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    I have been out of the seat for awhile. 2016 was my last full year of racing as I took on this job at ChampCar. Since then I did two races in the hyper slow Opel GT, one race in a Celica, and 1/2 a stint in the MR2 GTv6 at Utah, and one rain race at VIR in 2018. So it's been quite awhile since I had any seat time. I was really excited about racing in the 24 with Visceral. I was finally able to drive a Porsche in a race. Been a dream for me since I was a kid. But I was also afraid of how bad my performance would be. When I ran the MR2 at the December 2018 VIR north races, I thought I would just hop in and be able to kick off stupid fast lap times like the old days. That's when I remembered how important seat time is. I had none. I made really bad decisions in that race, especially with being over confident. I vowed that I would not do that again. Especially driving someone else's car, that I was financially responsible for. Not only was I racing, but I was the onsite producer for the ChampCar.live show. Saturday morning. I wake up at 4am. Race mornings are always really stressful for me due to all the work I have to do before we go live with the show. Now I am adding the onsite studio for Doc and guests, the live track cameras, and the live in-car cameras. Saturday practice went well. I got about 15 minutes in the car to familiarize myself with the way the car handled. That was enough to know that the car handled really well, and I could forget about the car and work on me and my driving. I fit the car, sorta. As most know, I have a shape, round. Doc may have mentioned that about eleventy-hundred times during the broadcast. My own car has a seat that fits me. The bars in the seat put some pretty bad pressure on my hips. This may have contributed to cramping in my legs later on. But, I can work around all that. I got all the local assets working for the show, then reported to Viscerals paddock spot. I feel pukey from the stress. I keep thinking about how bad I am going to do, will I look silly, will I hurt the equipment, or worse yet, hurt someone elses day? Crap like that. They strap me in the car, we roll out, and I am at the back of the pack, in 47th place. I am right behind the fast looking RVA Graphics and Wraps E46 M3 driven by some big guy named Justin Andress. He is some ex-football star turned race winner. I quickly get on his tail, and I am fighting for position. I think I have him positioned for the perfect pass, but remember that we are still in the formation laps and under yellow. As soon as the flag goes green I am on it. But cautiously. I am making some passes. Trying to be clean. Stay away from peeps. Don't hurt the duct tape. My drivers contract said I was responsible for any damage I do to the car. I was trying hard not to think about how much 200 roles of duct tape costs. Probably a lot. The second lap was insane. As we come down roller coast I am caught up in the mass of cars that were slower. Oh my... this is why I love to start the race. Traffic management is so much fun. I may or may not have screamed that on the radio! It was so much fun. so many cars lumped together. 3 wide on the front straight. 2 wide going up the esses, and finally getting by that group on the front straight on lap 3 when everyone gets in single files rows. I can settle down and work on my driving now. I am doing 2:25 to 2:28 laps. I remember Ron telling me I needed to average 2:20s. So I need to work on this a lot. This being skill. On lap 44 I am told to pit. My two hours are up on a FCY. perfect. I pull into our spot. Go to jump out, and my leg cramps that started 2 laps ago come back and make it hard for me to get out of the car. As I push my head bast the roll bar, one of the helpers grabs my shoulders to assist, so I give a final pust just as he lets go and I go crashing to the pit lane like a face plant. All I could think about was I hope that there are no cameras nearby, Doc would never let me live that down. Ever. I took us to 12th place. Blew me away. Ron gets in the car and does a 1:20. Ok. I have some thinking to do. Where was I going wrong? Well one thing I know is that the AIM SOLO was dot set the way I like it. It was set to lap times, and not predictive timing. So after talking with troy, I was able to remember how to cycle through the types of timing. But I also thought about how I was taking corners, and sorted out the mistakes I made. The biggest one was not trusting the car. Sunday. I am doing the 8am to 10am stint. Seriously. I was thinking of just asking the team to put me in for an hour, if at all. But then, I just needed to man up and push all my doubt to the side, and do this mofo. Just get out there and be a racing driver. Go fast, go fast, go fast. So that's what I did. Well, kinda. Fast for me. I think trusting the car and the tires, and having some racing skill return, I was able to really get back into the the low 2:20s. I focused on the Aim Solo and was finally able to get a 2:19. The racing was fun too. At one point I had my sights on the Fiero. One can never let a Fiero beat me. Well, that did not go as planned as that car was fast, and one I could just not catch. As any good competitor know, you then put your focus on something more attainable. Like staying ahead of NLS, who after their win at Charlotte I knew would feel cocky with that fast little car. I went in in 13th place. And pretty much held us there the whole stint, putting us into 12th a few laps from my two hour limit. Ron then took over, and on his 4th lap out, laid down a 2:15. So there goes my excuse of the tires being old. I loved it. This was so much fun getting back into the seat of a top car. Thanks to Visceral, Ron, Jay, James, and Justin, Ron's father, and Troy. This is one hell of a team. Ron prepared a hell of a car, and now I know why he has so many trophies. Now, time to get back to my day job.
