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    Well... almost two years ago this was my situation.... Last night... running at 11 pm... after losing two cars, a trailer, tools, shop, everything.. to then be nominated and awarded this Sportsmanship award for our team is so awesome and I can't tell you guys how much it means to me to be back first and foremost and have my team name on the entry form... to actually run some laps was just icing on the cake... even though we spent several hours off track, we learned a lot about our car, our setup, and finally I have some real world data to work with.... Thank you to everyone that has helped me, thank you to Mike and Staff... too many people to thank.. big shout out to the people who contributed to that GoFundMe a while back... every bit of it was part of making last night happen...
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    We're one of the teams with a big rig. So, I'll chime in and tell you why we are racing in ChampCar. #1 reason...it is fun! We had so much fun at the VIR 24 in 2018 that we decided to ditch the sprint racing and come join this fun series. It is really that simple. Racing is supposed to be fun and the sprint racing wasn't fun anymore. This is what amateur racing is supposed to be. Fun and friendly. Value: We spent crazy money to get less track time in a week at Sonoma for the Runoffs than we get in a single stint in ChampCar. We did consider selling the rig and getting something more practical. But, to be honest, we like the rig. It's paid for and it has some nice amenities. We figured that it would also help sell seats to the guys that we're trying to bring into our program. Our goal is for every driver that gets in one of our cars to be respectful and humble. We're the rookies in this series and we're here to learn and race respectfully. We had a drivers meeting before the race and we talked about respect, patience, and being humble. Please come stop by and say hi, when you see us this year. You'll find that we're down to earth guys who are racing ChampCar to have fun. Yes, we're probably bringing cars that cost more to build and our rig is fancy, but our beer isn't any colder than yours.
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    So wanted to let you all know where we are on the Title Sponsor since I have been the point person on this one and wanted the membership to know the process I've been dealt. August: Contacted a couple of national companies to come on board September/October: Had multiple phone meetings with prospects mid-November: Verbal agreement to move forward with a company December: Contract sent to them and their legal team had to review it Early Jan: Had to make changes to the contract per their legal team January 8th: Signed multi year contract by both parties January 9th: Confirmed number panel design and sent to RVA Graphics January 11th: Confirmed series logo and other graphics received at 5:15 pm We are waiting for the press release. The sponsor is handling writing the press release. We did not want to make an announcement before they did with the press release. This is a great relationship we just started so we want to be courteous of the new sponsor. I have let them know we need the press release today so we can make the announcement.
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    Guys, we had a Board meeting last night and discussed this at length. Conclusions and changes: 1) We've only had three cars climb others in the history of the club. 2) This is being addressed now because more and more, we are seeing larger tires and rims stuffed under cars and are sticking out more than ever. We are trying to address that before it becomes an issue. 3) The video and interpretation should not have been posted because it had not been discussed yet by the Board. We are going to use the last five races of 2018 to try different things, see how this goes in tech, and potentially alter how the rule is interpreted. Using a 10 and 2 measurement, we might catch a lot of cars out that really don't pose a problem, including in some case stock wheel/tire setups on certain cars. that is not the goal. To help, we have moved the measurement points to 11 and 1 and let's see what this turns into. It is not set in stone and we can change how we implement and test this.
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    Racebar here with one of the last trip reports (as expected): This was our first race with our newly rebuilt motor, named "Rainbow number 5" as it was our fifth motor and was painted like a rainbow by a drunk Patrick "Dick Freelane" Mchugh during a late night party rock session after the kids had gone to bed. On Friday, during the track day, we blew a head gasket for obvious reasons. Quantum speed works hosted us throughout the day as we pondered why our brand new motor blew a gasket and we waited on the new gasket to arrive. By 5 pm, it was clear that the car wouldn't make it to the paddock for the BBQ party, and with the continuous deluge of wet stuff (Ben Dawson's race driver equalizer), we decided to move the dance party slash BBQ prerace get-everyone-drunk-so-they-drive-like-poop-the-next-day-party up to the super amazing facility at Quantum. So that night, we ate, we talked, we drank, we danced, we rebuilt Racebar, and we misdiagnosed her problems. Around midnight we introduced our new pledges to Racebar with a lap around the paddock by foot, and a little team bonding with the Champcar trophies. (Its ok we blamed our transgressions on Winsome Racing. The staff never knew it was us) We made it to tech in the morning where we discovered that people have complained about Racebar from previous races. Ray, sadly, was forced to add a 25 pt penalty to our amplifier, speakers, and bar claiming it adds speed. He said this would calm the complaints. I dont think we are winning any races Ray. By noon, after blowing yet another head gasket, we discovered the actual problem with the Racebar motor was not under torquing of the head bolts, but rather detonation. WIth some quick thinking by Jeff "Ron Mexico" Caplan, we had a head gasket on the way being delivered by Al "The reverend" Taylor. After having "practiced" a head removal so many times in the past, we pulled together as a team, and had the head off in 20 minutes. However, with the head off, we realized yet a new major problem. Our block was majorly cracked. So after another hour of pondering, we decided to run her for as long as she would go. 30 minutes later, we were on the track and racing again. We changed the coolant multiple times throughout the next 6 hours and added countless qts of oil. Eventually by about 7 pm, it was oil starvation that ultimately got us as I, threw yet another racebar rod. (This would be the third rod our team has thrown all with me at the wheel) Despite our lack of success on the track, this was our most successful race yet. Our team has grown every race. We have built a culture, values, and a team which people willingly invest time and money to further the cause. We had the opportunity to help numerous teams at this race which was rewarding for all of us. We have built friendships with other teams that extend beyond the track. Moving forward, we have new motors going in both Racebar and Lasershark, a newly aquired e30 to add to the team, an e36 being built now, and a new acquisition of Winsome Racing (they havent exactly agreed.) We are doing an endurance running relay with Racebar in April, competition bbq this summer, pub crawls, brewery parties, HPDE events, and Indy in July. We were verbally reminded of how much we suck during this race by the e46 EC team. Its ok, no judgement passed here. There are those who understand Racebar, and those who have yet to learn. At this race, we met a young boy named Jack. Jack wrote us a handwritten note, which I think sums up how we feel about our team. This is his note: Dear Racers in Racebar champcar series, Your car was the best and creative but you didnt win. But who cares if you win or lose. It matters if you have fun or not and I hope you have fun. You have speakers on your car. You went in the pit stop a lot of times but thats ok. I hope you are proud and do you think you could write me back. Sorry and I might write you more letters. Bye, your friend. Jack The e46 team, should probably talk to Jack so they can learn a few things about life. It truly is an honor to race with all of you. Most of you are better drivers than we are, so thank you for sharing the track with us. Free beer and bbq is always on us. -Raaaaaacceeebaaaaaaar!
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    It has nothing to do with the upper class. and I understand your sarcasm. It has everything to do with us racing at Indy, and teams with the means to toss together a car, or teams that wanted nothing to do with us before the announcement, suddenly wanting to take the spots that our membership would normally take. I watch social media. Before the announcement... ChampCar sucks. After the announcement... We are going to Indy!
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    About the Cobalt... I have no idea about how they drove out on the track other than that they were slow. They seemed to have stock suspension, and ran at night with nothing but the dim stock headlights. But I talked to them quite a bit in the pits. They were absolute beginners - the first pit stop was the first one they had ever done. They struggled with some horrible fuel jugs, and with learning how to belt someone in the car. Is VIR 24 the place to start learning those things? No, that's madness. But, they were also the nicest, happiest and friendliest team you can find. They loved being there, even when being scared. And perhaps I had a particular fondness for them because I did just what they did back in 2011, putting a team together and not knowing at all what we didn't know. It was scary as hell, and incredibly fun. And all these years later and we have still never caused an accident - knock on wood! - perhaps by both being well aware of our limitations in the driver talent department and by other teams with more talent being good at avoiding us (especially the first couple of years!) But based on my experiences, I'd say that actual incidents are much more commonly caused by bad drivers that go too fast than by rookies going far too slow. I think most of us have been slow beginners at some point, so hopefully we still have the ability within the ChampCar "family" to accept new teams and help them along rather than ask for them to be banned. Just my two cents.
