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    Kudos to Tyler for bringing in The Tire Rack. unreal. They are giving away tires at a lot of races, and they do help us as an org expand our reach in other ways, such as offering a better broadcast to racing at new tracks where we don't get a large turnout. On a side note, we are upping the awards for results to the top five next season. If you have to go to tech, you should get something. We also are substantially increasing the awards for 1st-3rd in 2020. Finally, we are going to be banking some of the revenue. When that next recession hits, to have some money put away will help ensure the survival of the club through the downturn. Think of more sponsorship income as an insurance policy or a rainy day fund on the future economy.
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    This is going to annoy many when a EC car goes boasting all over social media about their win @ INDY We really need to hand out some +1000 laps for EC here in 2 weeks... Done being played the fool trying like heck to podium/cater to sponsors based on finishing position with a non EC car.
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    It’s not ok that someone running with Champcar suggested that you run Lemons. We need you in Champ races, thats where we hope you sign up and where we hope you spend your racing budget. The fast guys will figure out how to get around you until you get up to speed so don’t take the advice. If the fast guys can’t figure out how to get around you safely, then they aren’t the fast guys.
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    Sheriff escorts, no BBQs, no beer, stay within the red box, no track walk, no golf carts, be out by 9:00 PM....IMS must think that we're a bunch of animals. EDIT: Team photo at the Yard of Bricks is a nice touch, though.
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    "I want to drive all the way to Indy!" "NO, IIIII want to drive all the way to Indy!" Next thing ya know we'll be lining up to whitewash Ed's fence 🤣
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    Hybridshocker, I personally liked racing your car at NCM. I am okay with the Jeep running EC, Heck I am even okay if someone shows up with a 996 turbo GT1 (insert proper Porsche digits here). My only problem with EC cars are clerical issues. They shouldn’t be shown as winning the race on speedhive and they should not have been picked up as the leader during a full course yellow. I have zero animosity toward the teams running EC. Your car ran clean around me this weekend. I hope the Kentucky Fried white e36 keeps racing with Champ as it fits right in.
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    I was the third driver on @ktm300's car. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind words and for making us feel welcome at the track. Everyone I spoke to was more than willing to help out, lend tools, help us find our way, etc. I really wish we could've been a little more prepared, but as ktm said, we literally didn't have the engine running til 2am Thursday, the day we were supposed to leave. Another driver and I didn't get to Kentucky for practice until 2am local, where we got another couple hours of sleep before putting all the brake hydraulics together and taking the car for its first shakedown. I really wish we had been able to drive the 7hr on Sunday, but the 8hr was still a ton of fun for my first track/wheel to wheel experience. You all have me hooked, can't wait to be back out.
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    DirtE-30 NCM Recap 13hr pull from Minneapolis, MN. Arrived Thursday evening and dropped the trailer. Ran practice on Friday, the #212 BMW E30 was pretty well dialed in, we developed a small transmission leak, but nothing major to worry about. All four drivers, each made two 8-10 lap stints and felt very comfortable with the track and car, and we all were running within 2-3 seconds of eachother in the low 30's. Gathered good fuel economy notes, and were all done by 3pm, a successful practice. Toured the Corvette Museum, well worth it! Saturday, we started P58 at the absolute tail of the 58 car field. The starts are always crazy and hectic, as drivers (who didnt practice) are getting comfortable with their cars and the track, but also the most fun imo! At the 1-hour mark I finally took a breath, was up to P8 and got by the 901 Motorsport E30 briefly, we raced eachother hard for about 7-8laps, and I finally had to let him get back by, as the pace was too fatiguing on the car (&me). Our cars were very similar overall, but the rear wing on the 901 allowed for much higher speeds on the high speed corners. Great Fun! At the 1:55 mark I got black flagged for passing under yellow, didnt see the flag stand as I was in a pack of 4 cars coming up out of the T21 sinkhole. Took a 2 minute penalty, and pitted in P7. The next two Drivers Joe and Cory did an awesome job of racing clean and getting us up