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    So, we officially took two cars to a track day at Autobahn Full Course today....believe it or not, both cars had zero issues and drove back on the trailer...this is a first for us in 7 years of racing. I would assume the 11 month hiatus helped to make sure we checked everything many times...on to Gingerman with a list of minor things to attend too.
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    Every member is entitled to an opinion. They may be more competitive in other series because classing, something that we thankfully don’t focus on. please don’t get me started on points or classing, literally, short of hillbilly Enduro‘s, there’s nothing like running heads up with 100 competitors at World class facility! 🥰
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    My personal race report. I had fun hangin with the Huggins crew again, as is always the case. Top notch folks. I had the privilege of driving their winning car 3 stints. It was hot as hell. The end.
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    Before we race, I'd like to petition all other cars that are faster than us. Its obvious that you're cheating. To the slower cars, may be one day you'll be as good drivers as us. Thanks
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    I'm just tickled you took the time to research me. Please Like and Subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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    That was a very impressive showing by Pinkies Out, very well done and congrats @Huggy.
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    I want to see you throw that into your interview if you guys ever make a podium again. “we were doing really well in the billy bob’s pick and pull sn95 cobra with the cheater hood, but that damn fiero kept passing us” You know, something like that.
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    It is my job as a Board Member to vote on issues I see in ChampCar and safety is is big item for me. As a BOD I want to see us all go home safely to our families. I do keep track of the races, read the forums, read Facebook and talk to a lot of members.
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    ---- #977 NLS Racing race report ---- We entered VIR fresh off our first victory, so needless to say we were feeling pretty good about our chances. The car was all sorted out and prepped for 24 hours of punishment. We had our usual line up of drivers with 2 additional renters, one of whom had never even sat in our car before. A quick few laps during practice for the new guys and then the rapidly approaching green flag. Started 29th and drove up to 12th when our 1st driver radioed in that something was terribly wrong with the rear suspension. Wonderful, only 30mins into the race and were behind the wall. Turns out the rear lower ball joint pulled out of its mount. A borrowed welder later (thanks Brew Krew), we were back on track and the car was back to full speed, although our lofty expectations of a win were gone. At this point we were shooting for a top 10 at best. We pressed on for the next few stints logging laps and picking em off one at a time. But that pesky ball joint reared its ugly head again. This time its was an all or nothing fix as we had not brought our spares for the rear suspension (never again). We welded the fool outta that thing and just prayed it would hold together, only needed it to last for 17 more hours. And hold together it did, as we were able to finish the rest of the race relatively drama free, except for the warped rotors that would shake your fillings loose and our final driver cooked it into Oak Tree and tagged the tire wall with about 15mins left in the race. To his defense, we were pushing him, as we were gaining rapidly on 5th position and would've liked that top 5 finish. All in all, we are stoked with our result. 6th was better than most of us could've hoped for early in the race. I personally had my most fun race ever chasing down Bill Strong in the Visceral car. I never could get around him but it was an awesome 30-45mins of chasing. As usual, great race Champcar, keep up the good work. A big thanks to everybody that makes this happen, Champcar staff, corner workers, volunteers, family and friends. And a tip of the hat to Chris and the 2 Pinkies Out cars/drivers. 1-2 finish at the 24, doesn't get much better than that. We'll be back soon, maybe AMP, but definitely be at VIR North.
