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    Paul, after talking with you at Indy, and seeing the damage to your car - and especially seeing the Connolly car from before and after the event - I was waiting for you to chime in. For many of us racing in ChampCar, 1 of the main reasons we are here is because of the affordability this series provides us. Having said that, an accident that would scrap our car would be devastating to have to start all over again. Teams such as Connolly's or Tuttle's, that obviously have bigger budgets than most of us, and have often times shown blatant disrespect for their competitors - need to be reprimanded or banned, IMHO. Yes, they enter many races, but if they total low budget teams' cars every time they race, then the series is also losing revenue - revenue that is coming from teams who the series was intentionally meant for. Paul's post says it all. If teams are looking at who's entered, and avoiding those races, it's bad for the series as a whole. Part of the reason we enter the lesser attended races is because we are not the most experienced team out there, and we could ill afford to start all over again.
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    Man... what a weekend for DamSon Racing. Prep did not start late, we nut and bolted the car in early March, but it ended late with the final touches being done Thursday night late and Friday morning causing us to leave town earlier than expected. Huge shoutout to Al with Champ for policing the garage area with assigned parking spots, being late didn’t cost us a parking spot. We only brought 4 new tires and rummaged through the scrubs for the best 2 lefts and 1 right we could find for changes. I personally wasn’t aware we were in contention for anything and I certainly didn’t know this was the Championship race, work has been an absolute bear for the past month and I just hadn’t paid attention to anything car related. Late Thursday night I found a busted FCAB bushing and had to get a teammate to pick up the replacement parts on the way to the track Friday. Not the way we like to prepare for a race- overwhelmed. Once we were on site, went through tech and got the FCAB bushings in/ things were pretty standard. We have worked for a year getting our program nailed down, people know what to do and why; we’ve added some new stuff but overall it was business as usual. Last year at Charlotte was out first full race as DSR, at VIR that year we took a splitter stanchion to the gas tank cutting our day short in the first session. At CMS we had fuel issues (that persisted almost all through 2018) and couldn’t make fuel to 2 hours because we could only get 12 gallons out of the tank. We had that fixed and felt good for this year. Well, With the different track config our fuel burn was off the charts, we were burning 15+ in 1:45ish. Once we realized we couldn’t make 2 hour stops we figured we were out of contention so we were just going hard and thinking about a swirl pot for next year. Our team was amazing and stops were super clean. We had to change a front left a stop earlier than expected and saw that right front was getting as much wear as left front, which made me sick to my stomach knowing I’d only brought 3 spares and scrubs to boot. We changed the right front the next stop to find it was through the cords. During that stint I was in the car and radiod in that the next guy would appreciate that right front more than the left front I had gotten because 3/4 were a little nerving knowing that tire was near its end. Anyway, got the front right on and we went back to work. Those three stints before the final hour stint were the difference, we put down a metric ton on sub 1:30 laps and stayed in the lead, all the while thinking that we had to make an extra stop than everyone else and/or that f#ck!ng Saab was a rocket ship! 😉. We hadn’t given up when we realized we were short on mileage but we thought we were beat. Our engineering types started adding it up and giving us some hope, if Simon stops, RBanks stops and/or a good yellow comes we could change our pit window down to... poop, YELLOW, BOX BOX BOX. We caught that last yellow, got the car in immediately and got our closer out on the track. The race came right to us. We were lucky, bottom line. Calculating our gap back to RVA Graphics for a podium turned into a P1. We ran a good race, hit our marks and executed our stops fantastically but the luck of the yellow gave us the win plain and simple. We didn’t know we had won the National Championship until Bill said it during the interview. We were lucky to be there, to have the car truck and trailer there, I almost said I was too busy to get the car finished. Walking into the registration building I had seen the trophy but the thought of winning it never crossed my mind. I was just happy to be there with friends on the team and in the paddock. That win was really a high point for all of us. It’s hard to win in this format as preparation has to be graced by fortune, that makes the wins sweeter. Oh and that trophy was the best thing I’ve ever seen! We are excited and look forward to proudly wearing the #1 this year. Thanks to all of our fellow racers.