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    Mr. Media: 1) You could have added the cooler if you needed it. Nobody stopped you, you chose not to run it. You decided to swap in an ungodly amount of power into your car and then complain after the fact that you did not "have enough points for a cooler". 2) Why not run the stock engine and run as many coolers as you want? Oh yea, you wanted to swap in an ungodly powerful engine and then complain after the fact that you don't have free coolers. 3) Teams that run 5+ races a year don't all bitch about not having enough free stuff. It's normally teams that squeak in with deflated values that were lobbied down, or teams that are running a 500 point car. If a car is valued at 500 points, its valued that high because it is a REALLY good car. It might have a few weaknesses, and if those are addressed it would then be better than a 500 point car. According to your logic, I should buy a Honda S2000. Run a 1 hour stint before running out of gas (13 gallons) and then petition that the car should get a 20 gallon tank. The reason the car is 500 points is because of that weakness. If it has a 20 gallon tank, it would be a 550 point car. So then I should level the field by giving all cars 20 gallons right? Then an E30 and an S2000 equal then, right? Wrong....... There are other series that allow free everything, and they are an arms race. The things that differentiate this series and make it better are/were an attempt to keep it budget friendly, and single class racing. Just my $.02........rant over.
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    If the procedure was "just add in points as they are found in impound", then there would be an incentive to claim nothing. If your VPI is 400, and you have 6 items added which add 25 points each. Then you claim none, and hope that at most 4 of them are found. There needs to be (and there is) a heavy penalty for having unclaimed items on your car.
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    I think this is the image of the event... Photo by Kurt Roussell https://www.fastcarphotos.com/galleries/2019-14-hours-of-daytona/
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    aftermarket aluminum radiators should be free then too? what about maybe a set of H-beam rods? custom billet gears for my transmission and a wavetrac diff have better reliability. If my brake pads can't make it a 14hr race, i want to step up to a 6 piston with a larger brake pad so i can increase my reliabilty and decrease my costs so i dont have to put as many brake pads in my car... come on man. its endurance racing, anything that gives you more endurance is a performance advantage, plain and simple.
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    To answer some questions: Video is coming soon, uploading 33GB at home now, and I am waiting till end of day to clog the internet at work with our practice video. Dyno - Before Road America we dynoed at 151HP with a underdrive pulley, which is worth 5-7 HP on the B6P motor, and the springfield dyno exhaust. We ran that way at Road America until we had alternator issues and a front oil seal leak and we put the stock pulley back in. We tried to dyno it between Road America and Sebring, but it didn't work out but we ended up installing a TPS, VICs, and tried to lean it out a bit ourselves. After Sebring we had to build a new exhaust since our springfield dyno ones failed 3 times. We then dynoed again and first pull was 125 HP. WTF! Turns out the VICs was wired backwards and I adjusted it too rich. The new exhaust has a hard S turn right after the header which we are getting corrected. Based on this my guess is we ran Sebring in the 130s. The car did feel really fast with us shifting between 7200 and 7500 during that race. After the the last dyno we landed at 145.7hp if I recall correctly. We are looking for the sheet now. Engine - We have no porting of the intake manifold, which everyone saw, we also didn't port head. We shaved the block and head a small amount, within service limits. Springs, valves, pistons, cams, rods, cam gears, and all other internals, except seals were reused from our ebay motor which we believe is the JDM variant which is still a legal 50 point motor. (The junkyard motor comment was in response to Jay asking how I knew the cams were legal. I was chippy at the time and my response was reflexive, immature and unwarranted) We will be porting the head and intake manifold shortly, FYI. Weight - We were 1930lbs at Road America, I don't recall where we were on fuel. Now we are around 1960ish empty. We plan on getting another 30lbs out in the next couple races. Wing - We designed this in CAD to be at 11.25" above the roof and Ray confirmed this pre-race with an inspection. I would like to apologize to everyone for my emotions during impound. I spent the last 30 minutes of the race frantically looking for the tech sheet since I didn't know registration kept them. Then during tear down people were showing me out of date VPI data showing our car at 400 points base, pushing us to just give up and admit we were EC. We were asked to prove our cams were legal and I didn't know how to do that, and our VPI sheet showed 485 which I thought we were supposed to be at 500(Jimmy tech'ed the car and removed the duckbill and flat floor from our google doc sheet which adds up to 500) The 485 VPI was 100% accurate BTW since we didn't build those items yet. We have $2700 in just dyno time over these three races. We have 3 intake configurations, 4 exhausts, 3 sway bars, 6 different tire types and sizes with different rim combos, we've tested 4 different brake combos, three wing mounts (About $2000 into wing development), three splitters/air dams, and 5 alignments with three wedges in just three races. We are really going to try to get some more test days to get the car dialed in and we can eek out a second or two more. We are planning on making our splitter designs public and will mail out templates free of charge on request. We plan on some serious wing development which we will make available to other competitors, that said copying our wing now will take advantage of a lot of dev(note the struts). We will also make our Megasquirt data available for teams if that will help them. Although the suspension setup is my baby and was developed with my 17 years of Miata tuning knowledge, I will provide that on request as well. The suspension is the best I've ever driven and is absolutely mind blowing. I didn't think we are over the DB limit since we have the same muffler as springfield dyno, but I have a DB monitor and will check it. I will address the contact in practice and the race in subsequent posts. I will also post our race recap in another post.
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    Nobody was worried about your particular MR2 😘
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    Pit out report since I was there for nearly 18 hours. For the most part you guys behaved pretty well. My wife, Jackie has worked a lot of the races recently and has come back with stories of some rude drivers (more on that further down). Guys and gals have to remember that the staff and volunteers are out there for you guys to have fun. We all have a vested interest in coming back to family and I wondered about some of you. We found countless loose belts with probably us having to tighten 50% of them (Mike may have more on that in the coming weeks), window nets down, helmet stickers not installed, drivers with no driver bands on even well into the race Sunday. I had one driver in particular about 5 hours into the race come to a stop second in line and I heard him as I was walking up say basically say "Hurry the F up". Totally not needed, especially since he had 25 seconds left on his timer and they were not in the Top 10. Got to think to yourselves, "These people are here doing their job BEFORE I can do mine." We try not to turn cars around if we have time, but it does get old and we like to have fun with it. I asked the Eagle Talon guys early Sunday morning how many stops they had left. He told me 3 and I said back, "How about you guys put your window net up for the next 3 stops." He said "Deal". I had to put it up at least twice with Jackie doing it once as well. With all the safety issues I did have multiple people tell me "Thank you" not only for fixing issues, but also for sweating our tails off. I even got a hand shake from one of the #346 E46 drivers, I believe. Maybe for the Navy hat, but still. Remember, volunteers are there for you to have fun.