to P5 after the third stint. With 50 minutes to go, our fourth driver, Ben, was holding P5 with a half a lap lead over the E-racing E30 in P6, (we were running similar lap times too) We were hoping to snag a Top 5 in only our second race with the DirtE-30. Unfortunately our driver forgot to put his lumbar support in, and had to make an unscheduled pitstop for a driver swap due to back spasms. I scrambled back to the trailer to gear up, jumped back in and ran our FTD of 2:32.10, We finished the day in P6. We'll take it! Sunday, we started on the pole with a wet track, we ran up front between P1 and P3 but after about 1hr:30, our brakes started fading. We had replaced the pads the night before, but somehow we unknowingly grabbed the box of street pads (stored in the race pad box). Our second driver (Cory ) made it through his 2hr stint(running only 3 seconds off the pace) with nothing left but the backing plates, wow! We swapped front pads in 11 minutes, and Joe went back out for the 3rd stint in P22. Around the 4:15 mark, he radioed the he smelled fuel in the cockpit, but we attributed it to the fact he was following the white E30 that was dumping gallons of fuel around every left hand turn, and soon after the Brew Crew E30 was having a tailgate BBQ as well..yikes. We pitted at the 5hr mark in P17, and inspected the brakes (pads almost gone again) and checked for fuel leaks, didnt find anything. I went out for the 4th and last stint at the 5:15 mark , and after about an hour the brakes were so bad that I had to almost double my braking points. I was smelling fuel too, and a few laps later got the Meatball flag, was told we were leaking fuel as well. After seeing one burned up E30 already for leaking fuel, and no brakes left, combined with a leaking water pump, it was a no brainer to park the DirtE-30 at the 6:15 mark. Suspect over-pressurization of the fuel tank due to excessive heat and too small or clogged fuel vent. Will report actual problem once identified. Overall we had a great weekend, NCM is a very racy technical track, lots of fun to drive! Had some fun racing battles with the other E-30's of 901 Motorsports, RVA GFX, Brewe Crewe, and E-Racing. Next race is Hastings Motsports Park, NE in September. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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    Saw this elsewhere. Don't know who made it but definitely worth sharing.
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    I feel like we keep getting these threads but nothing new for information. I think the current system works well because everyone has a shot at the win. the classes don't differentiate performance, they group similar cars together. the civics can fight other small motors, the bmws same, the muscle cars also. If you're left with no real shot at the win, going for class win is a second shot and gives you something to race for which is a lot more fun than just running laps DE style. Really it would almost be as good if you just divided field randomly into four classes, except that racing similar cars is a bit more fun. when other series are bringing more cars to same tracks you can come back and tell us it's broken. (excluding lemons which is something else)
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    As a car owner and racer I agree. My B class Miata is quite capable of winning the overall, we just haven't put it all together yet. Hopefully next race. We were in 3rd at Road America on day one when the clutch line failed, and for a moment in the lead on day two and then passed to 2nd by a D class car before the clutch itself failed. We temporarily led at Nelson Ledges when the diff let go. we were in 2nd at laguna when the alternator failed. I believe my car can win at many tracks if it can just finish a damned race. My personal opinion is class trophies hurt nothing. We could argue a better way to delineate classes, but no one gets hurt. Personally I want the overall and that's what I race for. But when things aren't going well, at least there's something to look at (classes).
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    This deserves repeating. I came to this series for great track time to dollar spent ratio in a "limited prep" form of racing. I have watched it become "more free stuff", debates over "speed creep" and now debates over "more aero" and how to flair fenders. Now the rule book and now rule interpretation book are growing just like SCCA's did over the years. Now the debate over "EC" and how to include/exclude them. I am working on another build. Will it race in Champcar? Too early to tell. Will I continue to drive in Champcar? Probably, because friends have cars and I enjoy their company, not because I am excited about the direction I have seen over the past few years. I am not saying there's a better option out there (yet), but the current direction has me looking at all the options. I mention this as an example of the first paragraph of the above post.