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    OK… Due to popular demand, I have done the following with the new BCCR… 1. Update includes red text and yellow highlight where the change was made. Change noted in change log. 2. Update disclosed in three forums on the CCES forum - General / BCCR Tech / Tech 3. Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter updated 4. A mass notification email was sent - After 5-days, the email will be resent to non-openers of the first email. There should be no complaining that they did not receive the update. Did I do everything right?
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    I speculate that ChampCar is simply the best bang for the buck, simpler rules, excellent tracks, metric tonnes of seat time.
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    We likely brought this on. Our filler hose burst and allowed fuel to spill. My brother was badly burned and very lucky to survive. With a better barrier, I believe the fire would have been contained, at least long enough to get him out of the car with minor to no injuries. Mender, I have a lot of respect for you and think you have great insight into most issues. In my opinion though, this wasn't a "concerned citizen committee" making stuff up to coddle a generation (my words on the coddling comment, not yours). It was a real life issue/accident that played out on track at a ChampCar event. So I'm happy to be the source of inconvenience to every team in ChampCar if it reduces the risk of another family going through the hell we did over the last year. I'd give my left arm to give him 10, even 5 more seconds to get out. Drivers, fuel and fire are the three most dangerous things in our sport. In my opinion, its best to keep the three separate whenever possible.
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    Jesus, the word Lawsuit just came out. No. Just NO. This is not that group. You want to make even less friends here than you already have after your Sebring debacle. Keep it up. ugh
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    My big gripe is the free parts. If an engine doesn't fit, it shouldn't get free parts to make it fit, especially parts that increase power output and I think you agree on that. The 240SX can not be made competitive in today's field of cars without an engine swap. An engine swap that benifits from a free oil pan and free intake manifold. Those parts should be points, and the base VPI of the car should be lowered accordingly (like the MR2) to give it at least a chance at being competitive without the swap. I don't even race one anymore, and the value still annoys me. And the E30 value isn't about the number of points it went down, it's how they did it that chaps my ass. It was a backroom deal, done in secret, and snuck in to the rules for the benifit of just a few teams. I actually don't disagree with M50 E30s competing at 500 points, but how we got there is scuzzy and I don't like it.
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    Just a note from pit lane. Watching the bug pull cars on the front straight at Indy was THE HIGHLIGHT. You feel the soul being sucked out of the drivers being passed. Thanks for the show.
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    Kudos to Tyler for bringing in The Tire Rack. unreal. They are giving away tires at a lot of races, and they do help us as an org expand our reach in other ways, such as offering a better broadcast to racing at new tracks where we don't get a large turnout. On a side note, we are upping the awards for results to the top five next season. If you have to go to tech, you should get something. We also are substantially increasing the awards for 1st-3rd in 2020. Finally, we are going to be banking some of the revenue. When that next recession hits, to have some money put away will help ensure the survival of the club through the downturn. Think of more sponsorship income as an insurance policy or a rainy day fund on the future economy.
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    @jer. Your participation and efforts to communicate are appreciated beyond your imagination. Thank you again!!!
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    Terrifying - yes, but still a blast to drive, got better after the sun went down and wasn't whiteout blinded by the sun in nascar 4. As long as you didn't use the brakes the car was awesome. Going into nascar 3 flat out (edit: almost flat out) time after time in this car was one of the more questionable decisions I have made in my 50 odd years. Damn it was fun. Absolutely. Some really good driving by all in those cars. It was fun to run close to all three and know you could trust them. Well deserved podiums. Great job by @Huggy and his crew putting two cars out there so well prepared. We had some really off the wall stuff happen as noted, but the cars were prepped great. Champcar staff as always put on a good show. Keep up the good work. I know Mike said in the board meeting this is like coming to a rowdy bar to spend time in the forum, but I like to think it's a tad better than that. We can come here and relive the weekend and enjoy some good stories. There will always be the random bs that will come up and be debated ad nauseum but I am still glad we have this available to us.
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    We've taken the position that the owner is responsible for who he lets on the track. I'm toeing the Company line here and backing Mike.
