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  1. Love the build! Took some pointers from it. I’ll be reaching out with a few questions I’m sure
  2. We should have started with a 4wd chassis, would have been somewhat easy. more bench racing was needed before we started our build to get the perfect build. lol
  3. 1995 is the sweet spot in the VPI, which we have. 4.3 W vin code engine option, newer body, 20 gallon fuel tank, 150 points. 1996 goes to 200 points and 19 gallons in fuel
  4. Yeah that would a great addition!
  5. Got my points mixed up. Starting at 250 with 280 hp and AWD. I had to check marketplace and there is one for sale locally for 25k. Hahaha
  6. It’s all personal interpretation to bend the rules how ever you see fit. Hahaha so eBay turbo kit, Intercooler. Check. or find a syclone. That would a huge sleeper. AWD turbo v6. 225 points?
  7. I wish dropping a 5.3 in it would work here. Lol
  8. We have tall ball joints already in the lowers and uppers from suggestions from the s10 forum. Might change up to coil overs and non stock lower a arms if we have the points when the build is done. I’ll have to check those episodes out! Thanks!
  9. Oh yeah. I knew it would need out riggers. RCC suggested 2x4x1/8th with gussets, but I could have swore I saw somewhere that a minimum thickness was 1/4 wall.
  10. I like this idea a lot. Gives space for seat, diagonal terminates in the general area of drivers head. with as much offset as we may have, the diagonal bar and shoulder bar could be two separate pieces that do not intersect. Would that be stronger or weaker?
  11. What you describe about the bottom portion being more rearward because of cab slope is correct. @Chris Huggins this is what I was trying to explain. Located just west of Sandusky. Would love for you to stop down! Beer and lunch is on me! If the main hoop stays upright, I’m thinking of something like this for the shoulder bar. That would allow maximum rear clearance and keep the main hoop on plane. The diagonal bars would still connect the shoulder bar to the main hoop, just on a minor angle.
  12. I never thought about leaving it single plane and mounting it on a forward angle. That might help as well. I have a tech inquiry started. So I will get correct direction soon
  13. I have read the roll cage description in the BCCR more than a few times looking to the answer to these questions, but am coming up empty. in an attempt to make the cage fit the body as tight as possible in our S-10 and maximize room, is the main hoop allowed to have a bend leaning it forward to fit tight against back wall, and follow window line to meet the halo at the top?
  14. It’s time to buy my first helmet. what make and models do you all prefer? In the time of Covid it’s tough to find a race ship with a well stocked selection that will let you try stuff on for fitment.
  15. Unfortunately we decided to pass on it for now. We need to get this truck ready to race, and a weekend of fabrication for a bumper is out of the question right now. I know some people that have access to more of these if we decide to give it a shot in the future! It was going to be lighter, but not by much.
  16. My bad, didn’t see that fiberglass was on there. Thanks for making me read it for the 20th time!
  17. So I brought the bumper home to check fitment. We can chop it an make it work for the “cool” factor. Honest question, What would we be charged points for the Sq ft of fiberglass/metal? Reach out to tech? Would have a bash bar behind it.
  18. So how many points would it be to take a NASCAR front clip and put it on the front of our S10 ThorSport racing is local, top truck team.
  19. This really turned into a nice aero thread. lol. With good venting I’ll probably throw some vents in the fenders as well. If we have time we were going to get crazy and do a flat bottom as well. Does any of this have effect on that?
  20. Planned on louvering the hood for air movement, and sealing off all the front except some brake ducking. Thanks for the info!
  21. Not great for aero having them installed or not great having them removed? min not worries about the driver or cab getting messy the way the door seals. We should have enough wiring to get the computer located inside the cab beyond the firewall as well.
  22. Fenders have 5 or 6 mounting points to the cab, and 3 to the front radiator support. Might add another front support location and call it good. I was worried more what people thought in the event of racing in the rain.
  23. Inner Fenders to run them, or not to run them? What is the general consensus? I would think not running them would keep temps down by allowing the air to exit the engine bay after passing through the radiator easier. Running a S-10.
  24. The extreme stuff is going in the trash and going to take points for parts off of it that we kept (larger sway bar, lowering springs- 30 points) and use the 1995 motor and claim 1995 VPI. Thanks for all your help!
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