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    If the rules are well written, the room for interpretation is small and thus, no need for a second book of rulings or "how to interpret". Go take a read of the SCCA Improved Touring rule set. Then go look at some of the cars that got built to 10-10ths. They were fast, they were ingenious but they were not cheap and the class suffered as a result of the arms race that went on. Champcar has the same potential. You drive the car at 10-10ths, why would you not read the rule book the same way? This brings up the fact that for every allowance there will be ways to exploit it. So write the rules with the idea in mind that someone will stretch it. The intent of the rule means nothing, it is how it is worded and what it actually allows/restricts. No different than writing a contract. The other option is to simply not have a rule book, let anything drive. I've seen two examples of this, currently American Endurance Racing and the infamous Can-Am of the early/mid '70's. Tough edge to ride on.
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    This issue is starting to happen at every other race now and it was said by a board member it would be addressed but it seems the series leadership would rather upset the 95% of the team's that abide and build towards the series rules than the 5% that arrive with cars that don't play by the rules and should have no problem having -100 laps added to their car/team by t&s at the start of each race... @chisek @Bill Strong @Doc
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    This is being made so hard when it shouldn’t be. This is feels like the good of the few over the good of the many.
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    Roto-Plooker Racing Report: Well that was a long time coming…. we’ve been racing with Chump/ChampCar since 2012 and we finally got our first win. First the disclaimers: Yes… it was a small field. Yes…all the faster cars had to break or have issues or not show up. Yes…we thought for sure we were going to break too. I don’t care; it’s still a win. ‘I’d rather be lucky, then good.’ It’s been almost a year since we made the decision to give the old girl a brain transplant. We now have an OBD2 ECU in the car, plus new injectors, and a rebuilt engine. More horsepower means more heat so killed two transmissions at Thunderhill earlier this year. Added a heat shield around the transmission and that worked. The Bridgestone RE71Rs worked great…. for about half a stint and then drivers had to manage them to make two stints on them. The cords started showing on the left front. Well actually the outside third of the tire had cords showing. We sacrificed all the new tires on Saturday to make the win. Thanks to Bill Strong for the picture below. Then we couldn’t get the car started on the last pit stop until Mikiel treated it like it was flooded and held the gas pedal to the floor. Then we lost radio contact with Mikiel so couldn’t tell him how many laps he was ahead of Pomona Speed Shop. We will have to devise a ‘sandbag’ button as @SkylerGambrell and @Pee Wee suggested. Winning is great… but the second best thing was our team captain Mikiel giving Bill Strong a smooch on the cheek in impound. Nothing to see (thank God) but you can hear it. So then there was the BBQ hosted by Bruce Mills (@Voodoo Child) and ChampCar. We had about 40 people show up to eat and bench-race. @Alchemy Autosport showed up in the pre-production Fisker Revero so that was very cool. Joining the Roto-Plookers were members from Pomona Speed Shop, Silver Fern, Gone Bananas, Twisted Sister, Barney and Fiends, and Uncommon Friends. Thanks to @Pee Wee from Pomona Speed Shop for bringing potato salad, beans, and kobe beef - chorizo hamburgers to share. For Sunday, all we had for tires were track day take-offs and one good Dunlop Direzza, which we put on the front left. We pretty much decided to have a relaxed day and see how far we could get after burning off our 10 lap winner’s penalty. Well that lasted until the end of our second stint. @Jamie went to drive with Uncommon Friends, so he and Mikiel switched stints. The tires were totally shot so we decided to fill the car up with fuel and run it until we ran out of gas so we could set the fuel gauge and warning lights better. Mikiel got in the car and just driving down pit lane he knew something was wrong. Made one lap, came in, and had us check the hubs. Back left was really wobbly and Bill Strong noticed our axle nut was missing…. so ummmm, yeah, we broke the rear axle. And that was that for Sunday. Well we did win the B class trophy for Sunday. A great weekend all in all. Outtakes: @SkylerGambrell - I think we have as many 3rd place trophies as you guys have seconds. Your day will come if @Pee Wee learns to drive. @M.Brane (Driver 1 for both days) passed the Wilwood car which had high sided between turns 3 and 4 and watched the driver spin the rear tires in the air. He had a balcony seat from Turn 5 to see the Honda Fit spinning off the track in Turn 9. It was so dusty it looked like it had been painted that color. Many thanks to those who showed up this weekend - @Bandit 82, Christian from Arsenic Racing, Matthias and Stephanie, formerly from Das Idiots, plus a few other friends. We felt the love. 😍 Sure beats working.