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    I do take this seriously and show up to win overall. This is my hobby and my passion. It is fun to win. When somebody else claims the win, that is just painful. I don't have outside sponsers (wish I did!). I know a bunch of teams that do and they actually get traffic to their sponsers sites (Not necessarily through finishing position). However, those sponsers want to know how you are doing. Trying to explain how you actually won the race even though you are 2nd or 3rd in the results is exactly like trying to explain what chumpcar was. Thats why the name was changed. It was unprofessional and had very poor optics in todays world of social media. Like it or not, that's the world we live in. Power to you if you take it less seriously, or think the ec STANDINGS are not an issue. I do think it's an issue with an easy solution. Add the laps. P.s. just so nobody is confused, I don't have an issue running with ec cars. The ec cars aren't the issue imho. It's how they are displayed as part of the overall results.
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    My Opinion.... They should be limited to cars that are on our list of cars that are legal to race in our series, that are built well beyond 500 points. They should be limited to a maximum point value. (this would take some thought and discussion with the board and the TAC to determine a reasonable limit) They should not show in the standings on Race Monitor/Hero. They should not be in the results. They should not be part of the broadcast.
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    I like how some people are just now realizing their stock ECU'd junkyard motor doesn't make as much power as a fresh rebuild with decked/ported head, reground cam, aftermarket ecu. And complain a 30 page rule book is too much.
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    I'm happy you have corrected yourself. Just in case you still have any doubt. Team Jacky Ickx never filled a protest in its 10 years of running this kind of racing! Team Jacky Ickx is not planning to file a protest any time soon. We trust Champcar. After the long "deliberation", and I found out your car was legal, I personally went to talk to Dana telling my team was fine with Champcar's call, adding we don't want to win like this! A little later, Clark from my team went to talk to some members of your team loading your car, congratulating you on the win, telling you we were fine with the "call"! Please don't start rumors about my team which could damage a good reputation we take pride in!
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    I was in the White/Orange Miata (#99) for the last 80 minutes of Sunday's race. While we talked after the race, I just wanted to publicly thank the driver of the #248 Blake's Garage Miata (I'm sorry, I'm terribly with names, especially after that intense battle). From the last yellow flag to the end of the race, we had a constant battle for 3rd in class, often times running side-by-side for multiple corners, always within close quarters, and never once touched each other. It was awesome, clean, hard racing, in fact the hardest stint I have ever done. So thanks for a great race and great competition. I'll race with you any day! Thanks, Brian
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    Good Luck to the Indy drivers! If anyone coming out of Florida on I-75 has any trailer issues (tires, bearings or lights) stop by Camping World in Lake Park Ga. 5 miles north of the Florida line. I will get you in and out quick. Ask for Andy.
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    No, No, No, Please dear god NO. Before we go off on this tangent of complicated new "classes" or rules, lets focus on improving what we already have by actually FOLLOWING our existing rules, by properly and clearly COMMUNICATING with our customers/members, and by improving the accuracy of our data within our current rule set. 2.2.2 = I assume champcar determined that the cayman and myriad of e46m3's allowed in ec arent "excessively superior" to standard champcars? 2.2.4 = I assume these are the rules listed in 2.1? Does a GT4 Cayman cup car meet rule 2.2.1? Champcar should have enough on the plate already, what with digital tech and swap sheets, improving statistical tracking of VPI's, TCV's, and scoring, Champcar Live, trying to continually "resuscitate" the western regions, etc. Adding a complicated new classing system is not going to be a good business move IMO. Stick to what we know. Go back and assess the previous EC allowances and consider being more judicial with what meets rule 2.2.2, particularly in sold out east cost events or tracks where higher closing speeds can be achieved by cars with more power/wt than is normal in champcar. Put that time and energy into improving communication with members on current rules - keep everyone in the loop if a new car or new part shows up at a race and a ruling is issued. Keep up the improvements to champcar live, and keep up with race monitor/race hero. Things are going in the right direction, lets not jump off the rails.
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    24s suck out loud. No time to hang out with friends (drink beer). No time to sleep (drink beer). When the race is over, everybody leaves immediately to get home from being exhausted. Nobody sticks around to talk (drink beer).
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    This subject was brought up in the Road Atlanta thread.. I decided to put this in it's own thread instead of derailing that one. I decided to ask Mike Chisek instead of listening to the forum posts of people who claim to have talked with an unknown person in tech. In short the question I asked was: Reground OE camshafts with non-OE lift and / or duration. Is it 50 points or 0 points ?? And the response was:
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    Quotes so people could like this post twice.