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    Seems to me that every time we see one more performance enhancing component added to the fixed value list at 0 points we see a few other components changed to 0 points and then another few components get their value lowered so that they have a fair value compared to said 0 point items. This hasn't been a slippery slope for quite a while, it's much more like a free fall! I'm pretty sure that there are only two reasons to replace a component; Performance and Reliability. Either or both of these should increase your VPI but with so many 0 point parts this doesn't happen nearly enough. 500 point cars are listed as such for a reason and they already have the benefit of all the 0 point items so why allow them to gain reliability without cost? If your current, low VPI, car needs an oil cooler or accusump why not remove 30 or 40 points of performance components and swap in the reliability components? The reason that there are fewer cars battling for the lead in the final laps is that there is so much more disparity throughout the field and this is a direct result of the lowering of the VPI, the addition of 0 point and lower valued components and the disregard for the spirit of the rules. Champcar is, and should be, a throwback to the old endurance racing series where reliability is sometimes sacrificed for performance and vice versa. It seems that the teams at the sharp end of the field want it more like the current crop of pro endurance series where the biggest technical problem a team encounters is a computer glitch. The reality is that we cannot go back but we can certainly pull up on the reins.
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    Funniest moment of the weekend for us: Two guys walk up to our driver Ron Hugate and ask for a photo. Ron's a pretty bad-ass surgeon from Denver, but not exactly photo-worthy. So, I was a little puzzled. The guys snap the photo and walk away. I asked Ron, "Do you know those guys?" He says no. It is at that moment that I realize what happened. Ron is tall, slender, wears black rimmed glasses, and was wearing a driver's suit. The guys thought that they just snapped a photo with Randy Pobst. If anyone has two buddies who were bragging about getting a photo with Randy and you see the photo and the guy is definitely not Randy, please send it to me. I've been scouring social media to see if someone posted it, but no luck yet.
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    Our entire budget allocated for sensitivity training was spent on @Bill Strong this year. There was no money left over to send any of the other ChampCar staff through the program. Frankly, with the results we see from @Bill Strong it was a complete waste of time and resources. We are currently evaluating other programs. Thank you for your patience.
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    When I announced over the staff radio race bar has come through pit in holding their rod out the window it was not understood by some as connecting
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    In regards to the free accumulators, two of those people asking have cars that start at 200 flipping pts..... if you can't somehow use some of your 300 available points on coolers, that is on you. Maybe don't swap in a motor that puts you in a position like that, or maybe take off a couple pieces of aero to free up the points to add them on. It is all a choice, make the car last an endurance race, or go faster by pushing the car beyond what it was designed for. Not everything is equal, that is why not all cars start at the same value. It is up to the builder to choose their path and utilize the points they have with the associated value for added components. Our car didn't need an oil cooler, we needed a diff because a stock 1.6 diff could not hold up to the abuse we were putting it through and after blowing up 6 of them we were left with a choice. We did not petition for a free diff, we took the dang 25 pts and were happy to do it. Really, I would love to see points added back for all of the free and 2x stuff that is already out there. However, I have been told directly that will never happen, so please, quit making everything else free and causing us to have to increase our overall speed level by having to spend $$$$ to keep up.
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    First, as I said above, I didn't see all of it. I can't report that & cost somebody a lap, or whatever the penalty is, if I can't tell control everything that happened. I couldn't tell them where he started the pass from, so if I call that in, I better be able to tell the whole story. I wasn't looking that way when those cars came out of T9. Second, I considered asking T9 if they saw it. I ultimately decided that he only dropped two off, never lost control, didn't touch the guardrail or another car, and no other car had to move to avoid him. After watching the video, I stand by my decision. It's gotta be remembered that most stations are manned alone. What is easy to arm chair QB on a youtube video isn't reality for us. Also, again, control wants to know everything we saw. I've done this for 11 seasons & every Champ race at VIR except two. I'm not bringing one of you guys in unless I know that I know what I know. And, I've watched youtube videos from many events & realized that what I reported, or other turns reported, wasn't the case when the video showed up. After 11 years of flagging races from VIR to Daytona to Charlotte, I'm still good with not calling it in.
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    It is a co-marketing thing between Viagra and Hankook. Just working on the final press release: “If your hard-on tires or you’re hard on tires, we’ve got you covered!”
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    This seems an appropriate time to mention that we are developing an in-car flagging system in cooperation with ChampCar. We race in the series too and see the same issues y'all see. The cleanest resolution is to have something reliable and clear-cut in the car that tells cars what flags are on track. This system will undergo extensive testing before release. Currently we are in the prototype stage. We expect and alpha variation in the Winter of 2018/2019. Beta testing in the second half of 2019. Production ready product in 2020. This is a tentative timeline. The product cycle is very long for this type of product because this product needs extensive testing and validation. We don't want windows blue screens, cell phone reboots or overtemps, or syncing issues. In short, ChampCar is taking this issue seriously and we hope to have an awesome product to help everyone in the foreseeable future. We'll make announcements over time and at the beta stage (planned in the 2nd half of 2019), we'll be taking on beta testers who wish to participate.
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    Man...what an experience, not the one we were looking for but we looked adversity in the face and kick it in the junk like a bunch of bad mother...you know what I'm talking about. Our trip started on loadout day when the running lights on the trailer decided not to work. Attempted to troubleshoot but no joy. Still, we got the trailer loaded up Wednesday night so we could leave out earlier than we planned Thursday so we could spend the night in ATL. Got up Thursday and headed for VIR. Arrived around 3:30pm, met up with the renters and got our game plan together. Got the trailer unloaded, and it was then when I realized our garage number was 13...and one of our pit lane rooms was number 13....but we press on. Grab a bite at the Oak Tree Tavern and head back down to the paddock which was jamming. Props to Racebar guys, you put on a hell of a show. I dont know who the RV with the sound system was in the back of the paddock but you guys were jammin out as well. Great atmosphere for sure. Most of us went to bed early while visions of top 15 danced in our heads.... Wake up at 6am and get started moving into pits and getting the car ready for practice. Had plans to get our 3 renters in the car so they could feel it out. We spent the time between daytona and now rebuilding the motor and diff. We also had to change both front brakes a few days before the race as they were pretty much locked up. So we sent our crew chef/head honcho Jack out to test the car. He comes in complaining of a womp womp womp noise and thinks its driveline related. I don't find anything making noise but I did burn the crap out of my arm. I also find a very large oil leak off the front of the motor. We change the vanos line and send out the next renter. Black flag after 3 laps and renter comes back in. Oil still leaking, cam position seal is just not there. We also put a new seal on the PCV off the valve cover. Both of those seem to fix our oil leak issue. Everything else seems to be great. Our ringer renter says the car feels great and feels much faster than his previous stints in the car (Previous motor had ZERO compression on cylinder 3). Practice ends and we head to the drivers meeting ready to start our race. I felt really good about finding the leaks and getting them under control before the race. Mike picks pretty close to the worst number for pole and we are starting 88th. Cant win them all I guess. We get our ringer renter in the car and send him out to start. Green drops and he starts making up spot after spot. Throws down a 2:22 and we are pumped. Top 15 for sure!! We get comfy in our chairs and start thinking about strategy and how we can keep this going. At lap 8 we've moved up to 32nd and we are still climbing. After 10 laps of racing we get the call you never want to get..."motor is down on power and making a terrible noise". He brings it into the pits and we pop the hood, no new vents are in the block, everything looks as it should. Oil seems a bit thin...real thin actually. Tell him to start it and drive it back to the garage...it wont start