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    There is no excuse for my behavior that will make it acceptable. I owe an explanation, at least as far as I understand it after trying to figure it out for myself. I came to Champ from a different series and limited understanding of the differences in the cars. My experience was with SE30 on track, and I made assumptions about Huggins' car based upon that knowledge. As you mention, having won 3 races in a row, there was chatter in the paddock like, "Huggins is too fast, he has to be cheating." Hearing that over and over again, and applying my mistaken understanding of what an m20 motor was capable of, I became convinced that it must be the truth. I was tired and angry, and wrote what I wrote. I reacted to the responses on Facebook, and it escalated. People have rightly criticized me for tarnishing Huggins' win with baseless accusations. However, Mr. Huggins, I think that in your response to this, you have given all of us a lesson in how to be an exemplary racer, and in fact strengthened your reputation. I have been told in private messages from many that you are a very open and generous team leader, and have been more than willing to help others along the way. Had I taken the time too get to know you and your team, I would have known that, but I didn't. I was all to happy to jump to conclusions, finding it far too easy to dislike someone I didn't know. I became something we all dislike. Believe me when I say this has led to profound soul searching. Thankfully life is long, and we have the opportunity to learn lessons, particularly when they come the hard way. For the second day, I am moping around angry at myself for my behavior. I think the best and most mature thing I can do is maintain a presence in the forum, and take the licks I deserve. I have been asked if I am interested in driving for the 24 hour race at VIR. The thought of showing my face is mortifying, but I think it is the right thing to do, and I owe it to the Series and the Huggins team. I hope that by that time, you will have forgiven me. I also hope that my comments don't reflect poorly upon SriRacing. I am saddened that my comments will surely mar your impression of SriRacing and his other drivers for some time. Please don't have contempt for Sri or his other drivers on my account, they had nothing to do with my outburst. I apologize for slinging mud at the series. I bear most of the responsibility for the tone of the FB posts as anybody, because I started it. I hope that my behavior in the future can mend my reputation. Also, I realize that I made another typo yesterday. Sri's cars have the m50b25 engines in them. I just can't get out of my own way.
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    Well. Some of the kids started kicking sand at recess, then they tried to blame the other kids, Then someone tried to get little Tommy to eat a cat turd by telling him it was a tootsie rolll. Then we all had to go sit by the building until the bell rang. Now we're just saving energy for the post Daytona show.......
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    For anyone just joining this thread, here are the Cliff notes. Champcar is looking into getting equipment to measure displacement Your engine probably won't be torn down at impound, even if you paid someone to protest your car for you to make a point Huggy cheats and Champcar is complicit! Or maybe not. Tuttle is a bunch of cheating bastiges and cannot be trusted If the make/model you are racing had an option for a thing, you can run it for free No you can't Well, maybe you can, if you can get it through tech Champcar allegedly decides on a new interpretation of a make/model's highest listed value requiring the turbo points to be added to the starting value if that make/model was made with a turbo option. Tuttle openly lists their claimed parts, but they're still screwed because of the bullet point just above this one Tuttle will be protested while they are going through tech even though you can only protest cars after the start of the race per the rules Someone needs to protest Tyler's cheaty LSD In unrelated news, the K-Mart across from the track is sold out of posterboard, sharpies, and pitchforks
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    Can I make a suggestion to forum moderators? Can we make two official posts and split the conversations -- 1) for race-report posts that actually are about the race, good times, and maybe a video of good/bad driving 2) For for bickering about rules, peanut gallery posts, and chin-scratchers who have an opinion about the VPi or certain cars that must be cheating. I don't post here often but every time I want to read about the previous race I have to dig through 8 pages of crap to read the few posts that are actually about the race. It is annoying. I am saying this knowing full well there are two posts for Daytona they just both aren't being used this way.