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    four sure you'll be standing in line for gas for him.
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    My team, Pomona Speed Shop has been around a few years and we have raced a Neon and an E36 with some decent results at East and West tracks. We are sitting on a SC 300 chassis right now that we are considering to build EC to save money in the long run by going with a cool drivetrain and a few other things that just wouldn't be fair racing against classified cars. If we built it we can pick and choose who to race with out here in the West because Champs competitor out here has been good to me and never given me a reason to not race with them, just another way of skinning the cat. Would kind of suck if Champ made the unwise move to listen to the internet jabber saying race today but get your car legal to race next week. The 100 lap hit or 1000 lap hit seems easy breezy. And as we have raced over the years when we look at scoring during, or after a race it's great to see that your in fourth but that's an EC car in front of you so awesome third place it is! I would set a lap time on any EC car that shows up that if they go under it they load up with no refund.
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    100 teams. 4 fuel jugs per team. 2 hours between fill ups. 200 jugs need filled every hour. 18 seconds per jug on average is the total time available to fill with 1 assembly. Say it takes 2 minutes to fill a jug (don't know how long it takes honestly). That would mean we need 120seconds / 18 seconds assemblies. That would be 6.66666 assemblies, or 7 entire assemblies. These 7 assemblies would allow for 210 fuel jugs to be filled (at an average of 2 minute fills). This would not include any downtime in any way. Full on pumping all day through the race. Say there is on average 15 seconds between cans for filling... The minimum number of pump assemblies goes to 7.5. This means 8 assemblies.... So, how early will the pumps be open? How many pumps are there? How long does it take to fill a fuel jug? That should tell you how many pumps we need. P.s. the demand doesn't change during the race, so opening earlier will help those teams that fill up all their jugs, but will not help any other way. You will still have the same demand the 3rd hour of the race and not have the benefit of the pumps being open early.
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    So do you feel that she really didn't win her age group as well? Was she not the fastest 40-44yo female? Giving out a 1st place award to an A, B, C, D class car that didn't come in first place in their class makes no sense to me. Wouldn't that be similar as trying to explain why we have to pull EC cars out of the results and justify your OA position? Wanna confuse people even more? John - We came in 1st place in A class! Bob - What about the Miata that won the race? John - They don't count since they won. Bob - uhhh what? John - They don't count because they won Bob - But they beat everyone John - We won our class Bob - Ok.....
