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  1. Have a parts number on that sea flow pump? My wife works at a wholesale marine parts house and gets deep discounts lol
  2. So when we go to order our first set of pads should we inquire with carbotech? I’m confused if this post means they are good to work with now, or go somewhere else
  3. I would submit a tech desk ticket to check on that rear subframe for 10 points....and in general reach out to tech about the build as well so you get your points correct and don’t have surprises....I hope they value that rear at 10 points. Keep us updated!
  4. Finished cutting hood vents. Minor bending and sanding before primer
  5. What about circulating fluid through a cooler? Diff/Trans cooler, this price is a lot less than a tilton, that’s for sure
  6. Can get some KYBs for the rear from rock auto for 50/side and cut stock springs. Saves 20 points and probably will do that.
  7. That’s actually 110 points, looked it up this am Coil overs - 35 per side (70 total) Each piece of the 3 link package - 40 points (at least the one I looked at had four components. would have saved 30 points over swapping, 37 material points, rear strut brace 10, and rear sway bar 20. For a total of 97 points Hindsight is 20/20, this is our first dive into racing
  8. The frame was off about a 1/16 of an inch from side to side to center of hub, easy fix with alignment lol. If we ever build something like this again for champ car I guarantee it won’t be this radical
  9. The rear subframe is out of a 94 Mazda RX-7, Total cost of the rear end swap was about 550 bucks in materials (metal and subframe)
  10. I was trying to include the trailing arms and toe links in the lower assembly in my hypothetical points structure. Lower assembly, and upper assembly. I’m not a pro, just beating this dead horse till it rotten. All of the above. 50 points is undervalued, 140 or per suspension piece is overvalued. Had I known it was 140, plus materials for the subframe (37) for a total of 177 I don’t think we would have done it. That cart has left the barn. I’m sure someone will say well that’s what the BCCR states, but that’s not the tech desk article we followed said. How were we supposed to know the article was deleted. As @Bill Strongsaid, I’m not the first one that is going to show up with an IRS swap to a track and get killed on points. This conversation is just going in circles now. Lol.
  11. I think it should be valued as such, easy and simple Upper suspension arm/assembly - 10 per side Lower suspension arms/assembly- 10 per side Spindle - 10 per side Frame - 10 points 70 points for suspension components Want to change the diff? Another 25 Hubs? Another 5 - that stuff us already included in the BCCR. Total swap - 100 points More than the old tech desk at 50, but less than 140-160
  12. 42.5 per side plus 20 for subframe and mounts. 115 total, without diff swap. With different swap would be 130 because we have a trailing arm suspension for the lower components we get hit 20 points extra because our setup has two components instead of wishbone single component lower
  13. This swap would cost less points then our current one. Something is wrong with that, lol
  14. Subframes? Listed as Tubular front subframe/k member. Bolt in. - 10 points
  15. You can? Lol. We were actually trying to find a C6 rear suspension but couldn’t figure out how to get the torque tube and transaxle to work physically and within points. The very first idea was a mid engine s-10
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