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  1. This really turned into a nice aero thread. lol. With good venting I’ll probably throw some vents in the fenders as well. If we have time we were going to get crazy and do a flat bottom as well. Does any of this have effect on that?
  2. Planned on louvering the hood for air movement, and sealing off all the front except some brake ducking. Thanks for the info!
  3. Not great for aero having them installed or not great having them removed? min not worries about the driver or cab getting messy the way the door seals. We should have enough wiring to get the computer located inside the cab beyond the firewall as well.
  4. Fenders have 5 or 6 mounting points to the cab, and 3 to the front radiator support. Might add another front support location and call it good. I was worried more what people thought in the event of racing in the rain.
  5. Inner Fenders to run them, or not to run them? What is the general consensus? I would think not running them would keep temps down by allowing the air to exit the engine bay after passing through the radiator easier. Running a S-10.
  6. The extreme stuff is going in the trash and going to take points for parts off of it that we kept (larger sway bar, lowering springs- 30 points) and use the 1995 motor and claim 1995 VPI. Thanks for all your help!
  7. The only difference between xtreme and base was 2 inch lowering springs, bigger sway bar, quicker steering box, and airdam, side skirts. Not familiar with what models you are comparing.
  8. It makes sense! The bed is the same and tank capacity (we are using a cell) is the same. We planned on a cam swap anyway, so will just claim cam points upfront if it doesn’t match. I’ll check. @Chris Huggins thanks for your help my first three months here. Glad to hear you are on the BOD in the future! I’ll shoot you a PM on how some other points work with aero, materials, etc.
  9. 94-02 the Engine Vin Code W engine (which we have) was available. HP designations change from factory cam/head changes. All used SCPI. We will claim 150 for points based on 95 engine, and take points for Xtreme aero package, or any aero device. Will we run into complaining about the headlight/grill change to newer and running 95 for points? or do we need to search for a matching 95 grill? Thanks!
  10. Thanks. This truck has so many parts from so many years its hard to declare what year it is when its said and done . Declare it a 95 (150 VPI compared to 200) and pay for the points for Aero would be the most advantageous. Its weird to me that they have the 95 Gen 2 body style 50 points less than the rest of the Gen 2 years, and the same VPI as Gen 1. Oversight? Or loophole? (yes I understand I'm racing a s10, don't worry about points, make it safe, blah blah blah) Frame - 1997 (back half gone for RX7 cradle swap) Engine/Tranny - 1995 Cab - 2000 (replaced because floor
  11. Would a stock option aero package (s10 Xtreme) count as points for the air dam and side skirts? Our would it be 10 for air dam and 10 for side skirts?
  12. They have 31lbs for the 255 right on the Hankook Motorsports site. I’ll keep looking at specs and see what works out. 17x9/255 might be the way to go. Or just blow 100 points on boost and have fun Thats what our team is going to be all about, having fun, and trying to finish. Haha
  13. Clearance with c5 brakes is a crap shoot with 17s. Our RX-7 rear end swap uses 5x114.3, and is wider than the s 10 rear end. /9 we will use conversion spacers in the front to have a square setup instead of two different pairs of wheels that doesn’t allow rotation. Since we aren’t going to win our first time out, or probably ever, we are gonna use the Federal’s to get our feet wet in local autocross, first race, ect.
  14. Looking for some advice on this situation. Right now we are looking for a wheel/tire setup for the s10. Final weight of the truck will be 2700ishlbs. Was trying to get a 17x9 setup on black friday sale, but out of stock with no timeline to restock, so back to looking at options. Our situation we are looking for a 0offset/low offset in 5x114.3. The 17x9 weighted 21-22lbs, but looked at making the jump to 18x11 or a 18x10. Tire weights would be about a 1lb difference according to hankookmotorsports.com for RS-4s (comparing 255/40/17 to 275/35/18). So looking at 3-4lbs pe
  15. What points are specific pump if I’m using OE coolers to cool fluid?
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