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  1. Just because it is an amateur series doesn't mean that a professional approach isn't required. 4 pages of discussion and not 1 element of documented proof. I haven't seen any evidence nor has it been mentioned that any contact has been made with a major supplier of drivetrain components and spoken to an engineer. This reminds me of a time in the early '90's when a technical director from an amateur racing club had access to our shop through through one the racers that rented space in our shop. I used to love questioning him regarding the rules he created. We used to call the look on his face the 'trout look'. You'll get it if you use your imagination. If a rule needs to be made it needs real data to back it up. If there is a cost concern one way would be to break it down as a ratio over various platforms. If it is a safety concern then get an engineer involved. Don't get into a 'I think rabbit hole' because it will taken the issue into a ... hole that ends up in fantasy land and not reality. And, stay away from the pipe. KP
  2. I was waiting for the bait. So lets look at what is needed to replace the suspension components. I can go into greater detail if requested. For reference; a NA/NB Miata is plug and play. At the very least a fixture would need to be built or already on hand to square up the new suspension components to the chassis. Materials, Tools, Components, Prep, Manpower The platform must have a means of being level(ed). It also would need to be tied to the front suspension mounting points. I can't imagine less than $300.00 for the steel and 30+ hours to build it. You can't build it without components that can hold tight tolerances and these wouldn't be purchased without justification for future use. $500.00 is a very low estimate. A highly skilled technician(s)/engineer(s). Aren't we all or think we are? Just because people aren't on other projects doesn't mean that a value can't be placed when an extraordinary level of skill is required to complete a modification. It would be interesting to find out just how many that view this forum think that they could perform this task in their garage, and if they currently own the equipment. I will state that I only have 40% of the requirements to complete this task. Again we come to the crossroads of 'Unintended Consequences'. Who within the ChampCar organization has the experience to be able to understand all the various systems of race car prep to able to avoid 'Unintended Consequences'? Should it be committees serving the BOD? Should these committees be broken down by the various systems? There isn't a solution that can be applied to every platform (90's Miata vs. 70's/80's Corvettes) without an understanding of the requirements of the examples and everything in between. KP
  3. I was not referring to the race broadcasts. At the very tippy tippy top. KP
  4. Try this episode of Dinnerwithracers for a lesson in bizarre and taking a build well beyond what was intended. http://www.dinnerwithracers.com/episode-8-the-level-5-special/ Unintended consequences can be devastating.
  5. I have been reading all of the recent topics regarding Indy and it appears that it may be time for everyone to take a deep breath. My reasons for doing this are completely selfish. I had full intentions to build another car to compete in an endurance series. I had built a car for another series and it won its very first race in EC. That event was primarily used as a shakedown for the other series and the race car was based on one of the most popular platforms in Champcar. I don't like the way the other series has expanded which has created an unsafe difference in closing speeds. Therefore I was hoping to to build the car to Champcar specs but with the latest revelations coming from the Indy event I won't justify the time and expense. Let's face it; this situation created trauma for the series and the competitors. I have seen this may times in my 50 years of motorsports. I have never seen the situation/trauma resolved properly nor to the satisfaction of those involved. I am going to list what I believe are the most important processes that need to take place so that the majority of those involved can feel secure that the series can move forward. #1 When human beings have been harmed whether physically or emotionally we look for protection and security. As such, there needs to be reassurance from the leadership of Champcar that this issue will be investigated and solutions will be implemented. I have viewed the majority of the videos that have been posted by the highest level of the leadership in Champcar. Not once have the participants been thanked for making the series a success. I find them dull. Anyone who has run a business knows that the one of the keys to a successful business is to thank anyone involved at every opportunity. This would be a good time to provide reassurance and show what the participants mean to the leadership. This should be done on this forum and other platforms as well. #2 From the comments there are plenty if items that are believed to be violations of the rules. Instead of responding to each and every allegation the team leadership should admit to the items that they believe were beyond the limitations of the Champcar rule book regardless whether they were approved. Why would they participate in another Champcar event if they know that every competitor is going to take every opportunity to attack all aspects of the build? That sounds like hell and absolutely zero fun. In addition, if this particular team participates in other forms of motorsport; and they have sponsors, they absolutely cannot afford to have sponsors demonized because of a lack of foresight on the part of the team leadership. #3 Anger in motorsports is a dead end is more ways than one. It is imperative that everyone (drivers, crew, team owners, directors, leadership, volunteers, etc) take time to do their very best to calm down. If one brings anger to a discussion there can never be resolution. Please keep this topic on a positive track and if you still need to vent, go create your own to bash the situation further. I hope this helps. I would really like to get back into racing but never under the current circumstances. KP
  6. You can make as simple as you want to using common sense. An open mind helps. This doesn't take a lot of time just a plan. Or you can say I can't. Just pointing out the proper way to evaluate the cooling system for those interested in minimizing cooling issues.
  7. Every engine design is different regarding flow pattern and heat transfer. This is true even with modular designs. The first thing to consider are the cast components. Check for mismatch and casting slag that may be creating a restriction, hot spot or turbulence in the wrong area. Once this evaluation is complete any issues should be addressed. Once that is complete then pump, restrictors, hoses etc. should be evaluated using sensors and collecting data. The data can them be shared to determine the best heat transfer. This may include moving how the flow travels through the system. Anything off the shelf may be a compromised solution. If you buy pants on line and they show off the crack of your butt is this acceptable? For some maybe so. Depends on what you see in the mirror.
  8. https://forum.champcar.org/topic/20933-what-actually-defines-a-special-model/ It was this thread that finally made me decide to bring a perspective that is not necessarily unique but brings history and a broad rage of wisdom in motorsport. I'll will begin with this man. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_H._Schwitzer. My grandfather's relationship with him began after he graduated from college and received his CPA. My grandfather became the one and only CFO for the Schwitzer Corp, which later became the Schwitzer Cummins Corp. He also was the one that sold the company at the family's request when Louie died. I suggest you check out the link and do some fact checking. First and foremost I must say that I like the Champcar concept and by no means intend to discredit what has been created. This perspective is not something that can be offered and written in one seating, and rather than have responses that could drag this thread to boredom; I ask that comments are held back until I feel that questions would be appropriate. I'll start by offering why I would right any of this down. I am at a crossroads to decide the direction of my next creation (race car). I would prefer to be able to run it a more than one sanctioning body but it appears this would be difficult to do at this time. I would like to also point out my perspective relating to those people that drive in a motorsports event. First; there is the "Participant". These are people that simply enjoy the idea of competing or are just beginning in the sport. Second; there is the competitor who have spent time in the sport and are progressing in the sport but may be held back to get to the next level by any number of circumstances. Third; is the winner. They evaluate every situation, create winning formulas in all aspects of racing from within themselves to the car they drive, and they surround themselves with people who want to help them succeed. In addition, I try to think through any task I undertake based on a simple concept developed from Roger Penske's "Effort equals results" First; I must have a passion to create or complete a task. Second; do I have the knowledge to complete a task and/or do I know where to gain the knowledge I need? Third, do I have the wisdom to complete a task? Obviously wisdom comes from experience/mistakes or from those who have shared their wisdom. Therefore, success, happiness, and winning comes from Knowledge, Wisdom and Passion. KP
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