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    Wow. I bet Troy is enjoying watching this, at least someone else is in the hot-seat for a while. I am going to try and take the high road and not comment or express my feelings on some of the things said about me/my team. My one sentence on feelings is that I think all of us should take a minute to breathe before typing – some comments appear very critical towards Champcar the Organization, and others appear very Critical of Champcar Members, Drivers, Employees, previous comments, etc. I think there is a way to address these issues in a constructive manner without being aggressive. Sometimes, attitude is “assumed” more hostile through text (like the camera adds 20 lbs? or is that beer?) so I always try to check my assumptions when reading comments. Conversely, I always try to review my post for contextual attitude before hitting submit. I will be the first to admit though, I have gotten it wrong before. What happened: - We (Huggins) were “officially” protested after the VIR12 by the #300 Godzilla team captain Kelly Main. I never saw the protest sheet, nor do I know if it was formally presented to Champcar. I also do not know who provided the $50. - I was asked by Champ to remove the Cylinder head. - A facebook post (original post copied in this thread) was made by Jeff Bennett proclaiming we (Huggins) were cheaters and Champcar did nothing to stop it. Various other people chimed in. - Some of the facebook post has been removed/deleted (unknown by who), or I am unable to find it. I do understand there is a 300+ post thread running concurrently with the Forum thread, but I have only seen snippets sent to me by others. - Valve Cover Removal at Dana & Phil’s Request What did not happen: - Formal Protest after the VIRN8+8 Day 2. - Formal Protest after the RA14. - Formal Protest at VIRS12 from Jeff Bennett (Sri Rental Driver), Ben Dawson (Winsome Motorsports), Craig Guthrie (unknown affiliation), Aaron DeLong (Beast Mode), Charles Harding (Godzilla Racing) or anyone else involved in the multiple facebook posts. - Cylinder Head Removal I spoke on the phone with Kelly on Friday, 09Mar18 and had a 15-minute discussion. I wanted to express that I harbor no negative feelings because of the protest, and he indicated the same. Everything was cordial and I certainly look forward to racing against him and his teammates in the future. I also spoke with Mike Chisek last week. I expressed my regret for the existing controversy, and we discussed potential solutions at length. I understood from that conversation that Champcar is working to improve the protest rules because of the recent increase in its use, and is open to suggestions from everyone on how to do so. Just to be clear, I don’t see this as a witch hunt. We won three races in a row, so some debate is to be expected. Just like when the car survived @Wyatt, I take this as a sign we have a well-developed car. I have been open from the very beginning (see my build thread), and try to be inviting and friendly at the track. We always *try* to run in-car video, and that video is posted in a free and open channel for anyone to watch from home. I have had many discussions about the car, prep, building, etc with teams at races, including on Friday before the VIR-S race. I attempt and hope to present an approachable persona in the group, and improve the community as a whole. I would invite Jeff or anyone else to come have a chat at the next race. If it’s the day before, I’ll have a cold beer waiting for you. So, like I said above, skipping all the emotion, here is some data from the race. Moving Average is the average of all laps less than (Average + 3*IQ Range). I came up with this as a way to remove caution laps and pits from the average. Based on the data, It shows that we were only .5 sec/lap quicker than SRI67 during moving laps. Another thing to note is that SRI67 completed 474 laps. The primary results page shows 471, but if you go to the individual page and download the laps, you will see 474 lap times. This is a result of something that went on during the race, and I will let Jeff or SRI explain if they desire. Pit stops play a large part in the discrepancy of laps, as seen here: Theoretical Best Stop is (Fastest Lap*2 + 5:00 + 20 sec). I came up with the 20 seconds as a guess to the time lost to brake into pit in, and then accelerate onto the track from pit out. It seemed to work for all three teams – each team managed to beat the theoretical best time once during the race. It could be a timer error on Champcar’s part, or perhaps my 20 second fudge factor isn’t correct, but as luck would have it, each team did it the same number of times. The 20 seconds also accounts for using the fastest lap instead of the average lap, which is another choice I made since it seemed to work best with the data when I originally developed this analysis. Here are the Pitting specifics for each team: Huggins: (we pitted before the S/F so our long lap is first) SRI67: Godzilla: If you prefer a chart, My interpretation of this data is that SRI67 (Jeff’s car) could have been only 3 laps back if they had managed to meet the “theoretical best” pit consistently. If you consider that with the 3 laps down they started, they would have only been on the same lap as us at the end of the race. Godzilla took an extra stop compared to P1 and P2, so they were at a disadvantage to start with. I am not sure if they had an issue, can’t make 1:55, or gambled on cautions and lost. We lucked into two cautions that fell in our pit window. The first was right at the 2-hour mark, or 10:50 AM. From the data, it appears that both SRI and Godzilla also took advantage of that caution. The second was the 4th pit stop, around 5pm. The data shows that neither SRI or Godzilla took advantage of that caution. Because of that caution, we gained approximately 1 lap on both teams. Sum is the “Gap” time for the three laps from approx. 