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  1. I was waiting for the bait. So lets look at what is needed to replace the suspension components. I can go into greater detail if requested. For reference; a NA/NB Miata is plug and play. At the very least a fixture would need to be built or already on hand to square up the new suspension components to the chassis. Materials, Tools, Components, Prep, Manpower The platform must have a means of being level(ed). It also would need to be tied to the front suspension mounting points. I can't imagine less than $300.00 for the steel and 30+ hours to build it. You can't buil
  2. I was not referring to the race broadcasts. At the very tippy tippy top. KP
  3. Try this episode of Dinnerwithracers for a lesson in bizarre and taking a build well beyond what was intended. http://www.dinnerwithracers.com/episode-8-the-level-5-special/ Unintended consequences can be devastating.
  4. I have been reading all of the recent topics regarding Indy and it appears that it may be time for everyone to take a deep breath. My reasons for doing this are completely selfish. I had full intentions to build another car to compete in an endurance series. I had built a car for another series and it won its very first race in EC. That event was primarily used as a shakedown for the other series and the race car was based on one of the most popular platforms in Champcar. I don't like the way the other series has expanded which has created an unsafe difference in closing speeds
  5. You can make as simple as you want to using common sense. An open mind helps. This doesn't take a lot of time just a plan. Or you can say I can't. Just pointing out the proper way to evaluate the cooling system for those interested in minimizing cooling issues.
  6. Every engine design is different regarding flow pattern and heat transfer. This is true even with modular designs. The first thing to consider are the cast components. Check for mismatch and casting slag that may be creating a restriction, hot spot or turbulence in the wrong area. Once this evaluation is complete any issues should be addressed. Once that is complete then pump, restrictors, hoses etc. should be evaluated using sensors and collecting data. The data can them be shared to determine the best heat transfer. This may include moving how the flow travels through the system.
  7. https://forum.champcar.org/topic/20933-what-actually-defines-a-special-model/ It was this thread that finally made me decide to bring a perspective that is not necessarily unique but brings history and a broad rage of wisdom in motorsport. I'll will begin with this man. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_H._Schwitzer. My grandfather's relationship with him began after he graduated from college and received his CPA. My grandfather became the one and only CFO for the Schwitzer Corp, which later became the Schwitzer Cummins Corp. He also was the one that sold the company at the
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