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  1. Your mileage may vary, but I purchased a used Oculus Rift when I wanted to try VR. For the menus, they present on the screen and sometimes you have to look around for them if that makes sense. Keep the mouse in a familiar position otherwise you'll keep peeking an eye out the headset. Ultimately I couldn't overcome the motion sickness and sold the Rift a few weeks later for $50 more than I paid initially.
  2. Yes, planning to swap in an LSD but it's currently backordered so we may have to run open for the December race. We're about 30 miles west of Philly. Thanks! Me too!
  3. that being said, what's the registration deadline for this event?
  4. We're hoping to make this our first race. Just gotta get the car a little closer to finished before committing the registration.
  5. More parts have started to arrive.Roll cage work hopefully starts soon.Our LSD is back-ordered, so current plan is get the car running and driving to sort out any gremlins, then pull the trans out later to install the LSD.Hoping to get the car to my house at some point so I can finalize all the safety equipment.
  6. Lots of movement recently. Should have a new video available soon.
  7. Question about aftermarket brake calipers: My understanding from rule 4.8.2 is that I could install 4-piston Wilwood calipers for 5pts per caliper. What about other manufacturers? Would 4-piston Brembo brakes also be 5pts per caliper? Thanks!
  8. Would be amusing, but isn't the excess soot achieved by pumping too much fuel? Probably not in our best interest as an endurance racing vehicle.
  9. Hello everyone! Long time listener, first time caller. Like many before, my friends and I have finally crossed the "Hey, we should do budget endurance racing someday" threshold with the purchase of our 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI. Our target first event is the December 2020 race at VIR. We've been building/restoring/repairing/etc watercooled Volkswagens for most of our lives so the VW platform was natural. The TDI part, however, is our own cruel way of making everything slightly more interesting and challenging than it needs to be. We've been worki
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