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  1. Blue MR2: ;http://youtu.be/CK-EXFZ0ZTQ You get some nice flames around 1:40. By that time, we were in fuel save mode - 4th and 5th gears only, and I still missed the finish by 4 minutes.
  2. They had some sort of turbo. I can dig through our footage, I have some nice vid of them shooting flames. You're welcome for the welding.
  3. And here it is from behind you: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVBayaqKlhg
  4. We have had lights in our pit stall pointing out into pit lane. At VIR, the drivers side is away from pit wall and doesn't get hit by direct light. I understand what you are suggesting with overhead pit lane lighting but it isn't practical for us - we are sharing a pit stall with 2 other teams and to be good cellmates we generally try to be as compact as we can. Rigging up lights that hang 10' over pit lane would require ballast and scaffolding and would need to be sturdy enough to not fall into pit lane when bumped by any of the 6-8 guys hanging out in that stall (3 teams @ 2 guys per team). Then that whole apparatus would need to transported and constructed at VIR.
  5. Pit lane is very dangerous. I was almost run over at night wearing my black fire suit while I was buckling the next driver into the car. I was on my knees at our drivers door and the car was coming into their pits a few stalls down. He never saw my legs. If keeping the cars head lights on while driving on pit lane would prevent even one injury, isn't that worth it?
  6. I don't think it's very confusing but I can see how it isn't 100% clear. From a competitor point of view, when you are spending $$$ on lights to compete in a race, more $$$, you want to make sure you are 100% compliant. If there is any question, it gets asked. Now I know it's a pain for you guys because you end up answering the same question 10-20 times, but for us it's only one question.
  7. Thanks, all weekend she said that she basically had the ladies bathroom to herself and when she did see other women they said that they were watching/crew but not driving.
  8. So my wife asked me a question. I assumed the answer was no, but she didn't find another female driver - Was she the only one?
  9. I have the battery and I move it between a few cars. It works well. I keep it charged. I have a transponder mount on each car so it's easy to move.
  10. Cool. There is a Fiero in that area that a team is selling that I went and looked at. I figured that I might try to save Jer a trip.
  11. What car? Is it a Fiero by any chance?
  12. What works for my team: I own the cars and the cars get titled (when we can) in my name. I collect opinions from the team on how to proceed and what to buy, but ultimately I make the decisions. The cars are stored here and I own the truck and trailer that hauls them around. I have ~5 teammates who are stable and we build the cars. Of the guys that I have - we split the expenses evenly. I produce and publish build sheets with exact costs so there is nothing hidden from them. I know a lot of team don't do this but I have to because I would end up paying thousands of dollars extra (for example - we order out for lunch on our work days: 5 work days x 5 guys x $10 = $250 that would end up coming out of my pocket so the lunches get billed to the team).
  13. Because when you pull in in the middle of the night during a snowstorm and don't feel like unhooking/unpacking this happens:
  14. I've had both: 18' open that had a tire rack and an enclosed tool box in the front. 26' closed - It's carpeted and has a workbench, toolboxes, A/C, TV, etc. I've also towed with: S10 Blazer (never again), Durango (OK but fragile), Titan (good but 8500# limit), and finally my RAM 3500. I barely feel the trailer back there with the RAM. quick album I put together: http://schumachertax...e.com/trailers/ I won't go back to an open. Like others mentioned, you can just unhook and go. I use it for racecar storage when it's in my driveway and it's a place to stay at the track.
  15. because keep the car from moving. I've had cars move just having them in gear.
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