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  1. One thing I have noticed people always say they want more communication and input from membership, surveys, etc, but I have never once gotten an email from ChampCar with updates, news, ect. I think starting with communication there would be a good start.
  2. Put some primer on the truck, no longer multicolored. Won’t be at Mid Ohio racing, but will be there to check it out sat morning. Truck won’t be ready, 2022 it is for our first race?
  3. Thanks! What size fuse do you suggest inline to the battery post?
  4. All I’m finding are led bulbs? Would that matter?
  5. Just followed the directions? Lol it works perfectly as advertised, rev to 1500 and cuts everything.
  6. yeah won’t be using that switch anymore. Will shut it off with ignition switch and once off turn off the safety key to de-energize the system. is there a specific universal battery lamp out there I should look for to wire in since ours was located built into the cluster?
  7. When we removed the stock cluster it therefore removed the battery lamp that competed the circuit to tell it to turn on as you can see. can we just wire it direct to provide voyage to turn on? Or does that lamp provide as specific resistance?
  8. I think I have killed two alternators over the course of the last month with incorrectly installed kill switch resistor and using the main shutoff to cut the engine. 4430 Pegasus shut off switch. It kills RPMs at 1500 no problem! But also alternators Bench tested a spare yesterday, 14.3 volts, in the truck, no charge, 11.8 volts. Wiring matches the diagrams in the shop manual. Going to take the first one I might have killed, and the second, to the local guy to get tested tomorrow. if it’s not killed alternators, than I have no clue why we aren’t charging. Simple system.
  9. Dash is in, but truck cranks, won’t start. Power at distributor from coil (I know this because my biddy was shocked ) but no power at plugs. Chasing down a bad ground this weekend.
  10. Seats in, belts in, dash mocked up, wiring next week when Pegasus package gets here!
  11. Got the cab and cage painted this weekend! Next is wiring, dash, lights
  12. Looking at jumping into iracing. Any updates on preferred budget equipment for a wheel and pedals?
  13. Trimming the wiring harness back would be time consuming, but doable. I have to think that interior and dash assembly has to weight 3-400lbs. Plus spare, glass, ect.
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