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  1. I have to encase the whole thing? This only says the oil line. Where in the rules does it say o have to encase the whole canister?
  2. You do realize that GBU can do dam near 2 hours on a stint.
  3. They would never do that to the Riley team. They drive safe, just excessively fast.
  4. The way they can interpret the rules, trust me, it say, "bring the same car you raced to qualify." That would imply as raced. Safety items are a touch different, but the car was raced as a D car at whatever points they are now, that would hold true to the championship.
  5. The championship race is based on previous years rule book, so the car that qualified is the car that races.
  6. So you can see from the passenger door and from the drivers seat. Looking for an answer, "does this shield pass?"
  7. But they get to run the Road America Championship next year with this rule set.. this is exactly how the car will show up, next year, and win, if it doesn't break.
  8. Well, I have added an oil cooler and accusump, and removed 2 end links.
  9. I'm sure they are gonna make me go through rhe line.
  10. Quick question, I already know the answer, but Dana made comment about if you have a 2020 tech sticker, do not come to tech. Well I had to add parts to my car for reliability reasons. I already have a 2020 sticker. But because I added stuff, I need to go back through tech. Correct?
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