and it sounds like marbles being shaken in a can. We got it pushed back to the garage and start pulling the valve cover off. Everything looks good that we can see. Drain the oil....has a little bit of magic dust in it and the smallest layer of water on top. Seems the headgasket failed and let some water into the oil and we had a main or rod bearing failure. We start pulling plugs and we find out that one of the valve cover washers has fallen right on top of one of the spark plugs and its the perfect fit to keep you from getting the plug out. Takes us an hour to finally get it out and it was about at that time we were just about to call it quits and drink every beer we had. One of our renters, who is from Charlotte, mentions off hand he has a m50 at his house on a stand. We were told the motor had 230,000 miles on it, the original head gasket, but it ran when it was pulled. I see that crazy look in Jack's eye and I know whats about to happen. We send one owner and two renters to retrieve the motor/stand/and hoist while jack, myself and one renter stay back to get the car ready for the transplant. Just the drive is a 3 hour round trip and they also have to stop for other items we need such as oil and a pilot bearing puller. its probably close to 2:30-3pm when we get started pulling the front end off the car. We have the old motor ready to come out in less than an hour. We start prepping everything else for the transfer. They show up with the motor at 8:30pm and we get it unloaded and start pulling the bad motor out. Get everything swapped over and have the new motor in and ready to start at 11:45pm. Fires up the first crank and that glimmer of hope is back. We were garaged with the Chandler school teams and they were great. Those kids were asking great questions and telling even better stories. I had to apologize a few times for our terrible language but they were very understanding and I think they cheered louder than we did when the motor started. We send the renters upstairs to get ready and we button up the rest of the motor and get it ready to rock. We ended up back on track at 12:28am in 96th place and we kept our fingers crossed. We start ticking off laps and the motor runs like a top. Burns a little oil but hell, its running. We make it through the night with no major issues. One of our renters was so tired he forgot what fog looked like and kept calling in talking about dust in certain parts of the track. One renter ended up getting a little too hot and had to cut his stint short. Our third renter did great and was nice enough to let us know every time he passed the cobalt in his stint. Our pit stops were pretty relaxed and we just took our time. Tried to stay out of the way of the really fast guys and not mess up anyone's race. I got in the car sometime around 7:45am and I was really tired. The first few laps I felt kinda of lost but I pulled it together and had a great time. Hated to see the SRI car take that hard hit at south bend. That felt like the longest yellow ever. @Rapido Had a great time playing lead/follow with the hugh jass miata until his brakes gave up a bit. @Snake @MoparBoyy@Snorman Also had a good time playing with the Inactive car as well later in my stint. Saw a lot of good driving, saw some bad stuff but its to be expected after 22 hours of racing. I had a few clean laps and put down a respectable time. I was 4 seconds faster than last year so I felt really good about that. We put our last owner in and told him to take us to the finish. At the end, we had clawed back up to 70th place and it felt great. We put in a ton of work and got everyone seat time. That post race beer never tasted better. All it all, it was a great trip and a great event. We still have yet to fully complete a 24 so congrats to those who have, it is most def very hard to do. We had a great team of renters who rocked out and rolled with the punches. Im really glad we decided to keep the rooms til Monday, no way we could of loaded up and driven back. We ate lunch/dinner and crashed out before I woke up and drank some beers and talked poop with @pintodave while we got to see all the sweet IMSA cars rolling in. @Huggy I'll bring more beer next time or you can just come down to Barber and we'll swap some more. Thanks for a great event guys! See ya at Barber!! TLDR: Motor exploded, We Replaced it, We Rock
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    The other series are all looking into it. I can say that as an organization (got this direct from Mike) we have issued lifetime bans to the team and it's principals with Champcar, in addition to revoking their memberships. We cannot afford to risk this type of behavior at any of our partner tracks. They may be a problem, but they will not be OUR problem again.
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    Premium Dudes race report (highly abbreviated to not waste your time!): Friday: So hot... why is it so hot here? It's only 7am, how is it 80 degrees? Engine troubles... replaced injectors Engine troubles solved Wow I can't run more than 5 laps without my coolshirt! Other drivers testing. Successful day Saturday: Starting in 3rd!!!!!!!!! How did I just get passed by 13 cars!?!?! OMG these cars are fast. I'm not used to getting passed this much! Ok, I'm in a groove now... lets do this thing! Fast lap 2:29 Clawed back into the top 10... time to pit. Other drivers take their stints. Larry gets us a 5 min. PUY Coolshirt cooler working its magic We bounce between 7th and 13th for the rest of the day.. car running great until we get engine issues with an hour left. Have to short-shift now Sunday: Starting out in 8th place... short shifting... this will make gaining on the leaders difficult. Game plan? Wait for others to break!!!! Burningham down Cone Crushers down Rbank CRX down Biohazard down Rbank Saab down We're in 3rd place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF is that blue streak in 4th place that just went by? Did that blue streak just run a 2:24? It did it again? and now a 2:25? What the hell just happened? Finish in 4th place. 3rd in the championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awards: - We won a SICK racing radios 5W radio kit with harness, pit headset, earbuds.. the whole nine yards! Thanks Racing Radios!!!!! - Won a set of Maxxis tires!!!! Thanks Maxxis! - Won a Kylo Ren trophy!! This was the best event we have been to. The level of competition was very high and the quality of driving was top notch... all the drivers reported going door-to-door with many different cars and we only ended up with 1 little tire swirl on a fender. That's awesome for 16 hours of racing. Everyone who didn't attend this race really missed out. Looking forward to next year's championship, hoping to win some races later this year to get another high seed.
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    I'd say take a screenshot of your post count on this forum. Then they'll know you are a serious racer.
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    It was a fantastically fun and successful weekend for our team. We had all three R3R Boxsters on track and even scored a 3rd overall on Friday. We did have one catastrophic failure, but it was due to a sniper pebble with perfect aim. It punctured the radiator with a one in a million shot. I'll address one thing first. We did put Pro drivers in the cars. Johan Schwartz (PWC) drove 603 and Josh Bilicki (NASCAR) drove 602. On Friday, 601 had a local hot-shoe with pro-level abilities, as well as Johan Schwartz. Some may question why we would do that, when the Boxster is a hot button for some competitors. Easy answer... we wanted to show everyone the absolute upper limit for these cars and calm any fears. With pros at the wheel, we were still 3 seconds slower than Ludicrous Speed MR2. Our human drivers were in the 2:53 - 2:56 range (7-10 seconds slower than the winning car). And as expected, we could only go 85-90 minutes on fuel. 602 and 603 ran out of fuel multiple times during the race. A more detailed reason is that we wanted to test the C car vs. the EC car. We needed a super fast and consistent driver for that. We proved that there is virtually no difference between the cars. The EC car is just stiffer and has some adjustability. For that reason, we're coverting the EC car to C class. In our opinion, the cars fit in very nicely in ChampCar and we're excited to compete for podium finishes. We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting fellow competitors and making new friends. It's going to be a fun season. Thank you to ChampCar officials and volunteers. Special thanks to everyone for being gentle on us rookies. #VisorDown Brad
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    It causes speed creep, as it opens up points for cars that are paying points for coolers. Speed creep = $$ creep. You have to understand that your $4,500 engine costs more than some of the cars on track. You are at the extreme end of the spending spectrum. What makes sense for you may not be in the best interest of the majority of the members.
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    So here we go with the free Accusumps and oil coolers again. There are very few teams who are starting off with 500 point cars, which means a great many people who COULD run coolers but CHOOSE to spend the points elsewhere. And at least one of the 500 point cars has demonstrated (multiple teams at multiple tracks) that it can win races WITHOUT an oil cooler. So this is people who want free stuff because they've maxed out the points of their 200-300 point car, are now sitting at 500, and want free stuff so they don't have to slow down to get it.
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    Wasn't it your choice not to run a transmission cooler? I know you had more than enough points available. You could have saved yourself $6000 and some lost revenue by choosing reliability over speed but you apparently chose the opposite. I think that one's completely on you.
