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    I had ABS installed once (factory option) and it failed on me at the track going into a pretty important braking zone. I now don't run with it installed and have had zero issues. No flat spots either!
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    I don’t understand why this is tough. Help me out. If a car never had abs, even as an option adding it needs to be points. To me it’s not any different than a car that never had a vvt engine has to take points to get one. And to me this is way outside what the 2x rule was for. I’m not above not understanding or just being wrong so help me if I’m missing something
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    Many. Most early ABS systems were separate (not integrated) into any other module. E30 & Nissan S13 are two examples I have played with personally. All you need are the inputs to the ABS computer and your up and running. The MK60 is a common example. THe MK20 earlier ABS is also workable, however it is less "good". S2000 abs is also a common swap into various cars, as its wicked good like the mk60. BMW and FORD offer common aftermarket ABS setups. The only reason for it to get complicated is when you start getting into Canbus and integrated modules, but even that is fixable with (large) effort. See the guys with LS swaps in E46's that have working dashes, or guys S63 swapping various cars.
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    If 1/2 of the field is BMWs, and in general BMWs are faster than the average car........most of the dive bombs would theoretically be from BMWs.
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    Winning race cars are a culmination of every tiny change that made it better and faster than it started out. No one part is THE reason it wins its the sum of all the parts and work, strategy , and driving Now it’s time for coffee
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    Just my 2 cents......anything outside of pads, rotors, and calipers isn't called out in the rules under the 2x....so if you want to go to a stand alone anti setup, I hope you take roughly 1K pts for it! or maybe none like the lsd 4.10 winter package option... don't know, i'm technically a millennial so on' know what i support....
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    Trans working properly, master replaced, re-bled all 4, tires rotated to final race positions, shark finn light repaired(new color!) new tablet tested, car flogged heavily, big grin. Need more excuses to drive the thing, off to pick up dinner
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    Team Jacky Ickx last race was the Championship at NCM. That race took a toll on both cars so we have done a lot of work to get both cars back up and running (new hubs all around, tranny and clutch, starter along with normal post race maintenance). Looking forward to getting back out on one of our favorite tracks and meeting a couple new team members.
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    3.5 engine/ 3.0 valve covers was just cheating.
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    And seems to be able to win with a spec 18. So the only reason the team needs a 24 is to keep up with the Joneses in LDRL.
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    IMO, the 2x rule is a garbage relic of an AIV/cost based series. I would like any new categories to be “stock or points” rather than a 2x rule gray area. 2x rule is a huge pain to deal with as competitors evaluating a car in impound.
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    No your stuck with it 😜. Stop lifting the corner of the carpet on everyrule to see if there’s a sneaky advantage under there. How’d you think 800 page rule books get that big 😀
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    Do you lose 50 points if you take your factory ABS off?
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    I've posted the official unofficial response above. I may not be a Champcar official, but I purchased an Olive Garden pasta pass, so you know I'm a stand-up guy who makes good life choices.
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    Yeah, while I'm often outspoken and have my opinion on the topic to which this thread is steering, I agree that there are other places or threads in which to discuss this rather than here. Re: the 2x discussion, IMO it's sort of a situation where if it isn't broke, I'm not sure why there is a need to fix it. Has there been a big commotion about 2x rule items (which are limited to calipers, rotors, struts, shocks and wheels...the last which is likely just about never considered)? Some cars will have an advantage with relatively expensive stock/OE parts, some won't. Just like some have a big fuel tank, others don't. Pick your poison and work from there. Relative to an AM ABS, it should be points IMO. If the stock ABS is a 2-channel, you can't upgrade to a non-OE (note: not OEM) 4-channel system for free. ECU ≠ ABS. ECU's, non-OE or replacement "chips" are open and free, ABS controllers are not. If somebody wants them to be free, fill out a petition and present a compelling argument for review by the BoD in 2019. S.
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    Trans pan back on, road test around the block, will take it home tonight to confirm.
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    I agree with you on the 2x rule being a relic and just a silly way to make a rule in general. But, I think there are some things that should be upgraded for our series (brakes being one of them). Those components simply should have a cost cap so that every car, regardless of age or country of origin, has the same upgrade "opportunity".
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    It's the same burnout duo, Alex (dad) & Eric (son). They bought a bmw. Alex said some time ago that he would address "the other side of the story". I would like to hear the other side about the reckless & immature actions of Eric.
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    What do you need brakes for when you have been banned from the series ?
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    It's been mentioned before, but why would ABS count as part of the 2X ruling? The BCCR clearly states: 4.8. THE 2X RULE 4.8.1. The retail price of any NEW replacement wheel, brake caliper, brake rotors, or non-adjustable shock absorber that you put on your ChampCar must be less than twice the cost of a stock replacement wheel, brake caliper, brake rotors, or shock absorber that is available on-line by a nationally recognized auto parts retail chain (i.e. - Napa, AutoZone, O’Reilly, Advanced, etc.). ChampCar reserves the right to go on-line and pull up retail prices. 4.8.2. Wilwood calipers, up to a maximum of 4 pistons, that exceed the 2X Rule will be valued at 5 pts per caliper. Nowhere in here does it say the entire braking system falls under the 2X rule. Calipers and rotors only. I have heard that Phil used to allow caliper adapters as long as the cost of material was calculated, included in the price of the new caliper, and then entire assembly ended up under the 2X value of the original caliper.
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    As a side note to this thread. I got to meet James Clay this weekend at the BMWCCA race school I attended at Barber. He brought the champcar with him. I've got a few notes about the experience I'll share: 1) I don't think I've met anyone as nice as James Clay, ever. Just shooting the poop with him, he treats everyone he talks to like he's known them for years. 2) That car is the poop and is built like a tank. 40,000 race miles on the chassis...insanity. Lots of R&D into that car. 3) That guy is fast, real fast, and was nice enough to coach me and a team mate up and we didn't even ask him to, he just offered it up and helped us follow through on it. It was good to see how that car is built and what our baseline should be built to. Changes will be made to get our car closer to that fine example of an automobile.
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    That was my wife, god bless her. I'll pass along the message to her and my brother. She just told me that those updates go out to every participant...I had no idea. So we'll make sure to update any major milestones. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you again to all the teams who donated. We're very humbled by the outpouring of support from the community. I really don't even know what to say.
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    If this becomes a mod that can be done without points...... the shark is near the ramp ready to be jumped.