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  1. Looking for a shop in Mooresville or Concord NC area to add a sill bar on the passenger side and to set up a seat mount in the Maxima. Just wondering if theres anyone yall recommend.
  2. Thats fair, seems you have answered all the things I was really concerned about thanks Bill.
  3. Yes but I am wrapped in fireproof items that protect my squishy fire adverse pieces.
  4. So you do currently use the surgical tubing? We were looking at something like this since its pretty cheap and comes in 10' which we would have plenty to re do it if it loses elasticity just wasnt sure if the material was allowed in the car since its likely not fireproof.
  5. Watching a few vides and the last Rolex I saw a few teams with bungies that pull back the belts to keep them out of the seat during driver changes. I found a singular Schroth product that they dont seem to produce anymore on their official site but cant find anything else. Is there a specific item anyone knows about or will any stretchy cord work? Wasnt sure if the material needed to be fire retardant like everything else. https://discoveryparts.com/schroth-racing-harness-mounting-and-accessories-/1338-schroth-harness-elastic-band-kit-sr-00050-.html
  6. Could it not be attached to the door rather than the cage to avoid driver egress issues.
  7. The Schroth version are good for 5 years, and iirc any FIA belt is 5 years. Generally its when you get to SFI that it drops to 2 years.
  8. Awesome thanks for the info guys. Now to figure out which way we want to go. The wired option for sure sounds like the way to go.
  9. So looking to buy a transponder and the whole subscription thing is starting to scramble my brain. The new Mylaps transponders that "require" a subscription is that to just the app and other telemetry or for them to function at all? Like if you dont have a current subscription will they not count your laps while on track? Cause $160 is way more palatable than $500+
  10. Here's your difference between the weight in the calculator vs the 1800lb weight if that is the correct one. When I was trying to run the 240 with the 302 swap I put the calc into my spreadsheet to find that "grey area" 302 I could get away with running. Edited to add: Heres the formula I used straight from the BCCR =sum(( 0.032 * ((16 - (H12 / H13)) ^6)) + 50) H12 is the weight H13 is the HP
  11. No one runs naturally aspirated Miatas anywhere but spec racing where going for bigger hp is against the rules. With everyone in the normal aftermarket scene just going turbo or supercharger theres not much market for a good cam in a Miata. It was a shame when I was looking to go n/a in mine way back in the day after I was a dumb kid and bought some high comp pistons and didnt ever finish the project.
  12. I the VPI lookup on the site or the PDF more accurate. Just picked up Dougs 2002 Maxima and the lookup says base VPI of 500 and the PDF shows 515.
  13. Great to meet you yesterday and looking forward to putting the car on track! Thanks again!!!
  14. If you have room for points the Parts Shop Max rear toe arms are fantastic, I run them on my 88 10th Anny and are worth the money. https://store.partsshopmax.com/shop/FC/MultilinkAngle/FCTOE.html
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