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  1. It would be interesting if this new tire had better grip better than the RE-71 and lasted longer than the RS-4 to explain its current price. Might would be worth it if that's the case, but with limited data, our budget limited team will stick with tires that have good data. My team just got a set of 255/40/R17 RS-4's in prep for the VIR24. To buy the Continentals, it would have cost another $307 (over the RS-4's) for the set! If any teams plan on running the tire soon, would be good to hear a review about the tire's performance, longevity, and feel.
  2. The plan is to hand over the equipment we've been using with ChampCar to them, as they will be conducting the system setup long term. So, should ChampCar staff feel confident in system knowledge and setup, at this time I give Flagtronics a 70% chance of being operational with ChampCar staff from Harris Hill onward. I know it's not a definite yes or no, but it's the best answer I can come up with at this time.
  3. Soon. My hope is that we will be done with R&D and ready for product release following the VIR24 event.
  4. Unfortunately, they will not be compatible. The differences in communications equipment, hardware, and software will likely not allow this. It is unfortunate that the two companies had the same good idea come to a fully developed product at roughly the same time, putting racers, sanctioning bodies, and tracks in an awkward situation, but at the end of the day both companies are trying to improve the safety of the sport we love and have gone about the solution in slightly varying ways.
  5. What @wvumtnbkr said. The corner worker still takes precedence. I believe towards the end of page 5 in this thread, there is a picture of our Sign Boards that we will be releasing soon to tracks and sanctioning bodies. Our in-car Flagtronics devices have brought up the communication speed so fast between the race director and the driver (faster than some of the corner workers react to the radio communications now). The hope is to now bring that speed to the corner workers now too and have the corner stations and in-car units change at the same time.
  6. Clapped Out Racing #993 here. This was our second trip to the Glen, and we were not disappointed! The car ran great and the racing was awesome. Friday: For practice, we sent one driver out who came back in after two laps with a fogging issue. We dried off the windshield, applied some Rain-X anti-fogging wipes, and got the same result. More ingenuity was required. So, with a blower, expandable ducting, and a vacuum cleaner tip (the wide version to use as a diffuser), we rigged up a system we thought would work. We did not get the opportunity to fully test this solution due to the cancellation of the rest of practice, so we hoped for the best. Saturday: Rolled out 15th and started out the day driving conservatively, just trying to survive. Didn't matter much because oil on the outside of turn 9 caused the car to not turn and brush the wall a few laps in. Bent a control arm and lost the passenger side mirror. Shoutout to Blake and the Triple R Motorsports Ranch guys for having a spare RF control arm and saving our weekend! After an hour and a half of repair, inspection, and alignment, we were back out on track at 11am and had a solid run to the end, going from 80th to 58th overall. There was a small oil leak coming from the valve cover, but nothing some Honda bond couldn't resolve. Sunday: Started the race in 36th and quickly moved forward, settling in around 15th. The many cautions in the beginning helped to keep us on the lead lap for the entire first stint. For a good 15-20 minutes, we found ourselves in 6th place, but it was short lived as we had to pit under green (we were expecting another caution closer to the 2hr mark, but that never came). Second stint, there was a little drama 30 minutes in, as being force in a 3-wide scenario going into turn 7 caused us to go sideways. Made out pretty clean, considering we only lost the plastic rear bumper. It looks like a lot of fluid was laid down by a car following the turn 7 incident, and I only hope that minor contact didn't ruin someone's day. We had our fastest driver in the car for the 3rd stint, who ran a 2:20.186 and brought us to 12th at the end of the stint. For the last stint, there was a fun encounter with the #325 car, where they lifted our rear wheels off the ground and had to apply the brakes to launch off their front end. Over the radio, our driver Randy (not Pobst) asked "How's my ass?!" Our plastic bumper was gone from 2 stints ago and the metal bumper appeared to have little to no damage, so I said over the headset that his ass was looking good. We finished the race 15th and were thrilled with the result. Since starting the team in 2017, this was the first day that we had zero mechanical issues and 5 minute pit stops, bringing home the best result we could, given the top notch competition WGI brings as a premier event. On another note, the Flagtronics system worked well and I am looking forward to its release later this summer. Our car, Black Betty, will be ready for the next challenge at the VIR24. See y'all then!
  7. Jay, Yes Flagtronics will be there at Watkins Glen. I believe I just sent you an email confirming your team's addition to the testing team list.
  8. For events with 40 or less entries, a full test event works well from a staffing standpoint, given we normally send two engineers out to the events (retrieving 20 units per person at the end of an event is pushing it). Also, the more units we send out for testing (they become used), the fewer there are for teams to purchase, as we have close to 500 units assembled now (we're just waiting on the final firmware touches we make from these last few tests before selling). Given there are close to 60 teams registered for the event, the logistics probably aren't there for a full test run at CMP. Plus, limiting the test size gives us a better focus on what goes on with all the units rather than having too much of a sample size to focus on.
  9. You get added just like this. Just to confirm, you are car number 275, correct? Added
  10. Yes, we will be at CMP late June. See you there! No, we do not plan on being at Nelson Ledges. Sorry about that.
  11. For the teams racing at Hallett this weekend, Flagtronics will be there with the ability for a full field test. Be sure to have a 5V USB or 12V source available. See you there!
  12. For the teams racing at Hallett this weekend, Flagtronics will be there with the ability for a full field test. Be sure to have a 5V USB or 12V source available. See you there!
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