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    Nope. We decided long ago to race one big class and offer small class trophies to increase the fun. That's not going to change. If you want to play the qualification game, with breakout potential and all that crap, there is a series for you. But it's not Champcar. I think we can better prepare to test stroke and bore in the future, and probably compile a database to check that against. Other than that, meh.
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    I'm happy to note what I said here, as well. Our CEO felt very strongly that we keep in the series the ability to backyard engineer our cars. There was a long discussion on this, and the Board was split on it. I actually flip-flopped on the matter and was likely the deciding vote in allowing re-purposing for points parts. The argument for points when re-engineering parts to point pieces was to make it easier for tech, and also to keep our cars looking like cars and not like junkyard wannabes. The extreme example is someone cutting up their hood to make a splitter, air dam, etc. But Mike pointed out that sponsors have not ever worried about how the cars look, that their concern is the number of cars in the series. And he also pointed out that the further away we move from our roots and the creativity we have always enjoyed, the more we look like other series with really long rule books. Please remember that the Board is here to support the CEO, guide and counsel, or remove him if we disagree to a strong enough extent. That is true for almost every Board in the world. In fact, we have more power than most Boards because we have been given the power to approve or not approve rules changes. But ultimately the CEO makes calls and we help guide him. The TAC is another tool to help guide as well, with even less power than the Board but brings an important aspect of technical expertise. The structure of ours and almost every other organization means that more power still resides with Mike than anyone else. And that's the way its supposed to be. I'm not saying attack Mike, and I don't always agree with him. But I agree on the most important aspects, and I still can't think of a better leader for our organization. So I backed his play on this issue.
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    Team PartsBadger - Miata Build Summary Results: Road America - DNF & 45/77 2:49.277 Sebring - DNF & 45/81 2:33.328 Road Atlanta - 2/77 1:42.687 VIR South - 35/49 1:21.483 Road America - DNF & DNF 2:48.797 Watkins Glen - 15th/108 & DNF 2:14.917 Suspension: Most available from 5X Racing : https://5xracing.com/c-425748-miata-suspension.html Springs - 850/450 Eibach *Moved to 900 on the LF. Front PN: 0600.250.850 & 0600.250.900 Rear PN: 0600.2530.0450 (Barrel) Shocks - Bilsteins Bumpstops - 5X Racing 36mm Race Perches - Ground Control Front Sway - Swapped as needed (RB hollow is 5lbs lighter and 30% stiffer than SM), SM, FlyinMiata, Stock and Drilled Stock Rear Sway - Stock and SM Bushings - Delrin (Contact me if you want some) Alignment: Ride Height - 4.375" front and 4.875" rear Camber - <2 degrees (Finding ideal setup, could be closer to 1 degree based on tire temps) Caster - Max Toe - Front (1/16 to 1/4 out), Rear 1/16" Toe In Wedge - Track Dependent Wheels/Tires/Hubs: Tires: 245/40-15 RS4 (Hankook) Hot Pressures around 24 PSI Wheels: 15x10's (15x9s seem just as fast and might be more durable in the event of curbing) Konig Dekagrams Seem Best So Far Wheel Bearings: OEM Repack with Neolube Wheel Studs: ARP Hubs: Do not get Centric economy hubs or Timken. Centric has a part number for good hubs, the economy one ends in E. Or go OEM. Drivetrain: Engine - JDM 99 Miata Swap - Shaved Head & Balanced (JDM has a BP5A Intake Cam & Square top Manifold) *Square top manifolds were only on 2001+ JDM VVT motors, I was mistaken in claiming ours is squaretop, when its just a VICS manifold. Underdrive Pulley - Removed first race Injectors - Reflowed by RC Engineering Header - RacingBeat 4-1 (Highest HP outside of exotics) Intake - Custom 12" PAX Headlight (21" is ideal - Relocating to high pressure area in front of radiator) Exhaust - Springfield Dyno(Multiple Failures), Custom 