17:03 to 17:09. Laps is Sum/Moving Avg. SRI’s second stop at 12:45ish caught the tail end of a caution, however my interpretation shows that they did not make it into the pit until it was almost over (or fully over). The first 2 laps (blue arrows) are fairly equal for both cars. The “sum” is the values in the blue box, from 12:45-12:52 when SRI67 was in the pit. Godzilla’s second stop DID make some time up on the caution. I calculate they made up ½ a lap. The blue rectangle surrounds the values that are summed, and “Sum” is divided by the “average lap” as above. I did not include the first lap, as both cars appeared fairly equal. It does not appear that any other pit stops were affected by cautions. If you add the Lap we gained during the 4th pit stop due to caution to SRI67’s total, it appears that they *could* have WON if not for Pit stop execution, Cautions (luck), and the other issue. The reason I am sharing this hard-earned data is that I don't believe it is accurate or fair for either team above to say "cheater" when the very outcome of the race could have been different based on execution, not speed. Yes, we have a fast car. We have worked HARD to develop it and ourselves over the past few years. But we won the past three races by executing perfectly. For additional info, Here is the overall comparison of every lap <1.37 (the 3 IQ range) for both cars The red lines are approximate stint limits for both cars. Because I deleted laps >1:37 the lap numbers don’t line up perfectly. Here is the same data, sorted by smallest to largest. This is a new metric for me, it came out of ApexPE’s analysis following Road Atlanta. This gives a visualization of the consistency of each team over the course of the race. The flatter the slope, the more equal each team’s laps were. This club has come a LONG way in the past 5 years, both before I built my car in 2015 and after. In addition to the rules changes, we have over 11,000 race miles in Champcar alone to draw experience from. The car has improved. Everyone’s has. Cars that were competitive in 2015 are NOT competitive currently, unless they have “kept up with the joneses”. Also, we have benefited from one hell of a driver in the car a few times, who also happens to be a good coach. In fact, 2 of our drivers are fantastic coaches. We have all benefitted from my investment in Data. I have seen many references to Spec E30 in the thread. Champcar has many things Spec Cars do not, Aero, No Min Weight, ECUs, and wider tires to name a few. I don’t think it’s a good comparison.
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    I think you guys are seriously stepping over the line when you're stalking this guy's FB page and posting the pictures over here. It's actually borderline creepy. I would think an "Administrator" of the series would have better judgement but from what I've seen in this thread I'm not so sure that's true. So now you're taking to attacking the racer who filed a protest. Congratulations for making the series look bad just a week after @chisek put up a Red Flag video espousing the inclusiveness of CCES. This should do wonders to endear the series to this guy and all who know him or may have considered joining us. S.
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    Premium Dudes race report (highly abbreviated to not waste your time!): Friday: So hot... why is it so hot here? It's only 7am, how is it 80 degrees? Engine troubles... replaced injectors Engine troubles solved Wow I can't run more than 5 laps without my coolshirt! Other drivers testing. Successful day Saturday: Starting in 3rd!!!!!!!!! How did I just get passed by 13 cars!?!?! OMG these cars are fast. I'm not used to getting passed this much! Ok, I'm in a groove now... lets do this thing! Fast lap 2:29 Clawed back into the top 10... time to pit. Other drivers take their stints. Larry gets us a 5 min. PUY Coolshirt cooler working its magic We bounce between 7th and 13th for the rest of the day.. car running great until we get engine issues with an hour left. Have to short-shift now Sunday: Starting out in 8th place... short shifting... this will make gaining on the leaders difficult. Game plan? Wait for others to break!!!! Burningham down Cone Crushers down Rbank CRX down Biohazard down Rbank Saab down We're in 3rd place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF is that blue streak in 4th place that just went by? Did that blue streak just run a 2:24? It did it again? and now a 2:25? What the hell just happened? Finish in 4th place. 3rd in the championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awards: - We won a SICK racing radios 5W radio kit with harness, pit headset, earbuds.. the whole nine yards! Thanks Racing Radios!!!!! - Won a set of Maxxis tires!!!! Thanks Maxxis! - Won a Kylo Ren trophy!! This was the best event we have been to. The level of competition was very high and the quality of driving was top notch... all the drivers reported going door-to-door with many different cars and we only ended up with 1 little tire swirl on a fender. That's awesome for 16 hours of racing. Everyone who didn't attend this race really missed out. Looking forward to next year's championship, hoping to win some races later this year to get another high seed.