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    Having recently re-relocated back to the scenic, fabulous midwest from the Bay Area for ...reasons... Ben Dawson, my ol' buddy ol' pal, got in my ear about grabbing a seat with him at Road Atlanta. Out West, I raced Lucky Dog and Lemons. My prior Champ experience constitutes one 2x8 VIR North race with the aforementioned Dawson and crew in the Winsome Racing E30. I jumped at the chance to marvel at Ben’s physique while at the same time having the opportunity to race at Road Atlanta in the dry – unlike my past experiences at the track which both involved soaking rain and zero Dawson. Upon Ben’s learned recommendation, I opted to join him in piloting the Inactive Motorsports Mazda 626. Naturally, when one thinks of racing and Mazda, one thinks of the venerable 626 sedan. It's well known that the Mazda factory nomenclature for its sedans directly relates to the output of the vehicle's engine -- and goddamn was I excited to get my mitts on this 600+ HP MONSTER. As they raised the hood for me to gaze upon this perfect mechanical iteration of god's love, a blinding light erupted from the engine bay. It was like that one scene in The Wraith where Ron Howard's brother looks into undead-Sheen's engine bay and it's all like BZZT SZZT with supernatural power. What’s inside? As the lap times likely portend: two liters of blind rage. To put that into perspective for folks like you and me without slide rules in our pockets: that’s a whole big bottle of Mountain Dew, BUT IN A MACHINE. And you know damn well that it’s replete with the latest in technological innovations and power-adders. Even a dummy like me can see that the intake is on one side of the head and the exhaust is all the way on the other side, something the nerds call a “cross-flow head.” (note: gas flow’s important to an engine, just ask Chappy Colinman, he wrote a book about it for you reader types.) The Mazda maniacs conveniently placed the cams OVER THE HEAD, right where you want ‘em: up top for max pop(tm). And it’s got not one, not two, but four – yes – four cylinders. This thing is strokin’ like Clarence Carter. Let’s talk about fuel delivery, geeks: insofar as this mechanical marvel is concerned, vaporizing fuel by negative pressure drawing it through tiny holes in a bowl is totally passé. Caveman-esque, even. No, friends, this space-age wonder is equipped with electronically-controlled fuel injection they program with, like, a Speak-N-Spell. And to put the power down, they must’ve defeated Lex Luther and used his kryptonite stores to fabricate the transmission. This rage pony’s got five forward gears and it uses them ALL if you don’t count fifth and I don’t count fifth anytway ‘cause I’m missin’ a finger on my left hand. But seriously: great race. The dudes at Inactive Motorsports/Crowd Control Racing prepped the car well and set the standard for organization and implementation. I’ve raced with many different teams in many different series and these folks are, without a doubt, the most effectively organized team I’ve ever dealt with personally or seen in action. The 626 came well prepared, and while it was never going to set a lap record, it didn’t need to. It raged for 14 hours without a single issue, turning laps, staying out of trouble. Sixty entrants had a faster lap than the 626. It still came in first in class by nearly 50 laps and 15th overall. The on-track experience was your usual mixed bag of amateur endurance road racing. I’m still stunned at the number of drivers of very fast cars who just CANNOT, under any circumstances, check up and wait for a cleaner opportunity. If you’re going to warp past everyone on the back straight anyway, why put your nose in and force a three or even two-wide through turn seven? My only seriously WTF experience came at the hands of an E30 entering the track from the pits, shooting over the blend like and joining the racing line at T3 instead of staying right. They’d just talked about NOT doing that at the driver’s meeting like an hour before. Way to go, champ. That move was undoubtedly the difference in the race.
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    IMO, selling of spots to a race with a waitlist shouldn't be allowed.
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    *sees Ron_e replied to something* *bets internally it has to do with the TBird* *continues to not be surprised*
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    Midnight on November 1st has ALWAYS been the time/date that registration is opened for the upcoming years' races. Over 100, possibly 200 teams counting the wait list, knew this, and took appropriate action. Apparently they wanted to race at Indy bad enough to lose a bit of sleep one night. A few of my buddies also missed out on getting in, not imagining it would sell out before morning, yet I don't see them on here whining about it, and criticizing the organization for it. Our organization worked very hard to break ground that was previously thought to be out of reach. I'm proud and honored to be a member of this organization, so when folks criticize it, it kind of strikes a nerve. The "what a joke" comment was a total slap in the face for our management team that put in numerous hours working on presentations, and sealing this deal with the Speedway.
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    I want to thank Sub Par racing for helping us out with the part we needed to repair our clutch arm connection. I also need to thank REI Racing for lending us their welder , allowing us to fabricate a shifter to repair ours that snapped off . We used a shock absorber bolt welded to a 17/19mm MAC Tools box end wrench. It works Great! Our race would have been over without the help of our fellow racers.
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    Thank Andrea and Paulie next time you see them. Andrea did all the legwork, and Paulie made awesome videos and produces the kick-ass show that helped Indy decide to let us play in their playground.
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    Hey guys. First time posting on this forum. My name is Jacob and I was one of four drivers for Love Racing (Blue 1.6L 1990 Miata, #647). The other drivers are Charles (our Stig), Nick and Tommy Love (brothers). And of course I have to give a SO to the MVP of the team, Daddy Love. Without him there is no way we could run the pits as efficiently as we do. This was our second Champcar race ever. In fact it was our second real race ever. Our first was Road Atlanta in February. In Atlanta I think we did 16th in class and like 48th o'all (don't quote me). We finished the race without contact and the only major issue was a spent accessory belt. Well, WE FINISHED OUR FIRST 24! No contact, no major issues (exhaust fell off at about 3 am but we found a solution quickly) and I am very proud to say we placed 7th in class and 27th o'all. We managed sub 4 minute fuel/driver change stops when we didn't have to fix something. I am absolutely blown away with how lucky we are. Let me also say that was some of the most exhausting, terrifying, intense, and exhilarating driving I've ever done. In just one of my night stints I had about five near misses and quite the off in T18. I was also on the rear bumper of the black/white Miata for about 30 minutes in the 10pm-12am window. THAT was some racing! My last stint around 9:30 am was amazing. Little traffic and warm tires had us running consistent 2:28-2:30s. This was my first time at VIR and I'm in love. T10 takes some major balls to stay off the brakes! As I write this I'm at work and still on only about 5 hrs of sleep over three days, but it was so worth it.