2.5" and Kooks on backup, 2.5" seems too big diameter. Added multiple hangers and chain to hold up exhaust. Differential - Torsen Type II (Should be superior to Fuji type) Transmission - 5 Spd (6 Speed was more trouble than it was worth) ECU - Megasquirt PNP https://5xracing.com/i-23168697-megasquirt-pnp2-engine-management-system-for-1990-1997-miata.html?ref=category:1067653 Coolant Reroute - DIY Dynoed at: 151HP with Pulley and SD exhaust (Before Road America) Dynoed at 125HP w/o pulley and bad self tune (After Sebring) *edited for accuracy Dynoed at 145HP with custom exhaust and good tune (Before Road Atlanta) Dynoed at 133HP with exhaust cam retarded a tooth and valve spring issues (Before VIR) Dynoed at 148HP - Added Port and Polish - 21" Intake Body/Aero: Windscreen - (Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate 1/4") Top - TreasureCoast Race Top, Moved to Chop Top with Custom Fast Back at 15 Degrees (testing Road America Spring 19) Wing - NineLives Racing - 64" - Moved to 68" with new fender width. Mounted with Aerostruts vs. Plate. Mounted 11.25" Above roof (Air is likely to separate along the center plane if mounted lower based on my research) Airdam - 0.070" HDPE: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006K8HXGK/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Splitter - 3/8" Birch Plywood, Alumalite 5" extension, Alumalite 2.5" extension Flat Floor - Testing at Road America Spring 19. We lost the wing at Sebring and the car lost 4.5 seconds a lap. We lost the splitter and airdam at VIR South and we lost 5 to 8 tenths per lap. The new fastback seems to reduce drag. Electrical: Harness - Stripped, Ignition Switch Removed Battery - Braille 9# (Relocated to PAX Seat) Lights - Diode Dynamics 3 x SS6, 1 x SS12 The car is in the mid 1900lb range. For splitter templates FREE please PM me. For delrin bushings please PM me. Tech Points: After Swap 350 Air Intake 0 Wing & Mounting Structure 10 Splitter 10 Airdam 10 Diffuser 10 Brake Cooling 0 Exhaust - Brake Pads 0 ECU 0 Header 25 Radiator Screen 0 Coil Overs 40 Bushings 0 Wheel Spacers 0 Interior Bulkheads 0 Metal 23 DIY Coolant Reroute 0 1.8L Fuel Tank 0 (In Swap) Fiberglass Chop Top 0 (OEM Profile) Drivers Window Vent 0 4.3 Diff Ratio 0 Radiator Ducting 0 Total 487 Diffuser - Tech Email Coolant Reroute - Tech Email Flywheel - Tech Email Shocks 2x Front Calipers 2x Front Rotors 2x Rear Calipers 2x Rear Rotors 2x Engine Paperwork Swap Rules Engine & Intake Manifold Coil Pack Adapter Coolant Temp Sensor Adapter Throttle Cable Adapter
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    Hopefully mosport will happen. The tow is excruciating long. but worth it. Worst 15min. of my life for sure
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    First post ever! Was driving the 216 Sparrow Speed Miata, did 3 full stints, and a lot of passing slower and faster cars.. Driving a Miata, a pass on the exits was off the books most of the time, unless the car in front messed up.. The way I did it (Cleanly most of the time, I thought), was to show my nose at an entry and see how the car in front reacted. Some showed awareness and left some room preparing for a potential divebomb, and some closed the door aggressively on me, which was perfectly fine, as it was their corner. That would give me an idea on how to deal with that car. The aggressive ones, I wouldn't dream on taking them on on places like the esses, as it would be a recipe for disaster.. Whereas the ones who seemed more aware, I was more comfortable outbraking (call it divebomb if you so wish!!) into hogpen, T1, T4, even into T10, and it turned out perfectly fine every time.. A lot of folks in this series, have been very considerate, when I run round them on the outside and crowding their exit, thereby getting a better run out of the corner than them. In a miata, that was sometimes quite easy to do in the lower esses, and everyone cooperated, thereby losing everyone as little time as possible. But whatever said and done, I was prepared and gave myself enough margin to back out of any move when the door was slammed on me!! Looking at some videos of the race, some passes seem like the safety margin just wasn't there..