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    I'd say take a screenshot of your post count on this forum. Then they'll know you are a serious racer.
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    Where do I start... I built a new car and this was the 1st time on the track for this car #679 Mean Green Racing and so far its been living up to its name!!!!! I got the motor back from the Machine shop 10 days before the race, got it put together and in the car in 2 days (wed) Went to get it tuned and dyno and it would only pull 120 hp out of a fresh motor and it should of been like 200hp range. went back to the house and pulled the head to swap from another motor. I finished around 9pm took it for a test ride and I didn't put hood pins in and broke out front windshield...(assclown) Back to the dyno on Friday and still pulled 125hp out of it. by now I figured something was up. Got the glass fixed on Monday and had a test day at AMP on Tuesday ( I didn't believe the dyno #'s and also to shake down the car) After 3 laps I knew their #'s were right IT SUCKED, and had major back pressure and it blew oil out of the breather and covered windshield and the motor..got to the pits and it was on fire! lucky my friend and fellow Champ Car guy ( Rodney Earwwod) was their and put it out! went back home and took out the motor and swapped it with an old motor out of the Champ car (HIT-N-RUN RACING) on Wednesday and back to the Dyno on Thursday. that motor only pulled 153hp the Vtech wouldn't kick on... changed dizzy 2x changed 2 vetch solenoid and along with other things. and nothing... I spoke to my drivers and told them about the issue and they didn't want to go.. but I insisted we go!!! loaded up late Thursday night and off we went Friday morning. Gates opened at noon and I was no where near ready to race. Had to fix this fix that and still had to go threw Tech...as we were working on the car we had the fuel pump on and I seen a stream ( very tiny) shooting out of the factory fuel line. I cut it and used a rubber fuel line and 2 clamps on both sides to fix it. hit the fuel pump and it did it again 3" down the line... I'm like really.. so we did it again ... and it happened a 3rd time... so I cut a big section out and replaced it. Finally we were ready for Tech at 5pm Tech I see something dripping (water) I'm like WTF!!! It was water coming form the thermostat housing, I pulled that and the O ring was cut in half and I also pulled the tube out from the other side when doing so and it also was cut in half. we couldn't locate one from the parts store. So I Pulled the most brilliant move in race history. I put both cut O RINGS back on and used electrical tape to hold them in place and got Black gasket sealer from Elon (E-Racing) I wasn't going to let this kick my ass AND WENT FOR BROKE...AT 11PM WE ADDED WATER AND SURE ENOUGH IT WAS DRY AS A BONE! It was on I was the 1st driver in the car and after about an hr I kept getting more and more play in the steering wheel... came in and all 4 bolts on both sides were loose on the camber kits (Kauffman tire wheel alignment) easy fix. after that the car handled great, only burring 2qts of oil per stop (lol) fuel and driver change... couldn't believe it...we ran for 13 hrs with no issues until my driver came in at 10pm and said we were down on power.... I said run it!.... he went back out for 1 lap and came back in and went behind the wall. We were finished at the time we were in 19th... I was good with it.....than Elon from E-Racing came up to me at 10:50 and said go take the checkered flag.... I was like na.. I'm good ....he said GO! So I went out for the last lap and tried to stay out of everyone's way just to get the checkered flag. think we finished 22nd.. not sure haven't even looked. It was one of the best races we has as a team. with a few tweaks and fix the motor w Vtech we should be a pretty good team... Thanks ELON for the motivation to finish. #nevergiveup
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    In my opinion, you guys have some serious reevaluating to do before you show up to another ChampCar race. I saw you guys pass under yellow, jump a restart by boat load, and you ran into the back of one of my cars UNDER YELLOW and caused us enough damage that we had to pit to patch the exhaust to get it held up enough to continue on. Cost me a rear bumper, and some shop time to fix my quarter panel, exhaust and rear bumper. Not only that but the skirting the rule stuff with your motors.......come on. We all can see your rig and giant crew so we can all see that you have some professional level racing experience so trying to do questionable stuff is going to get you caught eventually and give you a bad reputation, something that it seems you are already well on your way to having. Again, just my opinion.
