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  1. Hi @gundy, a few more additions for you (and more redundancies, on top of that!). We're not partial to them or anything, but for whatever reasons Legacy Auto Sports currently has cars bearing graphics packages for #13 (199X BMW E36 Coupe, EC Class) and #263 (199X Mazda MX-5 Miata, A Class), and SLI Racing has #713 (199X BMW E36 Coupe, EC Class)
  2. Hi Felix, to create a team just visit this link (once you've created a profile and logged in) and you can then take the next step to register for Daytona; this forum post is just an unofficial collection but you'll know for sure if you can get the number you want when signing up for the race.
  3. Agreed, the "line of sight" flag rule is, in actuality, literally impossible to police (until recordable ocular implants exist)...
  4. As a non-driving crew guy on the team who left that in the edit anticipating other feedback on the test day, I do appreciate the wider paddock's concern here instead focused on the tone/attitude in that moment. I make my living working for a track and am also a devoted volunteer organizer for amateur road racing, so my first response to hearing from our driver that any exchange took place was to note that voicing displeasure toward the pit worker might not be the direct way to address the frustration of so many non-starter driving sessions. The driver is also on the forum so I can't speak f
  5. Also for your perusal (if you can find anything interesting in between black flags and the eventual conversation between one of our drivers and a pit worker), our track time during Friday's Test sessions:
  6. I'm ridiculously late posting this, but here's most of the race/video we got in the #713 EC-class BMW E36.
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