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    Relating our team's experiences as they're relevant to the subject at hand. Since starting in Champcar in 2017 we've done 5 events and had a total of 8 different drivers in the car. Of these 8, only 2 had wheel-to-wheel experience prior to ChampCar, and of the 6 others, only 2 had prior track (HPDE/Racing School) experience. We chose ChampCar for our team precisely because of the relatively low barrier of entry compared to SCCA, and hitting the sweet spot of seriousness between Lemons and WRL/AER. Our car (1.6 Miata) is not the slowest but certainly not the fastest either. The rookie classes at each event are a good introduction to the series and to any track specific rules in effect - we make sure all new drivers attend and all drivers (regardless of experience) discuss afterwards to ensure we are all aware and on the same page. Because ChampCar is giving us novices the opportunity to race on track, we believe that trust works both ways and there's a personal responsibility to ensure we're as prepared as possible. Things we do as a team to ensure our new drivers get the best and safest experience: Experienced driver always takes the opening stint on the day (when traffic is heaviest and speed differentials most pronounced due to random start order) New driver never has their first stint at night or in the rain (we'll swap driver schedules based upon latest weather info) If in doubt, pit in - nobody is going to yell at you for pitting if you're unsure/worried/overwhelmed/ill etc. Briefing from opening driver when getting in the car on latest track conditions (eg. cement dust in T4) or particular traffic (eg. give the orange cars a lot more room) Dedicated sim sessions and races in the weeks before the event The last item is maybe the most important - one thing that all our novice drivers have in common is many hours in iRacing, practicing and racing on the same track on which they will be competing. Whilst not the complete sensory experience of real-life racing, it does give a novice an idea of how to drive multiple lines on track, how to deal with faster and slower traffic, approximate braking and shift points, and muscle memory to react to steering inputs at the limit. We've found that having these basic fundamentals down then leaves the novice driver more "brain space" to cope with the additional inputs in real-life and is a safer and more in-control driver in their first stint. Our drivers have all credited their sim experience with preparing them for making the step into ChampCar. That's also the logic behind the creation of the SimSeries, and I would really recommend it to any drivers interested in making the step into a team with little experience - it's cheaper and safer in the long run!
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    Thanks for posting. At this point we believe the overflow line to the overflow tank became dislodged after a trip over the rumble strips. Our driver (Vernett Baker) saw the flames as soon as he re-entered the track. As a wily veteran he knew to make it to a flag station for help. It also helped that he has driven the car before so was familiar on how to get out quickly and safely. I would suggest to you ALL that you practice your emergency egress "procedures" with a bag over your helmet so you cannot see at EVERY race. This could have turned into something very ugly without a veteran behind the wheel. As we rebuild VERY quickly for Indy in less than a month we are raising some funds for the recovery process we are selling team T-shirts. Naturally we think they are pretty cool: https://store.flyinwrench.com/products/savekenny-official-brew-krewe-racing-2019-shirts
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    NCM was the first wheel to wheel race for our team. One of our drivers had done some road racing 15 years ago but in general we are all autox folks. The car was a beat up 1989 Civic DX 2 door hatch with a ZC swap might have made 125 hp at the crank. 14 days out the car didn't have a working motor or rear brakes and the wiring was fubar. I drove the first stint. Somebody blew up their car on the warm up laps so I got several extra looks at the track while that was getting taken care of. When the race finally started I was pretty calm. We had a reasonably fast car in the turns, but a really slow car on the straights. I got passed by 5 cars on lap 1 and another 10 cars by lap 2. We made a couple of short stops to look at a check engine light and by lap 9 we were in position 45 out of the 51 cars that started the race. By the end of my stint on lap 27 we were back up to 37th. Mike got in the car and drove it quite a bit faster than I had been. He worked his way up to 30th by lap 51 when he had to come in for gas as the car was cutting out. He went back out and did our fastest lap of the race (2:39.909) on lap 53. He worked his way up to 28th by the end of his stint. Cameron got in the car and after the fuel stop was in 29th position. Cameron drove until lap 94 and up to 25th position. His fast lap time was 2:40.558. Brian got in the car and after the fuel stop in 26th position. Brian drove until lap 123 and up to 20th position. Brian's fast lap time was 2:43.947. I got back in the car on lap 124 in 25th position after the fuel stop. I drove until there were about 4 minutes left in the race. At that point my fastest lap time was a 2:46.176. While heading into turn 10 the brake pedal hit the floor and didn't do a whole lot. I was very happy with the runoff in that turn. I pulled off into the grass but didn't want to cause a caution that late so I limped into the pits and headed back to the garage. Our day was over at that point. We were in 23rd position and even missing the last two laps we were far enough ahead of 24th to end up in 23rd position. The car turns like nothing I had ever driven before but was way down on power to be competitive. Our fast lap time was 42nd overall so we punched pretty far above our weight class bringing the car home in 23rd. We found the issue. It was a failed wheel bearing and a broken axle. The axle we had been given as a spare with the car wasn't correct and nobody in town had one so our race was over. We just didn't have time to do the detail work on the car, to verify all the spares etc. I was pretty happy with the way other cars worked around us. A few times it was pretty tight but as far as I know we didn't hit anything or anybody. I did something pretty stupid in my first stint. I was so focused on passing a car I had been chasing for 30 minutes I missed a yellow flag and passed that car and one other one under yellow. I finally looked up and saw the yellow and knew I messed up. I payed a lot more attention to the flag stations after that. To the guy that suggested we go run Lemons I understood it. We were not up to the speed of the other cars on the track and the car was pretty ugly. It was our first time and I didn't understand the level of racing that was going on. We will do better next time.