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    Why do we need scales? This isnt a power to weight race series. This series rewards you for building you car better than your competitors. If I wanted to race in that type of series I would go sign up for WRL races. @Bill Strong you should stick to the media and marketing and let the National Tech Director do his job. Thus the reason we should havr a tech committee and put @mender in charge. Bill sounds a lot like the old JC and needs reeled in a bit.
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    Someone from the race sent me this today
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    Well... I wrote a lengthy report... In preparation for the race – team new drivers. After our VIR event in 2017 one of my drivers decided to start his own team. I wanted five drivers and was having a difficult time finding another, so I chose to invite a new driver onto the team. He asked me if he could split the seat with his brother and so the team was locked in. Catching up to the rules, we added a Megasquirt ECU, our Superbird style rear wing, wider wheels – thanks to GWR we went with Bassett 15x8 wheels – cheap and easy and order to size and thanks to cheap prices we got some Borbet 15x7 Engine build. We blew up at VIR in 2017 which wrecked the block, the head and a rod, learned the piston skirts were cracking and bores were out of round. We had to get another block, bore it out and get matching pistons and a new rod. Also had to prep a cylinder head. Unfortunately I installed the second compression rings upside down and the problem did not manifest itself until my private track day on May 31. So then there was a mad dash to disassemble, reassemble and gt the car to a track day on 6/21. This rebuild moved us from 1.9 liters to 1.92 liters moving us up to B class. Track day to train new drivers. I set up the 5/31 track day to shake down the car and acclimate two new drivers to the car and night driving. With solid connections to NL I was granted the opportunity to have a night practice session. When the car failed we were at least able to salvage the night practice for the new drivers. They were excited! They were the last ones out there. Re-rebuilt engine. Some of the guys helped with the tear down early June weekend. Quickly ordered replacement parts and in a mad thrash the next Saturday had the engine re-rebuilt and we put it in the car on June 10. Second attempt engine shakedown. Took the car to the track on 6/21 for a shakedown. Nelson Ledges has race car only track days and the Tim Wing track days. This was a Tim Wing day where they want experienced drivers with common sense. Anyway the car dropped a shift cable clip but otherwise performed well. Busy Thursday before the race. I had sacrificed race weekend prep in exchange for having an actually running car. I spent the entire day trying to get organized and pack up. In car camera. I was intrigued to find out we were being selected for camera for this race. Expecting to be at least three seconds/lap slower than the faster cars I did not expect any special attention Friday setup/practice Base camp. OMG I had not raced here since 2013 and totally forgot what it takes to set up pits. Usually rent a garage so paddock space predetermined. All the prime spots were taken, and there were plenty of low areas. I settled on a close place over the bridge on the left but the grass was fairly high there. Fortunately I got some help from the track by borrowing their mower. I have a great working relationship with the track management so I pulled some strings. I also used this mower to help out my neighbor over there. We also set up an air condition tent – I brought an 8x10 canopy, tarps and a window air conditioner. It was popular though in heat of the day you needed to sit down to feel the cold. O2 sensor. Practice was uneventful – everyone who paid into this got their seat time and we used up some of our old tires – that is until our AFR meter started giving us an error code. Sadly no spares for this so we had to go on a wild goose chase to procure the right part. Pre-race prediction from Bill who said we were one of his top picks for this race. I might have rained on his parade a little when I told him we had two new drivers. welding – Mini Cooper cage bars, Civic window net – late departure. My son arrived at the track at 5:30 we already had two requests for welding. The Mini was the biggest challenge it needed a lower bar on the driver side. With a new plasma cutter and a couple welders and a borrowed generator he went to work setting it up. The generator was big but was apparently not creating consistent enough power to put down consistent welds. We have much to learn about this. We put some additional welds on the Civic window net near the end too. This kept us here late and I did not get home til 12:30 AM and had more packing to do when I got home. Probably 5 hours of sleep Friday night was not good! engine hoist loan – some time in the AM Friday my Dad loaned out the hoist. It was back before I even knew it was gone Race day Routine start. We started a little past mid pack. It was fairly soon we were in the