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  1. And let me tell you... there are some with the SUN on the front of their cars.
  2. Most miata trans failures is driver. Just saying.
  3. Lift your rear end up, add front camber, smaller front swaybar, softer front springs, a touch of toe out up front, all those should help with understeer.
  4. We run the penskes. With the penskes you do not need aftermarket swaybars. The shocks are stiff enough to run stock bars and the handling is phenomenal.
  5. Champcar is not going away. Have faith that the personel in charge will figure it out. Enjoy yourself at the events because we are all extended family just wanting to have a good time. Politics are never easy.
  6. Careful with all those lights. Only allowed 4
  7. Cheap light bar off ebay. "Supposed to be" less than 8000 lumens. 18in light bar on miatas work well.
  8. There is 4 in this pic alone. That means there is a minimum of 6 inside the car. That means there is 2 extra (at minimum) cage bars. Not counting the "bolt-in" cage (I mean strut tower bar). And the "2" extra bars are not point value applicable.
  9. 3.2.11 no more than 8 bars... welded or bolted. How is that hard to understand. Extea stuff or not... 8 is 8 is 8
  10. I want to see that car with doors open and look at that cage. Just don't see how this is not more than a 8 point cage.
  11. Sounds like the decision was already made, if you read the comments.
  12. Nor does it address or fix pieces of the car that are not within the rules. Fabricated pieces, bodywork volume, cage extras, etc. Without removing the parts that make that chassis "extra" rigid, we are fighting against a tube chassis with a stock frame rail. Wish i was going to Road America, would love to watch this car get teched. Because unless it has had a serious makeover, it will still be an EC car. My 2 cents
  13. What free miata shocks? I spend 40 points for my setup.
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