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  1. Purchased these in November, but decided to restore my OEM door panels instead. Still in wrapping, removed from box only. Includes (in the sealed original bag) all hardware, black door pull strap and instructions. Retail is $359, my loss is your gain, $300 firm, plus $25 shipping (UPS Ground) to the lower 48 only. If you are local to Jacksonville, FL can arrange pick up from me. I will also be in Daytona January 29-31 (Rolex 24 Hour) for anyone going. Cash preferred, PayPal if out of town. May also be at April ChampCar event at Daytona http://www.hardmotorsport.com/ha
  2. Who is providing the F&C (corner workers) for this event? I will be near Indy for work that week and was thinking of signing up if SCCA is providing.
  3. Having worked F&C at ChampCar and Daytona, PUY is an issue, more so in other series I have both worked and raced in (in my opinion). When you have a yellow at your corner, you have two priorities; communicate the issue via flag and radio (to control) and safety, particularly if you have "boots on the ground". When the situation allows or you have enough people at the station (rare), you can focus on PUY. To demonstrate how it works, assume a full course caution. Control and the stations are focused on the situation and getting the course green. Stations note any PUY, but t
  4. Oh no, we need an entire field of Milka Duno's, preferably in Nomex bustiers. .
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