top 10. Considering there were 14 cars with faster FTD this is somewhat surprising. Our first driver has a ton of experience here and is a NASA certified instructor and he likes the traffic at race start. Pass under yellow. Our second driver made a mistake and passed under yellow. This cost us a few positions. I did not complain since I've done the same thing myself. It was legit and our only black flag of the event. A couple laps at P1. Thanks to our new Megasquirt we can now make two hours on a tank with a little more margin for error. This allowed our driver to stay out until 2:05 and give us a couple laps as the race leader. gas can malfunction - During our 3rd or 4th pit stop my son went to fuel the car and the hose came off one of the cans! Tyler (Crank Yankers) heard what was going on and gave us one of his cans minimizing the time lost. Many thanks sir! pit mates had problems starting hour 1. Band of Brothers and Mostmint Racing have been pitting together at Nelson since 2012. Scott has raced in my can and I in his. Unfortunately they were plagued with problems. The first setback was early in hour two when the driver came in early since his coolsuit was not working and he was overheated, with no working radio to call it in. This was followed by a broken header, bad transmission, trans linkage, wheel bearings and I can't remember what else. tire wear. At the end of hour 6 our brand new Bridgestone Potenza RE71R were completely shot and showing cords on both front tires. We had a total of 7 new tires to start, a few fair condition and a bunch of well worn tires to use up. These tires have a lot of grip but they do not last too long with all that heat and my setup. welding on ZX2 and Beretta exhaust pipes. Our 7kw generator did a great job providing power to weld thinner metal like exhaust headers and pipes. My son made quick work doing these repairs during the day on Saturday Mostmint crew. We had a lot of support. My son handled fueling, oil and whatever else needed done. My daughter had crew chief duty. It was a big relief when she showed up on Friday afternoon to help get things organized. Robin and Lisa from Band of Brothers helped us out quite a bit on pit stops – particularly at night. My friend Tony handled the other half of crew chief duties and lended mechanical expertise. John H came late in afternoon and provide crew support in the 2-6 AM window and more. My Dad and his friend Walt were there and kept us supplied with fuel. This support is priceless – many thanks to all of them for their help! in race interview 2:30 pm. I was testing out my coolshirt at the cooling station in the tech shed and Bill Strong came by. We chatted for a bit then he had me do a liver interview for the race coverage. First interview – just a small taste of what the big time drivers do. Had the chance to brag on my kids it was fun. off at 6:05 pm. I got in the car the first time at 6 PM. With so many things going on I did not focus on preparing to drive. It's my car and my home track right? Well I got out there and in no time a Miata was closing on me. Oh that's right this is a race! So with little thought I started pressing the car and I lost it in the exit of turn 1. I fishtailed a bit and almost saved it, but devolved into a long slide which ended less than a foot from the tire barrier! Please don't be stuck down here! Well it luckily moved out, I went back up and got on track and behaved perfectly good for the rest of the stint. Local yellow for grass fire – someone dropped something hot in the grass on exit of turn 1 and the dried grass clippings were smoking there. Track brought out a water truck and put it out What class are we in – While I was in the car Mike came over and asked about our engine size. I finally caught up with him at 4:30 am and explained that we had bored out the engine which moved us up from A to B since we are now over 1.91 liters. Remarkably someone else knew Saturns came from the factory with 1.9 liter and were wondering why we were in B. battle with Shok Em Porsche – We were reasonably close in lap times but I was able to catch this car. Try as I might I could not get by. The Saturn actually has good power and good exit speed from the carousel so I powered by a lot of cars there and on the front straight. Not this car. He would pull away from me every time. Took a while for me to figure out I needed to try a different approach. I was finally able to find a place to get my nose in and the driver recognized this and gave me a lane to race in and I got by. Shortly after that we got a FCY and he passed me back under yellow. Oh well no one bats 1.000. engine hoist loan – ZX2 had a bad trans and needed to pull the engine to change it. They did not have to go far to find a hoist Fetching more tires – as it got dark we were in the top 3 and I made an assessment we might not have enough tires to make it to the end, so my wife and I took a drive home to pick up three tires and wheels I had at home which were not intended for this race. It was nice to get away for a bit and chill out in the truck AC. Engine hoist loan again. The all German driving E36 needed an engine hoist. They found my team and we