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    I think the changes champ made are pretty good and really solved most of the issues. 1) Ignore EC from a picking up the leader / flagging stand point 2) Leave EC in race monitor (but put EC before the team name) 3) Separate EC in the results
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    Our car was not involved with any contact in 20 hours of racing.
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    Maybe make aero and fat wheels and tires more points? Or make hubs more points and make people choose between hubs and aero? If you have failing hubs and large aero and fat tires, then you are responsible for building a safe car and you have not....
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    That type of action would result in a series ban or, at the very least, a serious suspension in many other racing series. I've seen multi-race or even season suspensions for much less. BCCR 1.3.7 (Unsafe Driver) certainly applies here and this driver should be excused from future events. Intentionally wrecking another car is unacceptable. The instant karma on this one is priceless. It was reported to me that a similar incident happened to one of our cars this past weekend at WGI. A driver of another car body slammed our car 602 while waving his fist at our driver...for no apparent reason. It resulted in a cut tire for the offending driver. Karma is a bitch. We need to weed-out these guys who are driving in the red mist. Chill out. Take a breath. It's a long race. As a note, our drivers reported mostly good behavior by the other drivers on the track. We had some guys who were new to ChampCar and they left with smiles on their faces and a very good view of ChampCar.
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    Dude I already had my shirt picked out!
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    my point is you are choosing not to run coolers, some teams like us are paying the points for coolers because we felt it was worth it for the performance advantage. just because you choose not to run coolers because you dont think the points are worth it doesn't mean they should now be free.
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    I'll offer up something else... We installed an infrared brake temperature sensor pointed at our left front rotor for the first time this race with some interesting results. We also switched to a less aggressive brake pad compound which increases our time on the brakes slightly but improves feel greatly. We found that our green driver (colors based on plots) was overheating the brakes at key points during his stint but not continuously. We had covered some of our brake cooling earlier in the day under the false notion that we were overcooling our brakes. During our next driver's stint, the blue driver, we found that his temperatures were even higher despite opening up significant additional cooling. I took a dive into the data and found that the blue driver was on the brakes for 19.4s per lap vs the green driver at 13s. That's 49% more time on the brakes but I didn't feel this offered up a complete picture. Fig1. 3 drivers colored as blue, green, red. Top part is BrakeLapTotal or total time on the brakes per lap in seconds. Bottom part is Brake Temperature in degF You can see part of the issue below at T10a where the blue driver is applying more braking force for much longer. Fig 2. Top part is TPS. Bottom part is inverse Brake Pressure. Brake Pressure is inverted to showcase throttle to brake transitions. I had to create some new channels that better represent the issue. The integral of the Brake Pressure would give me a good idea of cumulative force applied to the brakes over a lap by the driver. The integral of the Brake Temperature would give me a good view of the energy over a lap with the caveat that the green and red drivers had 33% of their cooling blocked while the blue driver had maximum cooling available. When we look at the Brake Pressure integral or summation below, we can see that the blue driver applies 84% more pressure throughout the lap than the green driver and 106% more than the red driver. It's also worth noting that the blue driver is slower by several seconds and slowest in this group. The green driver is the fastest so the additional braking is not due to additional speed the blue driver needs to dissipate. When we look at the Brake Temperature integral or summation, we can see that the blue driver is 69% hotter than the green driver and 86% hotter than the red driver. This despite the additional cooling the blue driver had in place. I was tempted to but didn't bother to correct for airflow. Sufficed to say, the blue driver is dumping far too much energy into the brakes. Fig 3. The top is the Brake Temperature summation over the course of a lap. The bottom is the brake pressure summation over the course of a lap. We conclude that the blue driver is braking earlier, braking harder, overslowing, and dangerously overheating the brakes. This massive delta is problematic and a tough case to design for. Some solutions are driver training/improvement, improved cooling, change back to the more aggressive but non-preferred pad compound, and a warning system based on brake temperatures.
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    They are running a stock 12.7 tank. They dyno'd at 144 HP. The car is super light, but set up incredibly well and very well driven. My hat's off to them, they were torn down with no issues, and they are getting better at understanding an endurance race and how hard to push/what chances to take. They strengthened the rear end with supports to avoid becoming a rolling bomb, and they passed tech without issue. I personally went over the car in terms of what was claimed, all legal. They are going to be a force, a legal force, for years to come. The bar has been raised. Welcome to the series!!!