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    Someone from the race sent me this today
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    Well... I wrote a lengthy report... In preparation for the race – team new drivers. After our VIR event in 2017 one of my drivers decided to start his own team. I wanted five drivers and was having a difficult time finding another, so I chose to invite a new driver onto the team. He asked me if he could split the seat with his brother and so the team was locked in. Catching up to the rules, we added a Megasquirt ECU, our Superbird style rear wing, wider wheels – thanks to GWR we went with Bassett 15x8 wheels – cheap and easy and order to size and thanks to cheap prices we got some Borbet 15x7 Engine build. We blew up at VIR in 2017 which wrecked the block, the head and a rod, learned the piston skirts were cracking and bores were out of round. We had to get another block, bore it out and get matching pistons and a new rod. Also had to prep a cylinder head. Unfortunately I installed the second compression rings upside down and the problem did not manifest itself until my private track day on May 31. So then there was a mad dash to disassemble, reassemble and gt the car to a track day on 6/21. This rebuild moved us from 1.9 liters to 1.92 liters moving us up to B class. Track day to train new drivers. I set up the 5/31 track day to shake down the car and acclimate two new drivers to the car and night driving. With solid connections to NL I was granted the opportunity to have a night practice session. When the car failed we were at least able to salvage the night practice for the new drivers. They were excited! They were the last ones out there. Re-rebuilt engine. Some of the guys helped with the tear down early June weekend. Quickly ordered replacement parts and in a mad thrash the next Saturday had the engine re-rebuilt and we put it in the car on June 10. Second attempt engine shakedown. Took the car to the track on 6/21 for a shakedown. Nelson Ledges has race car only track days and the Tim Wing track days. This was a Tim Wing day where they want experienced drivers with common sense. Anyway the car dropped a shift cable clip but otherwise performed well. Busy Thursday before the race. I had sacrificed race weekend prep in exchange for having an actually running car. I spent the entire day trying to get organized and pack up. In car camera. I was intrigued to find out we were being selected for camera for this race. Expecting to be at least three seconds/lap slower than the faster cars I did not expect any special attention Friday setup/practice Base camp. OMG I had not raced here since 2013 and totally forgot what it takes to set up pits. Usually rent a garage so paddock space predetermined. All the prime spots were taken, and there were plenty of low areas. I settled on a close place over the bridge on the left but the grass was fairly high there. Fortunately I got some help from the track by borrowing their mower. I have a great working relationship with the track management so I pulled some strings. I also used this mower to help out my neighbor over there. We also set up an air condition tent – I brought an 8x10 canopy, tarps and a window air conditioner. It was popular though in heat of the day you needed to sit down to feel the cold. O2 sensor. Practice was uneventful – everyone who paid into this got their seat time and we used up some of our old tires – that is until our AFR meter started giving us an error code. Sadly no spares for this so we had to go on a wild goose chase to procure the right part. Pre-race prediction from Bill who said we were one of his top picks for this race. I might have rained on his parade a little when I told him we had two new drivers. welding – Mini Cooper cage bars, Civic window net – late departure. My son arrived at the track at 5:30 we already had two requests for welding. The Mini was the biggest challenge it needed a lower bar on the driver side. With a new plasma cutter and a couple welders and a borrowed generator he went to work setting it up. The generator was big but was apparently not creating consistent enough power to put down consistent welds. We have much to learn about this. We put some additional welds on the Civic window net near the end too. This kept us here late and I did not get home til 12:30 AM and had more packing to do when I got home. Probably 5 hours of sleep Friday night was not good! engine hoist loan – some time in the AM Friday my Dad loaned out the hoist. It was back before I even knew it was gone Race day Routine start. We started a little past mid pack. It was fairly soon we were in the top 10. Considering there were 14 cars with faster FTD this is somewhat surprising. Our first driver has a ton of experience here and is a NASA certified instructor and he likes the traffic at race start. Pass under yellow. Our second driver made a mistake and passed under yellow. This cost us a few positions. I did not complain since I've done the same thing myself. It was legit and our only black flag of the event. A couple laps at P1. Thanks to our new Megasquirt we can now make two hours on a tank with a little more margin for error. This allowed our driver to stay out until 2:05 and give us a couple laps as the race leader. gas can malfunction - During our 3rd or 4th pit stop my son went to fuel the car and the hose came off one of the cans! Tyler (Crank Yankers) heard what was going on and gave us one of his cans minimizing the time lost. Many thanks sir! pit mates had problems starting hour 1. Band of Brothers and Mostmint Racing have been pitting together at Nelson since 2012. Scott has raced in my can and I in his. Unfortunately they were plagued with problems. The first setback was early in hour two when the driver came in early since his coolsuit was not working and he was overheated, with no working radio to call it in. This was followed by a broken header, bad transmission, trans linkage, wheel bearings and I can't remember what else. tire wear. At the end of hour 6 our brand new Bridgestone Potenza RE71R were completely shot and showing cords on both front tires. We had a total of 7 new tires to start, a few fair condition and a bunch of well worn tires to use up. These tires have a lot of grip but they do not last too long with all that heat and my setup. welding on ZX2 and Beretta exhaust pipes. Our 7kw generator did a great job providing power to weld thinner metal like exhaust headers and pipes. My son made quick work doing these repairs during the day on Saturday Mostmint crew. We had a lot of support. My son handled fueling, oil and whatever else needed done. My daughter had crew chief duty. It was a big relief when she showed up on Friday afternoon to help get things organized. Robin and Lisa from Band of Brothers helped us out quite a bit on pit stops – particularly at night. My friend Tony handled the other half of crew chief duties and lended mechanical expertise. John H came late in afternoon and provide crew support in the 2-6 AM window and more. My Dad and his friend Walt were there and kept us supplied with fuel. This support is priceless – many thanks to all of them for their help! in race interview 2:30 pm. I was testing out my coolshirt at the cooling station in the tech shed and Bill Strong came by. We chatted for a bit then he had me do a liver interview for the race coverage. First interview – just a small taste of what the big time drivers do. Had the chance to brag on my kids it was fun. off at 6:05 pm. I got in the car the first time at 6 PM. With so many things going on I did not focus on preparing to drive. It's my car and my home track right? Well I got out there and in no time a Miata was closing on me. Oh that's right this is a race! So with little thought I started pressing the car and I lost it in the exit of turn 1. I fishtailed a bit and almost saved it, but devolved into a long slide which ended less than a foot from the tire barrier! Please don't be stuck down here! Well it luckily moved out, I went back up and got on track and behaved perfectly good for the rest of the stint. Local yellow for grass fire – someone dropped something hot in the grass on exit of turn 1 and the dried grass clippings were smoking there. Track brought out a water truck and put it out What class are we in – While I was in the car Mike came over and asked about our engine size. I finally caught up with him at 4:30 am and explained that we had bored out the engine which moved us up from A to B since we are now over 1.91 liters. Remarkably someone else knew Saturns came from the factory with 1.9 liter and were wondering why we were in B. battle with Shok Em Porsche – We were reasonably close in lap times but I was able to catch this car. Try as I might I could not get by. The Saturn actually has good power and good exit speed from the carousel so I powered by a lot of cars there and on the front straight. Not this car. He would pull away from me every time. Took a while for me to figure out I needed to try a different approach. I was finally able to find a place to get my nose in and the driver recognized this and gave me a lane to race in and I got by. Shortly after that we got a FCY and he passed me back under yellow. Oh well no one bats 1.000. engine hoist loan – ZX2 had a bad trans and needed to pull the engine to change it. They did not have to go far to find a hoist Fetching more tires – as it got dark we were in the top 3 and I made an assessment we might not have enough tires to make it to the end, so my wife and I took a drive home to pick up three tires and wheels I had at home which were not intended for this race. It was nice to get away for a bit and chill out in the truck AC. Engine hoist loan again. The all German driving E36 needed an engine hoist. They found my team and we loaned them the hoist for a late night engine change. sparky tire. We arrived with the tires just after midnight. The car had to come in just a few minutes early since we had a flat on track. Apparently we were about to get black flagged for tires emitting sparks due to cords on the race surface or something. warped rotors - in at 2:05 AM and quickly found we had warped a front rotor. Unclear when or how but there it was. off at 2:10 am – in my first couple minutes in the 2-4 AM stint I got in traffic due to FCY. In the first lap of green I went to make my regular move through turn 12 but someone apparently was trying to make a move there and I got a good hit on the left rear bumper which punted me into the grass in the infield. Someone ended up off on the other side of 13 not sure if it was the guy who hit me. Fortunately I hit no one else and was able to exit the grass by pit road and after the entire field passed I got back on the track and continued. battle with TeamKoko E30 – getting in the car I knew they were now ahead of us and we were off the podium. I was pointing by cars who were catching me, and I unknowing did so for them. Once he passed I decided he was not going to lap me again and the best way to do that was to keep up. There was not a lot of traffic but we occasionally came on cars and would get separated. Eventually I would close up the gap. Then we had a long string of no interference and I was clearly gaining every lap. I then started thinking if I catch him what am I going to do? Well this is racing so I went for the pass. It took a bit but I was finally able to overtake. Then I went at it at this same pace trying to open a gap. After a while (4-5 laps maybe) I slipped on carousel exit and put two off. The car wiggled and while I saved it he got by. At that point I decided I was driving too close to 100% and better not wreck so I backed it down a notch. Still an epic race! 1:22 lap at night. My team was impressed I was able to run a 1:22 at night - only a second off my fastest day laps. There are a lot less visual cues but once I adjusted to the new cues and got to racing I was able to put down some nice laps. I'm guessing this was racing with TeamKoko. 