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  1. This was a great weekend for Bad Gas Racing and the #300 Brown Trout Miata after the disaster we had at ACC. Was our 4th ChampCar weekend and our 2nd at GMan which has definitely become our home track. We had our best finishes ever this weekend at 7th and 10th overall with both being I believe 4th in A class. We made some good upgrades to the car over the winter and our pace on track improved from a fast lap of around a 1:51 flat last year to running a 1:48.7ish this race. And that lap was done at 3pm on Sunday so it definitely should be able to do a 47 in the morning. While I was driving during the final stint on Sunday I was quite proud of being able to pass Two Bros, Buzworks, TRMotorsports, and Visceral but obviously this was just a personal victory since we were a lot of laps behind all of them by that point in the race. Big shout out to Two Bros for helping us out with some fuel on Sunday. Had a ton of fun with Narwhal swapping positions all weekend even though they got us both days at the end. Always a pleasure drinking some PBR's with the PBR crew. Looking forward to MidO and BeavRun to close out the season. Come find us in the paddock we got a Busch Light for you!
  2. Like many other Miata teams out there we decided to dump the stock hard top and go with a chop top. Sick right? Well yes definitely except there's one big negative, not having a waterproof top any more. Now being a team of more modest means requires us to be more "nimble" with our trailering...aka open trailer life for us. We bought a cheapo car cover on amazon thinking we could be smart and put our own holes in the cover and really strap it down to the car so it wouldn't blow off. That lasted all of 15 seconds on the freeway and was immediately ripped to shreds. It was raining quite heavily but luckily the last 2 hours of the drive was dry and the car was "mostly" dry when we got to the track. However I would much rather have a better plan than this. Which leads me to the big question: How do you chop top Miata teams who are also poor deal with rain while towing? Anyone have luck with one of these? Was thinking maybe this is the next move.. trying to majorly reduce the surface area in attempts to reduce the flappage. Possibly be smarter about the holes and try and stich in some strengthening gussets to strap to. Let me know if you have a solution! Thanks, Sean
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