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    As team captain of the car that would have benefited the most from a DQ (4th pl) I mentioned this during impound, but being a little late to the happenings, and not being in the loop of what was going on moment by moment, that comment was lost to the wind. Yes there was talk looking for a protester, but thought it unnecessary, like Philippe, decided to not break our "No protest" team rule. Someone would have to be pretty damn blatant for it to ever happen. A observation was made Something was done about it Everyone was proven honest Kudos to the protested team for race prep and execution that was good enough to arise suspicion. Thank You for the burnout and tear down. Aside from minor discomfort, what exactly is the problem?
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    If the rules can't be written in a way that accurately describe the intent, then at bare minimum we need examples for the obvious cases, and after that every request for a swap value that is requested (or given at tech) needs to be publicly posted in a place that can be referenced by everyone. We simply cannot allow this to continue in a subjective way that could be applied inconsistently.
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    I have to give a shout out to the Inactiv Motorsports team for allowing me to rent a stint for my first ChampCar race. After years of circle track NASCAR racing, Sebring was on my bucket list and I had a great time. Sean & Matt and all the other guys (Jim, Lyndon, Garick, Shelby1 & 2, other names were a blurr with all the excitement) treated me with respect and never failed to answer questions or give hints. The car was prepared well and drove steadily the entire stint, allowing me to log consistent lap times. Two of three goals were met: 1) don't wreck the car; 2) finish my stint with respectable showing; and 3) break into the two's (although I did not break into the two's, I did manage a 3:03 - significant that I was a first timer in the car and on the bumpy track WITHOUT any laps or practice.) The hospitality suite was a giant plus. Kudos guys and here's hoping that we can do it again. Kudos also to RaceSuitRental.com for providing quality gear package at a great price in a timely manner.
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    So, at a place like VIR, 4-5 crew just to act as spotters?
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    Thanks for the party and the food! Good to hear that we brought in some cash for Antman's cause. Thanks for the above picture, Solid cameo of my dog drinking from the keg cooler while waiting for someone else to drip Scotch Ale on the bumper
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    So. First of all.... it didn't rain. That's because I brought my poncho (note: not a Sears poncho).
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    It is JDM, but bone stock K24 engine from a TSX. It is a Class B Champcar! Oh, and a supercharger bolted to it. I guess bumped to C with forced induction. 🤣 I run it in AER, but may do a couple events in EC with it. Most likely Thompson as it is a home track for us.
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    #489 Ergolab Miata was fun and fast, but had issues. I'm trying to drive it off the trailer and the car won't start. Bad fuel pump. How does that happen simply from towing it across the country? LOL. Need to source another spare. We had a clutch line blow Friday when we were in 3rd place. From there, the problems cascaded. Going around in only 4th gear we were still able to turn 256-258s. Then our driver had contact, come in to pull the fender, and then beached the car a little later, effectively destroying the splitter (from the tow out) and both front ball joints were blown too. But jamming the car in gear also apparently broke a spring in the clutch, so after hour and hours of bleeding and changing all the components to the clutch, we finally took the trans off at 9:30 PM and found the bad clutch. We had multiple used options and clearly chose the wrong one as it started slipping Saturday after 45 minutes (we were leading at that point). Note also that wing was effective. So effective it started ripping the body apart at the attachment points. Troy welded the poop out of it and it should be good going forward. The car is fun and fast, we just haven't been able to put a whole race together. It teases enough that I'm not giving up. Thanks to the workers and the other great teams we swapped needed parts with. Love to race with you all.