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    No more time for bull cookies, at noon it gets real. Good luck to all and stay safe out there. If anything happens out there with the orange e30 to piss you off, it wasn’t me.
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    Here is a thought, why don’t you just work on the car, or watch video, or something like that to get ready to run the race in the series and at the track that is conducting the race per their rules that have been in place for a lot of years? Just roll with it, no matter what the rules are everybody has to run the race per the same rules. It works. Have some faith and stop trying to find everything that’s not per your liking. This is supposed to be fun, so have fun. Nobody is getting rich or vieing for a paid ride out of this.
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    JFC @Bill Strong please delete all this stupidity. It's not related to the 24, get it out of here.
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    Congrats to Huggy and crew. No small feat what they accomplished and it was never in doubt.
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    It’s what VIR does for ChampCar and NASA only. It has its pluses and minuses. It gets back to racing earlier but it can be frustrating for the points you make. Overall, it probably is a wash over the entire race. VIR used to do hot pulls for Champ races, and all other races, but someone hit a emergency vehicle during a yellow at a NASA race and that’s when it came about. The hot pulls are much better and VIR was one of the best at doing them.
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    I for one think publishing key disciplinary actions (like banning, not minor things like chisek having a 'talk' with a team after a race) discourages misbehaving and shows that the series is serious about maintaining good conduct on track.
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    We finished petition review and voting back in June. We cannot do an in person meeting just due to all of our schedules lining up. I threw out a zoom type meeting. Still waiting to hear on that right now. The TAC is working on some wording to make sure there are no loopholes. I will talk to Mike to see what is going on and see if he can do a Red Flag video to update everyone.
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    I don't think it's a linear translation. Meaning 50% doesn't equate to doubling the lap time. The pace car is deliberately slow to bunch up the field. If you're running at 50-75%, you should be catching the field behind the pace car. At 75% I am cruising around in 4th and 5th running 3:00-3:30+ laps to catch the field, completely safely and under control. A "fast" Champ car at Sebring is running an 87+ mph average lap. A "slow" Champ car is about 10 mph slower average lap speed. Again, nearly all of the complaints are about cars cruising around and completely ignorant to how a FCY works. I am talking about cars driving 30-40 mph around the track.
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    VIR is a new race. If you're going to be there...drive the first stint. I'll wait for you to catch up.
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    Heat. I was trying the new Walero fire resistant undies. They are temp regulating. They are stupid pricey too. But... Worth every single dollar. The hoodie was awesome as were the undies as there were zero pressure points that bugged me. and they pulled sweat away from me. My OMP overalls were soaked with sweat, but I was cool inside. It's hard to explain. But they worked awesome. https://www.walero.uk/temperature-regulating-flame-retardant-race-products/ HMS Motorsports sells the whole collection while I think that Discovery can also get them. https://www.hmsmotorsport.com/products/Base-Layers Combined with the ChillOut System and my coolshirt, it was the best I have ever felt in the car.
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    Heat exhaustion can be tough to rebound from in the short 24 race window. Hopefully you fully recovered without any after effects.
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    Sigh... Speaking of safety I think this was 2 of the last 3 VIR 24's that ended up with a fatality on track. Poor goose. Which one of y'all did that?
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    The 3rd year we did the all nighter for the show, I drove home after the race. I fell asleep at least 5 times while driving.
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    2 stints in the dark in the 146 car, that was an experience...
