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  1. So here it is: I can't heel-toe. I've been driving stick for almost 30 year and I have not been able to get it - but also my legs don't work perfectly and I just can't turn my leg/ankle/foot properly, either trying the traditional way or rolling my foot/toe if the pedals are close. Also, our car is a 2001 and an auto-blipper can't be installed to work. I've gotten around this because all of the cars I have been out on track with were dual clutch, but now I'm in a 5 speed. So, does anyone have advice for how to handle this? We have a low horsepower car (maybe 130hp)
  2. Hey everyone. Just for clarification, we have three people total on the team. And thank you all for your feedback. It is much appreciated!
  3. What's a fire bottle guy? (And I'm sure this is a straight up noob question.)
  4. Hey. This is my first post, and this will be my first race in September at PBIR! Super excited! So I just found out we're going to be down a driver, which leaves us with three. I know that three is the minimum but now I'm worried that it's going to be a grueling amount of driving. September in South Florida can still be really hot, and from track days I've done I know it can be mentally exhausting - and those are only 25 minute stints. And of course we're all out of shape middle aged dudes. The PBIR race is two 7 hour races. Do any of you have any feedback/thoughts o
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