3:37 AM – some time after the race with TeamKoko I started to feel like I was losing a bit of concentration. At that point I really felt like I wanted to get out of the car. I started asking myself why I was doing this? I mean it's my team and my car so I found it curious I was questioning the purpose during my stint. Weird things happen at 3:37 AM. So far I had zero sleep from 6:30 AM Saturday until now. off at 5:20 AM – One of my guys went off near this time. He was tired too and lost concentration for a second. Unfortunately he got stuck and they had to pull him out. Then it got weird. He brought it in and complained about smelling a radiator leak. My crew looked under the hood did not see anything. Wonder if it was water splashed up on the engine. Anyway shortly after he went out the alternator light came on and he was back in. The accessory belt was completely gone! My night crew located the spare and had it on the car. We gave up a bunch of our cushion but did not lose a position. At the next pit we added over ½ gallon of water replacing what was pushed out running with no belt. This was one of the bullets we dodged. Attrition monster helps us. Visceral racing crashed out. I'm not one to wish misfortune on anyone. However their misfortune became our good fortune as the spot we lost to TeamKoko overnight was gained back when they crashed and had broken parts. Glad it was not significant damage to their car so they can fix it up and be ready for their next race. We had nothing to compete with them on lap time. Actually we had nothing for Crank Yankers, Rbank and many other cars. 14 cars had better FTD than us. As many of us know, speed helps but you need to be well prepared and have some good fortune to finish up front. Post race broken wheel bearing – post race impound uncovered the left rear hub was broken. The hub ring had broken free from the center of the hub! That hub was brand new on Friday night. Still unclear how that broke. Post race interview. So two interviews on race weekend! Still not sure if I'm a fan but just like making impound I take it as a sign of success. My son drove the car home. After a quick wheel bearing change and packing up all the stuff in stifling heat we left at 11:30 and were home by 12:30. Many thanks to ChampCar and Nelson Ledges for putting on this event. Many thanks to my team, my family and friends who came out to support us. Observations Mostmint Racing Saturn has three class wins and two P3 trophies in the past 5 races, and has now logged over 11,000 miles of racing with the same car. The mighty Saturn completed its first 24 hour race with no significant mechanical repairs With significant contributions to bringing ChampCar back to Nelson Ledges, four welding jobs, three engine hoist loans and mowing the neighbors space we made an earnest effort to help people and get the sportsmanship award. Can't win 'em all congrats to the 500 team on that award Two out of three podium cars were sporting GM engines! When you consider how many GM engines were there that is impressive. My night time fast lap was within .1 second of my daytime fast lap. Nelson Ledges: Brian Ross was busy the whole time running around sweating the details. This type of commitment was very positive. pavement held up well tents/tables/food were nice touches not a premier facility yet but they are improving at a steady pace and I still love the place the light towers at night were fantastic History belts – In 2013 we were running 3rd at NL in the 14 hour race when the power steering pulley broke. We put on bypass short belt which the car spit out in turn 1 25 minutes later. We were unable to recover and finished 12th. Ironic we spit out a belt again – we have never had belt problems anywhere else wheel bearings – last year at Watkins Glen we broke hubs for the first time. I upgraded from Autozone quality to SKF. Put a brand new bearing on left rear since there was just a bit of play in the prior one and did not want to chance it for 24 hours. Well it made it just barely. At WGI I blamed it on the bus stop. Here I'm guessing extra downforce from the wing was a factor or possibly one of the offs in the tech shed post race. Last year after the car flipped at track day I put it in the tech shed in a spot directly behind where we were for impound. Amazing how far this car has come in a year.
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    If ya have wondered why I haven't been on the forum of late it was because of this. Almost whatever topic originally discussed ( THE CHAMPIONSHIP AT NCM ) has been taking a turn to another subject. In this case so far its BMW rear ends. Its supposed to be about a epic race. Had to vent Just made this for ya'll
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    So after 9 years and 52 race weekends our little neon has finally met its end. It had a incident at Daytona and has exposed major structural damage due to metal fatigue. Its one of the original cars from the first year in chump, and has been through many changes but always managed to be near the top. We are going to strip it of the good stuff and get something back together over the summer while we have a break between races. Wow, 52 events! And 39 overall podiums in USA and Canada. chump car hall of fame nominee?
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    Maybe the E30 is a terrible car like the MR2 and it should be lowered to 200 starting points too.
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    That was a trip of a lifetime: Getting engaged in Colorado Sky diving Winning Laguna first day of seeing the track with some of my best friends Flying my dad out and having him enjoy the race track 5800 mile road trip with my now wife in 2 weeks For the reasons above is why I enjoy ChampCar
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    Where do I start... I built a new car and this was the 1st time on the track for this car #679 Mean Green Racing and so far its been living up to its name!!!!! I got the motor back from the Machine shop 10 days before the race, got it put together and in the car in 2 days (wed) Went to get it tuned and dyno and it would only pull 120 hp out of a fresh motor and it should of been like 200hp range. went back to the house and pulled the head to swap from another motor. I finished around 9pm took it for a test ride and I didn't put hood pins in and broke out front windshield...(assclown) Back to the dyno on Friday and still pulled 125hp out of it. by now I figured something was up. Got the glass fixed on Monday and had a test day at AMP on Tuesday ( I didn't believe the dyno #'s and also to shake down the car) After 3 laps I knew their #'s were right IT SUCKED, and had major back pressure and it blew oil out of the breather and covered windshield and the motor..got to the pits and it was on fire! lucky my friend and fellow Champ Car guy ( Rodney Earwwod) was their and put it out! went back home and took out the motor and swapped it with an old motor out of the Champ car (HIT-N-RUN RACING) on Wednesday and back to the Dyno on Thursday. that motor only pulled 153hp the Vtech wouldn't kick on... changed dizzy 2x changed 2 vetch solenoid and along with other things. and nothing... I spoke to my drivers and told them about the issue and they didn't want to go.. but I insisted we go!!! loaded up late Thursday night and off we went Friday morning. Gates opened at noon and I was no where near ready to race. Had to fix this fix that and still had to go threw Tech...as we were working on the car we had the fuel pump on and I seen a stream ( very tiny) shooting out of the factory fuel line. I cut it and used a rubber fuel line and 2 clamps on both sides to fix it. hit the fuel pump and it did it again 3" down the line... I'm like really.. so we did it again ... and it happened a 3rd time... so I cut a big section out and replaced it. Finally we were ready for Tech at 5pm Tech I see something dripping (water) I'm like WTF!!! It was water coming form the thermostat housing, I pulled that and the O ring was cut in half and I also pulled the tube out from the other side when doing so and it also was cut in half. we couldn't locate one from the parts store. So I Pulled the most brilliant move in race history. I put both cut O RINGS back on and used electrical tape to hold them in place and got Black gasket sealer from Elon (E-Racing) I wasn't going to let this kick my ass AND WENT FOR BROKE...AT 11PM WE ADDED WATER AND SURE ENOUGH IT WAS DRY AS A BONE! It was on I was the 1st driver in the car and after about an hr I kept getting more and more play in the steering wheel... came in and all 4 bolts on both sides were loose on the camber kits (Kauffman tire wheel alignment) easy fix. after that the car handled great, only burring 2qts of oil per stop (lol) fuel and driver change... couldn't believe it...we ran for 13 hrs with no issues until my driver came in at 10pm and said we were down on power.... I said run it!.... he went back out for 1 lap and came back in and went behind the wall. We were finished at the time we were in 19th... I was good with it.....than Elon from E-Racing came up to me at 10:50 and said go take the checkered flag.... I was like na.. I'm good ....he said GO! So I went out for the last lap and tried to stay out of everyone's way just to get the checkered flag. think we finished 22nd.. not sure haven't even looked. It was one of the best races we has as a team. with a few tweaks and fix the motor w Vtech we should be a pretty good team... Thanks ELON for the motivation to finish. #nevergiveup
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    Fender flare update all were looked at and it is not hard to see if the tire is within the body . Only 1 car got a waver and have to get it fixed by their next event . Next topic aero all wings that were close were checked mesured and adjusted before passing, a couple of splitters were narrowed to pass . All in all great job champs for getting compliant ,Thank You .