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    That's what testing is for, looks like it needs a bigger heatsink. Similar function to flagtronics and the bonus of being subscription based like new AMB... A big no starter here.
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    Solid showing and a fun race to watch, even when Bill was in the 944. Also liked the in car from the S2000, man that thing was on rails. There were some sections with traffic that looked like they might become a problem, but for the most part the driver stayed smooth and made some good solid passes. If you can't be there, next best is watching it live lol. Now I just need to get that big screen hung up on the wall out int he garage so I actually accomplish something as well.
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    Seriously. We were pitted near them and got to watch the whole operation. That team is a machine.
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    Great job Chris and all the Pinkies Out crew and co drivers. Cars looked great, crew had pit stops done on time, and drivers kept it on the road and out front. Awesome race. Sleep for all.
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    Really. Is that why every racing series I can think of does a press release when they levy a fine/suspension/ban against a team/driver/owner? I'd say it's not a good look for a series to sweep something under the rug. The series made the right call with a ban under the circumstances. Why hide it by locking threads and deleting social media discussions? You're fighting the good fight, and we appreciate it. I got the impression the BOD made an excellent and timely decision. But the decision to not communicate that to the membership I found a bit at odds with this being a member owned series.
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    I agree, we need to slow @Snorman down. And while we're at it, the rest of crowd control. Some laxative slipped into their drinks before the race should work
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    The bigger cost will be paying Snorman to run slow laps for you to get by him.
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    Paint the engine old Ford Blue and claim it as a 289...
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    The Stadium layout is a hoot. Even if there is only a dozen or so cars it would be good time.
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    File this one under “should have done this years ago.” Painted the roof of the car trailer with white mobile home type roof paint. With the doors closed and in full sun all day, the inside temp is the same as the outside air temp. It would have been at least 15-20 degrees hotter before. Much easier on the AC (had it down to 64* in a short test).
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    Maybe this thread should be about welcoming new teams to the fold rather than vilifying them for wanting to race in a larger group of cars. He actually did not even mention the level of competition but rather the amount of competition and, like all of us, prefers to race in larger fields. Numbers are always an issue here in Canada because of the smaller population and there are always teams that sign up at the last minute for one reason or another. The reality is that the organizers need the teams not the other way around and must provide a product that is enticing to both existing and new teams.
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    In an attempt to be witty, I searched "muzzle for man" to insert in this string, DONT DO THAT. I am awaiting a visit from IT and HR any minute now. Looking forward to getting back on track this weekend!!!
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    I don't want to hear that a team has a big advantage because they have a good fabricator, no different than having a good driver.
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    I've now had 2 incidents of near heat exhaustion in cars without (or with insufficient) cool suit systems. I kid you not, I've turned down free stints in cars with no cool suit. I've brought mine to install in cars i've rented seats in before. Not worth it to me anymore and it sucks really bad when you get overheated in a car. Keeping my system working well in hot weather is one of my highest priorities!
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    Yeah that was a fun race. Lots of ups and downs for myself between over fueling, offtrack excursions, and lapped traffic. It wasn't as straight forward a win as I would have liked but like Vin Diesel says, winning is winning.
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    What update is there to give? They're gone. IMO it's not a good look to make statements on punishments/suspensions/etc. doled out to teams or drivers.
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    I found something else that will fit in my 63 Falcon with points to spare....Not as easy as the 5.0 Exploder motor I already had, but hey the 4.8L LS fits in the chassis and under the VPI limits. I'll have to figure out the trans and maybe have points for Nascar truck arms to keep it straight. Could be a 1 hour stint beast LMAO
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    1984 Nissan 300zx turbo car. the turbo has been removed and new motor was built with only 2 races on it new motor has a 2nd and 1st in class Has pass inspection very year of its racing life 6 years. new Mustang front brakes and lots of pads. fire system, cool box, short shifter on rebuilt 5 speed transmission several set of tires and wheels. call for more details the car is in Texas $3,500 and ready to race ! 903 3907838
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