loaned them the hoist for a late night engine change. sparky tire. We arrived with the tires just after midnight. The car had to come in just a few minutes early since we had a flat on track. Apparently we were about to get black flagged for tires emitting sparks due to cords on the race surface or something. warped rotors - in at 2:05 AM and quickly found we had warped a front rotor. Unclear when or how but there it was. off at 2:10 am – in my first couple minutes in the 2-4 AM stint I got in traffic due to FCY. In the first lap of green I went to make my regular move through turn 12 but someone apparently was trying to make a move there and I got a good hit on the left rear bumper which punted me into the grass in the infield. Someone ended up off on the other side of 13 not sure if it was the guy who hit me. Fortunately I hit no one else and was able to exit the grass by pit road and after the entire field passed I got back on the track and continued. battle with TeamKoko E30 – getting in the car I knew they were now ahead of us and we were off the podium. I was pointing by cars who were catching me, and I unknowing did so for them. Once he passed I decided he was not going to lap me again and the best way to do that was to keep up. There was not a lot of traffic but we occasionally came on cars and would get separated. Eventually I would close up the gap. Then we had a long string of no interference and I was clearly gaining every lap. I then started thinking if I catch him what am I going to do? Well this is racing so I went for the pass. It took a bit but I was finally able to overtake. Then I went at it at this same pace trying to open a gap. After a while (4-5 laps maybe) I slipped on carousel exit and put two off. The car wiggled and while I saved it he got by. At that point I decided I was driving too close to 100% and better not wreck so I backed it down a notch. Still an epic race! 1:22 lap at night. My team was impressed I was able to run a 1:22 at night - only a second off my fastest day laps. There are a lot less visual cues but once I adjusted to the new cues and got to racing I was able to put down some nice laps. I'm guessing this was racing with TeamKoko. 3:37 AM – some time after the race with TeamKoko I started to feel like I was losing a bit of concentration. At that point I really felt like I wanted to get out of the car. I started asking myself why I was doing this? I mean it's my team and my car so I found it curious I was questioning the purpose during my stint. Weird things happen at 3:37 AM. So far I had zero sleep from 6:30 AM Saturday until now. off at 5:20 AM – One of my guys went off near this time. He was tired too and lost concentration for a second. Unfortunately he got stuck and they had to pull him out. Then it got weird. He brought it in and complained about smelling a radiator leak. My crew looked under the hood did not see anything. Wonder if it was water splashed up on the engine. Anyway shortly after he went out the alternator light came on and he was back in. The accessory belt was completely gone! My night crew located the spare and had it on the car. We gave up a bunch of our cushion but did not lose a position. At the next pit we added over ½ gallon of water replacing what was pushed out running with no belt. This was one of the bullets we dodged. Attrition monster helps us. Visceral racing crashed out. I'm not one to wish misfortune on anyone. However their misfortune became our good fortune as the spot we lost to TeamKoko overnight was gained back when they crashed and had broken parts. Glad it was not significant damage to their car so they can fix it up and be ready for their next race. We had nothing to compete with them on lap time. Actually we had nothing for Crank Yankers, Rbank and many other cars. 14 cars had better FTD than us. As many of us know, speed helps but you need to be well prepared and have some good fortune to finish up front. Post race broken wheel bearing – post race impound uncovered the left rear hub was broken. The hub ring had broken free from the center of the hub! That hub was brand new on Friday night. Still unclear how that broke. Post race interview. So two interviews on race weekend! Still not sure if I'm a fan but just like making impound I take it as a sign of success. My son drove the car home. After a quick wheel bearing change and packing up all the stuff in stifling heat we left at 11:30 and were home by 12:30. Many thanks to ChampCar and Nelson Ledges for putting on this event. Many thanks to my team, my family and friends who came out to support us. Observations Mostmint Racing Saturn has three class wins and two P3 trophies in the past 5 races, and has now logged over 11,000 miles of racing with the same car. The mighty Saturn completed its first 24 hour race with no significant mechanical repairs With significant contributions to bringing ChampCar back to Nelson Ledges, four welding jobs, three engine hoist loans and mowing the neighbors space we made an earnest effort to help people and get the sportsmanship award. Can't win 'em all congrats to the 500 team on that award Two out of three podium cars were sporting GM engines! When