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    2018 was a bad year for my team. Wreck at Daytona ended our veteran neon from 2010. Month later my trailer was broken into pretty much cleaning it out. I was glad to get on track again before 2018 closed out with the doom cruiser. Set a 2.37 and I ran into some minor teething issues. Was able to finish both days. Everyone got plenty of seat time and gave me a small to do list for Road America. Better brakes for sure and more heat shielding for the alternator. And figure what broke inside my fuel cell only allowing 1/2 to be used. Had a blast at Sebring. See you at the next one!
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    TAC also agreed that the 944 S2 should be a platform swap. I believe the Porsche 944 and the BMW e30 should be playing in the same sandbox and be platformed swapped.
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    So where to start...let me begin by saying congratulations to the podium, and overall to all the teams and drivers for such a great race. @Doc and @Bill Strong , and Paulie all the effort you guys put into the Champcast definitely pays off. After a frustrating VIR 12hr we were done racing for awhile due to me leaving the country for a few months starting in May, that is until I was watching the Champcast at Daytona. I could not take it, the racing was so good and exciting I just had to have another chance with our new build. I called my co-owner (cant believe he answered), and said lets do Charlotte! Amazingly he agreed even though we had not touched the car since we parked it after the VIR 12hr. Quick phone call to @Huggy and @Burningham, and I had two drivers with the skill and knowledge to win. And after countless pestering phone calls and texts from him, we finally agreed to let @Wyatt hang out in our pits and maybe do fuel runs for us... I start the first stint and a few feet from pit out i knew something was wrong with our SC. The rear end of the car had some movement in it. At first I was hoping it was the surface and some slightly worn tires (5 hours at VIR South), but i knew in the back of mind that something wasnt right. Oh well, I put my head down and tried to learn the track. Things were progressing fairly well and I was making some quick passes thru the field when after a FCY I spun the car into turn 1. After that mistake, other than dodging cones and trying to predict their locations each time I entered the chicane, the rest of the stint was incident free. I will say that during that stint the pace car cost us a lot of track position in my opinion with all the FCY and the seemingly random cars the pace car would choose to pick to pace. I think we were in 4 or 5th...maybe 6th when I pitted. I am still not sure. Next up was @Huggy who, although a little worried about some braking issues we were having at the last event, not to mention the rear end movement I was feeling, jumped in the car and quickly started putting some fast laps down, quickly setting the fTD by at least 2 seconds at that time. We knew he was enjoying himself because he was not saying much, by 15 minutes into his stint we were in the lead. He of course was solid the rest of the time! Love that guy and now I know why he wins so much and makes it look so easy! At this point we thought our rear end loosness was due to either left rear ball joint or toelink. During the next stop a quick shake of the left rear wheel left no doubt that the wheel bearing was not happy. Nothing to do but to put @Burningham into the car and let him see how long it would last. We were still sitting in first and we knew that Roger could keep us there even with a car that was very unstable on brakes at this point and for that matter anytime you got on or off the throttle. Again, he did excellent work! Next was my co-owner, who had a great drive with just a slight redesign of the right rear fender on the outside wall at turn 10 avoiding a car that went 4 off exiting 9. Then a slightly over cooked turn 1 (right after he set his fastest lap) which resulted in a slight tap of the tires. Even with those issues we were still sitting in P1 or close to it and getting ever more hopefull for a great finish. I have to remind you, the left rear wheel bearing was getting worse and worse all the while. Then there was @Wyatt, if you do not know, Wyatt is pretty much playing with everyone's emotions in the Champcar Iracing Sim series. In real life he has set FTD at the last two east coast events he has participated in. You get the point he drives very, very well...but he is not real good at exiting the pits! In his defense, he has only been at Charlotte on Iracing, and that is the line he used to exit the pits! When Race control contacted me and told me my driver exited the pits "straight out", I put up a pretty hefty fight, proclaiming "You stated there was no blend line exiting the pits!!". I mean we were leading, and they did say in the meeting there was no blend line exiting the pits, but they quickly explained that my driver didn't use the actual exit, but instead used the pace car exit. I sheepishly and quickly apologized and told Wyatt that he had to serve a stop and go. As he exited the pits (the correct pit exit), we told him to "let her eat", and that is what the kid did. With basically three tires pointing the right direction and one just going whatever way it wanted to, Wyatt blistered the field setting 1:42 after 1:42 and eventually a 1:41. Unfortunately, at that point the previous damage from VIR that our delaminated harmonic balancer caused showed up as the car started to overheat on the 20 year old radiator (new one destroyed by aforementioned balancer). I got back into the car now 4 hours from the end and with our only slow pitstop come out right behind the now leading RVAG E30. I was shocked at how bad the rear end was, but with P1 that close I pushed and quickly made a pass on the RVAG car, and immediately tried to manage the pace to go as slow as I could. Not sure how long I could have a held RVAG behind me but a few laps later a long FCY and me being to worried to attempt to keep the tires warm, handed RVAG an easy pass on me into 1. I tried to hang on to him but running in the draft only made the overheating issue worse so I dropped back to a safer pace and hoped things would hold together. I told my co-owner more than once maybe we should stop, but I continued on hoping to at least maintain P2 and maybe hoping as well that RVAG would have an issue . We gave the final stint to @Huggy because we knew, if a win was possible, there would be no better person to make it happen. Not sure what transpired with RVAG during their last pitstop or maybe I did not lose as much time to them as I thought, but when Chris finished his out lap he was only 9 seconds or so behind RVAG. We told him to save the car, but if he can close the gap, go for it. And that is what he did, but unfortunately the strain, nope, not the wheel bearing, but the overheating issue came back, and as Chris made the pass on RVAG, the engine temp spiked dangerously and he came into the pits. It Took us fourteen minutes to refill the radiator, which was enough time to drop us back to 4th overall (non EC). Chris drove the car carefully the remainder of his stint when 4 minutes from the finish the...nope, not wheel bearing, but the left front tire blew out. We quickly realized that crossing the start finish line one more time would cement our 4th place finishing position and told him to finish the lap on the blown tire. I think everyone in Impound was surprised to see how bad the wheel bearing was, I mean there was nothing left, no bearing, just slag mixed with grease mixed with what was left of the cv boot and brakepad. But overall it was a great day, with great friends, great pitstops, great weather and even a flyby from one of my best buddies in the "big rig"... See you guys on the track later in the year! John
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