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  1. Ive thought about it but have yet to take the plunge into iRacing. Still on Assetto Corsa, not sure I want that monthly bill if I dont know ill be on it all the time. Add to that my less than desirable rig right now it would be a mess lol.
  2. lol I have a decent collection across all the Whisk(e)y realms. They say variety is the spice of life
  3. Like Florah said its a single malt from Aberlour. Cask strength so a little goes a long way lol. Their standard 12 year is fantastic as well. On the bourbon side Id say Basil Hayden and Blanton's are some of my favorite.
  4. Just a heads up @Huggy you have the 240 information backwards.
  5. Aberlour A'Bunadh has been my go to whisky lately. As for things other than booze Ive gotten into PC building and gaming as well.
  6. Seems backwards that adding a box to control spark in the MSD while leaving everything else stock is points but not a stand alone in a computer controlled car but it is what it is. So follow up question then. What about an RPM control box like this? Its only controlling the top of the rev range not the spark timing/intensity. If this is better in the tech discussion with its own post Ill do that instead.
  7. Another question I had was over this section in the "Other equipment that doesnt count towards total point value" Reads to me you can replace the ECU with anything up to a Motec for free. Does this include MSD boxes? Because this makes it feel like an MSD box would be 20 points which seems silly when you can go full aftermarket ecu on a newer car for 0 points
  8. Here OE is defined as stock in the Redline version. So to me if we base it off of OE pricing that would be the stock pricing from the dealer not an aftermarket non stock version. So a radiator that is > Dealer cost would be 30 no matter what its made of but if its less than its free.
  9. Sounds good, Ill work up an email now thanks!
  10. firstname.lastname@champcar.org? Its kind of sad that we all have to pester the BOD to have a little transparency here. Being someone thats building a brand new car for the first time to start next year last thing I want to have to do is spend extra time and money to change with a new set of rules. And the longer I have to hold off starting my car the less likely it is to be ready for the first races next year.
  11. BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously you guys are the best. Past experience in these type things replies are 10 days late and consist of "Read the rule book better" Seriously appreciate everything!!!
  12. Even if you go with an aftermarket swap kit?
  13. Yea Ive been taking my time reading over the rules. Still shaky on the suspension stuff like how do you score a coil over lol but Ill get it with time. Yea the 302 I have is out of a Thunderbird so Im sure I could claim 190hp or less easy, but plan for the worst.
  14. Yea winning or being competitive isnt our immediate goal just making sure we are building a car that will make it to track and not handicap us too harshly. We hope to make the Feb Road Atlanta race next year for sure and if we can get this thing cobbled together maybe even the VIR race this year if possible.
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