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    No think they want to try to stop something like this: Or this:
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    This guy has ambitious plans, scheduling 901 years ahead! Seriously, anyone who wants to get out there and be competitive needs to consider this opportunity quickly.
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    That's funny..... because from our perspective it was 11 seconds a lap faster than us.... oh, wait.. no.. that was GWR.... 🙄 The EC cars (in my experiences) are not the cars shoving their way through traffic with dive bombings and door jukes.... and guess what.... neither are the noobs. There have been stupid fast cars since day one of this series, I remember specifically a M3 at the first NL 24 blowing our doors off with at least 150 more hp. The problem is that such cars are now just basically a rabbit for the field to chase and in many cases the car the front pack battles throughout the race. EC is only a couple of poly bushings and an aluminum radiator for some cars.
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    And it doesn't do anything about the live timing standings during the race, which I think is the far more important issue.
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    Thank you. I'll get a report together shortly.
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    You don’t need to fill your entire day of fuel in the morning. How about you show up with a full tank in the car and a full 5 gallon to top it off on the grid. Sometime between 6 am and your first fuel stop at 10:00am you can get 4 jugs filled, and then before noon you can get another 4 jugs filled. As long as nobody is being a jerk by filling 15 jugs in one go, this should work out ok.
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    A big tank won't make a sucky car great, but a tiny tank will make a great car suck, and will make a decent car a waste of time. Since there's no way to increase fuel capacity beyond the +2 gallons a cell allows, factory fuel tank size is one of the main limiting factors in champcar.
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    The accomplishment for a new race team should be to finish, and learn everything possible for the first year at least. There is a lot that goes into these cars staying on the track the way they do and small tricks guys use to make a pit stop more productive or how they prepare for trouble when it does happen. Id highly suggest volunteering to be a pit Marshal, we volunteered earlier this year and it was amazing the things we learned by being FORCED to watch other teams (while paying for our gingerman race). I cant stress enough how beneficial it was to watch, i learned more on one day than all of last year racing because i wasn’t worried about our car staying on track i was open minded and observant.
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    This is speaking from a racer and member. We got into this series because we wanted to race the best tracks in the US. I completed one track day and the rest had been autoxing. This series doesn't have any license requirements except for a valid driver's license. This is the easiest path to getting amateurs on track just like we did. In my own personal opinion the only way to grow our membership is to gain access to new teams. The more requirements we put on mandatory rookie training the less our potential market is. There are other series out there that do require a license or mandatory HPDEs. ChampCar is still the best avenue to get into wheel to wheel racing without the restrictions for an average Joe or Jill to drive your favorite race tracks in the US. As suggested track days at local tracks or if there is a practice day then get your significant other on track with other cars to start getting used to the traffic. Usually they let you put in a passengers seats for this too so you can coach. Yesterday I went to Nelson Ledges and we were able to get a new driver in the car for 2-3 hours so he could get used to the car and learn it before Indy.
