will take place between the protestor and "pro" driver (in a warm and dry place as not to skew results due to a cold or rainy environment). If the protestor is found to have a smaller unit (measured by the angle of the dangle compared to the size of the shaft), the protest will be thrown out and the protestor will be made fun of publicly for their small unit. If the protestor is found to have a larger unit, they will be publicly humiliated for being slow and feeling insecure and the "pro" driver will be allowed to drive at 10/10ths during their next races until protested and upheld at which time they must return to 9/10ths.
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    Titanium winter package, super rare
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    Looks similar to SCCA results for their "Majors" series. Spend $$$$thousands to build a really nice racecar, and more $$$$thousands to obtain a license to be able to race it in the series. Then, for all that money, you get to podium because there were only 2 other cars in your class. SMH.... No wonder Champcar is growing exponentially. P.S. I wonder if those results posted above counted for one of the "completed" events? (C'mon @bill strong, quit raining on this guys' parade...)
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    Yet again a bunch of requests for fuel capacity and free reliability parts, all of which are claimed not be a performance enhancement. Yet another boat load of whale blubber. Anything allowing longer runs, or improved reliability allows one to either push harder or operate longer at a car's full potential is absolutely a performance benefit. IMHO, the allowed freebies and modifications for minimal points are already too much and have driven speeds and costs up. My $0.10 has been sent to Board.
  36. 8 points
    After skimming comments and the petitions, I'm going to go with this again. No More Free Stuff!!!!!!
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    $1 for the plastic tube; $999 for knowing where to put the lines.
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    I have it on good authority that @MR2 Biohazard is indeed happy to have someone else in the hot seat, especially someone who can provide metrics to help everyone understand the execution and racecraft side of this sport. @Huggy, it's difficult to convey this nuance to some who don't fully grasp how yellow & red flag events effect their placement on track. Most people aren't analyzing their pit stops with this sort of scrutiny. Most aren't working for driving consistency with data, coaching, training, etc. You've done a great job representing why execution is so critically important imo. As a competitor who has lost to you while in the hunt and one who has done post-race analysis of your race and ours, I can say you are crushing the field right now on execution, reliability, & consistency. The speed is, of course, critical but this isn't what's separating your team from your competitors in your recent race wins. This is what most people don't understand and this is why so many race series are filled with unwarranted protests. As to the idea of performing checks, it makes sense for ChampCar to start building up tools with specific processes to check various parts on common cars. There is no one magic bullet here but, fortunately, much of this work has been done by other race series such that we only need to follow suit. Miata specific & E30 specific tools make sense first as they make up a solid chunk of the field. On a random note, I want to race @BollingerChump so we can settle who got the short stick on the name variation .
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    It is a well known fact that in stock form the MR2 cannot keep up with a chevette. We could always lower the MR2 points to 100 for parity......
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    One thing to consider is that here our e30s are lighter by about 300 lbs, have aero and much much larger tires than SE30. As a guy who driven an SE30 and the Huggymobile the SE30s can't compete in any category due to that extra weight let alone the aero.
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    Filing a protest is one thing, complaining about a lack of rules enforcement is fine and dandy. But Jeff, your post(s) on FB crossed the line on badmouthing a fellow competitor, and the series as a whole. There are many wonderful things about this series if you give it a chance. Yes, there are problems and issues that need to be resolved, but let's all work together to do it in a constructive way. We recently got a change made to the BCCR regarding window nets, but the complaints were done in a constructive, non offensive way, so that new teams wouldn't have abad experience (as well as many others who had nets out of date.). Some folks who are loyal to this series may be (butt)hurt by reading criticism of the series. Having said that, I would agree with @Snorman that @Bill Strong has taken this too far... @Jeff Bennett - I hope that you will continue to enter our events, and work constructively as a fellow member to correct the issues that you see. I give @Huggy a lot of credit for refraining from posting here - the comments you made about his team and car were vey offensive IMO, hence the hurt feelings by many members. Huggy posted a very long build thread on here about his car, in which he revealed just about everything that went into it. I would be very surprised (and disappointed) if he were running a stroker motor in it. I hope most of the stone throwing in this conversation is a result of printed words being misconstrued, and that we can all get along to move forward to make the corrections necessary, and not spread any more hate between fellow competitors and/or series.
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    100% TECH SHEETS!!!!! And they should be REQUIRED!! a tech sheet on the windshield that is easy to read. The tech inspector holding it in his hand and it being hard to read is BS. If we are expected to self police then tech sheets need to be easily readable and seen by all. its pure laziness otherwise
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    One issue is that the centerline of the plug hole doesn't line up to the furthest point, so the rod would have to go in at an angle or be curved. I love the idea though... you're right, no need to know the stroke, just need to know if the rod goes in the correct distance or further than the correct distance. I sketched out the m20b25 cylinder stuff (with pretty good accuracy) so that everyone knows what's going on with the dishing of the piston and the angle and location of the plug hole. I also just went to the garage and stuck a rigid drinking straw down the plug hole and it definitely works. I even turned the crank over and watched the straw rise and fall. We just need something precise and with graduations on it calibrated to a 2.5 and 2.7
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    Adding an aluminum radiator, accusump, any other reliability mod...where does it end? Doesn't someone at some point say, "I didn't pick your car, if it's not reliable, that's on you". If it's not safety, it should cost you.
  46. 7 points
    I just don’t understand the need. So a guy walks you down the straight... it does’t take scales to know whether he's left in the sound deadening and window cranks or if it’s gutted to the frame. Just look at his car, or ask what it weighs. I don’t want to add any cost or complexity to tech just because you are curious about what other cars weigh when it has no effect on points or legality.
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    All of a sudden testing octane doesn't seem so difficult does it?
  48. 6 points
    LOL, probably true. For our first few years, we chose a different name per race for fun. We settled on Not Banned Yet when we were a 1UZ Lexus V8 240sx. That combination was ultimately banned. We've had drivers money shifting and blowing up transmissions recently. I've considered Can't drive for shift racing as a result .
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    That left when we changed to a points based series for modifications and starting VPI. This is a great series for rookies and amateurs to enjoy wheel to wheel racing at some amazing tracks for a very reasobable cost. I can't think of another series that lets you build to the rulebook and race one overall class
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    I'd suggest downgrading to plastic trophies, but that seems to cost even more money to win in other forms of racing...