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    Another wild race weekend for me. Started friday all set to drive the Prefect Racing Boxster. During practice it seemed a bit softly sprung and underdampened and was likely going to be a tops 1:48 car. But as many of you saw, it was not meant to be as one of the drivers lost the back end coming through turn 12 and a salvage boxster became a scrap boxster. My take on it is that the rear of the car got light as the springs decompressed just past the bottom of the hill and he was not quite ready for it. Maybe others have a different idea, either way here it is: Driver's ok. Lots of people came by to check on him during the next couple days so he wanted me to thank those that stopped by. We all run out of talent sometimes, but the rubber and steel and fluids can be replaced so it's not the end of the world as long as flesh and bones are fine. Fortunately the couple of us that still wanted to drive from that team were able to find seats. Big thanks to the Never Start Racing Team for picking up one of my friends for some seat time. I jumped in with NBY to try help the team repeat from a couple races ago. Everything was going to plan when my stint began. I got in the car in 4th, and was back in the lead promptly as some pit stops were made. A mid stint caution opened the track up for a couple of time attack laps where the ftd was set. At least during my stint, everyone drove with a lot of respect. People that got the blue flag almost all either ceded the space or maintained a predictable racing line, either of which is commendable and makes it easy for all of us to stay on track. Unfortunately, the engine let go during the next driver's stint so the weekend turned out a total bust from a racing perspective. But it was still good to see everyone on and off track. Congrats Huggy team on the win. Thanks to the Champcar staff and volunteers and double thanks to the safety teams and corner workers at Road Atlanta.
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    Today's update Just hit the easy button bought a wadded spec e30 cage&shell, might need a couple of bars but this will speed up things. Front horns/core support trashed, going to transplant cage, comes with good quarters, roof and floor for patch material. Could not resist the price $250 Thank You @Justin9
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    Our E30 with winter package did....
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    We've made it back to Iowa, and had a little sleep. What a fun weekend, with friends and racing. Another fine event thanks to the work from the Champ staff. Special thanks and kudos to Jay and his pit road workers for braving the nasty conditions for entire weekend! We were pretty excited with our results in the rain. Let me back up just a moment...our car has always SUCKED in the rain. We pretty much knew it was coming, and did a little more research and set up work this time and it paid off with a pretty decent car in the wet. I personally was thrilled to not be terrified for the entire stint. Its not perfect yet but soooo much better. We had some window fogging issues on Saturday morning that necessitated a couple of extra stops to deal with, putting us back to 38th in the first stint. It wasn't completely solved but good enough to run the rest of the day. Throughout the rest of Saturday we chugged along and stayed out of the sand and grass and worked back to 13th. We were wet, and cold, and happy. We shoved the car in the trailer and headed for a hot shower. (Thankfully the house we rented had 3 of them) Sunday morning we, our wrench @55mini, removed the hosed up vibration damper from the differential (it had turned into a vibration creator, and we were ready to go. We briefly thought about changing set up based on thinking it was going to dry out. Not trusting the weather weasels we opted for leaving things like they were. We started mid pack again and worked into the top 10, and floated along from 12th to 8th the rest of the day. We finished 7th (without the EC entry) and were pretty excited. We felt like just surviving was a victory. To me, Sunday was harder to drive in the varying levels of mist than Saturday was. It baited you (me) into getting a little confident and doing something stupid. The entry to 7 tried to kill me a couple times. Sorry if you were behind me when I was suddenly sideways, and thanks for not smashing into me. And then there was my run with @Jab31169 in the 3rd stint. Their light bar was in my mirror for quite a few laps. I'd think I was going to get some separation and then I would be too slow through traffic or do something dumb and he was right there. I was just a tiny bit faster, not enough. Then I had a major pucker moment coming out of 5 avoiding another sideways Miata. I think I just moved the wheel a bit to fast and touched the gas at the same time and the car didn't like that. Had to drive in the grass just a bit and carry on but WUDU was long gone by then. The last 40 minutes of the race was fun for us to watch with my son Jacob in the car. He was again chasing down the E36 of WUDU, we thought he might have the pace to catch them and the suspense was building. The funny part was when he was getting close and the black Miata of Blakes Garage passed us and WUDU for position. We were so focused on the chase we didn't realize they were catching us. Jacob did get the pass on the BMW and moved us up a spot with about 10 minutes left. Whoever was driving for Blakes Garage at the end had some great pace. Its was our fun little race a little ways down the list. I felt terrible for all of those that went home with body work and more to do, it was pretty evil and unforgiving. I had a couple of close calls and would like to think I had something to do with staying out of the walls but I think it was really mostly luck at that point. Car to car behavior was really good all weekend from what I saw, it was all weather and the track fighting back that caused trouble.
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