you consider how many GM engines were there that is impressive. My night time fast lap was within .1 second of my daytime fast lap. Nelson Ledges: Brian Ross was busy the whole time running around sweating the details. This type of commitment was very positive. pavement held up well tents/tables/food were nice touches not a premier facility yet but they are improving at a steady pace and I still love the place the light towers at night were fantastic History belts – In 2013 we were running 3rd at NL in the 14 hour race when the power steering pulley broke. We put on bypass short belt which the car spit out in turn 1 25 minutes later. We were unable to recover and finished 12th. Ironic we spit out a belt again – we have never had belt problems anywhere else wheel bearings – last year at Watkins Glen we broke hubs for the first time. I upgraded from Autozone quality to SKF. Put a brand new bearing on left rear since there was just a bit of play in the prior one and did not want to chance it for 24 hours. Well it made it just barely. At WGI I blamed it on the bus stop. Here I'm guessing extra downforce from the wing was a factor or possibly one of the offs in the tech shed post race. Last year after the car flipped at track day I put it in the tech shed in a spot directly behind where we were for impound. Amazing how far this car has come in a year.
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    If ya have wondered why I haven't been on the forum of late it was because of this. Almost whatever topic originally discussed ( THE CHAMPIONSHIP AT NCM ) has been taking a turn to another subject. In this case so far its BMW rear ends. Its supposed to be about a epic race. Had to vent Just made this for ya'll
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    So after 9 years and 52 race weekends our little neon has finally met its end. It had a incident at Daytona and has exposed major structural damage due to metal fatigue. Its one of the original cars from the first year in chump, and has been through many changes but always managed to be near the top. We are going to strip it of the good stuff and get something back together over the summer while we have a break between races. Wow, 52 events! And 39 overall podiums in USA and Canada. chump car hall of fame nominee?
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    Maybe the E30 is a terrible car like the MR2 and it should be lowered to 200 starting points too.
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    That was a trip of a lifetime: Getting engaged in Colorado Sky diving Winning Laguna first day of seeing the track with some of my best friends Flying my dad out and having him enjoy the race track 5800 mile road trip with my now wife in 2 weeks For the reasons above is why I enjoy ChampCar
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    Josh, man you have no idea how much I hate seeing this as the owner of the car that initiated your problems. As someone else mentioned, that was #226, our rental SC300. The driver did report that he had contact in Turn 1, and he said that he stuck his nose in thinking that your driver was going wide and giving him the inside line, then your car turned in and he couldn't change direction quick enough to avoid contact with you. I try to preach to our renters about being 100% sure that any car that they are passing knows that they are there and to be very deliberate with presenting themselves to the other car. The next lap around, when he saw that you guys had been hit by another car, he was really upset with himself over the radio. This will definitely add to my pre-race drivers meeting with my renters. I am sorry for your rough weekend and one of my cars contributing to it.
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    Exactly. It just gets old. Seems to be so much nonsense out of the fast teams... "We want to dyno your car." Ok, go dyno the damn thing without all of the nonsense! Good grief. Loose fuse, really??? Same thing with the wrecked Saab. Nobody died. Whats up with the secrecy? I like to look at wrecked junk to see how it held up and what I can learn to make things safer in the future. It is the one year anniversary of smashing the Lincoln. We sat around the car and talked about it with complete strangers who were all up in it. Knock yourself out. Learn from it. Take something beneficial away from it.
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    And this indifference to the rules is why you can't build a podium car for under 2k anymore. When things had value and weren't free racing was cheap. You know what else costs a lot of money? Rules changes. The word 'FREE' in the context of chump just means I run one less event because that money goes into buying the 'Free' stuff.
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    Test drove car for first time in 2018 with new splitter and wing and new brakes on our country road can lock up brakes now, ready for brainerd !!!
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    Abigail Lee has joined us this morning at 930 am. both momma and baby are doing great!
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