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  1. I'm glad the N52 is getting some love. It's a true "under the curve" engine as opposed to peak power. It's wonderful how easy it is to pass on the highway from 2k rpm staying in 6th. Got loads of torque everywhere!
  2. Damn... At 500pts for an E90, you had me real close to being in the market for a new daily...
  3. Ok, so I'm just gonna fall on the sword here. Road America is no longer happening for Flagtronics. We have been working day and night trying to deliver the best electronic flagging system on the market. Are we achieving that? Yes, I think so. Did we achieve it in time for Road America? Unfortunately not. I know that there were teams and individuals that bought a Flagtronics unit to run in their car this weekend, and to those that planned on running their purchased system at this race, I appreciate your support and am sorry to have let you down this race. There are some new features and improvements that we were hoping to have tested enough by now, but simply didn't make it. We are making the system better, but we want the system to be fully validated before treating you as Guinea Pigs on a live race track. We will be at AMP, Laguna Seca, and VIR for our next 3 races.
  4. Our antennas are bigger... In all seriousness though, I am looking forward to this event! I haven't been to California yet and I'll be glad to see some west coast teams and their cars. And, as I was typing this response, @DuncanDana broke down some key elements of Flagtronics coverage. Upon surveying the track, it will be one of the more tricky courses to cover because of all the fencing, but all the other elements make it not so bad.
  5. I said on September 3rd that it was NOT a no for Road America... (but not a yes at the time either, as we were making sure we'd have all the logistics in place). As we are now closer to the event date, we now know that we can bring some love up to Wisconsin. #happyface
  6. Your order (along with all the others) are shipping out tomorrow. We will be at AMP. See you there!
  7. That is not a no for Road America. And, orders will ship out mid to late September.
  8. I think you also sent an email in, which I have since responded to. For others interested in the answer to this question, units are for sale online now (flagtronics.com), we will have units for sale with us, and we will bring a few test/rent units with us. PBIR is not on our schedule. The next planned Flagtronics supported event is at Pittsburg the first weekend of October. Sebring is a most likely.
  9. Yes, the Getrag 260 in the e30 has a 5th gear ratio of 0.81:1, where the Getrag 250 in the E36 has a 5th gear ratio of 1:1.
  10. Oh, geez... Definitely going to need a different gear ratio! With the M50/Getrag pair, the 3.38 ratio is the go to for track use. Currently have a 3.15 in the E36. Tried a 3.91 at Nelson Ledges years ago, thinking I would get away with it, as it is a much smaller track, and I had to lift half way down the back straight to keep it from bouncing on the limiter in 5th (and, the Nelson Ledges back straight is plenty shorter than many other tracks). At VIR with a 4.08, you would likely be at redline in 5th before the uphill esses, before South Course pit out, and before the halfway point of the main pits.
  11. Looks like the Flagtronics device worked well (not that you couldn't already tell the local conditions).
  12. Don't use RockAuto! Trust me, a few years ago, I thought RockAuto was the most cost effective route for quality parts... Turns out some parts are knock-offs or defective from the factory, but reworked. You will spend more time and money exchanging parts from RockAuto. For BMW parts, go to FCP euro (lifetime warranty on all parts) or Bimmerworld. ECS tuning is hit or miss, but this conversion kit from them has been good to my team with an M50 engine: https://www.ecstuning.com/b-ecs-parts/performance-flywheel-sachs-clutch-kit/000282ecs01kt/. I got it when there was a sale going on a while back. It's a little costly, but well worth it. Quality parts with a SFI rated machined steel flywheel. Compare the kit cost to a factory replacement dual mass, and you're still under the 2X rule.
  13. One can argue the flywheel is part of the engine swap. The BMW engine you are swapping to most likely has a dual mass flywheel. The 13th bullet of Rule 4.7.2 in the BCCR states: By using this rule, you can find an SFI rated single mass flywheel that is likely just under the OEM dual mass version (not by much weight, but every little bit helps) for zero points.
  14. Our next planned event will be at Pittsburgh in early October. As VIR was our biggest test yet and everything went well, our focus has shifted from testing at events to getting the last edits of the firmware done and into the units to be sold following the VIR24. Prepping for events, attending events, and organizing / recording data following an event takes about a week in total, logistically and this takes away from the final push. We are happy with where the FT200 product is testing-wise and aim to be at events again following the push of getting finalized units out in late September. Those who purchased units at VIR (we brought 30 of them) will have to manually perform an update in about a month's time. Following that, updates will occur wirelessly and automatically when the FT200 is turned on at an event. For those online orders that have gone through since VIR, we are holding those orders until this update is finished up here in an effort to lessen the burden on owners. Hope this helps!
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