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    I am happy with the finish position Saturday. We will be back. Thanks for the encouragement.
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    I think Tyler answered your question as to what ChampCar sponsors contribute to the well being of this series. I like to look at it like what can I do to help promote our sponsors. The sponsors of ChampCar have already done their part by taking this chance on this series. A sponsor is looking to generate a business result, a metric increase. You don't cash the sponsor check and do nothing. Our sponsors are looking for a quantifiable growth of their operation as is ChampCar. You were already a customer of TireRack that's perfect, your the customer they want. Now take it a step further and mention you are a ChampCar member the next time you make a purchase, tell them how happy you are with the service, knowledge, price, & delivery. Ask if they have a patch that you can display on your uniform. That's all it takes. It's a win for everyone
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    How about a slight wording twist on this.... All ec cars start at 1500 pts. That is 100 laps down. It could even go in the rulebook. If you want to race ec, that is a 1500 pt car. Boom done.
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    These two things are very important. Our team started out as a group of autox guys that wanted to race for real too and we learned on the fly too. This was quite the race/track to jump into for your first race, larger field, tricky course with high speeds. I had no issues with you guys on track at all and we were in some of the quicker cars. Whoever told you to go run Lemons can go pound sand. This series is right for you if you really want to race and become better drivers, maybe instead of being a jerk they could have offered some advice. Hopefully this doesn't discourage you and you work on the things you know you need to improve and you go from there.
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    KTM300, Welcome to the madness! Our team enjoyed being around your car on track. Our cars were completely different on how our cars produced our very similar lap times… We have the power but don’t handle for spit and our car is uglier than yours. (The Lincoln LS that’s missing its rear) Some of our drivers passed your car but others were passed by your car. Whoever told you to run Lemons can jump in a lake. Your car is a perfect little budget racer. I am glad you were out there. Speed creep is real the cars are getting much faster every time I get our car to the track, it is impressive… we built a butter knife for a knife fight and now teams are showing up with howitzers. But at one point or another I did pass both the 350z and the G35... (at other points they blew our doors off) But passing the G35 was fun because of how ugly our car is and how new and perfect theirs was. Good job finishing 23rd! Staying on track and making laps moves you way up the order. My goal for the weekend was a top 20... but sadly we had too many problems and finished around 30th Saturday then DNF'd Sunday.
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    So...we did a teardown of the entire rear subframe to check for fire damage on the E30 and what we found caused us to re-think the cause of the fire at NCM. The exhaust had a quarter sized hole in it that burned through the heat shied that directed hot exhaust gases directly to the stock fuel tank. We believe that pressurized the tank enough to blow the small fuel return line off the gas tank.
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    You might want to check the sups as there is no practice.
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    For the record... only three people's opinions matter on this subject. Jay, Ray and Mike C. I'd suggest emailing them rather than posting on the forum for clarification to any rules.
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    Do you guys really race for the trophy?? Really?
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    Unfortunately we will not be making it this year due to my wife being pregnant and her due date being October. We have baby classes starting which is effecting my ability to go. I might sneak away and come for a little bit though.
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    There will be multiple pumps and multiple tankers. we have done this before.
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    Who's ridiculing anyone? You posted something, I replied with a question/statement and a gif about how math is hard for me in what you proposed. Again, my statement stands, how does a third in class...because even though champcar is not class based...class trophies are given and T&S shows us how we are running in class...someone who finishes 3rd in class gets a class trophy because the two people in front of them that are in the same class, finished better in the overall results. If you're deeply offended by gifs, just go ahead and ignore me. I survive on dank memes and gif power.
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    Man I look rough on race days but its true, we hadn't ever won with our car and had been struggling all weekend so even the small D class victory was nice. We had 2 more bottles ready for NCM but unfortunately didn't need them.
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