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  1. Thanks, will keep in mind. I've found a few E30's fairly close, fairly cheap (< 2k) without titles or such. I see you are in NC as well, I'm in Charlotte. My biggest issue would be if we decided to do a motor swap or such like TI suggested going with an Infiniti vq. Anybody here on the east coast that puts these cars together. I'd be interested in talking to them about potentially outsourcing some things if we end up going this route. I want something with good speed. Champ would just be an option, I'd probably try to do other things with it, Tail of the dragon hill climb, track days etc.
  2. Thanks everyone, what kind of price range would be acceptable for a 1980's 325i? I may explore that route. Thanks again for all the input
  3. Wouldn't that cost 3000 points? haha. I did the VPI calc on something v8 that had, I tried 250 hp to 300 or something and was like 3800 points or something like that. Plus rules I thought read a swap can only cost $1500 including the engine? Alloy vs iron told me all I needed to know. Sounds like a good setup. Is there a good market to find the the old E30 chassis?
  4. That's interesting. Why a v6 infiniti? Cost, ease of parts etc? BMW's sound like an interesting option but I was imagining the cost of parts and maintenance, drive train replacement would be cost prohibitive.
  5. That;s an interesting looking car. Have a link on that build/concept?
  6. Thanks everyone, appreciate the input. I would hope fuel cells are required for a race???
  7. I don't know either of driver but watching the video, looks like the purple car came over to the left. I find we rarely know what really happened while in the car, but that's racing. What you just mentioned above is why my first thoughts are a Subaru BRZ, or S2000. Decent speed, light weight, should require much. What Infiniti model are you running?
  8. haha, I'm find real contact. Was it the purple car that came over into you? Quite honestly, if somebody can't deal with that they shouldn't be in racing. I don't go looking for it and do my best to avoid it, but as long as we don't wreck, or intentionally tear up cars, it's a part of racing. There are HPDE events riding around without contact. Anyway, let me put this another way, what's some of the faster options car wise out there. Top speed, require braking, car control but still competitive in the rules?
  9. I've learned more in this post than I have in 6 hours of reading and research so thank you. I'm used to 800 hp on asphalt so if 400hp is a lot in this series, doesn't seem like EC would be worth it. I was actually thinking about the production built Mustang Boss 302's but the cost seems to be high for something like this. So I was thinking small, light weight, easy on tires, durable. Mind my asking what would be torture about an S2000? Those are pretty solid cars. Funny, I was thinking about a 70's camaro but first search prices were too high, I'll have to dig around in the junk yards. Is there a top 5 list of cars to consider posted anywhere?
  10. Street stock body cars with v8/ GM 350 engines. I'd really love to bring out a Nascar and just have fun. Parts, tires, everything is super cheap and safe as anything you'll build but apparently they aren't allowed. So outside of that, would be open to options. No preference to audi. I'm actually looking at some salvage Subaru BRZ's or the scion versions. It would seem the Honda S2000 would be good choice for this but prices are so high and hate to cut one up. If we did it, sure would figure out whatever. Like I mentioned before, wish there was just a simple option that was competitive and just show up and drive and have fun and feel safe.
  11. Thanks TI, I should clarify, BS was all emcompassing, not just tearing up cars. I don't mind rubbing, rubbing is racing but i'm fine not doing it. I would have to type 3 pages+ to cover what BS entails. It's constant complaining about rules, it's rules changing when somebody whines or complains. Constant protests but then there are things like working all week, spending a ton of money only to get to run 12 to 15 laps at 19 seconds a lap. Seat time definitely doesn't seem to be an issue in this series. That's why I was hoping a Nascar could run in the EC class, just go out in a good, fun car, turn laps and have some fun. Plus, I cut my teeth racing MX, it was a fun, weekend event, we competed hard on the track, but sat around grilling, drinking a cold beverage just having fun. Weight vs hp is an interesting conversation. Do you have any thoughts on say an Audio Quattro or comparable AWD car?
  12. Joining this thread to follow. Also, have a couple of questions about Assetto Corsa I purchased my rig to practice dirt racing on iRacing. The platform has gotten a lot better for dirt as far as sim experience is involved. However, the asphault doesn't appear to be as good. One issue I'm having is no vibration in pedals or even the wheel with over steer, understeer etc. How is AC as far this is concerned. I ask because I've contemplated on purchasing a motion setup for my Px-1 setup. I'm running fanatec DD2 with inverted v3 pedals. Any input as far as AC goes would be appreciated. Thanks for all the helpful info!
  13. I can get a ton of race tires for less than $100. I appreciate your input. There is so much info to sort through, I just want to drive something without a lot of BS! (Why I'm looking for a change.) haha. I've been racing dirt, there is so much beating and banging, we only start with frames and build the cars from the ground up using aluminum sheet metal so we can beat it out and replace it every week. I'm not sure I like the idea have to shoe horn a roll cage in a production car. The pictures in the rule book don't look like a roll cage I'd be comfortable in but I'll do some more research. But I thinking about some old vintage all wheel drive cars may be the ticket. I can't thank you enough for the input though.
  14. Thank you for the input. We may have to find something else but looks like there are a lot of cool tracks in this series. Tires are a killer for a budget. It would seem if this is about budget, they'd be working towards finding ways to utilize waste from others.
  15. Hello, Have an looking an an old retired Nascar, Fusion or Monte Carlo to have some fun in. I ran across Champ Car racing. Looking at the rules, and cars for this series out there for sale, I can get one of these cars as cheap as anything out there. Parts are fairly cheap, Good scuff tires are cheap. Cars are safe with fire suppression. Would one of these cars be allowed to race in the EC series? We're more interested in track time and just having fun than risking safety in a production car with trying to retrofit a roll cage. If we tone it down with something like say a GM Crate 604 engine etc. Has anybody ever successfully went that route? Another option we have are some of our dirt cars which are built off 80's monte carlo frames. Is there anything saying you can't take a car, strip it down to the frame, build a cage, build the body out of sheet metal. Trying to go through all the rules see if there are any options to come out and have some fun. Also, I haven't seen anything yet in the rules on tires. Can we use anything we like? I ask is again I have an avenue for getting takes offs for cheap after some big races. Any tips or pointers for would be appreciated.
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